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2021 online sermons » Joyce Meyer » Joyce Meyer - God Will Meet You Where You Are

Joyce Meyer - God Will Meet You Where You Are

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...the first time I saw that in the Bible many years ago, it just really struck me that when the boy cried out, God didn't come and chastise them for all their mistakes. He just said, "I know where you're at. I know the situation you're in.

Basically saying "I've got a plan. Follow Me and I'm going to get you out of this". And then he goes on to telling, that he's going to make a great nation, out of this child also.

In second Chronicles 20 verse 9 the Bible says "If evil comes upon us the sort of judgment our pestilence, our famine, we will stand before this house and before you for your name and the symbol of your presence is in this house. And we will cry to You in our affliction and You will hear and save us".

Now you're going to see these next few scriptures talk about crying to God, but I don't think he was talking about crying tears. I think He's talking about crying out. You know one of the best prayers that you can just pray is "God help me!", amen?
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