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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Joseph Prince » Joseph Prince - The Lord Of Time And Space, Part 2

Joseph Prince - The Lord Of Time And Space, Part 2

Joseph Prince - The Lord Of Time And Space, Part 2
Joseph Prince - The Lord Of Time And Space, Part 2

The year of time and space. So got here on time, ha, ha. Praise the Lord. The year of time and space, because he is the Lord of time and space, amen? And I just wanna share before we look at the year of time and space once again as to what God is doing. Just want you to know that God always wants his people prepared. He wants his people to flow with him with what he is doing, amen?

Notice why I said, "What he is doing", present tense. Because the principles of God's Word like moral excellence, amen, the things we are to adopt in our lives, as shown in the Ten Commandments, those things will never change, amen. It's like we are supposed to be geared to the times but anchored to the rock. And we know who is the rock: our Lord Jesus, amen? But nothing wrong with being geared to the times. I believe my God is the one that gives innovations and new ideas, breakthroughs in technology as we're about to see. I believe God is the one that gives us all this for the purpose of reaching out to this lost world with a message of the good news of Jesus Christ and what he has done.

So any breakthrough, any acceleration of time in terms of technology and all that, any breakthrough in that area, is always for the sake of the gospel. But men being men, you see, people blame the iPhone, for example. But you can discipline yourself, amen. You can put stuff in the iPhone and you can see things in the iPhone that you're not supposed to, amen, but you are doing it. You can do bad dealings with the iPhone, but you cannot blame the iPhone, amen. You can just put it aside, amen. On the other hand, you can put great stuff like, for example, JPM, and be listening to God's Word on the iPhone.

Okay, I keep on saying "iPhone", Android, smartphones, okay? Praise God. So the odd Android people are happy as well. So this whole purpose of God showing us and creating new things in our lives, not just in the area of breakthroughs in technology but also in our own lives which is more important that there are breakthroughs in your marriage, there are new beginnings in your relationships with your family members, amen. Greatest prosperity is right there. And more than anything else you need to increase in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, to know more of him. It'll take an eternity to know him, amen, to know more of him, but there can be an acceleration this year in knowing him. That's the greatest prosperity of all. On earth, the greatest prosperity is to have a beautiful blessed family life. If you don't, then God wants to do that for you.

The Bible says in 1 Chronicles 12, let's look up here, that "the sons of Issachar". One of the 12 tribes of Israel is Issachar, and this tribe is known for its ability to understand the times. "They had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do". You see, there are different times that Israel ought to do certain things. But this tribe, they have an understanding of the times. The tribe of Benjamin, for example, they are very good with warfare, especially with a sling. And many of them are left-handed and the Bible says they can hit the target even within a hair breadth, that's talking about precision, amen?

So, different tribes have their gifts but one of the things that, down through the years, that the Lord has given this ministry, is an understanding of the times. David failed in understanding the times one time. The Bible says, you know, the story of him committing adultery with Bathsheba and then murdering the husband later on, which got him into a lot of trouble, amen? And that story opens up with the first verse, saying that the time came, it was spring and the time came when kings, not soldiers, although warfare always involves soldiers, but the time came when kings go forth to battle. Where was David? He was at home. He didn't go out. He sent his men and, as a result, in the evening, he went to his porch. The rest is history, amen? It happened at a time when kings go forth to battle. We need to flow with the times that God has with us. And then, he will manipulate time on our behalf, amen? Praise God.

So once again, gonna share with you about the importance of understanding what God is doing in a particular year. It doesn't mean that's the only thing he's doing, but that's the emphasis, amen. Even in the world, there... do you know that since 2007, the world calls 2007 a very special year.

Now I'm not talking about the church now. I'm talking about the world. Actually, the world of technology, the world of new companies, breakthroughs and all that. They call this decade starting in 2007, as the age of acceleration. But actually, they are one step slower than us. You know why? In 2006 I stood up here in my first sermon, all right, and I said that this year is gonna be the year of acceleration. How many remember that? 2006 is gonna be the year of acceleration and being led by the Spirit. Remember that? And what is 2007 for us? If you've been around for some time, 2007 after the 2006, the year of acceleration, 2007 is the year of new beginnings. Where there's an acceleration, you'll find new beginnings in new areas, right?

So for the world, now, many a times God does things in the world as well. He does. But what's more important and the focus of our studies these few weeks is to focus on what God is doing in the church which is made up of all of you in your personal lives for you. So when I say that God has great blessings in store, please don't think of, like, oh, it's gonna happen to the world, he's gonna... no, the world will get darker and darker, and the Bible prophesies that. You don't need a word for that. The Bible says it will get darker and darker. There'll be skirmishes, there'll be battles and wars and rumors of wars and there'll be all kinds of plagues and all kinds of new streams of virus and all that.

It will continue to increase. But listen, when the world gets dark, the Bible says the glory of the Lord will rise upon you. You, his people. And there's the time that Gentiles and kings will come to the brightness of your rising. And it says in the same chapter, the wealth of the Gentiles will come to you. It's gonna happen. It's gonna happen. God gave that prophecy through Prophet Isaiah and it's gonna happen in our times. Can I have a good "Amen"? Towards the end of last year, and when the Lord brought me into the Temple of Solomon and he made me study the Temple of Solomon.

I was studying the Temple of Solomon, just for my own feeding, for my own feeding. So I came to the place where we saw the three chambers and the winding stairs leading to each chamber. So there are three chambers on each side of the Temple of Solomon. Let's look at Temple of Solomon again, the picture, yeah. There's the Temple of Solomon and what happened is that I began to study the three chambers on the side. Can you see the three floors? So I was studying that and then studying about the storage place, how the first floor was used in ancient Israel to store the grain, the wine, and the oil.

