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Joseph Prince - Anointing Oil For Healing And Protection

Joseph Prince - Anointing Oil For Healing And Protection
Joseph Prince - Anointing Oil For Healing And Protection
TOPICS: Anointing, Healing, Protection

Sit back right now, we're going to show you the theme of the year, because hidden in it are the answers even for this virus and for this year. Amen. The year of time and space. He's the Lord of time and space. Have you noticed that ever since with the advent of this virus that came in and all that, have you noticed that people's space has become constrained? In fact, the promise, the Lord knew it was going to happen this year. The three chambers that we talked about early in the year, remember the three chambers? Remember the three chambers?

Let's go to the first chamber. You saw that just now, the first chamber. Let's look outside first at the Temple of Solomon. Notice that there are three levels on the side, those are the three chambers, all right? They are joined to the temple proper, amen. And the three chambers, if you go to the first floor, it is the place where they store the grain, the wine, and the oil. The tithes, the grain, the wine, and the oil, that's where they store it, amen? And the next floor, you go through the winding stairs, is the place of the rest, resting quarters for the priests of the temple. And then the final topmost floor, you have the place where they store all the gold and the silver, the treasury.

Okay, now within these three chambers is God's answer for three parts of this year that we're going to go through. We're going to draw from the riches of his glory. Of course, the three chambers now is in, you know, in heaven, amen? And God is telling us that right now, the first quarter of the year, we're in the place of the grain, the wine, and the oil. The first floor, show them first floor again. This is where we are at.

Now, I didn't plan for this, I didn't know this, but last year and even the book tour that I did in America and all that, my book was what, on what? The grain and the wine, holy communion, right? And the entire year, there was such an emphasis from the Spirit of God on the grain, the wine, the communion. But notice there's the oil. It always goes in three, grain, wine, and oil. And they are stored in the first chamber on the ground floor. And it's like God is saying you will need the grain, the wine, and the oil for the crisis that's coming in the first half of this year. Maybe the latter part will be the, something to do with rest. And the final part of the year, something to do with his blessings on us, amen. The gold and silver, and plus the fact it's divine righteousness as well.

Now, where we are at, I'm so glad because the year has been thrust on us with this crisis of this virus, but God is always ahead of the devil. In fact, two years ago in one of my messages, I actually... sometimes when I preach, it's in the spirit of prophecy. I'll prophesy about the future. And you know, this virus thing happened towards the end of last year, which is still 2019, that's why they call it COVID-19, all right? But in 2018, I sort of prophesied, and I talk about a new strain of virus coming. Sit back, watch.

Amen, so obviously God has done something in the spirit world, God has released a healing anointing. A new strain, if you would, of healing. It'll perform such feats that we have never seen before. The devil is afraid and he's playing catch up, he's trying to create a new strain of virus that are like Ebola and other kinds of strains of flu that is viral and against medical treatment and all that. But just let you know that we are in the best of generations. The Rapture can happen anytime. We're in a generation that believes that we don't have to depend on the ways of the world. We are that generation that delights in God's Word.
Joseph Prince predicted Coronovirus

So, God never plays catch up, the devil plays catch up. So, even two years ago, I prophesied not just here, but in other times as well, not in just this sermon, but in other sermons, I preached that there'll be a new strain of virus. And I mentioned a flu-like virus which will be virulent against, you know, medical science and what they can handle in the natural. That something unseen can cause such devastation, huh? But have you noticed that the three chambers, look at this in 1 Kings 6:6, these three chambers, it says, "The lowest chamber was five cubits, the middle chamber was six cubits", it starts to increase, "and the third was seven cubits".

So, right now, we're in the five cubits. We're now on the first floor, right? Five cubits wide. The world's space is getting very restricted, but you know something? He wants to increase your space from five cubits to six cubits, and then to seven cubits, the perfect number, amen? Are you listening, people? So, the Lord of time and space can do that for you. Amen, during this time, he wants us to look to him. And it's a time where even as believers, we got to ask ourselves, "What do we really believe"? And it's one thing for you to be smart and to be wise, but it's another thing for you to give into fear, unnecessary fear. But you know something? We can do as much as we can, having done all to stand in that armor of God, the protection of God, can I have a good amen? A thousand will fall our side, that's quite close. Ten thousand like in China, more than 10,000 at our right hand, that's our neighbor, but it shall not come near us. We got to believe God, amen. We can do all we can, but only God can protect us.

You know what I'm saying? Be wise, by all means be wise. You know, the devil came to Jesus and said, "Why don't you jump down"? You know, the Bible says, it's the only time the Bible, the Bible says that the devil quotes the Bible. The only time he quoted the Bible was in the testing in the wilderness, where he told Jesus to jump down, all right, from the pinnacle of the temple. And he says that the Bible says the angels will bear you up in their hands, lest you dash your foot against a stone. There are two things about the devil when he quotes the Bible. He never quotes accurately. He left out the word "to keep you in all your ways". God wants to keep you.

Number two is this, if you meditate on God's Word, you know, it says, "The angels will bear you up in their hands, lest you dash your foot against the stone". It talks about normal life. When you walk normally, you don't see the dangers around you, but you know something? God will keep you from even hitting a stone. But if you jump down, that's not walking. That is stupid, amen? When you jump down, you won't hit your foot against the stone, you will crack your head on the stone. So the devil... you know, Revelation is so simple. The Lord is telling us, "Don't be afraid during this time". There's dangers all around, not just during this virus crisis at the present time, but there are all kinds of dangers around. We're just aware of it because it's more conspicuous. Amen, we got to trust the Lord. Even in your, you know, the Bible says in Luke 10:19, I love this verse. You want New Testament verse, amen?

By the way, I asked the Lord one time, the only time the devil quote the Bible is from Psalms 91. And it's not a full quotation. He didn't quote properly. So, I asked the Lord one time, you know, I was going to teach on Psalms 91 a number of years ago, and I said, "Lord, the devil quoted Psalms 91. Why of all the verses he quotes Psalms 91"? And the Lord says, "Because the devil doesn't know the Bible very well, and the only Scripture he hears being quoted to him by my people is Psalms 91". 'Cause down from David's time, since the Lord inspired him to write Psalms 91, all the way, some believe it's Moses, but it's either Moses or David, but all the way from that time until our time, when the devil attacks, God's people always quotes Psalms 91.

