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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Joseph Prince » Joseph Prince - Your Provision Is In The Vision

Joseph Prince - Your Provision Is In The Vision

Joseph Prince - Your Provision Is In The Vision
Joseph Prince - Your Provision Is In The Vision
TOPICS: Provision, Vision

Let's go right into the Word of God. I wanna share with you more on the hazon vision that God has for us this year. I trust that you are still praying that prayer. If not, please continue to do so, the prayer of Ephesians 1 where it says, "May God give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him, the eyes of your understanding being enlightened". In the Greek, phótizó, flooded with light, amen? That's what we need, amen. There's no problem that God cannot open our eyes to the solution, amen. And best of all, God wants our eyes to be open in the knowledge of Jesus. That was what Adam and Eve had. You know, I believe that when God made Adam and Eve, God made them complete except for their spiritual eyes. It was closed. And God gave them the choice, whether to open their spiritual eyes by the tree of knowledge of good and evil, or by the tree of life.

Unfortunately, man listened to the voice of the enemy and opened his eyes to the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and instead of seeing God and knowing God and being aware of all the good things that God has for him, he began to see his shortcomings, he began to see his nakedness, he began to see his destitute position and as a result, man fell. And that was the original sin. So when we look at what Jesus did on the road of Emmaus, the very first day of his Resurrection, on Emmaus Road, he actually, the Bible tells us, broke bread with the two in the house in Emmaus, and the Bible says when he broke bread, they knew him. So the breaking of bread, I believe, is a counterpart of the tree of life, amen? Just like that Resurrection day when Jesus walked with the two, it's like Adam and Eve. He walked with them. It's like a mirror image, amen.

There's a reason that God took time to show us the Emmaus Road of Luke 24 and to tell us that, just like the Lord walked with Adam and Eve, Jesus walked with the two, and I believe they're husband and wife. Emmaus means warm baths, and what a bath they had when Jesus expounded things in the Scriptures concerning himself, amen. At the end of it, the Bible says he broke bread. So he broke out the Word of God, the revelation of it, to them about himself on the way to Emmaus. In Emmaus, he broke bread. That's Communion, amen. So the Lord's showing us every Sunday, because he rose again on Sunday, amen. On that Sunday, the very first day he rose from the dead, he expounded Scriptures concerning himself. That's what we need to do every Sunday, praise the Lord, and also receive Communion. This is my belief, amen. And we need to open our spiritual eyes today by the Communion.

The Bible says when they partook of the Communion in the Emmaus house, their eyes were opened, and they knew him, amen? They didn't know their nakedness now. They know him, amen? And to know him is eternal life. To know him, my friend, is the greatest blessing you can have, amen, in your life. The greatest of all blessings, praise God, hallelujah. Let's go right into the Word of God right now, and I wanna share more on hazon vision. And let's look at Isaiah 1, verse 1, "The vision of Isaiah the son of Amoz, which he saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem". Now this word saw is actually the verb of hazon. Hazon is vision from God, right? Hazon is a noun, and here the vision, hazon, as you can see, is the noun. The vision of Isaiah, which Isaiah saw. Now, saw here is the verb, and is the word chazah. Chazah, hazon, they're all the same root word, amen. Hazon come from the same etymology as chazah, amen? Hazon is the noun, chazah is the verb, amen. The hazon, which Isaiah chazah, which he saw, amen.

I wanna share more on that, because if you look at the definition in the Strong's for the word chazah, it is this. It says: "To see, perceive, look, behold, prophesy". So in other words, it's prophetic seeing. Provide, this is interesting. To see as a seer. So notice the word provide is in the word see. See, perceive, look, behold, is probably all the same meaning, right, and said in different forms, but prophecy is actually insight into the type of seeing. It's a prophetic seeing, usually of the future or usually into the wisdom and the plans of God that God has for us. To see as a seer, right? But it's also the word provide. Can you see the word provide there?

Now, it seems to stand out by itself, provide. So in other words, in your vision from God, in your vision is the provision, amen. If you look at Exodus 18, here it says in Exodus 18: "Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens". This is the advice given to Moses, and it's a lesson in leadership, the kind of leaders that we need to pick out, right? But notice this word: "Moreover thou shalt provide". This word provide is the word chazah. Chazah. "Moreover thou shalt provide". In the Young's Literal Translation, "Thou dost provide". Provide is the word chazah, amen? So to see, like, today we have in our English vernacular, we'll say things like, "You know, I need to buy something". I say, "Don't worry about it. I'll see to it". What does that mean, "I'll see to it"? I'll provide for you. I'll make sure it happens, amen. Don't worry about it, I'll see to it.

So when the Lord sees to it, it's actually seeing there is provide. So, to see is to be provided for, amen? Your provision is in the vision, in the vision that God gives you, amen? I wanna show that to you because this is so important that we understand this, and it is not so much that the provisions of God come to us just by us being good, amen, just by us being. We know there are people with good intentions, but if they're not walking according to the principles and according to the laws of the universe, amen. For example, the law of the universe tells us like the law of gravity. You can say, "I hate the law of gravity. I don't believe in the law of gravity. Someone's idea of", it's a conspiracy and all that, but it is there. But then it can be superseded by a greater law, the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of sin and death. Just like an airplane. It's not subject to the law of gravity, why? It is still there, but it is operating by a higher law: the law of thrust and lift, amen, that supersedes, amen, that frees the airplane from the law of gravity.

So, likewise, as believers in the new covenant, now that we are under grace and not under the law, the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of sin and death. We are the righteousness of God in Christ, and the result is the fruit of the Spirit. The result is labor of love, work of faith, patience of hope, and true holiness, amen? We are created in righteousness and true holiness, praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. So we operate based on the higher law, amen? The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus, amen. So when we look at this word chazah, this provision, God has a principle there for us to understand that whatever he shows you, all right, the provision is in the vision. Just like the English word pro-vision, notice the pro- is there for the vision, it's to provide for the vision, amen? But if there's no vision, there's no provision.