And it's very interesting because in the Bible, in Joel 2, it says: "God says, 'I'll send my rain, the first rain and the latter rain, and you will gather in your grain, your wine, and your oil, and your vats will overflow with wine and oil. It'll be full of it'". And lastly, it was full of grain and wine. In fact, I went preaching in America, nearly a month, preaching on nothing but grain and wine, the Communion, amen? And there's the treasures that God is uncovering to us last year and, you know what was the first after that? The rain comes and then there'll be grain, wine, and oil.

You know what's the verse after that in Joel? "And I'll restore to you the years. I will restore to you the years the locust has eaten". God is saying to... are you listening, people? After the rain, by the way, just to let you know that Israel had a 51-year record rain this past week. The rains came in and the Sea of Galilee is up. It's a record. In 51 years never before. There's the number of jubilee: 51. It's after jubilee. We are seeing something happen. First in natural Israel, then the spiritual Israel. You'll be inundated with rain. Rain first, listen, then comes the harvest, then comes what? "I will restore to you the years the locust has eaten".

God is outside time. God is outside space. God created time where we lived and we are locked in time and space. The Lord is not. The Lord is outside time and space. The Lord can manipulate time and space. My Bible says in Ecclesiastes 9, verse 11, it says: "The race is not to the swift, the battle not to the strong. Nor bread to the wise, nor riches to men of understanding, nor favor to men of skill; but time and chance happen to them all".

God can manipulate time in your favor. God can accelerate time. God can suspend time. God can reverse time, amen. In some cases, we want God to accelerate time, amen. In some cases, we want God to suspend time. Sometimes, I don't want God to accelerate time. When you're doing something you enjoy and you are, for example, when I spend time with my kids, I do my best to suspend time, right? I don't want to accelerate. There are times I fetch Jessica and I purposely drive slower because that moment with her in the car is so precious. Do you do this, parents? You fetch your child from school and you purposely sometimes take your time because you love them, when you know they're so cute and they're talking and you are listening to them and seldom you talk like that so you're taking the opportunity, right? Parents understand. You might even take a longer way. Now my secret is out, and Jessica is in this service. Anyway, love you, Jessica. That's why I do that, amen.

So there are times you don't want time to accelerate. Time is slow for those who are suffering. Time is swift for those who are enjoying. It seems like that, amen? But God can manipulate time for you in your favor. Can I have a good "Amen"? So I was studying this in my study and I was just studying for myself and the Lord said to me, "This winding stairs and the window is gonna be the theme for this coming year". Honestly, what has the stairs got to do?

So I thought, "The secret of the stairs. The secret of the winding stairs", you know? So I didn't know. I mean, I look high and low, I cannot understand it. But I began to study the winding stairs and I began to ask myself and the Lord was teaching me, why do you need winding stairs, amen? To go to the next level. But why winding stairs, compared to normal stairs? Because winding stairs, you gain the highest amount of height in the shortest possible space in time, right? In the shortest time as well. And, in fact, you cannot see the ending. You cannot see the ending.

The Lord knows the ending. You only focus on one step, a few steps at a time, but lo and behold you find yourself in a higher place than you were before. In fact, it saves you energy as well. And we were talking about that just now in the room before we came up here, how the spiral staircase saves energy. You don't get stress. You just have to focus, okay, go up. You don't even know you are, you know, going higher and higher whereas if you look at a, even a wide staircase and you can see so high up there, you are discouraged even before you've taken the first step, amen? And that's why people have spiral staircase in their homes because to maximize space, amen.

So there you have it, time and space. You gain the maximum amount of height in the smallest possible space and also in the shortest time. C'mon, c'mon, less time and space. And then you come to the first level is how many cubits wide? Five. Number of grace, amen? That's how we all began and then, after that, 6 cubits wide. The chamber gets bigger as you go higher. And then the highest chamber, the third floor, is 7, number of perfection. Seven cubits wide. And you go up by the spiral staircase.

The Lord of time and space is gonna bring you and your families to a higher level than you ever have been in times past, amen? You're gonna go higher this year in Jesus's name, amen? Higher in your knowledge and understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen? At a higher level, your relationship will be a higher level, more intimate than you ever had before with your family, with your spouse, in Jesus's name.

The first miracle Jesus did was at a wedding. I believe he wants to study at a wedding, amen. The first two miracles of Jesus tells you about the miracle of science... listen, the Bible does not confirm science. Science confirmed the Bible. Accurate science confirmed the Bible, not theoretical science, amen? Accurate science. Baron, I think his name is, I've forgot what's his name, the guy who invented the first rocket and, like, he's a German guy. He's also a believer. He says that after all is said and done, any true breakthrough in our understanding of science and all that, at the end, we find that the Bible is already there. The Bible is way ahead of our time. Can I have a good "Amen"?

So the Word of God is God-breathed, amen. For example, you have the first word of the Bible, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth". In Hebrew, exactly seven words. "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth". Now, actually, science confirms that. We don't need science to confirm that. Science is based on these five building blocks: time, in the beginning; force, is another element of science; God is the greatest. He's not a force, he's a person but I believe when he's present there's such a force, amen? God created motion, another principle of science; the heavens, space; the earth, matter.

So you have time, force, motion, space, and matter. The five elements of science. The first time, time and space, that Jesus demonstrated he's the Lord of time and space, is in the first two miracles. The first miracle was at Cana of Galilee, all right? Regardless of what you read in Apocrypha writings when he was a boy, he did miracles. That's not true. The Bible says the first miracle he did was at a wedding and all the miracles in the Gospel of John are called signs. They are miracles but they're signs. Signs point you to something, amen, about the Lord, amen.

