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Joseph Prince - Speak God's Language Of Faith

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Are you ready for today's Word? Today I want to touch on faith, all right, faith. But I want to approach it in a different slant, okay? And we'll start off with this very famous verse. Some people quote it as Hagin 11:24, but it's not, Brother Hagin didn't write this verse. Brother Hagin got healed as a boy suffering from a disease, a deformed heart and from blood disease. All right, he had a number of diseases. And he was bedfast as 17 years old. He was dying, and he found this verse. He was quite smart, you know. He didn't want to start from Genesis because he thought he might die halfway.

So, he looked at the Bible and he saw Old Testament, New Testament, he says, "I'll start with the New Testament. If anything has been revised, I'd like to know about it", amen? So, he came to Matthew, then Mark. And when he came to Mark, he came across this verse, Mark 11:24, "Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them". Notice "you will have" is the future. You must believe when you pray. Whatever you desire when you pray, right then and there, believe that you receive, and you will have.

So many of us, we reverse the whole thing and say, "When I pray, where's the pain? The pain is still there. God didn't answer my prayer". You see, we want to have it before we believe we have it. But God's system is different. God's way of faith is that you gotta believe you receive, and then you will have. Believe you receive, and then you have. Now, God didn't say feel that you receive, all right? Many a times you don't feel that you receive, all right? "Well, I still have the pain".

So, Brother Hagin, 17-year-old boy, saw this verse, and then he has been praying many times ever since he was bedfast, and it seems like God didn't answer his prayer. Some people will conclude that God doesn't heal, all right, when actually they didn't handle electricity the way it's supposed to be handled. All right, we need to find God's way of working, amen? And God works by faith. I said God works by faith. Without faith it's impossible to please God. You know that in God's eyes, when he run to-and-fro across this whole place, there's something about somebody, a man or a woman of faith, that makes God zero in and look at you. Because Bible says one time they lowered some people from the rooftop as Jesus was preaching in the house. It arrested his attention. He looked up. And the Bible says he didn't see them, he saw their faith. He looks at faith. Faith is very attractive to heaven.

All right, so listen carefully. By the end of this message, I want you to go out of this place man and woman of faith. You feel so strong in faith, you can run into hell with a water pistol, amen? That's where I intend to bring you, amen, I want to bring you to that place of fever-pitched faith, amen. Are you with me? Hallelujah, praise God. I just imagine some of you running with water pistol. Okay, praise God. So he says believe. So he said, "I've been praying, God". Brother Hagin says, 17-year-old boy, "I've been praying, but now I see where I missed it. Every time I pray, then I checked my body and I still feel the pain, then I give up. All right, but now I see it. I gotta believe I received it, then I will have it. I must believe that I receive it, not feel that you have it, not experience it, then you will have it. No, I must believe".

Say believe. Believe what? That you receive, and then you will have. So, he said, "Father, this is the final prayer I'm gonna pray". He'd been praying many prayers, but this time he says, "I'm gonna pray the prayer of faith. Father, I ask you in Jesus's name, for total healing from the crown of my head to the very soles of my feet. Heal me now, father, of this deformed heart, of this blood disease in the name of Jesus". And then he still felt the same, nothing has changed in terms of physical sensation or his emotions and feelings. All right, but he says, "Father, I believe I receive. I believe I receive".

Then he heard a voice inside him, all right, saying, "What do people who are healed do? They get up". So, he put himself up. All right, and the devil came strong. And you know the devil will always try to blow down your faith. And he screamed into his ear and the devil says, "You're gonna die! You're gonna die! You get up, you're gonna die! You still feel that pain. You still feel that". You know the devil live in the realm of feelings.

All right, God lives in the realm of faith. All right, God wants his people to live in the realm of faith. Feel the feelings, but don't go by it. Don't let your feelings decide how your day is gonna be. Don't let your feelings decide whether you're gonna punch the guy in the face or respond in love, amen? Do not be led by your feelings. Walk in faith. God gave us feelings. Use your feelings, enjoy your feelings, but don't be led by it. Are you with me? So, he felt, he still felt the same, but he said, "Lord, I believe I receive". And he pushed himself up. "Lord, I believe I receive". And he said the whole room was spinning.

All right, in other words, in the natural, he did feel the same. Said, "Lord, I believe I receive, Lord". And all of sudden he said, he felt like warm liquid honey being poured from the crown of his head all the way down to his feet and from that time on, he's completely healed, amen? And he passed away in 2003 to be with Jesus without sickness, without disease, a man fully, you know, blessed, fully whole, healed, amen? Took off after breakfast, at least he had breakfast. After breakfast, he smiled at his wife, and he took off. It's so wonderful, amen?

In fact, my wife, Wendy, went to his funeral, you know, and she even was invited to go to his house. And she saw his bedroom, spent time with Brother Hagin's wife. What a blessing she had. She came back with the photos, and I look at it and I was salivating spiritually 'cause Brother Hagin was such a man that I highly esteem. I thank God for Brother Hagin, amen. But today I want to share with you faith. We're gonna approach it from a different angle, from the angle of how God thinks, how God sees reality, okay? Because some things that you see, if you go by your eyes, many children have met a fatal end at swimming pools because they thought the water was shallow.

