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Joseph Prince - Believe Right And See Good

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Well, it's so good to be in the house of the Lord once again. I want you to know that God has a big heart for you. You know, God is a good God. We can expect him to be good all the time under the new covenant. In the old covenant, it is not as if there's a different God. It's the same God but God is not able to unleash, give vent, to all the love that is in his heart because he has to function as a judge because, under the law, God has to judge sin. God has to punish sin. But under grace, sin has been punished, amen. God has satisfied that righteousness in the cross of Jesus Christ and God sent his Son for this purpose so that his righteousness can be fulfilled.

So today, nothing is restraining God's heart, amen. Not even our failures, our shortcomings, our sins, even, can stop God from unleashing the full force of his love and his goodness on us. Can I have a good amen? And the Bible says in New Testament and this is the heart of God for you and me. All right, listen. What does God desire for you above all things? Because John wrote this in 3 John 2. You can say, "Well, that's John's opinion", but you know what? John would not write something that is not the will of God, amen.

When you write the Bible, you are like a secretary. You're not the author, amen? The author is God. God wants us to know that he desires above all things. Say, "Above all things". God says in these words, "Beloved", he calls you beloved, "I desire above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers". And you say, "Pastor Prince, I think that health there is reference to spiritual health". No, that's under "even as your soul prospers". No, health there is physical health, amen. God wants you to prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.

Now this invariably today will bring criticism from people who say, "Well, that's the health and wealth gospel, and all that", but actually, those who really think about it, it's disingenuous for us to look at this verse, 3 John 2, and say that it means something else. No, God wants you to prosper above all things and be in health, even as your soul prospers. God is a good God, my friend, amen? And the will of God in action is actually Jesus Christ when he was on earth. He did nothing but what the Father led him to do. He says that "he that has seen me, has seen the Father".

So you know what is God's heart for you, what is the will of God? You look at Jesus in the four Gospels when he was on earth. The Bible says how Jesus went about doing good, healing all, say "all", that were oppressed of the devil for God was with him. Notice that Jesus went about healing. He never went around dispensing sickness. You know, I would think that there should at least be one instance in the Gospels where Jesus made someone sick. The way we believe theology today, you know, it's like, well, God heals some. I'm not saying that God cannot heal. God can heal but there are others that God may not want to heal, amen?

That kind of theology and then when you subscribe to that God wants you well, they'll say, "Oh, it's a health and wealth gospel". Number one, I don't believe in the health and wealth gospel. I believe in the gospel of grace and peace. I believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ. But the result, it causes emotional health, it causes physical health, amen, it causes prosperous relationships and, yes, even bless you in every area of your life, amen.

So let's not worry because these people who say that kind of thing, they're not very honest because many a times if they believe that sometimes it's God's will for you to be sick and then when they are sick or their child is sick they are very quick to find healing. They will find a doctor or they'll go somewhere to get well. Why? Because deep down they know that health is the portion that God wants us to have, deep down. If they are not going by their head, by their theological astute learning, whatever it is, they are just going by the essence of who they are. They wanna get well.

Everyone who is sick wants to get well and rightly so because you must want to get well to be well. Jesus asked the man at the pool of Bethesda, "Do you want to be well", amen. Some people want sympathy. They don't want to be well. Our children may not want to be well because they don't wanna go to school. After for a while they realize, "Hey, if I'm unwell I don't have to go to school", you know? So there are people who want to remain sick for different reasons. But let's not be dishonest when we say that God may not want to heal some people and then we don't qualify it, we don't put ourself in that category and we go out looking for healing when we are sick. Something is wrong.

So let's not surrender to the forces of controversies, amen, to the people that try to put doubt in our heart. Let God's Word settle it once and for all. God desires above all things that you prosper and you be in health, even as your soul prospers. Or else there should be at least one instance where Jesus says, "Come here, you look too healthy. Here, receive some leprosy". At least should be one instance. No, it's all about opening the eyes of the blind, cleansing the leper, raising the dead, unstopping deaf ears, amen? Making the infirm strong again, even raising the dead, hallelujah. I'm telling you, church, all over the Scriptures when Jesus was on earth you find time and time again he's healing, healing, healing, amen, amen? Which means it's God's will because he says that "he that has seen me has seen the Father".

"But, Pastor Prince, that was Jesus on earth". Well, the Bible says Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and... Amen. What about provision? All right, supply. Let's not call it wealth. Supply, God's providing for your needs. Well, we find that there are two instance where the Bible says Jesus broke bread, multiplied it to feed 5,000 men at one time. There were three instance. Another time, 7,000 men. And you find that one time he used five loaves, the other one he used seven loaves. Sorry, 4,000, excuse me. Five thousand men and four thousand, all right?

There are two instances of the feeding, not counting women and children. And for one, he used five loaves and the other, he used seven loaves. Let me just say this to you. There should at least be one instance where Jesus took the loaves and he says, "You know what? Today, it's not God's will to supply your needs". Then he ate the loaves. But you won't find one instance of that happening, amen? Not one, amen. At least there should be one, then we'll believe that it's not God's will to supply us. "The Lord is my shepherd; he breaks my legs", you know?

And there are people. I remember attending a church one time and the pastor says that he knows of a shepherd that because of a sheep that always went astray, to prevent the sheep from going astray, he broke the sheep's leg. And then he will carry the sheep in his arms so there'll be attachment between the sheep and him and they grow close together. Now, I was a young Christian at the time, a teenager, and I was saying, "O Lord, please, please don't ever break my legs. I wanna be close to you. Please don't break my legs", amen? But when I read the Bible, you cannot find one place in the Bible, in the Good Shepherd's Psalm, where it says: "The Lord is my shepherd; he breaketh my legs". It says: "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want". I shall not lack, amen? "He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me".

Green pastures, for a sheep, green pasture is like he lay you down among rice, chicken, juicy chicken. It's not good to preach this right before lunchtime, amen, you know? Like, sumptuous food. For the sheep to lie down in green pastures is to lie down in the midst of plenty, amen? And he is just enjoying, relaxing and enjoying all the provision that God has given him, amen. And at the end of it, it says: "Surely goodness and mercy", in the Hebrew is very strong, radaph. "Surely goodness and mercy shall hunt you down all the days of your life". Can I have a good "Amen"? Amen?

God's mercy and grace will hunt you down all the days of your life in Jesus's name. Thank you, Father God. Right now in Jesus's name I want those of you having a challenge in your body, listen carefully. God is giving me words of knowledge right now and if you'll respond to it quickly in Jesus's name as you respond you will find healing will explode in your body in the name of Jesus, amen. There is someone here, you have a condition where you can't turn your head to the right completely. If you'll stand up right now you'll find God has healed you. Just stand up right now and the healing will explode in your body.

Those of you with joint conditions right now, stand up right now and move that joint. Right now in Jesus's name do it. All right, you can't move your knee. Move your knee right now. You can't move your elbow, move your elbow right now in Jesus's name. Can't move your neck, move your neck right now in Jesus's name. Spleen. I received that word "spleen". Someone's spleen is being healed in the name of Jesus. And also I see a pair of kidneys being released right now into someone's body. You've been diagnosed with a kidney condition and God has new, brand new, kidneys for you. Right now receive it in the name of Jesus, amen, amen. Start moving your body. Start moving the body in that area, amen, and let the healing of God explode in your life right now in Jesus's name. Headaches leaving people right now in Jesus's name, amen. Thank you, Father.

