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2021 online sermons » Joseph Prince » Joseph Prince - Hidden Treasures From The Story Of Noah

Joseph Prince - Hidden Treasures From The Story Of Noah

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You ready for the Word? All right, church, hallelujah. Turn to your neighbor and say, "I'm excited to be in the church," hallelujah. Look at somebody else, smile and say, "I'm too blessed to be stressed. Too blessed to be stressed, amen? I want to continue our series on the life of rest. God wants you to be in rest. If you look at all the blessings of God. God obviously prizes rest because when Jesus says, "Come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laden," of all the blessings he says, "I will give you rest". The Messiah has come to give us rest.

Number one, rest in our conscience before God. When he died on the cross, all our sins are paid for, therefore we have rest in our conscience. We don't walk in no condemnation because God has gone soft on sin. God is God. God is a God who is love, but he's also just so he has to punish sin. And because Jesus was punished for our sins as the burnt offering, as the olah, as the sin offering, as the chataah, on that cross, Jesus Christ bore our sins and because God's judgment fell on the innocent lamb, therefore God knows that all of our sins have been punished. His righteousness today is on your side because God knows it's all been punished in the body of another, all right? The just died for the unjust. The righteous died for the unrighteous. So, praise be to God, our life is a life of rest in our conscience, but God wants this rest to manifest in our soul life, in our body life as well. Can I have a good amen?

So, and we look at life of Noah, Noah in Hebrew means rest. His name means rest. And isn't it wonderful that the first mention of grace in the Bible, it says, Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. Rest found grace in the eyes of the Lord. If you want grace in the eyes of the Lord, you gotta be a man or a woman of rest, amen? God said that David cannot build me a temple because David is a man of war. If you are full of internal conflict, you're full of stress, you cannot build God a house. God says your son Solomon will build me a house. Solomon means rest, peace, amen. So, only a man of rest can build God a house. We're gonna enter deeper into God's rest in the days to come. Can I have a good amen?

You know the children of Israel, they complained to God that when they were in the wilderness, God brought them out of Egypt to bring them in. God did not bring them out for them to die in the wilderness. God brought them out to bring them in. God brings you out of darkness to bring you into light. God brings you out of sickness to bring you into the health and wholeness. God brings you out of lack into a land flowing with milk and honey where you will eat from vineyards you did not plant. You will drink from wells you did not dig. You will live in houses you did not build. That speaks of Canaan as a land that is a gift, a place of rest. It's all based on the work of another, amen?

God didn't bring you out for you to wonder, wandering in the wilderness, W-O, W-A, wonder, wandering. He brought you out to bring you in, amen? But the children of Israel, they complained about longing for the leeks, garlics of Egypt. And all these are the food of the ground where you have to bend over and pick leeks, garlic, onions, you have to bend down whereas the fruit of Canaan land, God says, "I'll bring you to a land with vine, figs, grapes, pomegranates". They're all easy picking. You don't have to bend down. So, a picture of the world, the world is a place of labor. But in the blessing of God, it's a place of ease, hallelujah.

So God chose Noah because he's a man of rest and God says, "You have found grace in my eyes". And these sons of God is not like you and I, it is the angels that have fallen, the Nephilim, all right? The angels, the freaks that came out of the union of angels, fallen angels, with women. And the whole reason is to corrupt the seed from which the Messiah would come, the Savior, the dragon slayer would come because the devil heard the prophecy in Eden that he will crush your head. You will crush his heel. So, from then on, the devil tried to pollute the seed that will come from the woman. Hence, the devil tried to destroy the seed time and time again, all the way down from Cain and Abel, he tried to destroy Abel. After that, he didn't succeed, he tried to destroy Abraham's seed, try to corrupt Sarah. He didn't succeed. The devil stopped Sarah from bearing for a long time, amen? And not only that, he tried to come against the nation of Israel when he realized the Messiah will come from Israel.

So hence, the devil has been trying his best to stop the seed from coming. Did he succeed? No, he failed and he failed miserably. And therefore in the Book of Jude, it tells us "The angels who did not keep their proper domain, they took on human form. They didn't keep their proper domain. They left their own abode, God has reserved in everlasting chains under darkness for the judgment of the great day". Listen carefully. There are still demons around, you can see them, all right? And they are part of the fallen angels, but the angels that took on human form to cohabit with the women, they are now in chains so ladies, breathe.