And if you look carefully, even deep water looks shallow. You cannot go by your eyes. Many a times your eyes will play tricks on you. After a bumpy boat ride or airplane, all right, ride, when you get off, after a bumpy ride, you know you still feel as if you're on it, but you're not. You cannot go by your feelings. Reality is reality. It got nothing to do with your feelings, amen. "Well, Pastor Prince, I don't feel saved". You are saved. Amen, you don't need to notify your face, amen? Serve notice, say, "Face, you are saved, act like it", amen? Be happy. Be joyful. Your names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life, amen?

So, faith is believe that you receive and you will have. Many of us want to feel it, then what I want to do is that at the end of this service, I want you to think while I'm preaching of at least one prayer request. Now, don't have four or five, okay? Just for today. Just have one main request that you want to bridge before God and we'll apply Mark 11:24 to your request, cool? You for it? At the end of the service, you know why? Because your faith will be fever pitched. Remember the water pistol?

All right, so right at the end of service, think of one prayer request, and we're gonna prayer the prayer of faith. You'll write it down somewhere in your notebook or your Bible and you will see, all right, that that date that you prayed was where the spiritual conception took place. You might give birth to a baby nine months later, all right, but the miracle that happens later on when you touch and you feel, all right, you can taste and all that, the miracle actually was not conceived then. It was conceived when conception took place. So, spiritual speaking it's the same thing. Just because you cannot see the baby does not mean conception has not taken someplace. So, spiritually things are like that, amen? Are you with me?

All right, when you pray, your spirit and God's Spirit conceives a miracle. Whether it's a miracle of healing for your body, a miracle of finances. Whatever the miracle is, there's a miracle that God has for you. There is an amazing miracle. So, we're gonna pray for that, because we are a people of faith, all right? When you live in the realm of faith, the devil live in the realm of what? Feelings. He always remind you of your feelings. When you stay in the realm of faith, the devil is always defeated. If he can bring you into the realm of feelings, he wins. Always remember, the devil wants to bring you where? Into the realm of feelings, to go by your feelings, but you keep him in the realm of faith, and he's defeated. Are you with me?

So, I want to share be you some things about faith that God has shown me, and I will show you some powerful truths that a man of God, a well-known man of God in the 1800s talked about something about this particular language of faith that I want to share with you in a while's time. But let's look at this Mark 4, all right, verse 25. Let's all read this together. Are you ready? Let's read. "For whoever has, to him more will be given; but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him". Jesus spoke these words, all right?

I remember reading this verse many years ago, and I was thinking what in the world is he saying? If you have it, more will be given. If you don't have it, even what you have is taken away. Have what? All right, so I read this verse many years ago as a young believer, and I was thinking, what is Jesus saying? By the way, he said this right at the end of the sower and the ground, all right, the seed, okay, talk about sower and the seed. Now, right at the end Jesus said, "Be careful how you hear. Take heed how you hear". In other words, "I'm gonna say something right now", Jesus said that, pay attention, and you will get the revelation.

That's what Jesus said. Then came this verse, "For whatever has, to him more will be given". He didn't tell you have what. In other words, anything. If you are believing God for healing, God asks you, "Do you have it"? And you start feeling your body. "No, I guess I don't have it". Then you know what? Even what you have, actually you have healing in Christ, even what you have is taken away. Are you with me? You gotta believe you have it. You gotta own it and then you will see it, you will taste it, you will smell it. You know, this word has in the Greek is the Greek word echo, all right, echo literally means to possess it, to own it.

One of the first things I do when I talk to a leader, all right, or my pastors, my new pastors, when there's a new pastor, all right, just appointed a pastor, one of the first things I tell him, all right, is always this, "Yo, possess the office of a pastor. You are now a pastor". Especially when they start saying things like, "You know, I don't know, you know, Pastor Prince sees me as a pastor. And you know, I just want to be an ordinary guy". Usually people that are pastors are very humble people. Okay, humility is not in a position. It's in your trust in God. None of self, all of Christ, that's humility.

All right, don't let anyone fool you by appearances. The thing is this, all right, some of them are so humble that, you know, they almost don't want to own the title, "Don't call me a pastor. Don't call me, you know, I'm just"... And these are people that make good pastors actually, but I also tell them this because I know the principle of echo, all right, to possess. I tell them, you must possess the office. You must say, "I'm a pastor". All right, that's true humility. If God gives you something, why act as if you deserve it or you don't deserve it? It's not you. It's a gift of grace. Every office is a gift of grace. Amen, God has given you anointing for that.

Say if you're a businessman, you embark on a business, whatever it is. Own it, possess it. Say "Father, I thank you the business anointing flows in my life. Thank you, Father", if you're a deacon, "I thank you the deaconship anointing flows in my life", amen? Deacon or demon, they rhyme. So, you know, you gotta possess the deacon anointing, amen? Are you with me, amen? Once you become a father, once you become a mother, let me tell you this, mothers know best. Sometimes the doctor will say, all right, besides those things that are really medical, some things the doctors get advice and some things they say, you know, put this child on antibiotics. Some doctors the first thing out of their mouth, antibiotics, antibiotics, antibiotics, which may not be very good for the child because it is making the child more resistant, you know, that the virus will be more viral, okay? Pun not intended.