Okay, right now, someone again, this one is right in the center of the bottom of your back, right now. You have sharp pain that comes on and off. Will you bend right now in Jesus's name and see what the Lord has done, amen, amen, amen. Sharp pain leaving your body right now in the name of Jesus, amen. Blood pressure normalizing. I see all the way, your blood pressure coming down in the name of Jesus. Many of you are feeling, when you have this condition, the way it comes out in your life is that you have constant headaches.

All right, stand up to your feet right now. Let the healing of God explode in your... arrhythmia. Your irregular heartbeat. Stand up right now in Jesus's name. There's healing for you right now with your name on it. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Praise your wonderful name. Lupus, someone has lupus. Will you stand up right now. Receive your healing, receive your miracle. As you stand up right now you are feeling warmed all over your body. It's God's way of showing you and demonstrating to you he's doing something about that area of your life. Some things you can tell right now. Some things you have to go back to the doctor to confirm, amen? All kinds of joint conditions.

There's a healing anointing today for joint conditions, all right? Whether it's your, the pivot of your fingers, your knees, your shoulder blades, just move that area right now in Jesus's name and see what the Lord has done, amen. Someone injured their upper arm, right? You can't lift your upper arm all the way. Sorry, your left upper arm. Lift it right now. In Jesus's name you'll find that you are well, hallelujah. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Is that you, sir? Your upper arm? Lift it up. There was pain before? And now the pain has gone? Lift it up. Is the pain gone? Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus, amen. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Whatever pivot joints, all right, pain, start moving that area right now. If you find the pain has gone, it's no longer there, do a big wave. It's a big place, so do a big wave. If the pain is no longer there, do a big wave. If the pain has gone do a big wave. Thank you, Jesus. Sir, the pain has gone, you may sit down. The sister over here, yeah, what happened, sister? Your neck, your shoulder, pain and tight, and all the pain has gone? You feel warm all over and all the pain has gone. Thank you, Jesus. Praise the Lord. The sister over here, what happened? Okay, your right knee, at the back, there's pain when you lift up? Okay, mic over here. Let her express her... tell me again, when you lift up you feel pain?

Female: Yes, when I, like, you know, bend down or maybe squat down, at the back of my right knee, very painful, but now it's gone. Really gone.

Joseph Prince: Lift it up, put it down again. All the pain has gone. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord. Okay, do a big wave again so they know where you are, okay? Pastor Hejiu, yes, go ahead.

Hejim: Hi, Pastor. This lady over here, her left elbow was aching for one week because of playing guitar. Now, she's totally well.

Joseph Prince: What happened to her elbow?

Female: It's very, very sore and I couldn't bend it and it was really throbbing. In fact, last night I was saying to God, "Please heal me". And then today you just announced healing in the joints so I just stood up.

Joseph Prince: It's completely gone?

Female: Completely gone, praise the Lord.

Joseph Prince: Ah, praise the Lord Jesus, amen. Is there someone standing right now that you are standing because of lupus? Just wave so I know where you are. I wanna pray for you. Is someone standing? Just do a big wave. Way back there, okay. I see that. Will you come up to the side? Just come up to the side, to the aisle. And also if you can just stand to the aisle, we got a believer to lay hands on you right now in Jesus's name. Father, I thank you.

When God gives a word, he releases the power, amen? Right now, Father, in Jesus's name I release that healing into their bodies to effect a cure right now. Lupus, you will no longer be in this body. In the name of Jesus be thou plucked out by your roots and be thrown into the sea in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Be healed in the name of Jesus Christ. Be made well in Jesus's name. I want you to go back to the doctor, do another checkup. Once you have a good testimony let us know about it. Please write to the church, amen? Can I have a good "Amen"? Praise the Lord, praise the Lord.

Just one more person. I keep getting the word "arrhythmia". You have irregular heartbeat. Are you standing? Do a big wave if you've been diagnosed. Is that you? Okay, is there anybody else? Anyone else? Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Arrhythmia. Okay, stand to your feet. That means your heartbeat is irregular, right? Okay, thank you, Father in Jesus's name. Lift your hands to the Lord. Father, right now, in Jesus's name I release that healing into their bodies right now, effecting a cure, a healing right in the heart. The heart will beat right now from this day with a rhythm of grace, with a rhythm of life, in Jesus's name, regularly, with a rhythm of grace in Jesus's name. Thank you, Abba. Complete healing, amen?

And don't worry anymore. I see that there is fear of, you know, like, sudden, suddenly, your heart might stop, okay? It will not happen. It will not happen to you, okay? Might happen to somebody else; will not happen to you. So when you read about this in the papers or the media, don't let fear come in. Remember today. The Word of the Lord to both of you who are standing is that it will not happen to both of you. You will not drop down dead in Jesus's name. And all the people said... Give Jesus the praise, the glory, and the honor. Thank you, Father.

I just wanna say this. If there is someone here and you are contemplating on entering into an adulterous relationship, there is someone here, I'm not gonna make you stand, of course. I just want you to know, all right, I think you're a woman and you have been approached, you have been flirted with, you have been, and you don't, I see that you don't have a good relationship with your husband. In fact, he's often not present and you have been longing for companionship and all that. This will destroy your life. First of all, it will break your heart. I see nothing but darkness and a broken heart, okay? Don't do it. Don't do it, in Jesus's name, amen. You've not done anything yet. Let this be the Word of the Lord who loves you. Don't do it in Jesus's name.

"Pastor, is there any reason why you look down there"? No, I just don't know why. Anyway, praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you. This will be everybody, right? Amen, amen. There is no sin that God cannot forgive. There is no pain that God cannot touch. No disease that he cannot heal, amen. He is above it all. Where sin increase, grace super-abounds. In a world where people are so conscious of sin, shortcomings, failures, defeat, it's hard to believe that where sin increase, especially when it's increasing, grace is super-abounding. But we have to believe it, amen?

Paul preached so strong that where sin increase, grace super-abounds, that he was misunderstood and his words were misconstrued as saying, "Let us purposely sin that grace may abound". But Paul didn't say that. But Paul did say, "Where sin increase, grace super-abounds". In Greek, literally, hyper, grace super-abounds, amen. All the people said, "Amen". So let's be conscious of God's grace; not of sin, amen. Let's be conscious of God's life and healing and health; not sickness and disease, amen? The world will constantly, perpetually make you conscious of these things, but really, God's blessings are not these things.

"But, Pastor, how do I experience them? How do I get them"? Well, Romans chapter 1, verse 16 and 17 tells us: "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ". What is the gospel of Christ? This is the gospel of Christ. "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God", the gospel is the power. The power of God is in the gospel. When you preach the gospel, the power of God is released. It is the power of God unto salvation. And the word "salvation" here is soteria, which is not just saved from hell, saved from spiritual death. Saved also includes the word "salvation" includes healing, wholeness, preservation, protection, and prosperity, literally.

Those are the words you will find if you search this word in the original language, all right, you will find that all these are encompassed in this one word, "salvation", amen? In Hebrew it is Yeshua, amen, which is salvation, healing, prosperity, deliverance, preservation, wholeness, hallelujah. So the power of God to your preservation. The power of God to your healing. The power of God to your emotional wholeness from depression, from oppression. The power of God to your wonderful relationships, amen. God can save your relationships. How many can say, "Amen"?

