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Joseph Prince - Positioned For His Provision

TOPICS: Provision

Are y'all ready for God's Word? You know, this is also the week of... amazing, talk about seasons and all that. It's also the week of Passover, all over the world. Now, it's not always that Passover falls on a Shabbat, on a Jewish Shabbat. It may fall on a Tuesday, Thursday, but this time 'round it falls on a Friday evening, Shabbat, right? So, the first day of Pesach will be a complete Shabbat day.

Now, this is very interesting because we celebrate Good Friday. Am I right? So, the year that Jesus was crucified, we know that it was a Shabbat Passover and that's the reason why, even when Jesus died on the Shabbat... sorry, Passover, he was the Passover lamb, and he fulfilled the Passover. He was crucified. You know that when he was crucified, he died, they were in a hurry to bring his body down because the Shabbat was coming. They had to put his body in the tomb because the Shabbat was coming. And the Bible says that even the ladies went back to rest and they were very strict about keeping Shabbat.

So, there was a Shabbat and there was a high Shabbat that week, amen? Very interesting because Jesus came and fulfilled all the feasts, I should say, most of the feasts. We still have three more feasts remaining. In fact, from the first four to the last three, it's a long period, amen. The first one is, should I say three or four. There are seven feasts of Israel that commence with Passover, which is this week. Amen, the Passover lamb was killed. And then we have the Feast of First Fruits. Three days after Passover, we have the Feast of First Fruits. What happened three days after Jesus died? He rose again, the first fruits of all those to come.

And then we have the feast of Pentecost, which is 50 days from first fruits. Fifty days is Pentecost. The word Pentecost is five, 50, all right, Pentecost, 50. And 50 days, what happened after Jesus rose from the dead? The Holy Spirit came on the day of the Pentecost, the birthday of the church in the upper room. And then here is where we have a long period, about four months, and then we have the other feasts, okay? The feast of trumpets, amen? Usually about September, around that time, and then you have the Feast of Tabernacles, Day of Atonement. Jesus came and the fulfilled the first part of it. He died on the Passover, rose on the Feast of First Fruits. Can I have a good amen?

And then 50 days they take in heaven, he shed forth. The Bible says Peter says, "He shed forth this, which you now see and hear", the tongues, and the flames of fire, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. He went to heaven, he poured out the Spirit. So, he's fulfilling every single feast. It's all pointing to him. And now, we are waiting for the Feast of Trumpets, right, Rosh Hashanah that commends the new year for Jewish people all over the world. When they say, Rosh Hashanah, it commends us with the blowing of the trumpet. And at the blowing of the trumpet and the shout of the archangel, Jesus will descend and we'll be raptured.

So, it's been quite a period of time and before they celebrate the Feast of Trumpets, they're about four months before that, we are waiting now for the Feast of Trumpets, amen. Anytime now, the feast of trumpets will sound. Can I have a good amen? And then the Lord will come and so shall we ever be with the Lord. By the way, you're not going up spiritually, you are going up physically, all right? You are going up in your best physical state, strong, young, with a heart like a bull, amen? But don't be a bully. No, you cannot be a bully anymore. You are forever in that beautiful state of holiness, blamelessness, amen, perfect. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. We'll all look like Mr. Universe, not just Pastor Lawrence anymore, amen? Praise the Lord.

Okay, so, recently I was invited, just last few days, I was invited by the ambassador of Israel, my wife and I, to attend a special Passover meal at her residence. So, there were a number of guests there, and we were invited. And we're very privileged to sit down there. This is not my first Passover. I've attended a few Passovers already. And one Passover I remember in Jerusalem, it was a messianic Passover, which was very interesting. Messianic Passover means they are believers in Jesus, all right, Yeshua. But I've attended more Jewish Passovers, and last week was one of them.

And very interesting, this time I don't know why it hit me hard that there were some things that I want to share with you about the Passover that this modern Passover, especially. But before that let's look at the Scriptures because this is the week for it. Do you know this Sunday is Palm Sunday, by the way. During the time of Jesus, it's Palm Sunday. Jesus rode into Jerusalem. Now, there is a prophesy by the Prophet Daniel in 400 over years. This prophesy was given to Prophet Daniel, and this prophesy is called the most famous prophesy of Daniel, the 70th week of Daniel.

All right, now, 70th week. A week here is prophetic week. A prophetic with week is seven years. One week is seven years. Like when Laban told Jacob, when he wanted Laban's daughter's hand in marriage, he says, "Serve for one week, fulfill her week and I'll give you to her, all right, I'll give her to you. Fulfill one week". One week is seven years. And the Bible says he served seven years, amen? So, your potential father-in-law says wait for one week, all right, don't rejoice if it's Jewish. No, it's prophetic, prophetic week. So, 70 times seven is 400 and how many years? Four hundred and ninety years.

So, you study carefully in, I believe, Daniel 9, the prophetic 70th week, you'll find that there is 490 years to fulfill to bring an end of sin, to anoint the most holy. Everything wonderful that God wants to accomplish for Israel he says will all be done in 70th week. Read carefully, from the time the king edict is to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, from that time, the prophetic timing start, tick, tick, tick, tick. And we know when that was given. It was given on the first of Nisan, which is this month, by the way. We are now in the Hebrew month of Nisan, the Passover month, all right? And when the clock start ticking from there, went all the way to the time of Jesus.

Now, if we know when the edict was given and we know it because of Nehemiah chapter 2, King Xerxes of Persia decreed that the walls of Jerusalem will be rebuilt, amen? The city will be rebuilt, but specifically the walls. And King Xerxes I, he met the decree is mentioned in Nehemiah 2 and the edict was given. From that time he start to, and it's after Daniel, he start counting exactly from that day, all right, 400, 40 over B.C. to the first of Nisan. You count all the way, all right, because we don't have time to do this. This is not my purpose, this is my sermon also. Talking about this day. You'll come exactly to, you know what day? Tenth of Nisan, okay, 483, it says 483 years in the middle of this week, the Messiah is cut off.

And you know that he was crucified, he died. But not for himself. The prophecy said not for himself, he died for us, amen? The moment he died, the prophetic time clock stopped. There is exactly one more week left so that is seven years left. That means 490, you minus seven years, you have 483 years. So, 483 years have come and gone in the prophetic time clock, and then it stopped with the death of Jesus. And this gap has brought in the dispensation of grace, the church of Jesus Christ. It's like a parentheses. God stopped. He's dealing with the nation of Israel, then stopped because Christ was rejected and the prophecy says he showed him nothing from Israel. They rejected him.

And listen, from that time onwards, there's still one more week and that's why the Book of Revelation, you read carefully, for the most of it is all about the last week, seven years of tribulation. Do you understand? In terms of the Jewish perspective, all right, the prophetic perspective of the Bible. So, there's still seven years left, but we won't be in the seven years. If you want to, you insist, you subscribe to that kind of teaching, never mind. Help yourself, amen? But we know from the Scriptures that we are not appointed to the day of wrath and this is the year of wrath, all right, the time of wrath.

