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2021 online sermons » Joseph Prince » Joseph Prince - Firstborn Blessing: Receive God's Best

Joseph Prince - Firstborn Blessing: Receive God's Best

Joseph Prince - Firstborn Blessing: Receive God's Best
Joseph Prince - Firstborn Blessing: Receive God's Best
TOPICS: Blessing

Today I wanna share with you about the blessings of two brothers, Jacob and Esau, all right? Which would you rather be, hey, Jacob or Esau? We know that both were twins. They were not identical twins because one of them was really hairy. That's Esau. And the other one was Chinese. That's Jacob. He was smooth, and he loves to cook. All right, definitely Chinese. Okay, I know they are Jewish, this goes to Israel every night, so I know they are both Israelis, okay? Praise God. But the thing is that what what makes one the firstborn is the fact that he comes out first.

If the one that comes out first, all right, he comes out first, the fact that he's first that came out, even his brother comes right after, in this case, Jacob was grabbing the heel of Esau as Esau came out, so Jacob's name was "Grabber" or "Supplanter," "Replacer," in other words. And his brother Esau was the firstborn, so rightly entitled to the firstborn blessings, but as time went on, it was evident that Jacob has a heart for the firstborn blessing. He would love to have it, but he's not the firstborn. But then his brother Esau, on the other hand, has no heart for the firstborn blessings, and his brother came from hunting one day, and he was famished, he was hungry, he was tired, and he looked at the brother, and the brother was, the Bible, actually in Hebrew, it says he was cooking red lentils, so red lentils, okay? That's in the Hebrew.

And, actually, his brother Esau did a play on words in the Hebrew. His name "Esau," means "red," so he says, "Give the red to the red". All right, the brother says, "No, I won't give you anything until you promise me the birthright. Give me your birthright, the firstborn blessings". And the firstborn blessings is a double portion of something I will show you afterwards, the double portion. All right, receive double portion compared to all the siblings, and the firstborn blessings also include the anointing of a priest to help you worship, lead your family in worship; king, when you speak, demons flee, amen, mountains move, okay, and a prophet. You'll say things sometimes that's prophetic. You will say things to your children that's prophetic of the future, amen?

So this is the firstborn blessings. And Jacob has a heart for these blessings. He wanted these blessings. Later on, we'll break down the blessings in detail for you to see. But Esau has no heart, so Esau says, "You know what? What is the use of this blessing if I'm gonna die anyway"? Now, Singaporeans, missing one meal won't kill you, I promise you, all right? We feel like we're gonna die if we don't eat one meal, okay? So Esau was like that. You know, "What's the use of the blessing if I'm gonna die"? He won't die for missing one meal. So he ate the meal and promised his brother the firstborn blessing. So don't forget that: he actually sold his birthright. The time came for elderly Isaac, the father now, to give the blessings.

Okay, you all know the story. Won't go to the story how the mother actually favored the younger one, Jacob, and put Jacob, because the father's eyes can't see in his old age, and put a hairy, you know, skin of the goats on his brother so that he will appear as if he's Esau. So Isaac did not know it was not Esau but Jacob in front of him, and let's follow the story now. Praise God. "Isaac, his father, said to him, 'Come near now and kiss me, my son.' And he came near and kissed him", daddies, it's okay to kiss your boy. By the time this blessing was about to be given, Jacob was pretty mature already, and yet his father kissed him, amen. "He came near and kissed him, and he smelled the smell of his clothing, and blessed him", say, "blessed him".

I want you to know that, that these words that follow from the mouth, that proceeds from the mouth of Isaac the father, is a blessing. Later on, when you look at Esau, it's not a blessing. There's no words that precede the blessing with the word "blessed," all right? No preceding word of "blessed," but here is the word blessed, "and said, 'Surely, the smell of my son is like the smell of a field which the Lord has blessed". Next, watch this now. Now the blessing begins: "Therefore may God give you". Now, every blessing, the best blessing... how many want the best blessings God has? You're not the type of believer that settle for, you know, "I just wanna be blessed like every other believer in every other church and in every other assembly, and I'm okay. I'm not that type". Oh, you are a spiritual glutton: "God, the best blessings, nothing less, the best and no more," amen? You are a spiritual glutton. You are like Jacob. You want the firstborn blessings. How many want that?

Well, you're about to hear the firstborn blessings. The firstborn blessing has got to do with God giving you, not you earning by your own efforts. "May God give you". If God gives you, no one can take away. If God gives you, no demon, no deacon can remove from you. If God gives you... you understand, everything in my life, I want it to be a gift from God. I want my health to be from God. I want my marriage to be from God. I want God to give me all these things. Like I said before, some of the things that you tried to achieve on your own effort are the very things God wants to give you anyway. He wants to give it to you. The problem is, if you try to achieve it by your own efforts, some years may lapse.