God can save your marriage. I said God can save your marriage. Don't just limit God's saving to one area. In fact, the woman with the issue of blood when she touched the hem of his garment, Jesus turned around and says, "Your faith has healed you". The word "healed" there is from soteria, sozo, which is the verb of soteria. So this word here, "The power of God to your salvation", is a mouthful, "for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek. For in it", in this gospel, "the righteousness of God is revealed".

Unfortunately, when you hear the gospel being preached sometimes today, you hear the sins of man being revealed. There's no doubt, people know they have sinned. That's why they shun God, they don't wanna talk about it and they don't wanna talk about God because it brings out the reality of sin. People don't have to be reminded that there's sin in their lives, but the gospel is not a revelation of sin. The gospel is a revelation of the righteousness of God by faith and it's revealed through faith. Can I have a good "Amen"? "As it is written, 'The just shall live by faith'".

Now, many a times when you read this verse, "The just shall live by faith", you start thinking to yourself, "Oh, I think I know what it means. That means all believers, they live by faith". That's what I used to think. But actually, what it's saying here, the subject is righteousness. Faith righteousness. Say, "faith righteousness". Faith righteousness is the key to every blessing of God because it is the foundation by which God is able to bless you. You know, God has to be righteous in receiving the sinner and making the sinner righteous, and the Bible says God is just and the justifier of him who believes in Jesus.

So "God is just" means God is righteous. What gives God the righteous foundation? The cross. The cross of Jesus Christ gives God the righteous foundation to bless you even though you are still ungodly. It is as ungodly when we first believe on Christ. The faith that pleases God is the faith, the Bible says, that believes God that justifies while you're still ungodly. Amen. Now, once you are saved, of course now you are the righteousness of God in Christ. Don't be sin conscious. And this verse is saying literally the righteous by faith will live, not the righteous will live by faith. The righteous by faith will live.

Now, some translations bring that out nicely, like Young's literal translation bring that out, New English translation states it, "The righteous by faith will live". Now, that's different from the righteous will live by faith, right? the righteous by faith will live. If you believe you are righteous by faith, you will live, amen. Now, why do we need to be righteous by faith? Because every day, we are still conscious of the presence of sin in our thoughts, in our flesh, in our feelings, in our emotions, in our sensing, right, am I right?

Any of you, since you are saved, you don't feel any sin at all? No, we still have it. But then in the midst of it, God is saying, "I see you righteous. You have put your trust in my Son's blood. Amen, that has cleansed you from all sins. My Son became your sin at the cross that you might become my righteousness in him". Amen? Now, you have to declare yourself righteous. So, in the midst of sin, I must proclaim I am the righteousness of God in Christ. So, once you confess that, you are the righteous by faith, and the righteous by faith will not die. The righteous by faith will live, amen. And not just live in this life, but have the highest form of life, like the word "live" means in the Greek, praise God.

Now, as we look at this, behooves us then to know that death is so rampant, sin is so widespread that it's hard for us to be conscious of grace and life. But Romans 5:17, one of my favorite verses, says, "If by the offense of one man, by one man's offense", who is that one man? Adam. "By his offense, death reigned through that one man", Adam. Think about it. God never meant for man to die. It's never God's plan for man to grow old, become decrepit, even have wrinkles, and then die. It was not part of his love plan. God meant for man to live forever. Forever young, forever beautiful, unwithered, amen?

Enjoying his blessings, enjoying his goodness. God made man last so that he can enjoy everything that he has created. Man was created to receive all of God's love and goodness, amen. But man committed high treason, sinned against God. As a result, death came in. You need to know when you sin, you are also asking for death because death attaches itself to sin. If there is no sin, there is no death. The wages of sin is death. Where there is sin, there is death. So, when Jesus died, he has to deal with two things. Not just with sin, of course he dealt with more things, even against the devil. All right, he dealt with the devil, put the devil to naught. But basically, in essence, he dealt with sin and he dealt with death, these two things, amen.

So, death and sin is behind Jesus now. He's in his resurrected form. Can I have a good amen? And here it says, "By one man's offense death reigned". Now, have you noticed that death doesn't just come in into someone's life? All over the world, you see death reigning. You don't believe in God, you don't believe in sin, one day death will still reign over you. Doesn't matter what you believe, doesn't matter what you say, it's not your words. Death will still reign. Everyone is subject to death.

Now, I speak that generally. For the believer, we are no more subject to death. Death and sin is behind us. I'm going to develop on this in a while's time, but death and sin is not in front of us. Death and sin is behind us, amen. So, no matter what, death is widespread. No matter how you try to hide it, how much you travel, even you have billions of dollars, you cannot avoid death reigning. The word "reign" is like a king. It comes knocking anytime, whenever, however it wants to. Not for the believer again, okay? For the believer, we don't die. If a believer's heart stop beating before Jesus comes, the Bible says he's falling asleep. There's no more experience of death.

Jesus says, "He that believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And he that lives believes in me shall never die". Amen? So, for the believer, death is behind us. And we believe that many of us will see Jesus face to face. I believe we're the terminal generation, the final generation, when we see him face to face. And many of us will not even experience falling asleep, amen. But however it goes, no matter what you say, no matter how much PC there is in your life, how much you try to change terminologies and definitions, death will one day come knocking.

A hundred years from now, not a single person here will still be alive speaking in the natural sense, not a single one. That shows how death is so reigns. Not just come in, it reigns. Well, by the same token, much more, say, "Much more". Say it again, "Much more". "Those who receive", and this word "receive", lambano in the Greek, is a very strong word. It's not just take, receive, like a passive way. No, it is to seize upon. It is used when the soldiers came and seized upon Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. They lambano him, they seized upon him, amen.

So, the Bible says, "Much more those who receive seize upon two things, the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness". What's going to happen? They will reign in life, just like death reigned. It is sovereign like a king. You will reign in life through Jesus Christ. And if you reign, your addictions don't. If you reign, your sins don't. If you reign, Satan doesn't. If you reign, death doesn't. If you reign, no power of darkness, amen, can have the victory over your life because you are reigning.

And notice you reign by receiving two gifts, so to speak, the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. Notice righteousness is called a gift, not a reward. I want to say this. Today, under grace, if there's a lack of blessing in your life, it is not because of a failure of devotion. It's not a failure of commitment, or a failure of loving God, or a failure of holiness. Today, if there's a lack of blessing in a believer's life, it is because of unbelief. There's an area of unbelief. Now, under the law, it is true when there's sin in your life or there is curse that come in, you need to find out, where did I break the law? Okay? But under the new covenant, if there is a lack of blessing, usually there's an area of unbelief in your life.

So, it doesn't really matter that you say, "I'm devoted to God. In fact, yesterday, I surrendered myself to God again. I've been surrendering myself to God. I consecrated myself to God". It's not a lack of devotion, it's not a lack of holiness, it's not a lack of consecration, it's a lack of faith. It's unbelief. There's an area where you have opened yourself to unbelief. Are you listening, people? And the Bible says number one key for faith, number one use of faith in the believer's life is faith for righteousness, to believe that you are righteous because every day there are seeming evidence that seems to tell you you are not righteous. Your feelings tell you you're not righteous. Your thoughts tell you you're not righteous. In the midst of it, God says, "Confess, I am the righteousness of God in Christ". Amen, that's the gospel of Jesus Christ. Are you listening?

