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Joseph Prince - God's Way To Good Fortune In All Areas

#599 Joseph Prince - God's Way To Good Fortune In All Areas

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#599 Joseph Prince - God's Way To Good Fortune In All Areas

Hello, church. Once again, I want all of you to know that you're all together with all of us in the spirit. Amen? In fact, one time Paul says, "I behold your steadfastness in the spirit". Now, Paul didn't see all the churches, but Paul says, "I see your steadfastness in the spirit". And that's such a joy to me because as I'm standing here God is giving me a vision, like all of you are united together as a church in one spirit more than ever because this broadcast every week has been reaching more and more people and we know that people all over the world are getting blessed with the revelation of Jesus Christ. And that's what we need, don't we? The revelation of Jesus Christ.

You know, to the seven churches, the Lord Jesus unveiled himself in different parts and different attributes and in different facets of his person. Amen? To this church, he'll reveal himself as the one that holds the key of David, who shuts and no man can open, who open and no man can shut. Amen? He reveals himself as the one with the sword in his mouth. He reveals himself as the amen, the faithful and true to another church. And so every church needs a revelation of Jesus Christ every single week. Amen? And to see him is life indeed. Like Jesus said in his high priestly prayer, "That they may know thee, Father, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent". It's the first time that the two names come together: Jesus Christ, uttered by the Lord's own lips; and Jesus Christ to know you and Jesus Christ whom you send because to know you is eternal life. Amen? Praise the Lord.

So we want more and more of an unveiling of our Lord Jesus Christ, especially in the times and the seasons that we are in. Amen? Last week I finished off by sharing with you on the upper room that the Lord Jesus had passed over with disciples. Let's take off from there and see what the Lord has for us today, amen? "Wherever he goes in", referring to the man with the pitcher of water, "say to the master of the house, 'The teacher says, "Where is the guest room in which I may eat the Passover with my disciples"? Then he will show you a large upper room, furnished and prepared'". I love it. Furnished and prepared. Remember this, that the Lord brings you to a place furnished and prepared. We just have to enter into the finished work.

You know, Adam's first day, when God made Adam, God made Adam last of all the creation. So after that, the Bible says God entered into his rest, and God didn't rest because he was tired. Amen. The Almighty does not slumber nor sleep, doesn't get tired, neither does he get weary, but he rests in the sense that he has completed all his work. It is an expression of, "I rest in a finished work". Amen? But man was the last of his creation. Why did God make man last? So man cannot participate in the creation and sort of receive credit and glory for it. He has no part in creation. His part is just to enjoy, just to enjoy a finished work. Amen? Adam just have to pluck off an apple from a tree. He just have to go off and just take and possess all that is already furnished and prepared.

So here we are the same thing that the Lord said, "He will show you a large upper room, furnished and prepared". Just like in the Old Testament, God says to Israel, "I'll bring you to a land where you'll eat from vineyards you did not plant, you'll drink from wells you did not dig, and you will live in houses that you did not build". It's all based on the work of another. We enjoy a finished work. And that's our life, isn't it? We are enjoying the finished work of Jesus at the cross, forgiveness of sins, inheritance in the saints, and his riches in glory in Christ Jesus, his wisdom, his favor, his anointing, the precious, precious gift of the Holy Spirit. Amen? We enjoy. We enjoy what only kings and prophets would enjoy in the Old Testament, with exception of the leper. He does enjoy the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and it's our passion every day, every single day. Amen? We have a wonderful friend with us, who leads us and guides us, and we saw last week how that he will guide us step by step. We keep in step with the Spirit. Amen? We keep in step with the Spirit.

Now, this large upper room during the time of Jesus is in Mount Zion. Today when you go to Israel, they'll bring you to a place where they'll say is the upper room. Of course, it's a rebuilt building, but somewhere in that vicinity is the upper room and it's in Mount Zion. Now, that's very significant. Why? Because that upper room, by the way, it's on the second story. So in the Temple of Solomon is the truth of the second floor; the place of rest for the priests, the place where the priests make their lodging and where they cast aside all their labor. After a good day of labor, they just rest there. It's a picture of rest, and we enter into his rest. And that large upper room is where the Lord had his Passover, the final Passover before he'll be sacrificed at the cross, amen, for all our sins. Christ, our true Passover, amen, was sacrificed for our sins. And in that second story is a large upper room, a picture of rest.

There, the Lord gave the church for the first time what we call church truths. This is where we need to focus on, the four chapters we find in John talking about the time in the Passover where he shared church truths; revelation of this amazing organization, for lack of a better expression; this amazing organism made of Jew and Gentile, one new man; this mystery that was hidden from the ages, this church of Jesus Christ. Regardless of whether we come together physically or not, we are the church and we are the most successful organization, if I can say it that way, in the whole universe. In fact, the devil has attempted to make the church a religious place, but the church is the most successful organization ever. Amen? The greatest and the most healthiest and the eternal. Amen. What can you say to eternal? Eternal organization. Amen?

And it's God's dream the church is typified like a bride, right? The bride of Christ, and a bride is not a wife in the sense, you know, a man is more excited and is more romantic over his bride than maybe necessarily his wife. Of course, he need to love his wife, but the Bible doesn't say that God rejoice over us like a husband with a wife because sometimes things can get, you know, commonplace and we forget to be romantic in a husband-wife relationship. But the Lord says, "I rejoice over you like a bridegroom, fresh in his passion and love for his wife on the wedding day itself. That's how I rejoice over you. I'm passionate over you. I'm never, never bored with you. I love you in that exciting way, the same way that the bridegroom rejoices over the bride". That's amazing, isn't it? And that's how he sees us forever. Praise the Lord. So in this large upper room, the Lord Jesus shares the church truths.

Now observe this. The church as a whole has been preoccupied and has even memorized the Ten Commandments, which is Mount Sinai. Now, Mount Sinai is known for the truths of the law. Amen? That's where the Bible says God gave the law to Israel, okay? So this is Mount Sinai. Then we have Mount Zion, okay, where Jesus on another mountain gave us church truths, who we are in Christ. He starts off by saying that, "I am the true vine; you are the branches". When you think about a vine, you know, you look at the grapes, how the grapes grow and all that, they grow on what we call clinging vine. A vine does not have a trunk. When he says, "You are the branches and I am the vine", he's not saying, "I'm the trunk and you are, like a tree, the branches that proceed from the trunk". No, no. A vine actually is made up of branches. Amen?