We need to operate according to God's principles, and many a times the devil knows this more than, you know, more than people. They are supposed to know this from God's Word, but the enemy knows this principle, and in fact, the New Age people, they try to apply the laws of visualization, or the principles of visualization in their life. And now, be careful about going to the New Age teachings because many of it, all right, the devil's gonna trap you and it's a snare, and in some cases, it will even cost you your life, amen. I know of cases whereby people ask for special numbers for a lottery and all that. It happened to be my relative, and he had a dream that an ugly creature came to him and gave him, you know, four numbers for him, in Singapore context here, we're talking about lottery here. And he played that number, he won big, but within a short time, he lost his life. One day he just fell dead, all right?

The devil would never give you anything without taking something back in return. You don't want to follow the devil, amen. You want to follow Jesus. Jesus said: "The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but I am come that you might have life, and have it more abundantly," amen? Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus, amen. Let's look at the life of Abraham, our father Abraham, and let's see the principle of how God taught him to see, amen? Before he can possess it. In Genesis 13, when he'd just entered the land, at this time he was about 79 years old, so he just came out of Egypt. Remember, he came down into the land of Canaan at the time was famine, and then he went south, even further south, and went to Egypt, and there he got in some trouble, and he came out. So we're following the story now as he came out, okay, in Genesis 13, "And the Lord said to Abram, after Lot had separated from him, 'Lift your eyes now and look from the place where you are: northward, southward, eastward, and westward.'" Friends, that's the cross, our inheritance is in the cross. If you draw North, South, East, West, you will see the cross.

Now, "Lift up your eyes and look from the place where you are". Now, where Abram was, was at this point in time, was in Bethel, and the hill of Bethel. "For all the land which you see I give to you". Notice this: All the land which you see, I give to you. "All the land which you see, I give to you and your descendants forever". So God told Abram, "If you see it, right, if you see that land, that portion I give to you". All the land, if you see all the land, then all the land I give to you, amen? So God says, "Lift your eyes northward, southward, eastward, westward". And God says, "All the land you see, I give to you and your descendants forever". "And I will make your descendants as the dust of the earth". Now, notice the word dust of the earth. Keep that in mind. "I'll make your descendants as the dust of the earth; so that if a man could number the dust of the earth, then your descendants also could be numbered. Arise, walk in the land through its length and its width, for I give it to you".

Now, notice God told him, "Arise, walk in the land through its length and its width, for I give it to you". You know, many years ago when I first read this, I believe I was a teenager at the time when I read this portion, and I thought, "Wow, Abram has to walk", and I didn't realize, I'd not been to Israel at the time, and I didn't realize how big or how small Israel is. And I was thinking, just by the sheer magnitude of walking throughout the land, north, south, east, and west, wow, I mean, this guy, he must be really fit, and he must have all the time in the world. But it is not a physical walking. If you look carefully, the very next verse says he didn't do that. Instead, it says: "Then Abram moved his tent, and went and dwelt by the terebinth trees of Mamre, which are in Hebron, and built an altar there to the Lord".

So instead of walking in the land, through its length and width, right, he moved his tent. So what does it mean? He did walk, but in other words, he didn't walk physically. He walked in the spirit, literally walking in the spirit. From the high altitude of the Mount Bethel, he look, and by the way, he's on Mount Bethel. There's no way you can see northward all the way and then southward, all right? Let alone east and west. But the fact is he began to see it prophetically. He began to see it the way God showed it to him. Just like on Mount Pisgah, Moses's last stand, all right? God showed him, it's not possible to see everything. You can see a lot of things from Mount Pisgah, Mount Nebo, where he died, all right, but from Mount Nebo you cannot see all the way, all right, to the end and even to the Mediterranean Sea and all the way, but except for a very super-clear day, but you know, even then it'll be probably 80%. But God showed him. The Bible said: "The Lord showed him all the land".

So when the Lord shows, it's prophetic, amen? So in the spirit, Abram walk. God showed him a vision, amen? And he walked through the land, and God says, "Every place that you see, amen, that you're walking, amen, is yours. If you see it, it's yours". So, northward he saw all the way up to Dan, amen. He saw the north, he saw the Golan Heights, he saw all the area. Then all the way to the south, amen, Beersheba, all the way to Elath, all the way down there he saw in the spirit and all the way to the west, amen, all the way to Mount Carmel and the area of Jaffa and all the way to the east he saw. And God showed him, and the Lord says, "All the land that you see is yours". So that's the principle right there. If you see it, amen, you are provided for, amen. Your provision is in the vision, hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

In our lives, amen, many a times before we can walk in a higher level, amen, a new level of life, amen, we've gotta believe, we've gotta... At one time maybe we fancied when we were young in school, we thought that, oh, getting $1,000 salary a month is great, you know. "One thousand dollars, wow," you know? And then our vision grew, you know, $1,000 is not that great, depending on the context of where you are at, amen, and the things that you need to have. But then you realize it's growing. But what happens is that your vision is being enlarged, actually, before you can possess that level, whether it's your life, whether you can see yourself doing this. Once upon a time you couldn't imagine, as a boy, driving a car. "Don't think I can learn all the different gears and all the different", but see, you were enlarged before you walk in it, amen? And the vision of God will enlarge you. Because the vision of God transcends time and space. It cause you to be there and then trains you here as you walk towards there, amen. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus.

So Abraham, all the land that he saw, amen, God says, "I give to you". And right after that, Abraham moved his tent in a place called Mamre in Hebron. And very interesting, Mamre means strength or fatness, and Hebron means association. And here association with the Lord. Do you know the word Hebron is from the root word chabar. Chabar is also from where you get the word chabburah, by his chabburah, by his stripes we are healed. Now, I know chabburah refers to the stripe, literally the stripe. But chabburah is from the word chabar, which means alliance, friendship, amen. We can say it like this: "With his stripes we are healed," yes, but also with our alliance with Jesus, with our friendship with Jesus, with our contact with Jesus, we are healed, amen? Very interesting word Hebron, amen. So "Abram moved his tent".