So, I said just now, if you know the day of the edict and all the way you count, the number of... you times 483 years and all that, you give one leap year, count a few leap years and then rather consider the fact that zero B.C. doesn't count in, minus that, minus one, you come exactly to one day. You know what day is it? You know what day is it on the tenth of Nisan, 32 A.D. What happened on that day? Because we know in Tiberias, the emperor Tiberias was instituted. We know when from that day. We know that it's 32 A.D., that year, that day somebody rode a donkey into Jerusalem exactly to the day, and that's when they rejected him.

It's very sad that the king of Israel came and only young children were screaming out "Hosanna to the son of David". And with some people from Galilee which saw his miracles, these uneducated Galileans, that's how they're looked upon by the Jerusalemites. And then but and so the Greeks. The Greeks came to the feast looking for saying, "Sir, we would see Jesus". So sad that people who are supposed to receive him did not receive him. And the Bible says he went in, he was rejected. The prophetic time clock stopped that following week when he died. You understand? Are you with me so far?

So, the triumphant entry was the king of Israel coming and Jesus wept. When he came to the mountain of, Mount of Olives, he looked at the temple and he wept. And there are few words in the Greek for weeping, one is that, you know Jesus was at Lazarus's tomb and he wept. That was a soft weeping, tears flowing down his cheek, but this was strong weeping. He was literally on a donkey and imagine a king, all right, being shouted, and praised, and celebrated, and he looked and he wept. And this weeping was strong weeping. He wept, he wept because he saw what their rejection would bring upon them and their children.

It says, "If you only knew the time of your visitation". They should have known because they have the prophetic Scriptures, but now these things are hidden from you and now armies will come and they will set their sitch and trench around you. They won't spare. And he's not talking just about A.D. 70 when the Romans came, they destroyed Jerusalem. I believe prophetically, he saw the sufferings, all right, of the Jewish people in the future. And he says, "How I wish I would have gathered you under my wings and you would not".

Remember this, God loves Israel and see the heart, he's not just crying tears, all right, it is literally sobbing, you know body shaking sobbing over Israel, how his heart broke over Israel. And then he told Israel this, "Your house is now left to you desolate. It's not more the house of God. It is your house. It's left to you desolate". And then he went into the temple and the first thing he did was to cleanse the temple, amen. "Make not my Father's house a house of merchandise", and they came down there. Their heart is not for God anymore. They're just there to make money. And then Jesus cleansed them and cleansed the temple and drove them out.

Now, let me tell you this, a weak person cannot do that. You cannot separate people from their money. It takes a strong person to do that. And Jesus, you know, Jesus made a scourge and he drove them all out single-handedly. It all happened this week, okay? He rode in on the tenth of Nisan, by the way, I studied the tenth of Nisan, I just found out yesterday. I was just intrigued by the tenth of Nisan and I studied, you know when Joshua and his man crossed the River Jordan? Tenth of Nisan.

And that's why now in Israel the Jordan River is overflowing because the Bible says of Joshua that the Jordan river overflows its banks during harvest time. It's harvest time, amen? But back then, the river was much larger. They have diverted a lot of water from River Jordan, so even now it's still overflowing but it's not as large as Joshua's time. God did a miracle and they went on as on dry ground. You listening, people, amen? So, it's the first time after 40 years they stepped foot on Israel ground, the ground that was promised them, amen. Moses just died. He didn't make it to the Promised Land, but he didn't make it to the mountain of the Promised Land Mount Hermon where he was, where Jesus was transfigured. He was there.

So, don't pity Moses so much. Anyway, back to the Palm Sunday, the people were worshiping him and all that. You know most people will be flattered and all that, but his heart is for Israel. He's independent of flattery. One mark of a mature person is that he's independent of flattery. You don't see flattery changing his view. Sometimes I see a mutual admiration society. This person introduced me. This person is praising me up and down and I'm thinking to myself, I'm not that good yeah.

You know, it's like the guy is after, I feel like thinking, well, what is this guy after, you know? I'm not the kind of person that "Whoa, whoa, so true, so true". I always think, what is this guy after, you know? I mean compliment is one thing but you start flattering, something else, amen? Don't allow yourself to be flattered into good opinion of people, but never allow yourself also on the other hand to be criticized, all right, into bitterness towards the person. It still shows you're affected by person, amen? Learn to be independent and get your esteem from the Lord. And all the people said, aha. Okay, the amen can be stronger, all right, aha?

"Come on, preach it, Pastor Prince". Here's where you say, "Preach it, Pastor Prince, come on, come on. Preach it, Pastor Prince, come on. Come on, pastor". My mother-in-law is here, come on. I want her to know I'm not criticized to the point of having a bitter heart towards her no more, amen. So, don't be affected by people if you can, amen? Praise the Lord. Don't let their flattery throw you off and then you start doing things for them or you don't see what they're trying to do, amen? Jesus is not moved by flattery, or censure, or rebuke, amen, he's independent of that. Riding on a donkey can cry in the midst of people praising you, celebrating you.

Some of you, when you cry, you cannot cry. "Maybe I'll cry later. Pastor Prince, cannot come out, my teardrop". All right, do the drama one, "my memory". Then the tear drops slowly, you know? I know nowadays no more that kind of song, but I don't know what they have nowadays. Anyway, praise the Lord. So, he rode in and it was for four days, four days in the temple, he was being interrogated. They came to him and say, "By what authority do you do these thing, you know, cleansing the temple? By what authority do you do these things"? Jesus stood up and Jesus says to them, "You know I will answer you. I will answer you. You tell me by what authority did John the Baptist, Jesus's forerunner, his authority, did he come from God or from man"?

The Pharisees says, "Let us discuss first". So, they discuss. "If we say that John is from God, he will say, why don't you believe him? 'Cause John says he is the lamb of God. Jesus is the lamb of God. But if we say that he's not from God, from man, a lot of John's disciples are there and they won't vote for us anymore or they will come against us. So, you know what? We don't know. We don't have the answer to that". Then Jesus says, "Neither do I tell you by what authority I do these things".

So, they were examining the lamb. So, when you first receive the lamb, the lamb will be examined okay, in the house of Israel. Exodus 12, the first institution of the Passover God says, the lamb, take a lamb on the tenth day of Nisan. It will be killed on the 14th, but on the tenth day of Nisan, take a lamb of one-year-old and then, it's a very cute lamb, by the way. It's not a sheep, it's a lamb. Imagine a lambing conquered, not a sheep. Jesus is not introduced as a sheep, introduced as a lamb. We are sheep, right, mature. God calls us sheep, right? And yet, all we like sheep gone astray. We didn't go astray as lambs. Don't think just because you are, you have grown somewhat in the Christian life, all right, you cannot go astray. All we like sheep, not like lambs, has gone astray, amen?