Now, faith is not pretending that something is not there. But if I keep on saying it is there, it will be there. No, faith deals with the unseen. It deals with the unfelt. But doesn't mean it's not real. Just because something is unseen doesn't mean it's not real. Are you listening? You can't see atoms, but atoms are the building blocks of creation. Amen, of matter. You can't see angels, but they are eternal, they outlive any man, right? Any man's body that is.

You know, you cannot feel the presence of these angels, but they are around. And but you can feel your chair that you're sitting down on. But you know whatever you can feel, you can touch, it's temporal, subject to decay. Do you realize that? And yet we call these things more real than the things of God. But for God, the realm of faith is the real realm, is the realer, is the true reality as God perceives it. Can I have a good amen? So, we're coming to faith teaching as well, but faith like you never heard it, amen?

I used to think that when I learned about faith usually, and I must say this, it was unfortunate. Nothing wrong with this teaching, but it seems like when you learn about faith, it's faith for answered prayer or for healing, instead of faith for righteousness. No one taught me that number one use of faith is faith for righteousness, to believe that you are righteous in spite of all the contradictory evidence in your body, in your feelings, in your circumstance. To confess that you are righteous and believe God's Word. I wish I had learned that.

You know, faith is connected to righteousness in a New Testament 20 times. Faith is connected to salvation only four times. And yet, we preach so much more on salvation, faith for salvation, faith for healing, than faith for righteousness. So, child of God, let me just tell you this, you are righteous whether you confess it or not. Once you are saved, you are saved. Let me ask you a question, let's say you're a man now. How do you become a man? Okay, I know today's world is a bit confused. I know that, I understand that, all right? Let me ask you again.

Yesterday, my son was playing with me some Pokemon game, and he says, "This one is the confuser". I said, "Is there such a power"? He says, "Yes", he just made it up. So, I'm supposed to be confused, all right? So, the world has been confused right now. Let me ask you a question. How do you become a man? You were born a man. Today, that's debatable, okay? Look, plain and simple, if you're a man, you're born a man. You know, when you're born again, you are born righteous. Amen, hallelujah. So, that's how you became righteous, okay? Are you with me so far?

But the promise is that we are still conscious, we are still very much in the feeling realm that we forget that the Christian life is not lived by appearances, by feelings, by sensations. It is lived by faith. And faith again is not something that's not there but if I believe long enough, it will be there. No, faith is substantiating what I can see that God sees as reality. Not only realities, it's more real than the physical realm because it is eternal. The physical realm is temporal. Amen, let's go back to this again. So, when we receive abundance of grace, the gift of righteousness, we will reign in life, right? Don't you want to reign in life?

So, what do you think the devil will do if he knows that the only two things that will cause a believer to reign in life, that means death cannot reign when you reign, when you reign, other forces in your life cannot reign, right? What will cause you to reign? Abundance of grace. He will make sure there's a lack of grace being preached. If anyone preach an abundance of grace, all right, he will try to discredit that person's preaching. Amen. Do you think your pastor, wonderful as he is, has been attacked in his teachings? I'm not surprised. I'll be very surprised if I'm not attacked because they will tell me like what Jesus says, "Woe to you if all man speak well of you. So did they to the false prophets".

So, I'm so glad I'm not numbered among the false prophets. I look for contradiction from people or even false accusation, that tells me I'm on the right track. So, the devil will attack abundance of grace, why? It will cause you to reign. The next thing he will attack is the gift of righteousness. He will tell you, "Yeah, do your best to be righteous. All right, by all means be righteous, okay? But do your best. Don't even sleep on anything, be righteous. Do yourself to keep the Ten Commandments. Do your best to be good". How many of you understand all this is not the gospel? It is not try to be righteous. It is not the reward of your labor. It is the gift of righteousness to be received.

So, another thing the devil will attack is this gift of righteousness being taught. When someone teaches that you can be righteous in spite of your works and your labor, the devil will try to make sure that that person will be discredited. He will try to attack the person, try to assassinate his character.

So, when you see these things happening to your pastor, rejoice. And when they say things about your church, be happy, amen? That means what? We are preaching these two. And I preach on these two really strong, why? I want you to reign in life. Because only by receiving the abundance of grace, a bit of teaching here and there, "Oh, we believe in grace, Pastor Prince. We believe we are saved by grace, we believe that it's by grace only we can do things, but it's not like abundance of grace. Let's not get radical about that". No, no, it must be abundance of grace being taught for people to receive the abundance of grace. And then the gift of righteousness, you will reign. You will reign in life.

So, how do I receive this? It all comes by faith, amen. How do you receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness? By faith. Amen, faith is the hand that takes from the invisible realm. Again, please don't think of this in visible means real, invisible not real, all right? As a child of God, you should think the opposite from the world. Think like God, who is himself a spirit. Long before there was matter, there is God who is a spirit, amen. So, which is more real, huh? God, right? Start thinking, amen, the invisible is real, the visible is temporal.

Now, we're not Christian Science that say the visible is not real and all that. No, it is there, it is real, all right? But it will not outlast the invisible, which is reality. Now, watch this now, we receive by faith. We need to have the spirit of faith. 2 Corinthians 4:13 says, "We have the same spirit of faith". Say it, "Same spirit of faith". One more time. Once again.

All right, what is the spirit of faith? What is the spirit of faith, number one? And what is the same spirit? So, Paul here by the Spirit was quoting David. David in the Psalms had the same spirit of faith that Paul says we have the same spirit of faith like David, amen? In fact, David was the shepherd boy that knocked down Goliath. And Goliath, when before he was knocked down, he seemed big, which he was big. He seemed very tall and he was tall. He seemed very strong and he was strong. And to all the feelings that David had in the natural, he was overwhelming, amen?

But David didn't go by what he saw, he didn't go by his feelings, he went by faith. Even before the giant fell, David had a spirit of faith. Whereas the children of Israel, in fact one of them among the children of Israel was head and shoulders. When he was made king, he was head and shoulders above everybody else, that's the shampoo he uses, all right, Head and Shoulders. And King Saul was the one that should go out and meet Goliath because he was tall, and yet he was hiding, amen? He let a shepherd boy who was probably no taller than maybe nearly 5 foot, 5 foot plus, whatever. And the giant was nearly 10 feet tall, and he was big, and he was a seasoned man of war, and he had all kinds of weapons in his hands. He had a long spear and a sword, and he looked mean, he looked ugly, amen? And yet that shepherd boy didn't look at what he saw.

He didn't go by his feelings of, "Wow, this towering giant". He had a spirit of faith, and this is what he said, "This giant today", he told the giant, "the Lord will deliver you into my hand". When did he say it? After the giant fell or before? Before. Now Paul says, "We have the same spirit of faith". How the spirit of faith operate, "'I believe and therefore I spoke'. We also believe and therefore speak".

Church, look up here, it's very simple. The spirit of faith is like this, "I believe and therefore I speak". Amen? I believe and therefore I speak. We are made in God's image. That's how God is. When God saw darkness in Genesis 1, all right, what did God say? "Light be". God didn't, listen, God didn't say what he saw. He said what he wanted to see. There's a secret in your life. You want good things to happen in your life, you want the blessed things of God to manifest in your life, you got to believe it first and then how do you release it? You speak.