So Jesus is saying, "You and I are so one that I am you and you are me". Amen? "We are wrapped up together. And the same life, the same power, the same glory, the same energy, divine that flows through me flows in you". How can the vine be rich and the branch be poor? How can the vine be healthy and the branch be sick? How can the vine be full of peace? "My peace I give you", he says. His peace is amazing. Amen? How can the vine be at rest and peaceful and the branch is worried, full of care? Amen? No. "I am the vine; you are the branches". The only way that you can hinder the set from flowing into the branch is when you tighten, when you are stressed, when you try to get hold of things yourself instead of letting go. Amen? When you let go, God takes hold. When you take hold, God lets go. Amen? You cannot do both at the same time. God will not let you.

God says, "You want to handle it? I'll let you handle it. But if you let me handle it", amen, "you have to let go". Amen? So truths like that in the upper room. Amen? Whereas the church have been occupied with truths of Mount Sinai. Amen? Mount Sinai, the Lord demands. "You shall not. You shall not". But on Mount Zion in the upper room is supply, is all supply. "I give you the Holy Spirit, the comforter, the parakletos. The one called alongside to help you will be in you. All the while he's now with you. These 3 1/2 years when you are with me, all right, he's been with you. He's in me, but he's with you. And even with you, you have performed all the miracles. When I send you out two by two, you've cast out demons, cleansed the lepers. Freely you have received, freely give. But now he that is with you shall be in you. I'll go to the Father and I'll send you another comforter"

The word another means that he has been the one called alongside to help. Para, alongside; klete, help. And he says that now the divine helper, another divine helper, he's the first helper. Amen? "I go to my Father and I'll give you another helper, and he will be with you". Isn't that amazing? So truths like this. "Loving one another as I have loved you". The new commandment, that's what we should preach about. Not law. Because when you fulfill the new covenant, you'll fulfill all the law more than that. Amen. But the focus of the church, unfortunately, has been more on the Mount Sinai instead of Mount Zion. So we need to come back to Mount Zion.

And Mount Zion, by the way, is the highest point there in Mount Moriah's range, right? Mount Moriah and Calvary is the highest range, but over on this side is Mount Zion, and on the highest range of Mount Zion is the upper room. And in the upper room, after the Lord gave the church truths, he went upwards to another, maybe its ascending steps, and he prayed the high priestly prayer as if he has already ascended to be with the Father. And we get to hear what he prayed with the Father, what we call the high priestly prayer. Amen? So we need to focus, the church needs to focus a lot more on this; what happened in the large upper room, how the Lord unveiled his heart. "From now on I don't call you servants, I call you friends". Amen? "For all that the Father has made known to me, I have made known to you". Amen? What a privilege. Amen? We still serve him, we are still a servant of Jesus Christ, but he calls us friend, amen, and he's taking us into the intimacies of his heart. Praise the name of Jesus.

Now, we see this in the analogy of what God gave me early this year, and again, this message was prophetic for the times that we are in. The Lord is preparing us in this message as to what we are facing and we'll face in the days to come, okay? But he's got all these three chambers already prepared for us, and I've preached on all these three the first Sunday of this year not knowing what we are going through. Amen? But the Lord knew. Amen? Although I prophesied too in 2018 about a new virus that is virulent against medicine and all that, I did not know about the provisions that God would make, amen, except that God has released a new strain of healing. But here we have it. Let's look at that again, what the Lord shared early this year.

Let's look at the Temple of Solomon from Ephesus, okay? We see the chambers, the three floors, can you see it, that is attached to the temple proper. And the Lord Jesus in the upper room says, "In my Father's house are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you". And that's the first intimation of the Rapture. "And when I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again". He didn't say, "I'll wait for the anti-Christ to appear seven years and then I'll come". That's the Second Coming. Amen? This is not the Second Coming. The Rapture is not the Second Coming. Amen? The Second Coming, he'll come for Israel. It's the day of vengeance of our God. But the Rapture is found for the first time here in the upper room. Even in the upper room, we have the teaching of the Rapture. He says, "When I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there you may be also". Amen. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

So in this three floors, you'll find chambers. Okay, let's go in to the first floor. As I've shared, the first floor is where they stored the grain, the wine, and the oil. And I talk about the grain, the wine, and the oil being the Lord's Supper; the grain and wine and the oil, the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen? And we can express that today through the anointing oil. Amen? The Bible says even in the times of Jesus. It's not just symbolic. The Bible says that they went in the time of Jesus, they had Jesus physically with them, but they went about praying for healing the sick, anointing them with oil. And even after Jesus ascended to be with the Father, the church age in the book of James, "Anyone sick, let him call for the elders of the church to pray over them with anointing oil". Amen. The prayer of faith will save the sick, but nonetheless anointing with oil is mentioned even in the church age, okay?

So there's the grain, the wine, and the oil on the first floor, but notice that on the second floor there is still the grain, the wine, and the oil. Where do we see it? The large upper room where Jesus celebrated the Passover with his disciples on the night that he was betrayed. Amen? He instituted the Lord's Supper that night in the upper room. So again, we see the grain and the wine in the upper room. Amen? And that's the place where he for the first time talk about, "Take heed. This is my body, which is broken for you". Oh, I love that, those two words: for you. "It's not for me. It's not for the angels in glory. It's for you". Amen? What do you think for you means? Unless it's less benefit for you physically, amen, I believe it's referring to your health, your longevity, amen, because that is covered in the atoning work of Jesus as portrayed in Isaiah 53 and Matthew 8:17. As well as also he said, "Take, drink. This is my blood. This cup is the new covenant".

When he said new covenant, the main feature of the old covenant is this: "I'll by no means clear the guilty, but I'll visit their sins, their iniquity to the third and fourth generation". All right? That's the main clause of the law of the old covenant, but in the new covenant, by the way, Jesus said to the Father, even before he came as a baby, he said to the Father, "Lo, I come. In the volume of the book, it is written of me to do your will". So he came to do the will of the Father; Hebrews 10. The next verse says, "I". He came to remove the first and to bring in the second. He removed the old covenant and he brought in the new covenant. But what is the main feature of the new covenant? It is this; their sins and their lawless deeds are remembered no more. God is no more dealing with you based on sin. God is dealing with you based on the fact that you have been forgiven of all your sins.