So, when they prepare that lamb in the house, of course, the children grows, you know, they will grow attached and to the lamb and they will love the lamb, am I right? It's a very adorable lamb, lamb of the first year, amen? It's very cuddly, it's very beautiful. But then listen carefully, they only have to keep the lamb for four days, five days, all right? Then if they count the days, what are they doing with the lamb? They're examining the lamb as the lamb leaves with them, they're examining the lamb for blemishes.

So, the same thing happened in the five days that Jesus was in the temple. He rode in this week, right? This Sunday, today. And then this week is Good Friday. He'll be crucified end of this week, but then what happened? The four days here. Tomorrow is tenth of Nisan. By the way on the Hebrew calendar, tomorrow is tenth of Nisan, okay? And by the way, it starts this evening. And for four days, he was being asked by the Pharisees, by the Sadducees, and then all kinds of questions. Finally commenting on one question in one day during that week and the question was the deity of Jesus.

Jesus asked them, "Who do you think of Jesus"? That's a good question to ask your friends. "Who do you think of Jesus"? All right, don't argue about anything just, "Who do you think of Jesus? Who do you think Jesus is"? Jesus asked them the questions, "Who do you think Christ is"? This was the last thing that they confronted him with because the Bible says right at the end, they asked him no more question. In fact the Bible said like this, they dare not ask him anymore questions.

So, this was the last thing that ended everything. He says, "Who do you think of Christ"? Then they look at him. He says that he's David's son, right, or the son of David. Then Jesus is saying to them, is correcting their idea that the Messiah is just a man but he's also God. Then Jesus says, "Then why did David". If he is a descendant of David, the father is always greater, right? Your grandfather is greater than you in a sense. Am I right, all right? In terms of status, right? He says that, "why did David call the Messiah that came from his line, why did he call Messiah my Lord"? "The Lord said to my Lord," David said, "sit on my right hand. The Lord said to my Lord, sit on my right hand".

David says of Jesus, "the Lord said to my Lord". He calls the Messiah, how come he's the son of David but David call him Lord? They knew he's referring to deity just like when he says, "Before Abraham was, I am" they picked up stones to stone him. They knew you don't understand, they understand. He's claiming he's God. When Moses asked the question, "What is your name at the burning bush"? God says, "I Am". Same name, "I Am," not I will be, not I was, "I Am. I Am that I Am". It's a blank check. "I'm whatever you need me to be". The lady in the testimony needed healing, "I am your healer". Can I have a good amen? Like a bit louder amen, amen. Like a wake-me-up amen.

Okay, good. If you are single and you're looking for a man, a loud one, okay? Different meaning, okay? This amen is from the word, the Hebrew word for faith. You know that? Amen is the first word that it says Abraham believed in the Lord. Abraham amened the Lord in the Hebrew. Believe is amen, faith. You say amen it's amen. By the way, Jesus's name, this thing says he the amen, the faithful and true. He's called the amen. Praise the Lord. And he's the man, hallelujah.

So, we see Jesus being examined. The Bible says when they asked him that question, they cannot answer him and no man dare just ask him anymore question from then on, okay? Exodus 12, "Now the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying, 'This month shall be your beginning of months; it shall be the first month of the year to you.'" Now, nine plagues have come and gone.

Today, as we look at our world, all these things are prophetic. When you look at these things, you think, okay, you know, it happened and it happened at a time in their life that even Jewish people all over the world, and I was celebrating this in the Jewish home, a precious, precious Jewish celebration that, in fact, it's the greatest of all their celebrations in the year. And it is a story that happened of their deliverance from Egypt. But don't forget, before this, nine plagues have come and gone. All these nine plagues speaks of the seasons of the end times that we live in.

You know what is the ninth plague, the last one, ninth plague before the tenth one? Tenth one is a Passover night. You know what's the ninth plague, the ninth one, number nine? You know what is it? Someone talk to me. The ninth one. What was it? Very good. Someone is not in darkness about this. Darkness, darkness. And the Bible says in Exodus 10, God said to Moses, "I'll bring yet one more plague". It's the last plague and God says to Moses, and Pharaoh has been hardening his heart, hardening his heart, hardening his heart and keep on changing his mind. And the more you harden your heart, the harder your heart becomes. How many understand that, okay?

And then the Lord says, "The last plague will be a darkness that can be felt". Literally the words are there, "That can be felt". So, the darkness came, but this is beautiful. It speaks of our time. How many can say amen that darkness is covering the earth? It's like people do not know their way around, my goodness, you know things that are so basic, it's no more basic. Things that are common sense is no more common sense, amen? In terms of basic morality, you know, right has become wrong, and wrong has become right. I mean, the values, the systems, the thinking, it's dark time in the earth. And we think we are progressing. We think we are modernizing when actually we are going back to where it was during the time of Noah's flood, amen. Are you listening, people?

And it's getting dark. The Bible says one of the signs is the questioning authority, rebelling against authority. Everyone is in authority to themselves and this is what, you know, I mean social media. I'm not against social media, but all depends. If someone is rebellious takes social media, it becomes a tool of rebellion, amen? There's no more respect for authority, no respect for police. 90% of the time in movies, police are looked upon as cannot think. It takes a criminal to think for them. Criminals are now exalted. Judas is being excused right now. Judas is a hero to many people now. You know, it's like the whole thing becomes so duh? And common sense is gone. It's no more common sense. It's just nonsense. It's sad. It's a time of darkness. But you know something?

Show them Exodus 10, in this time of darkness, the people of the world did not see one another, nor did anyone rise from his place for three days, but all the children of Israel, God's people, had light in their dwellings. So, while it's true prophetically we're a season of dark season, right? Am I right? And before the ushering of the lamb. And by the way, in the Book of Revelation his title there again is the lamb, most predominant title there, the lamb. The lamb stood in the middle of the throne, which means God is coming back again, culminating everything with the Passover lamb, amen. So, we are now just before the return of Jesus.

So, it's the time of darkness, terrible darkness. But the Bible says the darkness will cover the earth and gross darkness the people. But the Lord will arise upon you and his brightness will be seen. His glory will be seen upon you. And all the children of Israel had light in their dwellings. Now, this is supernatural light in your family life, supernatural light in your household. It is supernatural because if it's leaked by, you know, oil lamp and all that, then the Egyptians also have access to all these things. Obviously, they can strike two flint rocks together, no sparks during that time. They light something, no fire but there's supernatural light in your dwelling.