Don't worry. These demons are no more around. They are bound in chains and if that is not enough in Peter, 2 Peter it says, "God did not spare the angels who sin, but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved for judgment; and did not spare the ancient world, but saved Noah". So, the context of these angels that are abound is during the time of Noah. Okay, church, got it? In other words, after hundreds of years, the whole world at one time was so polluted with Nephilim, half human, half demons. And this is where the Greek mythology got all these giants and all that.

And the Bible says the whole world, after hundreds of years, they were all polluted. Human beings had this Nephilim genes in their veins. And finally only Noah and his family was purely human. So, God decided to save the human race. So God preserved them in a ship called the ark, hallelujah. I want to share with you on the ark. Now you understand the reason for the flood. The flood is not to destroy just all men. There were men who looked like giants and there were also men who looked like human beings but in their blood, there is Nephilim blood. They are tainted. When God looked at Noah and God says, "You have I seen righteous, you have I seen perfect".

Actually the word there is Noah was perfect in his generation. The Hebrew word is "tamim" and tamim is not used for moral perfection. Tamim is used for a lamb that is without blemish. It's always used for bodily perfection, tamim. So, God says, "Only you, Noah, have I seen completely human". So, God brought Noah and his family into the ark because they were purely human and God preserved the human race, hallelujah. When you see that, you understand the flood. You see the kindnesses and the goodness of God in the flood. Can I have a good amen? But today I want to share on Noah's ark, hallelujah, and how Noah's ark is a picture of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, hallelujah.

Look up here Genesis 6, "And God looked upon the earth, behold, it was corrupt; All flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth". Notice all flesh, not all men, all flesh. All kinds of Nephilim, all kinds of giants were on the earth. "And God said to Noah, 'The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with violence through them; and behold, I will destroy them with the earth. Make thee an ark of gopher wood". And when God told Noah gopher wood, Noah says, "What sort of wood"? God says, "Gopher wood". He says, "What sort of wood? If I need to go for wood, I need to know what sort of wood to go for". God says, "Gopher wood, all right, Make thee an ark of gopher wood".

All right, that's the best I can do, you know? "Gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch". Now, look up here. The Holy Spirit of God recorded all these words. Every word in the Bible is God breathed. So, when the Holy Spirit give you details, it's not just for you to read real fast like any other novel. It's for you to meditate on every word. So, because the Lord give you shadows of the Messiah of Jesus Christ, he would definitely tell us some things about his son here. And here it says, first of all, "Make you an ark of gopher wood; rooms shall you make in the ark". Say, "rooms". The reason why we underline that rooms is because in the Hebrew, the word there is not rooms. It is the word for nest, qen. And literally in the Hebrew it says qen, nest.

Now, why did God say nest? Because, my friend, you can hire a room from the Hilton Hotel and you have no personal relationship with the owner or with the manager, but when you are in a nest, you are loved and cared for by another. You're in a place of safety. You are in a place of provision. You're in a place of protection. You're in a place of love. All the little ones in the nest, they only open their mouth. And they are cared for by another. So, when God says nest in the Hebrew, it's so beautiful. It warms your heart. It's not just a room. It's nest. Can I have a good amen? A place of warmth, a place of love, a place of provision and protection. And then God says, "You shalt pitch it within and without with pitch. You shalt pitch it within and without, inside and outside, with pitch".

Now, this pitch by the way is like, you know, bitumen. It's like petrol. It's like oil, you know. After you cut the tree and shape it into like a boat, Noah's ark, you have to pitch it. Today we have lacquer it, all right? But in those days they pitch it outside and inside so it's watertight. Now, I forgot to tell you something, before you can build a boat, you have to cut down the tree. Before Jesus can save us, his life was cut off. Not only that, the tree has to be cut into shape. It has to be hammered. You have to take the nail and hammer it into an ark of safety.

