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Joseph Prince - All Things Work For Your Good

Joseph Prince - All Things Work For Your Good
Joseph Prince - All Things Work For Your Good

Greetings church, once again it's a privilege for me to share God's Word with all of you, and you know what? Let's dive right into God's Word, picking up from where we left off last week, Romans chapter 4. It says, Christ "was delivered up because of our offenses, and was raised because of our justification". He was delivered up for our offenses. Now, if Christ did that work on the cross and he did it because of our offenses, remember this. When God sent his Son, God sent his Son into this world without sin. He took on what the Bible calls, "The likeness of sinful flesh," not sinful flesh. He has no sin in his flesh, he took the likeness, like our bodies, the likeness of sinful flesh so that he has a body to sacrifice on the cross, and he came with the sole purpose to lay down his life.

You know, some people say that Christ was murdered, I saw a title of a book one time, "The Murder of Jesus". Nothing could be further from the truth, no one could take his life from him. In fact, Jesus says it like this, "No man taketh my life from me, I lay down of myself, and I take it up again". That's power, amen, and "This authority I have from my Father". And this is the power that Jesus has, no one can touch him. In fact, during his ministry they tried to kill him a number of times, and he'll walk right through the midst of them. People with stones in their hands, they are about to throw the rocks at him, and he walked right in their midst. The Bible says they are not able to do it, amen, time and time again, until the time came for him to lay down his life on the cross, amen.

Don't forget, in the garden of Gethsemane, we have one word when they ask, "We came to arrest Jesus of Nazareth". He stood up, he stepped forward, amen, and he said this, "I am," that's the name of God in the burning bush, amen, "I am," and they all fell, amen. The captivators became the captives, and he waited for them to rise up to arrest him. No one can kill him without his permission. He came for the purpose to lay down his life on that cross because we have all sinned, "All we like sheep have gone astray," we've rebelled against the love of God for us, we have listened to the voice of the enemy who hates us instead of submitting ourself to the voice of God who loves us perfectly. And as a result, the Bible says, "The wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord". So, the Bible says Christ was delivered up for our offenses on the cross.

Now, think of the glory of that person who bore our sins in his own body on the cross. Can he do anything else but a perfect work? If you know who he is, you cannot question the value and the efficacy of his work. You know, when we look at a work of somebody, and in order for us to gain satisfaction or confidence in that work, we must know who did that work, amen. It's all about the person who did the work. If we look at a masterpiece, a painting, and you know it's painted by Michelangelo, okay, it's painted by Rembrandt, amen, you know the work is gonna be good. It's gonna be something that only a master can produce, so, likewise, when we know the work of Jesus, we know who is the one that did the work. It cannot be but a perfect work, so what was the work? The work was to remove our sins, amen, in the presence of a holy God, so when God looks at us, he does not see sin on us.

Even though even today there is sin in us, but God does not see sin on us. We can come to God boldly, amen, praise the Lord, and the sin in us will be removed when we receive the glorified body in Christ, hallelujah. But until then, God does not see sin on you, child of God, and you can come to God boldly, because Christ did a perfect work at the cross. When he laid down his life on that cross, amen, he bore all our sins away, and it's a perfect and eternal work. We stand in the value of that work before God, amen. We stand righteous by the blood of Jesus, which is the very next line. He "was raised because of our justification," he was raised, like, Young's translation brings out the Greek word here for justification, "Declared righteous". He was raised from the dead because we have been declared righteous.

In other words, if we are not declared righteous, God would not have raised Christ from the dead, amen. God cannot raise Christ from the dead even though he is the Son of God, and that he always is. God raised his Son from the dead because he has done a perfect work at the cross in effectively, efficaciously, removing all our sins, hallelujah. And because he bore all our sins all away, one clean sweep, we stand in that clearness from all sin, hallelujah, before the sight of a holy God. Thank you, Lord Jesus, you need to receive this in your spirit, you need to believe that, amen.

You know, people have problems sometimes believing the work of Jesus, whether he bore away our sins or he bore away our diseases, he bore away our oppression, depression, and they have a belief problem, they believe. They will say things like, "You know, I have a problem believing God. I don't have enough faith, when I look into myself, I don't have enough faith". Well, since when do you decide that you have enough faith by looking at yourself? The question is not the amount of your faith, it is the trustworthiness of the person you have faith in. Who is it that you have faith in? As someone says, "You know, I can't believe, I just can't believe". Well, who is it exactly that you can't believe? Amen, it's not about the amount of your faith, it's about the trustworthiness of the person you have faith in. If God said it, the Bible says, "These things are written that you may know you have eternal life," amen.

The Bible deals with veracities, it deals with absolute truths, amen, it deals with trueness. There is no maybes, perhaps, buts. You know, if you are lost, alright, if you are driving around and you are lost in the countryside somewhere, and you see a man by the side of the path, and you roll down the window and you ask him, you know, "Can you please tell me where is this location? I'm lost," and the person says, "You know, perhaps you might take this path, and maybe at the end you can turn right instead of left, and maybe after that you can", would you trust his word? Do you have confidence in his Word? No, why? Because he's using perhaps, maybe.

So, the Bible doesn't deal with perhaps and maybes, the Bible says that these things are written, that you may know you have eternal life, hallelujah. These things are written that you may believe in the name of the Son of God, and that you may know that you have eternal life, hallelujah. The eternal life, my friend, is your portion and mine today. Having put our trust in Christ, we have eternal life.

Now, eternal life is not living eternally, amen. All those who are in hell are also living eternally because they are spirit beings. When God made us, remember, our bodies come from the dust of the ground, but God breathed into man, and man became a living soul, and he's now tripartite, which means there's three parts to him, just like God. God is triune God, man has a spirit, amen. In fact, who he is, is a spirit, he has a soul, which is his mind and his emotions, and he lives in a body, amen. Now, when he dies, he leaves his body behind, but he's alive, and he needs to be housed somewhere where there's heaven or hell. He needs to be housed somewhere, he lives forever, so eternal life cannot be living forever, because those in hell also live forever. Eternal life is the quality of life, it is the very life, zóé life, zóé aionios, eternal life, zóé is the life that comes from God. God himself, his life is that zóé life, so when we are born again, God imparts that zóé life to us, hallelujah.