Some time may go by. You might lose a lot of things in the process, not to mention the years that go by, but if God gives it to you, all right, in one fell swoop, you can receive it, amen, even health. You know, if you're really gotta exercise all the time and watch your diet all the time, all right, that's one way, all right, but through a lot of torture, all right, you come to a place of fitness, not necessary health, fitness. Health comes from God. May God give you. May God give you all his blessings, his gifts, amen, so that's in the firstborn blessing: May God give you. God's name is invoked here. Later on, you'll find in Esau, all right, in Esau's blessing, so to speak, not the firstborn blessing, but leftover blessing, there is no mention of God. The name God doesn't appear, okay?

So here in Jacob's blessing, the firstborn blessing, "May God give you the dew of heaven and the fatness of the earth, and plenty of grain and wine. Let people serve you, and nations bow down to you". Okay, you're not excited. Okay, let me just say this: "Let corporations and companies serve you. Let banks bow down to you". Okay, I must speak 21st century language, all right? "Be master over your brethren". That's what he means actually, you know? Back in that culture and age, "Be master over your brethren. Let your mother's sons bow down to you. Cursed be everyone who curses you, and blessed be those who bless you".

Now, God says very clearly this is the blessing of, God first mentioned this to Abraham. So it's passed on, all right, now to the grandson Jacob. "All those who curse you are cursed, all those who bless you are blessed". You look at the nation of Israel today. By the way, this curse can be verbal or written. "Blessed" can be verbal or written. God says, "Anyone that comes against you, I'll come against them. Anyone that blesses you, I'll bless them". So this blessing today is ours. Are you listening? You look at every empire, every kingdom that came against Israel, the Assyrians are gone. The Romans conquered Israel during the time of Christ. The Romans are gone. And they're not perfect, by the way. God didn't set his love on you because you are perfect. It's because God set his grace on you. Are you listening, church?

So, anyway, this blessing is now ours, okay? "Those who verbally or in writing come against you," God says, "I'll come against them. Those who bless you, I'll bless them. It's a dangerous thing to come against you". Now, don't be proud, okay? That's why Jesus says, "Bless those who curse you". No, he didn't say, "Bless those who bless you". Who said that? Jesus said... oh, man, now we gotta teach you the Sermon on the Mount all over again. No, he didn't say that. Some of them shouted, "Bless you," "Bless those who bless you". No, no, Jesus says, "If you bless those who bless you, how special are you? Even the heathens do the same," all right? If you thank those who thank you, how different are you? No, Jesus says, "Bless those who curse you," because you know why? There are repercussions for those who curse you, amen?

So the blessing is on you, folks. Turn to your neighbor and say, "He's talking about me". The blessing is on you. I said the blessing is on you, amen? Okay, watch this now. Praise God. Now, this is the blessing of God via Isaac to his son Jacob. Now, all the while, he was blessing him in ignorance, thinking that it was Esau, but nonetheless, later on, when Esau came in, Isaac the father said, "I have blessed your brother, and he is blessed, and I cannot reverse it". Do you know the blessing of God on you cannot be reversed, not even by you. No action of yours can reverse the blessing of God on your life. Your blessing is irreversible. Turn to your neighbor and say, "My blessing is irreversible". You wanna clap? Clap to the Lord, amen, praise God, hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. Irreversible.

So the Bible tells us, right after that, his brother came in, verse 30, "Esau heard the words of his father", now we are jumping through this, verse 34 now. So the father just got through saying, "I have blessed him, and he's blessed, and I cannot reverse it". So the brother came in. He came in late. By now Jacob was out of the house already, and "Esau heard the words of his father. He cried an exceedingly great and bitter cry", that's a real cry, "and said to his father, 'Bless me also, O my father!'" The exclamation point tells us it was really emotional, really loud, "Bless me".

Do you know, there's a cry in every child's heart, "Bless me, Daddy, bless me, Mommy". And you know what? Even when they grow old and they're 50 years old, 60 years old, the cry is still in that heart. You know, parents, you have a power in your mouth that their gangs, their peers, their colleagues don't have. Their friends can tell them, "You are cool, man, you are great, man," but it won't have the same effect as when a father says, "I'm so proud of you. I'm so glad you're born into this family. You are so precious to me. You are my favorite". There's nothing like a father's, and especially when, a grown man even.

I remember hearing about grown man who heard about his dying father who never, he's not the expressive type, but the father told someone how he greatly admires his son. He never heard about how the father admired him, how he's so proud of him, and he heard from a third party, and he cried tears because his father never told him that, but that did something in his life. Something was released because he knew his father was proud of him. And when Jesus came out of the waters of baptism, the Father says, "You are my beloved Son. In you I am well pleased," before he did one miracle, amen, church? No matter how old you are, you're crying out for "Bless me, Abba, bless me". And that's Esau's cry.

"But the father said, 'Your brother came in deceit and has taken away your blessing.' Esau says, 'Is he not rightly named Jacob?'" And so the name Jacob means what? "Supplant," "Replace", "For he has supplanted me these two times. Took away my birthright. Now look, he has taken away my blessing". What's there to complain, Esau? You sold him, don't forget, the red over the red. "Have you not reserved a blessing for me"? He told the father, "Father, you got anymore blessing left"? Any reserve, at least, reserve somewhere? So the father dig into goodie bags of blessings. You must understand, the best has been given out. I said the best has been given out.