So, as long as it's a tree still alive, it cannot save anybody. It was cut off, made into shape, hammered, amen, with nails and then became the ark of safety and refuge for Noah and his family. Today, Jesus has to be cut off and that is the reason why to be our Savior today, he was cut off 2,000 years ago. He was hammered. He was beaten. He was scourged that he might be the lamb who takes away our sin, hallelujah. And there is the hammer and there is the nail. Not only that, now God says, "Pitch it without and within with pitch".

Now, pitch it within and without. Pitch it within and without. Now, in the original Hebrew, this word "pitch" actually it should be the word "pitch" should be the word zetteth, zetteth. Zetteth is actually the word "pitch". But you know what God uses down here? Instead of zetteth, the normal word for pitch, God uses the word kapher and kapher is the word atonement, to make atonement, covering. Instead of the usual word pitch, the Holy Spirit chose the word kapher which later on it becomes kapporeth the mercy seat, amen? Where God says between the wings of the cherubim, "I'll talk with you and there we'll commune together. In the place where your sins are covered by the blood, there I'll talk with you". Can I have a good amen?

So, God uses the word for the ark, instead of saying zetteth God says kapher it , within and without, and there you have the work of atonement. You know, you are saved by the atoning work of Jesus Christ. You are saved from the corruption outside and from the destruction all around you and you are saved inside. You are in Christ. Can I have a good amen? You are not perfect but you are in the perfect one. You are not blameless, but you are in the blameless one. You are not without fault, but you are in the faultless one, hallelujah. When God looks at you, God sees Christ, hallelujah.

God is a good God. In ancient Israel, you know when the sacrificer or the offerer brings the lamb, he has to lay hands on the lamb. The unjust laying hands on the innocent, the just, transferring into the lamb all his sins, amen? And the lamb becomes a refuge for the offerer. The fire does not come on the offerer. It comes on the lamb. When you are in Christ, the storm, and the winds, and the rains do not fall on you. They fall on the ark, hallelujah! Praise the name of Jesus. Somebody get happy, amen. Are you in the ark or are you outside? Amen. Then God said, next verse, "And this is the fashion which you shalt make it of: The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits".

By the way, a cubit in ancient times is from your elbow all the way to the tip of your middle finger. This is a cubit, about one and a half feet, okay? Now, that's very long. And the Bible says what? Three hundred cubits. By the way, in modern terms that is 450 feet long. This is how it looks like, by the way. And back to the Scriptures again. "A window shalt thou make to the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above". Now, this window is not one window. All right, some people say, "Well, ventilation is really bad in one window". This Hebrew word here is zohar, which is a place for the light.

Look up here at the picture again. Can you see the window around, all around, all right? There's only windows above to cause the light to come in, zohar. Now, God does not want you to have a window on the side. God does not want his people to see all the destruction, and the corruption, and the pollution. God did not want Noah and his family to hear all the mockery of the people. "Noah building a boat on dry land, ha, ha, ha, ha". God says no window on the side. The window is all on top.

So, while the people were dying and there was judgment all around, God doesn't want your eyes to be on the judgment. God wants you to look up to him through those windows. There's only place to look up when you're in Noah's ark and that's upwards, amen? You look around you today at what people are doing and all that, you can be distressed. You look within you, you are depressed. God wants you to look to Jesus and be at rest, hallelujah. And that's the reason why he put windows all around on top. And then the Bible says there is a door of the ark. Where do you put it? Set in the side.

Very interesting, where's the door. It is set in the side. Hello? Where is it? In the side. Only one door and the door is in the side. This is very interesting because if the Holy Spirit is referring to the Messiah, all right, in all the shadows, all right, he's definitely saying something to us. What happened at the cross? When Christ hung on the cross, he died. In John 19 the Bible says, "When they came to Jesus and saw He was already dead, they did not break His legs". Thus they fulfilled.

You know, when they break the legs, they cannot pull themselves up to breathe so if they are still alive on the cross, the Passover was coming, all right? And they didn't want any dead bodies on the cross, on the Passover, so they hastened the death of the criminals by breaking their legs so they collapse and they can't breathe and they asphyxiate and they die. But when it came to Jesus, they didn't break his legs. He was already dead. He gave up his spirit, the Bible says. And thus fulfilling the prophecy of the Pecach, the Passover. No bone of the Passover lamb must be broken. So, the Bible says, "He saw that He was already dead, they did not break His legs. But one of the soldiers pierced His side".

