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2021 online sermons » Joseph Prince » Joseph Prince - What It Means To Fall From Grace

Joseph Prince - What It Means To Fall From Grace

Joseph Prince - What It Means To Fall From Grace
Joseph Prince - What It Means To Fall From Grace

Greetings, church. Praise the name of Jesus. Trust you're all doing well, prospering in your souls, and I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health, even as your souls prosper, amen? The same prayer that John prayed for Gaius in the Scriptures, I pray for you and for your loved ones, hallelujah. Last week, we talked about Isaac and Ishmael, Joseph and his brothers. We talked about the fact that they were all born of the same father but not the same mother and how those who are actually born of bondwomen, they were considered as children of the law. And then the children of the law will persecute children of grace, born of the true wife of Abraham, just like Joseph and Benjamin were born of the same woman, all right, but they shared the same father with all the other brothers who were born of the slave girls.

Okay, so likewise God is giving us a picture, albeit it's a picture of our days, amen. The Bible says it this way. "All these things were written". All these things in the Old Testament, they were written for our learning, amen? They are topos in the Greek. The word there is types. They are actually, God hides all these types in types and shadows in the Old Testament. God talks about our days. Even today in the days we live in, it's all there in the book of Genesis, especially, and we are seeing like Joseph feeding the world with bread. Our heavenly Joseph is doing that right now. At this time, he's awaiting the Benjamin generation to arise, for there'll be no more bread until Benjamin stands before him. And then the Benjamin generation will receive five times more bread, amen, and five changes of garments.

And I shared all that last week. What an exciting time, amen? We are truly the Benjamin generation, amen. I want to take one step further today, as we approach the Scriptures. In the very next chapter, actually we finished chapter 4 of Galatians. Now we're coming to chapter 5. There's something that God has for us. Because once we are established in that, the Bible says, "Cast out the bondwoman and her son, for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the free woman". Then it says that we are children of the promise, the free woman, not children of the bondwoman like Ishmael. Then the very next verse says, "Stand fast therefore".

Notice the "therefore" is there. If the "therefore" is in the Scriptures, always find out the preceding verses, what has transpired, because the law, when the law has been cast out, Mount Sinai and all its systems have been cut out. We are no more under the law. We are now under the free woman. We are under promise. We are under the grace of God, hallelujah. So the Bible says, "Stand fast, therefore. In light of all that, stand fast in the liberty by which Christ has made us free". Notice this liberty is a liberty from the law. It is liberty from the law. It doesn't mean liberty from the law. It means liberty to sin. Now, don't read into that. And only when you're free from the law can you walk holy. Only when you're free from the law can you walk worthy of the Lord, amen, of your high calling. Praise the Lord.

When you are dead to the law, you are married to Jesus Christ. Amen. You're not having this liberty from the law to have a liberty in licentiousness. No, of course not, amen. The Bible doesn't teach that. The Bible says we are free from the law, that we might be married to Jesus Christ, and the Lord lifts us and produce in us a holiness that is heavenly, a morality that is excellent, that the law can never produce. Okay, so "Stand fast in the liberty by which Christ has made you free and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage". The yoke of bondage there is not sin. The yoke of bondage there in the context is the law. Be not entangled again with a yoke of bondage. Then as you keep on reading, it says this. "Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; you are fallen from grace".

Now, this is chapter 5. In light of what you have learned about Isaac, and Ishmael, Sarah, and Hagar, Mount Sinai, and Mount Zion, he tells us, "Stand fast in this freedom and be not entangled with a yoke of bondage". Then he tells us, "Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are," sinning? No. That's what we have taught in the church, that if you are sinning, okay, if you have sin in your life, Christ becomes of no effect. We are all against sin. I am against sin, okay? I am for the greatest good of man, amen? And the greatest good of man is to have Christ in his life, amen. But the verse here doesn't say that. The verse says "Christ becomes of no effect," when? "Whosoever of you are justified by the law". Christ becomes of no effect. So, notice Christ becomes of no effect to anyone who is trying to be justified by the law. You know what's happened to them? "You are fallen from grace". Who are those, you there? "Whosoever of you are justified by the law, you are fallen from grace".

Fallen means grace is high ground for you to fall from. If you fall from, that means grace is higher than the law. When you go back to the law, the Bible says you are actually fallen from grace. You are fallen from God's favor, amen? Notice you're not trying to avoid sin, then you fall. No, no, you are trying to keep the law to be righteous when you fall from grace. Okay, it says very clearly the "you" there, "You are fallen from grace, whosoever of you are justified by the law". And this "you" is the same "you," Christ becomes of no effect to whom? To the "you" who is trying to be justified by the law. Now, this is terrible. When Christ becomes of no effect, you know, many of us, right now, we want Christ to be of effect in some areas in our lives, I'm sure, amen, that you are struggling with some areas in your life that you want to see a manifestation of God's healing, perhaps. You want to see a manifestation of God's provision in that area, a manifestation of the liberty that God promised, amen, from addictions. Where the Son sets you free, you are free indeed. We don't get bound by any addiction, amen? We are bondslave to one, Jesus Christ, that's all, amen, praise the Lord.

So, maybe you are waiting for Christ to become of effect in these areas, and you find that, you do not know of any known sin in your life. You know, you're praying as much as you can, and you're trusting God, right, the way you think of this. But perhaps in your heart of hearts, you are trying to earn, amen, your miracle. You are trying to earn your healing. You are trying to earn your deliverance. And as such, it has no effect. Why? Because you are trying to be justified by the law, amen? You see the law as a means to go through before you can reach Christ. In other words, I have to keep the law before Christ becomes of effect. That mentality is what causes you to fall from grace. It causes Christ to become of no effect unto you.

You know, if you are sick, you want Christ to become of effect. When Christ becomes of effect to you that are sick, what's the effect? Health, wholeness, amen? As he was in all the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, as we read all the miracle stories, the healings, amen. Those people that touched him, Christ was of effect to them. Amen. And they were sinners. Many of them were what we call overt sinners, amen. They were sinning for all to see, amen, and these are the people who could reach out, touch Jesus and receive. So, obviously, sin doesn't cause Christ to become of no effect. In fact, Jesus said it like this. "Those who are well don't need a doctor. It is those who are sick that needs a doctor". Isn't that beautiful?

They all are, you know, he was talking to the Pharisees, who were judging him and saying that he eats with sinners. And Jesus says, "I come to call those who are sinners, not the righteous, unto repentance". And there's no righteous when Jesus came. The Pharisees think they are righteous, and Jesus is saying that, you know, in a way, to sort of like convict their hearts to see that it is those who are sick that needs a doctor. He belonged among the sinners, amen. It is those who are sick that needs the healer, amen. If you think you are well, you don't need a doctor, right, amen? Jesus says, "Those that are sick, they need a physician". Amen. And they were silenced when he said that. So, friend, there's sinners that reach out. Those sinners who were sick, when they reach out to touch Jesus, Christ was of effect unto them.