Anyway, the thing is this, mother knows best whether the child can embark on Tae Kwon Do course or violin or whatever, mother knows best, not anyone else, why? Because that's your baby. God has given you anointing. You must, if you're a first-time mother or first-time father, own it. Possess it. Say "Lord, I thank you I'm a father". The Father's anointing is there and learn to listen, all right? Regardless of what people advise. Well-meaning people may advise. They try to impose on you what they do with their kids, all right, but it doesn't sit well with you inside here. You know best. Father knows best. Mother knows best, amen. You know. "This is the way my child is". You know, trust that, own it. But you say, "Well, I do not know 'cause my mother says, my"... You know, your mother-in-law can be a challenge, amen, 'cause it's still in law, you see? You must put them in grace, amen? So, that's a challenge, okay?

So, it's important that you own whatever you're called to do, own it and then the anointing will flow. But keep on saying, you know, you are in it but you keep on saying, "Well, I may not be called. I do not know whether I'm called and all that". It will never flow. Are you with me? All right, so that's one of the things that you need to learn and this is what it means. God says, "Do you have the blessing? Do you have the blessing"? Whatever you need, do you have it? Then God says, "More is coming your way".

But you say, "Well, I don't know and all that". Even what you have, actually, you have it. Even what you have is taken away, you see? You follow this principle? Are you healed? Are you strong? Are you healthy? Are you the youngest person of your age in all Singapore? Wow, you have it? More coming your way! More coming your way! Amen.

Now, the people of the world, they don't understand this principle so they will say, "Who do you think you are"? amen? I'm the one who has, amen. So, for them, they must have it. They must smell it. They must taste it. Then they'll enjoy it. All right, but no, God's system is totally different. We live in the realm of faith, and the realm of faith says you have it before you have it. All right, you have it before you have it. You say you don't have it, even what you have is taken away, amen? Are you prosperous? Do you have more than enough?

Now, listen carefully, all right, here is where we must learn our declaration of faith is not for people to hear. It's for the Lord to hear. You don't have to impress anybody. Sometimes one of the things that people who learn about faith, they try to do is they try to impress other people by making a positive confession of faith. You don't have to impress anybody with your positive confession. You don't have to, all right? The only person you need to impress is God, amen, with your faith. Are you with me?

So, don't go to people and start, you know, saying things like, "You know, I'm this, I'm that". They don't understand. But among the family of faith, you can do it, amen? Are you with me? All right, look at this, Ephesians 1, "Blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ". Now, notice God has blessed, is that past tense or future tense? Has blessed, has blessed. With how much blessings? Every spiritual blessing.

Now, the word every in the Greek is the word pas, P-A-S, pas, okay? Pas is not just all. Pas is every kind of blessing, every type of blessing, every kind of blessing. God has blessed you with every kind of blessing, amen. Now the word spiritual, don't let this throw you off, okay? Some people think spiritual means oh, it's not a house. It's not a car. It's not finances or it's not healing, physical or whatever. They think spiritual is airy-fairy out there, heavenly, you know? No, nothing is more real, listen, than spiritual truths.

Let me just tell you this, spiritual, God is a Spirit, and God produced everything you see. God produced this earth. God produced the trees, the birds, the animals. God created you. God made the stars, the sun, the moon everything. Everything came from a spiritual source. The word spiritual is nothing more than the source. It's every blessing from the Spirit, from God's Spirit, every blessing from God, from heaven. All right, spiritual doesn't mean the blessing itself. It's referring to the source, the nature of the blessing is from a Spirit.

Do you know there's man's blessing? Even unbelievers, when they say good things over their children, they encourage them, they're actually blessing their children. But the source is from men, not from God. But when you, all right, speak words from God who dwells in you, amen, that is a spiritual blessing because it's from spirit source. All right, so every blessing includes your house, your car, your finances, your healing, your health, amen, everything that's tangible as well, because everything comes from God, okay? And you are blessed with every type of spiritual blessing. Whoo! I said you are prosperous. Do you have it? Wow, this is amazing.

You know, earlier on I asked the earlier congregation, do you have it? They went like, "Y-y-yes". So, that is the problem, when you say, "Y-y-yes", right? It's gotta be yes. Own it, possess it, all right, and you compliment God. When God says you have it and you say, "I have it", God is complimented. God is praised because you're honoring his Word. When you say, "Y-y-yes", all right, it's like saying he said I have it, but I don't trust him. Okay, so are you with me? Every blessing that you need, whatever it is, you have it, why? Because in the spiritual realm.

Now, please, some people think faith is like this, you know, you believe for something to happen, you believe long enough, it will happen. Actually, it's not real, but if you believe it will become real. No, no, no, that's not faith. Faith is the perspective and the eyes of God looking at you. God sees you with the blessing. God sees you with the healing. God sees you with the favor. God sees you with the glory. God sees you with that spouse, if you're not married, that is. Say amen. God sees you married, amen?

There you go again. By the way, if you're married you can say amen because you are married. Let's try again. God sees you married, happily married, amen. And God sees you with the reality because no one sees reality like God. All right, we're not saying so that we can have something that's not there. We believe long enough, it will produce. No, no, it is already there. You confess or you proclaim what is already true from God's perspective.

"What do you mean God's perspective, Pastor Prince"? You see God lives outside time. All right, this earth is time-bound because God created time. God lives outside time. Earth is time-bound. Jesus, at the cross, can die for the sins of people in the past, in the present, in the future, because the cross is outside time, because God is outside time because God created time. God lives in the realm of faith, God sees reality like no one sees reality.