"The wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life," and the word eternal life is zóé life, zóé life, amen, the life of God himself in all of us, praise the Lord. You know, plants also have life, right, but it's the lowest form of life. Then we have insect life, insects are alive, they have a form of life. Then we have animal life, and all the way to human life, but human life is still not the life of God, it's human life. And then the highest form is the life that God himself lives by, amen, and that's the life that you and I have, it's called eternal life. So, whenever we see eternal life from now on, think of the life of God himself, hallelujah, and that's what you and I have, praise God. Eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord, amen. Jesus says, "I come that you might have zóé life," "you might have life, and have" that life "more abundantly," amen, more abundantly, praise the name of Jesus.

You know, the things about our Christian life is that we are learning to allow that life to dictate to us in everything that we do. It is walking in the spirit, we live by the Tree of Life today. We don't live by the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, that's where all the problems started, right? Man sinned, because man partook from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. You know, contrary to, you know, common opinion, people say that, you know, God made man perfect. God made man perfect, yes, God made man perfect, but not complete. There's a part of man that God allowed him to have a choice, to choose whether he wants to open his spiritual eyes and live by the Tree of Life, which is the life of Christ himself, or to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, thereby living independently of God, knowing good and evil, knowing good and evil, that's like a life of ethics.

You know, situational ethics, or living in the morality of the moment, knowledge of good and evil, which is dangerous. Because the Tree of Life, don't think for one moment the Tree of Life, when you live by it, your morals are lower than the Tree of Knowledge. No, nothing could be further from the truth, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil may tell you, alright, it's good for you not to go beyond in your kindness and all that, but the Tree of Life would tell you, pour out, amen, and give to others. You will not be impoverished, God will supply you with more. And it's contrary to natural thoughts, it's contrary to your natural thinking.

I remember years ago, I heard a story about in China, in ancient China, a believer, a believer who was a farmer, he was tending to his farm, and they lived, like, on a slight hilly side of the country, and what happened is that there are two paddy fields in that hill, and one belonged to his neighbor, who is not a believer. But he is a believer, and he lives higher up. So, what the unbeliever, the other neighbor of his did, was that every time, you know, he would water his paddy fields, and it takes a lot of work, because he has to channel the waters from the river and then channel it to his farm, amen, to his paddy fields. But what the other guy did, the neighbor did was to break a hole, or a hedge, to break the hedge where it separates his paddy field from the neighbor's, and he broke a little hole so that the water would come into his field as well.

Now, that is kind of, you know, something that he should not be doing, of course, but the thing is that he did it time and time again, and the Christian neighbor was feeling, telling the Lord, "Lord, I, every time I water my field, you know, the water gets less and less, because all the water, and because it's on a slope, the water goes to the neighbor's patty field, and I'm getting tired, Lord, of enduring this, you know, I'm doing my best that I can". And the Lord says, "Since when I told you just to endure it? Since when I told you to just be doing the bare minimum? What is that life on the inside telling you to do"? And he says, "Well, the life is telling me," and he prayed, he said, "Lord, what are you telling me to do"? And the life came up and told him, from now on, water your neighbor's plants first, water his field first, deliberately water his field, then water your field.

So, he started doing that, and after some time, the neighbor noticed what's been happening, and the neighbor approached him and asked him, "Why are you doing this? You know, after all that I did to you"? And he says, "Well, guess what the Lord told me to do"? And the neighbor got saved because of that, praise the Lord, hallelujah. That's living by the Tree of Life, amen. So, Christ was delivered at the cross for our sins, for our offenses, and he was raised when you and I were declared righteous. Now, look up here. After we are declared righteous, in Romans 5, verse 1, it says, "Therefore, having been justified", or declared righteous, "by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ". Now, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ so that the next verse tells us, "We have access", "Through whom also we have access by faith into this", favor, "into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God". In other words, our future is the glory of God, hallelujah.

Do you know the Bible says in Romans 8 that this is the plan of God for you and I, God doesn't just want to save us, amen, some people just preach like, you know, we are saved and that's it, we are sinners saved by grace. Listen, my friend, we were sinners, we are saved by grace, we are now sons and daughters of God, hallelujah. We are not perfect in and of our, you know, in the flesh, we are not perfect, but we are not in the flesh, we are in the spirit, amen. And God's plan and purpose in Romans 8 is that it's not just sinners saved by grace, once you're saved, God wants to justify you. Those he saved, right, it says, "Moreover, those he saved," what? It says, "those he justified," and those he justified, "He also glorified".

Notice that glory is in your future. The first glorified man who rose from the dead is our Lord Jesus, he's our pattern man, the man that God planned for all other men to follow, that's the pattern man, amen, and that's our Lord Jesus. So, as we follow the Lord Jesus, hallelujah, he's our pattern man, and we will enter into the glory of God, we will be glorified, hallelujah. And then, of course, we are waiting for the rapture where the Lord comes for us, and death will be put under his feet, which is our feet also in him, and death will be no more. And, you know, there's no more physical death, praise the Lord, and not only that, the Bible tells us we'll forevermore be glorified, hallelujah. You cannot sin in that body, you cannot feel bored in that body, you cannot feel tired, feel sick in that body, you'll never have disease in that body, and you'll never, ever die, hallelujah.

What a future there is for you and I, child of God. Those he justified, he also glorified, that's our future. So, rejoice in hope, in anticipation, in expectation of that glory when Jesus comes again, praise the Lord. But right now we enter into the glory already, praise the Lord. The only thing, the glorified aspect that we're waiting for is our bodies, our glorified bodies, like Jesus's body when he rose from the dead. You know, the resurrection life is not like the life that Jesus, when he raised Lazarus from the dead, in a sense Lazarus was resurrected. Actually, the correct term is resuscitated. Now, Lazarus was dead, okay, dead, he was dead for four days when Jesus raised him from the dead, but that life that Jesus exerted into Lazarus, when he says, "Lazarus, come forth," that power is not the resurrection life by which he was raised from the dead. Because when he resuscitated that dead man, Lazarus, from the dead after he was dead for four days, Lazarus would die again.

Okay, so the resurrection life is not like the life of Lazarus when he was raised from the... it is the life of Jesus. When he was raised from the dead, he dies no more. And this resurrection life is something that Lazarus did not possess when he rose from the dead. When Jesus rose from the dead, he has a body. He told his disciples, feel me, touch me. A ghost, a spirit, they were afraid that he was a ghost, he says, a spirit does not have a body, amen. "A spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see me have". Now, obviously there's no blood. All the blood, his blood was shed at the cross, and is all taken up to heaven, sprinkled on the mercy seat, and he says, "Touch me," amen, he's still flesh and bones. But it's glorified body, and the Bible says, he shall change our bodies, when he comes again, he will change our bodies, our vile bodies, "Like unto his body," by his power, hallelujah.