And there could be dealings, amen? There could be dealings, but God doesn't deal with you or chastise you or child-train you with accidents, with disease and all that. He will child-train you with his Word and sometime with circumstances, okay? Not with accidents, but with circumstances. Amen? He can cause you to have a frustration when you're proud or you refuse to deal with that pride. You know, he can cause situations where you feel frustrated time and again so as to humble you because he loves you. Amen? So the Father does train us, amen, but he train us because he loves us. Amen? So again, you see the principle of the new covenant only when you understand. He says that, you know, in the new covenant, "I'll put my laws. Not the law of the old covenant, the new covenant, new commandment of loving one another as I have loved you". Amen? The old law is loving one another as you love yourself, but now we love one another as he has loved us.

So I need to find out, it behooves me then to find out how much he loves me so I can love you accordingly. Amen? And not only that, the new commandment is also faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen? He put these laws and the spirit of law of liberty in Christ Jesus. He writes it in our hearts and minds. How does he do it? The next verse says, "I'll be their God, and they shall be my people". Amen? In this new covenant he says, "I'll be your God". What does that mean? That means, "If you're sick, I'll be your healer, I'll be your God because you are my people. If you are broke", amen, "I'll be your God. I'll be your provider". Amen? "If you are besieged by enemies", like right now by the COVID-19, God says, "I'll be your keeper. I'll be your defender. I'll be your protector". Amen. The God of the Most High, amen? The Most High God is our defender. Amen. Amen. Praise the name of Jesus.

So, friend, that's the clause there. The first one here is write his requirements. We don't have to ask what is it. Amen? He will tell us, you know, his will in our hearts and minds. So the Holy Spirit... want to know God's voice, God's leading? Just listen to your spirit. Amen? And the Bible says it is God who works in you both to will, giving you the willingness and the performance with his good pleasure. It's part of the clause of the new covenant. And then the next one is that, "I'll be your God". It's a super natural expression in that clause that means he'll do things supernaturally for you as your God because you are his people. And the third one he says, "All will know me, from the least to the greatest. All will know me".

And the word know there, you don't have to teach one another, for the Lord. You don't have to tell each other. Know the Lord by experience, amen, through trials, through years and years and years of lessons that you need to learn. No, no, no, no. It's a different word there. You don't have to do it that way for the Bible says, "All shall know me", is intuitively. "They will all know me because I love them". Why? Why would God put his will in our hearts? Why will he be our God? Why will he make us know him supernaturally, intuitively, like a very deep intimate knowledge of him? Why will he do all this? "Because their sins and their lawless deeds I remember no more". Hallelujah. Under the law, God says, "I'll by no means forget your sins". Under the new covenant, God says, "I'll by no means remember your sins". And remember your sins means, "I'll not remember it to punish you, to visit your sins". Amen?

Praise the name of Jesus. Hallelujah. All our sins are forgiven; past, present, and future. And we rejoice. The more we know we are forgiven, the more we love him; for he that is forgiven much will love much. Amen? Praise the Lord. So in this upper room, in the second floor is a place of rest, is a place still of the grain and wine. Notice that the grain and wine never leaves us. Amen? We don't ascend from the Lord's Supper to a new realm where, you know, we have gone beyond the Lord's Supper. We observe it like half a year once or once a year. No, no, no. The grain and the wine is always with us. You know, this is the Lord's love language. The Lord says, "Whenever you do this, you do this in remembrance of me. Whenever you do this, you proclaim the Lord's death till he comes".

In the Old Testament, every time they offer; for example, The enemies were coming to attack Israel. Samuel the prophet offers a suckling lamb, a small baby lamb. Amen? Offers the lamb and the Lord cantered from heaven and discomfited all the enemies. Amen? So the Bible tells us that every time you proclaim the Lord's death, something powerful happens on your behalf. Amen. The Lord gives you victory over your enemies. Amen. The Lord provides for you. The Lord answers from heaven. The God of Jacob will defend you. Hallelujah. Amen. Praise the name of Jesus.

So again, in the upper room we see the truths of the grain and the wine. You proclaim the Lord's death till he comes. Amen? Praise the Lord? Thank you, Jesus. And I believe, like, during this time that we are being quarantine or we are staying at home, in some countries they call it lock-down, here in Singapore, we thank God for our great leaders. We continue praying for them, that God gives them wisdom and protect them, amen, during this time and grant them even more wisdom for the days ahead of us. Amen? They'll be challenging days ahead, and I believe I got a now Word for all of you. Believers in Christ Jesus, listen carefully. There is a now Word for you. So listen carefully. Stay tuned in the name of Jesus. Amen. Praise God.

So from the first floor to the second floor, they go by the winding stairs. This is the winding stairs, all right? You go around. And remember what I shared last week, which I've shared in the first sermon of the year. The truth of the winding stairs is this. You gain the maximum height in the shortest amount of time. Hallelujah. In the smallest possible space even. Amen? Sometimes you feel like you're going in circles. You know, you feel like you're going in circles. This reminds me of that verse in Psalms 23. Amen? "He leads me in the paths of righteousness".

If you look carefully at the word paths in the Hebrew, it's actually circle. You know, for example, you're going to bring the sheep to the top; if you make a direct route all the way to the top, it will cause the sheep to be weary and to be discouraged and to, you know, lose strength and get scattered. But the wise shepherd does it in a way that the sheep don't even know that they are ascending. They don't even know they're making it all the way to the top. They do it effortlessly. How? By grazing. He gives them food to eat all the way around. He leads them in the paths of righteousness, and they go in paths. They call it circle of righteousness. Literally, circle of righteousness, which I believe is the truth of righteousness that cause people as they eat the truths of righteousness they are making ascension. They are ascending higher. They are being elevated. Amen?

They are going higher and higher above their enemies, higher and higher above their challenges, higher and higher above all the obstacles where the air is fresh, and they end up on top and hardly knew that they were making ascension, all right, without all these, you know, stress and effort. Amen? Praise the Lord. It's the same word here. You're going around, it's the same idea here. You go around the winding stairs. Sometimes it seems like you're not reaching the top, and everyone doesn't know what is going to happen at the end of this crisis. "Do we see the light at the end of this tunnel? I want to know what's going to happen. Will there be a vaccine? Will there be this and that"?

My friend, you don't have to worry about where it came from and where it's going to go. God wants you right now to live one day at a time. Jesus says there's enough provision, there's enough supply, there's enough wisdom, there's enough manna from heaven only for one day at a time. You are trying to worry and use the manna God gives you for today for tomorrow and there is no grace there. The grace that comes is only for today. You only have grace for today so we are actually compelled as God's children to learn to walk by faith now, to tell ourself, "Live in the present. I'm with my children, I'm with my wife, and I'm in this situation. I want to learn to live in the present".