Now, that's the gospel. We must always stay true to the Scriptures and to what the Scriptures declare. We cannot let manmade ideas about Christian life even come into the picture. For example, an idea that says unless you are holy, you cannot be healed. You know, you must search for every known sin in your life before God can heal you. You know, what a terrible thing to say to someone who is struggling with a child that has a disease, that is dying in the hospital, to say that, you know, perhaps there's some sin in your life, and the person will be condemned. The person feels responsible for her child's disease, and you have just laid upon her a burden that no human should ever be under. You know, the Bible says Jesus said to the Pharisees, "You lay heavy burdens on people, and you don't lift a finger to help them". So then Jesus says, "Come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I'll give you rest".

Friend, if you are lacking, if you are struggling with provision to provide for your family, you want Christ to be of effect to you, just like he was to the multitudes that were lacking bread and fish, right, in the mountainside. The Bible says Jesus took the lack, the five loaves and two small fish, and the Bible says he thanked the Father for it, and it multiplied to feed 5,000 men, plus women and children, probably 15,000. And on the countryside with 12 baskets full left over. Christ was of effect to them. You know, if you are struggling with depression or panic attacks, anxiety, you don't even want to leave your house. You're afraid. You're afraid to face the day. You're afraid of the coming day. You're afraid of the nighttime. You're afraid of the terrors of the night. Whatever fears or anxiety, fear of losing your health, fear of losing your income, to be able to provide for your family. Whatever fears you may have, you want Christ to be of effect to your mind, and the effect is shalom.

"Thou will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee". We all want Christ to be of effect to us. But the question is this. When Christ becomes of no effect, what is the reason? And the reason given by Scripture is because "whoever of you are justified by the law; Christ becomes of no effect unto you". Christ becomes of no effect. The word there is katargeó in the Greek, no effect. And katargeó means Christ is still there, but no more power, amen, as far as you are concerned. He has all the power; but as far as you are concerned, not a trickle of his power flows into your life, amen. The same word is used in Hebrews chapter 2, verse 14. It says that Jesus, through death, destroyed the devil, him that had the power of death, amen?

So, the word destroy there is katargeó, the same word used here, but the word means... see, destroy doesn't mean he put the devil out of existence. The devil is still around, but he has no more power to execute death in your life. But Jesus katargeó him in terms of removing that power from him. He is of no effect in terms of trying to effect death in your life. He had the power of death. He no longer does. Jesus has the power, amen? All power, in fact, in heaven and on earth, praise God. So, as we look at this Scripture, Christ becomes of no effect unto you. We see that the first thing that happens is that they fall from grace. They fall from grace means... everything that we receive from God is by grace, amen? Even healing is a grace, amen. Salvation is a grace. Praise the Lord. Grace means unearned, undeserved, unmerited favor. So we know that everything we receive from God is by grace, amen.


Amen, that's graced, unearned, undeserved, amen, by us, but freely given by God. It does not mean it is cheap, amen? It cost God his Son. It cost Jesus His own life, that he had to lay down at the cross to save all of us, amen? But it's, as far as we are concerned, we must receive it freely, amen. And that's sort of like deals a death blow to our pride to receive something freely. We all want to earn something. Tell me how much do you get this for? This is so expensive a gift. No, I must pay for it. I must pay for it. And you just robbed your friend of the pleasure. Your friend said it is a gift. A gift is to be received. And all you've gotta do is just say, "Well, thank you," amen? And that gives pleasure to your friend who bought the gift. And your friend may have sacrificed, amen, some extra work or some overtime work to get that extra money to buy you that expensive gift. But if he tells you it's a gift, stop saying that, "No, I must pay you for this. No, I need to, I need to".

And some people even insist to the point it robs the giver of the joy. I've seen that happen, okay? So, it kills our pride, amen, to receive things freely. It tells us that no amount of our effort, no amount of trying to deserve it can bring these blessings, amen, into our lives. But God wants us to always be beneficiaries, so that we always be grateful to him. We always worship him, that our song, and our theme song in heaven will be, "Worthy is the Lamb, amen, to receive everything, all the riches, all the glory, all the honor, all the power, amen". And that's a song that we'll sing in heaven. "Worthy is the Lamb". We're not going to heaven and say, "Worthy is the Lamb," and then through the side of our mouth, "and me". Softly, "And me". We have a part to play. That's what we were saying, you know, we think that we have a part to play. No, friend, we have no part to play, but our part, so to speak, is to just to be a beneficiary to receive, amen, a depository of all the goodness, of all the blessings, and of all the gifts, and all the graces that God has for us. Hallelujah, what a wonderful life, amen.

Once you know that, it's hard to worry and be fearful. You can only fear and worry when you think that you are without, someone caring for you, someone greater, someone with the power, not watching over you. You feel severed from Christ. In fact, in the ESV, it says this like this. "You are severed from Christ, you who would be justified by the law; you have fallen away from grace". You are severed from Christ. Do you know when Jesus says, "Abide in me, and I in you," even as like, he says, "I am the true vine, and you are the branches". He did not say, "Try to be a branch, struggle to be a branch". Have you ever seen a branch try to struggle to produce fruit? Never, right? With the right environment, and the environment must be the love of God, and the animals feel the love of God. With the right soil, amen, the soil is fertile soil. The Bible says, "Grow in grace". Your foundation, your growth comes from the soil. That's grace.

"Grow in grace". That's the only way to grow, people, amen? "Grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ". Amen. And with the sunlight, the sunlight is the beams of his grace and his goodness upon us. Amen? We'll produce fruit. That's how these grapes come on the branches. It's not by magic. And the branch don't have to squeeze, squeeze the sap into it. But just a little more, then a little, a small grape comes up. Amen. Gotta squeeze again. I've gotta do my best. Do you see grapes doing that, any vine doing that? Amen? No, the vine tree just relax, as long as it's in the right ground, in the right atmosphere, amen, amen, the fat will flow. In fact, the less it struggles, you know, when you struggle, it's like the constriction on your arm, the blood cannot flow. So, like, why, if you're struggling, the sap cannot flow to produce the fruit. Everything depends on the sap. So, Jesus says, the Bible says you are severed. It's almost like you are cut off from Christ.

Now, this is not a verse to take and tell believers, "There, you can lose your salvation". No, it's saying that momentary, as long as you're trying to be justified by the law, you are fallen from grace. At that moment, Christ becomes of no effect. You may be struggling with a sickness. You just went to the doctor and now you are trying to, you know, "I must get rid of this thing. I must get rid of that thing. I'm praying. I must pray extra. I must do this". No, many of these things that we do is not wrong, amen? But you don't pray to get something from God. You pray because you know you are righteous and you know that God is so close to you, amen, and you thank God, and you praise God, and you ask him for what you need in your life, not in a desperate, kind of "he's far away, and I have to do it right". Amen.