So, the devil is familiar with it. But he cannot quote the whole thing, amen? He didn't quote, "To keep you in all your ways". So, if you meditate on it, it is a daily walk, it's a daily walk. And you don't see a rock in front of you and you step in, you stub your toe against it, the Bible says the angels will bear you up. It's like if I have angel Gabriel, amen, would you come real quick? Pastor Joe, will you come? Will you come real quick? All right. Okay, let's get a light person. Brian, come. Brian, come. Brian is really light. Look at his, no muscles at all. By the way, this is called wings. Okay, now watch this. All right, now left and right. Okay, left and right. You understand, okay?

So, you are walking, the angels, and there's a big rock here. Okay, like let's say this is a rock. Okay, you both carry him right over, okay? As he's walking, he's walking, he's walking, he's walking, he's walking. Okay, walk, walk, walk, walk. He don't see the rock, okay, normal. He doesn't know what happens, amen? This is what it means, "They shall bear you up in their hands lest you dash your foot against a stone". amen? This guy's body is ripped, I'm telling you, that's why he's our security guy. And breathing hard? You need to exercise more, okay? All right, so Jesus said in Luke 10:19, I love this verse. "Behold, I give to you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy".

I love this, God will always make sure the devil is at your feet. Amen, and then you just trample him without realizing. In other words, go by your own way walking with God and don't worry about the devil. Amen, some people are always conscious of the devil. Don't have to be conscious of him, just go your way. And then if he's in your way, you will trample on him. You will trample on the serpents and scorpions. This reminds you of Psalms 91, right? Am I right? What does it say? "You shall tread on the lion and the cobra. The young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot", amen?

And I love this verse, notice that it says, "I give you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions". Jesus is talking, "and over all". Over how much? "Over all the power of the enemy and nothing". no thing, no thing, nothing, "nothing shall by any means hurt you". In the Greek, by any means is a double negative. Very seldom you use double negative, but when double negative is used, like for example, "The Lord shall not... blessed is the man to whom the Lord shall not". It's double negative, "impute sin to him". The righteousness of faith that David describes that all of us have.

Now, same thing, nothing shall by no means in any way hurt you. When are we going to believe that? You know, it doesn't happen automatically, it happens to those who believe, because faith is the currency of heaven. Amen, you go to China, renminbi is the currency. You go to Singapore, it is dollars, amen. You go to some place, the word is yen. But you know what? God's currency is faith. Without faith, it's impossible to please God. And the devil wants God's people to be in fear. All of you just say this right now, "For God has not given me the spirit of fear". Say it like you mean it, "God has not given me the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind". amen? So, you're going your merry way, you trust God.

"But Pastor Prince, you know, we got to be careful even on the road. You know, you got to be careful, you got to be awake all the time, you got to make sure that you drive carefully, you know"? I believe you should not speed. You know, in Singapore, there's no point in speeding. Even one guy who was trying to race me, I think. You know, he looked at me, I don't know why he don't like my face or what, next thing you know, zoom, he was in a Lamborghini, vroom real fast. Now, I just drove my relaxed way. By the time I reached the next traffic light, he was beside me. You know, Singapore is very hard to speed, amen? At the most, you'll arrive probably ten minutes early or whatever. But you arrive, it's in what shape we arrive, yo, you know?

And just with all your carefulness, you know, you got to be awake when you drive, you got to be careful, and you got to make sure that, you know... but you know what? At the end, you got to trust God. Even your family because you might be a good driver, but on the road, there are many other drivers, amen. And on February 14 just this past week, one of our servers, incidentally, he serves in the driver's ministry. There's a driver's ministry called Chariot Ministry in our church, and he serves in it. And this past week, he was driving his car not during his service time, but he was driving his car, and he came to the junction near Carlton Hotel, and watch what happens.

Okay, can you see the light is red, right? The light up there is red, so he's stopping. This is his dash cam. Okay, turn green. All right, it has turned green, he has the right of way, and the Lord delivered him. He says that if you are in the car, he felt like he can't do anything already. Amen, it was like a hair breadth. It was so near, like millimeters away. And the guy obviously, whether he's drunk, whether he is asleep, whether he's not conscious, and notice that our driver... notice that light? He is in the right of way. It turned green before he moved, and he moved slowly. Yet, you know you can't prevent that, but the Lord knows.

So, many a times, people, the Lord protects us from things that we know, so we give him thanks. We have a bad medical report and we believe God, trust God, you know? We go back and doctor says, "I can't find the condition anymore. Are you sure this... you know, I'm amazed. Like what happened"? You know, and you can give praise to God, you can thank God for it, because we can see something with an X-ray picture to show. But many a times, we don't thank God for those things. You see, we thank God when he delivers us out of trouble or he heals us from that sickness. But what about something greater? He keeps that sickness away from you. You never knew. There's a sickness, the devil has put your name on it, but he never made your... its way to your place. Amen, why? Because God protected you. We don't give thanks to God.

Many a times, I feel like God is under-thanked, and we are over-complaining, amen. So, come time to praise God, let's praise him even for things that we don't see, that we don't realize. Amen, are you listening, people? So, we don't thank God for things that he protect us from, which is even better. How many want to be sick and then be healed? No, we don't want. We'd rather not be sick, amen? But how many times God kept us from being sick? You know, God is holding back the forces of darkness. Every time, ever since Adam fell, man deserve nothing but condemnation, death, disease. God has nothing of this. In heaven, when you go to heaven, God has no disease.

You say, "Where is your hospital"? What hospital? There's no hospital here, amen? There's no disease, no sickness, no lack, no poverty, no nothing that destroys or hurts in heaven. So, when you pray, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven", you know what you're saying? Health there, health here. Streets of gold there, amen, prosperity here. Let's not be afraid to say it, amen, amen? Peace there, peace here. Thy will be done on earth in my life, in my family's life, as it is in heaven. Amen, thy kingdom come. So, in heaven, there is no sickness, God has no sickness to give. In fact, when Jesus was here, he said, "He that has seen me has seen the Father".

How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth, who went about doing good, who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed by who? By the devil. All sickness is from the devil. And all this virus, you know, the virus almost has a mind of his own. It can mutate to find ways to get into a human body. It cannot, it will mutate. It's like a life of its own. We don't talk about it, we rather believe in UFOs than believe in God. We're going to release the faith of God during this time, 'cause God is always greater. Greater is he that's in you than he that's in the world. Amen, amen.

