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Joseph Prince - Protection From Danger, Accidents And Disease

Joseph Prince - Protection From Danger, Accidents And Disease

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Joseph Prince - Protection From Danger, Accidents And Disease

Church, it is amazing that God has ordained for such a time as this that we should touch on Psalms 91. For those who were not around, perhaps you were on holiday or you just joined us today, I'll let you know that I think it was last week or 2 weeks ago when I started the series on Psalms 91. We showed an excerpt of my sermon early this year. In fact, it was the first sermon of this year, 2014, in which I preached on the theme of the year that God has given me. And then I mentioned this specifically, all right, look carefully at Israel this year. All right, we're going to show you the clip again. We showed it the last time. And I said that put your eyes on Israel. Bible prophecy tells us whole world will turn against Israel in the last days.

If you read Ezekiel 38, the Bible tells us that from the north will come Rosh, prince of Meshech and Tubal. The word "rosh" is the old name of Russia. Meshech is the old city, today it's known as Moscow, all right? Tubal is today Tobolsk in Russia. Russia will rise again. Let me tell you this, that in the 17th century, in the 16th century and on and on, you don't find, you know, at the time when Ezekiel, who lived in the Old Testament, wrote about Russia, they were just tribes. They were not a superforce. But now, we see a reemergence of Russia, and the world is getting to be a chaotic place. And when God had me early in the year have you all focus on Israel, to pray for them as well as all of us that God's protection, and in that particular service, our first service this year, I prayed Psalms 91 over you.

And I told you all that I would be preaching on Psalms 91, not knowing about the Ebola virus, that it's the worst breakout now. Usually, it's confined to some area. Now, it's the worst number of casualties and apparently it is spreading, okay? So, we do not know what's happening, okay? I'm sure that the authorities of the countries, as well as our country, we have the best system, all right, we will do our best to make sure that it's kept in check. But here, church, is where Psalms 91 comes in. God promised that there's a place in him where you shall not be afraid of the terror by night. There shall no plague come near your dwelling. In Hebrew, your tent because that's how they lived. In other words, the whole family. God protects the whole family. No plague, and Ebola is a plague, no plague will come near your tent, amen?

So, I just want you to know something, that in times past, God protects his people. God makes a difference between his people and the people of the world. I'm going to show you right now that in Exodus chapter 8, if you look up here, God sent Moses and Aaron to speak to Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, who had the Jewish people in slavery. So, Satan hates the Jewish people, like Hitler and all that, and it's because of supernatural hate. Don't try to explain it. You know, you can say it's land and all that. Well, we can go back farther, and you find that King David bought the land. Abraham bought the land. Isaac inherited the land. How far back do you want to go?

All right, so the thing is this, people. There is a supernatural hatred against the Jewish people. They are not perfect people. Many of them, I'm telling you, all of them are not perfect, but many of them, some of them are people that, you know, I just want to tell you this. For good or for bad, they have a disproportionate influence. For a minority race, they're not a big race, they have a disproportionate influence, for good or for bad. For bad is someone like Karl Marx, the father of communism. There's a disproportionate influence. So, the thing is this. I'm not saying that in and of, God shows his grace by picking people who are weak, people who have nothing in themselves, and show his glory through them. But God will not forsake his covenant that he cut with their father, Abraham. And in Isaac it's fulfilled, not in Ishmael.

So, that's God's promise, okay people? So the thing is that you want to understand what's happening around the world today? We are the end time generation, amen? We look at the times past, does God protect his people in times past? Yes. In that day, God says, "I'll set apart". God is talking to pharaoh, the king of Egypt. "I'll set apart the land of Goshen", the place of drawing near. Goshen means drawing near. "In which my people dwell". Notice God's people dwell close to him. "That no swarms of flies shall be there, in order that you may know that I am the Lord in the midst of the land. I will make a difference between my people", God told Pharaoh, "and your people. Tomorrow this sign shall be". So, even when plagues come, God makes a difference between his people and the people of the world. Are you listening, people?

Don't fear the things the people of the world fears. You have a God. Amen, like one bird to another bird, "How come these human beings are running around so stressed, so tense, so worried"? You know, the other one says, "Well, I guess they don't have a heavenly Father like you and I who feeds us". Well, Jesus said, "If God feeds the birds of the air, how much more will he feed you"? Amen? So, here it's very clear God makes a difference. "No swarms of flies shall be there", in the place where you draw near to God. And flies represents evil spirits. Beelzebub, one of the names of Satan, literally is Lord of the Flies. Some of you remember your English literature. All right?

Now, we go to chapter 10 of Exodus. The people of God are still in slavery in Egypt, and God sent Moses sign after sign, plague after plague, and pharaoh's heart was still hardened. "And then the Lord said to Moses, 'Stretch out your hand toward heaven, that there may be darkness over the land of Egypt, darkness which may even be felt.' So Moses stretched out his hand". That's really dark, okay? "Towards heaven, and there was thick darkness in all the land of Egypt three days". Now, look at this. "They did not see one another, nor did anyone rise from his place for three days", in Egypt. But the slaves are also in Egypt. But all, say all. "All the children of Israel had light in their dwellings".

I used to read this, and never stop to meditate until one day, I was reading this, and I realized that this light is supernatural light. Because if this light is caused by the oil lamp which they used in those days, the same resource is available to the Egyptians. But the Egyptians cannot light that night. It was thick darkness, but there was supernatural light in the dwellings of the people of God. So, in these last days, there will be a supernatural light in your families. Dwellings means your families. You have a supernatural light, amen? The world does not have a light.

You know, our sitcoms, our movies, it seems like those who are married, they make them, you know, appear boring. They make them appear like they are always quarreling. Then those who are sleeping around, living together without the marriage covenant, okay, they are having fun, that kind of thing. So, these are the things that's being fed to your children. But let me tell you this, I'm believing God there will be light in your dwellings. It is amazing how darkness spreads and no one questions it, all right? But you will see, and you will see the stupidity of the way the world operates. How can a woman be secure and give herself totally, spirit, soul, and body, amen, to a man that she loves if there is no marriage covenant? Amen, so don't sell yourself short. Amen? Praise the Lord. You're worth the covenant. If the guy's not willing to give a covenant, then you know what? He got you cheap. All right, so that's the past. In the past, God kept his people protected. God made a difference between my people and your people, God told pharaoh, huh?

Let's go fast forward beyond even our time. Let's go to the book of Revelation. We are not around. We are in heaven in our new bodies. We are looking down at the 7 years of tribulation. The book of Revelation predominately, all right, the church is only mentioned in chapter 2 and 3, and then from then on you don't find the church anymore because the church is raptured. From then on, you see the church in heaven, okay, when the tribulation happens on earth. Okay, the Bible tells us that God will raise... who will preach the gospel then? Because all the preachers are gone, all the teachers are gone, all the pastors are gone, all the missionaries are gone. So, who will preach the gospel of the kingdom at that time?