So he found something, okay? He found something. He pull it out, and there's no word "bless" here, but note here what the Father said: "Isaac answered and said to Esau, 'Indeed I have made him your master, and all his brethren'", now, he's not blessed yet, by the way, I'm sorry. He's about to bless. But look at this: "'Indeed I've made him your master, and all his brethren I have given to him as servants, with grain and wine I've sustained him. What shall I do now for you, my son?' 'Have you only one blessing, my father? Bless me also, O my father!' Esau lifted his voice".

Now the father blesses him. All right, verse 39, but the word "blessed" is not there. In other words, you can call it a blessing, yet not a blessing, all right? It's a leftover. And this is what the father said. "The father answered", notice it doesn't say the father "blessed him". Like Jacob just now, the father blessed him, smelled his garments and blessed him and said, "God give you the dew of heaven". Here there's no word "blessed," all right? "So the father says, 'Behold, your dwelling shall be of the fatness of the earth, and of the dew of heaven from above. By your sword you shall live,'" wow, "and you shall serve your brother, and it shall come to pass, when you become restless, you shall break his yoke from your neck".

Now listen carefully. Doesn't say, "God give you the dew of heaven, the fatness of the earth," as in Jacob's case. Here it says, "Your dwelling shall be the fatness of the earth". Now, what's the difference, "Your dwelling shall be the fatness of the earth"? I want you to know something, okay? When you read this in the NIV and the NASB, it says, "Your dwelling shall be far from the earth, from the fatness of the earth". Rabbis today are divided about how this verse should interpret. One group says they agree, and the NASB agree with them, saying it should say, "Your dwelling shall be far from the fatness of the earth," but another group of rabbis says the word "far" is not there, all right? It says, "Your dwelling," as it is, "is of the earth".

So the New King James maintains that and other translation maintains that. So I just need to let you know that even scholars are divided on this. Now I believe, all right, based on historical facts as well, that "Your dwelling shall be of the fatness," not away from, but "shall be of the fatness". It's one thing, you dwell there, but you don't own it. God gave it to Jacob, but Esau is dwelling on it. Now, based on historical facts, the history of Esau, later on, much with Ishmael, all the way now, and, you know, the fatness of the earth is the black oil under their feet, okay? So they are dwelling there. They are not dwelling away from the fatness of the earth. They are dwelling on the fatness of the earth, okay? Are you with me? But Jacob owns it. God gave it to Jacob. God says, "May God give you the dew of heaven and the fatness of the earth".

Now, which is better, for you to live in someone's house, renting it, or you own it? You own it. Oh, you are Singaporeans. Of course, you know that, right? Do I need to ask you that question? But the thing is this: it's the same thing. The same thing. Esau dwells there, dwells in the fatness of the earth, but Jacob owns it. Are you with me? "By your sword you shall live". You know what that means? Today we live in a cutthroat, competitive society in the world today. It's really literally by cutthroat. Everyone is trying to cut the competitor, cut here, cut there. Literally they live by the sword. "Sword" speaks of strife, speaks of fights, quarrels, suing, countersuing. "By your sword you shall live".

What a sad life. Whereas for Jacob's blessing, "God give you the dew of heaven". "Sword" is not mentioned. Everything is received because God gives you. When God gives you, you do not compete. I said, you do not compete. God don't have to bless you, all right, listen carefully, God never has to bless somebody at your expense. He's a big God. God doesn't have to take from A to give to B and then take from C to give to A. That's human commerce. God is rich. God is big. The more he gives, the more he has. He's never impoverished. In fact, you can say he's inexhaustible, especially when he gives. All right, watch this. Go back to Jacob's blessings, the firstborn blessing, the best blessing, because this is what you want, right?

Notice, "The dew of heaven" comes first, and then "the fatness of the earth". The priority is heaven and then earth. Look at Esau's leftover blessing. Leftover blessing. "Your dwelling shall be the fatness", earth comes first, and then the dew of heaven, second. In other words, God wants you to have the fatness of the earth, church. It's not as if, you know, you follow God, you have to give up the fatness of the earth. No, God did not say that. God says, all right, "I want you to put the dew of heaven first". Heaven comes first, and then earth. Many people put earth first and then think of heaven, and that's a leftover blessing. Are you living in the leftover, or are you living in the firstborn, the richest blessings?

Okay, follow now to the blessing of Jacob again. "God give you the dew of heaven". What is the dew of heaven? What is the fatness of the earth? "And plenty of grain and wine". What is plenty of grain and wine? "Well, Pastor Prince, don't you know? The land of Israel is famous for, early in the morning, all right, the dew is on the grass, and then the fatness of the earth, and then they are also famous for their grain, their barley, and their wheat, all right, and wine". Well, well, listen, all right, if all these blessings are natural, you don't need the firstborn blessings. You only have to be a farmer 'cause every morning you wake up, whether you are a descendant of Abraham or not, all right, even you're a Canaanite, Perizzite, Amorites, whatever you are, you're in the land of Canaan, you wake up in the morning. There's dew on the grass. You wake up, and you have a vineyard. You have grain. You have barley.