That's why in Romans 4:17, the Bible says God spoke to Abraham as it is written. These are God's words to Abraham, "I have made you", past tense, "a father of many nations". When actually, Abraham didn't even have one boy through his legal wife, Sarah, not even one boy. And God says what? Past tense, "I have made you", why? Because God sees the future as one. God sees him with the children already. God sees him with descendants. God does not see the way man sees. Man can see the swimming pool, and it's shallow. Man sees shallow. Man seeing is very shallow. God seeing is eternal. God sees perspective clearly. Are you with me?

And God saw Abraham and God saw multitudes. When God looks at you, God sees multitudes, amen? So, the Bible says God says to Abraham, in the past tense, very interesting the language of faith. God said, "I've made you". Then the Bible says, "In the presence of him whom he believed". Two things about God. "Who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did". So, one thing about God you must remember, God calls those things that do not exist in the natural as though they exist. Remember, faith is from God. God is a faith God. When God saw darkness, God didn't say, "Wow, so dark", it will become darker. What did God say? "Light be"! God calls the things that did not exist. What did not exist? Light. God calls light and light was.

How do you walk with God? You are made in God's image. Whatever you need, speak it forth and then own it. Say, "I have it". When your friends ask you, "Do you have it"? Say, "I have it", amen. God changed Abraham's name to father of multitudes. Abraham means father of multitudes. So, imagine every time Sarah calls him for supper, "Father of many", down through the valley of Hebron. Father of many. That's how the world will see someone like Sarah. She wants a baby so much she's calling him the father of many when they don't even have one. All right, but God knew every time she says it, she was agreeing with God. And today, Jews are movers and shakers, even though they're a minority race because of the blessing of Abraham who believed God, okay? We are the spiritual seed of Abraham in Christ. Are you with me?

Now, I'm gonna share with you something that a great man of God in the 1800s wrote, his name is Robert Young. He wrote the Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible in the 1800s. He spent more than half his life studying the original languages of the Bible, which is Hebrew and Greek. All right, we all know his famous work is Young's Concordance. All right, but Young's, in his literal translation of the Bible, mentioned some of the things I'm gonna mention to you right now, which is powerful. All right, he said, all these things in his preface to his Bible, okay?

At that time, there already the New King James as well as other versions, but Young's came up with this literal translation which is today when you have it, it's very hard to read. It's not readable because the language is... I'll go on and then you'll understand why. Young's actually said in its preface these statements about the Hebrew language, Young's Hebrew, all right, or Young's remarks on Hebrew. "The Hebrew has only two tenses, which, for want of better terms, may be called past", excuse me, "And present". Notice one thing is missing, future. In the Hebrew there's no future tense. In the Hebrew, it's either present, "The Lord bless you" or past, "The Lord has blessed you". There is no "The Lord will bless you". In the Hebrew language there's no such thing as a future tense. There's only present and past, wow. That is the realm of faith.

You know for many years, I don't feel good saying, "The Lord will bless you" because every time you say the Lord will, it's a potential. It's not happened yet. You must say either "The bless you and the Lord keep you". The Lord make his face present tense or past tense, the Lord has blessed you. So, that's the thing he said.

Now, another thing he said in his preface was this, number one, "That the Hebrews were in the habit of using the past tense to express the certainty of an action taking place, even though the action might not really be performed for some time". In other words, God said to Abraham, "A father of many I have made you", even when he didn't have one through Sarah. So, the Hebrew language and the Hebrews were in the habit to have using the past tense to express the certainty of an action taking place, even though the action has not yet happened. Are you with me?

Now, look up here. Do you know that the Hebrew is the original language of all languages? All right, it came from God. It's a holy language. The Bible says in Zephaniah, it's a pure language. It's a holy language. In Europe, there was a group of scientists, I don't believe they were believers, but they were just scientists trying to do an experiment with a machine that someone created called... I forgot what the name is. It's something that soundtonics or something like where you speak a sound in the hall of the machine and then on a flat piece of sand, all right, the sand has no design nothing, design take shape from the sound.

So, when you speak into the thing, the whole thing's magnified. They want to see what language produce what kind of design. And every language they spoke produced designs that have no character, no formation. It's just haphazard, you know, no design, formless until someone spoke Hebrew. When they spoke Hebrew into that machine, all right, the Hebrew consonance appeared on the sand, whether it's vav yud hei, it make the shape of the Hebrew. Isn't that amazing? It's the only language in the world that creation respond, why? Because God spoke Hebrew.

God saw dark and God says, "ויהי אור" Two words only, for us, "let there be light". ויהי אור, "Light be", and light was, and God saw the light that it was good. If you want to see good, you must speak first. Speak good, then you will see good. "Well, I never see good things happen to me". See, see what you just said? You are saying you don't have it. You're not one of those who have this kind of luck, which we don't believe in luck. All right, but you see what you just said? Even what you have is taken away now. Are you with me?

All right, so that's the first thing. They were in the habit of saying things in the past tense to express the certainty of an action taking place, even though the action has not yet happened. Next thing, "That the Hebrews in referring to events which might either be past or future were accustomed to act on the principle of transferring themselves mentally to the period and place of the events themselves, and they were not content with coldly viewing them as those of a bygone or still coming time, hence the very frequent use of the present tense".

Do you understand? Even when you talk about the past, they don't say things like, "You know, and this happened and that happened". They will say things like, "And God is saying to Abraham". God is saying is present tense. It's as if you are watching, as if you are there. Now, this is powerful. In the Hebrew, they bring you to the past as if the past is still happening. You follow what I'm saying?