First thing is that he turned the water into wine because they had no wine. They had no wine. In fact, the last sign of John was they had no fish and the Lord supplied them with so much fish, amen? The first miracle and the last miracle, actually, there's similarities. But the first one, they had no wine. So it was very embarrassing for the bride and groom. They had no wine and the mother of Jesus was there and always commit this to your heart because this is the key to the spiral staircase: take one step at a time. And she said to the servants, "Whatever he says to you, do it". Whatever he says to you, do it, amen.

If the Lord tells you go for a walk, amen, every Monday, every Friday, do it. It starts with the first step. You are taking a walk to a fitter you, to a brainier you, to a healthier you, to a younger you, amen? But it's not just theory, walking is good and all that, but what if you obey the Lord and God gets involved with your body? So you say, "But it's such a simple thing, Pastor Prince". It's a simple step but you're going higher. You're not at the same level anymore. Can I have a good "Amen", people?

So the first miracle Jesus did was turning water into wine and I shared real quick last week. I'll tell you all again real quick that to get wine and I've confirmed this with a vine tender, amen, in Israel, all right? Remember Lawrence? We confirm it that in Israel this is what they do. Three to four years to plant the seed for the grapes, but only you get fruit in the third and fourth year, fruit for winemaking. But even then, that wine is inferior wine, what you call cheap wine. You know, if you get that year one. Then if you want really good wine, you must wait to the fifth year to the seventh year, you get grapes for really good wine. But even then, after you get the good wine, if you store it, amen, the longer you store it, you get excellent wine.

The Bible says when Mary says, "Whatever he says to you, do it", when Jesus give them instruction, the water came before the governor of the feast and the water blush in the presence of Jesus, amen, hallelujah, and became wine. The water became wine. And not only wine: good wine, excellent wine. So the governor says, the one in charge of the feast, you know, he says that, "Hey", he told the bride and groom. The bride and groom got the credit. "Hey, most people, you know, they serve the good wine first and then after people are drunk, they serve the lousy ones. But you have kept the good wine, the excellent wine, for last". Do you hear what I'm saying? That in this sign, Jesus compressed time.

Actually, the miracle of winemaking is there, you know? It's still a miracle, you know, you take time, seven years, you get a wine and you've got grapes and then you ferment the grape, you press on it and all the grape, it ferments and all that, all right? It's still a miracle in a sense, natural miracle, but it takes a lot of time. But when the Lord comes in, the Lord of time, he's outside time, he can accelerate time. He can compound time for you. Can I have a good "Amen"? Praise the Lord, hallelujah.

The second miracle is also in Cana. That happened in Cana of Galilee, and the word "Cana" means to get. Galilee means "winding". Galilee means winding. The Sea of Galilee, winding. Isn't it interesting? Get my winding, ha, ha, ha, ha. But we are getting the secrets of the Bible. You like this? The second miracle also happened in Cana of Galilee, amen? And this time, a nobleman asked Jesus to come to Capernaum and you know Capernaum is, like, 16 miles away, more, amen, 40 point something km and all the way there, to go to Capernaum, depending on which route are you taking, it's not a easy thing, amen?

So he asked Jesus to go but Jesus said, "Go your way, your son lives". And the man actually spent the night in Cana, the place where Jesus made the water wine. And after that, next day, he went and he found out his son was healed, he asked them what time did he... yesterday at this time, 1 o'clock in the afternoon. And he realized it's the same time Jesus said, "Go your way. Your son lives". Do you know you don't need the Lord to come down and touch you? You don't need the Lord to come and touch you. He's the Lord of time and space, amen. You know, from a distance he showed himself, he's the Lord of time and space. What he wants from you is to believe his word.

He told the man, "Go your way. Your son lives". And if the man is still begging him and all, he doesn't believe but you know how he believe? He didn't even rush back. He stayed the night. Because his word alone is enough. He said my son will live. Hey, you know what? Where's the nearest hotel? Amen. He believed the word. And wherever you're sitting, wherever you're hearing this, right now, I'm telling you if right where you are, you believe the word that's being preached, amen, you don't need the Lord to come down and touch you. Can I have a good "Amen"?

And this reminds me of a testimony. I got a number of testimonies here but there's one testimony I wanna share with you that happened to one brother in our church not too long ago. Okay, "During my annual health screening", his name is Austin, "the ultrasound scan picked up the presence of a non-cancerous lump in the liver. This was on top of my pre-existing conditions, liver echogenic lesions, groups of abnormal cells and fatty liver. My family and I had been attending New Creation Church for about seven years. We partake of the Holy Communion regularly and trust in the finished work of our Lord Jesus. About a month after the health screening, Pastor Prince ministered the Lord's healing and called out 'liver conditions'".

Remember, one of the times I called out "liver conditions". "I was overjoyed but my heart sank the moment Pastor Prince said that he was referring to a lady. Several ladies stood up". Ladies first one. "Several ladies stood up and one of them was standing behind me on my left and when she was being prayed for I cried out to God and asked that Pastor Prince would also pray the same prayer over me. Thereafter, Pastor Prince continued his sermon. But suddenly, he stopped". I remember this one. "Suddenly he stopped and said that someone had asked God to have me pray over the same condition that he had prayed for over the lady". And I remember this. "Pastor Prince asked who that person was".

So I remember going on in my sermon and all that and the Lord says, "It's not done yet. Somebody just asked the same thing happened just now happened to him", all right?