God will save and raise 144,000 Jewish evangelists, amen. We're talking about the future now. Because Israel is left behind, okay? Those remnant that are saved will be going up, of course. And I'm believing God for a great revival in Israel, amen? And I believe that many, many, many Israelis are going up, many Jewish people are saved by then. But those who are left behind, they'll be saved after. Probably they saw what happened and they'll be saved after. And there will be 144,000. The Bible says 12,000 from each tribe, 12 tribes of Israel, 12,000 from each tribe, makes up 144,000. But even then, when evil things are happening on earth, look at this conversation between angels.

Revelation 7, "Then I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God", the seal of the living God. "And he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea". And this angel said to the other angels, "Do not harm the earth, the sea, or the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads". So, whatever this seal on the foreheads of God's 144,000, it protected them from the harm that will come on earth. Amen? The reason I'm showing you this is because, in principle, there is a seal on our heads that the world does not have. What is this seal, Pastor Prince? Revelation 14 tells you what it is. "Then I saw the Lamb standing on Mount Zion".

Let's go back to Revelation 7 again, 7, go back to 7. Okay, is that verse 4? "I heard the number of those who were sealed. One hundred and forty-four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel were sealed". Of the tribe of Judah, 12,000. Of the tribe of Reuben, 12,000. Of the tribe of Gad, 12,000. Twelve tribes, one hundred and forty-four thousand. In Revelation 14, it tells us what's the seal. "Then I saw the Lamb standing on Mount Zion". Now, this Mount Zion where? Heavenly Jerusalem, Mount Zion. And the Lamb is there, so this is heaven, amen? And look at this, "With him were 144,000". So there is a Rapture of these Jewish evangelists. Probably after three and a half years of the tribulation, they go up. And once they are up, all right, the last three and a half years are the worst. It's called the great tribulation.

So, the 144,000, when they are up, notice what's the seal they have, "Who had his name", the name of Jesus, "And his Father's name written on their foreheads". I was reading this one day, and God spoke to me, and God says, "Today, there is a seal that Satan can see on God's people. It's on your head. You can't see it, but it's more real than physical things because physical things came out from a spirit thing". People say, "If I can't see it, I cannot believe it". That's how shallow man has become because everything came from God, who is a spirit. In fact, if you can see it, it won't last. If you can see it, it's temporal. This chair, you can see it, it won't last. Your clothes, it won't last. Your body, you can see it, it won't last. You won't carry this body to heaven. It cannot take the beauties of heaven. It cannot stand the perfect harmonies of heaven. You got to have a brand new body. Anything you can see and touch is temporal.

So, things you cannot see. The seal on you, the protection seal is on you, child of God, and on your family. But what is this in type today? In type. They had it in the book of Revelation, the 144,000. But for us, having his name on our foreheads, having the Father's name on our foreheads means what? We are thinking of the name of Jesus. When we are in trouble, what's the first name we think of? Not our nearest banker friend, not another person. All right, it's not horizontal because man whose breath is in his nostrils cannot help where real help is concerned, or permanent help is involved. Have you noticed that? You'll be disappointed, amen? God wants you to be vertical in your faith, amen. And when you have Jesus' name, you have a Jesus mentality, you have a Father mentality.

That's why I covered the Father's name last week. Were you all blessed last week? We covered the Father's name last week. And how you're conscious of Father, Jesus, Father. That is family, amen? Demons tremble at the name of Jesus. At the name of Jesus, every knee bows. In the world, when they cannot express their deepest anger, they use the name that's above every name to express their anger in blasphemy. Why do you think they do that, hmm? You know, if the name of another person who is deemed as holy is used in that way, the world would go up in arms. We got to make sure that we are not ashamed of the name of Jesus. There are people blaspheming that beautiful name.

The Bible says God has highly exalted him and given him a name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, of things in heaven. Not at the name of God. Jesus is God, but it's not at the name of God. Let's have no confusion here. God says, "At the name of Jesus, every knee will bow, of things under the earth", that's hell, "things on earth, and things in heaven". Amen? Angels, men, demons bow to the name of Jesus. Every knee will bow to the name of Jesus and say, "He is Lord". Even Satan will bow his knees and say, "Jesus is Lord", in hell one day. And God has ordained that this whole world will come into the hands of the perfect man, whose righteousness is the scepter of his kingdom. He rules with righteousness. He rules with equity, amen. He will judge and fight for the poor.

We'll have a king, we'll have an emperor, a sovereign whose heart is kind beyond all measure whose touch is healing, amen. Whose presence is life. You know, no one died in Jesus' presence. Even in the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, nobody ever died in Jesus' presence. And if Jesus attends a funeral, it's no more funeral, amen? So, when you draw close to Jesus, my friend, just know that you are in the presence of life and resurrection. Amen, amen? So, we see the past how God protected Israel in Egypt. We see in the future how God will protect the 144,000 Jewish evangelists. So, protection is in God's heart. Invariably, there will be questions. And I understand, understandably so, questions like the martyrs.

Pastor Prince, how do you explain that? I shall try, all right, to the limited time that we have to answer some of these questions presently. Okay, and why did Paul suffer? All right, we have time, we're going to cover that as well. So, let's go right now to Psalms 91. "He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High", Hebrew, Elyon, "shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty", Shaddai. So, the Holy Spirit is talking. In fact, you'll find the triune God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, in Psalms 91. The first psalm is the testimony of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit says, "He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High". And you know who the Holy Spirit is referring to? All of us have access today. But first and foremost, it is the Lord Jesus Christ when he came as a man. When he came as a man, all right, he functioned as a man, he lived as a man. He was a man who dwelled in the secret place. Amen. And he was under the shadow of the Almighty.

Now, verse 2 is the Lord Jesus, this perfect man, speaking. How do I know? Because this same verse, in him I will trust, is used in Hebrews 2, verse 13 as coming from the mouth of our Lord Jesus. So, the Holy Spirit says he who dwells in the secret place, he answers, "I will say of Yahweh", the Lord or Jehovah, "he is my refuge and my fortress. My God", my Elohim, "in him I will trust". So, whenever you see Elyon, the Most High God, just know this. I don't care what position you are in, the Most High God rules over all men. Once upon a time, when Israel was in idolatry, he spoke to a king called Nebuchadnezzar. At the time when Nebuchadnezzar came to power, he was nobody. He was ruling in Babylon, but God said, "I'll make you the king of kings". At that time, God said that. "I'll give you sovereign power. You will rule over the fowls of the earth". Amen? "You will rule over the beasts of the earth".

One thing God didn't tell him is that he would rule over the fish of the sea. That's reserved. God always keep back something. That's reserved for the perfect man, who have infinite rule. When he came, the way he paid the temple tax was go fish, find a coin in the fish mouth, pay the tax. It was reserved for him. And yet, after God makes King Nebuchadnezzar great, King Nebuchadnezzar, one day he was walking in the hanging gardens of Babylon, he looked at all the beauty and grandeur, and he says, "Is this not what something I have built for my glory, for my excellence, with my wisdom"? And the Most High, the Bible says, speak and says, "This is what have gone out of your mouth. For 7 years, you will live like a wolf. You will have hair growing out of your body. You will eat grass like a cattle. And you will live like an insane man".