And right now, we don't wait for that to happen, right now we already have resurrection life in us, praise the Lord. The life of God himself, we have the resurrection life that transcended death. Now, that's the difference between Jesus, when he rose from the dead, unlike Lazarus, he was able to transcend geography and time, transcend time and space. He appeared and he disappeared. There, you know, in the resurrection there's no coming and there's no going. You will see him appearing and then disappearing. I don't even want to say he's at the realm where it's faster than the speed of light. You know, it is beyond the speed of light, amen, in the resurrection form, yet his body is matter. Yet it is a body you can touch and feel, and that's the kind of body you and I will have, amen. We will transcend all the matter and even space, even the geographical space in the universe. The whole universe is our playground, praise the Lord, that's the plan that God has for man from the very beginning.

God never meant for man to have sin in his body, weakness, sickness, growing old, and then dying, all this God counts as an enemy, and the last enemy that'll be put under Jesus's feet is death, and we are looking forward for that. That's what the rapture is all about, hallelujah. "You know, Pastor Prince, you talk about rapture, the word rapture is not in the Bible". Neither is the word Trinity, but Trinity, the triune God is a reality. Amen, we use it to describe... in fact, the Greek word there is harpazo, the catching away, the seizing away of his church. He'll come in the twinkling of an eye, he's gonna transform our bodies like his body, and so we shall forever be with the Lord. It's gonna happen so fast, the world will not see us transform. It will happen "in the twinkling of an eye," in the Greek, in an atomic second, atomos, in an atomic second it's gonna happen, we'll be transformed, we'll be out of here, they'll just see us disappear, hallelujah, and that's what we are looking forward to. And we will forever be with the Lord, and that's the greatest joy. I love it, the Bible says, "He Himself took our infirmities," it's himself, it's not an angel. He does not entrust that work to any other, amen.

"He Himself took our infirmities And bore our sicknesses," and he did it. If such a person has done such a work, it cannot be but perfect and eternal work. Everything that Jesus touches becomes eternal, amen. He touches the priesthood of Levi, amen, and he becomes the high priesthood of Melchizedek forever, hallelujah. He touches the offerings of the lambs that never could take away sins, only covered it. He touches it with the one perfect offering of his body on the cross, and it becomes an eternal offering, one sin for all, hallelujah, with the efficacy that lasts for all eternity, hallelujah. Everything that Jesus does has an eternal effect, praise the name of Jesus. Only he can do a perfect work, amen.

But many-a-times, you know, when God says, now we are declared righteous, we are, "We have access into this favor in which we stand," we have the favor of God, and every time the Jewish people in times past, when they read about the Old Testament, how David had favor, how Esther had favor before the king, how Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord, how Ruth found grace, favor in the eyes of the near kinsmen, the one who could redeem her poverty, could redeem her situation. All this, they would be... even Joseph as a slave with nothing to his name stood before Pharaoh, in an hour he had favor with Pharaoh, and Pharaoh made him the most powerful man next to him over all Egypt.

So, favor is something that God gives, and for all the saints of the old times under the Old Testament, they'll be longing for that favor, but alas, they are all still aware of their weakness and their shortcomings and their sins, and then they forfeit themselves of that favor. They know that, you know, it's only for the Josephs and the Davids and the Ruths, but, my friend, you and I today, we have access into this favor in which we stand. We should be confessing it every day. Before we leave our house, "I have the favor of God on me. I have favor with God, and I have favor with man".

Now, not with every man, of course, because of man's weakness and fallen state, not every man, you know, will find you favorable, hallelujah. But the same people that did not favor Jesus, the Bible says Jesus had favor with a lot of people, multitudes followed him, he had favor with Pontius Pilate. In fact, Pilate tried his best to release Jesus, until the crowd shouted out for Caesar's name, and he was afraid of Caesar, and he delivered Jesus. Alright, so he was a coward, but nonetheless, Jesus had so much favor, the only ones he didn't have favor with are the self-righteous, religious people of his day, those who felt like, by their own works, they can become righteous. And here Jesus is making God so accessible to all the common folk, he make God so real and so near to all the people who are sinners, and he ate with sinners. They saw Jesus forgiving sinners, forgiving sins while they themself were complaining about the sinners. They will say, "He eats with, he's a friend of sinners," whereas they themself have a holier than thou attitude. They saw Jesus receiving sinners, and then they themself would reject the sinners and would go for the pile of stones as soon as they can to stone these people for their sins. And they saw grace, and they didn't understand grace, so only those who are against grace will not favor you, because like Jesus, so are you. Right, the disciple is not above his master.

Now, back to this, we are under the favor of God, under his unclouded favor, and we enjoy this favor every single day. Doesn't mean there's no suffering. In fact, the very next verse says, we don't just rejoice or boast in the glory of God, the word there is boast actually, but we also boast in troubles, tribulation, why? "Now tribulation worketh for us," troubles work for us, amen, troubles should not have troubled you. Because trouble troubles you, now you have, it's like throwing you a lot of stones, and the stones never reach you, but falls at our feet, and now makes a foundation for you to step on higher and higher to where God wants you to be. God will cause all things to work together for good to them that love God. Look at that verse just one more time, Romans 8:28, because it's so true for those who have the favor of God, we rejoice in troubles because troubles worketh perseverance, worketh good in your life.

And this verse says in Romans 8:28, "And we know". Do you know it? Do you know it? Not just a theory in your head, not I hope to know it, I hope to believe it, but we know that all things work together for good. Doesn't say all these things are good. Not all things that happen to you are good, but all things work together for good. And this word "work together" is one Greek word, "sunergeo," which is the word, you get our English word synergy. You know what's synergy? Synergy is the employment of all the different parts that produces a total effect, amen. But it is a lot of individual parts. The synergy of those, you know, that produces the total effect, hallelujah, the total desirable effect. Praise God.

So, God causes all these troubles and all these things that happened in our life, big troubles, small troubles, amen, challenges that stare you in the face for quite a long time now. And you're wondering, "Why is this happening, this pandemic? Why is this happening to the church? We're not able to come together and all that, and you are asking me to believe"? And it's happening to churches everywhere, so it cannot be that all of us have fallen, you know, and God is punishing us for our sins. No, no, no, my friend, we must fall back to God's Word where it says we are standing on favor ground with God. So, what is happening this pandemic? Something good is happening. Well, I know one thing good is that we are seeing more and more people come to Christ, amen, through this online. We are seeing more people than ever before. In our church, our physical church, we're not able to contain all the people that we would have now if they come to church physically.