Obviously, he's not referring to natural because, if it's referring to natural, everybody has it in this land of Canaan. Everybody wakes up with dew. So obviously he's referring to spiritual truths, and that's why it is coveted after. These blessings are special, these blessings of the firstborn blessings, okay? Are you ready? All right, let's see, what's dew of heaven? What's dew of heaven? What's dew a picture of? Look at Proverbs 19. Proverbs 19. "The king's wrath is like the roaring of a lion, but his favor is like dew on the grass". Hey, the King, Jesus's favor in your life is like dew, like dew on the grass, amen. "God give you the dew of heaven" means "God give you the favor of heaven". Amen, "God give you the favor of heaven".

Some years ago, I read this: "The king's wrath is like the roaring of a lion," and the Bible tells us "Satan goes around like a roaring lion". What does that mean? He makes you feel that a king is angry of you. Notice, "The king's wrath is like the roaring of a lion," so when Satan goes around like a roaring lion, he always makes you feel like it's Jesus condemning you, it is Jesus accusing you, it's Jesus finding fault with you, it's Jesus angry at you. Whenever you hear a sermon preached, you read a book, or you talk to someone and you are left with the impression the King is angry of you, you have just been wrought at by the devil, okay? He impersonates the King's wrath. Today listen, the King is no longer angry with you. God was angry before, but all his anger was exhausted at the cross judicially in the body of Christ, okay? Amen, today his favor shines on us. "His favor is like", what? "Dew on the grass".

So dew is a picture of heaven. God gave you the dew of heaven. That's the first blessing, the dew of heaven be on your life. I'm telling you, regardless of your shortcomings, whether you have some physical handicap, you might not be as pretty as your colleague or someone that you esteem as beautiful, and you might be greatly curtailed because of your studies, your level of education, and you don't have enough talents or enough qualifications, but let me tell you this. What God is saying to you today is this: you don't need all those things. God give you the favor of heaven.

There are people that you meet, and it's so true, and many of them are from this church, I'm happy to say. People say of you, "Who are you? The new kid on the block, and you close this big deal? What is this company? What does she have that I don't? What's with him? There's something about him". And they don't have an answer for that. It's called the dew of heaven, the favor of heaven. What you need, folks, is, if heaven favors you, I'm telling you, angels go to work for you. If heaven frowns, God help you, who can help you? A thousand, ten thousand times ten thousand cannot help you, amen. No bank can help you, amen. You want God's dew on your life. God give you the dew of heaven, church. I said, God give you the dew of heaven, the favor of heaven, amen?

"And the fatness", go back again, "and the fatness of the earth". God give you the dew of heaven and, by the way, talkin' about dew, you know, Gideon, when the Lord appeared to Gideon, and the Lord says, "Hail, mighty warrior," he says, "God, where is the God of miracles"? You know, and he was hiding from the enemies, the Midianites, and the Bible tells us, he says, "God, if you called me, give me a sign," all right? And God says, "What's a sign"? Says, "Tomorrow I'm gonna place a piece of wool on the ground on the grass. Tomorrow, when I wake up, let the surrounding grass around the wool be entirely dry, but let the wool be wet with dew," okay?

And the next day, he woke up, and the ground surrounding the wool was entirely dry. He took the wool. It was wet, so much so, that, when he squeezed it, the Bible says one bowlful of water. That's how much the dew was. Then, "God, can I ask one more"? And God said, "What is it"? "Tomorrow, Lord, tomorrow, if you called me, then tomorrow", all right, now the opposite, "let the fleece of wool become completely dry, and let all the ground around be completely wet". And the next day, it was so. The wool was completely dry.

Now, he didn't realize that he just gave an illustration of the Gospel because Jesus Christ is that wool, the Lamb of God, all right? He is that wool, the Lamb of God, and when he came, everyone was dry, dry in their relationships, dry in their health, dry in their minds, their emotions, dry in their spirit-man. They were all dry, and unclean spirits love dry places, the Bible tells us. Jesus is the only one full of dew, amen. And he went about doing good and healing all those who were dry. In order for him to dispense the dew on all of us at the cross, the fire of God's judgment fell on Jesus, and the one that's full of dew became dry so that all of us can be full of dew, hallelujah. That's how the dew comes on us, amen? Praise the Lord, hallelujah.

Tell somebody, "I have the dew of heaven. How about you"? If you do a search on the word "dew," you'll find that there's this phrase, "The dew of his youth". The dew brings youthfulness. The dew makes you young, amen. Next blessing: God give you plenty of grain and wine, plenty of grain and wine. Again, it's not natural. It's not talking about the land, all right, geographical position and material grain, material... no, no, because if that is so, you only had to be a farmer. You don't need the firstborn blessings, right? So what is "plenty of grain and wine"? Grain makes what? Bread. Wine? Bread and wine? What does it talk to you of today? What spiritual truth is God hiding here? Communion. Amazing. Who taught you all that?