There was a door on the side of Noah's ark. "He pierced the side of Jesus and immediately blood and water came out," blood to wash away your sins, hallelujah! Without the shedding of blood, there is no atonement. There is no remission. There is no forgiveness of sins. I want to show you something else. If you read the Bible, you find that I like the Bible. I mean I love it, every detail. People ask the question, does it really matter? For example, it says, "With lower second and third stories, you shall make the ark".

Let me ask you a question, we who live 4,000 years after Noah's ark, does it really matter where we know the ark was made with three stories or two stories or five stories? Does it really matter? It matters if you know it's the Holy Spirit who wrote the Bible. Men are just secretaries, amen? So, Noah's ark had three floors, three levels. Why three? Because the salvation of God comes to you threefold. Spirit, it saves your spirit, it saves your soul, your mind. It saves your body, hallelujah. Man is tripartite, what tite? Tripartite. Three parts to a man, amen. One man, three parts. And God saves us spirit, soul, and our bodies.

When Jesus came, not only he forgave sins, he also healed bodies and that's why we have miracles after miracles of healing in the church, why? Because our Lord saves us spirit, soul and body. And that's why three stories in Noah's ark. Praise the name of Jesus. Are y'all learning? Amen. Let's go on. Praise the Lord. We are coming to a close. Now, in next verse the Bible says, "I'll destroy", let's drop down to the door please in Genesis 7, "Those that entered the ark, male and female of all flesh, went in as God had commanded him; and the Lord shut him in". The Lord shut the door. The Lord shut Noah and his family in.

Here lies our full and perfect security. If the Lord shuts you in into safety, you are shut up in safety because the Lord shuts, who can open? No foe, no enemy, whether it's human, angelic, or diabolical, can burst the door open when the Lord shuts it. You are shut into safety. You are shut into preservation. You are shut into his protection. So, though the world suffers judgment, if you are in the Christ, in the Messiah, you enjoy safety, amen. You enjoy prosperity. You enjoy peace because the Lord shut you in.

That's why I don't like to watch, you know, all these Hollywood-produced movies on the bible. I don't know why they don't stick to the Bible. More than one Noah's ark movie, they have Noah and his sons pulling the door. You ever see that, pulling the door shut? But the Bible says the Lord shut them in, amen? Therein lies our security and our guarantee, amen? This is beautiful. If you look at the Bible, it says, "He went in as God commanded him, and the Lord shut him in". In Hebrew, God is Elohim. Lord is Adonai. But in the original, it's yud hei vav hei. For the Jews, it's the unpronounceable name of God.

Listen carefully, in Genesis 1, the account of creation, there is no Lord. There is no yud hei vav hei, or Jehovah Yahweh. There is no Yahweh, there's only Elohim. God said, God saw, God said, "Light be". God saw the light, it was good. God said, God saw, God said. Elohim, Elohim, Elohim. Elohim is the creator. But in Genesis 2, for the first time it says Lord God when man came. When man was created, he is known as Lord God. Why? Because Jehovah or Yahweh is the covenant keeping God, because of man. Are you listening, people? It was the covenant keeping God that shut him in. It's the same God. He is the creator, but to the one who knows him, he keeps covenant. He is the Lord. Are you listening?

Look up here. In yud hei vav hei, the Hebrew, this is the name of the Lord, not Elohim. This is not creator. This is the one who exists, the one who makes a covenant with Abraham, the one who loves. All right, here it says yud hei vav hei, Yahweh, the name of God. Okay, reading from right to left. You know, every Hebrew letter has a picture. And yud is an open hand. Just like you say A for apple, they have pictures for their Hebrew letters. Yud is an open hand. Hei is a window, or hei is indescribable. Hei is grace, God's breath. God breathed into Sarai, Sarai became Sarah, and she bore. Hei, right? So, you can say grace.