So, that's something that's happening that I know that Jesus is being unveiled to more people. Praise the Lord. More people are getting saved. More people are receiving the touch of Jesus, and their lives are being transformed. For that I give praise, but there's a lot of other things that God is doing in this pandemic. But it all comes in this, all things, all things means all things in your life. So, perhaps you are thinking of something in your life that has happened right now. It might be there for a few days, or it been there for quite some time now. But it's all working together for good, for good. It's all sunergeo. It's all synergy working together. God didn't say that all these things are good. God did not say that he sent all things. No, no, this pandemic is definitely not from God. All right, God did not say, "I'm responsible for all things in your life". He did not say that.

I know some Christians believe in this sovereignty to the point that all things that happen to you is from God. I don't believe that. This is a fallen world, amen. God never meant for man to die. So obviously, man is dying, why? Because man's own free choice. He chose to rebel against God. Like I shared before, you know, you put your hand in the fire, you can choose to put your hand in the fire, but you can't choose the result. The result remains the same. You cannot say, "I choose not to burn". No, finger in fire equals burn. You cannot choose the result. You cannot choose an opposite result, amen. So likewise, God, God knew when man sinned against him, that God will plan everything. It doesn't catch God by surprise. This pandemic doesn't catch God by surprise, amen. All the bad things that happen in your life didn't catch God by surprise.

Those things that happened to Joseph when his brothers betrayed him and sold him for those money that they were longing for and betrayed him and his love, his trust in them, and then sold him off to the Midianites and then they brought him to Egypt, you know, all these are bad things that happened to Joseph. The lie of Potiphar's wife, all this is bad. God didn't cause these things to happen so that good things will happen to Joseph. No, God is not behind these things, but God works all things. God's synergizing everything to work together for Joseph's good. Say, "for good". Say it three times, "for good, for good," amen. Say, "for my good, for my good". Hallelujah. Say, "for my family's good," amen. So, God is working everything, even though he's not behind everything, especially when they are bad stuff, amen. God is a good God, but he's working all things for your good, amen. And then he goes on to say, "For good to those who love God, to those who are been called according to his purpose".

Now, some people will jump on this and say, "Notice, it's only for those who love God". No, friend, all those who are born again, they love God. And all of us love God the moment we know him because all our sins are forgiven. In the New Covenant it says all of us know him from the least to the greatest. We all love him, although our love is at varying degrees. God doesn't say, "When your love is 80% there for me, then this promise will work for you". No, no, no, it's saying every believer, those who love God. It's a characteristic of people who are born again, people who have eternal life, people who are safe and redeemed by the work of Jesus. Hallelujah. Oh, I'm getting a revival here right now in Jesus's name. Praise the Lord. So, God is saying, and as well as the next line, who are called according to his purpose.

Now, I want to say something here about called according to his purpose. If you are a child of God, you are beginning to discover your purpose. You know, one of the prayers that I've encouraged y'all to pray beginning of this year is the prayer of Ephesians 1 where it says that God will give you the sphere of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him, the eyes of your understanding being flooded with light being enlightened, that you may know what is the hope of his calling, what is the hope of his calling, his purpose for your life. You were born with a destiny. There's a purpose for which no one else can fulfill but you. And if someone doesn't fulfill his purpose, it is a loss. It is a loss to heaven. Heaven doesn't just say, "You know what? You know, it's just one loss". No, no. For the Lord, out of a hundred sheep, one sheep is lost. He considers it a loss, and he will seek for it, I love this, until he finds it. Hallelujah. That's how God esteems.

So, it's a real loss to heaven if you don't fulfill that purpose. So, God has a purpose for you and that purpose wasn't something God decide later on as he will observe your obedience or your lack of it, then he gives you a purpose. No, no, that purpose is from your mother's womb. When you were there, when God placed you there, you were given a purpose, a destiny, if you would, amen, for your life. You know, the Apostle Paul says it like this, "God separated me in my mother's womb. God separated me in my mother's womb". But we all know that he grew up and became a Pharisee of Pharisees, sat at the feet of Gamaliel. And he was instrumental in many believers being tortured, being persecuted, and even was there giving his tacit approval to the stoning of Stephen, the first martyr of the church. In the Book of Acts, we saw that. And yet, you know, it was misdirected. But he was separated, in his mother's womb, separated to the calling in his mother's womb. In other words, though he missed it for a number of years, God brought him back to his purpose. And everything was working, God allowed him to be born.

"What does it mean then, Pastor Prince? Does that mean that God has predestined some people to be saved and some not to be saved from their mother's womb"? No, my friend, it is not saying that. What it's saying when God's separated him, that means God separated him to become a Jew, not another race. But a Jew, in that day and age, they will have the accurate knowledge from the Scriptures. God caused him to be Sitting at the feet of Gamaliel, one of the best Bible teachers of that day. You know, he was a Pharisee, but one of the best teachers of the Bible. He was privileged to sit at the feet of Gamaliel. Not only that, he knew the Bible, and he knew Greek. He knew Hebrew back to back. He knew Aramaic. And he was an intelligent man. God allowed him to have all the teaching that he would have, all that, okay, so that he's prepared, not to rely on this thing because later on, he considers all these things as dung.

All right, but to prepare him to see that all these things cannot achieve the greatest revelation. When the truth comes, you know it. Praise God. The things you've been looking for in your hedonistic pursuit of pleasure, or fulfillment through wealth accumulation, all those things, when you find that you have those things, it doesn't mean much. When you have little, it means a lot to have things, right? But when you have a lot, as testified by those people who have a lot, even billions, All of a sudden, it doesn't mean much. It is so true that you were created for greater things. Your heart is too big to be satisfied by wealth, fame, by pleasures of sin, right? Your heart is too big. It can only be filled with divine things because you were breathed, your real person, the spirit, was breathed in into your body by God himself, amen. You are a spirit being, amen. Things that are of the flesh, material things, can never truly satisfy you the way the Lord Jesus can. That's why he's called the bread of life. Hallelujah. So, all these things is working together for good. Hallelujah.

Now, watch this. Called according to his purpose. What does that mean? "All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose". And the next verse tells us the purpose. "For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, Jesus, that He might be the, that Jesus might be the firstborn among many brethren". Notice the purpose is tied up with what God foreknew. It is tied up with the predestination to be conformed to the image of Jesus. And what it means is, some people say, you know, they teach foreknowledge and predestination. These are big words, I know, maybe for some of you that are not interested in these things. But there are a lot of believers who ask me also, "What do you think about predestination? What do you think about foreknowledge"?