The spirit of faith has these two components, believe and then you speak. I tell you what people do, okay, many a times. "Ugh, we are going for a holiday. I know we just want to... I just know what's going to happen. One of the kids will fall sick. Always like that one, you know"? Or something good happens and you say, "I don't know, it's too good to be true. Something will happen that will cause me not to be chosen for promotion", or whatever it is.

There's always something bad you want to say, you know why? Because you believe it in your heart. You believe it in your heart and then guess what? You speak it out. So you believe, then you speak, and then you see. And because what you see, now you believe more, and then you speak because of what you believed. And then because you speak it, you see it. Imagine if God saw darkness, which he did in the beginning, and God says, "Wah, so dark". No, God calls those things that are not as though they are.

And that's one thing about God that we all need to follow after, all right? God doesn't speak what he sees, he speaks what he wants to see, amen. He calls out from the invisible realm... it's already there in the invisible realm, but he calls it forth into the visible. He calls it forth from the intangible. We tend to think, like, faith is like, you know, every day in every way I'm getting better and better, like, auto-suggestion. No, no, no, no, I'm telling you, you can use that kind of faith on cancer, on disease, you'll find it doesn't help, amen? It only helps to make you feel better a little bit, that's all. This is not positive thinking. This is not positive auto-suggestion, no, no, no, no. This is the power of God. This is spirit of faith. This has got to do with the eternal God and the way he operates. Are you listening, people?

All right, how does it work? Again, let me say this. You can be extra-devoted person, you can be very consecrated to God, you can be always, like, you know, consciously knowing that you're obeying God, and yet you don't see the blessings in your life. You don't see the breakthroughs in your life. Why? Because you believe the wrong thing and you release it through your mouth, amen. You know why people murmur and complain? Because they believe the wrong thing in their hearts. People like this, they go for holiday even. When they just pump their car with some petrol and all that, as they are driving they pass by beautiful scenery, the sun is glowing, it's autumn, autumn leaves all around, oh, spring, amen?

It's blossoming, it's so beautiful. The wife says, "Look at that, isn't it beautiful"? And all sudden says, "I can't believe it, how much it cost nowadays just to have petrol, you know? That's crazy", you know? And his mind is obsessed with the fact that he paid for that petrol. He's not enjoying. So the thing is that it's all in the belief system, amen? He didn't believe that God would take care of his petrol as well and bless him with more than enough, as well as enjoy the scenery that God has given. But instead, he's lost and locked into one this, you know, like this church that you are in.

You know how many people would love to have this building? And you are in this building, but what do you do? "Today, a bit too bright. A bit too cold", amen? You will seize upon something because your belief system is, like, you know, "I cannot believe that God would just want to bless me or they can", you know? And whatever is not working right, God will take care of it. You know, you believe, these people are famous for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. No, I say that on purpose, amen. "I just know that I always have the bad breaks or I'm always so unlucky. If there's something good, it won't happen to me".

Well, you know what? You're right. And after something bad happens, they didn't get a promotion or they didn't get the blessing or they didn't get something, they'll say, "See, I told you". And they think they are a prophet, amen. And people like this, they're not happy. Even in a good country, they'll find some fault. "It's too hot. We don't have four seasons". "Hey, we've got 40, over, kinds of food, lah. Isn't that better"? Amen, once they will go outside for your four seasons, amen, they will find fault over something, amen?

This is a great church. You got good-looking pastors, amen? Yeah. Pastor Mike's very happy right now. "It's me, it's me". So the spirit of faith, it didn't say, "You only believe good things and then you speak good things and good things will happen". Good or bad. You believe, you speak. The spirit of faith is you believe, you speak. Jesus said, "As you have believed, so it be done to you". I believe good things are in store for you this coming year. I believe you will run smack dab into middle of favor, amen. I believe surely goodness and mercy will hunt you down all the rest of your life. I don't care where you've been. It's not where you're going. You are going to favor, you're going to higher ground, amen. You're going to promotion in the things of God, hallelujah! Amen! I believe it.

"No, no, Pastor. Very nice of you to say that but I don't believe it". You are right. As far as you are concerned, the rest of us are going on, amen? Amen, we turn right, goodness slap us. We turn left, favor and mercy kiss us. Every which way we are blessed. Do you believe that kind of thing? Yeah, believe and speak. Okay, enough of that. Let me give you one example of your Papa Abraham. All of us are at the seed of Abraham, right? Abraham learned from God, God's nature.

In Romans 4 it says Abraham, God made him a father of many nations, like "God, who quickens the dead, and calls those things which be not as though they are". So God calls those things that are not. Not visible, not felt, not tangible to the human senses, but they are real nonetheless, eternally real. God calls those things that are not visible as though they are. So God calls you as if it already is. So Abraham at nearly 100 years old did not even have one son with his wife, Sarah. Sarah is now 90 years old, amen? She's barren. Actually, when Sarah was younger, even during those childbearing years, when she was in her 20s and all that, she was still not able to conceive. Now she's 90, doubly barren, right? She has undergone menopause.

I used to think why they call it men-no-pause, when it should be women-no-pause, right? You ever thought of that? Womenopause, instead of menopause? Anyway, when some women talk, right, women-no-pause. Whoa, don't hit me. All right. "Where's your wife, Pastor Prince"? Somewhere watching. Now, look at this. The nature of God, "God quickens the dead". "Lazarus, come forth". God is the only one who can raise the dead. God quickens the dead and right now in Jesus's name I believe God quickens all the dead spots in your brain. It's coming alive. What was that again? First time I seen it. It's coming alive, praise God, amen? God quickens the dead and calls those things that are not as though they are.

So Abraham and his wife Sara, they are both barren. They are both old in the natural. We are not denying that, amen. It is real in the natural, which is temporal. And God calls those things that are not, they are young, they are fruitful, amen. They are blessed, they are father of and mother of many nations. And this is what God said: "Who against hope". In fact, God says to Abraham: "I have made you a father of many nations". And you know what God did? God changed his name. His name was Abram, in Hebrew, Avram, which is high father or exalted father. And God inserted his name, Hei, yud-hei-vav-hei, his Hei, he breathed Hei into his name and Abram became Abraham.

Abraham means father of multitudes, father of many nations. Now God made him call himself father of many nations. Now, for us, we will not see the relevance of this until we realize that to call someone's name, "father of many", when they don't even have one son by his wife Sarah, I mean, that really is calling those things that are not as though they are. Many Christians are afraid of doing this because they say that they'll be lying. No, you're not lying if you are calling those things that God said is a reality in your life. How can you lie when you speak what God speaks? God sees farther than anyone can see. God sees more, longer if you want to say it that way, than anyone can ever.

In fact, to go by your eyesight, many a child has drowned in a swimming pool because it looks shallow. Your eyes can deceive you, amen? There are figures that you see sometimes, you know, and those figures, they seem like moving but they're not moving. Or they seem to be slanted but they're actually equal. Your eyes can deceive you. But God cannot deceive you. When God says, "This is my word. Abraham, I have made", past tense, "I have made you a father of many nations".

God sees the eternal now and God sees him already a man who is a father of many nations when he didn't even have one son by Sarah. So God changed the way he spoke. And his daily speech, God says, "From now on don't call yourself Abram. Call yourself Avraham, which means father of many". So imagine, he's out there in the field and the wife, 90-year-old wife, calls him, "Father of many, Father of many, dinner is ready", right? And all the neighbors start saying, "Uh-oh, they've gone off the rockers, or something, you know? They want a child so much, they've gone crazy". That's what the world will say about you when you start walking in the spirit of faith and speaking what you believe.