I love this church. Man, I'm telling you, you are amazing. How do you get bread? Surely, you pluck from the barley or from the wheat, and surely it's bread, no, you have to crush it. You have to pound it. You have to flick it in the air, grab it, turn it around, punch it, knead it, then press it, throw it again, press it, then put it in the oven. Do you see the cross? And that's why he was beaten. That's why he was crushed, and "With his stripes we are healed," amen? It comes at a great cost, and the Bible says, if you discern the Lord's body, how it was beaten, how it was battered, you'll have healing for your body.

What about the wine? How do you get the wine? You grab the grape. You bite into the grape. You get wine? No, what do you do? You gotta pound on it. You gotta step on it. You gotta dance on it, you know? You gotta... Okay, not that kind of dance in those dance, okay? More like Easternly dance, okay? But you dance on the, you know, they trample on the grape. That's what happened to Jesus. They trampled on him. They spat on him so that he'll provide the wine for us. Blood was all over the place. In fact, it was a bloody spectacle there on the cross. He was covered with his blood, and Jesus said, "This is my body," on the night before he was crucified. "This cup is the New Covenant in my blood, shed for the forgiveness of sins".

Of all the times in a man's life, the most important time, the most important time to hear his words is at the end. What institution, what sacrament, whatever he institutes is the most important. In fact, I tell you something. It is so important that, when Jesus rose from the dead, he had Communion. Remember, in the house of Emmaus, the couple, Cleopas and his wife Mary? All right, he went to their house, and he had Communion with them. That was on the same day he rose from the dead in the morning. I mean, it's almost like Jesus says, "I can't wait. I'm gonna have Communion with my disciples".

The other day, I was meditating on this again, just this past week, and the Lord said to me, "Don't forget, their eyes were held back by the Lord". There's a holy restraint on their eyes. They did not recognize Jesus. Watch this: The moment they took the bread, their eyes opened. And this is what the Lord Jesus said to me: "Son, even God cannot hold back the eyes that he has shut when they take Communion". Communion is so powerful, they cannot be wholly restrained because the body has been ordained to give you health, and the blood wisdom, life, forgiveness, amen? Are you with me?

"All right, Pastor, where's the anointing oil"? I'm glad you asked. "May God give you the dew of heaven and fatness of the earth". Turn to your neighbor and say, "Fatness of the earth". Someone says, "Well, Pastor Prince, I am definitely blessed with it". No, no, that's not referring to the kind of... all right? What is the "fatness of the earth"? What is the "fatness of the earth"? Do you know, the Hebrew word here is "mishman". "Mishman". Say, "mishman". Whenever you see an "M" in front of a word like "maaser," "aaser," it makes the word a noun, okay? "Mishman" is a noun, all right? "Fatness". But let me show you the Hebrew, okay? "Mishman" is spelled like this, "mem," reading from right to left, "shin," "mem," again, "nun," elongated "nun," "mishman". "Mishman," if you remove the "mem," the first letter, you have "shemen," "olive oil". It's the fatness of the olive oil.

So God hid in the best blessing, in the firstborn blessings, God hid the mystery of the holy Communion and the anointing oil, and God says, "With these things you will prosper in area of your life. With these things, you have the best and the chiefest and the choicest and the most excellent blessings compared to anyone else," amen. Are you listening? "But, Pastor Prince, you know, I tried it one time", wow, you tried it one time, "and nothing happened". You sure pursued it, didn't you? "I tried twice, but it didn't happen". That's why in the blessing it says, go back to the blessing again: "Plenty of grain and wine". The blessing is "plenty of grain and wine". You don't just take it once a week. You must take it plentifully. The blessing is plenty of grain and wine.

Plenty. Say, "plenty". You know, our revelation is not yet plenty. Some of you, I know, you take it only once a week. Why? You know, just hopefully something happens, lah. At least I take it. But you're in a revelation. Man, I'm telling you, you wanna take it daily. Back in the olden days, in the time of Moses, a rich man, materially rich, okay, physically rich, I mean, all right? He will bring an ox for a burnt offering, but a poor man, all right, physically poor, he will bring a pair of birds, doves, okay? So, and, likewise, today, if you are spiritually rich, you have a revelation. That makes you really rich spiritually. You bring a bullock-sized revelation of the Communion. God wants you plenty of grain and wine, and God calls it the firstborn blessings. So you have the oil.

Back to blessing. You have the fatness. You have the plenty of grain and wine. "Then people will serve you". Then, you know, things will happen around you. Those who curse you will be cursed. Those who bless you will be blessed. We have testimonies of people who anoint their car. Never buy a car without anointing it after a few days, amen? You now, my car has come to near-miss accidents and all that, and I have no doubt it's because the four corners has been anointed. It's an oily car, not only having oil inside. They got black oil inside and got golden oil outside. Hey, all the things that happen in the world today can pass over you, amen? But the blessings of God will never, it comes all over you. Can I have a good "amen," church?