For all too soon, it's gonna pass, amen? Perhaps he's putting us in this kind of situation, amen, though this COVID-19 virus thing is not from him, amen? God has no virus in heaven to give. But God can make use of anything the devil throws and turn it around for his glory, amen? Praise the Lord. Like I said before in my other sermons, we are not in the day of vengeance yet, amen? There's a day of vengeance coming where God will judge the earth but he's not judging at this time, amen?

Now, I don't want to spend too much time on that. I know that different people have different views on it but just tell you where Jesus closed the Bible, amen. When he came to the acceptable year of the Lord in Nazareth in the synagogue, when he came to that portion, actually, the portion goes on to say the day of vengeance. The Lord closed at the "Acceptable year of the Lord". And I think that where the Lord closed the book, we need to close the book, amen? The day of vengeance is not here yet. But we are very close to the end. We're very close. Praise the Lord.

Okay, so the grain and wine, and the grain and the wine never leaves us, even in the Upper Room, amen? The place of church truths but we are going to a larger place. Remember last week we learned that the first floor is 5 cubits broad, amen. Then you go up to 6 cubits broad, right? And then up to the highest one, the third floor is 7, the number of perfection, 7 cubits broad. So you have grace, number of men because it serves man's needs, rest and all the health and all that serves man's needs. Then we have perfection, amen, the 7 cubit broad floor which is third floor, amen? Five cubits, six cubits, seven cubits. We are always going to a larger place, a wealthier place, a broader place, amen? God brought Israel out of a place of double stress, compressed place. That's what Egypt means, and God brought them out to a wealthy place, a land flowing, amen, with milk and honey, hallelujah. And he's bringing us there and he's not bringing us in such a way that is so, you know, spectacular.

We see it, like, in a spectacular way, but we are going, not realizing we are living one day at a time but, believe me, you feel like you are regressing during this time. You feel like you could have done more for your job, your career, whatever, during this time. You feel like you can make more money during this time. You feel like you can accomplish much more. You feel like all this wasted time. But if you live one day at a time, you will find when you look back you are making ascension. You are ascending higher and higher without even realizing it. Praise the Lord, amen. Let's take a look at Acts 20 right now. We are looking at the truths of the third story now, the Upper Room, amen, the highest floor. "Now on the first day of the week, when the"...

Notice, first day of the week is a Sunday. It is not Saturday. Saturday is not the first day of the week, okay? Is the Jewish Sabbath but the Jewish Sabbath, right, they end the week, amen. The Lord's day, Jesus rose on the first day of the week to commence a new beginning. It's known as the eighth day as well, a new beginning, amen? "On the first day of the week, when the disciples came together to break bread". Isn't it interesting that Paul was here and Paul was, I mean, we know now, of course, but during that time even, Paul is the greatest apostle that ever lived. He was brought up to the third heaven. Third heaven? The third floor, amen. It's the only time the third heaven is mentioned in a way. What do we learn there? In the third heaven, he heard unspeakable words, words of revelation that he cannot utter to others, great revelations that God doesn't allow him to share with others, but he had a glimpse of it. He saw it. And the Bible says that he was caught to the, which heaven? Third heaven, amen?

So the atmosphere around us here is the first heaven, amen. We see the clouds and all that. That's the first heaven. Then we have beyond that, amen, the second heaven where the powers and principalities and even powers of darkness, they are moving in that area. But beyond that is the third heaven, amen, where God dwells. Praise the name of Jesus and that's where God brought Paul up and Paul had unspeakable, in other words, he was given revelations that he was not allowed to come back and tell, amen? Praise the Lord. What he was able to tell, we still are learning to understand, amen? And yet, sometime he will say the things that he's allowed to tell, he says, "I've many things to say to you but you're not yet able. You are carnal, you are like a child. You're not ready for these truths", amen?

So those things he is able to tell, we don't understand. Those things he's able to tell, not everything he's telling, amen? So it behooves us to, you know, dive right into Paul's teachings and the whole Bible, listen, my friend, the whole Bible is inspired of God. The whole Bible is for our benefit, amen, that a man of God may be fully and thoroughly furnished, complete, perfect, in the King James. But the whole Bible is not written to us. It's written for us, for our benefit, but Paul's letters are written directly to us, amen? It behooves us to find Paul's letters, Paul's teachings, and then from there we can interpret the other Scriptures correctly, amen? There's a word of God that says you shall bring forth the old because of the new. You shall bring forth the old, the treasures of the old, because of the new, amen?

So they came together to break bread. Paul was there but they didn't come to hear Paul. Even though Paul would preach. Imagine today we say, "Come and hear so-and-so", a very famous, well-known speaker, amen? But in those days, on Sunday they came together to break bread and we have forgotten that. It was the central theme of the church, to come together to break bread. It is God's love language. You know, if my wife doesn't like flowers, I mean, she does you know, but not so excited about flowers. She's more concerned about me being practical in my love and all that. But, you know, I need to interpret her language, amen? There's no point on her birthday I give her a microwave oven when that's not her language of love. I need to know love is not my idea but the one that's loved needs to feel loved by my expression.

So God says, this is his love language, all right? "Every time you do this, I feel that I'm remembered, amen? You are proclaiming my death which I never want my people to forget", amen? God says, "Every time you remind me of my Son's death, it delights my heart". Do you know something? God doesn't live in the time-bound zone as if Jesus died 2000 years ago. As far as the Father is concerned, it's almost like he just died. It's always fresh with him. His Son laid down his life because his Son says, "that the world may know that I love the Father and even as the Father gave me commandment, even so I do". No wonder the Father love him. He says, "Therefore doth my Father love me because I lay down my life". The Father always loved Jesus but, in laying down his life, the Father had a fresh impetus.

You know, I love my Son Justin and I love Jessica but when they do something special for me, amen, because they love me, I fall in love with them in a fresh, new way, even though I still love them, in spite of what they do, amen? So no wonder the Father, you know, when Jesus came out of the River Jordan, the Father opened the heavens to him. I like the expression, "Opened the heavens to him", and said, "You are my beloved Son. In you I am well pleased", amen? So every time we proclaim the Lord's death, the Father is pleased and the Father remembers again, amen. Our faculty of remembering came from the Lord. Though he never forgets, amen, he loves to be reminded.