Now, remember, I told you just now that God told him he's multiply his descendants as the dust of the earth, right? Now, let's go to Genesis 15 now. Now, Abram is about 84 years old. "And after these things the word of the Lord came unto Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram: I am your shield, and your exceeding great reward". So the Word of the Lord came unto Abraham in a vision saying, "Fear not, Abram, I'm your shield and your exceeding great reward". And I believe he had a vision of the magen, amen. In Hebrew, magen means shield. A shield coming to him, and God says, "I'm your defender. I'm your protector. And not only that, I'm your exceeding great reward". The word reward in the Hebrew literally is what they use for salary. I'm your exceeding great remuneration, amen. I am your exceeding great remuneration. Not the conditions of your country, amen? Not your boss, amen. Not the place where you're working at. Not the conditions of the economy in the world, even though we are right now we're in the pandemic and things look bleak economically, right? But God says, "I am your exceeding great remuneration. I am your exceeding great reward," hallelujah. And what a reward you are, Lord, hallelujah. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

That's why to have Jesus is to have everything. It reminds me of the time when Jacob met his brother after many years, and he met Esau, and he actually said this. You know, Esau asked him, "What are all these sheep and goats that you bring along with you in front of me here"? "Oh, this, my brother, they are gifts for you". And then Esau said this: "You know what? Keep it for yourself. I have a lot. I have a lot". Literally, the word rab. I have an abundance, he told his brother Jacob. Jacob says, "No, please take it, my brother. I want you to have it". Then he said this, "God has been gracious to me, and I have everything". Beautiful, the word kol in Hebrew. Kol, "I have everything". His brother has plenty, he has everything, amen?

The richest billionaire in the world today has plenty, but you, child of God, you have everything, amen? You need eyes to see that, amen, amen. You have more going for you than even the richest people, amen, without Christ. Praise the Lord, amen. You are free from depression, you are poised, you are calm. You are not perturbed by the troubles of life because you have the shalom peace that garrisons your heart and mind, hallelujah. You have Jesus. And to have Jesus is everything, praise the Lord. And even you need finances, amen, my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory, amen. Not according to the conditions of the economy, but according to his riches in glory, amen. That's how he supplies. And you know, my friend, he didn't even say he'll supply out of, amen, but according to. Wow, according is more than out of. Out of is a portion of his riches. But according to his riches, means all his riches, amen, according is all yours. And that's how God provides it again. Praise the Lord, hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus, amen, amen, amen, hallelujah.

So, in Genesis 15 when the Lord appeared to him, let's look at Abraham's response: "Lord God, what will thou give me, seeing I go childless, and the steward of my house is this Eliezer of Damascus"? Notice that God told him, "I'm your shield, your exceeding great reward". His answer was, "But what will you give me? Lord, the vision is good, vision is fine, amen. I see the shield. You're saying that you are all this to me, but what will you give me, amen, seeing I go childless"? So he was, at this point in time, wavering in his faith. He's not operating in faith, and you know, not to have faith in the Lord's words is not a good place to be in, child of God, amen. It is dishonoring the Lord, and it's the greatest insult you can give to God, actually, but God was kind with Abram, amen. And don't forget, Abraham is a man who's a picture of the faith righteousness, amen. I notice that in the life of Abram, in my studies of Abram, God never one time rebuke him verbally, never. Did God child-train him? Yes, amen, God did. But God never verbally rebuke Abraham, never. I never seen that happen, okay?

Now, I'm not saying that we don't need to be corrected by God. I'm just saying that God never condemned Abraham, amen, ever, amen. I don't see God punishing Abraham, amen. Yes, child-train, yes. Even believers today can be child-trained by God but never punished by God again. Because why? We have passed from condemnation, amen, unto life. We have passed out of death into life, amen. We are no more under condemnation. "There is therefore now," present tense, is, is present tense as well. "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus," amen. And child of God, knowing this doesn't make you promiscuous, doesn't make you wanna go and sin. In fact, knowing this is the power that Jesus spoke to the woman caught in adultery, "Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more". You must see the order of it to understand the power of going and sinning no more. If we give people condemnation, they will go and sin some more. But if we give them no condemnation, if they realize the gift of no condemnation, it will empower them to go and sin no more, hallelujah, amen.

So God realized that Abraham was in a state of unbelief, and God had to help him in his belief. So what did God do? This is what God said to Abraham: "And God brought Abram forth abroad, and said, Look now towards heaven, and tell the stars". The word tell here is actually count, or tell, tell the story. And I have a message where Abram was told by God the story of the gospel in the stars. That's another message altogether. And the word tell is the same as the Psalms 19 where it says, "The heavens declare," saphar in Hebrew. Tell or count or even tell the story. So it's both, my friend. Here, it's both, all right? Tell the stars or tell the story of the stars, the gospel story, in the stars. This is not astrology. This is the gospel story. God made the stars for the purpose, and astrology has perverted the thing, amen. We are not to look at the stars to know our fortune, to know how to govern our lives. We are to look at the one who made the stars to know how to govern our lives, amen.

So, today we look to the Lord in his Word, amen. But back then, he didn't have the Bible, so to build Abraham's faith, God brought him out towards heaven and says, "Tell the stars if thou be able to number them". Or in the Hebrew, tell the story. But again, also number is correct. So it's both ways. God says, "Tell the story of the stars and number them". "And he said unto him, So shall thy seed be". Seed here is Jesus. God was prophesying the Coming of his Son, "and Abraham believed in the Lord; and God counted it to Abraham for righteousness". And this verse is so, so precious, amen, to the New Testament believer because it is the verse that caused us all to be born again. It is actually the central verse of the gospel besides "The just shall live by faith". This is quoted again and again in Romans, in James, in Galatians, again and again. Abraham believed the Lord. He didn't have to do much. He just believed in the Lord and God counted it to him for righteousness. It wasn't anything he did, amen. He just believed in the Lord. God showed him something. He says, "I believe you, Lord". In fact, the word believe is the word aman in Hebrew, where we get the word amen, amen?

When you say amen, you're releasing faith in what God said to you. If God said something to you and you say amen, you are saying, "I believe you, Lord," and that's the greatest honor, amen? Praise the Lord, amen, hallelujah. Thank you, Lord. So God brought him out. God says, "See if you're able to number the stars. And Abraham, tell me, you can tell the story of the stars," amen. I believe that all the way from Adam it was handed down all the way to Abraham, even, the story of the gospel in the stars. The woman with a child, Virgo, all the way to Leo, amen, 12 constellations. If you start with Virgo, you end with Leo. Just like the New Testament opens with the virgin and the child, right? Jesus. The death destroyer, amen. The promised seed, hallelujah. The conqueror of the serpent's head, praise the Lord. Jesus would come through a virgin and you start with the gospel story, the opening of the New Testament, you end in the book of Revelation where Jesus is portrayed there as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, hallelujah. And Leo is portrayed by lion, amen? Lion. Praise the Lord.