Now, for some reason, when demons see you, demons are really, really frightened when they see a child of God with bread in one hand and the cup in the other hand. You never look more frightening than when you're like this. It reminds him of Melchizedek. This is our weapons. To them, it's like nuclear combustion. This combination will explode them, all right? They're so afraid when they see the bread and the wine, amen? People think they must come with guns and all that. Come with bread and wine against cancer, against disease, against HIV, against all kinds of diseases, and this will produce much more, but the trouble is that man's mind is always wanna be intelligent: "How can a piece of bread and a piece of cup produce this big healing, you know"?

If you think about it, the entire fall of man happened with eating, so God ordain in such a way, everything is reversed back to the blessings of paradise by eating, but eating the Lord's body and drinking his blood, amen. Something instinctive, even in the deep jungles of the Amazon, there are tribes that still practice cannibalism, and then, you know what they do? They drink the blood of the enemy. For some reason, they will drink the blood of the enemy. They believe they get power from drinking the blood of their enemy. Now, instinctive in them, they do not know, all right? Instinctive in them. God already ordained that we should drink the blood of our Savior that was shed for us, and that's where true power comes.

The devil like to pervert everything that God has. Are you with me? Today the physical descendants, all right, doesn't really matter if you are Jacob or Esau because, in Christ, the physical thing don't matter anymore, male or female, all right, Greek or Jew, doesn't really matter as long as you're in Christ, amen? But the physical descendants of Esau and Ishmael are actually enjoying black oil. Black oil. Say, "black oil". Now, black oil, many of you, you prefer to have black oil, invest in black oil than golden oil, the anointing oil. Why? Wow, black oil can have you a private jet. My wife can go to Paris every week, go to Hong Kong.

Some of you are thinking, "Wow, you know, those people who are tycoons, you know, billionaires, they invest in petrol. They invest in gas and oil. Black oil will make me wealthy". You can see the big house. You do not know what goes on in their house. They can buy a bed, all right, even the bed stand is made of solid gold, but only God can give you sleep, all right? You can have a big house. Only God can give you a wonderful family, amen. You know, Lot went by his eyes. Saw the well-watered plains of Jordan. He doesn't know what's going on inside. You look at a big house and someone's big car and all that, and your car is small, but you do not what... how blessed you are. You do not know what goes on in their house. You only see with physical eyes. Because black oil can only give you one area of blessing. It's the blessing of God, nonetheless.

God blessed Ishmael, amen. It's a good blessing, all right? But it's not the blessing that brings every blessing. That's in the golden oil, whatever you anoint. Man, I'm telling you. Are you with me? Church, realize this: You don't know everything that's going on. There are families are billionaires, and the families are suing one another. There are people in divorce courts, wealthy but unhappy. So don't think for one moment that you have been left behind. "Somewhere along the way, Lord, you gave the blessings. You forgot me". No, he didn't forget you. You are spared from all those things, and it doesn't mean that you don't have the good life. All right, God will bless you. We'll see some more, okay? But we need to wrap up everything.

Look at Deuteronomy... man, time is flying. I got so many verses I wanna give you, and I hardly can give you the verses. I wanna show you, you know, Deuteronomy 28, Deuteronomy 7. Deuteronomy 7, please. Notice, because of time, I said two verses, but actually I forgot all these verses. I need to give you these verses, okay? You can take home with you. Deuteronomy 7, God will, first area, "bless the fruit of your womb, bless your grain, your new wine, your oil". Underline that, "your grain, your new wine, your oil". When God blesses that first, then comes this verse 14: "You shall be blessed above all peoples".

You shall be blessed, New Creation Church, above all Singaporeans. "You shall be blessed above all peoples. There shall not be a male or female barren among you," amen, but the first area is God blesses the grain, the wine, and the oil, the Communion and the anointing oil. Then, "You are blessed above all people," then, "not a male or a female will be barren".

If you're believing God for a child, have Communion every day, anoint your womb with the oil. If you are the man, you know, men in the world, as they advance, they go advance in years, they have problems in the area of their prostate and things like that. Well, it's time for men to anoint themselves. Don't ask me where. Just anoint. It'll be ungentlemanly for me to elaborate. "You mean my ear"? Yeah, your ear, all right? So that's the first area.

Don't forget the Communion and the oil, and God says, "There will not be a male barren, and there'll not be a female barren and even among your", cats and your dogs, see "your livestock" down there? Unless you do something to them. Not only that, the next verse tells us, "And the Lord will take away", let's all read this together: "And the Lord will take away from you", some sickness? a few sickness? Sometimes God heals some sickness? Wow, "All". All. "And the Lord will take away from you all sickness, and will afflict you with none of the terrible disease", you see, God calls diseases terrible.

All right, God hates diseases as much as God hates sin. Until you realize that, you'll not be healed. You must know that God hates diseases as much as he hates sin because they are the same tree, and Jesus took both at the cross. The Lord will take away. You had it, but he took it away. How many sickness? All sickness, and it comes first in the area of grain, I mean, grain, wine, and oil, okay?

