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Joyce Meyer - The Name Of Jesus

Well, thank you for joining us today on, "Enjoying everyday life". John 10:10 says, "The thief comes only to kill, steal, and destroy. But Jesus said, 'I came that you might have and enjoy your life, and have it in abundance (to the full, until it overflows).'" today, I want to talk to you about something that I would say is a foundation of our faith. I simply want to talk to you about the power that is in the name of Jesus. Because I think it's something that we can forget. And you know, it becomes very easy to form a habit of tacking that line, "In Jesus' name," on to the back end of every prayer that we pray. But we really need to realize the power that's in that name and release our faith at the same time that we use the name. The Bible teaches us that there is power in the name of Jesus.

Now, I'm fond of the word, "Power," because there's never been anything in me that wanted to be weak or wimpy. I just like powerful stuff. If you're gonna do it, then do it powerfully. There's power for times of crisis. There's power to heal the sick, in Jesus' name. Power to cast out demons. There's salvation in his name and there is salvation in no other name. All the power of the Godhead has been invested in the name of Jesus. And it has been given unto us, hmm... So, why then, do we frequently see so little power manifested in our daily lives? Certainly, not because the name is powerless but perhaps because we lack faith in his name.

So, good news, Romans 10:17 says, "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing through the Word of God". So, what that means to me is, whatever you hear the word on, there's faith on that message that will raise your faith in that subject if you really pay attention. So, therefore, it's valuable to teach things like this, even though, we may think, "Well, that's no brand-new news," because we need to really be sure that we understand what we're doing when we say, "In the name of Jesus". First of all, when it comes to the Ten Commandments, one of the ones at the very top, is you shall not take the name of the Lord, your God in vain.

Now, believers and unbelievers alike, do take the Lord's name in vain. And taking the Lord's name in vain is a lot more than just connecting it with a curse word. I hear Christians all the time say things like, "Oh my God". "My God, what do you think you're doing"? "My God, look at that". And they're really not calling on God for anything. It's just something we throw around. And actually, if you look at what it means to take the Lord's name in vain, it means to use it lightly or frivolously. And so, we want to make sure that we respect the name enough that we don't just use it in a way that has no meaning.

It's interesting to me, a vowed atheist, that are actors or actresses, they throw God's name around all the time. Kind of interesting that they're throwing somebody's name around all the time that they don't believe in. Well, if you don't believe he exists then stop talking about him. Amen? So, I think those are things that we need to try to avoid. Now, don't misunderstand me. If you say, "Oh my God," you know, when something happens that doesn't mean that you're gonna get a spanking from God. He's not gonna help you the next time you have problems, but we do need to form a habit of making sure that we realize that there's power in that name. And so, I think if you misuse it, in your daily life, and then you try to use it in a powerful way when you have a need, I think there could be a little bit of conflict there. So, just pray about that and be a little more careful about it.

Mark 16:17 and 18 says, "And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons: they will speak in new tongues: they'll pick up serpents with their hands..." And you're thinking, "Wait a minute. Demons, serpents, what? What? What are you talkin' about"? Well, let's just say for the sake of making it simple, if you read this scripture, you can say, there's enough power in the name of Jesus to protect me in any kind of dangerous or tragic situation, if I understand that. Now, Jesus did cast out demons. And, I know we don't have really, hardly, any teaching on that today. But you do have the authority to bind satan in Jesus' name. And probably need to do so more often than we realize. And as far as like, you can be healed in Jesus' name.

You know, we've got a lot of medical technology available to us and thank God for doctors and thank God for medicine, but I wouldn't do any of that without asking God to heal me first. Because honestly, I don't think anybody has enough brilliance to know how to treat you if God doesn't speak to them. And I think he even can speak to people that don't know they're being spoken to by God. And so, when the doctors run out of answers, don't forget that Jesus is our healer. He doesn't just heal, but he's our healer.

But, something that I wanna say about this scripture, that I just picked up, is it doesn't necessarily say those who believe that Jesus died and rose from the dead will have these things happen to 'em, these powerful things. I believe it means that those who believe that there's power in that name to cast out devils, to heal the sick, those signs will accompany them. There are millions of people who believe in God, who've received Christ as their Savior, who have never one time prayed for the sick, cast out a demon, they don't really understand how powerful that name is. And I didn't either for a long, long time.

Prayer is the greatest privilege that we have. It's not an obligation. It's not a duty. I mean, my goodness, "I have to pray"? "Well, I guess there's nothing left to do but pray". Well, that should always be our first line of defense. Why fight with something yourself when you can invite God into the situation, and have his divine help. But I want you to really listen to these scriptures about prayer and the power that is in a prayer that is prayed in Jesus' name. John 14:12-14, "Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do: and greater works than these will he do, because I'm going to the Father".