So, I think this is a good time for me just to share with you, all right, what it means in a simple way. So foreknowledge is actually prognosis. It's for, before, knowledge of the future. You know it before. So, God, of course, has the foreknowledge. But so that's foreknowledge. Predestined means God has destined you by... I'm gonna say by hook or by crook, but you know the ways of God is by straight and by straight. You'll end up with the good intent that he has for your life. So, but some people have taught predestination in such a way that they say you're either predestined to be saved or you are predestined to be lost. Now, I don't believe that. I don't believe the scriptures bear that out. I believe that God foreknew that you will accept Jesus Christ. He foreknew. Now, God did not manipulate your free choice. He gave you the free choice. If God had manipulated your free choice, he would have done it with the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, in the Garden.

When Adam is about to partake of that tree that he's not supposed to, God can stop his hand, right, make it into a little, flat hand that will go with great velocity across his own face and slap him, amen, slap him three times if God wants. God manipulate his free choice. No, God did not manipulate his free choice, my friend. If God had done, God could have done that. God could have made Adam kick himself even. But God did not stop Adam from partaking of the very tree that he knew is gonna bring death to man. So, God will not manipulate your free choice, but God foreknew that you, by your choice, would accept the Lord Jesus Christ. God foreknew that long before you were born, God foreknew in that timeless eternity, God foreknew that you will come forth into this world. God foreknew what you would choose, even before you have chosen this. That's why he's God.

So, before you have chosen to accept Christ or to believe on Christ, God foreknew that you would do that. And those whom he foreknew would believe on Christ, he predestined these, not others, to go to hell, no. He predestined those who would believe on Christ, whom he foreknew would accept Christ, he predestined them to end up conformed to the image of his Son, the Son that he loved, that he loved dearly, amen. But you look at Jesus, how beautiful he is, isn't he, when you look at his moral beauty, his moral glory. You look at him, his eyes, full of love for sinners. He sees things that others don't. You know, he sees beauty where other sees ugliness. He sees the cry in a sinner's heart, whereas others see the filth and the sin and the uncleanness. Jesus will welcome you with open arms because he loves you and he sees you as his sheep. Hallelujah. He loved you. He loved you long before you know him. Praise the Lord. He looks at sheep, people, actually, by the side of the mountain and the Bible says they were distressed, they were going astray, and he saw them as sheep having no shepherd.

Now, other people would see them as these are just rebellious people. That's why they're going astray. They're just rebellious. They're full of sin. They have no heart for God. You know, criticize, you know, and just criticize and condemn and condemn, as opposed to Jesus. He saw them, rebellious, going astray, confused, distressed, because they were like sheep having no shepherd. And he is the shepherd, amen. He is the shepherd and he proceeded to teach them, he proceeded to feed them, he proceeded to bless them and bring them into his fold, hallelujah. Because he is the good shepherd. So how do we view sinners? How do we view people who do not know Jesus? Even though they are using their voice to blaspheme his holy name, he never stops loving them. He sees them as what he declared at the cross: "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do". They don't realize what they're doing.

And even Paul himself says, "I was the chief of sinners, you know, I was a blasphemer, but God in his grace, in his mercy, saved me, that in me there might be for other believers a pattern. They will see a pattern of God's patience, longsuffering in my life," hallelujah. "Because God can save me, the chief of sinners," Paul says, "God can save you," hallelujah. So God's purpose is that everyone that would believe in Jesus, whom he foreknew would believe on Christ, he predestined every one of them, those believers, to end up being conformed to the image of Jesus. So everything in your life, good things, bad things, amen, small things, big things, whatever it is, all that is happening in your life is so that you're... it's all predestined. You're predestined... no, those things are not predestined. But you are predestined. Those things are working towards the predestination for you to end up just like Jesus. You will end up looking like Jesus. You'll be conformed to the image of Jesus and, my friend, I'll tell you this.

Jesus is no failure. Everything he touched, prospers. He touched the leper, ugliness becomes beauty. He gives garments beauty for the ashes of the leper. When there's little in his hands, he touches the five loaves and two small fish and they become plenty to feed the hungry, hallelujah. He touches the poor, and the poor becomes rich. He touches the sick, and the sick body becomes healthy. Not just healthy: vibrant with health, with the energy to serve him with, just like Peter's mother rose from her sickbed to serve them, hallelujah. I'm telling you, friend, whatever Jesus touches prospers and to be conformed to the image of Jesus with his character, his beautiful person, hallelujah, and to have the results that he has, hallelujah. That itself, is true success. It's not getting, you know, so much money in your life that one day I'll come to a place that others can look at me and say, "Wow, I wanna be like him". Do you really? Is that really your heart's desire? Will that really satisfy? Fame, I wanna be famous. I want people to know my name.

You know, being famous is not very peaceful, I'll tell you that, all right? It is not. You will find yourself always waking up, wondering, living for the crowd or living for one, for the audience of one, amen? It's much more peaceful, as opposed to trying to please men. It's a bondage to please men. You fear their opinion. You fear what they'll say. "The fear of man brings a snare," the Bible says. "Whoever trusteth in the Lord is safe". So everything in your life, just like Joseph's life, you know, if he wasn't sold to Egypt, he will not end up in Potiphar's house. If he was not lied about, he would not end up in the prison where he interpreted the dream of the butler and that became the stepping stone for him to be in the palace of Pharaoh.

If Pharaoh had not had that dream, he would not see the need for Joseph's gift. Everything is working together for Joseph, but not everything is of God. But everything working for good is of God. God is orchestrating everything. He is synergizing everything to work for Joseph's good until one day, Joseph stood before his brothers and they saw the good that God has done in his life and this is what he told them and they were so afraid that he might, you know, execute vengeance on them and this is what he says: "You meant evil against me; but God meant it for good". And he brought them all near him. With all the power that he has, and he was the most powerful man besides Pharaoh in that day and age. With all the power he has to execute vengeance on them, what did he do? With all the power, he forgave them and with that power, he drew them near to him and he says to them, with the power in his mouth that he has, he uses that to say, "I'll provide for you and your little ones". No vengeance in his heart. And he is our heavenly Joseph, our Lord Jesus today.