Now, in Deuteronomy 28, the famous chapter on blessing and cursing, when it come to the cursing, the first area you must note, whenever the enemy comes in your life, the first area he wants to remove is the grain, the wine, and the oil. Look at the cursing chapter in Deuteronomy 28. It says, "The Lord will bring a nation against you from afar, from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flies", stop here for a while. I just wanna remind you that the Romans that conquered Israel, their emblem is the eagle. Hitler, the Nazis, their emblem is also the eagle, and both oppressed the Jews, and God already mentioned that, if they leave the Lord, this will happen to them, okay? But thank God Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law.

But look there, God calls them a "nation of fierce countenance, which does not respect the elderly nor show favor to the young". Notice, when the enemy comes in your life, the first area they attack: "They shall eat the increase of your livestock and the produce of your land, until you're destroyed. They shall not leave you grain or new wine or oil". Always remember this, all right, even though all this happened in the natural to Israel, okay, the natural, Israel, I want you, the spiritual Israel, to know this, church.

Listen carefully, all right. God is saying, when the enemy comes, the first purpose, the first thing he want to remove is the grain, the wine, and the oil, and he has done that in many, many churches from the first century daily until it is once a year. Twice a year, they partake of the Communion. Some places, bimonthly, some places, once a month. Do you know why we are so radical? Wanna give you plenty of grain and wine. Wanna give you the firstborn blessings, amen.

"Well, Pastor Prince, I just believe that you must tell the people not to be so superstitious about the oil and the", hey, when people talk like that, look at their life first with all their non-superstitiousness, how super-blessed are they? Amen. No, of course, that's why I'm teaching where there is no revelation, there is superstition. Where there's revelation, there is faith, not superstition. Are you listening, people? There's not, yeah, we know there's nothing inherently powerful or anointed about the oil, the olive oil, or the grape juice or the bread. Of course, we know that, but when we pray, the anointing comes on it, amen.

I wish I have time to show you the book of Job, how God says, "I'll bless your corn, your wine, your oil". But because of time, I'm gonna show you the last two passages, okay, all right, ready? Real quick, okay. This one is important for you to realize the sequence. There's a chain that brings your answer to heaven, and heaven responds. Would you like to see it? It's found in Hosea chapter 2. Hosé, Hosé, Hosee, Hosea. Hosé. Chapter 2.

God said of Israel: "She did not know that I gave her grain, new wine, and oil, and multiplied her silver and gold, which they prepared for Baal". So God has said because Israel is her bride and Israel did not know God gave her grain, wine, and oil, and God multiplied her silver and gold, you see? Multiplying silver and gold, God deems as a blessing from him, okay? Its not a curse. Okay, but instead she used all these things for the devil, Baal. Okay, drop down. "I'll betroth you to me in faithfulness, and you shall know the Lord. It shall come to pass in that day," God says, watch this now. "I will answer".

How many want answers from God, from heaven? Okay, listen carefully. This is how heaven responds. "I will answer". God says, "I will answer the heavens". So God answered the heavens. Heaven is saying something to God. For God to say, "I answer the heavens," heaven is saying something to God, right? So God says, "I'll answer the heavens, and the heavens will answer the earth". So earth is saying something to heaven because heaven is not answering the earth. So what is the earth saying to heaven so that heaven can say to God? Would you like to see the next verse? Next verse: "The earth shall answer with grain, new wine, and oil". When on earth God finds grain, wine, and oil, there's a response from heaven and there's a response from God. Are you listening, church?

So earth must answer. Every problem, what is answer? With every problem that comes your way, earth must respond with grain, wine, oil. The Lord's Supper and the anointing oil, amen. Respond with that, heaven responds, God responds, amen. Thank you, Jesus, hallelujah. God says, "They shall answer Jezreel". The name means God sows. "I will sow her for myself in the earth, I'll have mercy on her who had not obtained mercy; I'll say to those who were not my people, 'You are my people!' And they shall say, 'You are my God!'" So you must respond with every challenge and conflict, all right, or spiritual attack with grain, wine, and oil, and heaven will respond to you and God will respond to heaven, okay?

Now, in closing, the last passage and we'll close. Jacob and Esau, at the end. Now, which one are you gonna become? Which blessing do you want? Jacob's or Esau's? All right, black oil? Golden oil, which gives you everything. Now, watch this. Many years transpire. We'll close with this. Many years transpire. The last Jacob saw his brother's face, it was sour. His brother was full of hatred. His brother had revenge in his heart, full of bitterness and Jacob left the house, actually fled from his brother's face.

Many years after, he had children, a number of wives. He heard his brother's coming and now his brother is mighty warrior, he's a warring nomad, okay? Quite mad at his brother when he left, but now he's wandering around, living a life of a nomad, but became a large company of people, okay? That is Esau. And Jacob hears Esau is coming. So you know what Jacob did? Jacob put right in front all the handmaids and the servants and their children. There's the first group to meet Esau. Then, the next group is Leah. Obviously, he didn't love Leah that much, isn't it? Leah and her sons, all right, came next. Then, Rachel, his favorite wife, and their son, Joseph, okay? Benjamin wasn't born yet. And he was last.