A king, 7 years outdoors, always outdoors. Then one day, the end of 7 years, the Bible says King Nebuchadnezzar look up, and he look up and says, "I bless God". Something came back to him. God is a merciful God. And the moment he blessed God, the Bible says all his kingdom was restored, all his glory was restored. Just remember, the Most High rules. And the word "the Most High" was used throughout the story of King Nebuchadnezzar. When Abraham met Melchizedek, a type of Christ, all right, that's the first occurrence of the Most High. It's got to do with the tithe. It's got to do with the Lord's supper, which is based on the offering of Jesus' body. Amen, are you with me?

So, Most High, Elyon. You can write if you're taking down notes, you can write this down. Elyon, Most High means supreme in position. Shaddai, you can write this down, absolute in power. So Elyon is supreme in position. Shaddai is absolute in power. Amen, just imagine having this God with you who is supreme in position, and he can put you anywhere. He can debase one and exalt another. Come on. He can remove the breath of somebody and they are gone. They can blaspheme him today, shout to the highest heaven that there is no God. The Bible says the fool has said in his heart there is no God. And even the breath that he used to say that, God can... and they are gone. And God doesn't do that unless in certain exceptional cases God does shorten a person's life.

God is a merciful God, but this merciful God is supreme in position and absolute in power. And he's for you. He's on your side. He is your God. In this day that we live in, with all kinds of perilous happenings, all right, all kinds of diseases, of viruses that we have not even found the cure for going around, our children growing up in this environment, what a place of rest and comfort we have knowing that the one who is supreme in position and absolute in power can protect us. Amen? Verse 3, "Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence".

I want your family protected, people. Look up here. I want your family protected in these last days, okay? And the devil will tell you, "But what about so and so"? Or, he's a Christian. "What about so and so", all right, he believe in God. "What about so and so"? Okay, I'm gonna come to that. Just be patient, okay? I want your families blessed. I want your families protected. And I think I really believe that which church you attend is very important. If you're preaching like, you know, "Whatever happens, whatever happens, you do not know. Tomorrow you may die".

If you hear preaching like that and you don't even think about what the Word of God says... whatever I've said, I've given you the Word of God. I've shown the past, how God protects his people. God is in the protection business. And I showed you the future that has not yet come and God is in protection business. Are you listening, people? How much more in our day? He's in the protection business, all right? "So, what about martyrdom"? I told you I'm coming to it, right? Can wait or not, hmm? Good things come to people who wait. "Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler And from the perilous pestilence", which is a plague. Ebola is under this. Perilous means dangerous plague. "He shall cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler".

I did a teaching on this last week. I'm not gonna go there again. And look at this next verse, "You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the arrow that flies by day, nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness". Pestilence is disease, by the way, and walks in darkness. There are people just like now you saw the perilous pestilence, that's in the open, like Ebola virus. It's in the open. But people are also afraid of diseases that they feel can be developing in their bodies and they don't even know it. So, when someone dies with disease or they're running, jogging, they just drop dead and they look healthy, people start fearing. They start, "Well, I'm afraid of the disease, not Ebola or whatever, but I'm afraid of, you know", so, either they go for constant checkups or even then, all right, man being man, we can miss it, all right? But God cannot.

So, this is the pestilence that walks in darkness, "Nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday". This is outward destruction, whether it is a downing of a plane or whatever it is, it's a destruction, all right? It takes religious confusion to say good is bad and bad is good. Sickness is good. Health is bad. I've heard preaching where they say, "People are healthy, you know, they leave church, they don't come to God. So, God makes people sick so they will find him". You know, we accuse God of things that even people of the world will not allow a father to abuse his child physically.

There are those who teach, "The Lord is my shepherd, all right, he breaketh my legs". One of the favorite teachings, you know, the shepherd breaks the leg of the sheep. I've asked high and low in Israel, don't talk to me about other countries. Talk about Israel, all right? They have never heard it. And those shepherds that do it, those are the same shepherds that break the leg, but also sell the lamb for food. I'm talking about the good shepherd who gives his life for the sheep. I don't find. Show me Psalms 23 where, "The Lord is my shepherd, he breaketh my legs". No, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall have everything that I need. I will not be in want. Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me".

And the word "follow" is hunt me down, chase me down. Every time you wake up, goodness and mercy is happy. They're getting ready to hunt you down, child of God, chase you down. Amen. Every time your eyes open in the morning, praise God. And when are we not to be afraid of all these things? You shall not be afraid is a command, is an imperative. Don't be afraid, God says. You are taking refuge. Close under my wings like a mother hen will cover the chicks. And we saw last week that Jesus told the Jewish people, all right, that how I wish I would gather you and you would not. Jesus wept, all right? He says, you are not willing.

So, in other words, we must be willing. God will not force protection on anybody. God respects your free choice. You can stand up and walk out right now. God will still let you go. He won't strike you dead, but you will miss out on some things, lah, really good that all of us are feasting on. And I say feasting on, y'all. This is no dry, you know, carrot you're eating today. Amen? So, it is either by night, by day, in darkness, or noonday, anytime, 24 hours protection. All right, let's go the next verse, verse 7, "A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you. Only with your eyes shall you look, and see the reward of the wicked". A thousand will fall at your side and 10,000 at your right hand.

So, what I said just now is this, the devil loves to do things like this, okay? He will point to you somebody who is smoking who is 80 years old and tell you, "See the guy smoking like crazy, he doesn't have any problems. He's still alive so, it's okay to smoke". But what he doesn't show you are the millions that have died prematurely and in a suffering way, all right, most sufferingly as they die, all right, millions of them. He won't show you, all right? All these things he will show people that he sort of like put them up there and later on he will destroy them as well. Amen? The devil always put your eyes horizontally, amen? By the same token, when a disaster happens, he goes the other way. He will say, "If that happened to them, what makes you think you are special? If that happened to so and so, he's a Christian. You say you're a Christian, so what? That happened to him".

The devil loves doing things like that. Do you know something? Can I say something to all you? We don't know what so and so really believed, none of us do. In heaven we'll ask him. If he's a believer, he's in heaven. He's more alive than anyone in this auditorium, okay? But no one nor the devil can speak for that person. So, but you can speak for yourself and this is your promise from God, a thousand will fall at your side, and 10,000 at your right hand, but it will not come near you. You better memorize this verse.

I have a friend in Israel, Pastor Lawrence and Pastor Mathews know him. He's a dear, dear, dear friend of mine and every time I go to Israel, I'll fellowship with him. He's a strong believer, strong believer. It's probably now he's mid-60s now and he's still strong, very strong. He listens to my sermons while he runs every evening. He comes from one of the early families in Israel. When Israel was formed in 1948, his parents, all right, were believers, one of the few families. He came from that generation. He grew up never speaking profanity, not smoking, all right, just living a clean life, all right, exalting Jesus Christ.

And then in Israel, it's compulsory, just like Singapore, to be drafted into the army, so he was drafted. In a short time because of his moral excellence and because of his clean life, he went up very, very fast compared to his peers and became a Leftenant, all right? When the war broke out in 1967 and he was there and he told me this, you know? He say that he had to kill... sorry, he had to shoot, but he always makes sure, he says he doesn't know of anyone he has killed but he has shot to maim. He say, "I aim for the legs. I aim for the hand. I never aim to kill".

