Joyce Meyer - Classrooms of Hope

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Well, isn't it wonderful to know that together, we can make a difference for children living in extreme poverty, and as you just saw, our Classrooms of Hope and our feeding programs in South Africa are helping thousands of children as well as impacting their families and villages. In fact, the success of the Classrooms of Hope is so impressive, we want to continue installing more classrooms. This kind of investment in a child's life is not only crucial to their well-being, it gives us the opportunity to let them know how much God loves them and he has planted great potential in each of their lives.

Now, we're gonna ask you today to sow a very special financial gift into our missions outreaches. And I just wanna make a suggestion to you. You know, perhaps you have a child or a grandchild that is in trouble and you've been praying something special over their lives. Well, you know what? There's nothing better when you have a need than sowing into somebody else's life. So, for example, we're asking you today to sow into the lives of other children and it might be tempting to think, "Well, you know, I have kids of my own that are in trouble, or my kids need better schooling," but let me tell ya, it's powerful when you are in a place of need yourself and yet you sow into somebody else's life to make happen for them what you actually want to happen for you. You know, the Bible says that we reap what we sow. So, this is a sowing time in our lives. Give the best gift you can today to our missions to help children like these all around the world. God bless you and I know you're gonna do your best.
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