You know, that's why we keep pictures, amen, in our phone, under favorites. We want to look at it again and again. Even though the person is with us, we like to look at the person again and again, amen? We love to be reminded. So does the Father. We are made in his image, amen? And everything gotta do with the Lord, amen, the Father loves it, amen? The Father loves it when we remind him of Jesus and that's true worship, actually, you know? Many a time we come to God asking for our needs, our needs, you know, to take care of this, and even we pray for people, it's still in a way, kind of earthly. It's okay to pray those prayers, okay, but highest praise actually, how about coming to God and telling him about his Son Jesus? That's true worship. And that delights the Father, amen, praise the Lord. So upon the first day of the week, they came together to break bread.

And then the Bible says: "Paul, ready to depart the next day, spoke to them and continued his message until midnight. There were many lamps in the upper room where they were gathered together. And in a window sat a certain young man named Eutychus, who was sinking into a deep sleep". Now, in verse 8, all right, "There were many lamps in the upper room", and Paul was preaching until midnight. That always encourage me for some reason, praise God. Paul was quite a pretty long-winded preacher, amen, praise God. I mean, you got the wind, why not? If the wind is wind of the Holy Spirit, praise God. But it's a empty wind, we don't wanna hear it, amen? So he preached until midnight. So we are in a midnight season.

Incidentally, one of our sisters, when I was preaching about the Passover a few weeks ago, one of the sisters heard me share that the Passover happened at midnight, amen? The Lord says, "I'll pass through the land of Egypt. When I see the blood, I'll pass over you". So she was intrigued to look up, the Spirit prompted her to look up the word "midnight", and guess what? The etymology, we know midnight, night, midnight, night is the word "laila, layil". You know, in Israel they say, "laila tov", goodnight, right? Laila come from the word "lul", okay? Lul, the only time lul appears is actually winding stairs that is used here in the Temple of Solomon from floor to floor, you go by the winding stairs, amen?

So what do we do in the time of midnight, the night seasons of our life, we don't understand what's going on? Just do one step at a time. If you are depressed, amen, just do what is in front of you, look at the Lord, and live one day at a time. Don't worry about tomorrow. Don't get into the, "what if, what if", amen? Just live one day at a time. When tomorrow comes, when next week comes, when next month comes, the supply, the grace, and the provisions will be there, amen? Praise the name of Jesus. So the Bible says that "there were many lamps in the upper room where they were gathered", and by the way, this upper room is not the same as the one in the Passover where Jesus celebrated that night before he died, amen. That one is second story, which is a place of rest for the priest. But remember, in the Temple of Solomon, the upper room is the place where they stored the gold, the tithes, and the silver. This is a picture of the third floor.

Now this is the upper room that's talked about in Acts 20. It is the third floor. Later on, a young man will fall off from the third story, it says. This upper room on the third floor, corresponds with the temple. You see, everything that's written in the Old Testament isn't just to fill up space. It is there to instruct us, amen? We bring forth the treasures of the old because of the new, amen? The new is in the old concealed. The old is in the new revealed, amen? Praise the Lord. So here, the upper room is the same place, by the way, where it is said that the disciples came together on the Day of Pentecost or they came together earlier but on the Day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit came.

In Acts chapter 1, the Bible says that, "they went up into the upper room", right, "where all the disciples were", and that's where the Holy Spirit came on the 50th day, on the Day of Pentecost, the feast of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came. So it's not just a place of silver, gold, and the tithes, and the firstfruits are stored there. It's a place of the Holy Spirit, hallelujah. Praise the name of Jesus. Not only that, the disciples in Acts 20 they came together to break bread. So, again, even on the third floor we still have breaking bread. It never leaves us, amen? God wants that in front of us all the time. They came together to break bread, even on the third floor.

So the first floor is the place they store the grain and the wine. You see the Communion there. And the second floor, amen, you see the Communion because Jesus went to the second floor to celebrate the Passover with the disciples and that's when he instituted a new covenant, Holy Communion, amen. And then, on the third floor now, in Acts 20, "And there were many lamps in the upper room". You know, the place where God's people meet is never dark. It's always full of light. Just like Israel. Look at this verse in Exodus 10. It says darkness so thick that the people cannot see in front of them: "They did not see one another; nor did anyone rise from his place for three days. But all", say all. "All the children of Israel had light in their dwellings".

Now, it's obviously supernatural light. If it's natural light, then the Egyptians can also avail themselves, all right, of the resource to produce light, whether it's a lamp or whatever it is. But obviously, they cannot light up even their matches. They cannot light up in those days, oil and lamps and all that. It's obvious they had supernatural darkness, just as the light in the dwellings of Israel is supernatural. That's what we are seeing in these days: many, many lamps in these dark times. And you know what? Light is never really seen as best as it should as when it's in the time of darkness. That's the time you see light. Even a flicker of light in a large room like this where I'm alone with just the camera lady, amen, but if the whole place here is dark and you just have a little flicker of light, somebody from afar who steps in can see the light, amen? So we shine during this time, church. You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid, amen, praise the Lord.

So back to Acts 20 and verse 9: "And in a window sat a certain young man named Eutychus". Now, when God gives a name, there's meaning, amen? There's meaning to that name. And his name means, "Eu" is always like eulogy, eu is always good, like eulogy, eulogeia in Greek is the word for blessing. In Hebrew it's berakhah, and in Greek it is eulogeia, all right? Good logy, speaking, from logos, logeo, logos. Good speaking. When you speak good of someone, you are blessing the person. When you speak good of your body, you are blessing your body, amen? When you speak good of your children, you bless your children. Likewise, by the same token, if you speak bad, all right?

So eulogeia, eulogeia. Unfortunately, you know, these things are relegated to funerals and all that, but the word "eulogeia" means blessings, speak well. Eutychus. Eu means good, tychus means fortune. Fortune. Now, I thought of titling this message, "Why the Church Lost its Good Fortune", okay? If you find in any place, in any case, that the church has lost its good fortune, we need to find out why and this story here tells us because the Bible is always contemporary. It's never, like, written 2000 years ago, it's only for that time. No, it speaks to us today because it's not like any other book. It's God-breathed and God is eternal, amen? It has value for us at any time we live in, it's speaking to us now. And why did a church lose good fortune? It says: "A young man", he was a young man, and his name means good fortune. "He was sinking into a deep sleep", when who was preaching? Paul was preaching. The church has fallen asleep at Paul's preaching.

