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Joyce Meyer - Trusting God When The Unexpected Happens

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Well, I hope and pray that you have some kind of a dream for your life, a vision, somethin' in your heart that you want to do or perhaps you feel that, you know, God has spoken to you about somethin' that He wants you to do.

And if you're like most of us, you may be in a situation right now where you think you see somethin' in your heart or you believe that there's something that, you know, God's leading you to do. But where you're at in life right now seems to be taking you the exact opposite direction of where you wanna go.

And if you're in one of those times, it can be very discouraging, but those are the times when you need to hold onto your dreams and believe that even though you don't see the sense in where you're at right now, that if you continue to trust God, He can make it all work out wonderful. And today, we have a guest, Dr. Paul Osteen, who is gonna share his story with us, and I think it's gonna encourage you.
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