So notice that God says, "So shall thy seed be". And thy seed here is our Lord Jesus Christ. It's actually singular which means Christ. And all of us in Christ, but even then, God still said to count the number of the stars. So I believe that, early on, I told you to remember that in Genesis 13 God says, "I'll multiply your descendants as the dust of the earth," and here, he talk about the stars, right? So if you put them together, you know, it's very interesting because day and night is covered here. In the daytime, God helped his faith. Every time you look at the dust of the earth and, you know, you go to Israel, you go to the Middle East, dust is plenteous. It's everywhere.

And he look around and he's telling himself, "God told me that every time I look at the dust, all right, to remember that these are my descendants, amen. I'm gonna have a child". At the time, he and his wife, his wife is barren. She has always been barren. And now they are both coming to old age and yet never had a child and that's why he says, "Seeing I go childless". He's seeing what's wrong. He told God, "What will you give me, seeing I go childless"? And God had to change Abraham's seeing. God says, "You know, I'm gonna give him a visual aid," amen. "I'm gonna use the dust of the earth for daytime and the stars of the sky for the nighttime," amen? And at nighttime he look up and it's as if the stars changed faces to babies, his babies, crying out, "Father Abraham, Father Abraham". That's how plenteous.

And in the Middle East, you know, there are no lights around and in the dark of the night you will see numerous stars and God says, "See if you are able to number the stars," hallelujah. And builds his faith, amen. It's good for you if you're believing God for a baby, even, all right, like Abraham and Sarah did. It's good for you to have visual aids, amen. You know, choose pictures of beautiful babies, amen, and put them there, like picture of Pastor Mark, he's cute, isn't he? Praise the Lord. And then you take pictures and you put it in a, maybe you can call it a hazon book, amen, your scrapbook. And then put pictures of your baby, amen. Buy baby stuff, amen.

I remember that, you know, because I know this principle as I was believing God for my next child, to believe God for the next offspring, praise the Lord, after Jessica, it took some time. Jessica came fast, but it took us some time for me and I realized that this requires more, amen? And I thank God for this privilege to learn to walk in faith, amen. You know, we don't wanna do things that are natural as well, amen. We put love to walk in faith because without faith it is impossible to please God and we know in walk in faith we please our Father. So I remember visualizing, amen, praying and visualizing. It's not just pray, "Give me a child. Give me a child". I visualized the child coming and, at night, and I told Wendy this and I'll take the bolster or a pillow and I'll walk around at night in my room and I'll sing to the bolster, the so-called baby that I see in my arms. I'll be carrying this baby.

I said to the Lord, "I thank you for this baby. I thank you for this baby," and I will sing. And the song I sing is always the same one: "Guide me, O thou great Jehovah". I don't know why that hymn always comes to me when I carry this pillow, and when Justin came along, there's a song that I sing to him when I carry him. Every night, I will sing the same song because that was the time when I was carrying a bolster and I would sing to the bolster, but now I have a baby. In a short time after that, Justin came. I was carrying him one day and I realized, "This is the fulfillment of the dream," amen. So start having visual aids, amen, to help your vision.

You know, out there, the world is always giving you bad news, you know. One out of five ladies, they're not able to, you know, one out of this, and every time you hear, it's always bad news, you know. Even health reports, is actually more like health negative reports, you know? And understands they have to tell the other side and all that, but many a times, the other side becomes the focus and becomes exponentially more overt than the positives, amen. But where do you get a positive? Where do you get the vision from God, amen? In his Word. I mean, you don't need to be like Abraham, look at the stars and, you know, because back then, Abraham didn't have the scroll to bring along. He didn't have the Bible to bring along. His life was making the Bible, amen, for us to read.

In fact, if you read Psalms 19, it tells you clearly that what is the stars and the sun and the moon and all that in the sky is today the law of the Lord is perfect. You know, you read Psalms 19, verse 1, it says: "The heavens declare the glory of God". Same word, saphar. "Declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork. Day unto day utters his speech, and night unto night reveals knowledge". So day unto day means what? The sun. The sun, you know, utters speech about God and the night, the stars, amen, the galaxies, they actually reveal knowledge, praise God. And yes, back then, that's how man gets to know, I mean, they come to know God, that there's a creator when they look up. They know that all these things don't come by chance, amen. Unless our heart is really hardened. We can't see there's a creator behind all these things, you know, friend?

But then later on, the same Psalm, you come to, I believe, verse 7. Instead of all the sun, the moon, and the stars he's talking about, it comes right down to the Word of God. It says: "The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul. The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple". What is that telling us? The Word of God has taken the place of the stars, the sun, the moon, amen, to help your faith. So where do you get your vision from? The Word of God. Remember this. Don't get your vision from New Age. Don't get a vision from just magazines and you say that, "Wow, I want this BMW. I want this Rolls Royce," so you put a picture up there. God never promised that he's gonna give you a Rolls Royce, okay, friend? But you can put a picture of Psalms 1, verse 3: "He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth his fruit in its season".

See yourself surrounded by a confluence of rivers, amen, refreshing you all the time, amen. You are never dry, amen. It says here: "That brings forth its fruit in the season, his leaf shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper". There you have your hazon vision, amen. Meditate on that. You say, "Pastor Prince, is this a hazon vision"? Let me prove to you, okay, it is a hazon vision, amen, that we are to get our hazon vision from the Word of God, amen. Not get into carnal, materialistic ideas or New Age ideas, but to find all our faith pictures from God's own Word, amen. Look at the story of Balaam. Remember the story of Balaam? As the children of Israel were coming through present-day Jordan, back then it's the land of Moab. And the king actually hired Balaam who's actually, you know, he's like a prophet, yet he's like a semi-wizard, you know, kind of thing. And he says, "I know that whoever you curse will be cursed".

