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Joseph Prince - Learn How To Receive Visions

Joseph Prince - Learn How To Receive Visions
Joseph Prince - Learn How To Receive Visions
TOPICS: Vision

Greetings, church. It's so good to be back with all of you once again, and just like the Bible says, the apostle Paul says, "I behold you, your steadfastness and order in the spirit". So I can see all of you in the spirit, and many a times as I'm worshiping at home on Sunday, I just see myself with all of you worshiping the Lord together. And that's the vision that God wants you to have every time we come together, even on a Sunday, all right? See ourselves as one of multitudes worshiping the Lord. We are all still one in the spirit, amen? Are y'all ready for God's Word and what God has for us in this year? Sit back, enjoy.

The Year of Hazon Vision. "Hazon" is the Hebrew word for "prophetic visions from God". When God speaks to you in picture form, that's the hazon vision, and the difference from the visions that are of the world or from the devil is that the results are all God-like. If God speaks it, if God shows it, it will come to pass, amen. And usually when the devil gives a vision, I mean, the devil can also give a vision, but usually the vision will be something catastrophic, something evil, and then he sort of devastates you. You feel dejected, you feel forlorn just thinking about it, or you have a nightmare along these lines. Just know, when you wake up in the name of Jesus, bind it, amen. If something causes fear in your heart, you have a nightmare about yourself or your family, you know, being in danger or something negative, just bind it in the name of Jesus when you wake up, amen.

You know, the devil can prophesy the devil's plans, but the devil is not omniscient. Only God is omniscient, amen? Jesus, in the Upper Room, Jesus said, "When the Holy Spirit comes, not only will he teach you all things, guide you into all truths, but he will show you things to come". That's the future, amen? Let us not disinherit what is our rightful inheritance, amen, and that's why we must keep on praying that prayer that I encourage you to pray over yourself every day, amen, the prayer of Ephesians 1:17, "that God will give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him, the eyes of our understanding being enlightened, that we may know what is the hope of his calling, what is the glory of his inheritance in the saints", that's your inheritance, "and what is the exceeding greatness of his power," that resurrection power, which he wrought in Christ when he raised him from the dead.

God wants us to be cognizant, to be aware of, and to be in full possession of that power, amen, that raised Jesus from the dead. That's why he wants us to know it and to walk in it, amen, praise the Lord, and all that comes by revelation. If we can just study our way into all these truths, amen, we won't need to pray the prayer, but it only comes by the spirit of wisdom and revelation being released in us. "The eyes of our heart, we will know the hope of our calling". And the hope of calling will give you this sense of purpose in life. You know you're not just floating along the river of life, all right? You know that you have a call. It's a high calling, amen, and with a call, with that vision comes the provision, comes all the supply, comes all the resources to assist you in your calling, amen?

Today I wanna share with you how God speaks, amen, the methodology, now that we know that God wants to give us this hazon vision for our lives. Now, for this hazon vision, it can involve different levels of hazon vision, amen, different strata and facets of our life, amen. Even for a ruler, amen, a king like Nebuchadnezzar, he had a dream from God. He had a vision in the night of what is to be, what is to happen, something God will reveal to even an unbeliever, amen, unbelieving king, amen, his ways, but it takes a believer to interpret, amen. An unbeliever will not be able to understand the symbols and what it all means, but someone filled with God's Spirit will be able to say, amen?

Remember also, Pharaoh in Egypt? Pharaoh had the same challenge. You know, he had this dream, this recurring dream, amen, and no one was able to interpret except Joseph, and he said this: "Can we find such a one in whom is the Spirit of God"? He can see God in Joseph. So they can have dreams, they can have a vision, but they are not able to interpret. That is in the realm of wisdom, wisdom that comes from God. Now, remember this: The apostle Peter, on the day of Pentecost, he stood up, and remember this also that this is after Jesus died and rose again. He has died for our sins, amen. He was crucified, and we were all crucified with him, amen. When he was buried, we were buried in him. When he was raised, we are raised together with him and made to sit together with him in heavenly places in Christ. So now we are in the New Covenant. The New Covenant has been inaugurated, amen.

So what I'm gonna share right now is the New Covenant. There's no more Old Covenant. Some people say that, you know, in the New Covenant, God does not speak with visions and dreams, or they will say that God can, but that's not his normal way, okay? So, hence, they discredit visions and dreams, and they cause people to, they actually, in effect, they nullify visions and dreams in the lives of believers. Believers don't esteem it. They don't expect it. They don't want it to manifest for fear that they might receive a vision from the devil. So, friend, we gotta be careful that we don't fall for that, amen. This is our rightful inheritance.

So the apostle Peter, on the day of Pentecost, which is in the New Covenant, Christ has already been glorified at the Father's right hand, and he says this: "The reason the Holy Spirit is shed is because Jesus has been glorified". Remember, in John 7, Jesus says that "If any man thirst, let him come to me and drink. Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water". And the Bible says, "Jesus speak of the Holy Spirit, who was not yet given because Jesus was not yet glorified". So the Holy Spirit is given because Jesus has been glorified at the Father's right hand.

So here, Peter stood up, and Peter says the Father has shed abroad the Holy Spirit because Jesus has been glorified. "God has made Jesus Lord and Christ". He said that. And then he says this to remind them of prophet Joel's prophecy in the book of Joel, how it says, "'It shall come to pass in the last days,' says God, 'that I'll pour out my Spirit on all flesh. Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams.'"

Now we know that the way God leads us many a times, okay, is through God's Word. That's the number one way, amen? And more times than ever, God speaks to me from the Word, but the Word comes in picture form, amen. So do expect to see visions and even dreams at night but in line with the Word of God. And, for sure, we all know that, if the devil gives a vision or a dream, it will never be in line with the Word of God. But there are some dreams that God may give that has elements of catastrophe or, you know, like, for those who are in the prophet's role of the calling of a prophet, and there are still prophets in the New Testament, but usually will come with an answer like when Agabus, the prophet, stood up, and he prophesied there'll be a great famine, a great dearth coming to all the world. And then the solution was to get together and provide resources for the poor saints, especially those saints in Jerusalem.

So there comes something negative, yet God will always give something positive for us to walk in, but the devil will just even negative after negativism, all right, and just fearful images, fearful visions, and he wants you to fear it because, like Job says, "The thing which I greatly feared is come upon me". So God wants to give you a faith vision, so whatever you believe for, "according to your faith be it unto you," amen? So, yes, God's vision can come from the Scriptures, amen. So the apostle Peter, when he stood up, he says, "It shall come to pass your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men dream dreams". He's telling you the way God speaks to us.