"So I stood up". No, the guy said now, "I stood up and Pastor Prince prayed for me. He also asked God to give me a brand new liver. During the prayer, I could feel a warmth all over my body and I was trembling. Then Pastor Prince asked me to lay my hand on my abdomen where my liver was and continue to do so until the warmth dissipated. He went on to share that he saw a vision of me laying hands on myself and that the same healing that came when Jesus laid hands on the sick was on me too. Only my only my heavenly Father would know that I have been laying hands on myself whenever I experience aches in the body. At my next annual health screening, the results show that there are no lesions or cysts in my liver. And not only that, and I no longer have fatty liver. Even my overall cholesterol level had dropped. My colleagues could not believe the report, seeing that I did not change my lifestyle or diet".

Y'all like this. "Indeed, when God restores he restores everything, even a brand new liver". Glory to Jesus, amen? Praise God, hallelujah. Thank you, Lord. Now, sit back and watch this.

Year of time and space, amen, amen, amen, amen, praise the Lord, praise the Lord. You know, the Bible says very clearly that the Lord is the Lord of time and space in the first two miracles. Just to show you real quick, in the first miracle of water being turned to wine, it says this in John 2. It says it's that when Jesus did, what Jesus did here in Cana of Galilee was the first of the signs. Then, a few chapters later, John 4, he went back to Cana of Galilee, which was his second miracle of space, amen. Look at this. This again is the second sign Jesus did when he had come out of Judea into Galilee.

Now, the Bible is not a, shall we say, callous with words. It's not superfluous just to fill up the space. Every time it says first miracle, or first sign, second sign, he wants us to pay attention. What is the sign? That he's the Lord of time and space. He manipulates time. He can stretch time because he's outside time. All things exists in space and space is in all things, except for one. He's outside space because he created space. He's our Lord Jesus, amen. So, time and chance happen to them all. Even this year, you'll find yourself being at the right place at the right time, amen.

And I look at the Bible and I think to myself, something's gonna happen again, the Book of Acts is gonna happen again. And another thing that you'll see, I'll let you see my notes, okay, a little bit, my notebook when I first received from the Lord. The very first day I received from the Lord I think in the month of October last year. I was doing my studies, and then on Temple of Solomon. By the way, my son last week when I first shared it's gonna be the year of time and space, before that nobody knows about it. The last final week, the people that will handle the video knew about it. Then my wife knew about it. I kept it from her also. And, of course, I will not tell my son, amen. He'll be so excited, the whole church will know.

Anyway, I was watching an animated show called "Superbook", where these kids go back in time to Bible stories, very interesting. So, I just nudged him, and I was watching with him, spending time with him. I say, that "Justin, if you have a choice to go back to the Bible times, which story would you rather be in? Which time period"? So, I named, to help him I said, "Jesus cleansing the leper, Jesus turning water into wine? Is it the time when God, the Lord opened up the Red Sea"? Or things like that, you know, to that effect, then I gave him his favorite, David and Goliath. His name is Justin David. You know, he likes David, David and Goliath.

So, I knew he was gonna choose David and Goliath, right? He says, looked at me and say, "Temple of Solomon". This was before I shared on Sunday. So, I said, "What do you say that"? I jumped up, I literally jumped up and I told Wendy. I said, "Why do you say that"? He said, "I don't know. It just came up of me". Now, in Superbook, they have many episodes. There's not one Temple of Solomon. In fact, we just got started on the very first Book of Genesis, the Garden of Eden. We just watched it for the first time and he already said. So, many a times, God speaks through him in amazing ways, amen, it's an acceleration of time.

Doctors tell you it's gonna take like three months chemo and all that, well, is the year of acceleration, amen. God can accelerate time. You don't have to wait for normal time, amen. They will say, "This kind of injury will recover, will probably recover in a year's time or so and all that. Take some time". No, no, trust God for an acceleration of time. One reason we don't pray is because we don't honor God. Very hard in the natural, we think naturally so we don't pray or if we pray, we are still thinking naturally. We are, hey people, you are reckoning on a God who holds the universe in his hands, who is, our breath is in our nostrils, is in his hands.

You know, all the nations of the world is like a drop in a bucket to him. He's all mighty, amen, but he loves us. He's our Father now, amen. He's our Father in heaven. Praise the Lord. And when you come to him, you don't limit him. Don't tell him how to do it, amen. If you need a promotion, you need something, don't ask him, amen, how to do it. He might move you out of the company and you'd get a promotion. Just believe God that he will, he will lead you one step at a time. He will prompt you by His Spirit. Obey that whatever he says to you, do it, and all sudden you find yourself in a higher place. But people don't pray because they... cannot, wah.

In the natural, I try to think of something, cannot, wah. We are in Singapore or we are in in America, and we are here. You know, how can I, you know? But medically, I've never seen anyone, you know, that kind of condition. No, we limit God so we don't pray. Since when do you pray for things that you can do, huh, right? But we are in the days where Isaiah 65, Isaiah says that, "it shall come to pass", God says, "that before they call, I will answer and while they are still speaking, I will hear". Hmm, whoa. How many of you, I'm sure you have experienced this already. You plan to pray. You really wanted to pray. Before you know it, the answer came already and you forgot to pray. Have you experienced that before? Amen. It's amazing, isn't it?

We see this and people say, "Well, you know what? My favorite TV series is 'Heroes', you know because all these people have special powers and all that". Hey, that's fictitious. God's people have real abilities that are supernatural. The gift of the Word of wisdom is a Word that comes about the future, amen. The gift of the Word of knowledge is what I had when I'm preaching and I say, someone here with a liver condition, that's a Word of knowledge, it's for the present. And then the gift of prophecy, you utter things sometimes prophetically, and there are people down there who know that God is reading their mail, amen. Or you prophesied, it may involve the future, it may involve just God being in your speech, the gift of prophecy.