Again, trying to keep the law to be close to Christ. But how many believers, even church people, have this mentality? And that's why they are angry with the gospel of grace, or they call it the message of grace. They will say that these people are just saying that, you know, they are hyper grace people, because we depend entirely on grace, which we should, amen. And they're not talking about their part at all. No, our part is to acknowledge that we have to rest like the branch has to rest, and then the sap can flow to produce fruit, more fruit, and much fruit. Hallelujah, praise the name of Jesus, amen?

Look at the Conybeare translation. "If you rest your righteousness on the Law, you are cut off from Christ".

Wow, look at Moffatt's translation. "You are for justification by the Law? Then you are done with Christ. You have deserted grace".

Look at the Goodspeed translation. "You people who propose to be made upright by law have finished with Christ. You have lost your hold upon God's favor". How many ways to say it?

I like the way J.B. Phillips, I like J.B. Phillips translation. "If you try to be justified by the Law you automatically cut yourself off from the power of Christ, you put yourself outside the range of his grace".

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, you don't want to be outside the range of his grace. You don't want to desert grace. You don't want to be fallen from grace, which is your high ground. Amen, amen, amen. You see, contrary to popular opinion, people don't fall from grace because they sin. There was a movie out last time talking about a pastor who ran away with his secretary, and they call it "Fallen from Grace". Okay? And that shows you the mentality of the world.

Now, I understand when the world translates like that, but the church should not translate like that. Fallen from grace is not going to sin. In fact, long before someone falls into sin, they fall from grace, amen. Look at Israel at the foot of Mount Sinai. Long before there was a golden calf... in fact, there was no idea for a golden calf. When God brought them out from Egypt, it was through the blood of the Lamb. It was not through the Ten Commandments, because it was not yet given, right? So, God brought them to the Red Sea, amen, no temptation to build a golden calf. God brought them through the bitter waters of Marah, no temptation to build a golden calf, right? Now, they had the gold already. Remember the night of the Passover, the Egyptians gave them all their back pay, right, the gold and the silver. They came out not two or three million slaves, but two or three million ex-slaves, amen, came out into freedom, amen, carrying gold and silver. But there's no temptation to build a golden calf.

By the foot of Mount Sinai, something happened. God said, "I've brought you out," in chapter 19. Chapter 20 of Exodus, he gives the Ten Commandments. In chapter 19, God says to them, "I have brought you out, that I might make you into a kingdom of priests," all right, "to be a peculiar treasure, a special treasure unto me, a kingdom of priests". That's what we all are today, through Christ, kings and priests, a royal priesthood. And the Lord says to bring you into a holy priesthood. Only you have to be a holy priesthood. And do you know what they did? They said, "All that the Lord says, all that God says", Kol asher debar adonai na'aseh. That's a very strong affirmation in Hebrew. "All that God says, we can do it. We will do it. Na'aseh, we will do it".

Now, God has not even given them the Ten Commandments, but they boastfully, in a self-righteous way, blind to who they really are, sinners, in their flesh dwells no good thing, no ability to keep God's law. But instead they pride themselves, saying, "All," not just a few, "all that God can command us, we will do it. All that God says, we will, we can do it". And then God gave them the Ten Commandments. No, immediately, in fact, after they said that, read in Exodus 19. God said to Moses, "Tell the people don't come near. Even if an animal touches Mount Sinai, it will be speared to death, not a single person or animal will come near Mount Sinai". God never had that tone with them, "Don't come near". When God came to them, you know, the Passover night, he was so close to them, guarding them.

In fact, the word Pesach, Passover is a picture like God, the Lord guarding the doorposts. Amen. He was close to them. When he came up with them, he came out in a pillar of fire, amen? It was a pillar of fire that brought them to the Red Sea, that defended them from... in fact, it held back Pharaoh's army, while they go through the Red Sea. It was a pillar of fire, amen, and the pillar of fire from the front went to the back to protect their rear end, amen, and from the enemies. But as far as the enemies are concerned, the Bible says it was darkness to them. Fire for the people of God to see the way, but darkness to them. And then after that, it went to the front again. In the daytime, he led them in a pillar of cloud.

So we think that in the Middle East, you know, the daytime is so hot, you know, how they traveled out there in the wilderness, but actually God was spreading out. In the pillar of cloud, he spread out a cloud. It was such a wonderful, it was like air conditioning, amen. And that's how they were. God was so close to them. He never had the language of "Don't come near". It only came at Mount Sinai, right after they says, "All that God says, we can do it. We will do it". God says, "Don't come near". Moses, tell them, "Don't come near". And the very next chapter, in Exodus 20, God gave them the Ten Commandments. Why? Man has presumed on his own abilities, on his own strength, which he has none. And the Ten Commandments presume on your strength. You shall not, you shall not, you shall not. And that's why the Bible says the law is not made for the righteous. Paul says the law is made for the unrighteous. It's dealing with natural man. It's not dealing with children of God. Amen.

Does that mean that we live immoral lives? Does that mean that we commit adultery, tell lies and murder? No. A thousand times, no. Of course not. People don't realize that. You know, trying to keep the law, the danger is the more you try to keep the law, you activate your flesh, and then you end up doing the opposite of what you intended to do when you first started to want to keep the law. I hope you got that. I know I said that real quick. The moment you attempt to try to keep the law, you're presuming on your strength. So the moment you presume on your own strength, your own ability to keep it, you activate your flesh. The strength of sin is the law. The more you activate your flesh, guess what? It produce all the works of the flesh. You can read about it in Galatians chapter 5. But when you are in grace, you activate the Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit.

Again, in Galatians 5. It's all listed there, comes forth. Works of the flesh; fruit of the Spirit. Works of the flesh; fruit. What is the difference? Works is because of effort. Fruit is the result of life. Sap. Sap flowing, fruit. Life flowing. Amen. It's not by our effort. But the devil will come. He's never more subtle than when he comes as a religious spirit, and he will sort of give you the impression that you are not altogether there, that you're not right with God. And before you can receive God's blessing on your life, your family, your church, your ministry, amen, your career, whatever it is, all right, before you can receive all that, you have to keep the law. The moment he knows that you try to keep the law, he's got you.