So the king brought him to a high mountain and told him, "I'll pay you lots if you will curse these people," and he tried to curse but God turned his mouth around and his words. And instead of a curse, he blessed the people of Israel. Remember that? Well, this same Balaam, let's see what happened to him. You know, God actually caused his Spirit to come on him in one of the mountains as he looked down on the children of Israel. This is what he said: "And Balaam raised his eyes, and saw Israel encamped according to their tribes; and when he saw that, the Spirit of God came upon him". You know what he saw? He saw a picture of the cross. He saw Israel camped according to their tribes. This is camping according to the tribes. It makes the cross, amen. The southern part has the most, the longest, because it's the tribe of Judah, amen, eastward. "Then he took up his oracle".

Notice, when he saw that, the Spirit of God came upon him. Not in him to dwell, but came upon him, amen, to leave him, of course, later on. But "the Spirit of God came upon him. Then he took up his oracle and said: 'The utterance of Balaam the son of Beor, the utterance of the man whose eyes are opened, the utterance of him who hears the words of God, who sees the vision of the Almighty.'" The word "vision" here is machazeh. Machazeh is from chazah. Same root word, "Who sees," chazah. Who sees is chazah, the verb. "Who sees the vision," machazeh, "of the Almighty". Now notice this word. "Sees the vision of the Almighty". "Sees the vision of the Almighty". What is the vision of the Almighty that God showed Balaam "with his eyes wide open"? This is a vision. Are you ready? "How lovely are your tents, O Jacob! Your dwellings, O Israel! Like valleys that stretch out, like gardens by the riverside".

Huh, that reminds you of Psalms 1, right? "Like aloes planted by the Lord, like cedars beside the waters". This is called the vision of the Almighty. Friend, this is called the vision of the Almighty. And the word "Almighty," there is the name of God, Shaddai. This is the vision of the Shaddai, the Almighty. And it was the vision of the Shaddai for your life, amen. You're like a garden by the rivers of water. You're like a cedar planted by the waters. Exactly Psalms 1, and that's why I'm saying that the Bible is full of faith pictures which are visions of the Almighty for our lives, amen, amen, amen.

Now, let's go to Genesis 17 now. Abram is now about 99 years old. "When Abram was 99 years old," 99. Now remember that when God first told him about multiplying his descendants like the dust, all the land that you see, in Genesis 13, that was when he was 79 years old. That was 20 years ago. Now, he's 99. And his child hasn't come but within the year, his child would come. "The Lord appeared to Abram and said to him, 'I am Almighty God.'" Literally, in the Hebrew, "I am El Shaddai". "Walk before Me and be blameless". God says, "As for Me, behold, My covenant is with you, and you shall be a father of many nations. No longer shall your name be called Abram, but your name shall be Abraham". Abram means altitude. Abraham means father of multitude.

"For I have made you a father of many nations". And God put a hei, a Hebrew letter from God's own name. God put hei into Abram and, in fact, you keep on reading, God also put his hei, God has two heis, Yahweh, yud, hei, vav, hei. God put his hei into Abram, and Abram became Abraham, father of many. God gave his other hei, and the way you say "hei" is hei, an outbreathing. God breathed hei into Sarai, and Sarai became Sarah, amen, a queen, a princess, hallelujah, praise the Lord. And within the year, the baby came. So, in other words, God changed their confession. God changed the words they spoke. They're calling each other now, Sarah will call him, "Father of Multitudes, Father of Multitudes," when he comes in from the field, and "Dinner is ready, Father of Multitudes. Your dinner is ready". And all the neighbors would think, "Wow, they don't even have a child but he's the father of multitudes".

Imagine that. Father of Multitudes, Father of Multitudes. And, you know, I'm saying not a child by Sarah. Now, he had a child with Hagar, and that's not through Sarah but here, Sarah is calling him Father of Multitudes, but God is changing... faith has got to do with your words. God's changing the words he speaks. You know, Bible says: "We having the same spirit of faith, I believe, and therefore I speak; we also believe, and therefore speak". Many a times there's a lot of emphasis on this part of speaking. We forget about the part of seeing. Notice when he was 79 years old, when God told him, "I'll multiply your descendants like the dust of the earth," he was only 79 years old at the time. Ninety-nine, God changed his words.

So God changed his vision before God changed his words. God wants us to see more and more and more until when we speak, it happens. In fact, when he spoke, how long did he speak before it happened? In a given year, there's 12 months, right? So he was 99 years old and we know that a baby came when he was about 100 years old, so give and take 9 months of gestation period, all right? Nine months out of twelve, leaves you with three months. So it was three months of changing his name from Abram to Abraham, changing his speech about himself. I'm father of multitude. Every time he introduce himself, "I am father of multitude. This is princess," amen, amen. "Kings will come from her". Praise the Lord. He changed his words. But notice, it only took three months of speaking positive, praise the Lord. But before that, 20 years before, God says, "I'll multiply your seed like the dust of the earth," and every time he see the dust, God changed his vision before God changed his speaking. Can you see that? In fact, in Genesis 15, God says, "Look at the stars". He was 84 years old. That's 15 years before he was 99, right? So God says, "Now look at the stars".

So God keep on changing his heart, keep on changing his heart. He didn't believe completely, but when God changed his heart, his heart is full of the vision of him being a father of many. Then God changed his speech, and his speech was only changed, right, he spoke differently only for three months. And then the child came, hallelujah. And the Bible says in Romans 4: "And not being weak in faith, he did not consider his own body, already dead (since he was about 100 years old), and the deadness of Sarah's womb. He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God, and being fully convinced that what He had promised He was also able to perform". So you see that, you know, the baby came when he was about 100 years old. So, praise God. Give him thanks, amen.

God changed his speech three months before Sarah conceived finally. In other words, we emphasize a lot on our saying but God emphasizes a lot on our seeing. You've got to see right before you can speak right. Jesus says it like this: "A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things; an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil things," right? "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks," amen. It is from the abundance of the heart, amen. You can say the right thing but if you don't see it on the inside, you can say, "I'm healed, I'm healed," but you see yourself sick, you see yourself, you know, in the hospital all the time, and you have a bad vision of the future, you have a negative vision of the future, friend, you've got to change your heart first, amen. Fill your thoughts, your mind, with the Word of God on health, amen. The world is full of reports of sickness, sickness, pandemic, disease, sickness, sickness, disease, you know? But where do you find health, wholeness? In the Word of God, amen. And what you behold, you become. Praise the Lord.