And the story of Joseph is like the story of Jesus, right? And Joseph reminds me of Jesus, in rejected by his brothers, loved by his father, so is our heavenly Joseph, our Lord Jesus, rejected by the Jewish brothers, but loved by his Father dearly. He came as the bread of life and he became the bread of life to the Gentile world because his Jewish brothers rejected him and he became the bread of life for 2000 years so, likewise, Joseph became the bread of life to Egypt, the Gentile world. Whereas, his father's house was languishing until they will see him face to face and he will provide for them. And that's gonna happen in the Second Coming of Jesus, right? The First Coming, he came as Savior. He came as the Lamb of God, lowly, humble. But in the Second Coming, he's gonna come as the glorious King of Israel, King of kings, and Lord of lords, hallelujah. Praise the name of Jesus.

And the story of Joseph is so beautiful, so much like Jesus. Praise the Lord. So back to this again. Everything in your life, my friend, all your mistakes, all your missteps, all your sins, even, amen, God forgives them and God works them for good. Now, that's not to say I'll make more mistakes, I'll go on sinning. That is called stupidity, right? And I'm sure that God can use the stupidity but it'll take more time, right? You're just going around the mountain one more time, praise the Lord. So, no, I'm not saying that. I'm saying we need to know God's purpose for our life, that everything in our life is working together for our good. And what's the greatest good that we can have? To end up like Jesus in every way, praise the Lord, amen? To look and sound like Jesus, having the results of Jesus in our life because he's the pattern man that the Father always dream of and now he's become the firstborn among many brethren, of which you are one of them, hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. Praise the name of Jesus.

So I hope you're getting this idea of a foreknowledge and predestination. It is not that God foreknew and then God planned to predestine some to be saved and some to be lost, and there are people who teach that and it was very popular in the 17th century teaching in the church at that time, but it's not true, okay? God does not predestine people to be lost or to be saved, amen. In fact, predestination is a secret, a family secret. It's like the offer is whoever will, come and take the water of life freely. Jesus says whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Whosoever, whoever will. Praise the Lord. It's always for everybody, amen. But the door says everyone is welcome, whoever believes. You step into the door, you close the door. You are now in the family environment, amen. You look at the back of the door. It says: "Predestined before the foundation of the world," amen. It's a family secret, then you realize you're one of those who believe and God foreknew that you would believe and now you are predestined.

So relax, my friend. Everything in your life right now, even this pandemic, is working together for your good, hallelujah. Thank you, Lord Jesus. And always have this attitude that you are now a child of God, you're standing on favor ground and death and judgment is behind you. It's not in front of you. For the believer, it's not in front of them. It's behind them. "But, Pastor, sometimes I feel, like, tired and fatigued and I feel feverish. I feel sick and I feel this pain and that ache and that ache, and you're telling me that death is behind me"? Yes, it is, my friend. Listen, what you are feeling is your body and that body won't be going to heaven with you.

Now, don't be afraid. The Bible says, I'm not saying that you will definitely die. In fact, the Christian posture is not to look to the grave in your future but look to the sky. He's coming for you, amen? The Bible says our posture is looking for his Son, looking for his Son from heaven. That's our posture. When the signs are happening, like this pandemic and all that, we are to lift up our heads, not look down to the grave. That's not our future. Look up to the sky. Lift up your heads for your redemption draws near, referring to your bodily redemption is drawing near. With each passing day, it's drawing nearer and nearer and nearer. It's even at the doors, hallelujah. And once you realize that once, you can live your life with confidence, knowing that death and judgment is behind you. That doesn't mean if Jesus tarries, should Jesus tarry, that doesn't mean that we will live on and on, right? Because, like I said, even if Jesus comes, he's gonna give us a brand new body. Those who are alive, the Bible says, in the twinkling of an eye, our bodies will be transformed like unto his body.

So this body will not go to heaven. And don't worry about heights and all that when he seizes you up there, amen, because all fears will be gone including the fear of heights, praise the Lord, in that new body. And you have a brand new body. All those in the grave, they'll be raised up first with a brand new body, amen. And they are now with Jesus. They are spirit and soul with Jesus, eternally happy, amen, completely liberated. Your loved ones who have gone before, my friend, they're not lost. The apostle Paul had such a revelation of this, he says, "For me, to live is Christ, to die is gain". Do you hear that? "To die is gain".

So, actually, your loved one is in heaven and they cannot express to you how happy, how free, how liberated they are and in their future there can be no sickness, no falling sick, you know, no sick days for them, no depressed days and no headaches even. Their future is completely perfect, perfect felicity, shalom, completeness, happiness, hallelujah. And many a times I feel like they look down on us and they feel for us. I know we miss them and we feel for them, but don't feel for them as if we're in a better place, they should be here with us, you know. If we feel sad, it's very human. God understands that. Praise the Lord. We understand that. But it's not because of them. It's not because we think that they're in a worse-off place. No, they are in better place than you and I are in, amen. And one day, we'll go back and forth in our new bodies in heaven, the HQ as well as the whole universe, praise the Lord.

God has universes beyond this universe and scientists are now beginning to discover that the universe is still expanding what, 186,000 miles per, at the speed of light per second, all right? It's expanding so fast that there are stars beyond our Milky Way that we have not even discovered and I believe that it's all our playground, that universe beyond our universe. Praise the name of Jesus, and the Bible say God stretcheth the heavens and he's still stretching it, hallelujah, amen, to prepare for all the souls that are saved and that's gonna be our playground in the future, amen. Thank you, Jesus. Friend, are you ready for this? When it happens, it's gonna happen quickly and all of a sudden you look down and you realize that all your pursuits with things that are futile, things that are useless, you know, the priorities that we have, even for our children, we say that we want them to get a good education, to go to a great school. Why? So they got a great job. Why? So they have lots of money. Why? So that they'll be happy. Oh yeah?

So finally, you believe that all these things will make them happy? No, friend. Yes, you want them to study, you want them to be educated. It's for their own good, amen. And if that is your desire, it's no problem, but to say that this will give them happiness, that's not true, my friend. It's not true. It's best you cause them to watch the Rock Hits every Sunday, amen, and get the Word of God because the Word of God will allow them to have the wisdom of God from a very young age. Some people say, "Pastor Prince, my child does not want to watch 'Rock Hits.'" Then bribe them. And I'm sorry I used the word "bribe" but, you know, they're your children, they're under your household, amen. You've got to say things like, "All right, if you don't watch, there's no games," and all that. "But that'll make them dislike". No, no, friend. Let me tell you this. One day they will be hearing something that all of a sudden, bang. Their eyes are opened, their inner eyes are flooded with light, and they see something they never saw before and from then on, the desire will be there.