I don't know anyone who does things like that, you know? And he told me this, "You know, it's harder to aim to wound than to aim to kill". And he had this group of, this section of soldiers with him, Israeli soldiers. And many a times, you know, before the war when they were just training and all that, they will make fun of him because they know he's a believer. And they will make fun of him. They will call him names. They will tell him to do things. They try to make him drink. They try to do all kinds of crazy things to him, all right, but he stood strong in his testimony for Christ.

When the war broke out in 1967, they were drafted to the front, okay? By the way, he told me that he has a friend, another friend who went into military academy with him, passed out with him, also became an officer, but this friend had this habit telling him, "I just feel like I'm gonna die in this war. I just feel like I'm gonna die in this war". And he told his friend, now he's never read anything to do with the power of confession or the power of words and all that, all right? He's not exposed to such teaching but instinctively her felt, he told his friend, "Don't say that. Doesn't honor God. God will protect you". But his friend says, "You know, I feel like I'm gonna die in this war".

When the war broke out, his friend was beside him when a bullet took him in the head. He saw for himself, he said, you know? But in this heart, he had no fear, he said. Now, this happened, this really happened. A group of Orthodox Jews who were also drafted in the military and they are religious, very religious, okay? Young, young, young cadets but they were making fun of him. They gave him hell. And one day when they were caught in a crossfire, they were actually ambushed. My friend, who was the Leftenant for that group, he was ambushed and all his men, all right, he say that the machinegun was shooting. It's almost like bees buzzing, that's all he remember. And all the leaves of the tree around him were falling on him like autumn, you know? It's like rain falling on him all over him.

And then he looked around for his people and they would all jump into one small hole and they were all trembling. Amongst them, some of those who were making fun of him. And he was standing there and the bullets were flying around and he said, "You know, I never", he told me this, "I never had fear one single time that the bullet will hit me". It was an ambush. In fact, he said he went to the hole where they were hiding and they were all trembling. No one was holding their rifle or hugging their rifle probably, but not shooting. And he shouted at them, "Now do you believe"? That's what he said. And they looked up at him and they saw leaves falling around him, but not a single bullet touched him, not a single bullet.

Now, this guy, you gotta almost beg him to share war stories because he's so humble, he doesn't want to say anything about himself unless you really ask him. He's a precious brother. And he says this, when he was growing up in a small congregation in Israel to be a believer, a Jew and a believer, it's like renouncing your faith, your roots. So, it was a small church but in that small church where his father brought him, he says there was a plaque with words written on it. You know what's the word? "A thousand may fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand. It will not come near you". He say, "As a boy, I grew up, every time someone is preaching, I look at the plaque. I keep on reading it until that word entered my spirit. When I went to war, I know that regardless of who falls around me, it will not come near me".

So, when the devil comes you, "You see so and so, same age as you, hey, same age as you having this problem, healthier than you but she dropped dead. What makes you think you are different"? All you gotta do is this, don't even investigate the case. No one must touch other cases, all right? It is to God but we judge ourselves. We say, "A thousand may fall at my side, 10,000 at my right hand, it will not come near me". Are you listening, people? Now, if something has come on you, perhaps there's someone here, you have received a very bad diagnosis, an evil report, okay, in regarding your health. What do you do then, all right? What you do is this, the latest testimony from America a lady from Illinois and I just read this only yesterday. "I became a", you see, we're having fresh testimonies every week. It's amazing, every week.

And today we have four, five testimonies that we have to put aside because of time. This lady from Illinois. She said, "I became a believer in 1998 and my life changed tremendously, but I felt that something was wrong because I was repeatedly diagnosed with cancer", she said. "Beginning with breast cancer in 1998. In 2002, I had colon cancer. Even after surviving both attacks, I had relapses of breast cancer in 2000 and 2010. Then in 2011, I watched Pastor Joseph Prince on television and ordered his materials. The first thing I remember learning was that all of my sins have been forgiven". That puts your spirit in a place of tranquility, your acquiesce in the forgiveness of sins. It has a profound effect, a health-giving effect on your body. Doctors will tell you stress can cause bigger problems. "Because before that, I was taught of the need to repent and receive forgiveness from God whenever I sinned".

All right, she understands total forgiveness. "Soon after I became a partner with the ministry, I have all of Pastor Prince's teachings and meditate on them all the time. I've also bought 'Destined To Reign', 'Unmerited Favor', and his new book, 'The Power of Right Believing'. Now my walk with the Lord is amazing. I no longer feel condemned or guilty, and I'm no longer walking in fear". I have a teaching called "Condemnation Kills", all right? It does kill, okay? And she's no longer condemned. Watch what happened. "I also have a revelation of Christ's love for me and I have an intimate relationship with him".

Think, someone who believed they're forgiven completely does not become licentious, they become intimate with him. "With God's help, my finances have also improved. I'm not 56 years of age and I now have my first home. I'm also cancer free. I'm now cancer free. Free from cancer, have witnessed salvations in my family and am enjoying better relationships with my family members. Can't express in words how much Pastor Prince's ministry has blessed my life. It's forever changed. My eyes have been opened to God's grace and I can never go back to my old beliefs and way of thinking". To God be the glory, amen?

So, even if you're diagnosed, okay, know this, you are not like the people of the world who are diagnoses with the same disease, all right? That means that disease has an expiry date, came to the wrong body, amen? That's why I'm saying if you fight that disease, use the name of Jesus. At the name of Jesus, every name must bow. God gave Jesus the name above every name, above cancer. I said, above cancer. A thousand will fall at your side and 10,000 at your right hand, but it will not come near you and your family. Believe God. You see, fear comes when you stop looking vertically and you start looking horizontally, and the devil wants you to look always at people, at people, at people, all right? You'll never rise above your circumstances but God wants you to look to Jesus and therefore you will transcend your present circumstance. Can I have a good amen?

Stephen was stoned and the Bible says Stephen steadfastly. One translation, I think New Living Translation says, "He fixed his eyes upon heaven and saw Jesus". He looked beyond even, I mean, can you imagine the present circumstance is as dire as it is. You are being stoned, yo. And he fixed his eyes on heaven and saw Jesus and became like Jesus and said, "Lord, forgive them of this sin". He became like the one that he was looking at. Now, he didn't die because of stoning. Paul was stoned. Don't forget, Paul was stoned. Paul got up from stoning and walked back to the city. You remember that? At Lystra, they stoned him, left him for dead, all right? He got up, walked back to the city and preached again. How do you deaden a dead person? So, why did Stephen die? Stephen said, "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit".

If you want to go, there are people who really want to go for whatever reason. Many of them, they love the Lord and they have finished their commitment or whatever. But know this, it's not forced upon. It is something they speak. Okay, go back to this, all right? Verse 9 now. Now there's a condition here. So, the Lord Jesus who spoke just now in verse 2, the Lord is my refuge and fortress. It's now looking at you, all right, because you are like him, you have made God your refuge and fortress. He says, "Because you have made the Lord, Yahweh, Jehovah, who is my refuge, even the Most High", Elyon, "your dwelling place, there shall no evil befall you, nor shall any plague come near your house, your dwelling". This is the Word of the living God, people. This is not some fanciful words. This is the Word of the living God, every Word is God breathed. And God says, the Lord Jesus is talking to us now, "Because you made the Lord who is my refuge, even the Most High".