And God spoke to me and said, "It's time for you to tell the people to put on themself the anointing oil, put on their houses the anointing oil, sprinkle the anointing oil on their vehicles". Not just if you're working like a Grab driver or whatever. Even though you drive your car once a while, put it on your car, it will look shinier, amen? But it's time to revive that teaching. Okay, before we touch on the anointing oil, let me just tell you this. Those of you who think that, "Pastor Prince, isn't this very strange, anointing oil? You know, is this superstition? Is this something that in the Old Testament"?

Well, let me just tell you this, I used to have that position that, you know, it's like a symbolic. Oil is actually the symbol of the Holy Spirit. That's more important and that is true, but God never despises the means of the symbol, amen. God can anoint the tokens that symbolize what his power is all about. Are you listening, people? Let me just say this to you, that if you say Old Testament, New Testament Scripture, watch this. It says in Mark 6, "Jesus's disciples went out, they went out and preached that people should repent, and they cast out many demons", and anointed with what? Oil.

Now, Jesus is with them during that time, and yet they went around anointing the sick with what? Oil. "Pastor, why"? Don't ask me why. If they did it, they got results, what's the result? Healed them. The sick were healed. Were they healed? Wherever the oil came, sickness turned into health. Are you listening? By the way, this is New Testament. So, even after Jesus died and Jesus went back to heaven already and the church age has begun, you still find in James chapter 5, it says this, "Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him", anointing him with what? Oil. This is church age. It's no more Old Testament, it's church age. Anointing him what? "Oil in the name of the Lord, and the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, they shall be forgiven him".

Are you listening, people? We're in the church age. And they used oil. And some people are too smart to use oil. "I don't know, I'll just pray with my heart in my room and all that". That's why you don't get results. And the prophet said to Naaman the leper, "Dip yourself seven times". Imagine he dipped himself, "I look like a fool in this river". In fact, he actually said, "Are not the rivers of Syria better"? because he was a Syrian. "Isn't it better? Aren't they larger? Aren't they bigger? Pharpar and Abana, aren't they bigger than Jordan"? But the prophet said, "Go dip in the River Jordan". And he dipped seven times, so imagine one time, "I look stupid". Two times, "What am I doing"? Three times, "Everyone's laughing at me". Four times, "I feel like a real dumb guy". And then finally sixth time and seventh time, the Bible says his flesh became like a child's. I'll take that anytime.

If God tells me to shout before the walls come down, I'll do it. If Jesus says, "Put out the boat", even though a whole night we didn't catch anything, if Jesus said it, I'll do it. If it says anointing with oil, I'll do it. It's not the oil, people, it's what it symbolizes. Can I have a good amen? Amen?

So, the Bible says that always in this vein in Deuteronomy 7, God says, "And he will love thee and bless you and multiply you. He will also bless the fruit of your womb and the fruit of your land". Notice bless the fruit of your womb are your children. And the fruit of your land, what is the fruit of your land? Your grain, your new wine, and your oil. "They'll be increased and you shall be blessed above all peoples". You shall be blessed above all peoples. New Creation Church, you shall be blessed above all peoples. "There shall not be a male or female barren among you". Claim it, barren not just in children, but also in fruitfulness, in our job and all that. That's what the devil wants to see happen even in our nation.

You know, see that happen, we're going to put a stop to it, amen, in Jesus's name. We are believing God for a turnaround, for restoration for his people as well as for our nation, amen. And then it says, verse 15, it says, "The Lord will take away from you some sickness, and some he will leave behind to teach you some lesson". Oh, I didn't read it correctly. What does the Bible say? Not human tradition, what does the Bible say, "And the Lord will take away from you all sickness, and will afflict you with none of the terrible diseases of Egypt which you have known". Sounds like... Egypt, by the way, in Hebrew, I told you all it's double stress, confined space. That's what's happening right now. The devil is trying to bring that spiritual speaking, the spirit of Egypt, all right? A strictness of space. God wants to give you a land flowing with milk and honey, amen? Hallelujah.

So, we thank God for things that we don't even know that he keep us from. He has blessed us more than we realize. We complain about a little thing in our body, a little thing here when 98% of our body is healthy. Want to give thanks to God for the 98%. Want to thank God. "You know, I think the church is a bit too noisy, too charismatic". Want to thank God that you got a church like this to come to. Amen, amen? "Oh, my pastor, you know, I don't like the way"... Why don't you just thank God you got a pastor? Amen, amen? "I don't like the pastor because he has a ponytail and all that". Why don't you just thank God? Why don't you just thank God you got a pastor? Where is he, by the way? Why don't you just thank God you got a pastor who loves people? I mean, that brother loves people.

I'm telling you, you know, he's got a big heart. He cries easily. I try my best to cry; no tears come sometimes. But he cries easily, you know? He's a Singaporean, I call him an Asian Joel Osteen. You know what I mean, he cries easily. You know, Pastor Lawrence. Amazing, so you know what? He wants to have a ponytail, go ahead. Go ahead. He knows as long as you've got hair. Some of you complain and all that. Maybe, you know, you are challenged in some way. Maybe you're jealous. I've got two testimonies here but one of... so as, you know, we walk in our own way. We thank the Lord we walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh, as we walk with the Lord. We don't do stupid things like jumping into, you know, like fellowshipping your friend and shaking hands, you know?

Like last week, we shared with you, right, we can greet one another with a kaph. It's the year of the kaph, amen, amen? So, I told my son, Justin, what I taught you all last week. You know, he came back from Rockets, I said, "Hey, I taught the church the kaph". you know, the Hebrew letter, the kaph, amen? I said, "Like this, the kaph. So, we don't shake hands, we just do this". He looked at me. "Iron Man". he said. Yeah, I think about it. Yeah, Iron Man does that, doesn't he, amen? And rays of light come out, amen. Iron Man is dead; Jesus is still alive, hallelujah. Here's a testimony from one of our sisters. It came in 26th of January, last month, 2020.