Now, when you take Communion, it's important when you take Communion because for God there's no past. You must see Jesus as if his back is exposed and the cat o' nine whip, the scourge, fell upon his naked flesh, all right, where it was tightly, it's taut, all right? They pull him up and then his feet is barely touching the floor and they strike it and the whole thing open up. The Bible says even his bones were exposed. And the Word of God says, "With his stripes, we are healed". When you take Communion, you gotta see as if it's happening right in front of you. That's the Hebrew mentality, not something that you hold the bread, something that happened 2,000 years ago. That's not how faith works. Faith sees it likes it's happening in front of you. Are you with me?

Now, watch this, there is a law in the Old Testament I want to expound. It says in Leviticus 7:15, "The flesh of the sacrifice of this peace offering for thanksgiving shall be eaten the same day it is offered. He shall not leave it until morning". What does this mean? What is the peace offering? The peace offering is either a lamb, sheep, or a goat, a picture of Jesus Christ. All right, in those days in Israel, ancient Israel, they'll bring the peace offering to the priest. They will lay their hands in identification with the lamb. The lamb is killed and it's roasted.

Do you know that of all the five offerings in Leviticus, this peace offering is the only one, the only one where the offerer gets to eat? You know which part of the lamb he eats? The Bible says the roasted breast of the lamb. Breast speaks of love. Who is the lamb? Jesus. The peace offering is for thanksgiving. It's a picture of the Lord's supper. It's a picture of Communion. And why it say must be eaten the same day? Because next day is no more fresh. You must always keep it fresh in front of you. How do you partake the Lord's supper? See Jesus like he's beaten right in front of you and then you partake. And that's why people who watch movies like "The Passion", they get healed.

I've heard many testimonies of people watching the scene where Jesus was being scourged and they get healed, why? Because the movie brings it into the present tense. Are you with me? You gotta partake as if you're seeing Jesus being beaten. All right, by one stripe, your blood pressure, your high blood pressure disappear. Another stroke, your cancer died. Another stroke, the tumor shriveled up and disappeared. Another stroke, you are healed of that disease. You gotta see it like that. The freshness must be there. That's why it said it must be eaten the same day. Keep close to the sacrifice of Jesus. Don't wait for the next day. It's saying keep it closed. See it as if you are there. Are you with me? What an amazing language, isn't it?

So, let's look at Genesis 17 at the promise of God to Abraham, and let's look at the King James first, okay, 1,7, verse 4 and 5, "As for me, behold, my covenant is with you", God says, "And you shall be". Now, here it says what? You shall be. In our King James, our New King James it says, Old and New King James it says, "You shall be". What is you shall be, future, or present, or past? Future. Very good. All right, that's our English Bible. Our English Bible says, "You shall be". "No longer shall your name be called Abram, but your name shall be Abraham". Your name shall be, is that future? Yes. "For I have made you a father of many nations".

Now, the funny thing is that right at the end he says, in the past tense, "I have made you". So, in the preface Robert Young says, "why is it that in the King James right at the end they use the past tense, but the rest they use the future tense"? He says, we must be consistent, all right, with the Hebrew language. Let me show you how he translate this in Young's Literal Translation. "Lo, my covenant is with thee, and thou hast become". Future or past? "Thou hast become father of a multitude of nations; And thy name is no more called Abram, but thy name has been Abraham, for father of a multitude of nations have I made thee". It's all past tense, wow. But this is the first time God changed his name, Abram, to Abraham, right? And yet God says, "Your name has been Abraham", wow.

That's why Young's Literal Translation of the Bible is not readable like the King James is, all right, but it's accurate to the Hebrew. And you say, "God prosper me". God says, "Hi, prosperous one". When the angel, which is a picture of Jesus Christ in his pre-incarnate form, he appeared to Gideon who was hiding from the enemies. What did the angel say? "Hail, thou valiant one, you brave one". He was hiding. God does not see you in the natural, amen? When others saw David, they saw a shepherd. God saw a king. God doesn't see you the way your friends see you, the way your parents, your siblings see you, the way your relatives see you. God sees you the way he has designed you in Christ, amen. And God calls it like it has happened. Beautiful, huh? It's not readable, but it is accurate.

Now, there's one verse in the Old Testament that I love to read. In fact, I have it on memory verse and it's all from the Old King James and it's Deuteronomy chapter 7 in the Old King James. This is the New King James. It says, "You shall be blessed". You shall be is future or past? Future, right? So, every time I read this verse, "you shall be blessed above all people, you shall be", I always think in terms of what? Potential, you shall be is potential. "If I keep God's commandments, if I keep all his laws, then I shall be. If I don't, I will not be". That's the idea. But notice the language of faith is different. But let's read this first. "There shall not be", future tense, "A male or female barren among you or among your livestock. And the Lord will take away".

"Will take away" is future or past? It's all potential. It's like you don't own it. You don't possess it. It's all potential. Potential. You know, one of the sad things is to see a potential and not being able to have it. Hope deferred maketh the heart sick. Let me read to you the way it was spoken, the way God said it in Hebrew. All right, Young's version of this verse. "Blessed art thou", not blessed shall you be. "Blessed art thou", you are blessed already. "Above all the peoples". God looks at you, church, and God doesn't say, "You shall be blessed". God says, "You are blessed above all peoples in Singapore", amen. Above.