So let's look at Israel. Is that true? So Israel says, "All that God says to us, we will do it. Na'aseh, we can do it. We can do it". What's the next thing to happen? They activated their flesh and now the temptation. The first commandment came, "You shall have no other gods before me". And in within the commandment, it says, "You shall not make any graven image". Amen. God says, "Don't make any graven image". Right, that's within the first commandment. "You shall have no other God". And what's the first thing they did? A golden calf. Mind you, there was no temptation. Friend, do you see that? Do you see that? So what happened to Israel? First, they fell from grace. Christ becomes of no effect unto them. Grace becomes of no effect unto them. Because Christ is holiness, holiness becomes of no effect to them. Amen?

"Christ is our sanctification," the Bible says. Christ is our wisdom. Christ is our righteousness. Christ is our sanctification. That's the word for holiness. And Christ is our redemption, but Christ, and all that is of Christ, sanctification, redemption, all becomes of no effects. Wisdom becomes no effect. They are foolish, but there's no wisdom to replace that foolishness. It's of no effect to them. They fell from grace long before the golden calf came. Can you see that, my friend? We are using our diagnostic kit, the Scriptures, and to look at the sequence of how temptation comes around. Amen. You know, people commit adultery, you know, with maybe a colleague at work and all that. They never start out, never start out to like, "Oh yes, I'm going to commit adultery". That is blatant.

And there are people like that, yes, all right, but many of them, they have a "No, I can handle this. I can handle this". They presume on their strength. "I can handle this. I can handle this colleague". "Yes, she's kind of cute and, you know, I like being in her presence and all that, but I can handle this". No, you can't, my friend. And they are people who will say, "You know, I can't send this lady home. I know it's quite late and all that, but you know, we just had a great time in our care group, in our praying together. You know, we are on a spiritual mood and all that. And I don't want to grab or grab something, you know, and go somewhere by herself. I think I trust myself to take her home," amen, or "I trust myself to counsel this lady behind closed doors. I have no intension". That's how it all starts, my friend, trusting in the flesh.

Paul says, "Put no confidence in the flesh". When I talk about not trying to keep the law, I'm actually talking about promoting holiness and moral excellence in the life of believers, amen. But the only way from here to there, amen, is not through the law but through the grace of God. Amen. I hope you see the snapshot, amen. So this is a very serious thing, to fall from grace. Look at this phrase, "You are fallen from grace. You are fallen from grace". Now, this is a very serious thing. When you have fallen from grace, it is then that you actually fall into sin. So you fall from grace first because grace is what keeps you from sin. But if you have fallen from grace, now you are left to yourself, to fend yourself, to deliver yourself, to heal yourself. Notice that?

If grace is everything that we receive from God, then being fallen from grace means you are fallen from the favor of God. There's no favor of God flowing in your lives. You have fallen. If grace is God giving to us, and that's how you define grace also, its supply, amen. Law is man working. Grace is God's supply. That's one way to think of grace as well, and it's very scriptural. Law is man working. Grace is God working, God supplying. Amen. So if I'm under grace and not under law, I'm not under man working. I'm under God's supplying. Oh, hallelujah, and I receive that supply. Even right now, as I'm preaching, I'm receiving the supply. And sometime, the supply gets so good; I just want to go for another hour. No, I'm just joking, okay, so don't worry. Praise God. Now, to be supply-minded that is grace, but if you have fallen from grace, guess what? You're left to supply yourself. You're left to your own strength, your own abilities, and it's all limited, my friend.

So that happened to a man called Esau, Jacob's son. And we see this in Hebrews chapter 12. Hebrews chapter 12 says, "Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord". Now, notice this, with people, pursue peace. Holiness with the Lord. "Looking carefully, lest anyone fall short of the grace of God". Now, what must we look carefully for? "Looking carefully, lest anyone fall short of the grace of God". Interesting, isn't it? We just read about falling from grace. Here it says, "Look out carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God. Lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble".

So the opposite of peace with all people is what? You are bitter. When you are bitter, usually its with people, amen. This bitterness, this resentment in your hearts. This unforgiveness, amen, this fault finding that you have in your heart is always towards people. So notice, if you fall short of the grace of God, what's going to happen? Root of bitterness, which is opposite of pursuing peace with all people. "Lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this, many become defiled". It's so true. Those that are bitter people cause other people to become bitter. They spread poison with their words, with their spirit, with their... you know, just their very presence sometimes. You know, they show that they're not happy with things and all of that, and it can spread. That kind of spirit can just spread, and many become defiled. "Lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau, who for one morsel of food sold his birthright".

So now we have fornicator. That's sexual immorality which is the opposite of holiness. Let me show you this diagram. Perhaps it can help you understand, all right? Now, we all want peace with all people, and the Bible says, "We are to pursue peace with all people". And we all want holiness. Can I have a good amen? We all want that. So what I'm about to share with you is how to get there, how to have peace with all people and yet have holiness also. Amen. And the Bible says, looking carefully... now what was the opposite of peace with all people we read just now? Bitterness. Amen. Hatred. Bitterness. Resentment. What is the opposite of holiness? Now you should be thinking about sin. We know it's sin, but when we think about sin, the number one sin that comes to people's minds, usually, most people, is sexual immorality. And holiness, what's the opposite? Fornicator or a profane person. Can you see that? And all this because the Bible says, "They have fallen short of the grace of God".

Have you noticed that people that are under law, people that believe in trying to keep the law, trying to be justified by the law, have you noticed they are very bitter people? Have you noticed that? Have you noticed that the Pharisees are very bitter people? They're not happy people. They resent people; they resent others. They would rather save their donkey in a pit on a Sabbath than to allow Jesus to heal someone in their own church, in their own synagogue. You know, they would rather see other people in bondage, and they themselves, you know, they are bitter. They are resentful. You know, people who are under the law are very resentful. Amen. They are resentful, especially towards people of grace. They are very resentful. We learned that last week, didn't we? Amen?

"The child of the law persecute those who are child of grace," amen, and though we share the same heavenly Father. So, we have a situation here that Jesus's greatest problem, if you read the Scriptures carefully, is not from blatant sinners, amen. It's not from the tax collectors, not from the prostitutes, and not even from Pontius Pilate, who is a heathen. In fact, Pilate was the one that said, "Why do you want to crucify him? Why you want me to crucify? I find no fault in him". That's what Pilate said. It was the Pharisees. It was the people who knew the Bible then, the Old Testament back to back. You can't say that there is a known sin in their life. You can't tell. You can't tell. By all outward appearance, they look amazing, right? They look regal in their long robes, and they look august and noble.

But God does not see the way men sees. We look at people who are prostitutes and the tax collectors, you know, as overt sinners. These are really bad, you know, out, man. This is really... you know what? But the way God sees, which is the mother of all the sins, it's self-righteousness. The serpent whispered to Eve, "If you partake of this fruit, you will become," notice, "as gods". Actually, God made them in his image. They were like God. But if you partake, and it's not a tree of sin. It's a tree of knowledge of good and evil. What is that? A picture of the law. The law is the knowledge of good and evil. By the law is the knowledge of sin. And yet, she was trying to become what she already was, and therefore, she fell from grace.