b]"Towards the end of last year I came across Pastor Prince's sermon on Psalms 91 that made me want to delve deeper into God's Word, and so I started reading Pastor Prince's book, 'The Prayer of Protection.' At the start of the New Year, my work took me into a part of Thailand where I was surrounded by lush jungle and wildlife. One rainy night I used the light from my mobile phone to navigate dimly lit pathways to my front porch and I saw a straw mat placed outside the door which wasn't there before. Thinking that it was probably placed there by the housekeeper, I took another step towards it. As I was about to put my feet on the mat, I saw that it moved slightly. It was then that I realized that it was a coiled up python. My heart leapt in shock. I was mere inches away from a snake. I backed away immediately. Thankfully, the python slithered away quickly. I immediately got into my room and slammed the door shut before checking the room to ensure there were no snakes lurking around. That night, still feeling shaken, I read the prayer of protection devotional and that day's devotional reading was aptly titled, 'You shall not be afraid,' Psalms 91, verse 5, which says, it reminded me of this verse: 'You shall not be afraid of the terror by night,' and in verse 11 it gives the reason why we don't have to be afraid: 'He shall give his angels charge over you.' As I read and repeated the verse aloud, I realized I was kept safe by his angels. By his grace, God Almighty made sure that I took a second look before I could step on the python. Indeed, God is good. I calmed down and was able to sleep soundly that night. All praise and glory to God".[/b]

One thing about this virus, God may have protected you this past week. Someone beside you, all right, and God killed the virus the more he touch it. You wouldn't know. That's what it means, a thousand shall fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand. He comes close but we do not know, right?

Like the Marriott's Hotel story that I've been sharing of protection. A member of our church was there a number of years ago when there was a suicide bomber that bombed the front of the Marriott Hotel and he was in the lobby and the lobby was decimated. Many people died. But at the same precise time that the bomb went off he walked behind a pillar and he saw the blast and he saw bodies flying, he said. When the dust settled, he looked at his body and there was blood all over but it wasn't his own. It was the blood of the others. Right time, right place. With all our smarts, we cannot put ourselves at the right place at the right time, but God can. He can order your steps into your life partner, amen. He can order your steps in such a way that there's someone who made a connection for you but it's God. Live life trusting him like a child, amen. And that's what the Bible says: "He will cover you with his feathers. Under his wings you shall take refuge".

Many years ago when I was a young boy and it would thunder at night and lightning and thunder and all that, I was so afraid, I would run out my room, jump into my parents' bed, and then snuggle up my mom's arm, you know, armpit, and hide there. I feel so safe, amen? And she's human, right? But God is saying, "I want to cover you with my feathers. Under my wings you will take refuge". amen? It's not something that, "Oh, I've said already. No, it's gonna happen". No, it's a relationship. Talk to God. Let his perfect love cast out every fear, amen, church, amen? And God says he'll bless your grain, your wine, and your oil and you'll be blessed above all people. And he'll take away from you all sickness. All sickness, amen, amen, amen.

Now, God said to me that he has provided for us on the first floor all that we need this year, amen? It'd be the first part of the year, the grain, the wine, and the oil. Look at that first floor again. The grain, the wine, and the oil, it's all stored there. And Nehemiah tells us what's stored there. He says that, "you bring the tithes of the tithes unto the house of God, to the chambers, into the treasure house. The children of Israel will bring the offering of the corn", or the grain, this is King James Version, the grain, "the new wine, and the oil, unto the chambers, and this chambers is also where the vessels are, the instruments are. The priests are there that minister, the porters, and the singers: and we'll not forsake the house of our God".

And a same phrase used not forsaking the assembling, the house. The house is not concrete stone. The house is not the star. It's not NBS. It's not wherever you are. The house is when we are together. Like yesterday, my wife bought so many empty bottles, amen, and a huge olive oil bottle so Justin was so excited because he wants to pour the olive oil, all right? So we had a scoop for the little bottles and all that, and he's pouring and he's making a mess because he doesn't know how to pour. You know, we asked him and he's making a mess and all that. But it is his first time. I'm so glad to see him getting excited about this. So after the whole thing was poured and it's all in all these bottles, different sizes, small bottles and I said, "Okay, let's pray over it". My wife says, "No, we'll pray tomorrow".

See, I'm the pastor that prays, you see? But she understands the principle of corporate anointing. Now, this is what the differentiates, if you ever wonder whether we are a cult, all right? This is a cult. If you wanna spot a cult. A cult is someone in all his teachings, in all his preachings, ask yourself who is he pointing to? Is he pointing to himself or is he glorifying Jesus? Always, cult leaders always point to themselves. "If you want this anointing oil you must get JP Oil. You cannot buy anywhere else, it's not available. JP Oil, we have special oil, 'specially prayed over, all right? My hands have touched the oil, okay? JP oil, and anywhere else, it won't work, all right? It's gotta be our oil. You cannot buy it anywhere else".

Now that, you smell what? You smell a cult, amen? And whenever you see that kind of thing, I detest that kind of thing. No, what we tell you, you can get the oil anywhere. By the way, last week, everything disappeared. Then my wife told me, "Hey, you are responsible for causing not only the toilet paper now, but all the oil, you know, downstairs from the guardian or whatever we have downstairs, all disappeared". Then my son was listening and he, later on, my wife passed off to somewhere, and he, "Daddy, you must be responsible, you know? You caused all the oil to disappear. You cannot do that, you know. When you preach you must be careful what you say".

I didn't wanna correct him so I wait there for Wendy to come back. When Wendy came back, I told Wendy, "This is what he said". And Wendy said, "You know, he's just joking. Our boy is just joking". Then he look at me, "Okay, you can't blame me, you know"? I don't know you're joking. Okay, so I'm glad that... ha, ha, ha. Last week, I shared with you and many of you were not around but I remember while waiting for our apartment to get ready, we were actually, we rented a place, not a new place but it's kind of rundown, near the wild area and all that. But we were glad. In fact, we never use the swimming pool because one time we saw a monitor lizard go right through the swimming pool, swimming, and he had a good time. And there's even a snake near, in the premises, but Jessica at that time was a young girl, probably about primary three at the time and she was upstairs in her own room and one night she was, not the same night, the day after, she said she heard at night, she heard bees trying to get into her room.

So the next night again she said that she heard bees trying to get into her room so this time I felt that it cannot be just a dream or something hallucination, but it'll be something real. So I took the anointing oil, Wendy and I. We walked to the patio and we applied the oil. The next day, after we did that, we heard her shouting in the morning: "Mama, Mama". And I was home and we all run up and right at the patio, right at the level where, you know, the threshold where they would come in, not only a few bees, but along the whole line is a row of bees, dead. They were all dead. It's like they cannot cross over.