"Well who do you think you are, Pastor Prince"? All right someone asks you that when you say you are blessed above all people in Singapore. "Who do you think you are"? You say, "The thou, you see blessed are thou, I am the thou". You see, there is all the peoples. There must be all the peoples that you're blessed above. God says his people are blessed above. See, the world will say, "Oh, you are lucky". Blessed because when you say lucky, you break... I mean who gets the credit? In fact L-U-C-K-Y sounds like Lucifer, all right? When you say blessed, blessed means there is a blesser because you are the blessed. You have to acknowledge God. You are blessed above all peoples! You, you, you.

Turn to your neighbor, "He's talking about me". Come on, amen. Of all the peoples in Singapore, you are the healthiest because by Jesus's stripes you are healed. You are the youngest looking for your age. Can I include and you're the most good-looking for your age? Amen. We are blessed. We didn't say now pride is that "I am this, I am that, I am this". But it's not God's blessing. It is "This is what I've made myself. I'm a self-made millionaire". Like the guy who made the movie, he acted in the movie, he directed the movie, all right, he produced the movie, finally only he watched the movie. All right, self-made. Okay, the thing is that we are not self, we are blessed. Hey, hey.

"Well, Pastor Prince, I just don't believe the blessings of God of health and all the wealth you're talking about is for Christians today". Don't worry, you don't want it, you won't have it. Even what you have is taken away. Just don't get angry with us just because we say we are blessed. We are giving glory to the blesser. And then look at next line, "There is not in you a barren man or a barren woman". There is not, not there shall not be. In our English Bible "There shall not be". Make it more readable. But here it's as if you have kept all the commandments already. There is not in you a barren man or a barren woman. No prostate trouble, amen? Hallelujah.

Just like Abraham hundred years old, Sarah 90 years old, God renewed her youth. She was the youngest-looking 90-year-old in all Israel because I'm telling you, Israel didn't exist at that time but you know my terminology. In all the Middle East, 90-year-old and two kings, not spiritual. They go by their eyeballs, plain eyeballs. They saw Sarah and they saw her beautiful and young. That means God's blessing includes, what? Renewal of your youth, amen. She looks so young two heathen kings wanted her for their harem. Look at Abraham, hundred years old and he produced. When God's blessing is on you, there is no menopause or mental pause. The pause button is off, my friend, amen? You are blessed above all people, you're not gonna be, you are. You are blessed.

"There is not a male or female barren among you, nor among your cattle". That's the extra anointing left over, even your dog is fruitful. You must make sure you sterilize your dog. Remember, your English Bible says, the Lord will turn away, the Lord will take away all your sickness. Here it says, "And Jehovah has", because the Lord there is Jehovah, all right, Yahweh. "And Yahweh has turned aside from thee". Has turned, already happened. From you, how many sickness? Every sickness. Every sickness! Even the ones you don't know. And isn't it true in our case it's no more future because Christ bore our diseases and with his stripes we are healed? The Lord has indeed turned aside all our sicknesses, amen?

"And none of the evil diseases of Egypt (which thou hast known) doth He put on thee, and He hath put them on all hating thee". So, don't hate me. Turn to your friends in the world and tell them, "Don't hate me, it's dangerous". Amen, I'm telling you, church, this is what God said, right or not? Amen, that's why you gotta bless those who curse you. There's a reason for that, it's essential for their survival. I know what you're thinking right now, "What if I don't bless them"? That's not the spirit of Christ, okay? Praise God. Are you with me?

You are blessed above all peoples. The Lord has taken away, has turned aside every sickness from you. Now, in all these verses God did not say like Christian science would say, there is no sickness. There is no disease. No, God says there are, but the Lord has turned them aside from you, okay? Now, notice all this, you look at it, it's faith pictures. God has, because the language of faith in Hebrew, he programs faith into the language.

Now, Robert Young did not say in his preface that this is a language of faith. He did not say. In fact, he had no explanation except to say, "I must be faithful to tell you the Hebrew is like this". But we, in this generation, we have the revelation that this is nothing more than the language of faith. God calls you blessed before any blessing is evident. God calls you healed before you walk in that healing. So, you know what you need to do? Write down somewhere, write down "Walk as if, walk as if". Okay, you gotta learn to walk as if.

Now, what will you do? What are you believing God for? Are you believing God for healing of that disease? You know what you need to do? You need to act as if you are healed from that disease, act as if. Some people, they are waiting for that disease to go and then they'll start to exercise, okay, or they'll start to do something. They're waiting. "Once this pain has gone away, I will start doing this. I will embark on this program". No, no, no, start walking as if. Start acting as if you are healed. Act as if you are healed, amen. Start acting as if you are prosperous. Walk as if you are prosperous. Give treats, generous treats.

Don't always be the last one to put your hand in your pocket and say, "How much is it? How much is it"? Or your hand get stuck. You ever see people? Act prosperous. Now, don't go crazy, all right, and bust your credit card. That is foolishness. Don't forget your 10%, use it, all right? This is no excuse for careless living, okay, faith is not an excuse. But remember that this principle of walking as if you are prosperous. And then I'm telling you, church, you will start to see it when you act like it, amen?