In these last days, people, listen, the devil wants to attack your family life, wants to attack the values of your children, amen. He wants your children, you know, when your child is born, all right, she's a girl, amen. But don't say anything, let her just develop. She want to be a girl, be a girl. Want to be a boy, be a boy. No, you are the father. All right, God expect you to tell the girl, "You're a girl". A girl, you know, it's so wonderful to be a girl. The mother can say it's a beautiful thing to be a girl. For a boy, you're a boy. "Son, you're a boy and a boy is tough. Don't worry about it".

You know, toughness by the way, is not something that is not abusing your child. Kids, rough it out. Parents, allow them to rough it out a bit. Allow them to have a bit of letting off steam. They are boys, all right? Not rebellious, not rude, all right, but letting off steam. Boys must be boys. Jesus wasn't like making a scourge and then saying, "Barnabas, do it, all right? I don't know how do it. All right, Judas, drive them out". No, Jesus himself make the scourge. Imagine only a calm person. If you are very angry, see, "Was he badtempered, Pastor Prince, when he drove them out"? Do you find the word "anger"? You don't find that. He made a scourge slowly as he looked at them. That means someone is cool. There's no written account that Jesus was angry, but he drove them out.

Now, I assume he was angry and anger is not always bad. When you are angry at injustice that is holy. When you're angry at things, people bullying others and all that, this is from God. Are you listening? He drove them out. Now, he didn't take the little, you know, rod and then he goes there and say, "Hey, please take this and leave, huh? Can or not? Can or not? Can ah, please, lah, not nice lah," like that. You know, by the way we think our parents will talk. "Can or not, tomorrow can or not? Maybe next week, can or not"? No, the Bible says he overthrew the moneychangers' table. Say, "Bring these things out, this is my Father's house. Make not my Father house a house of merchandise," amen. He drove them all out. Are you listening, people?

That's Jesus, so allow your child to be a bit tough. Teach them. They get their identity from you, not from these people. Don't let celebrities raise your children, amen? And don't surrender your children's spiritual education, that's most important, their natural education, because spiritual wisdom gives birth to all kinds of knowledge. All right, I can preach to you on that, all right?

Wisdom from God is the mother of all knowledge, and that's why Christianity started schools all over the world. You look at what is happening around the world. They want to influence your children. They want your children, but gotta have light in your dwellings, people. God is gonna do that, amen? Don't allow your kids to get by with murder. If they say that, "Everyone is doing it". "Thank God you are special". Tell them, "You are special". Want to call it sanctified, holy, whatever, that's the meaning, "You're uncommon. You're not like the people of the world, amen. They want you to be like them because like stones are common, diamonds are not," amen?

Tell your children that, amen. Praise God. When they are still young and they don't feel like going to church, they are going. "But I'm scared they will hate church". No, they won't. In fact, they'll hate you if one day they're in prison and they say, "You never stopped me. You never say anything against". That's the time they will remember. You don't really bother about that but if you care about them, you will say something. And they are still under your roof, you tell them you're going to church, right, amen?

"No, I talk to them, pastor". But now they want to play with, you know, toys and all that, sometimes the toys you can't even tell guys' toys, girls' toys, it's okay, nothing wrong. I'm not against that, but identity comes from the parents, not from celebrities, not from social media, okay? Okay, don't take my time. All right, light in their dwellings, light in their dwellings. Are y'all listening, people?

Now, so right after Exodus 10 is Exodus 11, and God said something very profound in Exodus 11. God said this in Exodus 11, turn to the next chapter. So, we have the ninth plague before the final plague, all right, the death of the firstborn. And God says to Moses, "I'll bring one more plague on Pharaoh and on Egypt. Afterwards he will let you go from here. Speak now in the hearing of the people". Now, the Passover's over institution was spoken for the first time in Exodus 12, the entire thing in detail. This is Exodus 11 but referring to this God said, "I'll bring one more plague".

You thought he's gonna talk about the Passover, right? But no, look at what he says. "Afterwards he let you go from here. When he lets you go," talking about the final plague, "he will surely drive you out of here altogether. Speak now in the hearing of the people, let every man ask from his neighbor and every woman from her neighbor, articles of silver and articles of gold". Verse 3, "And the Lord gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians. Moreover the man Moses was very great in the land of Egypt, in the sight of Pharaoh's servants and in the people's sight".

Look up here, people. Again, in the time of darkness, God's people have light in their dwellings, and not just that, people, during this time, it seems like God is talking about transfer of wealth, seems like. Now, am I reading into things, or am I telling you the timing is all the same? And what is our timing now? Are we in the early part of the church history, the church life? No. Are we at the end of it? Yes. Are we at the place where in the Book of Revelation they say two bodies are lying in the streets of Jerusalem and every nation, every tongue, can see the bodies? And hundred years ago, or maybe even less than a hundred years ago, people will just laugh at that and say, "Nonsense," amen?

Now nobody is laughing at the Book of Revelation when he mentions that. The Bible is always more modern than your head. And what we call modern is actually regression because you look back, rebellion and all that is all there. You know, let me just tell you this, when I see people taking care of police people, authorities and all that, whether it's on TV and all that, you know, I cringe on the inside what our children are watching. Police people are always there to hinder your joy. They are problem makers and they always, you know, they're always out to get you. Or even the government, the way we speak about the government, the way we talk about the government in front of your children.

The Spirit of the world has come into the church. The way we speak about your parents. There are kids calling their parents by name. I cannot understand that unless you're in a drama, you know, kin or something like that. But calling their parents by name, you don't allow that. The Bible says a boy called Abijam grew up, want to usurp his father's throne. Sorry, Abijam, and he wanted usurp his father's throne. And the Bible says he was a handsome young man. His brother was Absalom. The Bible says his father never rebuked him at anytime. The father never rebuked him at anytime.

You know, grace-based parenting doesn't mean there's no discipline. Even God disciplines us, and we thank you God. We feel loved, don't we, after we are disciplined. Don't we feel loved? Wah, God really loves me, man. God really loves me. Kids that are not disciplined, they don't feel loved. Now, I'm not saying abusing. I'm not talking about punishing. I'm talking about disciplining, and there are many ways to discipline. You discipline according to the order of the crime, all right, to the sin or whatever. But don't let anyone tell you that discipline is not love. No, no, no, discipline is love. In fact, if you love, you will discipline. My wife disciplines me all the time, amen. She loves me, amen. No, I'm just teasing. I'm just teasing. I can say all kind of things because she's not here. She come for the second service.

All right, so look at what happened on the day itself, on the next day. In fact, God mentioned about the Passover in Exodus 12 from verses 1 all the way down. But let's jump over the Passover for a while and see what happened to this. Was it fulfilled on that same night? No, the children of Israel had done according to the Word of Moses. "They had asked from the Egyptians articles of silver articles of gold and clothing, and the Lord had given the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians so that they granted them what they requested". They planted the Egyptians.