I just wanna share a little nugget with you before we close. And it's in my study, when I study on the word "chazah," to see, to see prophetically, to provide, to behold, amen. God gave me this and I began to study the etymology of the word, this word "chazah," all right, to see, chazah, to see, right? But when I studied these words, I went to study further and I saw that it's also the word "chazeh". This pronounced as chazeh but notice the letters, the Hebrew letters, are the same except for the bottom part, the dashes, what we call the tittle, the dashes and the dots are not the same.

And the word "chazeh" means the breast of the animal sacrifice. Only the breast of the animal sacrifice. It's not referring to human, not referring to mothers, it's not referring to others, amen. Only for the breast of the animal sacrifice, it's chazeh, from the same word as chazah, to see. When I saw this, I was so excited because the Lord began to open my eyes to see that the primary one thing that he wants us to see is Jesus in his love for me, in his love for you. You are to behold. Use that hazon vision, chazah, the vision of Jesus loving you. Where? Because the breast of the animal sacrifice, it refers to the cross of Jesus Christ.

Let's look at this word, how it's used, "chazeh," the breast of the animal sacrifice, in Leviticus 7: "His own hands", this is referring to the peace offering. The peace offering is an animal offering, okay? You have to bring a sheep, or you bring a goat, and "His own hands shall bring the offerings made by fire to the Lord. The fat with the breast he shall bring, that the breast", notice, the breast here is the word "chazeh," and it's only used for animal sacrifice, the animal that is sacrificed. It's not used for humans. It's not used for anything else, all right? The breast, "chazeh," only used for animal sacrifice, which means God has a specific intent in mind for using it exclusively for this, that the breast may be waved as a wave offering before the Lord. And look at this: "The priest shall burn the fat on the altar, but the breast shall be Aaron's and his sons".

The portion that belongs to us, amen, today, is the breast of the animal sacrifice. So the fire to the Lord is the place of the cross where the sacrificed was placed on the altar. There's burning. There's a picture of the four corners of the altar represents the cross of Jesus Christ where the fires of God's judgment fell upon Jesus, amen, and we are to feast on that dying love. We are to feast on his love for us, amen, the son of God who love me and gave himself for me. This is your portion. It's not just your portion. Notice, the breast that is burned, that is roasted, amen, "the breast shall be Aaron's". Now, who is Aaron? Aaron is the high priest of Israel, amen. He's the first high priest. He's a picture of our High Priest today. Who is our High Priest today? Our Lord Jesus.

Notice, the breast, amen, but you say, "Pastor Prince, Jesus is the animal sacrifice, and it's his breast". Yes. In other words, Aaron's food is his love. In other words, listen, our High Priest today is Jesus, amen, so the breast of the animal sacrifice which represents... what? Love, the love. The breast always represents the love, just like the right thigh of the animal sacrifice represents strength, power, but breast always represents the love, amen, of Jesus. And notice our portion, our food, because we are now Aaron's sons, right? We are priests. Aaron's sons are all priests, amen, and we are sons of Aaron, but who is Aaron? Our Lord Jesus, our High Priest, amen? He's the High Priest. We are priests, amen, sons of Aaron.

So our portion, we get to enjoy and feed on and feast on, all right? It's the love of Jesus, amen. Not only that, but his feast, his food, our Lord's food is also his love. How does that work? It works like this. We enjoy, we feast on his love for us. We look at his love for us, amen? Where do we look at it? At the cross. We read the Scriptures, we see the cross, and the Holy Spirit paints the "hazon" vision in our hearts and lives, amen, and then we see more and more what happened at the cross, and we see it's all because he loved us. He didn't have to go to the cross. He's perfect. He knew no sin. He didn't know sin. In him is no sin, but he became sin.

And for a Holy God to become sin, even the anticipation of him becoming sin, all right, caused a shudder to go through his very being that he sweat blood in the Garden of Gethsemane, just the anticipation of being at the cross, becoming sin, caused him to sweat blood, which medical science says only in very extreme cases will the little capillaries burst, and the sweat and the blood mingles, and you sweat blood, amen? Of course, the truth of it is that, you know what? Beginning in the Garden was finished. What began in the Garden of Eden was finished in this garden as well. Praise the Lord, and in that garden, the curse of God came, and God says to Adam, "By the sweat of your face, you will eat bread. It won't be easy for you to have the necessities of life come to you".

You gotta work for it. You gotta work for it. You gotta sweat for it, amen, but in the Garden of Gethsemane, when Jesus's blood, which has redeeming quality, when his blood mingled with sweat, he redeemed you and I from the curse of sweat, hallelujah, the curse of human, laborious toil, amen. Praise the Lord, hallelujah. It doesn't mean we don't work, but we work to enjoy, amen? Make sure that you are in a job where you are there because the Lord tells you to be there, and you're enjoying your job. We're not toiling to get money, amen. We're not working, you know, in a laborious, painful toil to get money, amen, because that is the curse, and Christ redeemed us from the curse of sweat, hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

A portion of the breast belonging to Aaron also means that Jesus's food is his love for us. He feasts on his love for us. He enjoys loving us. In other words, whenever he loves you, it's a feast for him. Whenever you allow him to love you, it's a feast for him, amen? His food is, just like the woman at the well, remember Jesus started tired? It was a long, long, trip, amen, and he must needs to go through Samaria. Notice the phrase, "He must needs," "He must", that "must" is a must of divine necessity. He didn't have to go through, amen, but "he must needs" because of that woman, amen? He came all the way for her, and he was tired.

As a man, he was tired. Don't forget, he was fully man as well. And fully God, fully man, but as a man, he was tired. He sat on the well, and his disciples went to buy food from a nearby village, and he talked to the woman, and in a short time he ministered to her. He asked for water that he never received initially. He gave her water, living waters, eternal waters that she never even asked, amen? And as he ministered to her, as she allowed him to love on her, as she allowed him to unveil himself to her, in fact, that woman in the Bible, in the gospel of John was the first one to hear that Jesus is the Christ. She said that "When the Messiah comes, when the Christ comes, amen, he will tell us all things". Jesus looked at her and says, "I, who speak unto you, I am he," amen?