There's the problem. The church has forgotten the truth, the Pauline Revelation we call it, that we are the righteousness of God in Christ, that all our sins have been forgiven us. We're not trying to get forgiveness; we are forgiven. In whom we have redemption through his blood. Even the forgiveness of sins, we have it. The word "have" means let us hold onto it, amen. Let us believe it, let's possess it. We have forgiveness of sins. How are we forgiven? How much are we forgiven? According to the riches of his grace. That's how forgiven we are. The day you can measure the riches of his grace, you know how forgiven we are. And no one can measure the riches of his grace. We are forgiven not even out of, but we are forgiven according to the riches of his grace, hallelujah, amen. Good preaching, Pastor Prince, hallelujah. Yeah, bless you, bro. You're pretty good-looking, hallelujah.

Now, we have forgotten Pauline Revelation, the gift of righteousness. Even Peter look at the cross. Peter, don't forget, Peter saw from afar. Probably he was hiding somewhere. Maybe he saw from afar. The Bible doesn't say that. It just says he denied him. But, obviously, John was there. But even if they saw it from afar, they only saw Jesus die on the cross. They didn't have a revelation that he was becoming the sin offering for them and that they have become the righteousness of God in him. Because we learned last week, right, from Romans 4 that Christ cannot be raised from the dead if we were not declared righteous. But they didn't have the revelation of righteousness. And the Jewish people, Paul says, they had been ignorant of God's righteousness, going about "to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted to the righteousness of God", okay?

So let's not forget righteousness is a gift, amen? So all this Pauline Revelation had been forgotten. The gifts of the Holy Spirit, the mystery of the church now unveiled. The word "musterion". Mystery in the New Testament is always once upon a time it was hidden, but now revealed. That's the word "mystery". Mystery is no more mystery. Mystery means once upon a time it was hidden, but now revealed. The mystery of the church that was hidden down through the ages, amen, amen, now revealed to us, amen. So all this is in Paul's writings, amen, and even Peter says Paul's writings had to be understood, Peter said, because Peter was quite steep in the law, okay? But he was learning, he was learning. And so was Paul. Paul was a Pharisee of Pharisees. It takes someone who is a real legalistic person, amen, to preach grace.

My wife look at me the other day and says, just the other day, you know, and she says, "I know why God have you preaching grace now". I was making some statement that was pretty legalistic. She said, "You can make a good policeman", she said. So I guess that's the reason why God used me, huh? To preach grace. Praise God. Okay, so here we go. "He fell into a deep sleep". So he fell into a deep sleep. The church has fallen asleep at Paul's preaching. They have turned a deaf ear to Paul's preaching and therefore they are falling into a deep sleep. And the Bible says: "He was overcome by sleep; and as Paul continued speaking", he wasn't listening, "he fell down from the third story and was taken up dead". So he fell from his high place, amen. The church has fallen from grace. To fall from, that means grace is a high place.

People think of grace like the beginning, it's kindergarten, the first floor, and then you go higher and then you go to secondary school and then you go to college, then you go to university. No, no, no, my friend. Grace is the highest floor, amen. You start with grace, you end with grace. To fall from grace means you fall from the highest place. Let's say this pulpit here is the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant, the two cherubim looking at the blood, amen, you know what's in the ark? Three items, but one of them is the Ten Commandments. So, the Ten Commandments is in the ark and the sin of Bet Shemesh is that instead of rejoicing that the blood is on the mercy seat, notice the blood is higher than the law, they look inside the ark.

In order for them to do that, they had to push away grace, they had to push away the mercy seat, the kapporeth, the place of atonement, the blood. And when they looked into the law, which a lot of people are doing right now, they are trying to bring back the law, it always produce death, and death came to the city or the town of Bet Shemesh. A lot of them died, and even chief people died. You know, leaders died in that in that town. The Bible says there was a great slaughter because they looked at the law. Listen, the only place for the law, Jesus says, "Your law is in my heart", amen. It is inside. Only the Lord Jesus can keep the law perfectly. And for us, we rejoice in the mercy seat.

But whenever you go back to the law, when you go back to the law, you fall from your high place, you fall from grace. Galatians 5, verse 4: "Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; you are fallen from grace". Who forever of are justified by the law, you are fallen from grace. You know, the first statement there, "Christ becomes of no effect", man, I'm telling you, I don't want that to happen to me. If I am sick, I want Christ who is my health and healing to be of effect to me, amen. If I have some destructive habits that I can't seem to let go, if I have some sinful addictions I can't seem to let go, Christ is my holiness. Christ is my sanctifying power, amen. But if Christ is of no effect, those sins will still remain in me, amen. I want Christ to be of effect.

You know, the sin is not the problem here. Doesn't say Christ become of no effect because you sin and because you sin, you fall from grace. Sin is bad. We are all against sin, but this verse is not stating that. It is saying Christ becomes a no effect when? When you put your trust back in the law, when you bring out the law, when you teach the law, when you try to keep the law, and you tell people in essence they still, yeah, trust in Jesus is good, but you still must have the law. You cause people to fall from grace. My friend, healing is a grace, provisions is a grace, amen. The power of God, the Holy Spirit of grace is a grace, even the gifts of the Holy Spirit are all grace gifts. And whenever you go back to the law, all this stops. There's a sudden stop in your life. You don't see these things manifest.

When Jesus walked among the hills of Judea, amen, the banks of the Galilee. The Bible says people came to him and touched him. You mean to tell me all those people are holy yet they received? As many as touched him were made whole. Sinners were touching him, my friend, amen. People who didn't keep the law perfectly were touching him, and everyone received, why? Christ became of effect unto them, though they had sin because their eyes was not on the law, their eyes was on Jesus. Maybe that's the reason why the church is not seeing results and the more we don't see results, we think that man, we need to learn about the law. We need to repent for not keeping the law. We need to go back to the law.

We focus people on their actions, on their obedience, on their law keeping, on where they have fallen short, and the more they try that, the more they don't see results. And the more they don't see results, the more we hit the law on them. We think, and with all sincerity, some people are doing this with all sincerity like I was at one time. Like my wife said, I was a Pharisee of Pharisees, man, a bad one. And I tried my very best. You tell me to confess all my sins, I tried to confess all my sins. I just wonder why other people don't confess their sins as much because I feel that if confession of sins is necessary for my forgiveness of sins, all right, that's another teaching altogether. I believe in confession of sins, but I don't confess in order to be, I confess because I am. Praise God.