Can you find another verse where you find the Lord and the Most High, Yahweh and Elyon, in the same verse? Yeah, in the first mention of Elyon, Melchizedek and Abraham, Abraham says, "I have sworn to the Lord Yahweh and to the Most High God". It's gotta do with the Lord's supper, which keeps you healthy and tithing, which keeps you, and a lot of people don't want me to say the word, wealthy. Wealthy is not just swimming in like the hobbit movie, you know, the dragon like the guy gold coins everywhere, you know? It's a lousy master, money, but it's a wonderful servant. Amen. Make money, but use money for his glory to win souls. The Bible says, "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the Word of God". Just like today you are having faith because faith come by hearing the Word of God, not the words of Joseph Prince. Faith comes for any area by hearing the Word of God. But then Romans 10 says, "But how shall people hear except there's a preacher"? And then it goes further, it says, "But how can the preacher be there to preach unless they're sent"? Right?

You think about it, how can they be sent unless there's money to send them? So, money doesn't save. No, it doesn't save, but money is effective to be used to position people in a place where they can hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and be saved. Remember, that's why God prospers you. God didn't prosper you just because you can go for a nice holiday. And nothing wrong with that. Just buy a bigger house, another car and all that while children are dying of starvation. Doesn't it move your heart when you see a child dies because of not enough food, malnutrition? Does it touch your heart when we show you the doctors in our church, and our volunteers, and mission people going to Cambodia and giving them a free clinic? And they have never been to a clinic.

"Now, Pastor Prince, there are so many hungry children in the world. How to feed everyone"? Don't worry about that. There was a boy who was walking by the beach one day, all right, and he saw starfishes that were left, you know, when the beach draw back. Some of them, they didn't follow the tide, so they were left. And now they'll die because when the sun comes out, they will dry up and they will die, the starfish. So, this boy was seem throwing the starfish back into the sea. He threw the starfish back. A man was walking the other side, saw the young boy doing this, and there's so many starfish. All the way as far as the beach could go, there are starfish all along the beach. And he told the boy, "You know something? You'll get tired doing that. It's futile, there are so many starfish. You can't do it all". And the boy took another starfish and he threw it into the sea, and he says, "But it made a difference to that one".

So, God doesn't say love your neighbors, love your neighbor. Whatever God puts before us, whatever we can do, let's do. Money, the church meeting here is to push the Word of God, to bless your life and prosper you as well, amen? Keep you healthy, keep you strong so that your children have a higher purpose than just to pass PSLE, come on. Teach them to give, teach them to tithe at a young age, teach them how to be fulfilled in life. Those who get all they can, and they can all they get, and sit on the can are the most miserable people in planet earth. Amen, mm.

So, it says, "No evil", no means no, "evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling". Dwelling here includes your family. One father in faith blesses the entire family. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, you shall be saved, and your house. One person believing exposes the whole house to the blessing of God, amen? And even that woman Rahab, she believed God. Her whole family got into a place where... I believe that it'll be easier for your parents to be saved because you believe, even though right now they are scolding you, and for your faith, all kinds of things, but they don't realize that because of you, there's a big open door in your family now for God's hand of grace and mercy to come in and bless your family, even though they speak against you being a believer.

And God will position them in such a way because of you in that family to make it very easy for them to get saved. I have a relative, before she passed on, all right, she had a dream Jesus appeared and preached to her in Cantonese. Jesus spoke in Cantonese. So, you don't know how, but the Lord, because of you, he's going to position your family to be saved more than the people of the world, amen. And then one day, all right, they'll be in heaven young and strong, and they'll rush to meet you when you are raptured and say, "Thank you for not listening to me when I scolded you". Praise God, amen?

Verse 11, "For he shall give his angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways". Now, I want to address something here. Some people, they'll take this and say, "The devil also quoted Psalms 91". Yes and no. You know, people say, "The devil can quote Bible, you know, Pastor Prince". Well, tell me where he quoted. Usually, they come back to the wilderness temptation, where the devil came to Jesus, one of the three temptations and brought Jesus to the pinnacle of the temple, which is very high. And told Jesus, "Why don't you jump down? It's a feast day, all right? Thousands are there. If you jump down, the angels will come. Isn't it written that he shall give his angels charge over you, and they will uphold you with their hands"? Then he stopped there.

You see, the devil cannot quote Scripture completely, he cannot. It will be counter-productive for him to do that. He cannot do it, you understand. All right, so he didn't quote the entire thing. This is the entire thing. "He shall give his angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways". He missed out those words. Why are those words important? Those words are important because your ways, in Hebrew, the word "ways" is derek. If your name is Derek, that means your name is way. Jesus says, "Ani ha derek", I am the way. "Ani ha emet", I am the truth. "Ani ha chayim", I am the life. I am the way, derek. Derek means path, road, journey. Path, road, journey. Nothing about jumping down. In other words, it's talking about your daily life as you're driving to work, coming back from work.

As you go here, go there, as you're walking along your merry way, not knowing what the danger in front of you, not knowing there's an Ebola carrier if you're overseas, okay, whatever. You do not know where, but in your normal daily journey, not doing stupid things like jumping down. This whole thing is about your daily path, your daily journey. "In their hands lest you dash your foot against a stone". Now, how do you dash your foot against a stone? If you ask Jesus to jump down, let's say, you wouldn't dash your foot, you will dash your head. Dash your foot means what? It's a path he's walking. He's walking, he doesn't see a stone that will hurt him, all right, the angel just carry him over.

The picture there is that he protects you from dangers that you don't even know you're stepping into. Many a times, we thank God for his deliverance when we are in trouble. We don't thank God for trouble that never happened because he removed it. He went ahead of you and made the way straight. And that's why the end, we always pray, "The Lord go ahead of you, make your way straight, keep you and protect you". Amen? "You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra, the young lion and the serpent you shall trample", trample what? Underfoot. It's all about walking, you see? Not about jumping. Verse 14, now this is another condition here, very beautiful.

Do you know that what he set his love, "Because he has set his love upon me, therefore I will deliver him", it's one word in Hebrew. And it's not the word "ahava", it's the word "chashak". "Set his love upon me, therefore I will deliver him. I will set him on high". This is what high is, very high, "Because he has known my name". Can you understand why I'm teaching you the names in this series? "I will set him on high because he has known my name". And the amazing thing is that the people of the world, they know the names of celebrities in sports, entertainment, who is who in the entertainment zoo. Who is who in the church, you know, in the ministry zoo. They know names of men. Men that are frail, mortal, they know their names. They glorify their names. They do not know the name of God. And then you ask the question, "Why do so many people have problems that Jesus came to redeem us from"? It's because we know every other name except the name. "He shall call upon me".