The gifts of healings is plural in the Greek, gifts of healings. There's a gift that people, they are very, you know, the gift from God is to pray for people with leg conditions. There are those with, they have a gift for healings of cancers, amen. There are gifts of healings and the gift of working of miracles. The Bible says covet earnestly the best gifts. So, you know what? All these Marvel Heroes fictitious, push to the other side, amen. All these whether it's DC or Marvel and all that, push them aside. "Heroes", push them aside. They're all not real. Iron Man, you cut him now, the actor, he bleeds. It's not real. Spider Man cannot stick on the wall, amen? No, I'm sorry, amen. I won't say this at the Rock Kids.

Okay, I'll just tell you all, amen. But the real people, even doctors when they are doing surgery, they don't understand what's causing the bleeding, what's causing this condition. While they are operating, inside comes up that is supernatural, a word of knowledge and he realize if he cut this vessel, it's the end of the person, but everything in his in his training would tell him do that. Then he stops for a while, looks, this has happened before. This has happened before with Christian surgeons. Are you listening, people? I mean, insight from God, insight that is crucial for someone's survival, God has given us this gift, not for our own benefit, but to bless, to bless people, amen, to glorify Jesus, amen.

Even when you when you make money, it's to glorify Jesus. Can I have a good amen? And it comes one step at a time just obey the Lord, hallelujah. Say, hallelujah. So, I wrote in my notebook. I give you insight of my notebook. This is a picture of my-forget my handwriting, okay? I didn't write it, to show it. God is my witness, amen. I wrote it for my own. This is the first time I wrote down, all right, acceleration, time. I still getting about time and all that. I wrote down and then before they call winding stairs, windows, Amos 9:11. Can you see Amos 9:11?

Let's go to Amos 9:11 and it says in Amos 9:11, on that day, God says, again 9:11. "On that day I will raise up the Tabernacle of David, which has fallen down and repair its damages. I will raise up its ruins, and rebuild it as in the days of old". God says that this year he's gonna rebuild the Tabernacle of David. There'll be a lot of praise and worship. The focus is on the Ark of the Covenant. You see, the Tabernacle of David is a very straightforward tabernacle. It's a picture of the church because in Acts 15 James, the pastor of Jerusalem church at that time, he stood up and he quoted Amos 9:11.

It says that God (about the church actually), God's raising up the Tabernacle of David, repairing its breaches, amen. The Temple of Moses, you know, there's a procedure you have to go through, the altar of burnt offering, and lever, and then you go in, but all the Tabernacle of David. There's no such thing. You just come straight before the Ark of the Covenant and you worship. There's a lot of praise and worship. David even invented instruments. This, you're gonna see the Tabernacle of David being restored, amen. And what's the result when it's restored?

Okay, the next verse talks about how they will inherit the Gentiles. Drop down to verse 13. "'Behold, the days are coming,' says the Lord, 'When the plowman shall overtake the reaper, And the treader of grapes him who sows seed; The mountains shall drip with sweet wine, and all the hills shall flow with it'". Now, because I cannot focus on so many things at one time, in the days to come, I'll talk about suspension of time, reversal of time, amen. If you are getting older, you want God to reverse time, you want you want God to renew your youth, restore to you the years, right? Keep on coming and keep on hearing the Word, amen. But tonight, today I want to focus more on acceleration of time, okay?

So, here you see the acceleration of time, the plowman shall overtake the reaper. The treader grapes will overtake the one who sows seed. The mountains with drip sweet wine. I like the Message Bible. Let's look at the Message Bible for this one. It says, "'Yes indeed, it won't be long now.' God's Decree. 'Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won't be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills'". Give Jesus the praise, amen.

So, when God, when God raises up the Tabernacle of David, there'll be a lot of praise and worship being restored to the church, a lot more praise and worship this year, amen. The focus will be on the ark, the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. And not only that, he'll repair the breaches thereof. We'll touch on this in the weeks to come, and then there'll be an acceleration of blessings. Everywhere you look, blessings. It will happen so fast. It will happen so fast, amen, amen, amen, amen, amen. And talking about one of the heroes that the Japanese guy, right, on "Heroes", you know, he has the power of what? Teleportation, remember that?

Let me tell you about the story of teleportation from the Bible. You know when all of us are raptured, we'll be teleported. Would you say that, amen? From one location to the... in the twinkling of an eye. Time, it transcends time and space and we are transcending. All of a sudden, we are in a new place, amen, right? Okay, we go right now to the story of Philip. Philip, the Bible says that an evangelist. He's not an apostle even, he's an evangelist, amen. And just like any of us, we are called to evangelize. Look at the story of Philip. "Now an angel of the Lord spoke to Philip, saying, 'Arise'".

Now, let me tell you the background first. He was actually in Samaria and there's a revival going on in Samaria. There were miracles and notice that a special gift of healing was manifested through Philip. If you read carefully, the lame in the city were healed. Didn't say any other condition, but the lame were healed so he had the gift of healing for the lame. The lame were healed, right? Now, miracles were happening. People were turning around. Even the sorcerer saw the power of God and he struck the fear of God in him. So, God used Philip, then an angel of the Lord came to Philip and says, "'Arise and go toward the south along the road which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.' This is desert".

Why will God, you know, talk about the first step and the winding stairs? Why would the Lord ask someone to take the first step and the first step is towards desert? Got a revival down here! Sometimes God's ways can be quite strange. One thing about the spiral staircase is this, you know, you see, you go up, right? I am going towards all of you, and then I'm going away from y'all. Can you see that? Sometimes it appears like the step that God leads you, thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, amen.

It starts with the first step, but sometimes it seems like God, this direction we're in will not bring me to my dreams. Yeah, it will not bring me to where I want you to, you know, work for me, Lord. I want you to give me favor in that area. But it turns around, amen? But you know what? You're actually getting higher into the very place that God has for you, amen. So there's a revival going on here. An angel of the Lord came and said, "Go to that road from Jerusalem to Gaza", which is desert. And does anyone say anything up there? Just do it.