It reminds us, while we don't apply the blood, the blood of Jesus now in heaven, we apply the blood of Jesus by faith. But there's something akin to applying the blood by applying the oil. Because in the Bible, in the Old Testament, there are two groups of people, the king as well, but this is illustrated in Leviticus. The priest, for example, and the leper, when they're anointed, they're anointed with with blood first. Blood on the ear, right ear, on the right thumb, on the right toe, which means now their ear is consecrated. What they hear is consecrated, what they do is blessed, where they go, amen, they'll be a blessing, amen.

So watch this now. Where the blood came is where the next stage happens. Put the oil on the blood, on the ear, the right lobe, the right thumb, and the right toe. So today, we don't apply the blood 'cause the blood has already been applied on us, amen? But we apply what we want. We can even apply it on our businesses, on the door of your business. More business coming in, just anoint it, amen. If there's an area of growth you're concerned about in your body, you can touch that area with the anointing oil. But there's one particular area that don't know where to touch, touch your forehead. And there's a promise here where, very interestingly, that God said to his angels when destruction was about to come to Jerusalem, Jerusalem has gone into idolatry and rebel against God time and time and time again. God sent prophet after prophet after prophet. A number of them, they killed. And God says, "Okay, destruction is coming through Nebuchadnezzar but God said this".

Watch what God said to the angels: "The Lord said to him". The one with the special seal. God says, "Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men". the men who are concerned about God's interests, all right? These men will not die in this destruction. And God told the angel to put a mark on their forehead and when you look at the word "mark". in Hebrew it is the word "tav". Tav, aleph-tav, Jesus in nature.

Now look up here. Tav today is spelt like a "H" in modern Hebrew script. But in ancient Hebrew script, during David's time, you know how tav is drawn? So it's like, I can just see you all putting on your son's little forehead, a little cross before they go to school, amen, with the anointing oil, amen? I did that in the first service with all the people in the first service and I messed up my fringe but it's blessed mess, amen? Amen, imagine David having the anointing oil on his head, the whole thing, just falling down on him, and the Bible says God says, "With my holy oil have I anointed my servant David".

From then on, the Spirit of the Lord came on David. But just because the Holy Spirit came on David, didn't mean there was no oil. There was a physical oil. It was the oil that came on him first then the Holy Spirit came on David. And from then on, David became a giant-killer. He was a blessing everywhere he went. Before that he was not noticed. He was not noticed even in his house, but then from the house God brought him to the palace. He began to be noticed because of the anointing on him. Can I have a good "Amen"? And there is something that God warns about to the powers of evil: "Don't touch the ones I have anointed". And the word there, for example, in Psalms 105 where you find he brought them out with silver and gold, there was none feeble. In that same Psalm, it says: "God permitted no one to do them wrong; yes, he even rebuked kings for their sakes, saying, 'Do not touch my anointed ones, and do my prophets no harm'". "Do not touch my anointed ones, and do my prophets no harm".

Notice, this is not Jesus. Now, the word "Mashiach" usually is referring to Jesus, the Messiah. In Hebrew, is Mashiach. But here, it's plural. God's people are also the anointed ones. And God says to the powers that be, "Do not touch my anointed ones". amen. Just like just now. Do not touch the destruction, God said "destruction". the disease, the 'flu. Do not touch my anointed ones. Are you listening? When the oil comes on you, you become anointed.

Now, we are all anointed, yes, already in Christ. There's anointing upon, anointing within, but God is teaching us how to draw from his storehouse in the first chamber for the first half of the year. Now, later on we go to the rest. Maybe, end of the year, will be a financial crunch but we got everything prepared in the third floor already, amen? Are you excited? Are you ready? Amen, so again, there's something there above all this. I've taught on the anointing oil before and I just want to say this, that like I said before, you can't tell if a virus, you were delivered from a virus because it's not physical like terrorists' bombing or disease, you can see the X-RAY and all that. It's not palpable, it's not visible, right, right? But guess what? We've got a testimony already from our church. Listen to this. I'm just clearing the throat.

"In early February I received a call from my sister-in-law informing me that one of our relatives tested positive for the coronavirus disease. My family was in contact with that relative during the Chinese New Year period. During the celebration, this relative of ours was going around and chatting with us. After he was diagnosed, my family and relatives, six of whom are believers and attend New Creation Church including myself, were informed by the Ministry of Health that we needed to be quarantined for 14 days since the time of our first contact with him. As it had already been 12 days since we met him, my family and I only had another 2 days of quarantine in order to serve. During this period, the devil began playing mind games with me, making me feel condemned for being out and about with my children and possibly passing on the virus to others. My husband encouraged me to trust the Lord and not overthink. During the two days, we partook of the Holy Communion daily and declared Psalms 91 together. The verses encouraged us greatly. During one of the Sunday services, Pastor Prince shared on John G. Lake's testimony during the Bubonic Plague where the virus would die the moment it touched his body. When my husband heard it, he started to claim the same for our family. Last week, we were all released from the quarantine order without contracting the virus. Even the infected relative got better and was recently discharged from the hospital after multiple tests came back negative. God is so good. The battle is truly the Lord's".

This is a good example of a virus you can't see, how you have the testimony? Something like this, amen? You know, you look at the law of probabilities, you say, "Well, Pastor Prince, you know, many people". and all that. No, no, you can be in a small number of people and still be infected, amen, if you're giving into fear. Let me just tell you this. Fear is the worst thing, amen. You know, when you fear, it's almost like you're agreeing the currency of hell instead of the currency of heaven. And so, the first thing, heaven's favorite word when an angel comes down or the Lord Jesus's favorite word to his disciples is "Don't be afraid". In Hebrew: "Lo tira". Lo tira; lo tira, Peter; lo tira, Gideon. Lo tira, amen?

I asked the Lord personally, I said, "Lord, can you give me a word for the people? I preached on the anointing oil before. Just give a word that we all know for sure that you want us to use the anointing oil during this time, amen"? So I asked him for a word and he told me, "Son, go to Psalms 91". I said, "Lord, Psalm 91 don't have the word 'oil'". The one thing I advise you all to do is this: never tell the Lord about what his Word has contained or doesn't contain. What in his word, okay? He says, "Go to my Word in Psalm 91". I say that there's nothing there. I'm gonna show you something very interesting about the Hebrew language. Okay, first and foremost, I'm gonna show you the word "oil" in Hebrew is the word "shemen", like Gethsemane, Geth is the press either for wine or olive. Geth is the press. Shemen is oil. Gethsemane is oil press, where Jesus was pressed, amen?