Vav is a picture of the hook or the nail. Hei again is grace. Put them all together, the name spells hand of grace nailed in grace. And that's the Messiah at the cross. Hand of grace nailed in grace. When Jesus hung on the cross, Pontius Pilate put a superscription in Latin, in Hebrew, in Greek over his head. And the Pharisees saw it and the Pharisees says, "Put it down, put it down. Change it, change it". And Pilate says, "What I have written, I have written". Why were the Pharisees so frightened of what they saw at the cross? Do you know why? Because this is what they saw.

In English, "Jesus of Nazareth, king of the Jews". All right, in Hebrew, this is what they saw on the cross above his head that Pilate wrote. "Yeshua Hanazarei Vemelekh HaYhudim". You see, the first letters make an acrostic, yud hei vav hei. Right at the cross above his head, the acrostic, the first letters spell Yahweh. And that's why the Pharisees says, "Change it, change it. That's blasphemy, change it". And Pilate says, "What I have written, I have written". You think Pilate for one moment knows what he's saying? You think he knows what he's reading? He was a heathen. No, this is the Lord that shut Noah in, amen. This is the Lord that does not save with spear or sword. He save with his mighty hand.

The history of Israel until today is a miracle of God's preservation, amen. God loves this nation. We are very glad that some of them are here, Abraham's seed. The hatred towards the people of Israel is supernatural, but then so is our love for them, it's also supernatural, amen? But God who preserved them in times past will continue to preserve them, amen. Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. Now, let me bring this to a close, praise the Lord, closing a lot. Finally the Bible says that the fountains were broken up. Isn't it wonderful that the same waters that Noah floated in safety, if you realize it, is the waters of judgment for the rest? Are you listening?

Business people, listen. Because if you listen carefully, Noah's story will teach you how to float your assets while the world is in liquidation. And you need to know that. Families, you need to listen because the Bible says in Hebrews 11:7, "By faith Noah prepared an ark to the saving of his house". God wants to save your entire house. God told Noah, "You and your family come into the ark". The Lord is not just interested in saving a member. He's interested in saving entire families, amen. Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. When Noah's Ark finally rested after months and months out at sea, the Bible says, "The fountains of the deep and the windows of heaven were stopped".

Now look up here, church. You know, when God brought the flood, the Bible says it like this, "The fountains of the deep were broken up first from the bottom, then the widows of heaven were opened". Why? Because at the cross, he hung there for six hours. The 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Jesus hung there. Nine a.m. is the morning sacrifice in the temple. Three p.m. is the evening sacrifice. He fulfilled both. And the first three hours, he suffered from the fountains of the deep below. The venom of hell was lashed out at him. The last three hours, when darkness covered the earth, all right, it was offended deity that poured out his judgment upon the head of our Lord, the windows of heaven.

You know, from below, hell came against the ark. From the side, the storm and the waves lashed at the ark. From above, the rains fell heavily upon the ark. But the people inside were saved. From below speaks of the onslaughts of hell. From the side talks about all the beating, the jeering, the mockery, the scourging of our Lord Jesus Christ on the way to the cross from man. But finally at the cross, it was the worst suffering when he became our sin. God who planned this all along, God who sent his Son for this purpose, God poured out his wrath upon his adorable Son, who took our place so that all his judgment will be exhausted in the body of the Messiah.

So that there is no condemnation for you and I today. Even though we have sinned, somebody else paid for it. We don't have to pay for it. He paid for it, and we say, "Thank you, Abba, Father in heaven, hallelujah". And everyone in the ark was saved. And finally, the ark rested. And notice the ark rested, the Bible says in verse 4, "The ark rested in the seventh month, the seventeenth day of the month, on the mountains of Ararat".

Now, this is very interesting. Does it really matter to us what day of the month it rested, on which mountain? Yes, if you know it's the Holy Spirit behind all these details. The seventeenth day of the seventh month, the seven months, the time of Genesis was the month of Nisan. Today, it's different, all right? But the seventh month became the first month with the institution of the Passover, the Pesach. The seventh month became the first month. So, the 17th day of the month is the Feast of Firstfruits, Bikkurim, the Feast of Firstfruits. The Passover is on the 14th of this month. Jesus was crucified exactly on the 14th as the Passover Lamb. Jesus rose from the dead on the 17th of this month, hallelujah.