First step, never tell him what's gonna happen that first step, right? However the Lord talks to you, okay? So he went down. "He arose and went". Obedience, the first step: "And behold, a man of Ethiopia", look at this guy. This is a government guy from Ethiopia, "He is a eunuch of great authority under Candace the queen of the Ethiopians, who had charge of all her treasury". This man had charge of all her treasury. He's a VVIP, amen? "And he had come to Jerusalem to worship, and he was returning. And he was sitting in his chariot. He was reading Isaiah the prophet", and he was reading Isaiah 53, about "Surely, he was crushed for our iniquities, bruised for our", you know, "crushed for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace was upon him. With his stripes we were healed".

He read all that portion, and then he didn't understand. "Then the Spirit", notice the Spirit now speaks. People, get ready. Whatever he says to you, do it. When the Spirit tells you, "Okay, you're going to this place now". I want you to spend more time listening than talking. You obey the Spirit because there are things that will happen. Even if God has to give you a miraculous gift because you took the first step, the rest will flow. Many a times the Lord will tell you to do something simple, "Take up your bed", the more you do that. You don't tell a man with a withered hand, for example, "Stretch forth your hand", just obey. When he attempt to even stretch at the command of the Lord, he's strengthened. He was healed.

So when the Lord tells you do something, but you say, "I can't. Can't you see my condition"? And the Lord says, "I want you to do it". You may have a problem with your tie or your, you know, your leg or whatever, because it's walk. "See, can't you see I'm in a wheelchair"? Amen, do it. Something about, it's not just about the natural, you know, benefits of walking. It is, when the Lord tells you and you obey the Lord, even the supernatural is released. God told Joshua, "Tell the man get ready, all right? Go around the walls of Jericho once on the seventh day, seven times". Duh, mm, ooh, why, ee".

So, this time, Joshua knew that 40 years earlier they lost the land because it was time for them to go in, but they, you know, they were talking unbelief. They were talking and discouraging each other, so this time Joshua said, "Every one of you, one more instruction", and God never gave this instruction. It came from Joshua: "While you go around, shut up. Not a single person talk". He's a very smart leader. On the seventh day, seven times, they went around, and then God said, "Shout, for the Lord has given you", past tense, "the city". That's an assertion of time. Has given is past tense, amen. Shout, huh? For what? Shout. The walls are so thick. Shout for what?

Today, you know, we say shout for what? When the Lord tells you to shout, you shout. When you shout, the walls fell, amen? The fishermen, the last sign in John, the fishermen, Jesus's disciples were working all night and caught nothing, all night, and they are expert fishermen. They saw the Lord. Didn't recognize him at first, and the Lord says, "Do you have any food"? They said, "Well, no. We worked all night. We caught nothing". "Throw your net on the right side". Uh, left, front, back, right, does it matter? No fish means no fish, right? He says, "Cast your net on the right side", the side of yamin, ben-yamin, the side of power, the side of favor. Throw your net, righteousness, throw your net on that side. And they caught so much fish. Obedience, amen?

Maybe that's the breakthrough you're waiting for in your business is just to hear that whatever he says to you, do it. Maybe there is someone that you are beholden to, that you're afraid of, that you don't want to, maybe you need to leave, or maybe you need to, you know, don't sit down there, and don't leave a company, and all that, and, you know, and say that God has something for you. Find a job first, huh? I had to put that kind of thing, amen? In this time of acceleration and all that, doesn't mean that God won't give you moments. There are seasons whereby some things God allows you to go through with time so that to build perseverance, patience, long-suffering, amen, with joy. He will strengthen you, all might, for that. There are things like that.

So just because I... By the way, acceleration doesn't mean everything is accelerated. God knows what to do. You just have to focus on one step at a time. When the Spirit prompts you, you just obey that one step at a time. The spirit says kiss your husband. Aiyah, we don't do that anymore. Obey! Sorry, you are a lady. Obey. I thought I was talking to a guy... sorry. Kiss your wife. Yeah, yeah, then... obey! For a lady, "Why don't you do it"? You gotta talk tough with the guys, right? Amen. Why we don't kiss anymore? There's a reason why. We don't hold hands anymore, and the Spirit of God says hold hands.

You know, the things are so small the things that God tells us that it almost insults our intelligence, and God meant for your intelligence to be a bit assaulted. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, and sometimes in front of the kids, and all that. One of the best things you can do for your kids is to love your wife in front of them. It breeds security in them, and you're setting a good example for the future. Aiyah, we're all Chinese, lah. Okay, some of you aren't laughing. Okay, never mind. It's okay. Why don't I just obey the Lord, amen, glorify him? You know, he will never play you out. He will never hurt you. He is all-loving, amen?

You know, everything he tells you is always for your good. He tells a blind man go to the Pool of Siloam. Last year we went to the Pool of Siloam, and I'm telling you, church, no kidding, I mean, it is like, whoa, all the way down. They have uncovered the place for us, but it's not open to the public yet, but because they had a special thing for me to pass by, right? We were there, the Pool of Siloam. And Jesus up there, sent the men down there, and he's blind. Just put mud on his eyes, all right, and saying go wash in the Pool of Siloam. What was the idea of telling the man go down, right? Go to the Pool of Siloam and wash it.

But see, the way of the Lord is one person, he's fixed, and the blindness goes. Another person, he puts mud, and before he put mud, he spit on the ground and make clay and put on his eyes. If he's not blind, he's even more blind. And Jesus said go wash in the Pool of Siloam. Never said Jesus brought him. He went down. And so I imagine, going down last year, when they uncovered the ground, we went as far as we could until the place where they are still digging, and we went down there, and I realized, my goodness, the guy must have gone and asked can you tell me the way down? Can you tell me the way down?