I used to read that and think, "How could anybody do greater works than Jesus did"? But do you know that probably, almost every Bible teacher, or pastor, or preacher on the planet reaches more people now, everyday of their life than Jesus did in his three year ministry? You know why Jesus said, "It's good for you that I go away because I'm gonna send a comforter, the Holy Spirit, in my place to represent me," and you know why that's good? Jesus was in a body just like this. He can only be one place at one time, but the Holy Spirit can be in and with each and every one of us. And so, the body of Christ, as a whole, is doing greater works because of the power that's in that name of Jesus. So, he's basically, saying, "You're better off to have my name than to have me here with you walking around the hills, and fishing, and teaching you a few things". "Whatever you ask in my name, that I will do". "What? Whatever"?

Now, I think, we obviously, understand that what we ask needs to be within God's will, you know. There are some things that the Bible doesn't cover but the spirit of everything is covered. "Should I buy that car"? Well, you can't find a scripture that tells you yes or no, but you can ask yourself just a handful of questions. "Can I afford that car? Do I really need that car or am I just having an emotional moment? Do I want to make payments on that car for seven years"? You know, it doesn't take... The Spirit of God will give us wisdom to know what to do in every situation. And if nothing else, the Bible says, "Follow peace". Let peace be your umpire.

And so, if you don't follow peace, if you do things that you kinda just don't, you just kinda got a little check about, you know? It's never gonna end up good. It just won't. "Whatever you ask in my name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the son. If you ask anything in my name". Now, I'm not rereading the same scripture over and over. These are John 14:12, 13, and 14. So, in every verse he repeats himself. "If you ask anything in my name, I will do it. I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, if anyone steadfastly believes in me, he will be able to do the things that I do: and even greater things than these, will he do because I go to my Father".

Alright, now, listen to this. I love the amplified Bible. I love to use it in many instances because it brings out things that I just don't think we get otherwise. "And I myself will do I will grant whatever you ask in my name", in parentheses, "As presenting all that I am, so that the Father may be glorified and extolled (through) the son. Yes I will grant I myself will do for you whatever you ask in my name that is as presenting all that I am". So, see, when we use the name of Jesus, when we go to the Father in prayer, and the Bible says you pray to the Father in Jesus' name through the Holy Spirit.

So, when I pray in Jesus' name, I'm not asking God to do this for me because I deserve it. Because I really don't deserve anything. I don't deserve for God to help me. I don't deserve for God to bless me, you know. I mean, yeah, I'm a pretty okay person. I got a few things, you know, going for me. But with God, if you sin at all, then if what we get from God is based on what we do right or wrong, then none of us are ever gonna get anything. Thank God, I don't pray in Joyce's name. So, when you pray in Jesus' name, you're saying I'm asking you to answer this prayer. Or let's even go a step further, I'm expecting you to answer this prayer. But I'm not asking you because I think I deserve it, I'm asking you to do it because of what Jesus did for me and because I believe that.

So, let's be sure when we pray that our dependence is not in the eloquence of our prayer. Whether or not we know all the right, "Thee's and thou's". If our posture's correct and so on and so forth. I mean, the simplest prayer is powerful if it's prayed in Jesus' name. Because when we pray in his name, we're presenting all that he is. Now, Paul prayed some things for the church that I have always found interesting. He never prayed for their problems to go away. He prayed for them to be able to endure whatever came with good temper. "No, no, no, Paul, I don't want you to pray that. I don't want to have the problem. Erase that prayer and pray for me not to have the problem".

There's nowhere in the Bible that we're promised a trouble-free life. If that's what you're looking for, you're on the wrong plan. Because if the devil's not bothering you, then probably, you're not bothering him. And that's not a very good equation. So, when we pray in Jesus' name, it puts us in a whole different position. So, Paul prayed these prayers and this is one of the things that he prayed. "I pray that you will understand what is the immeasurable greatness of his power toward us who believe". Well, what? The power that we have can't even be measured.

What's impossible with man is possible with God. All things are possible in that name. But here again, you know, faith is an interesting rather elusive thing. You can't see it. It's something that functions in the spiritual realm and if it's used properly you can see the results of it, but you can't see faith. It is a force that is on the inside of every believer because the Bible says, "Unto every man is given the measure of faith". So, you have faith. There's no doubt about that. But faith has to be released. Just to have faith is not good enough. You have to use your faith. And it's a force that comes out of your spirit.

So, I say that we release our faith by praying, by saying, and by doing. You get that? Pray, say, do. Any of those things releases your faith. For many, many years, I did not know about this power. And I was a committed Christian, and I think that is sad. And it concerns me that so many people go to church week in and week out and they've heard nothing about the power that's theirs in Jesus' name. We may hear that God is powerful, but you are powerful. In Luke, 10:19, the Bible says, "Behold! I have given you power". Not, I will give you, "I have given you power and authority over all the power the enemy possesses and nothing shall by any means harm you".