Now, if visions and dreams is something that Peter discredits, he will not be speaking like this: "Hey, guys, this is the fulfillment, it's something exciting". Remember, in the days of Samuel, when he was young, the days of Eli the priest and Samuel, when he was a young boy, the Bible says, "There was no open vision. The word of the Lord was very rare in those days, and there was no open vision". So that tells us that not having the word of the Lord, it being rare and no open vision, no frequent vision is something bad, something that denotes the God's disfavor upon Israel at that time, but God will always bring a solution, amen? God will always bring a solution, and the solution in that case was Samuel, whom God began to speak in visions and dreams.

He was the first one, by the way, that the Bible calls the "seer". He's known as the seer. Like, you know, Saul, when looking for his father's donkeys that were lost, he says to his partner, "Let us go find the seer". Why the "seer"? Because he sees God's vision. He sees God's hazon. Now, what was particular, what was specific and individual in the Old Testament? In other words, not everyone could prophesy in the Old Testament, amen. Only prophets, they are the ones who see visions. They are the one who dream dreams. And, of course, prophet, priest, or king, can qualify for that, but most frequently it is in the ministry of the prophet in the Old Testament. What was isolated for that ministry is now the property, the God-given inheritance for every child of God, amen? If you're a believer, amen, if you are a Christian, that is your inheritance. So that's not to say that all of us are prophets. There are still New Testament prophets, amen, one of the fivefold gifts that Jesus gives in the book of Ephesians.

So let's go right now to see what else that God has for us. Last week, also, we shared about Habakkuk. Habakkuk saw all the ills of the world, and he's looking to God: "God, why do you make me see trouble, and what is the solution"? And God gave him the solution in a vision, and the word there is "hazon". God says, "Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it". Now, notice the vision doesn't mean that it comes to pass the next day. The next verse says, "The vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it will speak. It will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it because it will surely come. It will not tarry," amen? God says, "When I give you a vision, sometimes it may seem to delay, but wait for it. It will surely come to pass. It will not tarry," amen, praise the Lord.

So we have to write down. So it's a good practice for you to take a notebook or some exercise book that you have or even your smartphone if you have a note page that you wanna use, or you can do that, but it's an attitude of faith when you come to God and you ask God, and I pray that you have done that, okay? Ask God, "How do you see my marriage? How do you see my ministry? my career? Lord, how do you see me"? Amen, and then you write down because you are seeing the visions come up in your spirit. Now, it might be just fleeting, gentle, you know, visions that come up.

I wanna teach you how to see God's hazon vision. When you ask God, get ready, amen? If you ask God for something, remember this in James 1? He says, "If any of you lack wisdom or direction", or even a vision, amen? All this is inherent in that word, "wisdom". "If you lack direction, you want God's wisdom", what do you do? "Let him ask of God, that gives to all men liberally, and upbraideth not", he does not scold you for it. He gives you liberally. "But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed". You see, the Bible is full of pictures, giving you the one "that wavers like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed". Don't be like that man, amen? "A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways".

So when you ask, ask in faith, amen? Bring out your notebook and ask the Lord, "How do you see this situation"? If you have a problematic situation that you want God's answer on, ask God to speak to you. Now, if that vision doesn't come then and there, many a times I find, when you have a pen ready and your book in front of you, and you write, you journal as God begins to speak to you... now, listen, in the occult world, in the New Age, they also have this, what they call "automatic journaling". Don't do that. What they do is that they make their mind passive, their will passive. They open up a exercise book.

You see, the devil always copies God's method except for this: God never overrides your choice. God wants to cooperate with you, amen? He doesn't make you, like, passive and then he takes you over. That's what the devil does. God says... you know, even speaking in tongues, amen, we have "to speak as the Spirit give us utterance". If we don't speak, nothing will happen. So God always works with man's will, amen, man's cooperation, hallelujah. We are co-laborers with God. So, likewise, in the world, in the occult world, what they do is that they just let themselves loose, and then an evil spirit takes over, and then they start writing automatically.

Now, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about you have your full senses about you, the way God made you, amen? That's how God speaks, amen? You have your full wits about you and your full possession of your mental faculties, amen. You don't surrender your mind to some unseen force, amen. You can just ask the Lord a question, and then just pause for a while, pray in the Spirit, amen, and listen, amen, and see, watch to see. Remember what Habakkuk says? "I'll watch to see". Watch to see. There's these floating images that comes up, amen? And remember this principle: In the New Testament, it is always, if an image is from God, a vision is from God, a dream is from God, a prophecy is from God, because it all comes through prophecy.

When you prophesy, you prophesy usually visions, amen? You prophesy visions just like Habakkuk the prophet. He prophesied visions, amen. Samuel prophesied visions, amen. You give a faith picture to the one that you're prophesying or to the group or nation that you're prophesying to. So it's a imparting the vision. But in the New Testament, listen, it is not like the Old Testament. The Old Testament, they prophesied usually many a times, especially before Nebuchadnezzar and Babylon came to take over, you know, to invade Jerusalem and the land of Judah. Notice that a lot of visions that he saw were visions of a national crisis and war and bloodshed, okay? Now, will that be true today?

Listen carefully: Unless you're a prophet and called to write the book of Revelation, but even then, the book of Revelation is the Revelation of Jesus Christ, but unless you're called to the ministry of prophet, don't deal with world events, amen? You're not called to things that are higher and above, amen, your pay grade, amen. There are prophets who prophesy about world events and all that. Those who try to attempt to do that without the anointing, they fall flat on their face, and everyone can see that, you know, it didn't come to pass. So don't overstep your boundary. The simple things that God speaks to us today, like I said, what was isolated for the ministry of the prophet in the Old Testament, is now for all of us to enjoy, but enjoy within the confines of our life, our ministry, amen, our area of responsibilities and assignment, amen. That's where God will speak to you, amen?

So get ready, and ask the Lord, and watch to see that floating image on the inside. But you say, "Pastor Prince, I expect an angel to appear in a hazon vision," amen? "I expect the Lord to appear before me". No, this is not the norm. For some reason, people always feel like, you know, a "vision" means someone appears before you, either an angel or the Lord himself, and then, if someone is in the room, they also see the same thing that you see. It's not true. Many a times, even when Saul, on the road to Damascus, he had a vision. The Bible says the people around him did not see it, amen. They did not see the same Lord speaking. They heard words, but they did not see the Lord, amen.

Same thing for Ezekiel. Ezekiel says he received a vision, but the people around him did not receive the vision. But we have this idea, if the Lord appears, everybody will see, everybody in the same room will see the Lord, and it's not true. We have ideas about all this, which is sensational and spectacular, which is not the Scriptures. God's way is that his voice is not in the earthquake nor in the thunder. It's in the still small voice, and that floating vision that comes up as you prepare and ask the Lord. And as I was sharing with my music ministry people that, "Be ready for new songs". And where the song come from? From within. Because why? God has taken his dwelling in you. "I will walk in them. I will dwell in them," amen.