Have you ever told anybody, outside church people, that I'm a believer? Jesus is my Lord? Something powerful happens when you do that, amen. Christianity is the great confession. He's the high priest of our confession. Are you listening? Have you told anyone after you are prayed for, for healing, "I am healed. By the stripe of Jesus, I am", present tense, "healed"? But you don't look healed. "But I am healed". But you don't sound healed. "But I'm healed", amen. Calling those things that are not as though they are, like God.

So the more they call one another... she's called Princess, like a princess of many, and he's like a father of multitudes, guess what happened? The child came, right? In order for the child to come, the more he confessed God's Word over her, calling her a princess, calling her a princess, calling her a princess, she called him father of many, father of many, something happened to their bodies, right? Because she has undergone menopause.

The Bible says in Hebrews 11: "Through faith Sarah received strength to conceive seed". And not only that, the bonus was that her whole body became young again and she literally became young because the Bible tells us a king wanted her for his harem and those kings are heathen kings, you know? They are not discerning her spiritual beauty. "I know she looks like a prune outside but I discern her inner beauty, yes, I want her inner beauty in my harem". No, no, no, these kings are going by their eyeballs. They look at her and they saw a beautiful woman. At 90 years old, faith changed her entire appearance, literally, her body, amen?

God has to reverse the menopause, mental pause, whatever pause, and press the play button again, amen? Rewind to youth, amen? Brought her back to the days of her youth again, hallelujah. And there's a promise that says God will renew your youth, amen, your flesh shall be fresher than a child's and God will return you to the days of your youth. I pray this be true for you in Jesus's name. So "Against hope", it was hopeless, but he believed in hope, amen, "that he might become the father of many nations; according to what was spoken, so shall your seed be".

Now, do you think that all this is about healing? It's not. It's actually faith righteousness. Let's go on. "And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead", ha, being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body, "when he was about a hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sarah's womb". So he didn't say, "Sarah's womb is not old". He didn't say that. "My body is not 100 years old", no. He realized her womb is dead, my body is old, but he considered not these things. Are you listening? He considered what? God's Word: "So shall your seed be", amen.

So today also, for us, we must confess we are the righteousness of God in Christ while the symptoms of sin is still present in our minds and in our bodies. So that is righteousness by faith. Are you with me so far? All right, "He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God; and being fully persuaded that what God had promised, God was able also to perform. And therefore it was imputed to him for righteousness". Notice it's all about faith righteousness, "not considering his own body", like in the context of righteousness it's like when sin is present, you still believe that you are righteous in God's eyes by faith.

"Now, it was not written for Abraham's sake alone, that it was imputed to him; but for us also, to whom righteousness shall be imputed, if we believe on God that raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead". Are you all learning so far? Now, I said all this to say this. For the last verse that we are looking at today: everything I've shared is to come to this. We don't realize that we are dead to sin. What does that mean? Look at Romans chapter 6, verse 1. Just now, I mentioned that where sin increase, grace, what? Super-abounds. See, it says: "What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound"?

So only people who have heard "where sin increase, grace super-abounds, where sin increase, grace super-abounds", will ask questions like this. Obviously, these, what do you call them, cavaliers, all right? They just want to find fault with the grace message. Even Paul preached, "Where sin increase, grace super-abounds". And they start saying, "So are you saying that let us sin more that grace may abound because where sin increase, grace super-increase? So why don't we sin more"? And Paul's answer is not a negation or prohibition. Paul did not say, "Don't do it". He didn't say that. Let's see what he says. "Certainly not! How shall we who died to sin live any longer in it"? His answer is an impossibility. A true believer is dead to sin. How can you live any longer in it? It's an impossibility.

Now, let me explain to you. You say, "Pastor Prince, I don't understand all this because I still find sin in my life. I still find sin. The other day I was talking to someone and then anger rose up in me". Let me just say to you, while the anger was rising up, do you know you are dead to sin? While you felt it, while you express it, while you are fuming, you're still dead to sin. "So what was all that, Pastor Prince"? That was sin but that's not reality the way God sees you. You know something? That sin has no more power to condemn you. Now watch this, watch this. Hang on, hang on, hang on.

Lest you say, "Well, Pastor Prince, you're saying we can do whatever we want". No, in fact, as I go on you will see what it means. But there's a teaching today that says a Christian needs to learn to die to sin. That's error. There's another one. We are all dying to sin. We must learn to be dying to sin. There's no such thing as dying to sin. Either you're dead to sin, or you're not dead to sin. Those in the cemetery, you don't tell them, "Are you dying or you're dead"? They're dead, okay?

Now, so what does it mean, "dead to sin"? Let's drop down. "Knowing that Christ having been raised from the dead dies no more". This is our last passage here and then I'm gonna show you a testimony, okay, and then we will close. Now listen carefully. This last part is most important because this is where we miss it many times. Now how many know that Christ has been raised from the dead? He's alive today at the Father's right hand. Now, did he go through death? Did he die? Yes, he died, right? Where did he die? At the cross. He was buried and on the third day God raised him from the dead. "Knowing that Christ having been raised from the dead dies no more".

So where is death? Behind Jesus. Am I right? Is death behind Jesus? Yes, so "He dies no more. Death no longer has dominion over him". Yeah, he's on the other side of the grave. He's on the other side of death, amen. He's beyond death now in his resurrected life. He can never die again. Death has no more power over him. Now watch this. It's got to do with you. Listen carefully. "For in that, the death that Jesus died, He died to sin", how often? How often? "Once for all". This idea of dying daily, dying to sin, we must learn to die to sin, are all erroneous. Jesus died to sin how often? Once and for all.

Listen carefully. In what way did Jesus die to sin? Did Jesus commit sin and then die to the sin? No, he never sinned. He was sinless. So what sin did Jesus die to? The sins that were imputed to him. It was actually our sins that he bore. So in other words, he died to imputed sin. He died to the judgment, the guilt, and the condemnation of sin. You need to know that because if that is applied to us, that means we have also died to the guilt, to the judgment, and condemnation of sin. The only way. Jesus didn't die to sin that he committed. He didn't commit any sin.

So when the Bible says we are dead, I'm getting ahead of myself. Just hang on, hold your horses here. The death he died, how often did he die to sin? Once and for all. Keep that in mind. Once and for all. "The life that He lives, He lives to God". In other words, Jesus, death is behind him. Death has no more power over him. The life that he lives through God now in heaven, he's still 100% man, 100% God of course, but he lives there as a man, amen. After the power, endless life.

Now, watch this. "What has that got to do with me, Pastor Prince"? Next verse. "Because the death He died, He died to sin once and for all; likewise you also", in New Creation Church, in Grace Revolution Church, you who's watching this right now, likewise means in the same manner. I thought I'd put that in, in case people don't understand what's likewise. "In the same manner", not indeed in a different manner, "you also reckon yourselves to be dead indeed", how often? Dead indeed means dead, once and for all, "to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus my Lord". Now, this is the first time in all of Paul's letters that the phrase "In Christ Jesus" appears, the first time.