Look up here. If you think that there is wow, it's not fair, you know, they have favor on them. Listen carefully, these are for years and years and years and years of labor without pay. Should put interest down there also. They are just getting their salary back. Are you listening? Have you been cheated? Have you been robbed? Have you been manipulated into making investment or whatever and then you find that, you know, let me just tell you this, child of God, you know be very wise. Be very wise, you know? God's way is always, he that gathers by labor shall increase. Anything get rich kick one, all right, always should have the red light in your spirit.

The Bible says, "He that hasteth to be rich has an evil eye". The book of wisdom says, the Book of Proverbs. "He that hasteth to be rich has an evil eye. He that gathers by labor shall increase. The sleep of a laboring man is sweet". I love all these verses. "He that is diligent maketh rich". God's ways is labor, amen? Are you listening? And then with the blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich and adds no sorrow with it, praise the Lord. And then God's way is tithing, amen, Abraham tithed to Melchizedek who is our high priest today at the Father's right hand. And tithing, the word "rich" is in the word tithe. The Hebrew word rich, aser is in maaser, the word "tithe". So, God's secret is tithing, gathering by labor and increasing, amen?

Never get-rich-quick scheme. Be careful of that. Are you listening, people? So, this transfer is legal. God gave them favor. They're getting back their backpay, amen, with interest down through the years, amen? Some of their parents are no longer around the slaves. They were slaves slaving for them for all those many years and never received anything. Now, in one night, everything came back. And what season is it in the world? A time of darkness. What season is it, people? Light in the house of God's people, amen? What season is it? A transfer is gonna happen. Now, you check, you know, don't just listen to your pastor. You check the season what I'm saying. Is this, is this from God's Word, amen?

So, let's go to the next chapter, beginning of this chapter 12 and let's look at what God said. "Now the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying, 'This month shall be your beginning of months; it shall be the first month of the year to you. Speak to all the congregation of Israel, saying: 'On the tenth of this month,'" Nisan, which is actually this evening, tenth of Nisan. "Every man shall take for himself a lamb, according to the house of his father, a lamb for a household". Say, "a lamb". All right, this month, God says, shall be the beginning of months for you.

Now, you must understand one thing, actually all the while, their calendar starts with Rosh Hashanah, literally it does, right? Their calendar starts with like the new year. You know what's their new year? Not in April, not in the month of Nisan. It is in the usually September, Rosh Hashanah. That's their new year, that's their new year, by the way. Oh, by the way, I was checking, you know, like last year was 5778. This year, which is their new year is 5779, do you know that, 5779. Now, 57 just means the year, all right? It's the 78 that has meaning, 79 that has meaning. This year is 79. Seven is the letter, 79, 70 is the letter ein, which is the eye. Nine is tet, the letter in the Hebrew alphabet is tet, and the picture of tet is snake. Ein, the value of ein is 70, tet is nine, 79, which is this year.

See the snake, that saying see the snake I guess is a lot of darkness around, a lot of evil things gonna happen and we will see it. Then God said to me, "No son, the world will see the snake doing all kinds of things and they won't even know it's the snake. You will see the snake on the cross, the bronze serpent," amen? Light in our dwellings, people, light in our dwellings. Can I have a good amen? Okay, back to this anyway, that was free. "This month shall be the beginning of months". So, they're supposed to start in Rosh Hashanah which is actually the seventh month from Nisan but instead of that, all right, God is changing their new year. God says, "From now on your new year will be".

By the way, they still celebrate Rosh Hashanah, okay, there's a civil calendar but their spiritual calendar starts with Nisan, right? We don't argue when they're supposed to start their new year, just let you know that they have two calendars like the Chinese. Some people celebrate two birthdays, so good, huh? Forget about getting two gifts from me, only one, amen? "Pastor, you don't give me anything also". Hey, the Word is the best thing I can give you, amen? Praise God. Hey, you're learning, you're learning fast, not bad. Halfway during the sermon and you learn, okay? "This month shall be the beginning of months".

I want to prophesy to you. Would you take a Word of prophecy from me? After all this the same pastor who said to God when God told him, all right, "Lord, what year shall this be"? He said, "The year of the latter rain". I said, "Uh-huh". And my heart was thinking to myself, "Israel is in the five-year drought, no rains. Five year drought and now you tell me year of the latter rain, anymore"? I asked the Lord, "Any other theme"? "Latter rain, just latter rain". I said, "If this year the rains don't come, they will think that I'm a false prophet". And the Lord says, "So, it's your reputation"? "Okay Lord, your glory, I will say it".

It's very easy, some of you follow people who call themselves prophet. I'm not a prophet. I told y'all before, I'm a pastor, all right? Don't call me a prophet. There are those who are prophet, they even dress like prophet. You see them on YouTube and all that, they are featuring people for free, all right? Tell me what they did prophesy that came to pass? Do they have a history of saying things he's that has come to pass? Those of you who've been in our church for sometime, you know, I'm not saying this to brag on myself. I'm just telling you, all right, because I'm jealous over you that you don't get full by people who are after your money, amen?

You know, some Christians get excited about Israel and all kinds of people come, invest in this, invest in that, invest in this. No friend, the best advice is to ask the church. We know about all these organizations. We know about all these places in Israel and I can tell you, some organization are anti-Jesus. Be careful, amen. They know how to present in front of you but some of them really needs help. Some messianic places, they need the schools to be built. They need a truck. Come to your church, don't do it independently. We have done our research.

So, when I mentioned the year of the latter rain, okay? Right now, want the latest news right now? Show them the, look at this, they use the word "biblical proportion," filling up. This is one of the latest news came from Pastor Benjamin who sent it to me. Friend, it is amazing. This rain officially has broken, just the Lake of Galilee, this is on the third of April. Increased by 12 inches over the last four days. Look up here. When I was there, I've been seen rain so abundant. Last month when the pastors and I were there, we were stuck in the museum and found out that thousands of people were stuck also in the museum. Everybody had to study whatever is in the museum.

The rains were not just falling, they were pelting you. It was painful to be caught in the rain. It was really heavy, but we were rejoicing because, you know, I was rejoicing. I felt more relief because no more stones on a false prophet or whatever, you know? But let me tell you this, church, it's easy to talk about something and prophesy after it happens. A lot of people do that and some of these people that you follow, amen, tell them to give you the Word before it happens. Your pastor has to stand in one of the larger churches in Singapore with ministry that goes to millions potentially through the social media and through the TV and all that and yet, when he says something, everyone gets it in the same day. If it's a false prophet, everybody will know. Thank God the rains came, right? So, God has been faithful.