And I'm telling you, the church has missed it, and we are, we are trying to get back to the law causing us to fall even more from grace, amen? And whoever of you are justified by the law, you are fallen from grace. And this young man, the good fortune fell down, why? The church lost the good fortune because they fell from grace. The church has fallen from grace, and they have forgotten Paul's preaching. We need to get back to Pauline revelation. The entire Bible is from God. Don't forget, the entire Bible is for our benefit, but Pauline revelation is written to us directly, amen? Let's go to Acts 20. "Paul went down, he was taken up dead. Paul went down, fell on him and embracing him said, 'Do not trouble yourself, for his life is in him.' Now when he had come up, had broken bread and eaten".

You know, Paul went down to this young man, and Paul embraced him. You know, this young generation, they are our good fortune, amen. I'm speaking prophetically right now. In the day and season that we are in, the young people that have come to the church, they are our Eutychus. They are our good fortune. We need to embrace them, not shun them. We embrace them, amen, and love on them. And how to embrace them? Embrace them with the Pauline revelation. Paul embraced him out of death into life. The way we bring people out of their deep sleep of slumber where they won't see the revelation of Jesus, not because the Lord is not shining. You know, no matter how bright the noontime is when you go out there, the sun is shining, if you're blind, it's of no profit to you, right?

So, if you're sleeping or you are dead, no light is enough, amen? But then God hears you Pauline revelation, and you must not just receive a trickle of it, you must be embraced with the Pauline revelation, and he will raise you out of death into life, hallelujah. And Paul brought the young man back up to the third floor, amen. And guess what? They still broke bread and eaten. You know, I figure I always tell my pastor friends, you know, if it was me and I raised someone from the dead, we'll rejoice and after that rejoice for a while, we all go home, all right? We'll forget about the Lord's Supper, you know? But look at this, how important the Lord's Supper is to Paul, amen. Even after someone is raised from the dead, what they need to do is to go out back, go back to the place where they fell from and partake of the Lord's Supper. Hallelujah, amen? Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus.

So, don't be sitting at the, you know, on the fence. The young man, his mistake was that besides falling asleep, even if it's in the center of the room, he will fall asleep and fall in the room, isn't it, right? But he was sitting on the fence. Some people say, "I'll just check the church out. You know, I'll just check this ministry out. I'll just check that, you know, I'll just flicker, put on my remote and just do some surf channeling, you know, and surf channel, you know, and try to find what I like, you know". No, stick to something, amen. You have a church, be faithful to your church, listen to your pastor, and stay put, amen. Don't fall asleep, amen. With all the smorgasbord of feast out, there, it's easy for us to have bit by bit by bit by bit and still remain hungry, not truly nourished, amen. Stay put. Be faithful to your church. Listen to the Word, amen.

So, the Bible says, "Paul talked a long while". So, he preached until midnight, and even after that, he talked a long while, even till daybreak. "So, Pastor, how long do we need to have the Pauline revelation"? Till daybreak, and daybreak is coming, my friend, amen. Daybreak is coming. The ending of the Old Testament in the book of Malachi is the son of righteousness will arise with healing in his wings, amen. That is to Israel. To Israel, he is the sun that will come back. When he come back, it's like the sun. The sun comes later but for the church in the book of Revelation, he comes as the bride and morning star. He says, "I Jesus, I'm the bright and morning star".

By the way, the bright and morning star, you gotta wake up about 4 a.m, or 4 plus or 5 to see the first brightest star, that's the bright and morning star. When it's still dark when Jesus comes again, he comes as the bright and morning star, hallelujah. And he comes shining brightly in the darkness, amen. He comes for the church first. That's the Rapture. And then when the day breaks all the way even till noontime, then he comes for Israel as the sun, S-U-N, of righteousness with healing in his wings, hallelujah. So, Paul preached until daybreak. So, daybreak is coming. And then he the prophet, and they brought the young man in a life and they were not a little comforted. Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. Praise the name of Jesus.

Friend, if you've been blessed, you know, I think it's important that we always remember that we are people of the New Covenant, amen. We are in Mount Zion, not Mount Sinai, amen. When God gave the law on Mount Sinai, he was on the Feast of Pentecost, Shavuot. God gave a law and 3,000 people died. When God gave on the Feast of Pentecost and God waited until the day of Pentecost was fully come, God gave the Spirit, and you know what happened? Three thousand people were saved. So, that tells you that the letter kills, the letter of the law, but the Spirit gives life, the Spirit gives life, the Spirit gives life, where? Where did the letter kill? At Mount Sinai. Where did the Spirit give life? Mount Zion. We need to spend more time in the church truths, amen, the New Covenant truths of the upper room, amen, study it, amen. Do a series on it, pastors. Praise the Lord, amen.

Focus on it and see the difference between the new and the old, amen. And you won't lose the old. You won't lose the old. You'll bring out the treasures of the old because of the new, amen. Perhaps we can look at our lives right now at this time, it is the midnight hour. It is midnight, daybreak is coming. It seems like there's no light at the end of the tunnel, but we have learned from the Lord to take one step at a time, like the sheep along the paths of righteousness. You know, Galilee is called Galilee, and Jesus did most of his miracles in Galilee. And the Bible says he went about in a circuit. Literally, Jesus went about Galilee in a circle, in a circuitous way. He went around and round, went about doing good, healing all. Say all. Healing all that were oppressed of the devil, for God was with him. God anointed Jesus of Nazareth. He went around. We don't have to worry about the end.

You know, when you are going up the winding stairs, you can't see the end, right, amen? But you're going one step at a time. If the Spirit of God tells you to do this, do that. The Spirit of God says rest, rest. The Spirit God says spend time with your wife, do it, amen. The Spirit of God says spend more time in my Word listening to Pastor Prince perhaps, praise the Lord, there are many other good speakers out there, but I know what I preach, amen. So, you need to obey one step at a time and before you know it, obeying one step at a time, you are making strides, heavenly strides. You are making progressive upwards strides, and you're going higher and higher and higher, amen. And before you know it, you find you're in a larger place, amen. That's the same for all your provisions. God will provide for you. You find that what God provides for is larger than where you came from, amen. You won't be where you came from. You came from the five cubits broad room, you're going to a larger room and but it happens so effortlessly, you don't even know it. You are just being obedient one step at a time, amen.