You are the temple of God himself, the temple of the Holy Spirit, a living, breathing temple of God, going somewhere to be a blessing to. Hallelujah, amen, God dwells in you, no more outside you. In fact, if it's outside you, you can rest be assured that, if it's fearful images and all that, it's not from God, amen? That peace on the inside, that the devil cannot imitate, amen? It's from inside. So you receive a vision. It can be a warning, but, still, there's a peace. It can be a dream that you wake up, but it's a warning for you to take heed to, amen. So do I believe in dreams? Yes, I have had a number of dreams down through my life in my ministry and all that.

Recently, I just told you last week that the very morning that I'm supposed to be preaching, amen, that very morning, I had a dream of a tsunami that hit, you know, where I was dwelling, where I was staying, not just my place, my habitation, but also all the houses and all the places around, and there were three tsunami waves that came, and I've asked the Lord, and it all came from one particular source, and I only shared a little bit of what I shared last week in regards to what I'm able to release, but, you know, I saw that it's very clear. I'm accustomed to having visions like this every year, amen. Sometimes it can be very specific about the church, about the ministry, about my life, and sometimes it's very general as well, but one thing you can rest be assured, if you're in the New Covenant, it's no more in the vein of fearful visions with fearful results. It can be a warning, but it always has a edifying, positive, comfortable result, and that's why you must keep this verse in your heart always, all right?

The New Testament kind of prophecy or vision is like this: 1 Corinthians 14, verse 3, tells us, "But he who prophesies", now, how do you prophesy? In what form? Usually in visions, in picture form, not just in words. The words are describing a picture. "He who prophesies", prophesy is inspired, Spirit-inspired words. "He who prophesies speaks", now watch this, "edification", look at this, "exhortation and comfort to men". It's always edifying. It always builds up. It always exhorts, and it ministers comfort. Now, that's not true for the Old Testament prophets, amen? Many a times, they're prophesying not comfort but discomfort, amen, not edification but almost like to break you down, amen, so that you can come to the end of yourself but, listen, because they were under the law, amen. They were under the law. We are under grace, amen. The judgment has not fallen on the Lamb of God, who is our sin substitute, our sin offering.

Now the judgment has fallen. Our judgment that was supposed to be heading our way and in your family's way, fell on this Lamb of God, the Son of God, at the cross, amen. So we live on the blessing side, not on the cursed side, amen. "For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse". So, as a result, even the prophets, many a times, they cannot but see accurately, and they see on the judgment side of things, but if you try to bring the judgment side of things here, it was wrong. It's as much as false prophesy. If you are under the Old Covenant, you prophesy comfort, you are a false prophet, okay, any more than, if you are under grace now, you prophesy judgment, judgment, judgment, you are a false prophet.

There is a judgment coming when Jesus comes again, not the Rapture, but the Second Coming of Christ, amen, where he will bring in the millennial rule, amen, and it'll be heaven on earth, paradise, hallelujah, praise the Lord. There is judgment coming, but we are not there. Jesus closed the book, amen, the scroll, in his hometown Nazareth, when he opened up the passage to Isaiah, where he read, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me to heal the broken heart, to preach opening of eyes to the blind," and then, right at the end, if you look at Isaiah, it says, "To preach the acceptable year of the Lord," comma, "the day of judgment, the day of vengeance," amen? Jesus didn't come to that, amen. He closed at "the acceptable year of the Lord," "radzon," in Hebrew, "year of the free favors of God that abound profusely," amen.

That's how, I think, Vine describes that word, "radzon," "a year of favor," where it's freely abounding to God's people, hallelujah. But notice that Jesus stop right at "the acceptable year of the Lord," where there is a comma in the Bible that goes on to say, "the day of vengeance". So the day of vengeance is not upon us, and between that comma, it has been 2,000 years. So where the Lord stops, we stop. It's not a time of judgment. We preach, amen, God is not mad at you.

"God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them". And we are beseeching them, "Be reconciled to God". God is not mad at you. But, as a result, you know, instead of being affected by grace, we have this judgment mentality where we see the world, we see the sin that they are doing, and it's very glaring. It is overt, amen, and we start saying, "God will judge them. God will judge them". We are people who are New Covenant people with an Old Covenant mentality. No, my friend, it's time for us to focus on evangelism, win souls for Jesus Christ, hallelujah, amen, to preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ, amen? Amen, hallelujah.

So when you receive a vision or a dream, amen, or when you ask God to speak to you, and you wait as you, you know, wait for the Lord to speak, remember this. When you ask in faith, many a times you'll find a fleeting, you know, image comes. Do not doubt. Just write down, amen, what you see. In fact, when you write down, you have a chance later on to look at it, to see whether it's scriptural, it's in line with God's Word, or not, amen. That's one of the greatest benefits of writing down what God shows you. But it must always be under the new covenant, must be what? Unto edification, unto exhortation, amen, and comfort, amen. It must always produce that result.

Now, some people would dispute. "Well, Pastor Prince, you said that, you know, they believe that a vision will always come like," in a open vision, we call it, like a being come before you from God, an angel, usually, and he'll bring a message from God and then you look at him and if anyone is in the room they'll see him also. Now, listen, I'm gonna show you a prophet called Daniel. Daniel received from God so many visions and dreams. In fact, the Bible says in Daniel 1, verse 17, it says: "As for these four young men," Daniel's friends and Daniel, "God gave them knowledge and skill in all literature and wisdom".

You can pray that for your children. I prayed that for Jessica for many years. When she started school and all that, I started claiming this for her. God gives her knowledge. Notice that God gave them. If we can acquire knowledge and skill just by studying all literature, right, it will not suffice because this is something that God gave them, amen? What we have is knowledge, all right, just natural knowledge. What we have is understanding, just natural understanding, but what God gave them was knowledge and skill that is from the Lord, amen, "in all literature and wisdom; and Daniel had understanding," watch this now, "in all visions and dreams". And he was a young boy, probably a teenager at this time. And Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams.

Now, Daniel was a prophet that you know, you know, he saw the angel Gabriel, amen, bring the message of the 70th... very famous vision in the Bible called the 70 weeks of Daniel, prophetic weeks. We are still in the midst of that 70 prophetic weeks of Daniel. And then Daniel had a vision from God when King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream from God that he was not able to interpret and then he tried to get all his wise men to interpret and they could not interpret and they said to him, "Why don't you tell us the dream? O King, tell us the dream and then we'll tell you the interpretation". He said, "Ah, ha, ha, hah, you know, you're pretty smart. You want me to tell you the dream, you can say whatever you wanna say in the interpretation. No, you tell me the interpretation, all right, then I will know that you are hearing from God".

No one could do that. And the Bible tells us that Daniel, these four men, young boys, actually, they were probably teenagers at this time. And they actually asked God because they're part of the wise men, amen. They were brought in from Israel to be part of the wise men in the court of Nebuchadnezzar and they prayed to God and asked God for wisdom, for mercies, the Bible says, "and the secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision". And Daniel went to the king and then he gave the king the dream that he saw and the interpretation thereof, amen? And the king knew that this is from God, and he promoted Daniel.