So, if I stand right, I said all that, to Jesus be all the praise and glory. I'm not asking y'all to acknowledge. It's not me, it's the Lord. All right, I just have to be obedient on what the Lord, so, if I tell you right now, this is from the Lord, forget what has happened in the past. This month shall be your beginning of months. There's a new beginning. There's a new beginning, all right? You might have made some stupid mistake, you might have made some foolish decisions, all right, you might have done something that you feel like kicking yourself on but let me tell you this, forget the past. The Word of the Lord is it's a new beginning now and prophetically I feel like there's not many Passovers anymore to go.

You know, I feel like, you know, it doesn't happen this year. You know, I just know that we are in the end times. Israel is back as a nation after 2,000 years of exile, amen, they're back as a nation. The world thought they were dead. No, God resurrected them. Isaiah says, "Shall a nation be born in one day"? And it happened 1948, they came back in one day. On May 15, 1948, they came back as nation, 15 years, number 15, number of rest. Number, 15 years after that, May 15, 1963 a boy was born to preach on rest. We are truly in the end times, all right? Not just my birth, your birth. We're all assigned for a time like this. You were brought into the kingdom for such a time as this.

I shared with the leaders recently about predestination, about the calling, even Paul was called from his mother's womb. Your calling is from your mother's womb and yet he thought, so he has a zeal for God. He does not know why he want to serve God, but he served God the wrong way. He was driving Christians away from their homes into the dungeon, into jails. He even went out of Israel to find them in Damascus when the Lord met him. He was there consenting to the first martyr of the church death, which is Stephen. He was there. He could have stopped it. He had some authority. He became a Pharisee of Pharisees, but yet, there's something in him, a zeal, a passion for something and therein lies your call. For this reason you were born, amen, don't waste it, don't waste it.

And you know what? Do what you love and the money will follow. Don't always get stuck doing something that you don't like, amen, pray to God and, you know, let me just tell you this, you know, God will fulfill your potential, amen. Come back to the creator. He knows how he made you. Ask him, "Lord, why do you make me, Lord"? He will tell you, amen. And your place of assignment is also your place of blessing, of ease, supernatural ease, of abundance. Some of you, you know, you're not looking deep down and saying, "What do I really want to do? What is my passion"? Now, if deep down your heart say, "I want to be free, I want to be", I want to break free, From my marriage and all that, that's Satan, that's not God, all right? It's not from God, okay, okay?

Peter asked Ananias, "Why did Satan fill your heart"? So, Satan can give a thought in the heart but then the Bible says, Nehemiah says, "God put in my heart to organize the people together". God can put in your heart, Satan can put a thought in your head. Usually God's thoughts are deeper. The one is more like lusts, and desires, and things like that, more superficial, you can tell. You can learn to discern. But deep down, that's where the Spirit speaks because when you and God are so intimate, you are joined, you're one spirit with the Lord, you know that? And that's where God whispers, God doesn't shout, but the devil will scream temptations and trying to draw you.

That's why when you are through doing your temptation thing, when you are through, when sin brings forth death in your final, you get up with this feeling of empty, amen? Pleasures of sin for a season, it's not worth it. Sin will cost you more than you want to pay, let me tell you this. And sometimes the payment still goes on, you know? "But I thought God forgive me". God didn't send you those payments. It is a nature of sin. God has forgiven you but punishment, some punishment of that sin, sin comes with it own punishment like fire comes with its own burn. Do you understand? You cannot separate the two and the pain goes on sometimes, especially, especially marital infidelity. The pain can go on for a long, long time. The distrust can go on for a long time.

"Pastor"? Yes. "Just preach on Passover". Okay. "This month shall be your beginning of months. It shall be the first month of the year to you". I'm not in a hurry to finish, all right? So, notice on the tenth of this month, which is exactly this evening, right, a lamb for a household, a lamb for a household. Now, it's not Passover yet. On the 14th, it's the Passover, right? Ten is the reparation, so a lamb. Say, "A lamb for a house". So, God wants the whole house saved. One lamb for the houses, amen? Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be save and your house. The greatest thing you can do for your grandparents, the greatest thing you can do for your parents, your siblings and all that who don't believe in Jesus is for you to be saved, for your light to shine, because of you, there is a big gap that's opened to heaven for God's hand to come in and bless all your loved ones because of you.

And I'll tell you one thing though, whatever it is, no matter how estranged you are with your dad and all that, when they come to know Jesus because of you in heaven, the gratefulness is eternal 'cause nothing else matters. Money, they fight over money, siblings fight over money, you know? In heaven, they walk on streets of gold. This is what God thinks of gold in heaven, the way we think of tar, asphalt, for our road works. "Speak to all of them, a lamb for a house. Believe on the Lord Jesus. You shall be saved and your house". Verse 4, "And if the household is too small for the lamb". It is never the house is too big for the lamb. Jesus is greater than all our needs.

You don't read, "The lamb is too small". Somehow the instruction here is if the household is too small, let him and his neighbor take, next to his house, take it according to number bringing your friends, amen? "According to each man's need you shall make your count for the lamb". Now, first of all, go back to verse 3, that is a lamb. Say, "A lamb". That's how we get to know Jesus. First of all we just see him, okay, he's the lamb, a lamb, there are many lambs, just a lamb. Next verse, it is now the lamb, verse 4, the last word. Make your count for the lamb.

"The" in English language is definite article, one and only, the, okay? We get to know he's the only one. "Then your lamb," your lamb is now the lamb. A lamb is no longer a lamb, it's the lamb and the lamb has become your lamb. Is he your lamb? Amen, "Shall be without blemish, a male of the first year. You may take it from the sheep or from the goats". So, during these four days until the 14th of Nisan, all right, five days actually, they actually examined the lamb. They examine the lamb to make sure there's no blemish because it won't be fit, why? It's a picture of Jesus Christ. He has no blemish. The Bible says in him is no sin, amen, inherently no sin. He did no sin. Never did any sinful action, never performed or did any sin. He knew no sin, amazing. In every dimension, he is sinless, amen.

Verse 6, now you keep it until the 14th day, and y'all know the story. I won't continue it because you all know it, now, I just want to share before closing what I have on my heart, especially the part where it says God here mentions specially we don't emphasize. God says there'll be a transfer, right, in the same night.

Now this is very interesting, wow. In fact, God said that to Abraham. Abraham brought Isaac, Isaac brought Jacob, Jacob brought his 12 sons, and then they went to bondage in Israel, right? So Abraham, long before the first person God spoke this promise and this is what God prophesied to Abraham after he gave tithe to Melchizedek and Melchizedek blessed him with the bread and the wine. The very next chapter, and I believe strongly the key is here, God in Genesis 15, God said to Abraham. "Know certainly your descendants will be strangers in a land that's not theirs, and will serve them and they will afflict them four hundred years".