I trust you've been blessed, my friend. I want to pray for you right now in the name of Jesus. And I believe that the God of heaven, the Father of our Lord, again, Pauline revelation. And I said God of heaven, but I need to say the Father, our Heavenly Father, amen, because yes, he's the El Shaddai, amen. In the Old Testament we see them. We need to learn all these names of God. They are of benefit and of great value to us. Yahweh, yud hei vav hei. El Shaddai, El Elyon, the Most High, amen, and all the compound names of Yahweh Yireh, Yahweh Nisi, Yahweh Shalom; Yahweh Rapha, the Lord who heals you. All this is found in one name that Jesus said in the upper room. When he went up somewhere, perhaps a stairs up and he prayed, and the disciples hurting pray and they had him pray the high priestly prayer. He says, "Father, I have revealed to them, my disciples, your name, that the love by which you love me may be in them". Notice it's the name Father.

The more we say "Father", over our people, the more we say Father to him, the more we meditate on the name Father, we will feel loved. The love that the Father loved him with, we will sense it, it will be in us. It was also in that prayer that Jesus prayed, "That they may know that you have loved them, even as you have loved me". Notice, that even as, equal, "That they may know that you have loved them, even as you have loved me". And not only that, there's protection in the name of the Father. He says, keep through your name. They are in the world, but not of the world. I pray, Father, you sanctify them through thy truth. Thy Word is truth. And keep them through your name from the evil. I pray that you don't take them out of the world, but you keep them from the evil in the world, amen. And he says this, keep them through your name.

So, the name Father is a protection. Pastors and leaders, the more you say Father, amen. I mean, you can impress people El Elyon and all. Those are good, like I said, it's of great benefit to us, but we need to know the name that Jesus came to reveal above every other name is the name Father. It's a Pauline revelation, Abba Father. We cry Abba, Father, amen. Sometimes there's no prayer. We don't even know what to pray. We just say, Abba Father and God will hear your prayer, amen, and God will answer you. There's protection in that name.

You know, like the book of Revelation talks about the 144,000 Jewish people, Jewish evangelists, imagine 144,000 Billy Graham preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and these are Jewish evangelists. They can bring out the Old Testament, the truths and the treasures of the Old Testament, because of the new that they have now, amen. And the Bible says not a single one of them would die under the hand of the Antichrist. Not one of them will suffer a plague. Not one of them would be hurt or tortured, all right, in the days of tribulation. Now, what's the secret?

Next thing you know, there's a rapture for them as well and they're on Mount Zion, the Bible says, and they have the Father's name in their foreheads. In fact, earlier on God says, "Seal", God told the angel, "Seal, seal the 144,000". But what seal is it? There's a mention of seal in Ezekiel. Before the judgment came to Israel, all right, the Babylonians came to attack Israel, amen, God says, "Seal those who sigh and cry because of the abominations of Israel, those people who have a heart for me". Even in the Old Testament God says, "Seal them". And the Bible says they put a sign on their foreheads, and you look up the word "sign" in Hebrew is the word tav. Tav during that time is written like this, a cross. Today, it's like a square, without the horizontal line but in that day and age, tav is a cross. God says, "Put the cross on every forehead".

Those with a cross mentality, when the plague ravages the land, when the evil comes through the land, when the sword devours the land, they will not be hurt. They will not be destroyed. Same thing for 144,000 Jewish evangelists in the book of Revelation, it is still future, amen. We'll be in heaven looking down. But nonetheless, we can learn something, isn't it? What were they sealed with? The Father's name on their forehead, that means they had a Father mentality. They had an Abba mentality. They come to him saying, Abba, amen.

Jewish evangelists, they know all the names of God. They are Jews, and yet it's the Father that's foremost on their mind. And the Father is the seal that protects them from all the evil, from all the plagues, from all the powers of darkness that is ravaging Israel at that time. It'll be a protection for them, same for you, my friend. Well, love you. All right, we look forward to more and more that God has for us, a now Word. Keep tuning in, okay? Praise the name of Jesus. I just want to pray for all of you right now.

Father, in Jesus's name I pray, Father, that not a single one hearing me right now will fall from grace. Instead of that, Father, we celebrate, Lord, what you have done for us. Father, in Jesus's name, Father, stay with me right now. Father, I thank you, that you have forgiven me of all my sins, past, present, and future. Thank you, Father, that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. Thank you, Father, that you raised him from the dead when I was declared righteous. Thank you, Father God, that I'm in Christ at your right hand, far above all principality and power, might and dominion over every name that is named, plus COVID-19, amen, and above every name that can be named, even in the world to come. Thank you, Father God, that I'm safe and secure in Christ at your right hand, dearly loved, highly favored. Amen, in Jesus's name.

If you have never put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved, and your house. Pray this prayer with me right now. Father in heaven, I thank you. Amen, pray this prayer right now if you want Jesus Christ to come into your life to receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life, that if your heart should stop beating at anytime, you know your sins are forgiven, you know heaven is your home. Pray this prayer right now. Say:

Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, and I thank you Christ died for my sins and he was raised from the dead when I was declared righteous. Thank you, Father, Jesus Christ is my Lord. I thank you I'm now your child. You are my Father, my Daddy Father. Thank you, Father, that I'll not fear for tomorrow. I'll not worry about my needs. You'll take care of me. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, in Jesus's name.

And in the name of Jesus, friend, I speak right now to you. I speak freedom from all cares, worries, and anxieties of not having enough. I speak jubilee, I speak liberty in the name of Jesus. To everyone that's watching this that's bowed down with cares about finances, about their jobs, about losing their jobs, or not having a job, or being unemployed, not being able to provide for the family, I speak jubilee to you, amen. Your best days are yet ahead of you. Do not say otherwise because the Bible says, "He that will love life and see good days", even though it doesn't seem like good days now, seems like an evil day, but God says you will see good days. Watch your tongue, keep your tongue from evil, amen. Don't speak otherwise. Say, "My God will provide for me in Jesus's name".

So, I speak freedom in Jesus's name from every fear, worry, and care about tomorrow, about not having enough, and who will provide for my family? I speak freedom from all those cares and worries in the name of Jesus. And I speak healing life and shalom peace into your minds, into your emotions, in the name of Jesus. Be at rest. God will take care of you. If God takes care of the birds of the air, they don't have storehouse nor gather into barns. Are you not more valuable than the birds of the air? They don't even know COVID-19 virus is running around. Friend, God will take care of you. You just seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, not your righteousness, which is a gift, and all these things will be added unto you. Well, God bless you. We'll see you again. Love you in Jesus's name. Until then, keep looking to Jesus.
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