Now, this is the word for oil in Hebrew, reading from right to left. Now you all say after me, "shin". it's like the "W". right? "Shin". Say "mem". "Nun". One more time, "shin, mem, nun". "Shemen". All right, shemen. Geth shemen, Gethsemane. Shemen is oil. Got it? Memorize this: shin, mem, nun. Now, look at nun. Nun, you are seeing it in its final form: nun is like... show them the nun. All right, these two words is nun but when it's at the end of a word, it becomes a long word, okay? Shemen, but it's still nun. If you find a nun on the right, it is still nun. Got it? Okay, just final form. This is little intricacies of the Hebrew letter.

Now, memorize it again. Go back to Shemen. Shin, mem, nun, got it? Okay, now, now you see this, the Lord says it's in Psalms 91 so I look at Psalms 91. "I don't see it, Lord". And he told me where to find it. And I looked and I'm telling you the truth. This is what the Lord showed me: in Psalms 91, verse 9 to 10: "Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, even the Most High, your dwelling place". Before I show you this, I need to show you this. The first mention is always important. The first mention of oil. Do you know where is it? The first mention of oil, with the exception of those in front here, is anyone will tell me where is it? In Genesis.

When Jacob left his house, all right, he was afraid his brother would kill him. Remember that? He took the brother's birthright and he fled from his house. He landed in the place that we know later on as Bethel, the place of God. But he landed there and he took some stones and he slept on the stones, okay? And then next day, while he was sleeping, he had a dream and the Lord spoke to him. Don't forget, he'd just cheated his father, deceived his father. Cheated his brother. Morally, he's not in a good place. And yet, God was a God of grace to him, undeserved favor.

So whenever you find the Bible saying the God of Jacob instead of the God of Israel, it's always a phrase denoting his grace. The God of Jacob shall defend you. The God of Jacob shall help you. It's the God of grace. So Jacob had a dream, and God came to him and said, "I will keep you and preserve you wherever you go. I'll bless your seed and your generations. I'll provide for you". It's all, "I will, I will, I will". Unconditional promise from God. He had a dream of a ladder that went to heaven, amen, and angels going up and down. Later on, when Jesus came, in John chapter 1, you'll find Jesus saying, "Hereafter, you'll see the Son of man and angels ascending and descending upon him". Jesus is Jacob's ladder, the connection to heaven.

So, he had a dream and he woke up and he said this: "Oh, how awesome is this place". he said. "This is the house of God". That's what he called it, Beth-el. Beth means house, el is God. Bethel, amen? This is the house of God. And you know what he did? Here's what he did. He took oil and he anointed the pillar of stone, the stone that he slept on, he anointed the pillar. He anointed the pillar. And the pillar, he anointed the top of it, is the word "head". He anointed the head of it. So the first time oil is mentioned is here, and every time the Bible mentions something for the first time, there's something significant. You see, oil tied up with the house of God. Do you see it? Oil tied up with the house of God, amen?

Now, you're ready. Go to Psalms 91, verse 9 and 10: "Because you made the Lord your dwelling place, the house of God". Where do you find the oil? In the house of God. Where do you find all the promise of God: I will provide for you, I'll preserve you, I'll keep you? In the house of God. The house of God today is not bricks and stones. The house of God is not a building. The house of God is you and I coming together. Like my wife says, wait for the corporate anointing, amen? She want the bottles we prayed over corporately, amen? That's what we're gonna do in a while's time. So the house of God is tied up with the anointing of God. That's where you find it. That's why you find angels coming up and down, amen. Angels are freely moving about among us, even right now. And that's when "no evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling again", because you have made the house of God your dwelling. Are you ready? You got it?

Now, there is something called Bible Codes. Many years ago, the Religious Institute of Statistical Sciences published the Bible Code and they're not a Christian or Jewish organization. It's a scientific journal and they publish the accuracy of the number of rabbis down through history. They can find their names, their date of birth, their date of death, and all that, the place where they were in, all in a cluster, and this is how Bible Code works. Let's say your name is Mary. You start from the first letter, all right, something that you need to be in, find the first letter, "M". But from then on, you might be considering find the next "R". Okay? One, two, three, four, five, "R". The next one cannot be three or four, it must be five. It's called equidistance, get it? So you find the next what? "R". One, two, three, four, five is an "R". Next one is what? "Y". It's gotta be next what? Five. One, two, three, four, five. Got it? So you have Mary, got it?

It's called Bible Codes. And many a times we read the Bible superficially but even within the Bible there are codes. The Bible is like a hologram. Within, there are layers and layers and layers, amen? Now, what is the word again, shemen? Shin, mem, nun, three letters, okay? The Lord told me it's in this and I look it up. Let's look at it, interlinear. Look at the Hebrew version of verse 9, "Because you have made the Lord my refuge, the Most High, your habitation". So you find the first letter, "shin". Can you find "shin"? There it is, shin. Can you find shin? Can you find mem? One, two, three, mem. Can you find nun, to spell shemen? One, two, three, nun. It's intervals.

Now, man didn't put this in. I couldn't find this, I didn't hear this anywhere. Didn't read this anywhere. The Lord spoke to me and said, "Son, the oil is there". It's like when you put the oil in something, it's like the house of God. And that's why no evil shall befall you, no plague will come near your dwelling in practical ways. Are you listening, amen? Before you leave your house, amen, anoint yourself, amen. You've got a condition in your body, anoint that area. You've got a liver problem, anoint your liver, amen, amen? Whatever it is, anoint yourself, praise the Lord. Anoint your car, the four corners of your car. It'll make your car more glossy, amen. Anoint.

Listen, oil is just oil until God's anointing comes on it, amen? Pastor Mark's daughter, I'm sure that she doesn't mind, Kai Lin doesn't mind me sharing this. But she shared with me openly and she said that her exam paper, there were, I think, two subjects she wasn't very good at, you know? And she said that she always scored very low for the subject so she brought a little anointing oil into the... I don't know how she smuggled the anointing oil into the exam chambers but she did it and she said that before she started it, she always scored very low for that particular paper and she put the oil on it. Later on, she said, when the paper came back, also she saw that it was all oily and the teacher never said, "Why so oily". amen? But she anointed it. She got the highest marks for that paper ever in her life. She said she got the best results ever, amen?