Now, who is talking now because he has set his love upon me? I told you the triune God. Jesus just stopped talking, saying that because you made the Lord my refuge, the Most High your habitation, no evil befall you, no plague will come near your dwelling. He's been talking, right? And now, somebody else speaks. You can tell that they are different speakers. Can you? They are, lah, let me tell you, okay? "Because he has set his love upon me", me, it's a different person. So, God is talking now, God the Father is saying, "Because he set his love upon me because he has known my name, he shall call upon me, and I will answer him. I will be with him", when? "In trouble", that means what? Even in Psalms 91, doesn't mean that you live in a bed of roses, there's no trouble.

I told you last week all who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. Okay? If you are worth your grain of salt, if your light is shining, you will suffer mockings, all right? Persecution from the world. Amen. And it says, "but I will be with him in trouble". So, when you get into trouble, don't ask where Psalms 91. Ask Psalms 91 still says, "I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him. I will deliver him". Deliver means what? You are in it. The doctors gave you the report already. Well, deliver means the report is going to change. It's going to change. Amen?

"Pastor Prince, you are raising people's hopes". I did it on purpose. Let me tell you right now I'm not pretending. What are you doing? "Well, I tell people don't raise your hopes". Well, the Bible says, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for". So, there's nothing to hope for, faith has nothing to give substance to. You see, it's very easy to have 100% results in your church for healing, very easy. All right, you know how? You just have a doctrine that says we don't pray for the sick because we leave it to God's will, cop out. Now, the pastor is off the hook. The leaders are off the hook. They don't have to lay hands. If someone dies, whatever it is, or a child have a disease, whatever, "God took him away. God needed another rose in his garden, so God took him away". Hundred percent result because they don't have to explain.

But in a church where you preach on healing, people get angry when someone is not healed. But there are so many who are healed. Aim for the star, and you will hit the moon. Aim for nothing, you get 100% results, nothing. You should be encouraging ministries, churches that are preaching the healing of Jesus Christ. You don't point to people who are not healed any more than you point to someone in Billy Graham's crusade who did not receive Jesus Christ. It's no fault of Billy Graham, it's no fault of God's Word, and it's no fault of Jesus finishing the work at the cross.

You don't say, "How come the person's not saved? He didn't accept it, he didn't receive it", whatever it is. Whatever, there is some reason, I don't know this side of heaven, I must tell you. We cannot put the blame on people when they don't receive. All I know is that when they meet Jesus, they have a complete healing, and they won't want to come back. You ask them to come back to earth, they don't want it. "No way, Jose", they'll tell you that. And Jose is also a name of a prophet in the Bible, okay? Verse 16, and oh, "Deliver him and honor him". From the word "kavod", I will make him weighty.

You know, people, when God honors you, he makes you weighty. Your words carry weight, you know. You step in the room, it's like the room light up, you know. And I always said time and time again this happened to people in our church, they step into a boutique, there's no one in the boutique, people start coming in. They step into a food court, there's not many people there, people start coming in because you are weighty. So, if you are weighty, why give weight? Why do you give your weight to people who criticize you who don't have weight? When you pay attention to their criticism, you are lending them your weight. Why give them your weight, all right? The best way to deal with people like that if you have weight, let your weight stick. I'm not going to focus on your criticism because if I focus on it and talk about it, I'm giving you weight.

"So, Pastor Prince, do you know that the people blog against you and all that"? I know. In fact, I'll be very scared because Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount, "Woe to you if all men speak well of you". Thank God for these people. They validate my ministry. Amen? But I'm not going to give weight by talking about them. And don't you do that. Eh? And don't believe your publicity either, those who praise you to the high heavens and all that. Some of you say, you know, you have friends that love me so much, and you tell them, "Pastor Prince not God". You are right, but I understand they'll be excited, it's okay. All right? But there's no such thing as a celebrity pastor. We're all servants of God. We are here to give you good word. Verse 16 is the last verse. We have come to the end, people. Amazing, isn't it? "With long life", the last verse says, "with long life I will satisfy him, and show him my salvation".

Who is my salvation? I told you before. Never heard anyone preach this. Years ago, God said to me, "There's another name". I said, "Where is it, Lord"? He brought me right to the final name and the final word of Psalm 91, "My salvation". Amen? My salvation is Yeshua. Literally in Hebrews, "Bei yeshuati", which is my salvation. Yeshua. So, we have the names of God coming and ending, opening and ending. Aren't you glad you know the name Jesus? I mean, he can touch you, he can comfort you, he can love you like nobody can. Jesus. He can make you a man's man, and he can make a woman so feminine. When Jesus comes into a person's life, all right, he maximizes everything that is unique for that person. That person is a sign for his ministry or the particular assignment. It's all maximized when Jesus comes in that person.

Now, this is how it ends. "With long life I will satisfy him". Does not tell you how long. The criteria is, "I will satisfy him". God didn't say, "With long life I will satisfy myself with him. I'll decide when". It's not even God's satisfaction, it is your satisfaction. So, if I'm going to have the Bible, you know, some people read this and, "Oh, it's so selfish". No, sometimes God lets, this is the Bible, God says, "Are you satisfied at 70? No, 80? No, 90"? Tell God. "God, I don't want to die". Have you ever told God, "I don't want to die before 100"? Have you ever told God that, never?

"I don't know, Pastor Prince, it all sounds so funny". Okay, don't pray, all right? But how many people have asked God, all right, "Let my family and I live long". But again, live long, if it's not a good life, it's terrible. Live long suffering life for what? Live long, but good life. And the good life is, "With long life I will satisfy him", and notice the purpose for long life? "And show him Jesus". Show him Jesus. There was an old man by the name of Simeon when baby Jesus was brought by his parents to the temple, all right, to be dedicated. Old Simeon came, and the Bible says old Simeon saw the child and carried him in his arms, and old Simeon was told by the Holy Spirit that he will not see death. That means his life is prolonged until he sees Jesus.

So, we don't know how long he lived. He must be very elderly, but then he looked up, and even look at the way he goes. "Now your servant departs in peace. For my eyes have seen your salvation. My eyes have seen your". Literally, he's speaking in Hebrew or Aramaic, it'll be, "My eyes have seen your Yeshua", your Jesus. Seeing Jesus prolongs your life. Seeing Jesus keeps you healthy. Seeing Jesus makes you strong. When you come to church, all right, you don't come to get information, you come to see Jesus. You want to see him more and more in the Scriptures. There are people who know the Bible, but never unveil Christ. Bible, understanding Bible information is good, but you must see Christ in the pages of the Bible. Because to see him is life, resurrection, bread, water, hallelujah.

Now, the end of Psalm 91 again, it says, "With long life I will satisfy him". Psalms 91 is after Psalms 90. And Psalms 90 is a psalm of Moses. And Psalms 90 is a psalm that Moses wrote when he was in the wilderness with the children of Israel. Don't forget we are not in the wilderness. All right, we can learn a lot of things and principles of seeing Christ, but we are not under God's wrath. So, during that time in Psalms 90, look at Psalms 90, this is Psalms 90, it says, "All our days have passed away in your wrath; we finish our years like a sigh. The days of our lives are seventy years; if by reason of strength they are eighty years, yet their boast is only labor and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away".