In many of Paul's letters from now on, he would talk about who you are in Christ, what you have in Christ. "In Christ Jesus" appears here for the first time, which means this verse is very important to understanding being in Christ Jesus. That means whatever happened to Christ happened to you. Let me explain, okay, now you all see this pen? Put it against my white jacket here. You can see the pen? This pen is you and I, okay? You all see this Bible? This is Jesus.

Now, when did God put you in Christ? When? Not when he walked on earth. Not when he multiplied the loaves and fishes. Not when he cleansed the lepers. Not when he preached the Sermon on the Mount. When did God put you in Christ? When he was at the cross. God put you in Christ. And God sealed you up so good, you are forever in him. Now, watch this, if I take this Bible now, wherever I go, where's the pen? It goes. If I throw this Bible that's completely sealed so well, so tight, I throw it into the river, where is it now? At the bottom of the river. Where's the pen? Also in the bottom of the river. If I take it out, where is the pen now? It's still in the Bible. Whatever the Bible experienced, the pen experienced.

Do you know that this is what happened to us in Christ Jesus? The phrase "in Christ Jesus" is only used after Jesus was glorified at the Father's right hand. Before that, Jesus is known as Jesus Christ but after he's in glory, it is always in Christ Jesus. You are now in Christ Jesus. God will never look at you apart from the fact that you are in Christ Jesus, never. God will never see you outside Christ. God will say, "I know you are there hiding in"... It's not hiding. Literally the Bible says we are members of his flesh, I'm quoting, and of his bones. It's not just a mystical body of Christ, you know, ethereal, mystical, super lateral but being one with Jesus is we are members, I'm quoting, we are members of his flesh and of his bones. That means how can his flesh be healthy and your kidney be sick? Receive his flesh as one with yours.

Now, I'm getting ahead of myself because this is where the message will go to in the coming days, but let's talk about faith righteousness first, amen? We are as righteous as Jesus because he is our righteousness. David, wonderful as he is, he's not my righteousness. Isaiah, wonderful as prophet he is, he's not my righteousness. Jesus is my righteousness. As he is, so am I in this world.

There were two kings of Midian that Gideon slew, all right? Their name was Zebah and Zalmunna. And before he killed them, he asked them, "Remember those guys you killed, those Israelis you killed"? They say, "Yes". Then he asked them this question, "What did they look like"? You know what the king said, kings of Midian? They look at Gideon says, "As you are, so were they". Each one resembled the son of a king. Then Gideon says, "They were my brothers you killed".

So, they looked like Gideon but even then, brothers can be different. Even fraternal twins, even though they say science cannot prove this, nor can they disprove this, but twins have that said that they can feel what the other person feels when they're miles away. They can sense what the other person is going through. How do you explain that? But I'm not saying that we are twins with Jesus. I'm saying more than that, we are one. So, when Jesus died to sin once and for all, we died to sin once and for all.

Where is sin and death now? Behind us. We live now a life reckon yourself dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus. That means from now on you live the heavenly life. You live the resurrected life. You must think of yourself as death behind you, you are risen, you are in Christ risen. You are the heavenly man. God didn't call us to be moral after the Ten Commandments. He called us to more than that, a heavenly life that has moral excellencies, of course, but a heavenly life.

When people sense about you, when you walk into a room, it's like a princess walked in. You don't need a crown, a tiara on your head. They just sense the mean of royalty when you are there. They sense that you are above murmuring and complaining, yet you're not proud with a holier than thou, "don't come near me" attitude, yet you are beautiful, your approach. But like Jesus, amen, his bearing like the cedars of Lebanon, majestic yet approachable, something heavenly.

When you see Jesus, you know you're in the presence of a king, yet he uses his power to cleanse the sick, to cleanse the leper, and heal the sick. And you see him approachable. Children love him. The commoners, so-called social outcasts, are drawn to him. Sinners are drawn to him but the Pharisees, the religious leaders, are turned against him. They are jealous of him, the crowds that he drew and all that, yet there was such a wonderful regal presence, if you would, a princely aura. I don't want to use the word "aura" because aura is new age but like you are in the presence of a king and each one of you resemble the son of a king. As he is, so are we. That's your calling.

Kings don't talk about petrol. "Wah, so expensive", in the midst of beauty. Princes don't do that, it's beyond them. Once you realize, you know, your life, you know like, if you have life of a chicken, you will cluck. If you have a life a monkey, you will swing. If you are life of a cow, you will moo. If the life of a fish, you will swim. If you have the life of Christ, you will reign. That's the heavenly life. That's what we are called to. "Do I have to do this? Do I have to do that"? No, you don't have to, you get to.

Once you know this, then you see, the word "reckon" is an accounting term. Likewise, reckon yourself. That means what? Count the fact that as Christ died to sin, you have died. As he's alive to God in resurrection life, so are you. Wow, count it as a fact. Now, this word "logizomai" in Greek is the accounting term, reckon, impute. It's not a make believe. You're not to reckon to make the fact. You are to reckon in view of the fact. You got it? Now, if I logizomai, if I reckon that I have $1,000 in the bank, it is because I have $1,000 in the bank.

If I live my life knowing that I have $1,000 in the bank, it's not this view people have, "Oh, faith is just like pretend you got $1,000 in the bank, okay? Pretend to act like, you know, you can spend money and all that but you don't have $1,000 in the bank". No, that's not faith. I don't know where you heard that but that's not faith, that's not Bible faith. Bible faith is you have $1,000 in the bank and you reckon yourself that you have $1,000 because you have it! You are to live your life according to that reckoning. Can I have a good amen?

Unfortunately, the last verse, this verse after that is the one that people preach a lot on, all right? They will say, "Don't let sin reign in your mortal body. Pastor Prince, must hear more preaching on". Don't let sin reign in your mortal body. But they are confusing the imperatives with the indicatives. Before the imperative, it tells you what happened to Christ. That's the indicative.

Now, watch this, next verse, the last verse we'll quote today. "Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body, that you should obey in its lusts". "There is it, Pastor Prince, you must preach that". But listen, it does not say don't let sin reign. It says therefore, let not sin reign. Why is the "therefore" there? When you find there's a "therefore" in the Bible, always find out why it is there for. You know why "therefore" is there for? You all know why? Why is therefore there for? Why, because of the preceding facts knowing that Christ died to sin once and for all, he's alive unto God.

In resurrection life, you yourself must see yourself in Christ. Your sin and death is behind you. You are facing the father in the risen Christ. You are a risen being. You're a heavenly man. You're walking in the newness of life, amen? Therefore because of this, don't let sin bully you. Don't let sin says, "Hey, I'm rising up in you as anger, now be angry amen, curse the guy out". Don't let sin confuse you into thinking that you are still the same old person.

"But Pastor Prince, you don't realize, sometimes in the middle of the night I have bad dreams, pictures that I've seen from time past I thought I forgot, came running out in my mind and I feel dirty, I feel unclean. I wake up in the middle of the night". In spite of all that, they are actually Satan making appearances to make you think you're not dead to sin. You know, you're not a risen person in Christ. You are still the same old person. It's a lie. That's not you. It feels real. It seems real. The sensations are real, but God says it's not. God says you are dead to sin once and for all. You cannot die to sin anymore. You are dead to sin. You are now in the risen Christ. That's the time you must confess, in the midst of feeling unclean, you must confess, "I am the righteousness of God in Christ".