So, the fact Noah's Ark rested in a brand new world, where judgment has passed, no more judgment again. And in this new world, the ark rested exactly on the date that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Jesus the Messiah rose from the dead. And that's why the Holy Spirit put the date there, hallelujah. Where? On the mountains of Ararat. Where is our Lord today? At the Father's right hand as our high priest. Our Kohen Gadol. In ancient Israel, doesn't matter how bad the people are. If the high priest is good, God accepts the whole nation. If the nation is good, the high priest is bad, he dies in the tabernacle, God rejects the whole nation. Today, we have a high priest at the Father's right hand on the mountains, the mountains is a high place. Of Ararat.

There's no insignificant detail in the Bible. Ararat in Hebrew, arar means curse. Ararat means the cursed is reversed, hallelujah, hallelujah. Jesus brought us all into a place where the curse in our life is reversed. Doctors sometimes says we don't understand this phenomena. The grandparents have this disease, the parents have disease, the child now has this disease. But then it's a medical condition in the genes. For God in the Bible, it says it's a curse. But praise be to God, those who are in Christ, you can claim the curse is reversed. Ararat, it's reversed. When Noah, the door opened, Noah and his family stepped on no judgment ground. All judgment is passed.

Come away, my beloved, the judgment is passed. The rains have gone. The sound of the dove is heard in our land. And then God said to Noah, "Noah". When Noah gave God a burnt offering, God smelled sweet smelling sacrifice. And God says, "I'll no longer judge the earth with a flood". So, when you watch all these Hollywood movies, you know, meteorite hit and the whole earth covered in flood, all right, don't worry. It will never happen. God's promise to Noah, "I'll never again flood the earth". God says, "This is a rainbow. This is a sign of the covenant, the berit, which I make between me and you, and every living creature, for perpetual generations. I set my rainbow in the cloud. It shall be for the sign of the covenant between me and the earth, when the rainbow is seen," verse 15, "I will remember my covenant. The waters shall never again become a flood. The rainbow shall be in the cloud, and I will look on it to remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature," God said. Amen?

However, something beautiful happens. In Isaiah 53, it talks about the Messiah's sufferings, Israel's Messiah suffering. He was wounded for our transgressions. He was crushed for our iniquities. The chastisement for our shalom fell upon him. With his stripe we are healed, Isaiah 53. And you know what the next chapter says? Because of the Messiah's sufferings on our behalf, Isaiah 54, the next chapter says, "This is like the waters of Noah to me," God said in Isaiah. "For as I have sworn that the waters of Noah will no longer cover the earth, so have I sworn that I will not be angry with you, nor condemn you. For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed, but my kindness, my hesed shall not depart from you. Nor shall my covenant of shalom peace be removed, says the Lord, who has mercy on you".

What happened? Isaiah 54 comes after Isaiah 53. Isaiah 53 is an account of the Messiah's sufferings, Jesus's sufferings on our behalf. And because all our sufferings has been punished, you don't have to punish yourself. He was beaten so that you don't have to beat yourself. He was condemned so that God will never again condemn you. Amen? And then God now says what Jesus did at the cross is like waters of Noah to me. As I have sworn I will never again flood the earth, now I swear I will never be angry with you, nor condemn you.

If you believe in the Messiah, that his death in the Savior, that his substitutionary work on your behalf was for you, you believe that, God says, "I'll never again be angry with you". Why? Because Christ at the cross bore all your judgment until he cried, "It is finished". God will never again be angry with you. God swore he will never again be angry with you. And that's why you got to be careful, church, when you hear preaching and teaching that there are people who make you feel like God is angry with you, God is angry with you. They're not preaching the new covenant. They're not preaching the new ground that God has brought us into. They are still preaching the old covenant. Are you listening?