Even those of us who boast, "Oh, I work hard, I eat well. You know, I exercise every day", even that boast is only labor and sorrow if it's not from God. It is soon cut off, and they fly away even after 80. "Who knows the power of your anger? For as the fear of you, so is your wrath". So, you must understand a lot of people say it's normal to live to 70 and 80. Well, the Bible says it's people who are under God's wrath that lives to 70 and 80. Isn't it amazing? I know, you say, "The thing is that, Pastor Prince, you cannot preach like this and all that. Somewhere along the way, we've got to preach the standard". We may fall short, but one day, there will be a whole generation meeting the standard. We don't allow human experience to bring God's Word down.

Is this God's Word or not? Well, this is not for you to believe. These are people who are, look at this, the verses that sandwich verse 10. Verse 9 says, "Your wrath". Verse 11 says, "Your anger". Also, "Your wrath". These are people under God's wrath. Are we people under God's wrath? No, Jesus endured God's wrath at the cross, amen, bore our sins. And the Bible says, "Much more being justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him". God has sworn he'll never be angry with us. So people, under the sense of God's grace and favor, your bodies thrive. And watch this, pastors and leaders. If you preach in a way that make people feel that God is angry with them, you're killing them. That's how I get it, isn't it? Am I right? Even if God is not angry, you know something?

Sometimes, we have relationships where we think someone is angry with us when actually they're not angry with us. But we judge by their expression. Or we have done something wrong, but they're not angry with us. We assume they're angry with us, but whether it's true they're angry or not, the belief that they are angry will cause you to act in a certain way. My daughter, when she was about 4 years old, 3, 4 years old, I was reading something, a report of the church and my brows was, I had this furrows, and all that, I was looking. And she look at me. "Daddy"? I say, "Yes". "Are you angry at me"? I say, "No sweetheart, I'm not angry with you. What makes you think that way"? "I see your face is angry".

Children are amazing. I mean, they are so precious. Even when you're angry with something or you're angry with your spouse, they think it's them. If you quarrel in their presence, make sure you always bring them somewhere and tell them, "Daddy loves mommy, okay? You know, sometimes you're angry with Peter, right? He takes your toys away, you're angry? After that, you become friends again so it's not like... mama and daddy love each other". Assure them. But what if there's a divorce? Wah, I'm coming to the end of the sermon so don't open up another chapter, okay? The best thing, don't. Don't even think of it. You don't love each other, love your children. Children are the casualties. Children are the broken pieces. Yeah, you want your freedom. You want this and all that, you know? Love your children. Many of them have scars that they'll never recover from, you know?

So, the question of, "Pastor Prince, what about martyrs and all that"? I'm wrapping it up but I have to address it real quick. The Bible has Hebrews 11, and the Word of God must always be our standard. I said, the Word of God must always be our standard, all right? Paul died as a martyr, Peter died as a martyr, but both Peter and Paul knew they were going to be martyred, all right? It's not as if they did not know. It caught them by surprise, okay? So, look at Hebrews 11, a list of all the heroes of faith for the Old Testament. "Who quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, became valiant in battle, turned to flight the armies of the aliens. Women received their dead raised to life again".

So, we see all this in the Old Testament, right? Elijah, the Shunammite women received her dead back to life again. So, all these are the exploits of faith. I find it very interesting many, many, many years I hear preaching of faith sometimes. They always stop here. They always stop there. So, even as a young teenager, I said, I want to keep on reading. And what I read then I understand why they stopped there. "The women received their dead raised to life again", they stopped there. But others were tortured. See, it's still the Word of God. Don't be afraid of the Word of God. In fact, if you start reading those portions where you don't normally read, stop reading always the favorite portions. Read those things. Those are vitamins your spiritual body now needs. Amen?

So, others were tortured, not accepting deliverance that they might obtain a better resurrection. And the Lord told me this, others were tortured, not accepting deliverance that they might obtain a better resurrection. So question, was deliverance offered to them? And by the way, this word "deliverance" occurs ten times in the New Testament, every time it's referring to the redemption, a deliverance of the Lord Jesus Christ, every time. So, it's not a deliverance, listen, that was offered by the emperor or offered by the soldier. Every time this word in the Greek appears, and it appears only ten times, every one of them, it's about the redemption of Jesus Christ.

In other words, in the redemption of Jesus Christ, there's protection. But these people did not want to accept their deliverance that they might obtain a better resurrection. Can you understand? In order for you to not accept deliverance, was deliverance offered? Or else you cannot accept. You cannot not accept. If nothing was offered, nothing to not accept. So, the fact is not accepting and the word there for deliverance is used in other places for redemption. They didn't want to be protected in this 'cause they want to go back. There are people like that. "Well, well, what about the Apostle Paul? I'm sure you'll agree, Pastor Prince, that he's the greatest of all the men of God in the New Testament". I agree with you, all right? Outside Christ, Paul was an amazing man, dear precious, honored servant of God like none other. But you know Paul said this, watch this. Philippians 1, "For me to live is Christ, to die is gain". Die is gain.

Hey, if you make $10,000 out of your $600 investment, is that gain? Y'all don't pretend, lah, huh? Prophet gain. Paul says, "Hey, y'all don't have a revelation. For me to die is gain". Paul had a revelation. I know many of you you just love this side, you know, but for Paul, it's gain, maybe 'cause he's not married, okay? I know, if you're married, you want to see your children. And the Bible promised long life so it's okay to cover that. But you must understand, there are people with revelation. To die is gain, all right? And he says this, "If I live on in the flesh, this will mean fruit from my labor; yet what I shall choose I cannot tell. For I am hard-pressed between two decisions, having a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better". He's saying, "Hey guys, I'm in a dilemma. I got two choices here to depart and be with Christ is far better for me". Next verse, "Nevertheless to remain in the flesh is more needful for you". "Y'all still need me around". You know what? "Being confident in this, I think I know that I shall remain and continue with you all for your progress and your faith".

Hey, he's talking like he's got power over death. Do you see that or not? It's not this teaching, "Your time comes, your time comes", you know? It's like someone says, you know, "No, I believe in the sovereignty of God. No one can say long life or whatever". They don't read their Bible. They just take a truth and they blow it out of its place. Sovereignty of God is a beautiful teaching but they take it out of the Word, out of the confines of the Word and then start to think, "Well, you know, long life, when your time comes, your time comes". The Bible says, "How satisfied are you? With long life, I will satisfy you".

Some people say, "Well, you know, I don't want to live long". Well, watch your words. God says, "Yup, that's your long life. For you long life is 80, okay? Long life is 60". I have people tell me, "I don't want to live so long". You think I'll pray for them that they will live long? Even if I prayed, my prayer will have no effect. Paul talks like, "You know, guys, can you bear with me for a while? I'm in a dilemma, to stay or to go? If I go and leave my body and be with Christ". You see, the body is not dead for the believer. It just leaves your body. "If I leave, if I go, it's far better for me. Believe me, it's far better. But to hang out in the flesh is more needful for you guys. So you know what? I'll hang around for a while for your joy of faith".