Now, use you 10% again. This is not, this is declaration of faith is between you and God, and I declare before the family of faith. I didn't declare it to the world. They won't understand what I'm trying to say. They will say, "Where is it"? You know, when a husband and wife, all right, believe God for a baby and then the baby is formed, even the first week, you cannot say where is it? But it's just as real. Spiritually, it is conceived, amen? So, forget the world. Don't forget your proclamation of faith is not to impress them. It's just to impress God, all right? It's to please God. Without faith it's impossible to please God. So, just talk to God, amen. Amen, are you with me?

Now, don't lie. Don't go to someone and say, "By the way, I want to buy this business". You got no money. "You got money or not"? "Yes, I have money". And you're thinking, Pastor Prince says must say it, you know? That is not using your 10%. It's using 0.02, I'm talking about, all right, y'all know how some people can make excuse out of any message you preach. This is between you and God because God sees reality. He wants you to see reality the way his eyes see it. He sees you young, beautiful, healthy, crowned with favor, crowned with glory, crowned with honor, amen?

Everywhere you go there is a golden halo around you. People say, "hello", amen, it's a golden halo. And I'll say this, It's the truth, when you walk into a room, the room lights up you don't realize it. You are crowned with glory and honor wherever you go, all right? Even you walk into a mall, demons part like the Red Sea and clear for you. You don't know it. And that's why people say when you come, the room lights up. It's as if the power of darkness take off because you are crowned with glory and honor. The crown is not on your head. The Bible said the crown is surrounding you. It's in the Bible. The crown in the Bible is surrounding you. You are protected. You have a crown of glory and honor, amen? Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus.

Oh, I haven't finished yet, praise God. You are blessed above all peoples! No barren man. No barren woman. A woman is stronger. No barren man, "amen". Isn't God good? You are anointed. I said you are anointed. Whatever you touch prospers. Whatever you touch prospers, even your mistake. God makes it work for your good. Now, use your 10%. Don't keep making mistakes. Eat steaks, don't make mistakes. All right, use your 10%, amen? But even your mistakes prosper. Are you with me.

One more example we close. Are you ready with your request? All right, look at what God said to Noah, after Noah came out into a new world after the flood, all right, he offered burnt offering, God smelled the burnt offering because it reminded God of his son that will die for our sins. and then God, when he smells the burnt offering, God says, "I will bless and I'll not curse". And this is what God said, all right? I'm gonna show you the English Bible, all right. God said, "This is a sign of the covenant which I make between me and you, every living creature", look at this, verse 13, "I set my rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for the sign", future tense.

Next verse, "It shall be", future tense, "When I bring a cloud, the rainbow shall be seen in the cloud; and I will remember my covenant", future tense. All right, now look at this. Look at the Young's Literal Translation, all right, the original Hebrew. "And God saith, 'this is a token of the covenant which I'm giving'", present tense, "'between me and you and every living creature that is with you, to generations age-during: My bow I have given'", past tense, "'in the cloud, and it has been for a token of a covenant between me and the earth". Next, "and it has come to pass", our King James says, "it shall come to pass", potential. Here is no more potential. It's a reality. It has come to pass, whoa.

Look at the way God talks. "And it has come to pass in my sending a cloud over the earth that the bow has been seen in the cloud". I told you it's not readable, but it is literal. "The bow has been seen in the cloud, and I have remembered my covenant which is between me and you, and every living", look at the last line, and the waters, our English Bible says, "Shall be no more flood". Here it says, "And the waters become no more". It's not a future tense. It is a reality already. So, God speaks in either the present or the past, amen, doesn't speak of the future. What a frustrating life.

"You know, one day I'll be prosperous, I know one day I'll be prosperous. One day I'll be healthy, one day I'll be healthy. One day, one day". Remember, what if? If only, all right? "What if something bad happens to me"? I have to worry about the future or the regret about the past. "If only I had married... instead of shanty, Angeli instead of the other girl. You know if only, if only... What if? What if this thing happened to me? What if one day I lose the love of my spouse? What if one day I fall sick? What if one day I lose my job? What if? What if? If only I was well educated. If only I didn't finish school so fast. What if? What if? What if? If only. What if? If only". Amen.

The Bible says in Joel, the Bible says let the weak say? Let the weak say? "Oh wah, I feel so tired today". And you know what? The moment you say that, you feel even more tired. "Wah, wah, really, you know? Really, you know I feel tired? Wah, really, you know, I feel tired". You're more tired. "I told you I was tired". You know, it's like if you act healed, you act energetic, you get up, you say it's gonna be a great day today, amen. Smile.

People say, "What are you smiling about"? Well, my future is bright, I don't know about yours. Amen, I see myself, I'm blessed. I'm prosperous. I'm crowned with glory and honor, and it's all because of the one who hung on that lonely hill and bled and died for me, amen? But I'm gonna enjoy what he suffered to give, I make sure get, amen. I won't let his suffering go in waste just because someone who say, "Well, you believe in the health and wealth gospel do you"? Yes, I do! I own it in Jesus's name. I am healthy and I am wealthy.

What about you? "Well". You don't believe in health, you don't believe in wealth. You have to go somewhere to find health and wealth, who do you go to? The answer is God. He's the source of all prosperity. He's the source of all health, so walk as if. Let the weak say? God said the people who stay in Zion, the inhabitants shall not... Isaiah, we close with this. "And the inhabitant will". Say it, the inhabitant will not say? They will not say that. They will not say, "I'm sick". God saw a future where the people of Zion, the church will not say, "I'm sick". Why? The people who dwell in it will be forgiven their iniquity.