So we see here that even sexual immoralities, people who are religious, very religious. And when I say "Religious," Jesus is not religious at all. Jesus is spiritual. There is a difference, amen. But I'm talking about people who are religious and trying to keep the law to be right with God. Many of them have these secret sins in their backyard. Don't judge and call us hyper-grace and all that, when you, yourself, have secret sins of pornography in your background. No one knows about it.

Ask yourself, if that is true, then ask yourself, "Why did this happen? In all my sincerity in trying to keep the law, why do I still have this bondage"? I'll tell you this, according to the Scripture, you are fallen from grace long before this bondage. This sin becomes so attractive or becomes so strong that you have no power against it because you are fallen from grace. Amen. We have so many testimonies that come into this ministry, and especially in the area of deliverance from pornography. You can read all about it on Okay, you can read about all the testimonies of people who are delivered, especially from pornography, amen, as well as from other sexual deviance and immoralities. Praise the name of Jesus. We have people who are delivered from bondage, of depression, panic attacks, people who are freed from a sinful lifestyle, a defeated lifestyle, people who are lacking being supplied, people who are sick being healed.

Why? Why is that happening? Christ is seemed to be an effect unto them. Because the moment they are in their sin, they say, "Okay, wait a minute, wait a minute, am I my sin? I've just sinned. Am I my sin, or am I the righteousness of God in Christ"? What must I say about my sin? Homologia. Confess with God about your sin. God says your sins are forgiven through the blood of Christ. Say the same thing with God. And then say, "I am the righteousness of God in Christ". Amen. Don't try to become what you already are. Amen. Are you listening? Amen.

Another thing that happens with people that are bound with trying to pursue a performance-centered lifestyle as opposed to restful life, amen, you find them trying to get, you know, gain favor with God, gain favor with people. Even favor with people is also another area where you can fall from grace. Now, we all know that grace is favor. And the Bible says Jesus, as a boy, he increased in wisdom and stature, in favor with God and man. So this favor is grace. Grace is unmerited favor. So when you fall from grace, you also fall from favor with man. Now, this favor with man, you must understand, Jesus had favor like I just quoted just know. He increased in that favor as he grew up: favor of God and with man. But the only ones that Jesus had no favor with was the Pharisees, were religious people. So you're going to have favor with everybody, all right, because the Pharisees, who are self-righteous, cannot receive the favor. In fact, the favor of God on you will antagonize their legalism, their self-righteousness.

So the same way Jesus had no favor with the Pharisees, amen, because they are under law, right, expect that you will not have favor. So when people persecute you or say things about you, rejoice, you're in good company, amen, so did our Lord. Amen. But the consequence is not just, you know, you fall into sin. It's also deadly. It's also deadly. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 3, the ministry of death, God has made us what? "Sufficient as ministers of the new covenant not of the letter," the law, "but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. But if the ministry of death, written and engraved on stones".

People tell me, "Pastor Prince, this ministry of death is circumcision and all the ceremonial laws that we are no more under. It's not referring to the Ten Commandments". Friend, the only part of the law that was written on stones with the finger of God, on stones, were the Ten Commandments, not the ceremonial law, not circumcision, okay? And God calls it, "The ministry of death, written and engraved on stones, was glorious so that the children of Israel could not look steadily at the face of Moses because of the glory of his countenance, which glory was passing away". The glory of the law was passing away. "How will the ministry of the Spirit," the new covenant ministry, "not be more glorious"?

Now, he calls the ministry of death, "The ministry of condemnation had glory, the ministry of righteousness," our present-day ministry, "exceeds much more in glory," hallelujah! And I intend to be the minister of righteousness, not the minister of condemnation. Amen! And you would think that at revivals in the past that was based on the law, amen, calling sin to attention and all that, they were glorious. The Bible says yes, they had glory. Don't misunderstand. They had glory, but it's nothing compared with the ministry of righteousness, which exceeds in glory. You ain't seen nothing yet, man. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. Amen, amen. It's deadly. It is deadly.

Now, look at this illustration of the ark of the covenant, amen? Look at this picture of the ark. Now, this is the ark of the covenant. It's in the Holy of holies. God says to build a tabernacle. "Build me a Mishkan, a tabernacle". And you know when the Bible says God named one place the Holy of holies, Kodesh Hakadoshim. The holiest of the holiest. Actually, that's the way. Holiness of the holinesses. Holy of holies. And that means what? The greatest holiness. If you look carefully, if you and I were living in the Old Testament times, amen, and I asked you, "Where is the greatest, the holiest nation of the world"? You would say Israel. If I said, "In all Israel, where is the holiest city"? You will say Jerusalem. Well, in Jerusalem, which is the holiest spot, right, area, you'll say the Temple Mount where the temple is built. And I say, "In the temple, where is the holiest of the holiest", the greatest extreme holiness? You would say what? The Holy of holies in the temple where the ark of the covenant was.

And right in the center of the ark of the covenant is the kapporet, which is the mercy seat. Mercy seat. The place where the blood is sprinkled. Show them the blood. It's sprinkled on this mercy seat. All right, that's where the blood is sprinkled. And that's why this becomes the holiest of the holiest. Holiness of the holinesses, amen? This spot right here, amen, is a picture of the blood of Jesus shed and sprinkled before the throne of God, amen, that gives us all a righteous basis to come before God, amen? It's a picture of how the blood of Jesus has now been applied. Therefore, the throne of judgment has become the throne of grace for the believer. Amen. Are you listening? Praise the Lord. And that tells us that the holiest of all the holiest, the very center of holiness, is actually mercy, the mercy seat. It's mercy. It's grace. Amen. Grace is the greatest holiness there is because only grace can bring a holy God and a sinful man together. Amen. Amen. Amen.

If we want to live lives with moral excellence where our morality is not a holier-than-thou attitude, full of pride, self-righteousness, but a holiness that people look, and they feel like, you know, they are in the presence of presence of someone heavenly, just like an angel will come down. And if they live amongst us in a suit and a tie, you know, that you will sense someone out of this world, amen? They are not petty, they are not resentful. But imagine someone like this has happened, not an angel, but the Son of God himself, who came and dwelt among us, amen? And even though he wore an ordinary garb of a carpenter, yet when he walked, it was like the majesty, amen, like someone royal is in your presence, and you can sense it. And yet, he's humble, amen? It's not the kind of like proud like the Pharisees. Even when he taught, the Bible says, "He taught not as the scribes but as one having authority".