So we can teach our children that, children can run with this. They are people that believe very, He said, "Unless you become like little children". We are too smart. We are too smart. "Pastor Prince, you gotta take all the precaution". Like my brother Wyane, just now, from the Chariot Ministry. If he can take all precaution, it is green light, he take his time, he drive slowly, a car comes from somewhere. Thank God he's not in full speed or whatever but, you know, God protected him. God protected him, amen. Okay, so shemen is there for oil, hallelujah, hallelujah.

Something else, you want something else? Okay, this year's 2020, right? So we have the Hebrew letter is also a number, am I right? I told you all this last week. Real quick, a Hebrew letter is also a picture, a Hebrew letter is also a number. Like, we say, "A, B, C". then we have "1, 2, 3". in English. But in Hebrew their "1, 2, 3". is "A, B, C". also. So what is the letter for 20, number 20? It is the Hebrew letter, "kaph". Kaph, okay, kaph. The last scene they saw Jesus was he was lifted up to heaven. He ascended and his hands were blessing them: kaph, kaph.

You know, the Christian position is not looking to the grave. It is not scriptural to look to the grave. The Bible says in the New Testament Paul says, "By the Spirit", he says, "Waiting for his Son from heaven". When all the signs are happening, we wait for his Son from heaven, amen. Look up, your redemption draws near, your bodily redemption. Your body will be like Jesus's body, amen. Jesus's body was a physical body. When he rose from the dead, the disciples were afraid and he says, "Touch me. Handle me. I'm not a ghost. A ghost does not have flesh and bones as you see me have".

The only thing is that when we have the body like his body, every trace of aging is removed from our face. We look young, we look handsome, we look good, we look beautiful, amen? All of us will look like Pastor Lawrence. Help us. And then our hair will grow like his hair as well, amen, amen? And then, you know, forever healthy and we'll never die. Down here, we boast about our Lamborghini, our McLaren, and all that, you know, fast cars. But it is like in heaven they look down and say, "How slow it is".

Imagine for us in our new body we can never die. I like to say this: In our chariot of fire, how fast will you go, knowing you cannot die? It's our whole playground, amen? Heaven is not in a place that, you know, figuratively speaking. It's a real place. It might even be a planet, for all we know, beyond the galaxies, beyond the Milky Way, beyond. And God has created all these things in place, amen. God is amazing, isn't he, hallelujah. And we are his children, hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

I'm gonna show you something real quick before we close. Are you ready? All right, the Hebrew year is 5780 this year, all right? 5780, you got it? So last year was 5779. The year before is 5778. This is a Hebrew year. Now, the Hebrew people, they still count numbers but they don't count the first two numbers, 57. They count the last one. Last year was '79, this year is '80. You know what's 80? You know what letter is it, 80? Is the letter "peh". Peh means mouth. The decade of the '70s, you know, number 70, 71, 72, 5771, 57, all the way to 5779, is '70s, right? You know what's number 70, the Hebrew letter? Is eye. Ayin. Ayin is to see. Eye is the value of 70.

Okay, watch this. Peh. Peh is 80. It's right after ayin. We are seeing a new decade, am I right? So the past decade has been one of seeing. We are seeing the things of God. Now, God says we're gonna see those things come to pass, speak it. God showed Abraham and Sarah the stars. God showed them. God then, after God showed, God changed his vocabulary. "Now call yourself". "But I don't even have a son". "No, call yourself father of many". "But I don't even have a son". "Call yourself father of many. You have seen the stars, now say it. You have seen the promises of Psalms 91, now say, 'My God, in him I trust'".

And that's why the promises is not just for everyone. "Pastor Prince, I don't believe this". It's not true for you, unbelieving believer, amen. It's only true for believing believers, amen? Jesus says, "According to your faith be unto you". You say, "I don't believe this is true". "According to your faith, be it unto you. As far as you're concerned, it won't be true. But as for me and my house, I believe nothing shall by any means hurt us". When Jesus says, "I give you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions", notice, go back to that again, "Serpents and scorpions, over all the power of the enemy", notice, "over all the power of the enemy". "Over all the power of the enemy".

So the enemy has power, is the Greek word "dunamis". But we are given authority over his power. Let me explain. You see a container truck, like a cargo truck, a huge cargo truck. Very heavy, carrying a huge container. He pass by, the road, and over there at the T-junction he's stopped there by a traffic policeman. The entire cargo truck which is much, much heavier than him, comes to a stop, complete stop. The cargo truck has power, but this man has authority. Authority is greater than power. It is not what the man is in and of himself. Behind him is what authority means. Who authorized him? Who deputizes him? Amen, it is who he represents. Behind him is the government. Behind the government is the air force, the army, and the navy is all behind that one hand that goes up. Authority is greater than power. Can I have a good "Amen"?

You touch your face, brother. Okay, so here, God says over how much power? "Over all, and nothing shall by any means hurt you". Meditate on this, all right? If the devil keeps you awake at night, meditate on this. Meditate one by one, line on line. "Nothing shall by any means. By any means". "What if the devil comes by this way"? By any means. "What if he use disease"? By any means. "What if he use tragedy"? By any means. Nothing shall by any means. Claim it, amen? Are you with me so far?

Now, we're gonna anoint the oil, right now. There's so much I can share but I need to share with you the 5780, right? And we're finished, right? Let me finish that and say, "80". Say "80". Is pronounced when Jewish people say "80" today, they say, "shemonim". 80. Notice the first three letters, "shemen". Is the year of the oil. The etymology of shemonim is shemen, oil. It's like God knew we need the oil, amen, amen. Say "shemonim". Shemen, oil. Now, any oil would do. We encourage you to have olive oil. It's more scriptural we feel that, but it doesn't matter. Not enough oil, this oil is okay, cooking oil is okay. Remember, it is not the oil; it is the anointing on the oil. When God touches the oil, all right, God's power can be stored, amen.