There were 400 years of backpay, you know, came to them in one night. "Also the nation whom they served, I will judge. Afterwards, they shall come out with great possessions". So, it was God himself who said, when they come out, referring to the Exodus from Egypt, on that night when they come out, God says, "They'll come out with great possessions". They won't come out poor. They'll come out rich. Did you hear that? I believe we're gonna get
raptured rich.

Now, here is where the fear of preaching this comes in. They go, "Oh, you health and wealth people. Health and wealth gospel". Number one, hello, health and wealth is not the gospel, wrong, okay? Gospel of grace, gospel of grace. But even in the early church in Acts 4, you look at the early church. "With great power, the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus". What do you think happened there? Miracles of health, miracles of healing. Would you think so, a great part of it, great power? Come on, miracles of healing, we see that all the time, amen? Casting out devils, depression, released from people, amen? And great grace was upon them all. It's a church that preaches great grace, isn't it? And we preach it greatly don't we, amen? Nor was there anyone among them who lacked.

So, the early church was like that, amen. People came, they sold, you know, whatever it is, properties and all that. That's why Ananias and Sapphira, they won't park themselves in a church that is poor, all right, a church that is abundantly supplied. Listen, look up here. You always find in the social media things like that, you know, your pastor is a wizard. He's a heretic, you know? He is the health and wealth gospel, that kind of thing. I really don't care what they say about me, you know? I know that you know God's Word. I'll show you exactly, did I say that, did I put things in God's mouth or God said, "On this night, they will come out with great wealth, great possessions"? Amen, did I?

Okay, let's go on. Let's not worry about people. Let's preach the truth 'cause some of you need this because whatever you have light on, you can believe God for and when you believe God, the area of supply will flow in, amen? It's a new beginning. It's a new beginning. There's a spirit of intimidation on the church. "Don't preach health, don't preach healing, don't preach". By the same token, don't preach healing, don't preach prosperity.

Now, we don't believe in prospering for your own selfish, greedy, self-aggrandizement, we're not talking about that. We're talking about being a blessing, amen, being a supply, not a dead sea, receiving and never giving out. Being the Sea of Galilee, teaming with fish, amen. But supply must come in for supply to go out, amen. Be a blessing, praise the Lord. The land flowing, not the land of milk of honey but the land flowing, idea of abundance. The promise is there's a transfer gonna happen. When will it happen? It seems to indicate after the darkness, in the final plague. God says, "When I see the blood, I'll pass over you that night," right? It's the blood of Jesus that saves us.

But something else happened that night. That's why they came out. Psalms 105, Psalms 105 says he brought them out with silver and gold, and there was none feeble among his tribes. Y'all know I always emphasize there was none feeble among his tribes. We take Communion. Today it's a form of, like the Lord's supper is a form of Passover. It was first instituted on the night of the Passover, the Seder meal, amen, they partook of it. And notice when they came out, none feeble. But don't forget the first line. It seems like the spirit of intimidation don't want us to read the first line, amen?

But let's break it off us in Jesus's name. It brought them out with stones and pebbles. It brought them out with merely enough clothing for their backs. No, brought them out with silver and gold. You don't understand about silver and gold, ask your wife. "Dear, that's the one you never get me. Not zirconia, silver and gold". So, now like it or not, when you look at this verse, you want to accuse God of saying, "Wealth and health, up to you". All right, but here it's very clear, it's gonna happen in the last days. And I believe one of the ways it happens, Proverbs 13 real quick. Proverbs 13, "A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children, but the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous".

The wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous, stored up for the righteous. Do you know that sinners are working really hard, over time and all that, but they're storing it up for the righteous, amen? Frustrating, right, if you are not on the right side. Solomon says it Ecclesiastes 2, "God gives wisdom and knowledge, joy to a man who is good in his sight". You better know you are good in his sight. You are in Christ, how good can that be, amen? But to the sinner, he gives the work. The sinner, the sinner has to work. They have a ministry from God, amen? "To the sinner, he gives the work of gathering and collecting, that he may give to him who is good before God". This is frustrating. This is vanity and grasping for the wind for them.

Proverbs 18, is it 18? Twenty-eight, yes. I recover real fast. "One who increases his possessions by usury," that's interest, all right, "and extortion will gather it for him who will pity the poor". I pity the poor. I pity the poor. Do you pity the poor? Then people are, there are a lot of people out there when you admire them on social media, wah, you know, and envy starts, eyes off Jesus, feeling like you born in wrong time, wrong family, wrong place, you know? That's what it does. If you know you don't watch it, the first thing you grab is a Facebook, all right, some good, some bad, some good. It's the knowledge of good and evil.

You're feeding from the wrong tree and you're wondering why you are depressed, why you are fearful. You're feeding off the wrong tree, bro. In the day you eat of it, you shall surely die, and you're experiencing death. It's not just the knowledge of evil. You know you look at it, knowledge of good and evil, amen? I didn't say Facebook is evil. I didn't say that. All right, don't do things to me, okay, all right, amen? Because I don't want God to do things to you. The thing is that Facebook is just neutral, right? But the knowledge that's in it, not just Facebook, social media, whatever it is, the knowledge that's put on there is both good and evil, right? But God didn't tell us to live by it. It's deadly, knowledge of good and evil, knowledge of good will kill you as fast as knowledge of evil. Feed on Christ. Feed on Christ, amen?

I told you just now that what impacted me a few days ago at the Passover meal, the Seder was that I finally got to see the... I don't know it was there all the time in the other Passover meals that I attended, but this time around for some reason, the ambassador talked about it, the rabbi talked about it, there is a what do you call matzah bread, matzah tosh, they call it, which is a linen cloth that has three compartments in it. Very interesting because all over the world, the Jewish people have been practicing this for years. It is not in Exodus 12. I don't know where they got it from but listen carefully, out of this three bread, there are three compartments, each one as one piece of bread, matzah bread, you know what they do?

They say that and the rabbi says we take the middle one out, the middle one out of the three and the middle one is broken. And then this middle one, this piece is put in linen cloth, and they took him down and Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus wrapped him in linen cloth. You ask them, all right, the Jewish people explained that this is the Moses, Levites, and the priests, or the cohanim... and Israel rather, sorry, not Moses. Priests, Levites, and Israel, okay? But again, why take Levites and break? It is not that. It is the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and the second one is taken and broken and wrapped in linen cloth.

And you know what they do? It's a ritual. There's a ritual. They will keep it somewhere, and this is explained by the ambassador. She told all of us about this ritual. It's really fun for the kids because the leader will hide it somewhere. Later on, the children will have to find. They have to find. And whoever finds that piece, by the way, that piece is called Afikoman, and it's not a Hebrew word, it's a Greek word. And any kid that finds it and it's the first one to bring it to the leader of the family, right, will get a great gift. When they find Jesus because, you know what? For them, he's hidden, the Messiah is hidden. For us, he rose from the dead, amen? And those who find him gets a gift, the gift of eternal life, forgiveness of sins, amen, favor with God like God gave favor with the children of Israel, see what happened? The transfer took place.