Are you a forgiven people? Then you won't say, "I'm sick". What are you believing God? You're believing for that tumor to dissolve. You're believing God for that finances to come in. You're believing God for a baby. Are you ready to pray? Are you ready to receive? All right, show them Mark 11:24. Let's all read one last time and we'll pray. "Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them". Believe that you receive them and you will have them.

Are you ready with that one request you have? We're gonna pray Mark 11:24, all right, and then you write down in your Bible, today, today's date, okay? You know that there are notebooks, just like I collect notebooks that I write my revelations in and all that, I just saw one notebook that I wrote many years ago. And there was something I believed God for and I wrote down the date and even the time I prayed Mark 11:24 for that need. Now, I look back, many years have come and gone and you know what? God has met the need, more than met the need. And it's amazing to look back because I wrote it down. Thank God I wrote it down. I can look back and say, Wow, I have that met already.

So, are you ready with that? All right, think of that one need that you have. We're gonna pray to God right now. Okay, all across this place and also in the overflow venues that is watching this. Therefore I say unto you, just imagine Jesus standing in front of you saying, "Whatever you desire", Jesus cannot lie. Whatever you desire when you pray, believe that you received and you shall have, okay? All right, let's say this, say this to God right now. Say:

Heavenly Father, I thank you for your Word. I thank you for your faith. I thank you for your promise. I thank you for the language of faith. Right now, Father, I ask of you in the name of Jesus meet this need right now. Quietly mention it to God. Whatever you desire when you pray. Now, believe that you receive. Which means what? You thank God for it. Thank God. Act as if you have received. Walk as if you have received. Now, just thank God. Say, Father, I thank you for this answer, Lord. I thank you.

Whether it's a healing, whether it's a some financial need, some supernatural cancellation of debt, just thank God for it. Whether it's a baby, just thank God as if you can see it in your hands, see that check in your hands. With the many zeroes behind. See that baby in your hand holding the baby close. See yourself holding it, smelling it, feeling it, all right, just see yourself in that house, just see yourself in that house. See yourself with that need met and thank God, get excited. Thank God you are having it. You are having it. Act like you are having it and more is coming your way. More is coming your way. Mome on, give praise to God. Thank God. Thank God. Hallelujah. Thank God. Thank God you have it. Thank God. Hallelujah, praise God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Amen.

Remember to, from now on to walk as if or act as if you have it. Thank God for it. In your mind see yourself with it. See yourself with the answer already and don't have to tell people about it. You're not trying to impress people. You may if you want to among your circle of faith, but just talk to God and say, "Father, thank you I have this house, I have this finance breakthrough, I have my teenage daughter turn around to Jesus. I have my teenage son coming home to Jesus. I thank you, Father, I have a new marriage. I have this crown of favor. I see God's favor on me everywhere I go".

Begin to see it. If you believe this, what I'm sharing today, your life will characterized by thanksgiving. Your life will be characterized by thanksgiving. You'll find that you always say, "Thank you, Lord, I have it". You see your problem, you say, "Thank you Lord, I have the answer. Thank you, Lord, I have the blessing. Thank you, Lord, I have every blessing. Thank you, Lord". Your life will be full of thanksgiving. Your life will be a life of joy, amen? And you will notify your face as well. You will notify everything about you. You get excited.

You know what would you do if someone come and give you the keys to your car, your dream car? What would you do if someone comes and give you the key to your house? Will you be excited? I tell you many a times get excited while you're praying. See it like you're holding the miracle already. See it like you're possessing the miracle. And when the miracle happens, many a times you don't feel so excited anymore and you're wondering "How come I'm not so excited"? You're thankful but the excitement is gone, you know why? Because you have rejoiced in faith already. All right, some time back you have rejoiced in faith. When a miracle happen it's almost like. Are you with me? You healthy, people? You blessed above all people? Amen, praise the name of Jesus.

Every head bowed, every eye closed all across this place. Don't forget to write it down somewhere, okay, that you prayed this prayer and don't keep on asking God anymore, start thanking God. Start thanking God. Every time you think about it, start thanking God for the supernatural cancellation of debt or whatever it is you're believing God. Thank God for it, thank God for it. Amen, amen, amen. Adopt the language of faith.

If you are here today and you have never received Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord and you know in your heart heaven is real, God's love is even more real and you have sensed that love throughout the service just now, my friend, the Bible says while you were yet a sinner, God loved you and God sent his Son to die on the cross for you because there was no other way.

God cannot just bless us without a righteous and holy foundation. God is a holy God. There must be a righteous foundation for our blessings and the answer is Jesus Christ. He gave God every reason to bless us on a righteous and holy foundation. He died for your sins, therefore the penalty and punishment for all your sins have all been paid at the cross. Jesus suffered in your place. Every blessing that has come upon you is because of Jesus's suffering. Jesus paid for you to receive every gift, every blessing. But my friend, have you received it? If you want to receive it, pray this prayer right now with me from your heart. Say:

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the gift of your Son Jesus Christ who died for my sins on that cross. His precious blood washes me clean. Thank you, Father, you raised him from the dead and because Jesus Christ is my Lord, from now on and forevermore, I am greatly blessed, completely forgiven, highly favored, and deeply loved. In Jesus's name, amen.

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