And the Bible says when Prophet Samuel came to David's house he anointed David with oil. He was drenched with oil. I'm not asking you to do that, okay? I'm just telling you that like what God did, the angel put a mark which is the cross, the taf, on the forehead. You can do that. It doesn't have to be the cross, okay? But it can be a dot, it can just be somewhere in your ear if you want to. And as far as God's concerned, that's your faith and you're anointed. Are you listening to what I'm saying? I know of cases where someone who is really demon-possessed, the moment the oil comes on him, that woman screamed, screamed, like in agony and was heard saying, "It's burning me up. It's burning me up". Now you don't feel it, don't worry. The oil won't be that on you. You're a child of God, you're not a demon, right? No, no, your husband is not. Your husband is not a demon, okay? He might act like the devil, but he's not, okay?

Now, remember this. One more time. This is not superstition. This is faith. Oil is just oil. It is not the oil. It is what the oil symbolize: the power of the Holy Spirit. When we put the oil, we are saying, "Lord, I trust the power of your Holy Spirit. Not by might, not by human power, but by your Spirit". amen. That's what you're saying, amen? Are you ready? So lift up your anointing oil bottle. We're gonna do it together. Joe, come, Gabe. I need Joe to be beside me, and Gabriel, I always need him because his name means a hero of God: Gabro-el. Plus, he's an angel, all right? He was the one sent to Nazareth many years ago. He's been quite happy down through the years. And this is Pastor Joe, amazing. Pastor Lawrence is not here and Pastor Lawrence is amazing pastor.

All my pastors are amazing people. Pastor Lawrence have a love for people. When you see him going out there, caring for the elderly, the people that are less fortunate, you know, they need us to help and all that, as we're doing this time. Pastor Lawrence is the one. Never feels tired, always he's the one in the hospital, one of the first ones to be there, you know? I love him. So forgive his ponytail, amen? What's the point? You've got no ponytail but your heart is so self-righteous. Your tongue is so long, they can sit in the living room and lick a spoon in the kitchen, amen? What's the point, amen? Will you all smile more, amen? Will you all be happy during this time? "A merry heart does". what? "Good like medicine".

Stand to your feet. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Now, lift the anointing oil before the Lord. Once again, the oil is just an oil, okay? But under the blessing, under the anointing of the Lord, it becomes anointing oil, holy. Holy means consecrated, separated for a holy purpose, amen. And what is holy the devil cannot touch. The devil deals with things that are dirty, unclean, where the mark of sin is on it, but holy means, it's the root word for wholeness. We all want wholeness. Dis-ease is something that's not natural. God never meant for man to be dis-eased. God always wanted man to be whole. Holy is the word "complete". Set apart is special. You don't get defiled.

That's what is gonna happen to this anointing oil that you're holding up right now in the name of Jesus and remember this as we pray together in the name of Jesus: the anointing of God's gonna come on that anointing oil. Now, just pray in the Spirit for a while. And as you lift the anointing oil, remember this. Before oil can become oil, it has to be crushed. That's what happened to Jesus. In Gethsemane he was crushed. The oil came out and, even back then, the oil was used and the first primary use is to light the menorah in the temple, and Jesus was crushed in darkness in Gethsemane to bring light in our darkness.

The second crushing of the olive press in Jesus's time is used for medicine. After that, Jesus was crushed further. His back was lacerated and with his stripes we are healed. The third press of the olive press in Jesus's time is used for soap, for cleansing, and at the cross he was further crushed under the weight of our judgment for our sins. He suffered in our place and we received cleansing for all our sins, amen, amen. Forgiveness for Jesus's blood.

The same for the wine. The same for the bread. We don't pick the bread from the wheat field. We don't pick the wine from the vineyard. No, it has to be crushed. The bread has to be pounded. It has to be punched. It has to be torn apart and punched again, kneaded, and then baked in the fire. Is what happened to our Lord Jesus. And the wine has to be trodden on and stepped on. And that's what happened to Jesus. Oh, our wonderful Jesus, how he loves you, how he loves me. And now, this oil represents that. Our holy oil is not growing on olive trees. It has to be crushed and that's what happened to Jesus and, friend, as you look to him right now, I'm gonna pray for you right now in the name of Jesus.

Father, in the name of Jesus, we lift up this oil before you, Lord. And in and of itself is just oil. But we ask you in the name of Jesus, Father, anoint this oil. Anoint the oil that we are holding in our hands, Father, and make it, Lord, the holy anointing oil, consecrated for your purposes, Father. Destined, Lord, to bring glory to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Father, we ask in Jesus's name wherever this oil is applied, Father, we ask that sickness will turn into wholeness and health and life. Even the dead will be raised, Father. In the name of Jesus, we ask, Lord, that wherever this oil is applied, failure will turn to success, barrenness will turn into fruitfulness, Lord. We pray that wherever it's applied, Lord, we pray in the name of Jesus, in the darkness, there'll be light come forth. It'll spring forth speedily, Lord. And wherever it's applied, Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank you there's protection, there's provision, and there's restoration, in the name of Jesus. And, Father, glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, not the oil, but glorify the Lord Jesus Christ wherever this oil is applied, Father. In the name of Jesus we ask, and all the people said, "Amen".

Now, you can start by putting just a drop, amen, my fringe in the way. Or you can make a cross if you want or just dip it on your forehead. If you have a condition in your body, all right, when you're home and all, you can apply it on your body. There's a growth, whatever. Apply it and see what happens after. So many testimonies of people who see the growth either shrink or disappear, amen. And thank God, there's a verse that says in Isaiah 10, the yoke, the satanic yoke, whatever the yoke is, bondage, sickness, or whatever it is, depression, will be destroyed because of the anointing.

Now, real quick, if you have someone that you love who's not a believer or is in bondage and all that, and doesn't know he's in bondage, you can put it on the pillow. You can put it on his clothes. We have testimonies of people whose loved ones turn around and the Lord touched them, amen? Every head bowed if you are without Christ I wanna give you this opportunity to bring Christ into your life right now. He stands ready to come into your life and, church, just a while more, give a chance to these people, give a chance to them, an opportunity for them to receive Christ. If that is you, friend, he bore your sins that you might carry his righteousness. He took your sickness that you might carry his health. He took your rejection that you might have acceptance with the Father. If you want this to become real in your life, you want the divine exchange to include you, pray this prayer with me right now.

Heavenly Father, I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I believe he bore my sins on the cross with all my judgment, curses, and condemnation. I thank you, I receive in this divine exchange, his righteousness, his acceptance with you, his favor, his health and wholeness, in Jesus's name. Thank you, Father, I am saved. I'm forever favored, in Jesus's name, amen.

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