So, guess what? The devil has power, we have power but in that scripture we have authority. It doesn't say anything about the devil having authority. The only authority he has is what we let him have through our lack of knowledge or our unwillingness to do what God tells us to do. Do I need to say that again? You have power. So, don't go around saying all the time, "I can't. It's too hard". We carry God's anointing and that's the presence and the power of God. It's on our life. It's in our life. And I always say, "We're anointed for hard". We don't need the power of the Holy Spirit to do nothing. We don't need the power of the Holy Spirit to never have to confront anything, or deal with anything.

And I just think that every once in a while, we need to hear a good message about, "You can do it". "I can do all things through Christ". And actually, that scripture in Philippians is talking about, Paul was saying, "I can get by with plenty, but I can also get by with very little". So, he wasn't even really talking about, I can just do anything I want to do through Christ. But he's talking about whatever God wants me to do, whatever situation he wants me to be in, or whatever he wants my circumstances to be, right now, "I can do that through him". I don't have to just be happy when my circumstances are happy and down when they're down. I can have the joy of the Lord all the time if I really want to. I'm not saying I do, but I can. It's available. And it's really up to me. Because the joy of the Lord is not based on circumstances.

Power is available to those who believe. Prayer should always be our first line of defense. I'm very fond of Philippians 4:6, and I have to quote it real often because I can find myself getting anxious about something or worrying about something. "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace that passes understanding shall keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus unto life everlasting". So, the minute that you start to worry, make an exchange. Give God the worry and let him give you his peace. The Bible says that we're to cast our care on God and he'll take care of us.

Well, the word cast means to pitch or throw. So, when you start to worry about one of your kids, or you start to worry about your future, or you start to worry about, "Am I gonna lose my job"? Or, whatever it is, we find to worry about, the minute that you realize that you're worrying, you say, "No. God, I cast this problem on you. I give it to you and I receive your grace. I believe in Jesus' name that you are taking care of this problem and I am not gonna worry about it". You know what? Do a little talking out loud. Get in a room by yourself somewhere and just let loose. "Devil, you may knock me down, but you're not gonna keep me down". A righteous man falls seven times and gets up again. I'm anointed for hard. I mean, there's apparently, power in this name.

In acts 3:1-7, it says, "Now Peter and John were going up to the temple at the hour of prayer, the ninth hour. And a man lame from his birth was being carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple that's called the beautiful gate to ask alms of those entering the temple. Seeing Peter and John about to go into the temple, he asked if they would give him some money. And Peter directed his gaze at him, as did John". So, they looked at him and this is what they said, "'look at us,'" interesting phrase. They knew they had what the man needed. So, they said, "Look at us". And then he said the man, "Fixed his attention on them, hoping to receive something from them. And Peter said, 'I have no silver or gold, but what I do have that I give unto you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!'" and in verse 16 of acts 3, it says, "And his name (by faith and his name) has made this man strong whom you see and know, and the faith that is through Jesus has given the man this perfect health in the presence of you all".

See, once again, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. I can promise you, that at least for a while, after hearing this today, when you say the name of Jesus when you pray, it's gonna affect you differently. But then, you might have to hear it again, and then again, and again. No wonder Paul said, "I never get tired of telling you the same things over and over". We can expect healing in Jesus' name.

A little story I heard that really, I thought was wonderful, was this woman told a story about how she was making a turn at a four-way intersection and her child fell out of the car. His door apparently, wasn't locked properly or something. And guess that was back before seat belts, and so, he rolled out into the street. And it was a four-way intersection. All the woman could do was just say, "Jesus". She didn't have time for a prayer, that was all she could say. And there was a motorist coming straight at the child, who testified, that although his car stopped short of hitting the child, he said, "The thing you don't understand is I never had time to put my foot on the brakes".

Miracles still do happen. Don't ever think when something amazing happens in your life that you're lucky. I hate that. We hear that all the time on television, "Oh, you're just so lucky". No, you're blessed if you're God's child. Amen? "And it shall come to pass," acts 2:21, "That everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved".

And so, for those of you watching right now, that have not received Christ as your Savior, I feel there's enough faith here, right now, that if you will just say, "Jesus, I need you. I want you in my life. I turn away from sin. I receive you, now". You know, there's a number on your screen and if you'd like somebody to pray with you about receiving Christ, you call that number and they'll be glad to talk with you and answer your questions and pray with you. And then, we'll send you a book as a gift from our ministry that talks about how to get your new life with Christ started out the right way. There's power in the name of Jesus.
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