And I was telling my pastors, I believe that part of the reasons that the more people he asked, the more followed him. "Jesus put, you know, and told me to wash in the Pool of Siloam". He became a evangelist on his way to his healing. So by the time they reach the Pool of Siloam, all right, everyone was gathered there like crowd. When he wash his eyes, imagine the miracle, the impact it had on the Jews of that day, amen? Many of them didn't believe Jesus, or whatever.

Now they see the miracle, amen. And I believe that archaeology was speaking and God's prophetic time table, the Pool of Siloam was uncovered only a few years ago, which means I was there, and I gave a prophetic word to the guide, and I believed, and my pastors, they were there. I believed that God is gonna lift off the blindness off Israel, and that's why it's now uncovered. It was partially uncovered, and now it's still partially uncovered, but it's more uncovered than before, so partial blindness is slowly going off, and more and more Jews are coming to know Jesus Christ. Can I have a good amen?

Okay, let's go on, praise God. "Philip", so God, the angel of the Lord told him go down, all right, towards Gaza, the road by the way. Then he saw this man, and the Spirit of God, he saw this wagon came down, and the man was there, this treasurer of Candace, the queen of Ethiopian. He was sitting down there, reading a book, Isaiah. He has no understanding, and the Spirit of God says, "Join yourself to this chariot". First step, so he went down there. He sat down, and he asked him, "Do you know what you are reading"? He said, "How can I, if no one explain to me"? Amen, God ordain teachers as well. So he sat down and explained to him about Jesus. Let's drop down, and it says, "Then Philip opened his mouth, beginning at the Scripture, preached Jesus to him".

Now as they went down the road, they came to some water. And the eunuch said, 'See, here's water. What hinders me from being baptized?' Then Philip said, 'If you believe with all your heart, you may.' And he answered and said, 'I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.' So he commanded the chariot to stand still. And both Philip and the eunuch went down into the water, and he baptized him. Now when they came up out of the water", watch this, watch this, all those of you who are very interested in teleporting, "The Spirit of the Lord caught Philip away, so the eunuch saw him no more, and he went on his way rejoicing. But Philip was found at his place, called Azotus", which is a Ashdod. "And passing through, he preached in all the cities till he came to Caesarea".

Whoa, there was no miraculous. First of all, God's instruction was what? One step at a time. Then the Spirit of God told him a chariot passed by, and "Join yourself with this chariot", when he was there, right? Just simple, one step at a time. We wanna see the miraculous. Well, God, do a teleportation for me, Lord. I'm tired of walking. Philip never asked for it. Philip just obeyed the Lord, one step at a time, and if need be, God accelerate time or even shorten the journey. He will do it. Many of you don't realize, sometimes the journey seems so long. You're flying the same plane. All of sudden you're there. You don't know why you're there. You're there. Are you listening, amen?

Last year, we were there. We went looking for this place where Philip baptize the eunuch, and there's an old, the road that goes down to Gaza was uncovered, and we were there. So show them the picture. We are all there. You see the strong body of Pastor Lawrence with the bag. Okay, we are looking at the road, this ancient road. Drop down. Yup, it's an ancient road. It's partially uncovered. This is the road that Philip went on to find the man, or he didn't know he was finding a man. He just obey, going to the place, one step at a time. God would never show you, "Abraham, go to this place, this place, you'll find this place". No, no, "Abraham, go". Then when he's reached there, then God gave him further instructions, am I right?

Same thing for Phillip. Okay, drop down. Okay, this is the cave where he was baptized. It used to be a cistern, amen, where they collect the rainwater, and it is inside the cistern. The plaster is all still there, 2,000 years old, amen? Next one, that's Pastor Matthews coming out of the cave. We all look so frightened. We thought he was a bear. Yeah, we couldn't bear it. He came out suddenly like that, you know? Okay, any more pictures? All right, that's the thing, and if you count the miles walking from Samaria down to the, we don't know exactly what point it was that Philip went down. He must have been some time he gone on chariot before he reached the cave where that the man was baptized, am I right? Right?

So from Samaria, all the way to Gaza is 150 miles. From here to here can be anywhere in between, 30 miles? You still have another maybe 10 miles to go, somewhere along this way. The longer journey, he had to walk or take a donkey. The shorter journey, he was transported. God's ways are strange or not? We would've done it the other way, amen? God's way is that there's a purpose for everything. He knows when to get there. He knows how to get you there, and he will do it on time. Can I have a good amen? Praise the Lord.

Actually, I got some more in my Spirit. I prepared for today. I got so much, and I'm just halfway there. So, but, I'm bringing this to a close. But let me just tell you this. Keep on coming for the weeks to come because there are truths you can learn from this object, the Temple of Solomon. One of them is that Jesus said, "Destroy this temple". Remember, Jesus said to the Pharisees, "Destroy this temple, and in three days, I'll raise it up". They got so angry at him. They said to him, "Destroy"? They thought that it was the real temple. "This temple was 46 years in its erection, and now you're telling me you can destroy it and build it in three days"?

They didn't understand he was talking about his body. The Bible said now Jesus spoke of his body, right? They didn't understand that, but the disciples remembered this saying when he rose from the dead. So the temple is a picture of Jesus's body as well. It's also a picture of your body. The Bible says in Corinthians, "Know ye not that your bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit"? Right? Okay, using the analogy in the weeks to come, not now, in the weeks to come I'm gonna show you the Temple of Solomon and the secrets of the body, because there are some things that God showed me that I think is gonna help you renew your youth, restore your health, the body.