But don't forget, the word "favor, favor, favor". The Lord gave favor. God can favor you, how does transfer gonna take place? I don't know, all right, one thing can be wealthy sinners are saved, but it will all be legal. Another thing the favor comes on, your boss just likes you. In fact, I see that as predominant. When you ask, you receive, amen? It's gonna happen in the last days. And listen, you know, it won't be illegal, it'll be perfectly legal. We don't manipulate it to happen. We let God just let it happen, all right?

Now, I'm one person whose heart is, you know, not into this kind of teaching, this kind of things. But it will be remiss for me to see it again and again from the Lord and just pretend it's not there just for the fear of being criticized. You have to check the Scriptures for yourself. There's more than one Scripture and when will all this happen? Let's close with this. Let's show them James. Now, this is the wicked rich, not righteous rich. You know, righteous rich are people like Abraham, right, people like David. They are righteous rich. Doesn't mean rich people are evil. Don't ever have that thought.

I want to bring this to a close. "Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are like coming upon you"! This is wicked rich. They are abusing the people. Later on you keep on reading, they keep back their salaries that's rightful the workers. "Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver are corroded, and their corrosion will be a witness against you and will eat your flesh like fire". Look at the last line, You have heaped treasure for when? When is the season? For the last days. Are we in the last days?

Drop down. So, again, talk about 4 and 5, how these people have robbed the reapers, right, it's a husbandry kind of society. Right, those are people who are not being paid and their cries have reached the Lord of hosts, Sabaoth. "You have lived on earth in pleasure. You have fattened your hearts for the day of slaughter". Drop down, verse 7, "Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain".

When I saw this, I was telling myself, whoa, it's gonna happen in the season of the latter rain. Cannot be early, right? 'Cause early has happened already, latter rain. Do you see that? Be patient also. "Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand". But before the Lord comes, the transfer must happen, right? When you go to heaven, shoop, you go up to heaven, right, you don't need to transfer anymore, you understand or not? You have been transferred to a place of complete prosperity, amen? For those who have problem with prosperity, they really have a big problem up there.

"God, I didn't know you were this kind of God". You know, if poverty is holy, everything in heaven is decrepit, broken down, you know, secondhand. But it's not. God doesn't want money to have you. God doesn't want money to be an idol, amen? God is saying whatever been cheated of you, it's a new beginning. Don't try to get it back through manipulation. Don't try to get it back through lying, cheating. If you have to cheat to get more money, you have to exaggerate, amen, to try to slide in. You call it a white lie, it's still a lie. That means you're not trusting God. If you have to resort to those things, you're not trusting God.

Be patient, brethren. The transfer is gonna happen. Before the Rapture, there must be this transfer. God works in patterns, that's what he did. The darkness but then encouragement for families, light in all their dwellings, and the then the lamb will come back to emphasis again. Jesus is the Lamb of God in the Book of Revelation, right? The Lamb is coming for us but before that, there must be a transfer, there must be a transfer. Can God trust you?

"Yes, Pastor Prince, God can trust me". Have you trusted God, when God give you something, have you trusted a portion to go back to him? We call it the tithe, amen? I'm not telling you to tithe. I'm just telling you God's ways because when God spoke this to Abraham, the chapter before that was Abraham tithed to Melchizedek. Then he had a dream where God says, "Your seed will come up with great possessions". And it talks about when Abraham tithed, his seed was blessed. Read Hebrews 7, how your descendants in him were blessed in the father Abraham. It's amazing, tithing affects generations, amen.

"Do I have to tithe"? You don't have to, you get to if you have a revelation, amen. This is not my message, you know? It's Passover, all right? God is my witness that one of the last things that I want to preach on is on anything to do with money. I just love to preach about Jesus and it's all Jesus, right? Can I have a good amen?

By the way, that middle bread that they break is the last bread they'll eat. The last person that will feed on Israel will be Jesus Christ. He will return for them. By the way, that bread that they hide is called Afikoman, amen, not a Hebrew word. It is a Greek word and the word actually means "I" in the aorist tense, "I have come". Think about it, they call it Afikoman. All over the world they call it Afikoman, it's actually, "I have come". A lot of people believe that this ritual goes all the way back to the early church when they practice their Passover and they included this. Isn't God amazing? Give Jesus the praise, hallelujah. All the people said?

Every head bowed, every eye closed all across this place. Friend, just give me just a moment of your time because if you walk out just at this time, you might affect those who are praying. Let's pray this prayer first. I want those of you who put your trust in Christ, remember, Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead for your justification. You are justified. When God raised Jesus from the dead, it was because you were justified. All the sins that Christ took, your sins that Christ took on that cross in his own body have all been put away. The blood of Jesus has washed you clean. You are now the blood-bought child of God and your redeemer says, "welcome home," amen. "I did all this for you".

He will see the spoils, which is actually you. You are Jesus's inheritance. Rich as he is, no one can be richer than Jesus. You are actually called God's inheritance. He loves you. To have you is to have universes and universes and Jesus himself cherishes you that he thinks that you're so worth it for him to come down, suffer at the hands of man, and die at the cross suffering at the hands of God when he became our sin, all because he loves us and God loved you and God sent him to die on the cross. And God raised him on the third day. So, friend, if you are here, you want that forgiveness of sins, you want that eternal inheritance to be yours, you want to be pronounced righteous by God, put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ right now and pray this prayer with me from your heart.

Heavenly Father, I confess with my mouth, from my heart, Jesus Christ is my Lord and I believe that all my sins that he took at the cross have all been put away, not a single vestige remains. You raised him from the dead because my sins have been put away, and I was declared non-guilty. Jesus Christ is my Savior, my redeemer. Thank you, Father, in Jesus's name, amen.

Now, you're a child of God. You're a candidate for the transfer. More than that, you're a candidate for the Rapture, amen. You are righteous, in God's eye, you are now righteous. Stand to your feet, praise the Lord. Lift your hands all across this place. This coming week, the Lord bless you and everyone that's watching this everywhere, the Lord bless you and your families with the richest blessings of father Abraham, with the blessings of Deuteronomy 28, and every blessing that the high priest pronounces over his people.

In the name of Jesus Christ, the Lord preserve you, your coming and your going out, you and your family members. The Lord preserve, protect every one of you from every danger, from every infection, from every disease, from all the power of the evil one throughout this week. The Lord causes you to see more and more, the Lord Jesus Christ, the wonders of his person, his peerless beauty and the glories of his excellencies, more and more this week by the power of the Holy Spirit. And the Lord grant to every one under the sound of my voice right now the Lord grant you and your loved ones his shalom peace and well-being. In Jesus's name, amen. God bless you. You are dismissed.
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