It's such a beautiful thing to have this moral excellence. If you want that, friend, make sure you never fall from grace. Make sure you stay under grace. Only grace can produce this fruit of the Spirit. Amen. See, there's a story, a long time ago, where Israel actually had the ark come back from the Philistine lands. The Philistines regretted having the ark with them, and that's another sermon altogether. So they send the ark back to Israel. And the area where they brought the blocks, the two blocks, they brought the ark back, all right, on the block cart. And the area there is actually Beth Shemesh. I've been there a number of times. Beth Shemesh. And what happened was that the people of Beth Shemesh saw the ark and they was so excited, they did something that is forbidden. They did something they should never have done. They looked into the ark. And this is what happened. "God struck the men of Beth Shemesh because they had looked into the ark of the Lord. He struck 50,070 men of the people, and the people lamented because the Lord had struck the people with a great slaughter. And the men of Beth Shemesh said, 'Who is able to stand before this holy Lord God? And to whom shall it go up from us?'"

So here we see something very interesting, "They look into the ark of the Lord". Now, what's wrong with looking into the ark of the Lord? Now, let me show you this picture of the ark again. You know what's inside the ark? The three elements. All right, you have the two stones, the tablets of the Lord. Let's have a closer look. Right, the tablets of the Lord, the Ten Commandments, five on each stone. You have Aaron's rod that budded, a picture of the resurrection, and then you have the golden pot of manna. All these three elements, actually, they came on the scene because of man's sin. The Ten Commandments, as you know, is God teaching man, all right, his standards, his holy standards, amen, teaching sinful man his holy standards. And Aaron's rod came about because they murmured against Aaron, so the murmurings of man. And God says, "Put it in the ark that I cause their murmurings to cease against Aaron". And then the golden pot of manna fell because of, again, men complaining in the wilderness. All right, God has brought us out here to die. And God rained not judgment but manna. So all these three elements represent man's rebellion, man's disobedience.

Now, to fall from grace, look at this, people. If you fall from grace, if is the mercy seat, to fall from grace, we know from Galatians, is like to go back to the law. Whoever is trying to be justified by the law, notice, the law is lower than grace, the mercy seat. For you to go back to the law, you fall from grace. Notice you fall from the high ground. So you're trying to, you know, keep the law, but by doing that, you abandon, you desert grace, your high position. And what happened at Beth Shemesh? They look into the ark. Now, for them to look into the ark, that means what? They have to what? They have to push away the mercy seat. Friend, do you realize every time you try to teach the Ten Commandments, you have to push away the mercy seat and take the Ten Commandments out? God says, "Leave it there. I have covered it with the mercy seat". Amen. Amen.

And the ark of the covenant's a picture of our Lord Jesus Christ: the wood, his humanity; the gold that covers this, his deity, amen. And only Christ can keep the law. Amen. So God says, "Don't look at the law". The ministry of death, written and engraved on stones, but they look at the law. And the moment they look at the law, they died. And I wonder today when people try to bring back the law, they have to push away the mercy seat to bring back the law. The result is death. And we are wondering why there's no results, godly results, amen, why there's no helpful effects, why there's no power signs and wonders as there was in the book of Acts. We see the early church, they walked in liberty. They walked in power. They walked in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. There were signs and wonders and miracles. Why is that? Because friend, we've approached the whole thing the wrong way all because of sin in the camp, because of sin in the camp. The revivals stopped because of sin.

If a revival can stop because of sin, it would never have begun. You know, I remember that even in the area of health, you know, I remember when I was much younger, and I read a Christian book about taking juicing, doing juicing every day with carrot, carrot juice. So I told Wendy, "Get me, you know, some juice. And every day, I want to drink carrot juice, okay"? I was trying to make myself healthy. Now, the amazing thing is that my wife's always telling me, "You know you sleep late". That's why there are dark circles under my eyes. "I see you like, you know, you don't really like exercise so much, that kind of thing. And yet, all these years, God has kept you. God is the one that kept you healthy and all that, as you put your trust in him". But even then, I had this fear of like I need to make myself healthier. I need to be... all because I read this book.

So without knowing it, what happened was this: the more I took the juice, every day, it was my lifestyle. Wherever we go, I'll not drink tartaric. I'll not drink tea. I would drink my juice that I'll bring along, amen. And my food was wholegrain, brown rice. That's it, you know. I don't go for the natural white rice, you know, I would eat healthy. But that year that I ate healthier than anything, that year I went to the doctor, and my carrot juice and all that, you know, did not avail me. I went to the doctor and said, "What's up, doc"? I went to the doctor more often in that year. Now, I'm not advocating a lifestyle, a sedentary lifestyle, no exercise, you know. "Oh, God will take care of me, and I eat whatever I want". No, no, of course not. That is foolishness, right? What I'm saying is that, where is your trust? Amen. Where is your trust? You can do all this. You can eat well; you can exercise, you can, you know, I eat well now, I eat well, but my trust is not in eating well.

Every time I go to the Lord, you know, when I take communion and all that, my trust is in the finished work of Jesus Christ. Even organic food has come from the ground that has been cursed. Earth has fallen, amen. We cannot put our trust for our health in what has fallen. Creation has fallen. We must put our trust in redemption, the cross of Jesus Christ, where he bore our sins and our diseases. "And by his stripes, we are healed". We must put our trust in there. And the thing is very subtle that, you know, if you try to keep the natural, you fall from the supernatural, which is your high ground. But your intent is right. You are trying, but if you put your trust, you know, you can say, "Yeah, I trust the Lord. I trust the Lord," but where is your real trust? Look at your heart.

I'm not saying that you cannot eat organic, I'm not saying you can't take medicine, you can't go to the doctor. No, no, a thousand times, no. All right, but as you go to doctor, do you talk to the Lord? Do you tell the Lord that he is the one? "Grant to the doctor correct diagnosis. Grant him, Lord, your wisdom in my case, Lord. And Lord, I look to you, Lord, to prosper my health. I pray that all the tests will reflect your glory". Do you put your trust in God, or do you look forward to the doctor? Whatever you put your trust in, amen, you will fall from the high ground. Healing is a grace. And how do you fall from healing grace? By trying to trust other things instead of Christ. So perhaps, there's something, you know, there's always something you are trying. You are trying this, you are trying that.

I talked to a brother once who was like having one challenge after another physically. And I checked, I talk to him about his life during that time, and he was open with me, and he said he had tried this thing, he had tried that thing, he tried this. And it's all good stuff. It's all like organic stuff and boosters and ginseng stuff, you know, that kind of thing. But instead, he got more sick during that period. Friend, I'm not knocking ginseng or any other, you know, health supplements that you are taking. I'm just saying put your trust in the Lord. If the Lord leads you to take something, the Lord leads you to go see a doctor or an osteopath, chiropractor, whatever, go ahead. No problem. But on your way there, put your trust in the Lord. Talk to the Lord so that the glory does not go to man, but to the Lord. Can I have a good amen? Amen.

