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Joyce Meyer - It Is Time To Get Off The Fence

It's time to get off the fence. And here, I had 'em build me a fence so I could sit up here and preach, and they're hoping I don't fall off of it. So, now you see, here we've got God's Kingdom and over here we got the world, and sooner or later, you gotta make your mind up where you're gonna stand.

We can't be in the kingdom on Sunday and then in the world on Monday. We gotta make a decision if we're gonna be Christians that we're gonna be Christians and act like Christians all the time, not just when we're around our christian friends.

What that's called is compromise, and the world's full of it today, but there's nothing in the Bible that ever encourages it or ever approves of it. And compromise means to go just a little bit below what you know is right.

It's kinda like that "Just once" lie that Satan told Jesus when He was in the wilderness those 40 days. "If you'll bow down and worship me just this once, I'll give you all of this".

We are living in the worst of times and the best of times. The conditions in our world today are desperate, and it's not just here in the United States. It's basically pretty much everywhere. And there's a huge movement everywhere from the devil, from the pit of hell, to get God out of everything, but God is not going anywhere.

He started it and He will be around to finish it, amen. But we do have a job to do, and I say it's the best of times because it's the best of times for the Kingdom of God, because I believe that there will be one of the greatest ingathering of souls ever in any other time in history.

And you may think this is a tough time to be alive. I think we say that sometimes. This is a tough time to be alive. But actually, it is an honor for us to be chosen by God to be alive at this time in history in the earth. I said, it is an honor to be chosen by God.

But probably more than any other time in history, God's depending on us to make His Name famous. He's depending on us to make people hungry and thirsty by the way we live our lives. Not just by the way we preach.

Preaching is good. We need that. We need to talk to one another. It's good to talk to the lost. But talking with no walking is pretty much useless. That's called hypocritical Christianity, and there's nothing that disgusts the lost more than a hypocritical christian, amen?

And they don't want us on the fence. They will tempt you to compromise and disrespect you when you do. Now, did you hear what I said? The very same people that tempt us to compromise will disrespect us when we do. It's almost like a test. It's like the devil testing us through them. And it took them quite a while to build this thing, but I really do believe that if you look at this all night, maybe you'll get the point that, sadly, this is where a lot of Christians live. I mean, honestly, they do. Lukewarm.

But Jesus said, "I'd rather you be either red hot or ice cold, but whatever you do, don't be lukewarm". You know, we like a good cold drink and we like a good hot drink, but nobody likes a...

Now, I'm gonna go read you those scriptures in just a minute, but to be honest with you, I have never really had the courage to study out what "Spew you out of my mouth" means, nor am I interested in finding out. I just know that I'm gonna be red hot so I'm not taking a chance either way.

Now, how many of you know what I mean by sitting up here on this fence when I say that people kinda stay on the fence? You know, they're just kinda maybe saved enough to not go to hell. I say this and it's very true.

Before I was filled with the Holy Spirit in 1976, just floating along in my religious boat, I did love Jesus. I did, but I didn't love Him with my whole heart. I didn't wholly belong to Him. I had the Holy Spirit because if you're born again, you have the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit didn't have me.

He had me on Sunday morning for a little while, but He didn't have all of me. And I always say that I had enough of Jesus to stay out of hell, but not enough to walk in victory. Come on.

If you live that way and I'm your teacher, it's not gonna be my fault if you stay that way, because I'm gonna do my best to share what I believe that God puts in my heart, not necessarily what you wanna hear all the time, but what I believe God puts in my heart. Because we are living in desperate times, and if you're on the fence, I am gonna do my best to kick you off on the right side of it tonight, and that's God's Kingdom, amen?
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