God swore, "So have I sworn I will not be angry with you". God put up his hand. You know, how many of you know that God doesn't have to swear? Oh, you're not hearing me. God does not have to swear. When God swear, there is a double ironclad guarantee. He swear for your comfort. He does not have to swear. God swore he'll never again be angry with you. You know, I love my daughter Jessica a lot. Oh, I love her. She's now seven years old, and I love her with all my heart. As much as I love her, I cannot come to a place where I can place her on my lap, look her in the eyes, into her beautiful cherubic face, and tell her, "Daddy swear he will never be angry with you ever again".

I cannot do that. I cannot do that, but God did. God, who is just, his righteous anger and judgment fell upon his Son, for he planned it from the beginning that our sins would be paid for in the body of the Lamb of God. He will never again be angry with you if you receive what Christ has done, if you receive what Jesus has accomplished, amen? Whether you realize it or not, you have been loved by the Lord. The Lord loves you very much. And God says, "I don't care what problems are in front of you". God says, "All these problems are like mountains, they shall depart. The mountains shall depart, the hills will be removed, but my kindness," in the Hebrew my hesed.

You know, the Bible says God's anger endures a moment, but God's hesed, his grace endures forever. His hesed is new every morning. His mercy is new. You know why his mercies are new every morning? Because we fail every day. But praise be to God, his mercies are new every morning. Amen? And when you believe that and God says, "You realize my kindness shall not depart from you," you know what's going to happen? You'll have shalom. Shalom in Hebrew is not just peace, it's wellness, wholeness, completeness. Your mountains will depart.

If you don't be moved out of that position of God's kindness, you believe God is kind to you, you believe that you are in Christ, you believe that God will never again be angry with you, you know what's going to happen to you? Your mountains will depart; you will not. Alas, for most Christians, for most believers, they depart from the place of God's kindness. They don't believe God is kind, therefore their mountains remain. God says, "You must believe my kindness will never depart, and your mountains will depart". Amen? Praise be to God, hallelujah. When all is said and done, the judgment.

There is a prophecy in the Psalms, and I close with this, Psalms 42. "Deep calls unto deep at the noise of your waterfalls. All your waves and billows have gone over me". You know, this is a prophetic messianic psalm. Our Lord Jesus said this at the cross. It was a prophecy of what would happen to the Messiah when he comes to die for our sins. He will say to God, "All your waves after waves after waves of judgment fell upon me". And that's why there is no more left for us.

Noah and his family stepped out, not because they were perfect, because another took their place. The ark bore the fullness of the judgment. They came out safe, they came out secure, they came out blessed not because they were perfect, because their ark was perfect. They did not step out because they were secure. The ark was secure. And they are secure in the ark, amen? Aren't you glad? Oh, I'm sure.

"Pastor Prince, what happens if I sin as a believer? I have failed. Sometimes before I know it, you know, someone step on my leg and I say something I shouldn't have said. Am I still a believer? Will God be angry with me"? No, listen carefully, God will not judge you, he will never be angry with you. Amen, what Jesus did is sure and solid. You know, I'm sure that sometimes in the ark, the waves got a bit too strong and Noah fell, but Noah never fell out of the ark. He fell in the ark. When you fall, you fall in the Messiah. He bears you up. Even when Moses fell, he was not fallen. Hallelujah. I don't know about you, but I preached myself happy. I'm so glad I came to church. Amen, praise the name of Jesus, hallelujah.

Father, I thank you for everyone here, Lord. Lift your hands all across this place. The Lord bless you and the Lord keep you throughout this coming week. The Lord bless you with the blessings of Abraham, and the Lord preserve you, protect you from all evil, from danger, from disease, from harm, from accidents. The Lord protect you. The Lord make his face shine upon you and be favorable towards you. May you walk in the supernatural favor of God everywhere you go. The Lord lift up his countenance on every one of you and grant you shalom peace, in Jesus's name.

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  1. Linda I Gandawinata
    25 September 2019 11:46
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    Very great teaching of the Word. yes,by His grace He make righteous, blameless and can walk with Him. Praise God
  2. Godfrey Parovata
    23 December 2019 23:22
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    Very good and detailed explanation of God's Holy Word.

  3. Prof Mari
    14 April 2020 11:09
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    pl sir establish online Bible school to educate us , the knowledge of word is faulty and many have faulty faith