Another area, like I said just now, is favor with men, all right? That you can also fall from that favor. Falling from grace is falling from favor, amen? And how do you fall from favor with men? When you're trying to please them. When you're trying to earn favor with them, you fall from favor. Have you noticed that people that with favor a lot, they're people who don't worry about what you think about them, amen? Those who think and care about what people think about them and they live a life, like, ingratiating the people and, you know, they'll bend over and do whatever it takes to please people, usually we don't end up respecting them or favoring them, right? They're too busy trying to earn your favor for you to favor them. And the way you fall from favor from men is trying to be a man pleaser.

By the way, preaching grace is for sure the opposite of being a man pleaser. Look at what Paul says. Paul says this, "As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed". We established earlier any other gospel is any other gospel that is not the grace of Christ. "For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I still pleased men, I would not be a bondservant of Christ". So, Paul is saying, "Do I now persuade men? Do I seek to please men? If I still pleased men, I will not be a bondservant of Christ," in the context of preaching grace.

If you preach grace, you know that men won't like you. They will not, those who are, you know, for their performance, "I must have a part to play. I must have some glory," in other words, "I must have some credit," they won't like what you're preaching. They'll call you names. They'll say hyper-grace, amen? Pseudo-grace, whatever it is. You know, they'll call you names, but friend, it is to be expected. The apostle Paul says, "If I want to please men, I'll preach some law". That's the way to be a man pleaser. Man loves it. Man loves it. That preaching law and grace together pleases men. Most men will be pleased with that, because you tell me God did something, yes, I'm going to give God his part, amen? But you're also saying that I have my part to play. Yes, no one can take that part away from me. No, friend, whereas grace makes nothing of man and all of God, amen? All of Christ. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. So that truly we can say one day, "To him be all the glory. Worthy is the Lamb alone," amen? Amen, amen?

And parents, don't seek to please your children. You'll end up losing favor with them, amen? You think that they'll grow up loving you because you never displease them. Remember David? David, though a man after God's heart, he had some moral failures, and one of the areas is actually bringing up children. Now, we all know the story of Absalom, who rebelled against him and all that, but you know, the Bible says that there was another, a son that he had, Adonijah. Let's look at Adonijah, and this is what he says, "The son of Haggith," Adonijah, "exalted himself, saying, 'I'll be king.'" And this was the latter years of David's life, when he was much older. And this Adonijah prepared for himself... he's David's son. His mother's name is Haggith, and he prepared for himself chariots and horsemen. He's trying to dethrone his father.

"His father," verse 6, "had never at any time displeased him by saying," by asking, "'Why have you done thus and so?' He was also a very handsome man, and he was born next after Absalom". Maybe because he was handsome, and the name Absalom is here. That David thought, "I don't want what happen Absalom to happen to him. I won't displease him. I will say yes to everything. Whatever he wants, I'll give him, you know? I won't correct him. I won't displease him". The Bible says not at any time, "His father had never at any time," wow, "displeased him by asking, 'Why have you done thus and so?'" And there's the result. You wanna see result? Adonijah died. He finally die. And all the sons of Eli, the father did not rebuke them or correct them as he should. They died.

Now, you know, sometime we correct our children. We warn them, amen? It's because we don't care whether they like us now or they favor us now, amen? We want them to be the best that God has ordained for them, and one of the ways to bring up children without the Ten Commandments is to tell them identity. This is what I do with my son. "A Jesus boy don't tell lies. You are a Jesus boy, amen? In other words, you are a new creation. Because of who you are, you won't tell lies, amen? You're a Jesus boy. A Jesus boy won't steal, amen"? That's how you teach. You don't bring the Ten Commandments and try to, you know, put them under it. It's a guaranteed formula for more rebellion to come, amen? You affirm them, who they are. And even if they fail, they rise up. "I'm a Jesus boy, and a Jesus boy don't do this kind of thing". And their friend says, "Come on, man. Are you a chicken"? "No, I'm a Jesus boy," amen?

Tell them. Teach them identity, amen? The devil said to Jesus, "If you are the Son of God". And much earlier, just earlier, the Father had opened the heavens and says, "You are my beloved Son," but the devil left off the word beloved. It's counterproductive for him to remind Jesus that he's beloved. In more than one temptation he says, "If you are the Son of God. If you are the Son of God". He cannot say, "If you're the beloved Son," amen? Do you see that? So, if we affirm our children, we affirm our sons and daughters, saying, "You are my beloved. I'm pleased with you". Notice when Father said that, Jesus had done no miracle at that point. The Father says, "You are my beloved son". We're to affirm them, who they are. They're the beloved of the Lord. Affirm their belovedness, amen? Make them feel loved, amen? Praise the Lord. But if we need correction, we must correct.

Fathers, bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. That's your responsibility, not so much the mother's. You take it up, amen? The Bible says, "Fathers, bring them up in the nurture and admonition". Actually, both words talks about instruction and warning because we love them, amen? Amen. A good doctor looks to cure his patient, not to please them, amen? Praise the Lord. So, we don't want to fall, okay, from grace, because grace is what gives us everything, amen? We don't wanna fall from grace. We want to have the abundance of grace in our life. And the Bible say if you receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness, you will reign in life.

Perhaps in your life today, I do not know, maybe you're trying so hard to please your wife. Now, love your wife, yes. Now, when I say all these things, I'm not saying be inconsiderate, be rude. No, no, no, that's the opposite of loving, amen? But to love someone does not mean to please them, to pander to all their whims and fancies. If you know they're wrong, your wife says don't go to church and you hide and try to come to church and you don't want to let her know, that's wrong. That's not loving her, and you are pleasing your wife, and one day you'll find your wife has no respect for you, amen? She want a real man, and sometime she wants a man to, like, tell her what is right, amen, what's the thing you're convicted to do. That she will look up to you, man. Be a man, amen? And don't be afraid of your wife. To love her doesn't mean you must be afraid of her, amen? Yeah, there are times you need to tell her something. Tell her, amen? At the end, she'll respect you, amen? Praise God.

You know, I'm not saying find fault. I'm not saying be rude. No, no, no. I'm saying truly love her. How did Jesus love the church? The Bible, "Husbands love your wife as Christ loved the church". How did he love the church? With open arms on the cross. He gave his life, and he never said, "You must turn to me first, and then I'll give my life". No, he loved us before we said sorry, so it doesn't matter who say sorry first, amen? Amen. You're the man. Take initiative. Praise the Lord. The Bible says "Husbands love your wife," amen? Love her. If your wife tells you, "Don't go to church," your wife tells you, "You know, shut down all these things," hey, man, come on. You gotta stand up. And you're the man. She needs a man, amen? Don't fall from grace. Don't fall from grace trying to earn favor with your wife or with your children, amen? Or with people, amen?