That doesn't sound like someone who believed: Que sera sera, it's your time to die, you die. Whatever will be will be. No, it sounds like someone who says, you know, it is in your hands in the sense that it is God but God... already said in Psalms 91, "I'm going by your satisfaction", hmm? "But Pastor Prince, what about", stop that. Again, you're looking at people. Why don't you look at God's Word and just stick to God's Word? One day we'll understand those things, okay?

"Well, Paul was martyred". But only when he decide to. How do I know? 2 Timothy. The very last book that Paul wrote is 2 Timothy. And this is what he wrote in the last chapter of the last book of Paul. Paul said, "I'm already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith". Paul, what makes you decide it's time to go? "I have finished my cause. I have fought a good fight, finished the race, kept the faith. Ready to go". Can you imagine the guy who was about to decapitate Paul? The Roman guy looked at Paul and Paul smiled at him, "Don't worry, it's not you. It's my time. I have decided this time", not Vespasian, not Nero, at that time Nero. It's Paul. And Paul only said that after he said, "I fought, finished, finished the race, kept the faith". Are you with me so far? Can you understand, people?

Power of life and death is in the tongue. So, Father, I want my children to live long, healthy and strong. Now, you don't have me to say to you, right, if you're living in adultery, if there's someone, if you are living in sin, okay, you cannot claim all these things in good conscience because faith comes out of a pure conscience, right? "Amen, Pastor Prince". So, down that peahen and live long, okay? It's very hard to walk like a man in a civil war within himself. You're born again and yet you know you're not doing right.

Come, come up higher to where you are integrated. There's nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to prove, nothing to defend. What a life, what a life. Amen? You'll be tempted but your calling is much more precious. Your anointing and your peace is too precious for you to lose over a few moments of pleasure. So, I don't have to say that but I still say that perchance there's someone who just stepped in. It's very hard for you to draw, snuggle up under his feathers, take refuge under his wings, and bring this woman who is not your wife. Your heart condemns you. You know your heart condemns you. You cannot. Say, "Don't worry. Don't worry, you'll be protected also". No, you know you can't do that. Or you drive fast on the road, you break the speed limit. Say, "God, I thank you angels go with me and keep me".

Have you noticed, guys, when you drive fast, all right, your car becomes lighter? Because angels are in the four corners of your car and when you break the speed limit, they take off. I don't have to say that. I don't have to say that but it's one thing to know that we're not deliberately sinning. There's no living in sin like living with another woman in adultery or whatever, but you still have wrong thoughts in a given day, wrong feelings in a given moment. For those things, friends, you can always rest in the fact that you are the righteousness of God in Christ and you're not under God's anger. Amen? And snuggle up close because if you set your love on him, no other love with satisfy, no other love.

And ladies, don't make it easy to give away your virtue. Don't make it easy. Don't make it easy. The guy has to earn you. Earn means what? Put that little ring, amen? Praise God. I thank God for his Word. I thank God that God's Word is kinder than religious words. I thank God for his Word. His Word is more generous than religious jargons. So, it's important when someone says, "Yeah, all of you, you know, you grace people, you think that, you know, you're protected and the kind of thing and all that". And just tell them, "Why are you fighting against protection"? "Oh, you say that God provides for you and all that kind of thing". "Why are you against Psalms 23"?

Always tell them, plus if they believe what they believe, the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want, they should not be claiming that psalm for themselves. I shall not want means I'll never be in want. Amen? Having said that, I think it's time for the church to prosper as the church. It's about time that this nonsense where the preachers are prospering but the people are not has got to stop. The people gotta prosper. If what we are preaching and what we are teaching is of God, the people must prosper. The pastor should be willing to give up even his salary so that people can prosper, not just in financial life, in every area of their life, if need be. Amen? You are not there for them, for you. You are there to serve them for him.

And in John 10, I'll close with this, John 10 Jesus talked about thieves and robbers, all right, come to steal from the flock. Then he talks about hireling that hurts the flock. Four groups of people that hurt the flock. And the fifth one, the last one is the wolf. But first the thief and robbers, what did they do? They tell you the Bible, "This is not for you today. Oh, there are inconsistencies in the Bible". There's no inconsistency. There are alleged discrepancy, only alleged. It will all be sorted out. Amen?

And then these are people who rob you of your faith. They'll tell you the Bible's no more relevant today. The Bible is man's book or whatever, and they can be professors of seminaries who will tell you that. Watch out, there's a new generation of people who are liberals. These are thieves and robbers in the flock of God. Then the third one is hireling. You know what's hireling? They only work for the salary. They don't have a shepherd's heart. They only become a pastor because of the salary, because of the perks, because of what they get. Amen? And when the wolf comes, they're the first one to go.

So church, I want to pronounce these blessings over you, in closing, all right? We have come to the end of Psalms 91. Have you been blessed? Give Jesus the praise, and the glory, and the honor. And now with every head bowed, every eye closed, before I pronounce Psalms 91 over you and the blessings of Psalms 91, friend, if you are here today and you have never made this wonderful Jesus Christ your personal Savior and Lord, you have never put your trust in him, in that blood that was shed to cleanse you from every sin, though your sin be as crimson, as red as it can be, God says, "I each wash them whiter than snow". Snow is dazzling white. Whiter than snow? Yes, the blood of Jesus will wash you whiter than snow. If that is you wherever you are right now watching this, say, "Pastor Prince, pray for me. I want Jesus Christ to come into my life. I want to be saved". Pray this prayer right now.

Heavenly Father, I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I believe he died on the cross for all my sins. And I believe that I am loved and this is the reason why Christ left his glory, came down born of a virgin for the purpose to die for me as my substitute. All of my sins he bore in his body. All the wrath of God fell on him and was finished at the cross and now, God's light, favor, and love shines on me for all eternity. Jesus Christ is my Lord and my Savior. In Jesus' name, amen.

All right, stand to your feet. Jewish rabbis for many, many years, when they encounter a demon-possessed person, they would always read Psalms 91 in Hebrew over these people. Now, many of them do not know Jesus, that's the best they know how instead of using the name of Jesus. But they were, of all the Psalms, they would use Psalms 91. There are such power and they themselves are aware of it. Friend, you live under Psalms 91. Lift your hands all across this place and everywhere that's watching this right now. Because you have made the Lord Yahweh who was, who is, who is to come, the Most High, El Elyon, your God, your dwelling place, because you have set your love upon him because you know his name, no evil will befall you and your families. No plague, no disease, no contagion, no outbreak will come near your family, will come near your dwelling throughout this week. God will deliver you in trouble. You might have received a bad report, be it financial or health-wise, God says, "I will deliver you. I will honor you".

And now in Jesus' name, with long life, God will satisfy you. Now, pray this prayer. If you only agree, listen to me say this first, all right, before you say, "amen". If you agree, then you say, "amen". Say, "Father in heaven, in the name of Jesus, I ask for myself, I ask for every member of my family, my loved ones, that none of us will die before our time. And Father, we desire to live". Just tell God how long you want to live. "That's what we desire, Father". Say, "We'll be satisfied with that. We want to serve you and see more and more of Jesus for the rest of our lives, that we'll bless generations upon generations, that they'll be around and we'll be around if Jesus tarries to be a blessing to them. In Jesus' name, amen". God bless you all.
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