See, the woman just took from him. The woman just enjoyed, amen, his ministry, and even tired as he was, he was blessing that woman. He was giving to that woman. By the time the disciples came, right, and wanting to give him the food, there was an obvious change because they said to one another, "Has someone given him food"? Jesus says, "My food is to do the will of him that sent me". He looked refreshed. When they left him, he looked tired, but now he looks refreshed, and they said, "Did someone give him food"? Amen, friend, his food is to love you, amen? If you allow him to love you, that's his food. He enjoys it. So the breast is the portion of Aaron's, amen, and his sons, hallelujah. I pray that has blessed you. It surely blessed me, hallelujah.

In fact, back to this again, when Jesus was sitting on the well, it's a prophecy of Jacob, where he says that "Joseph is a fruitful bough, whose branches reach over the wall". The idea, the wall is always, back then, to separate the Jew from the Gentile. Don't forget, the Samaritan woman is a Gentile, and even though he's tired, amen, this heavenly Joseph, his reach was over the wall, amen. He was a fruitful bough. Though tired, he was fruitful. Praise the Lord, amen, and he reach out and got that woman saved. And through her, not just her, through her, he got the entire village of Samaria there saved. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus, amen, amen, amen. So the first thing, "haza," that God wants us to see is exactly the same words, "chazeh", right, which is the breast of the animal sacrifice. And where do we see his love? At the cross.

Friend, at the cross, righteousness and peace met. Justice. You can say righteousness is like justice, right? And peace met. Mercy and truth met. You see, God, being God, God is holy, and we don't want God to compromise his holiness. We wanna worship a truly holy God, and he is holy. Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty. Because God is holy, he has to punish sin, amen, but God loves the sinner. God has to punish sin, but God loves the sinner. How can God reconcile this? Amen? God doesn't want to destroy the sinner. Under the law, they destroy, you know, when Moses saw the golden calf, all right, all those that worshiped the golden calf were destroyed with the golden calf when he came down the mountain. Well, when Jesus came down another mountain, he saw that boy that was possessed with a devil. All right, he didn't destroy the boy with the devil, amen? He cast the devil out. He judged the devil and loved the boy, set the boy free, amen? Only grace can do that, hallelujah. Praise the name of Jesus.

So how can God save sinful man? How can God allow, a thrice holy God, allow sinful man to come into his presence, amen, without compromising his righteousness and holiness? The cross of Jesus Christ, amen. At the cross, the sins of man were borne by the sinless one, amen, he knew no sin, amen. He took our sin at the cross, right? And, on the other hand, what about the love of God? If God just say, "Everybody," you know, "can go to heaven," right, "and everybody don't have to change your life, and you don't have to leave your sin; you can just go to heaven," then where is the holiness? Where is the righteousness of God that causes the entire universe to work in unison and in harmony? All the disharmony today is because the earth is out of whack, amen? And the earth is groaning for the manifestation, the sons of God.

So we see that God cannot compromise either his love or his holiness. If God says, "Yes, man cannot come in," "Man will die," "I will just wipe man out and build a new species of beings," amen, God could've done that, amen? But instead of that, amen, we can also say, "If God does that, where is his love, right"? "If God just give full vent to his righteousness and holiness, where is the love"? But here, at the cross, both righteousness and peace met at the cross. When Jesus hung on the cross, the sinless one bore our sins. And because the Holy One bore our sins at the cross, he who knew no sin was made sin for us so that we, who knew no righteousness, was made to be the righteousness of God in him. My friend, there you see the love of God because it's not you and I hanging on that cross. It is Jesus, God's beloved Son, the one that God opened the heavens to, and God says, "You are my beloved Son. In you, I am well-pleased," amen.

And, you know, at the cross, friend, he bore your sins and my sins, and not only that, Isaiah says, "Surely," you know, "he bore our sins and our transgressions, but also, himself took our infirmities and bear our sicknesses," amen, amen. He has borne our "kholee" and "makov," which is our Hebrew words for "sickness" and "disease," "pain". Friend, he bore it at the cross, amen, all our sins, all our diseases, amen. You know why? Because he loved you. He loved you. Now, just feast on that. Feast on that, amen. Yes, you know you have sinned. I know I have sinned, amen, but he died for our sin. "Christ died for our sins," amen, the Bible says, "while we were yet sinners". We didn't care about God. We were breaking his laws. We were going our own ways. God loved us, amen. I love the way the Bible says, "Having loved his own in the world, he loved them unto the end".

Many a times, we are not sure, even in a marriage situation, right? There are people who are not sure. I'm sure, but I'm saying that there are people, and it's well known there are people who are not sure about their marriage because they're marrying a fallible human, amen? "I know you loved me in the past. Will you love me in the future, to the end"? Well, the Bible says, "Jesus, having loved," past tense, "his own in the world, he loved them to the end". Hallelujah, you can rest be assured that tomorrow, when we wake up, his love is still shining on you. He loves you. Now, the Bible says it like this: "If God spared not his own Son, but gave him up for us all, how will he not with him also freely give us all things," amen? Praise the Lord.

Yeah, if God withholds something when God gave us his best, his Son, God is saying that this thing that he withholds is greater than his Son because he was willing to give up his Son. If God withhold healing from you when he gave up his Son, then God is saying healing is more important to him, more valuable? No friend, how will he not with him also freely, freely give us all things? You don't have to earn it. You only have to receive it because it's given freely with Jesus. That's why I say, when you have Jesus, you have everything. Everything. Amen, amen, praise the Lord.

Well, I pray that this has blessed you, hallelujah. I pray that you will also apply the principles like Jesus. He operated like this: He says, "The Son can do nothing except what he sees the Father do". He live by the "hazon" vision. That's how you walk in the Spirit, amen? And watch out that you don't allow movies, you know, that sometimes, you know, movies talk, they give you all the blood and the gore and all the symptoms of diseases, and you see this person dying of this disease, and you're very conscious of all these things. Your consciousness is painting the picture of sickness, sickness, sickness, sickness in your body. You know, you see all kind of immorality and people not married sleeping together, and all that, and it becomes "normal". You're conscious of that, and then your morals break down, and this is what you see. Watch out. Guard your heart. "Above all things, guard your heart, for out of it are the issues of life". Guard your heart, amen?