But how did Daniel see visions? Would you like to see how Daniel sees visions? It's not all the time like it's open vision. Yes, there is an open vision where the angel appears before you. I've not had too many of that, amen. I had a vision of an angel with my eyes open one time, many years ago, and then I've had many, many, many visions on the inside that came to pass, amen. So look at Daniel and how he sees visions, okay? The Bible says: "In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon, Daniel saw a dream and visions of his head as he lay in his bed". Wow, that's not very spiritual. You are lying down there in your bed and you are getting visions from God? "Then he wrote down the dream". There's the writing down again. "Then he wrote down the dream and told the sum of the matter".

Now, once again, "Daniel saw a dream and visions of his," where was it? "In his head as he lay in his bed". So as he's lying down there, visions keep coming up through him, all right? Visions and dreams, and he knew it was from God, amen. And he took a, you know, back then, probably a stylus that he used to write down on the papyrus what he saw. But it came to him as he was lying in bed, a most unspiritual moment, but many a time, that's how God speaks. In fact, if you look carefully at how Daniel interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar's dream, he said, "King, these thoughts came to your mind. You had a dream and a vision that came to you while you were lying on your bed".

So even the king was lying on his bed when he received the dream and vision from God. And then he said this: "As these thoughts come to your mind," and that's when Daniel interpreted the, you know, the huge statue that proclaimed the entire times of the Gentiles. We are still in that time. It's a very interesting study and one of these days I think I'm gonna teach on that because we are definitely seeing the coming to the end of it, the legs of the statue. Now, this is what he interpreted to King Nebuchadnezzar, and King Nebuchadnezzar knew that this is from God, amen?

Now, how does God speak, many a times? What did God say to Aaron and Miriam when they actually sort of like disdained Moses at one time, especially Miriam at that time? Because he had married a woman at that time and she wasn't happy and she's complaining. God appeared and God said this: "Hear now My words: If there is a prophet among you, I, the Lord, make Myself known to him," in a what? "In a vision; I speak to him in a dream". You see, God does not think that visions and dreams from him is something for us to disesteem, amen, to discredit. No, God wants us to know. In fact, he emphatically tells us, amen, "If I am speaking to a prophet, it will be in visions and dream. I'll communicate to him in vision and dream".

So now, what was isolated for that particular office is now our God-given inheritance, amen? We can experience visions and dreams, amen, amen, daily, amen? Daily even, yes. You'll be alert. When you pray for someone, pray and listen to what God is saying. When I say, "listen," it's not always a voice. Yes, God can speak, amen, like Peter, you know, when he was on the rooftop, he heard the voice saying, after he saw the vision, and the voice says, "Behold, three men seek after you. Go down, doubting nothing. Go with them, doubting nothing". So God can speak, yes. But many a times, his words come in a vision. You are praying for someone and then you have a vision, amen? Speak it out. Speak it out over the person. Remember, all right, don't crush the person by saying, "I see you having a disease come on your life and then it's gonna cause you to be so discouraged," and you end there, amen?

I remember when I was having some oppression many years ago as a student, and I went to someone whom I esteem as someone who is Spirit-filled, amen, a man of God. And he prayed with me, like this. He says, "Oh, the darkness, the darkness," as he laid his hand on my head. "The darkness. I see a lot of darkness and it's oppressing you". That's why I want you to pray for me, amen? At the time I was being oppressed by the enemy because of the call that I had in my life but I didn't know about the call, amen. But you know, he was praying and then he was actually saying things like it was so dark, it is very dark. It was in a bookshop, I still remember. And he said, "It is so heavy on you," and right after that, I still remember, he stood up and he walk out. Left me hanging, amen? No, that's not a vision from God.

Then later on a man called Paul Cain in the indoor stadium, you know, called me out and just prophesied right in my mail, amen. In fact, one of the lines that he mentioned more than once is, "I will come to visions, I will come to visions". I never realized it was gonna be a fulfillment this year, 2021, of that vision that all of us will walk in, amen? Amen, so the Lord is calling all of us, not just one pastor or a group of pastors or leaders to walk in it or just the prophets, but all of us, your sons and your daughters, your young men and your old men, hallelujah, amen. Are you with me so far, amen?

Even Prophet Hosea, amen? Hosea, Prophet Hosea, chapter 12, verse 10, he says this. God says, "I have also spoken by the prophets, and I have multiplied visions; I have given symbols through the witness of the prophets". "I have given symbols through the witness of the prophets". Notice how God speaks. He multiplies visions. Notice that? A lot of visions, as opposed to no frequent vision in 1 Samuel 3. God speaks with "multiplied visions; and I have given symbols through the witness of the prophets".

Just like Peter, and note where Peter was in the new covenant already, amen? When he received the vision of the white sheet of, like a, you know, a cloth that came down, a white cloth that came down from heaven. He had the vision. He saw all kinds of unclean beasts and non-Kosher animals and God says, "Rise, Peter, kill and eat". So even in new covenant, it was in symbolic form, amen? Here it says that "in multiplied visions; and I have given symbols". In the New King James, the word "symbols" is "similitudes". God give types, God gives symbols. Even in new covenant, like Peter did, Peter had that vision and it was all in symbols which symbolized the Gentiles, amen? God saying, "What I have cleansed don't call unclean," amen?

So here we go. Even new covenant, God speaks in visions and dreams. In fact, the book of Revelation, God speaks in signs, amen? God, which is signified, amen. He signified by his servant, John. He signified. Signify is from the word "sign," "-nified," amen? Sign. It's all in symbols, in types, in images, amen, praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus, hallelujah. So let's prepare ourselves. You know, whenever we pray, let's get ready. We are praying for someone, amen, we need direction. Be alert to the visions and dreams. Do not despise them as they come up, amen? There's plenty of time later on to check it out, whether it's from God or not.

I remember, and I've shared recently also that I had an experience many years ago on my way back from work. It was late at night, probably about nearly 2 a.m., around that time, and I was driving down the highway and I saw a man, an elderly man, trying to cross over to the other side. And he was at the central divider, trying to climb over the divider. So I stopped on the shoulder of the road, made my way back slowly and I reached out to him and ask him what's up, you know? Can I help you? And he wasn't clear, he wasn't coherent. He was saying things like, "I need to eat. I'm going there to eat".

I said, "Go where"? It was the middle of nowhere, actually, amen, and I brought him back to the shoulder and then I spoke to him for a while, realized that he really did not know where he was, maybe he's suffering from, you know, dementia or things like, but he sure sounded like someone who didn't know where he was, but he said he was hungry and I felt for him. So I brought him into the car and I drove him around for a while and I said, "Where do you live"? And he couldn't tell me where he lived. I said, "Lord, what do I do now, Lord," amen. Short of driving to the police station, you know, what do I do? Okay, he's hungry. If I bring him to the police station, you know, it'll take more time from his mealtime, perhaps, you know, but it was early in the morning, late at night, and I'm thinking, "What does he mean"?