So they went like this to meet Esau and Esau came on a horse, dressed in red, long hair, bandanna, eye shadow. Yeah, a bit, all right? And he rode towards him and Esau saw all these things and Esau says: "What do you mean by all this company which I met"? But this is the first time they met after many years. "These are to find favor in the sight of my lord". All right, Jacob said that. Esau says, "I have enough, my brother". So, now, this nomad is no longer mad. Obviously, God gave favor to Jacob. Favor is working right here, amen. He says, "Brother," he says, "I have enough. Keep what you have for yourself. I have enough".

You see the word, "I have enough"? In the Hebrew, it is not the word "enough". It is the word "rab". Rab. Say "rab". All right, rab means plenty. Esau says, "Brother, keep all this. I have plenty". In the New International Version, it says, "I already have plenty, my brother. Keep what you have for yourself". Okay, rab. The word is rab. But look at Jacob's response, and we'll close with this. Jacob said, "No, please, if I have now found favor in your sight," now this guy can really flatter, "Receive my present from my hand, inasmuch as I've seen your face as though I had seen the face of God, and you were pleased with me".

Now watch this. All right, this is Jacob's response, this part here, watch this. "Please, take my blessing that is brought to you, because God has dealt graciously with me". The word "grace" is there; "chanan" in Hebrew from chen, which is grace. Chanan. God has dealt grace with me. So notice that in all of Esau's words just now, he says, "I have plenty. Keep what you have," God is not mentioned. God is not in Esau's consciousness, but look at Jacob. It's so beautiful. Jacob says, "God has dealt favorably with me". "God has dealt with me in grace," all right? And he says, "And because," look at that. "'And because I have enough.' So he urged him, and he took it".

Now, watch this. Jacob also said, "Enough". I don't know why the New... I mean, the New King James does not translate the way the Hebrew says it, all right? But the new translations do. Here, he says, "Enough" as well. But this is not rab. It is not the Hebrew word "rab" for plenty. It is the Hebrew word "kol," K-O-L. And kol means everything. You know, in Hebrew, you ask your Jewish friend, kol, K-O-L, kol, what is it? He'll tell you, "everything". Ya kol, Israel. Everyone in Israel. There's a song that goes "Ya kol Israel," all right? Everyone in Israel. Every blessing in totality. That's the word that Jacob used. I have everything. Look at the New International Version: "Please accept the present for God has been gracious to me and I have all I need".

Look up here. This is the firstborn blessings, all right? Other people have plenty, but you have everything you need. You have all things. You have everything. The Bible say in the New Testament, "All things are yours". Things, things, all things are yours, amen, amen. You don't know what goes behind a large house, you don't know what goes behind wealthy people. You cannot envy them without knowing the full story. But you, you are to be envied. You have the peace of God because you have peace with God. You see things in the Scriptures that no one else sees, and best of all, you are blessed with the chiefest and the choicest blessings, the firstborn blessings. Indeed, God has given you the dew of heaven and the fatness of the earth. And you know what you have? Wake up. You have all things. You have all things. Which is better? Have plenty or have everything? Everything, amen. Give Jesus the praise, hallelujah, amen.

Every head bowed, every eye closed. Everywhere that's watching this, if you are here today, my friend, we love you. We know that you are here by divine appointment. God has an appointment for you, and God loves you and he has directed you to be here. You know, you look at yourself and you find yourself in this church. You know that in and by itself, it is a miracle. Why? Because God wanted you to hear what you heard today. God wants you blessed. God wants your heart full of peace. God wants your body healthy. God wants you to prosper in every area of your life.

The only hindrance is our sins. Our sins stand as a barrier between God and man. But 2000 years ago, God took care of that. God sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for all our sins. And when Christ hung on that tree, Jesus bore all our sins, all our diseases, all our judgment, and all the curse that fell on humanity fell upon him. He became our holy substitute and, instead, that dew, that favor that's on Jesus, came on all of us. Today we are blessed, not because we have done right. We are blessed because Jesus did right at the cross. He took our place, he died for us, and now we are free from the judgment, we have the dew of heaven and the fatness of the earth, and God wants us always to be reminded through the bread and the wine that Jesus has done this.

So my friends, if you put your trust in Jesus Christ, God will remove from your heart the fear of death, the fear of the future, because you will know your life is no more a life where you have to watch over your soul, you have to be the master of your fate and the captain of your ship. Well, that stress is no more 'cause God watches over you and God loves you. Pray this prayer with me right now. Wherever you're watching this, just pray this prayer. Say:

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the gift of your Son, Jesus Christ, full of grace, full of the dew of heaven, but on that cross he died for me to give me his dew, his favor. He took my place of shame and of the curse and gave me his place of righteousness and favor with you. Thank you, Father. Jesus Christ is my Lord. You have raised him from the dead and I am totally blessed. In Jesus's name, amen.

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