Jesus says, "A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth", when you "bring forth," means it "manifests outside," brings forth good things, amen, "an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil things". Do not be influenced by all the evils in this world, amen. You are in the world, but you're not of the world, amen. Don't allow yourself to be, you know, looking at juicy gossip, amen. You know, "Oh, this guy fell. Oh, that guy fell. I wanna see what other people are saying. I wanna see, I wanna see. You know, I wanna see these things". Every time, you're giving them a view, you're actually increasing their influence. Friend, just say, "No," to all this. "Blessed is the man," Psalms 1, "Blessed is the man who sits not in the seat of the scornful".

We've got a lot of scornful people nowadays. Yes, a lot of people scorning, mocking. "Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in his law doth he meditate day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water". Instead, put faith pictures in your heart. If you're believing God for a baby, buy baby clothes. Put them somewhere prominent. You can see them. "Thank you, I see my baby". You can do like me, amen. Every night, just take that bold step and walk around in the room, sing to the Lord, and "Thank you for my baby," hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

You know, don't tell people about this. You know, they might think you are crazy any more than they think of Abraham, and Abraham introduce himself and says, "I'm father of many," and to Sarah, they had not even a child. Friend, the world will never understand the ways of faith, but keep on seeing, amen? Keep on receiving. Keep on getting blessed, for one day, the Bible says, "Thy profiting will appear to all," and Jesus will receive all the praise and the glory, amen? Praise the name of Jesus.

If you have never made Jesus your personal Savior and Lord, I would like to help you pray to receive Jesus right now. And, friend, you have heard the Gospel just now, how on that cross Jesus gave his life for us. He had to die. There's no other way to forgive sins. God cannot compromise his holiness by just saying, "Boys will be boys," and sweep all our sins under the carpet. No, without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins, and Christ did just that at the cross. So, friend, all God is saying to you is "Come back home. Come back home". It is God who gave us his Son because he loved you, amen? If that is you right now, you're wanna put your trust in Christ, amen, pray this prayer with me right now. Say:

Heavenly Father, I thank you that you gave your Son Jesus Christ to die on that cross for my sins. I thank you that you raised him from the dead when I was acquitted in him. Thank you, Father, that Jesus Christ is my Lord and my Savior. From now on, Father, I fully expect to get to know Jesus more and more and to see his love for me, in Jesus's name, amen.

Friend, if you prayed that prayer, you are now a child of God. The Bible says, "If anyone is in Christ, he's a new creation. Old things, all the old things in your inward life is all passed away, amen. All things inside you now are become new," amen? And it can also affect your health on the outside. Praise the Lord. I wanna pray for all those of you, you are suffering in some way. You have been given a bad diagnosis from the doctor, or you're on medication.

I see someone who just found out about his heart, that there are a few blockages in his heart, and I see you morose and depressed and downcast. And, friend, the good news is that God is clearing up all those valves. God is clearing up all those blockages, amen, amen, and you're feeling, like, a surge of strength come into you, amen. It's a sign. Now go back to the doctor. Don't just take this and just not go back to the doctor, but go back to the doctor. Have him verify, and please write to us when that happens, praise the Lord, amen, when you get a clear result, amen, from the doctor because I see you completely healed, completely healed. This is what the Lord is showing. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

All kinds of heart ailments. Praise the Lord. I hear the word "murmuring of the heart. Murmuring of the heart," amen, and God is saying he's healing that. He's healing that. I see the word "arrhythmia". Arrhythmia. He's healing that in people that are watching right now, in Jesus's name. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

High blood pressure, he's healing that. He's healing that right now, in Jesus's name.

There's someone that's watching right now. It's a man, and you have an overt fear, an inordinate fear of having a stroke, for some reason, and this fear sort of controlled you, you know, throughout your day, and God wants to set you free, in Jesus's name. Be free, my friend, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, right now, in Jesus's name, amen, amen, amen. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Now lift your hands all across this place, wherever you are. Okay, I'm gonna pray for those of you who need healing, amen. Now listen carefully, amen. It's important you apply what you have learned, amen, praise the Lord, because these are all part of the principles of faith, God's currency, amen? Show God your faith, amen. Give God your faith, amen. Faith honors God, and God honors faith, amen. So see yourself well. See yourself strong. See yourself bursting with energy, with divine life, amen? Maybe like a picture, you see yourself like a tree planted, green always. There's not a single leaf that is brown. Or you can see yourself like light shining through every cell of your being, and start thanking the Lord that by his stripes you are healed, okay?

Now, without the cross, it just becomes a New Age kind of, like, you know, gimmick, but I'm telling you, the principles of faith work via the cross of Jesus Christ, amen? And now use your words, the principle of faith, having the same spirit of faith, amen? And start saying from now on, "By his stripes, I am healed. Lord Jesus, you are my healer, and you've set me free. Your law of the spirit of life has set me free from the law of sin and death". How do you think the law of sin and death operates? And one manifestation of that is sickness, disease, amen? But the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death, amen? Praise the Lord. Father, in Jesus's name... just place your hand on the afflicted area right now.

Father, in Jesus's name, I rebuke every sickness and disease under the sound of my voice, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, by the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus, set your people free from this ailment in their body, from this disease that is raging in their body right now, in Jesus's name. It comes to an end in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen. I command the foul spirits of infirmity afflicting you right now to loose your bodies and let you go in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen, amen, amen.

I literally see, like, angels pouring golden oil over you, my friend, and you're feeling, like, like, warm, gooey liquid honey all over you. That is a manifestation right now. If that is you, you are healed. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus, amen, amen, amen. Stand to your feet, friends. I wanna pray a blessing over all of you. Again, we don't say this to sooth. We say this because we believe God will take our words, amen, and weak as we are, amen. You know, we are not perfect yet until we see Jesus face-to-face, but weak as we are, God will take the little that we have and, with his blessing, make us rich, amen. Praise the Lord.

This coming week, this coming week, the Lord bless you and your families, amen, with divine favor, with shalom peace, with divine protection from the COVID-19 virus, with divine protection from every sickness, with divine protection from harm, accidents, dangers from all the powers of darkness in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord favors you. He smiles on you. He imparts "hazon" visions into your heart and mind. The spirit of wisdom and revelation operates mightily in you. You are someone like Joseph of whom others will say, "Who can find such a man, such a woman, in whom the Spirit of God is? Who can find such a wise and understanding person"? It shall be said of you in Jesus's name. In Jesus's name, I bless you, amen, amen. Praise the Lord.

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