And all of a sudden when I prayed in the car, I said, "Lord, speak to me," I had this floating vision of a food court in Singapore and I knew where it was. Literally, it's called ABC Food Court. Now, there are many food courts, numerous. Our favorite past-time in Singapore is eating. Okay, so I saw this vision float up and I made my way to the place. You know, I just tell myself, "If this is from God, I will know," okay? So I drove to that place. Usually it's closed by then, but this particular shop was open, a drink shop in the food court. It was open and a man in the drink shop that owns the shop, he saw this man step out, the elderly man, and straightaway he calls him by name and later on I found out, he told me that he's a very pitiful case, you know, his son always leaves him at home, doesn't feed him much, and his son sometimes will bring him to this food court here and feed him here. And many a times, he will stay here until late and then the son will come and fetch him.

And, you know, from that place to where I saw him is probably about 5, 7 miles away from the highway, and there are so many food courts, but God gave me that vision. It's a simple vision. Now what happened? Did he get saved? I tried to reach out to him, but it seemed like it wasn't conducive at that time, you know? But I did tell him, "Jesus loves you". So what was the result? What was God up to? I don't know. Until now, I do not know. But one thing it did for me was this. It told me to be alert. When you ask God, be expecting to see pictures.

Now, God did not do that because I'm a pastor. God did not do that, all right, because of some prophetic gift that he gave me. God did that because of the simple fulfillment of Prophet Joel's prophecy: "Your young men shall see visions," amen? "Your old men dream dreams". So I see visions and I also dream dreams, amen? It's not meant young or old, it just so happens that if you have a vision during the daytime, it's called vision. If you have a picture that you see from God at nighttime when your eyes are closed, that's called dream. It's as simple as that. Both are pictures from God, amen? Amen, praise the Lord. But many a times, friend, listen to this. Do not despise this simple pictures and all that. But many a times, God speaks through his Word.

Do you realize that God's Word is all pictures, amen? It's all in picture form. Just think about this picture, for example, in Psalms 128. It says that "thus shall the man be blessed," amen, "who feareth the Lord," or who worships God, hallelujah. "Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine in the very heart of your house". Why did God liken the wife to a fruitful vine? What does a vine produce? Grapes. Grapes, back in that day, in that culture, all right, always talks about wine. So your wife shall be a fruitful vine means she will intoxicate you, hallelujah. May you always be intoxicated with her love, amen. Jesus turned the water into wine. Where? In a marriage. So God gives us pictures. Here's a picture you can use.

When you read this, God don't just give you words, amen. "You'll have a good wife," that's all, amen? If you are blessed, "You'll have a great wife". No, God gives you a picture and if you think that in the natural it's not true of your wife, that's the picture that God sees of your wife. You're not to see it as it is, amen, you are to see her the way God sees her, just like, you know, if you look at... we look at one another, we see faults, right? But we are the righteousness of God in Christ, in whose eyes? In God's eyes. We need to declare what God sees, not to declare what man sees. "Man looketh on the outward appearance; God looketh on the heart," amen. God looks on our real position in Christ.

Friend, our eyes, we cannot see reality the way God sees. When God says your wife is a fruitful vine, accept it. Think of her as a fruitful vine. You intoxicate me. Even your private thoughts, you are someone that I enjoy being with, amen? I literally feed on your love. That's a picture for you right there. Why did God give pictures like this, amen? So that he can fill your heart. You were designed, amen, to be fed by pictures, faith pictures from God. And then your children, it says, "Your children like olive plants," olive plants, wow. You think about the olive tree. It's a tree that every part of it can be used, amen, amen, the leaf, the trunk. It's a tree known for its longevity, amen. It can live up to nearly 2,000 years, amen? They have found trees that lived for nearly 2,000 years, just like the California redwood, except in Israel, amen, it's not so much redwood. It is more trees like olive tree that God is talking about. "Your children will be like olive plants".

You know, then you want to study more on the vine, the characteristic of the vine, so you understand what God is saying about your wife and marriage, amen? Then you want to study on olive shoots. What do they do? And when you study on it, you find out that whenever a tree grows old, an olive tree grows old, and they find olive shoots, and they insert it among its trunk. You know what happens? That tree, the old tree starts to renew its youth. That's how the tree goes on, and it gets perpetuated just like the trees that you see in the garden of Gethsemane, amen? Those trees are very old. Why? But you look carefully, you will find olive shoots coming out from its trunk, amen? From its roots and its trunks. What they do is that they purposely put olive shoots among the old tree, all right? They're growing amongst the old tree, and the old tree goes on and on and on, a picture of renewal of youth and longevity.

So, having children, amen, renews your youth, amen. When God wanted to renew my youth, he gave me Justin, amen, amen. Amen, I had Jessica in a much younger age, and I now have Justin at a little more advanced age, amen? But I believe God was renewing my youth like the eagle. So, when you study this, so all this, it makes exciting Bible study, my friend, amen, to study about the olive tree. Not only that, maybe God will give you a picture from Psalms 92, amen. Here is a hazon vision. It's still a hazon vision, amen? Look at Psalms 92. Psalms 92 says, "The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree". And that's you, child of God. You are the righteousness of God in Christ. "The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree. He shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon". So, it behooves you to study the palm tree. And when you study the palm tree, again, you find this tree bears fruit even in its old age. It is a very fruitful tree. You look at the palm tree, you find it straight, and it has so many fruits, amen? Multitude of fruits. And God says, "You also grow like a cedar in Lebanon".

You know, many years ago, during one of my trips in Canada, I saw a sign saying a cedar tree area or something like that. So, we went into the area, and I found a sign saying that this tree is 1,000-plus years old. And I was stunned when I looked at the tree, because it still smells good. It was still strong and sturdy. And God is saying, "You, the righteousness of God in Christ", I'm speaking to you, "you will flourish like a palm tree, and you will grow like a cedar in Lebanon. You'll be strong," amen? And not only that, notice that, "Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bear fruit in old age".

Now, old age, don't have an image of, you know, you are breaking down, frail, and decrepit, amen? See yourself strong. The word old age refer to the age, advanced age, amen. "They shall still bear fruit". We know in the natural, you come to a certain age, you're no more fruitful, okay? But God is saying, "No, for my children, they shall still", notice the word still, "bear fruit in old age". So, somewhere along the way, God wants you to stop growing old, like Caleb, and stay young, amen, perpetually, in perpetuity, amen? Stay young, stay green. In fact, that's what it says. "They shall be fresh and flourishing". The word flourishing literally is the word raanan in Hebrew. Raanan means fresh, green, luxuriously green. When they say green in Hebrew, they use the word raanan. That's the word for green. God wants you forever green, forever young. Hallelujah, amen.