You know, the Bible says that Christ becomes of no effect unto you because we're trying to be justified by the law. But what if we are justified by Christ? Amen. When you say that "I am the righteousness of God in Christ. It is not by my efforts, my performance," then you know what? Christ becomes of effect. And I feel that right now, even as I'm preaching, that's why you're saying that. Pastor Prince, wait, wait. You can't pray for me. I have not fasted. Have you fasted, Pastor Prince? Or wait, wait, wait, wait, Pastor Prince. You cannot pray for me. It is not the right atmosphere. Pastor Prince, you don't realize I'm watching you right now. You don't know where I'm watching you from. Doesn't really matter, friend. See, your eye is on all this stuff, instead of on Jesus. He wants you healed, and right now he's giving me words of people that he's healing right now free, freely, amen? You don't have to merit it. You don't even have to deserve it.

And there are even people who are not even believers who are receiving right now in Jesus's name, a number of you. You don't go to church. There's someone who is what you call a backslidden Christian, don't go to church anymore. You used to go to church, and God is healing you right now of a lung condition. It's a lung condition, and I see, like, there are spots, that they have spotted, right, recently. And I see, like, two, three spots on your lungs, and it's now clearing up. The Lord is healing you. You're able to breathe in, and you can sense all the discomfort that you felt before is gone, amen? The Lord has healed you. Go back to church. During this time go online, amen? If you're from another church that you left, go back to that church, amen? Get online. Watch, amen? God is healing you, my friend, in Jesus's name.

And there's a lady. You stretched for something recently. You stretch for something, and you pull your muscle, all the way from under my armpit, right? All the way to the back. It's like this whole stretch in a diagonal way was pulled, and now when you sleep you feel the pain. When you move, you feel the pain. Certain angles the pain is quite acute. The Lord is healing you right now. Get up and start moving that way again and start moving in different directions and all. The Lord has healed you. Praise the name of Jesus. Be healed in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen, amen, amen. Praise the Lord. A number of headaches just broke in Jesus's name. Praise the name of Jesus.

There is someone you have a bad tooth right at the back, near your... it could be a wisdom tooth. In fact, right at the back, and the Lord is touching it right now and healing you in Jesus's name. Be well. Be whole in Jesus's name. Amen, amen, amen. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

There is someone recently you were diagnosed with gall stones, and right now in the name of Jesus all the discomfort is leaving you. The pain is leaving you. Right now the Lord is touching you, healing you, removing the gall stones supernaturally. Praise the name of Jesus. Go back to the doctor. Get it verified. And if you know you're the one and the doctor has verified, please write to us. Let us know. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. All kinds of healing is happening right now.

If you have a condition of the bone in any part of you... I see right now someone, in the lower of your neck here, in this area, you're being healed. But whatever area right now that you have the pain, stand up and start moving that area right now. Start moving your back right now in Jesus's name. Start moving in right now. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. I see my camera person moving the body. I think that person has been healed also. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Hallelujah. An elbow condition being healed right now in Jesus's name. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord.

Thyroid. Thyroid condition being healed in the name of Jesus. Right now you feel like your heart, the palpitation has stopped. Your heart was beating real fast and just, like, you calm down, and it's a sign that you are healed. You are the one. You are the one. The Lord has healed you and made you whole in Jesus's name. Go back to the doctor, get it verified, and write to us that we can share with others as well. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus.

All kinds of condition being healed. If you're that person and you're suffering in some way, put your hand on the afflicted area, or put your hand on your head right now. Father, in Jesus's name I thank you for your grace. Healing is grace, and Father, by your grace right now, touch your people in the name of Jesus and effect a cure. Effect a healing, Lord. Where there need to be new body parts, Lord, recreate, Lord. Creative miracles. I speak creative miracles in place. I speak creative restoration, Lord, of different body parts, parts that have worn out, parts that have grown old and no more in working order. In Jesus's name, Lord, right now, Lord, effect, Lord, a restoration, renewal of youth and strength like the eagles. In Jesus's name. In Jesus's name. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.

If you've never put your trust in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord, this is your opportunity right now. Pray this prayer with me. Say Heavenly Father. Say it, Heavenly Father. Talk to him. He's so near you now.

Heavenly Father, I thank you Christ died for my sins. Christ was raised from the dead when I was justified in him, and because I've been justified I thank you, Father, that right now I'm under your grace and your fullness of grace is abounding towards me and in my life. I fully expect to see manifestations of your grace, your favor in my life in the days to come. Jesus Christ is my Lord and my Savior. Thank you, Father. In Jesus's name, amen, amen. Praise the Lord.

Friend, you prayed that prayer, you are now a child of God. It's not the words in the prayer. It is your trust in Christ alone as your Savior that makes you born again, amen? You're now under grace. No more under law. In the new covenant. No more in the old covenant. In the Spirit. No more in the flesh, amen? Under the blessings of God, redeemed from the curse. Hallelujah. Stand to your feet, church, if you can. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Father. Now, this week, a little homework for y'all to do. Ask the Lord if there are areas in your life where you have fallen from grace, where instead of looking to the Lord and trusting as you do what's right, amen? You follow the Spirit and obey the promptings. You'll not be afraid of losing the favor of someone you care about or even the favor of God, okay? Show the areas. Ask God to show the areas in your life where you need this change. Praise God, amen? And that change is called repentance. Change your mind. Hallelujah. Lift your hands to the Father.

Father in heaven, I thank you for everyone under the sound of my voice. I thank you, Father, for every family that is watching right now, Father. And as we lift our hands before you, Father, in act of receiving, in acts of benefiting, Lord, from all that Christ has done at the cross, Father, we pray that we'll be a family so blessed, Lord, that we'll provoke, Lord, the envy, Lord, of many around us, Lord. That they will ask, "Who is this God that you serve"? Father, I pray in Jesus's name that this week, Lord, there'll be great manifestations of favor in the lives of all these families, Lord, in the lives of these people that are tuning in, Lord, in Jesus's name.

Father, protect them throughout this week from the COVID-19 virus. Wherever they go, Lord, place them at the right place at the right time and protect them from every sickness and every disease, Lord. Even what is brewing in their body right now, smite it, amen, and cause it not to come to fruition in Jesus's name. And Father, infuse them, Lord, with life, your resurrection life, causing every dead spots, Lord, even in their head, their brain, their memory to come alive again in Jesus's name. Amen, amen, amen, amen, amen. Praise the Lord. And Father in heaven, preserve and protect them and their loved ones and their little ones from all evil in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Grant to every one of them great shalom peace in every part of their beings in Jesus's name. Amen, amen, amen. God bless you.

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