There are times, you know, you say something to someone and then someone says something to you back and then you don't want to let go. You say something to someone. I don't want to say husband and life, lah. Then you say something else and the person says something else. And you thought, maybe I should let go now. Then you say something else and then the person say, before you know it, you are arguing, amen? Before you realize you're a Christian and you caught yourself, "Oh no, oh no. I'm supposed to be dead to sin". So, what happened?

And the devil comes along. "You see you're not dead to sin. All this, it's not real. Look at your experience. Look at what you just experienced, experienced, experienced, experienced". The devil is in the realm of experience, amen? It's in the realm of sensation, feelings, but the moment you put him back in the realm of faith, he is defeated. So, you know what? Put him back in the realm of faith. He cannot defeat you there. Say, "No, it's part of what I felt, what I experienced. I'm the righteousness of God in Christ. I'm the righteousness of God in Christ". And sometimes you gotta say it just with raw faith, no feelings.

And you know something? God loves it. Without faith, it's impossible to please God, impossible. By saying, "I'm the righteousness of God in Christ", in the midst of sin, you are actually giving glory to what Jesus did at the cross, not only that, you're giving glory to God, amen, because you are saying, "What you say is true and I believe according as you have spoken like Abraham". "But Pastor Prince, I sense the anger in my heart. I sense the lust in my thoughts". I know, but like Abraham, using Abrahamic faith, consider not your body, consider not your mind, consider God's Word. You are the righteousness of God in Christ.

Now, be careful that you don't take this truth and say, "You know what? I make a secret truce with sin. I can still go on sinning". No, no, no, number one, I don't believe for one moment anyone hearing this teaching can go out there and sin like the devil. If they do that, if they do that and they call themselves a Christian, probably they're not saved in the first place because people who are truly saved may fall into sin, they don't continue sinning.

What if they are Christians right now? "He's really born-again, pastor, but he's living in a adultery". Then I'll tell you this, if it's truly born again, he's the Father's child, the Father will chasten him. The Father loves us so much that the Father will child train him. And when I say child train, like I told you before, he will not use sickness, he won't use accidents to child train you, but many a times he will use disappointments.

Sometimes the man, the married man that you are in relationship with will fall for somebody else and break your heart, and yet the whole experience is such that God is loving you. If you can stop and just think how much God loves you. Whenever I think that when I go through disappointments and all that that God loved me too much to let me go through my own selfish ways. For me to be disciplined, again, not with sickness, accidents, but with disappointments and all that, is to realize that God loves me, that I'm too precious for him to let me just get by with my selfish ways.

I'm talking about those who live in sin and they're truly born again. God will deal with them. You don't worry about that. Many a times your disappointment with someone that you love that you're not supposed to love could be God's way of chastening you. Many a times we trust something, money or whatever, to find ourself disappointed in that area. All of a sudden, there's a breakdown, financially the whole thing comes crumbling down. All of sudden, we realize, "I always say I trust God, I trust God, but here I am, I'm crushed with this and yet God is still here. Who do I trust"?

Sometimes these kind of things can be chastening only if they continue as a child of God again and again in a continuous lifestyle. God will chasten because he loves you. Hang on. Preach it, Pastor Prince, hallelujah, amen? Don't you just feel loved when God does that? So, remember child of God, we live in a world where Satan wants to keep you in the realm of feelings, sensations, appearance, but we walk by faith and not by sight, not by sensations, not by feelings, not by sight. We walk by faith in God's Word. You are the righteousness of God in Christ. You died already. You're on the other side. You're a heavenly man in this earth, amen? You are a risen man in Christ, amen.

Death is behind you, sin is behind you, but I never said, listen carefully, I never said sin is dead in you, or you are sinless, no, I didn't say that. Many Christians get into error saying sin is dead. No, sin is not dead. The Bible doesn't say sin is dead. It says you are dead to sin, but you are alive to God in Christ. Don't let sin bully you. Just because something rise up, amen, say, "Obey me, obey me". "I'm not your slave anymore. I'm the righteousness of God in Christ", amen?

You talk to somebody attractive, it's not your wife, it's not your husband, and you start getting attracted and all that, the feelings will come, but don't obey into saying, "Can I have your number", amen? Don't allow it to control you. You were like this once, you're no more like this. You're now the righteousness of God in Christ. Don't obey it, amen? "Does it come, Pastor Prince"? It will still come? "Will it ever not come"? If you die. The only way is when we meet Jesus face to face and we have a new body, then the presence of sin will be no more. Can I have a good amen? Until then, we gotta live by faith and God says you are righteousness in his eyes. Do you receive that? Amen, give Jesus the praise, hallelujah.

Every head bowed, every eye closed all across this place. I've been wanting to read you to a testimony that I read in the earlier service, but I think I'll share with you real quick. A man who was molested sexually when he was a young boy, he got into, at 12 years old, he got into porn, hard porn and got into promiscuous lifestyle. He's from America and his life went downwards. Then one day as he was, I think, selling drugs or something like that, someone approached him to attack him in a park and he fought back, killed the man and because the sister of the man who died testified that he was a violent man, the man was acquitted of all charges, of murder.

As time went on, he got all kinds of disease happening to his body and all this while, he lost his wife, lost his children, met a new girl, but all the while, he was still pushing drugs, selling drugs, on drugs. And one day the found out that he had cancer of the throat. About that time already he found out that he got hold of my programs on television. He and his wife started watching and he started confessing, "I am the righteousness of God in Christ. I am the righteousness of God in Christ".

At the same time, he took Communion. He said that, "Pastor Prince, one by one, all my addictions to porn, to a promiscuous life, to hate, all just fell off. Not only that, I went back to the doctor and he cannot find any cancer cells in my throat. I'm healed. I'm set free just confessing, I am the righteousness of God in Christ, partaking of the Lord's supper". Friend, this is the gospel, the power of God to your wholeness, to your salvation. The world needs to hear this is reality. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Every head bowed, every eye closed, friend, have you passed out from death unto life, from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light? Have you? If not, I want to give you this opportunity to put your trust in Christ. What he did for you was done without your permission. He has taken your sins upon his body on the cross, died under the judgment of it, and was raised from the dead because you were acquitted through Christ. And friend, if you believe that, all that is real will actualize in your life. If that is you wherever you are right now watching this, pray this prayer with me right now.

Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ is my Lord, and I believe that on that cross Christ died for my sins. He bore all my judgment and finished them all. I thank you that you raised him from the dead when I was declared righteous. Thank you, Father, that when Christ died, I died once for and for all to sin, to the old Adam. And when he was raised, I was raised a new man in Christ forever seen by you as only in Christ. Thank you, Father, I look forward to a life full of your favor, full of your goodness. In Jesus's name.

All the people said? Stand to your feet. Thank you, Father, amen, amen, amen. Thank you, Father. You know, the Lord wants me to tell you this, you're going out of this place younger, stronger, healthier, amen? Lift your hands all across this place. This coming week in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I know what I'm saying because I have the authority of God's Word that God's goodness will pursue you down. His favor will surround you, amen, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. All the way throughout this week be expecting to see and meet God's favor, believe it and say it, amen, in Jesus's name.

And the Lord make his face to shine on you, be favorable to you, lift up his countenance and grant to you and your loved ones shalom well-being, health, and peace. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and all the people said, amen. Love you all. Thank you.
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