Just like the old hymn says. "Forever young I want to be forever young. Do you really want to live forever? You can through Christ forever young. Forever young" Okay, praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Or God might give you a vision from this Isaiah 65, verse 22. "They shall not build and another inhabit". That speaks volumes of your career and whatever you are doing. God says you will build and no other will take your place. "You will plant and not another will eat," okay? What you have planted. In other words, you enjoy the work of your hands, just like Psalms 128 says that, the same Psalm that talks about your wife being a fruitful vine. "For as the days," now watch this, "For as the days of a tree, so shall be the days of My people. And My elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands". Hallelujah. "My elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands. For as the days of a tree, so shall be the days of My people".

Now, God can say things like, you know, "People, your days will be blessed". Blessed is a very generic word, amen? In what area? So, he gives us a picture. And friend, this is just as much a hazon vision, because this is the book of Psalms, amen. The Psalms are inspired of the Holy Spirit, amen, God-breathed. All the scripture are God-breathed, so therefore it is a hazon vision. So, don't despise this hazon vision, amen, from God. Receive them, amen? Make them the picture of your life. When you see your wife, see a fruitful vine, amen? Don't look for faults, amen? Look for the good in your spouse. You know, the Bible says that those who trust in the Lord, doesn't mean that they are not surrounded by bad stuff and negative traits and all that, amen? But they don't see, when heat comes, they don't see the negative. People are blessed.

In Jeremiah 17, I believe says where someone is blessed of the Lord. The Bible says he'll be like a tree. Again, a picture, a tree planted by the rivers of water who will not cease yielding fruit. And notice that he will not see when heat comes. So, the blessed man does not see negative. He does not see evil. He does not see the bad traits, amen. But watch, the next verse talks about the cursed man. It says when a man is cursed, he's like a heath in the desert, like a shrub in the desert, surrounded by everything dry, caked, baked dry, amen? And you know what he says? He will not see when good comes. Wow, even the cursed man has good in his life, but he cannot appreciate it, so he's always looking for the bad. He's looking for the bad in his children. He's looking for the bad motives.

If someone is doing something kind to him, he will find, "Oh, there must be a bad reason". Amen, amen, okay? Whenever the government does that, there must be a bad reason. Instead of looking for the good, they look for the bad. They look for the bad in their spouse. They look for the bad even in themselves. They cannot see good. The cursed man cannot see good, even when good comes, amen? Therefore they complain. Complaining is what? You don't see the good. You see the bad, amen? Even during this pandemic, there's a lot of good that has come out of it. Many of you are working from homes. You know what a privilege that is? Many generations before you have dreamed to work from home, amen? Now you have that privilege, amen? And it's only a short privilege, amen?

But listen, friend. Enjoy, see the good in everything. Learn to see the good. People say, "Well, you're not facing reality". No, listen, friend. I'm looking at the best reality there is, just as much as you, if you look for the evil and not the good, you're not facing reality, because good is there, but you're not looking at it. You're not facing reality. No, friend. The Bible says a characteristic of a man who is blessed is that he does not see the bad. A characteristic of a man who is cursed is that he cannot see the good even though the good is there. God may have blessed her with a wonderful husband or blessed him with a great wife, but he does not see, amen? He sees all the bad stuff. He only sees the negative traits. He makes mention of the negative traits to them instead of pointing out the good. I know sometimes it's hard to see some good in some of our friends, our colleagues and things like... but you know what? Look it out and tell yourself, "I'm a blessed man. I don't look for the bad. I look for the good," amen? Praise the Lord, praise the Lord.

Now how did we come to all that? Anyway, "For as the days of a tree, so shall be the days of My people". God wants your days to be like days of a tree, like the California redwood can last to about 1,800 years. Wow. And an olive tree can last for 2,000 years. So, God gives you a picture. God says, you know, "I'm going to prolong your life, as the days of a tree". Oh, hallelujah, amen, amen. Let's believe God, amen? The Bible says, you know, that the last verse of Psalms 91 says, "With long life will I satisfy him". Now, notice God didn't say at what age, all right, he'll take you home. The criteria, that is your satisfaction. "With long life will I satisfy him". You're not satisfied at 90, just tell the Lord, "I'm still not satisfied". Then God says, "Go on, because I have promised with long life will I satisfy him".

And one of the things Jesus do at the cross is that at the age of 33, a very young man, he died on the cross. He died young so that you can live long, amen? And you will still bring forth fruit in your old, advanced age, amen? Just like Abraham. Hallelujah. Just like Caleb. Hallelujah. Friend, you know what we are talking about? Us being supernatural people in these last days with visions and dreams, prophetic anointing, possess your possessions. Don't become worldly. Don't think like the world. Don't think like in the natural. Don't start despising visions and dreams. "Oh, these people are all probably in the mental zone somewhere". No, no, no, we're not in the mental zone. We're in the hazon, friend, and the hazon is a zone of blessings, man. Amen, hallelujah.

When God anoints you with oil, like Psalms 92 that talks about, "You shall still bring forth fruit in your old age," in verse 10 it says "I shall be anointed with fresh oil". The next verse says "My eyes will also see". Notice the result, I'll be anointed with fresh oil. It affect your sight. My eyes shall also see victory over my enemies. My eyes shall also see. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Praise the name of Jesus. So, be aware when you read the Bible, that's why I spend time in the Word or listening to sermons that are full of the Word, because they all give you hazon vision. They give you the hazon vision on the inside, and then you see it. Or else, if you don't spend time in the Word or listening to the Word (you were designed for visions), somebody will replace the void, empty areas of your heart with visions.

And you know who that person is, right? The enemy will bring, and you know, if you're watching violence, all right, and sex, and you know, just watching filth and watching this person betraying this person, and all that kind of thing, you know, I'm not against people watching some good shows, you know, for times of relaxation with the family and all that, but be careful you don't step into the realm of filling your heart with all these visions of blood and gore and blood everywhere and the murders and all that. And your heart is full of that, and you go to bed. You're not going to have a hazon vision. You're gonna have a different kind of vision, amen, because you spend too much time in front of the television.

Now you've got a kind of vision that's definitely not from God, and it robs you of that peace and that sense of well-being, amen. And you even suspect, you know, your relationships, in your relationships you have bad thoughts about your partner and about your children and about the world, because you are watching the news all the time, and all you can see in your future, instead of a helmet of hope, which is a positive expectation of good in your future, you have a positive expectation of bad in the future, whether it's for you or for the world, you know? And that's not a good way to live, my friend, and that's why God wants us to spend time in his Word, amen? And one of the ways, amen, that you spend time also is to listen. Keep on listening to the Word, amen? One word from God can change your life, my friend, forever. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank God for his Word.