Many a times, we are learning how to play the violin, we are learning how to play the piano. We dislike what we are doing. We feel compelled by our parents to study that. But there comes a day we realize, "Hey, I love the flow of this. Hey, it's a revelation". And all of a sudden you start writing songs. All of a sudden, you enjoy playing the piano. You enjoy the pleasure you give people when you play the piano. It's now a revelation. But when you first start, it is something that they have to keep on doing, all right? So I don't know why I'm saying this, but, you know, parent, you're a child of God, how can you be, you know, delivered from Egypt and you leave your children behind, amen? You know, one time the children of Israel, one of the compromises that Pharaoh offered Moses was this, when Moses says, "Let my people go," he says, "You know what? Leave your children behind. All those adults, you guys go in. You guys go and worship God. But leave your children behind".

Now, he's very cunning. He knows that if the parents leave their children behind, they'll come back to Egypt and Moses says, "No way, José. No way," all right? "We are going in, all of us. Not one hoof will be left behind," okay? So one of the compromises of Satan is that, "Yeah, you know, you're gonna be all out for Jesus, you're gonna be radical for Jesus. That's fine". And he used terms like this, radical for Jesus, "but you know what? Don't touch your children, all right? Let them be". No, friend. If you love your children, this is what you want for them. The very things that you see about the Lord, amen, you want them to see, amen. And perhaps your growing-up years you didn't have the opportunities that your children have. Let it go, my friend. Don't bypass this opportunity to give your children the true education that they need to know the Lord, hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.

So, "All things are working together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose," and his purpose is to cause all these things to work for your good, to cause you to end up looking, sounding like Jesus with all the results of Jesus. And that's why we sing the song that we just wrote recently. "As he is so are we. The resurrection life is in me". Right? Why? Because, you know, some time ago, I got this revelation from the Word of God that says, "Because as Jesus is, so are we in this world". God sees you one with Jesus. You are in him. So I began to preach this: "As Jesus is, so are we in this world". And the Lord said this to me. You know how it's been preached for all these years, "As Jesus is"? One day, we'll be like Jesus. But it doesn't say that. "As he is," means present tense, "As Jesus is," right now, the Father's right hand, glorified with all authority in heaven and on earth, far above all powers, principalities, above every name that is named. He's above all that.

The Bible says, "As he is, so are you in this world". Not when you leave this world one day, either through physical death or through the Rapture, then all these things will be real. No, no, no. Right now, "As he is, so are you in this world". And the Lord says, "Did I not say in my Word that you are members of my body and of my flesh and bones"? Wow, of his flesh and bones, and he doesn't have unhealthy flesh. His flesh, though it's glorified, is healthy flesh, hallelujah. His bones is healthy bones. "As he is, so are we". So I begin to see the physical aspect of it. What about our bodies? Amen, I began declaring, "As Jesus is healthy, so am I healthy in this world". As Jesus is free from every disease right now, because, at one time, at the cross, he bore our diseases in his body, but now he's free from it. As he's free from them, so am I free from sickness and disease in this world.

Now, the pain might be there. The pain might be screaming, but what I'm doing is exactly what 2 Corinthians 3, tells us: "We all, with open face, unveiled face, beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, we are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory," not by our efforts, but "by the Spirit of the Lord". Hmm. In other words, when you have a image of Jesus, which is based on eternal fact, eternal truth, he's there in heaven, but when you see him there, this "hazon vision," when you see him, the Bible says we are all transformed by beholding him. Remember Peter? When Peter was in the boat, it was a stormy night, and they saw Jesus, and Peter was the only one that shouted, "Lord, if it's you, bid me come on the water". And he saw Jesus walking on the water, amen? He was walking real cool, you know, above the storm, hallelujah. It would've reminded them of the psalm that says, "The Lord on high is far above the waters," and Jesus walked on the water, amen, and Peter says, "Lord, if it's you, bid me come". And Jesus says one word, "Come".

There's enough power in that word, hallelujah, to cause that miracle to happen to Peter. Peter step out, and Bible says he looked at Jesus, and he started walking towards the Lord. Now, he's above his circumstance. At one moment, he was afraid of the waters, of being under the waters, being drowned, being engulfed by the waters, but now he's above his fear. He's now above his dire circumstance. He's above his problem and look at Jesus. As long as his eye was on Jesus, he was above the storm. As Jesus, at that moment, is above the storm, as Jesus transcended the waves, so Peter walk like Jesus walk, and that's the secret of our walk on earth. A walk that pleases him is to see him, amen. And when he saw Jesus, he became like Jesus, so, see, 2 Corinthians 3, going into effect here, being transformed into the same image. Was it Peter making himself buoyant? Was it Peter making himself to be above the storm? No, it's the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit, the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 3, "When we behold him, he transforms us into the same image", amen, not by our efforts, "from glory to glory. As we behold him, he transforms us from glory, from one level of glory, to another level of glory, to another level of glory," until you end up just like Jesus. And then, the Bible says he start hearing the howling winds. The devil start blowing the winds louder. In the first place, what has the winds got to do with you walking on the water, right? I mean, if you fear the winds, does that help you? I mean, looking at the storms and all that, in the first place, if they were there, that's the reason why he was afraid. But just that the devil increased the velocity of the sound and all that, he began to take his eyes off Jesus. Mmm, whatever happens, my friend, thank God for all the ministries that put your eye on Jesus, the unveiled Jesus, a hazon vision of Jesus's ministry.

That's what we need today, and God is raising multitudes around the world. Tune in to them when they preach on Jesus because it's not just the preaching. It's a revelation, a vision that you are receiving, and when you receive that vision, you are being transformed into the same image, hallelujah. But alas, Peter took his eyes off Jesus, looked at the storm, looked at the winds, and what happened? He began to sink. He became natural, no more "As he is in this world". Just a few moments, he was there. He was "As Jesus is in this world," but he began to sink because he took his eyes off Jesus. The only power you have, child of God, is to keep your eye on Jesus. "Keep the Son in your eyes. Keep his light shining true. Keep your eyes on Jesus. For he keeps his eyes on you". Amen, you know that he's keeping his eyes on you.

So you know, the good thing is that, even when Peter took his eyes off Jesus, Jesus never did. He kept his eyes on Peter. And Peter yelled, "Lord," and the Lord stretch out and grabbed Peter, hallelujah. But the lesson learned here is this: don't take your eyes off Jesus. How do we see Jesus today? We see him in the Word, amen. We see him in the preaching about him. That's why we need to preach Jesus. We don't preach ourselves. We preach Jesus.