Let me suffice to say, let me show you the picture of the Temple of Solomon again. You see the two bronze pillars at the entrance? That represents your legs, your two legs. All right, God's gonna make it bronze, and there's a secret there as well, amen, that I will share. Anyway, the side chambers over there, inside. I say how you go from one floor to another, the winding stairs, remember that? By the way, the side chambers, literally, the word chambers, there are many Hebrew words. One word means bed, a place of rest. The three chambers there, three bed. It's a place of rest, amen.

Now, watch this, but the word for side chamber, which refers to these chambers as well, there are different words for these chambers. There's otsar, which means the treasure, which is also these chambers, but also a word called a side chamber, rib. The only time it's used is referring to the side chamber and when God took Eve's rib... sorry, Adam's rib. Are you trying to rewrite the Bible, Pastor? No, no, no, no. Hey, first mistake. Give me a chance now, huh? Lord, reverse time. Okay, and God took Adam's rib, amen? Yeah, that's for your sake. I'll not remember your sin, amen? So took out the rib, and God, from the rib, made a female.

Watch this. The word rib, exactly the same word as the side chamber of the temple. Interesting? Amen. Each chamber, each floor has, according to Josephus, all of them, 33 small rooms to store things, they call cells. How do you go from one floor to another? Winding stairs. Winding stairs. Show them the hourglass first, the hourglass. By the way, I talked to our video people, and I told them that an hourglass is always a picture of time. Am I right? But if you look closely at hourglass, you can see, like, a spiral staircase, am I right? Okay, do you know your body is made up of genes, right? Your genetic makeup. Look at the genes first, and then look at a staircase. You have helix, double helix. Do you see that? By the way, on the right is your genes, not the left. It's got double helix, all right? It's spiral.

Notice the way your whole body, the Temple of Solomon is structured in such a way to reflect your body. There are things you can do to these stairs. There are things they did to these stairs that make it strong and healthy. I'll be sharing it because one of the things... you know what is a telomeres? Telomeres, that right. It's like your genetic, it's like the plastic cap on your shoelace. If the plastic cap breaks or gets frayed, then your shoelace comes, you know, unfurled, right? Am I right?

So what happened is that we got these things called telomeres, which holds our genetic, sort of, makeup together, and they found out people who live long have good strong, long, even, telomeres. They're plastic. They don't come unfurled. And they have found out one biggest reason why people's plastic comes off is because of stress. Stress, because it... okay, in the weeks to come, I'll be sharing this, okay? Not now, not now, not now, but praise God, but suffice to say that even the winding stairs and the helix, you can see the similarity. Our body is structured in such a way, God designed it.

When God says, "Know ye not your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit"? There's a secret to us to go looking for it the temple and to learn things we otherwise cannot learn, amen? In the days to come, I just wanna pray for all of you. Are you all ready to receive an acceleration of time? Amen, the days where the plowman will overtake the reaper. Your head will swim, amen. Things will happen so fast, and everywhere you look, blessings, amen, and wider and wider and greater and greater and higher and higher, amen? Praise the name of Jesus. Give Jesus the praise, hallelujah.

Every head bowed, every eye closed all across this place, my friend, perhaps you are here today, and you have never made this wonderful Jesus, the Son of God, your own personal Lord and Savior. Christ died on the cross for your sins. Christ became your substitute. And God, being holy, cannot pass by one sin, but God, being love, can forgive it, and God did it on a righteous foundation, the death of his Son, the sacrifice of his Son.

And because he's not just a natural human, he's not a human being only. He's also God, so you have God within space, and it transcends time, so the cross applies even in 2020. It applies today because the cross is outside time. It's as if Jesus died just now, and that's why John said in the book of Revelation, "I saw the Lamb as if he had just been slain". And that was many years after Jesus died. So, friend, wherever you are right now, if you know that God is speaking to you, you know God is saying take the first step, and that's to receive Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord. Do it right now.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for your love for me. You sought me out. I wouldn't be hearing this message, but that you arranged for it. Thank you, Lord, for arranging me in this time and space to be here right now, and Father in heaven, I confess Christ died for my sins, and Christ rose again for my justification. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, and I thank you, Father, you are my Father, and from now on, I'm greatly blessed and highly favored, in the name of Jesus, amen, amen.

Praise the Lord. Stand to your feet.

Hallelujah, Father in heaven, I thank you for everyone under the sound of my voice. Father, I thank you that you are the Lord that transcends time and space, and I thank you, Father God, that wherever and whenever we hear the Word, it is not confined to any location. It's not confined to even the time, that your Word preach ten years ago is just as relevant today. I pray, Father, that your people be so hungry, Lord, for your Word. They'll want more light to come through the windows that they'll be so voracious, Lord, in their appetite for your Word, that they will seek your word out, Lord, the Word of Christ that's dwell in us richly in all wisdom. Father, I pray, in Jesus's name, that you will raise a generation of people, Lord, passionate for the Lord Jesus Christ, to know him more and considering that their greatest prosperity.

Father, this week, in the name of Jesus, I pronounced these blessings over your people. The Lord bless you, and the Lord bless with the blessings of Abraham, the blessings of Deuteronomy 28, in all its richest forms, the Lord bless your coming in and your going out, the Lord bless everything you touch. Your enemies come against you one way, they flee before you seven ways. The Lord bless the fruit of your body, the Lord bless all your children. The Lord keep you, preserve and protect you and your families throughout this week from every harm, from every danger, from every infection, from the influence of, and in the name of Jesus, the Lord protect you from the power of the evil one, you and your loved ones. In the name of Jesus, the Lord smiles on you. Lift up his countenance on you, grant you supernatural favor everywhere you go, and the Lord grant to you and yours his wonderful shalom, well being, and peace in your spirits, souls, and bodies, in Jesus's name, and all the people said amen.

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