You know, when Adam and Eve sinned, when they fell in sin, the first thing that happened, the Bible says their eyes were opened, watch this. It says, "When the woman saw that the tree was good for food". Now, she hasn't even eaten from that tree, the tree that God forbid. God says, "Every tree in paradise, you may eat freely, but not this tree". But the devil deceived this woman, and the devil says, "You will not die". But note this. The devil played with her imagination, the eyes of her heart. The woman saw the tree was good for food. How does she know? She has never partaken before. So, it was in the imagination realm, that it was pleasant to the eyes.

That's why Jesus says, "Whoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already". In other words, what is in your imagination, to God is reality. We say it's just the imagination. God says it's reality. Notice that she saw the tree was good for food, pleasant to the eyes, a tree desirable to make one wise. Where did that vision come from? It's all vision. She saw. It was the devil. The enemy gave her a false vision. So, she took the fruit and gave it to her husband. She ate, gave it to the husband. They both ate.

Notice the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked. Now, God did not make man naked. God made man. In Psalms 8, you see that God says, "For you have made him a little lower than the angels," man, that is, "and you have crowned him," man, "with glory and honor". And this word crown is the Hebrew word attar, which is actually a globe surrounding you, amen? It's like a crown that envelopes you. You are in this cocoon. You are in this place of golden glory and splendor and beauty. It surrounds you. So, when Adam spoke, amen, the mammoths have to obey. When he spoke, even the dinosaurs have to obey. That's the authority, because when they look at him, they see the glory of God.

The Bible says, "All have sinned and come short". The word come short in the Jerusalem Bible says, "All have sinned and forfeited the glory of God". Poof! The glory disappeared, and man was naked, amen? He saw himself as naked. He saw himself without resources. He saw himself without. He saw the lack. He saw all the negative. Why? His eyes was opened. Now, God wanted their eyes to be open by the tree of life. See, God made Adam and Eve, and God left something untouched. God did not open their eyes automatically after he breathed life into them. God wanted them to make a choice. Either you open your eyes with the tree of life, or you open your eyes with the tree knowledge of good and evil. Man chose the latter. And as a result, that's why the world is fallen, amen? God never meant for earth to have earthquakes and famines and, you know, people's bodies to be wracked with sickness and pain.

You know, God wants paradise on earth, and that's how he made Eden for man. But God waited for man to choose. God didn't want to force man, but man chose the wrong side, amen? As a result, all right, all men has fallen, all have sinned and forfeited the glory of God that surrounded him, amen? But Jesus came, hallelujah. Jesus died for us on the cross, amen. Jesus rose again, hallelujah. He paid the price, amen, for all our sins. And not only that, he prayed this prayer. "Father, the glory that I had with you," amen, "I give to them". Hallelujah, amen? "I give to them the glory," amen? Jesus gave us the glory that man forfeited in the garden. Hallelujah, praise God.

Now we are crowned with glory and honor in Christ, amen? And in the unseen world, they can see it. Hallelujah. Glory means you are a heavyweight. It just feels like when you step into a place, a heavyweight has stepped into a place, amen? You are not light. One picture of the curse is light, but the picture of someone who is full of glory, amen, God has crowned the person with glory, is that it's heavy. The word kavod in Hebrew is also the same word for heavy. Hallelujah, amen, praise God.

So, when Adam and Eve sinned... you see, what happened when Jesus came, he restored everything. Remember when he rose from the dead? The very day he rose from the dead, he did something like, we don't ask the Lord for the revelation of it. You might think it's something so trivial, something so ordinary, something, you know, simple, which is to walk with two disciples who were feeling forlorn, and they were discouraged, and they were walking away from Jerusalem, back to their home in Emmaus, and Jesus came, and the Bible says that Jesus restrained their eyes from, remember when men opened his eyes by the wrong tree, he saw his lack, amen?

Now when they walk with Jesus, Jesus expound to them in the scriptures the things concerning himself, but their eyes were restrained. Why? Because Jesus want to give us the same opportunity and the privilege of seeing him in the scriptures, because he began to expound to them in the scriptures things concerning himself. So, he wants them not to see him and believe. He wants them to see him in the scriptures. And at the end of the journey, they walked into the house where they were, and there were two of them. In the beginning, there was two of them, Adam and Eve. In this scene, where Jesus was with them, there were two of them. And who's to say it's not Mrs. Cleopas, the other one. We know one of them is called Cleopas, but we're not told the other. It might be a husband and wife, just like in the beginning in the garden, when God walked with Adam and Eve.

Now Jesus walk with Cleopas and Mrs. Cleopas, and they went into the house, and Jesus took bread. And the Bible says, "It came to pass, He sat at the table with them. He took bread, blessed and broke it and gave it to them. Then their eyes were opened and they knew Him". Now their eyes are opened to the communion, amen, to the covenant meal. "Their eyes were opened, and they knew Him," not they knew their lack, they knew their shortcomings, they knew their negative traits, amen? They knew their destitute position.

No, no, no, it's not normal. They knew they were naked being without. They knew him, and to know him is supply. To know him, "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not lack," amen. To know him is to receive everything from God, hallelujah, because Jesus is everything. With him comes all things. "God who spared not his own Son, how will he not with him also freely give us all things"? The greatest knowledge is to know Jesus. "And their eyes were opened, and they knew Him; and He vanished from their sight. Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road"?

So, friend, a number of years ago when I read this, all of a sudden the Lord began to say this to me, and I never heard this being preached in this way. God says, "What was in Emmaus experience is the same as in the garden". So, I began to compare. That's when I realized that it could be Mrs. Cleopas. Two here and two here. The Lord walked with them in the cool of the day. The Lord walked with them here, amen? Their eyes were opened to see their lack, to see their nakedness, to see their condemned state, amen? Here their eyes were opened to know him, which is eternal life. Hallelujah. They saw him, amen. But what was the thing that opened their eyes to the dark side? The tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But what was the thing that opened their eyes to seeing him and knowing him? And knowing him is the word ginosko, which is complete knowledge of him. It was partaking of the Lord's Supper.

In other words, friend, if I compare them with the Garden of Eden, amen, compare and contrast, the covenant meal, when we receive the covenant meal, it's actually the tree of life for us today. They were supposed to partake of the tree of life, but instead they opened their eyes by the wrong tree, when God wanted them to open their eyes by the tree of life. But here, they opened their eyes by the tree of life, which is his broken body and his shed blood. And every time you partake of the Lord's Supper, amen, you know him more, you know him more. Every time you partake of the Lord's Supper, amen, you will not see your nakedness. You will not see your destitute position, amen? You'll not see your condemned state, but you will see the supply, the wholeness, the fulness in him. Amen, amen. And you will see your health and healing in the Lord. Hallelujah. Thank you, Lord Jesus, amen.

And that's why, you know, towards the end of last year, I did not know yet, you know, the hazon vision as the theme of the year, but I saw the Lord began to give me visions of people receiving his miracles, his healings, amen? I began to see people having breakthroughs in different areas of their life, and God said to me, "I want you to be faithful to call out those visions". And we have had so many testimonies and lives being transformed, bodies being healed, amen?