And not long ago, in fact, now it's quite, I say, "Not long ago". It's quite a number of years now, probably about nearly 20 years ago, when I first started preaching this, and there was a lady in our congregation who was just diagnosed with a tumor in her breast, and she wrote this, and she showed me the little, you know, medical report that she had, and she says, "As he is, so am I in this world. Jesus does not have lumps in his breasts. Neither do I. As he is, so am I". She wrote it on her medical report. Well, the next time she went to see the doctor, they did all the tests and all that, and the doctors were shocked. They were surprised because they look at both her tests, and they couldn't find the lumps. And since then, many other ladies who have had lumps in their breasts took her encouragement from this testimony, and they start looking at Jesus, started confessing, "Lord, Jesus, as you are free from these lumps in the breasts, so am I in this world," or "As you are free from diabetes, so am I in this world". "As you are free", whatever condition, they began to confess it, amen, and they began to see the result in their body.

Remember this, the result is not produced by you. It is produced in you but not by you. It's produced by the Holy Spirit as you behold Jesus. And, you know, the person that wants to be so practical to the point they do not know what faith is all about will tell you, "Well, how is that practical? You must do something. You must do something". Yeah, your only part is to take your eyes off yourself, off your circumstances, off the howling winds, and put your eye on Jesus. Keep the Son in your eyes, amen, and that's your part. The Holy Spirit is the one that does a supernatural transformation into his image, hallelujah. I pray this has blessed you, and I'm so desirous to see you grow in the Lord.

And, friend, what you're hearing today is something that God is bringing all of us into, even during this pandemic, in this time. He wants us to come to a place of light and understanding and also a place of flowing with, cooperating with what he is doing, amen? I mean, all things work together for a child of God, but if it's like, you know, he refused to move, and the Holy Spirit says, "Go here," and he refuses to go forward when the Holy Spirit says, "Move," and at the end of the day, you know, he will end up being more and more like Jesus, but perhaps, by then, he's 80-plus, 90-plus. No, don't allow time to just pass you by. Be pliable in his hands. Submit to the leadings of the Holy Spirit. See more and more of Jesus, amen? Let's facilitate this whole thing, hallelujah. It's very soon we'll see him face-to-face, and the Bible says, "Every man that has this hope of seeing him, amen, purifies himself, amen. We'll see him as he is, and even the hope of that purifies us," hallelujah. Praise the name of Jesus.

I'm seeing someone here with a shoulder condition... actually, not a shoulder condition. It's your neck condition that goes right into your shoulder. And if you'll get up right now and move your arm, move your neck, feel off of the pain. You are healed in the name of Jesus, and I thank the Lord for that.

Just now, I used the word "diabetes," and when I said that just now, the Holy Spirit says he's healing someone. He's healing someone of diabetes. Praise the Lord. Now, don't throw away your medication. Go to the doctor. Have it verified. The Lord has healed you, amen, but do not throw away your medicine, amen? If you feel that you are the one, you feel like you are healed of that condition, go to the doctor. Have it verified. The miracle of God can stand the tests, hallelujah. Praise the name of Jesus. At the same time, you are actually causing a testimony to come forth, amen, in your life among the medical profession, people that know your case. In fact, they will see God's hand in your life, and they'll come to know Jesus as well. Praise the Lord. Amen, thank you, Lord Jesus.

There's someone, you're having blurred vision quite often, on, off, on, off, and it seems like you've been to the doctor, and I see you have gone through a test, but it seems like they cannot find the reason, but you're having this blurred vision, and right now the Lord is healing you, and right now your eyes, it's like it's clearing up. It's a sign that God is referring to you, and you know who you are. That particular case is now totally healed in Jesus's wonderful name. Thank you, Lord Jesus. There's a kidney condition being healed right now in the name of Jesus. Again, do not throw away your medication. Do not stop your dialysis if you're on it. Go to the doctor. Have it verified. Praise the name of Jesus. As a testimony, Jesus says go to the, in those days, the doctors of the law. They are the doctors of the day. He told the leper who was healed, "Go to them as a testimony". Bring the gift and as a testimony, amen? So go to the doctor. Have it verified, praise the name of Jesus, and share with us your testimony.

A kidney condition, and actually, before the Lord has healed your condition, you have one kidney already bad, but the other one is also starting to go bad, and the Lord has healed you. You are well in the name of Jesus. Get that testimony and share it with us, amen? Praise the name of Jesus. I pray, in the name of Jesus, that right now, as you behold Jesus, say this under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Say, "Lord Jesus, as you are, so am I in this world".

Now, whatever your condition is, tell the Lord this: "Lord Jesus, as you are free from that condition, right now, at the Father's right hand, so am I free from this", name that condition, "in this world". And keep this as your confession the whole day today. Will you do that? Amen, thank you, Lord. "As you are free from this constant fatigue, so am I free from this fatigue, Lord, in this world". "Lord, I thank you, Lord, as you are free from depression at the Father's right hand, so am I free from this depression because, as you are, so am I in this world". Amen, praise the name of Jesus. Will you do that? Hallelujah. And if you know you are healed, praise the Lord. Again, send us your testimony, amen, so we can rejoice with you and might even share your testimonies. In fact, we have so many testimonies coming in, usually we'll pick about two out of the many that comes in to share so that it will spark faith in the hearts and the lives of people that are watching, as well, so that they'll know that Jesus still heals. Praise the name of Jesus.

If you have never acknowledged Jesus as your Savior, you have never put your trust in him, listen, my friend, Jesus says this: "Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden". And remember this: long before he says, "Come unto me," he came to where we are. So right now, pray this prayer with me. Let's talk to him. Say:

Heavenly Father, I thank you that you sent Christ to die on that cross for my sins. I thank you that Christ was delivered up on that cross for all my sins, and I thank you that you raised him from the dead when I was declared righteous in your eyes. Thank you, Father. Jesus Christ is my Lord, my Savior. I am now gloriously saved. Thank you. I'm your child now. I have eternal life in me. Thank you, Father God, in Jesus's name.

Yes, if you prayed that prayer, my friend, you are now a child of God. The Bible says, "Old things are passed away. All things have become new". Praise the Lord. Stand to your feet right now, family.

This coming week, the Lord bless you and your families, and the Lord keep you and your loved ones from the COVID-19 virus, from every infection, from every disease, from every danger, harm, accident, and from all the power of the evil one. The Lord preserve you and keep you for his glory. The Lord make his face shine on you and your loved ones, prosper you in everything that you do and prosper your way and make all the crooked places straight, and the Lord grant you his shalom peace and favor, in Jesus's name, and all the people said, "Amen". God bless you.

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