I'm seeing one right now. I'm seeing one right now, and I'm seeing someone who actually said to the Lord... you've been watching us for a number of times, and you're not a believer, but actually you said this: "I'm gonna watch one more time; and if this pastor is of God, he will say this, 'There's someone who is watching who have yet to make, you know, himself a Christian. But if you call out that situation, I will know this is from God.'" Well, I'm calling it out, because this is what the Lord is showing, because he loves you, my friend, amen? He gave his Son to become your sin offering at the cross, because he love you, amen? How will he not with him also freely give you all things? Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved in your house, amen? Today is the day of your salvation. Now is the accepted time, amen? Praise the Lord.

Someone else just received a diagnosis from the doctor. Actually, you went for the MRI scan and all that, and they are concerned because they have found some growths. I say some because it seems like there is more than one. One is a bigger growth than the other, and I see God, you know, it's like God's finger, the finger of God going to your brain right now and just squeezing those things dead, amen, healing you of those growths, in Jesus's name. You are healed, my friend. Amen, praise the Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus for doing it. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Praise the name of Jesus, amen.

Someone, you have a cataract on your right eye, and it seems like there's another smaller one here on the other side, but it seems like the right one is the one that's troubling you more. And right now I see the Lord like, you know, unveiling your eyes, just removing that problem area, like unveiling, amen, and now you can see even clearer, in Jesus's name. Thank you, Lord, for your healing. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, praise the Lord.

Someone has been experiencing chest pains up and down your chest area here, and you actually experienced that last night. I see you tossing and turning, and you've been very alarmed by it. You've been concerned about it. Right now, you feel power going through your body, amen. You feel power going through your body, as his strength is being reinfused into you, and you feel strong. You just feel strong right now, right now, as I speak, amen. Nonetheless, go to the doctor, have it checked out, amen, and see the testimony of the Lord. You are free, you are healed, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen? Praise the Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Again, I see someone with growths in your womb, and it's all shriveling up and drying up, amen, it's all dead. I see it first of all shrivels and then it just dies, amen. Praise the name of Jesus. The next appointment you have, they will find it no more, amen. Just like the Bible says, you'll look for your enemies and find his place no more. Hallelujah. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Now lift your hands all across this place, wherever you're watching this. I want to pray for you. Even if I didn't call out your healing, listen, God knows you, and he knows where you're at, amen? Just place your hand on the afflicted area, wherever it is, just place your hand. You don't know where to place your hand, just place your hand on your head.

Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you, because I see on that cross our Lord Jesus, our Savior, our Messiah, our Lord, bearing in his own body not just our sins, but also our diseases. I thank you, Lord, that this disease, Lord, that this brother and sister, Lord, is believing for healing, Lord, has been borne by you already. It's a done deal. That disease has no right to stay in that body. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command that disease to die. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command it to be plucked up out of your body and be planted in the sea, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Be healed from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And may your days from now on, may your days be as days of a tree, may be as long as the days of a tree. May you still bring forth fruit in your advanced age, flourishing and always green. Hallelujah. I pray for marriages of people that are watching right now. In the name of Jesus, even though your spouse is not watching, in the name of the Lord Jesus, I see a family that is blessed.

I see you, my friend, like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth your fruit in its season. And whatever you do, your leaf will never wither. You will stay forever green, forever young, amen, and whatever you do prospers. That's the Bible, and I'm speaking that over you, that vision is yours. Receive it. Your wife shall be a fruitful vine and your children like olive plants, amen, rejoicing, amen. You see the good in them, amen. You see the good in them. You make yourself, by the grace of God, see the good in them always.

There are times you deal with certain behavior problems in your children and all that, but after that you always see the good, even while you're dealing with that situation. You always see the good. You see the potential more than the negative trait. Hallelujah. I pray in Jesus's name that your families will be like lighthouse, amen, a beacon of light to all the families all around you, your concentric circle, that you know, who may not be saved, but they will see in your family a house that is blessed of the Lord, amen? Just like the house of Obed Edom, because the ark of the covenant is there, amen. It's not a perfect house, amen, not yet, hallelujah, until Jesus comes. But you know something? It is a house full of his blessing, amen, and we are learning. Even when God exposes our negative traits, it's always to bring us higher, amen, to bring us to greater. Hallelujah, praise the Lord, amen, hallelujah.

If you have not prayed to receive Jesus, to put your trust in him, as your own personal Savior and Lord, to make sure that you are safe, if ever your heart stops beating at any time, you know heaven is your home. You will wake up to heaven straight away, hallelujah, in the presence of the Lord forever. If you have not made Jesus your Savior and Lord, and my friend that I spoke about just now, pray this prayer with me right now.

Heavenly Father, I thank you that Christ died on the cross for my sins, that he rose from the dead for my justification. Jesus Christ is my Lord. Jesus Christ is my Lord and my Savior. I thank you, I'm righteous by the blood of Jesus. I thank you, all my sins are forgiven, remitted from my life. Thank you, Father, in Jesus's name.

Now fill your vision with a life that is blessed. Jesus said like this, now, let this vision sink in your heart. "I am come that you might have life and have it more abundantly". He didn't come so that you have more and more death and life in a meager, no, in a meager way, no way. He came that you might have life more abundant. See that as a picture right now. Amen, amen. See his supply. Be conscious of him. And best of all, ask him to fill your own heart with his vision for you this year, in the name of the Lord Jesus. Stand to your feet, if you can. Hallelujah, praise the Lord, amen.

You know, children are so precious. You know, there was a kid who actually learned about creation, just like, just now I talk about creation in Eden and all that. He learned that. The part that fascinated him was when God took a rib out of Adam to make Eve. So, one day the mother saw him lying down on a bed looking ill, and the mother said, "What's wrong"? Said, "I do not know. I have pain in my side. I think I'm getting a wife," amen? Lift your hands all across this place. You know, I feel there is an anointing, a special anointing, like the ark of the covenant wants to reside, the Lord Jesus wants to reside in your home in a new way, amen, being the center of your home. Will you allow him to do that? That your house may be blessed like the house of Obed Edom, amen? Lift your hands all across this place.

This coming week, the Lord bless you and the Lord keep you. The Lord bless you with the blessings of father Abraham, and the Lord keep you and your little ones from the COVID-19 virus, from every one of its mutation, and from every other infection, and from every disease, from every danger, harm, accident, tragedy, and from all the power of the evil one, through the blood of Jesus Christ. The Lord make his face shine on you and your families, be favorable to you. Surely, goodness and mercy is pursuing you even now, amen, and throughout this week goodness and mercy will pursue you. You enjoy his goodness this week. And the Lord lift up his countenance on every one of you and grant to you and your loved ones his shalom peace, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen?
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