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2021 online sermons » Joseph Prince » Joseph Prince - Live Long, Live Strong

Joseph Prince - Live Long, Live Strong

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The Word of God says in Hebrews chapter 2: "Inasmuch then as the children have partaken of flesh and blood," just remember, people, that just because there's discipline involved when God calls you to do something that's discipline, don't call it the law, okay? You grace people, you're notorious for that. "He Himself likewise shared in the same, that through death He might destroy him who had the power of death, that is, the devil". So one of the reasons why Jesus took on flesh and blood because all of us, and the context here is children of Abraham, they were all people of flesh and blood. So God cannot die as God. So God became man, fully man. Not just man, fully man. He's not a matter of like, yes, he's always God, amen? But the Word became flesh.

This Word that is God became flesh and dwelt among us. For one purpose: to die for us, amen, "that through death he might destroy him who had the power of death". Just like David used Goliath's own sword to decapitate Goliath, Jesus through death that God never designed for men to suffer under, God never meant for man to die. The Bible calls death an enemy to God. But Jesus through death destroyed him, the devil, "who had the power of death, that is the devil. And release those," that's you and I. Release those, not just the Jews, but "release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage".

So the Bible tells us that the reason why man has a propensity to be subject to the bondage of fear, the bondage of sickness, the bondage of depression, the bondage of addiction, whatever bondage it is, it all comes from the fear of death, amen. There's actually no fear of flying, as such, if you think about it. It is the fear of death. You don't wanna fly because you fear death but you say, "No, I have a fear of flying". But it's not fear of flying. Another one that we think of, in Chinese, fear death is what? Right, but all fear is based on the fear of death. Now, in the context, what do you think he's talking about? "Release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage".

So the main reason Christ came is to die for our sins, amen, so that the sin barrier between man and God is removed, so that God can be righteous, on a righteous foundation, to receive sinful men into his presence. Inasmuch as Christ's death and his blood has removed all our sins from the sight of a holy God. So today, let me say this. Today, in God's sight, there is no sin on you. God sees no sin on you. Now, is there sin in us? Yes, there's sin in us but, as far as God and when God looks at us, there's no sin on us when he looks on us. Do you understand? The blood of Christ has removed all sins judicially.

There's nothing in us that he can punish, amen? There's still sin in us but unless you understand that a perfect sacrifice finally has come, has been offered once and for all at Calvary's cross. The Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins once and for all and that once-and-for-all sacrifice, would you agree, is a perfect sacrifice? Compared with the blood of bulls and goats offered upon a thousand Jewish altars, cannot atone for our sins the way the blood of Jesus one time, one sacrifice, did for all eternity. Would you say, "Amen"?

So now we have a perfect conscience, the Bible says in Hebrews 10. A perfect conscience because of a perfect sacrifice. Only when you realize that your conscience now is no more sin, you don't have sin on your conscience. It's a perfect sacrifice. All your sins have been removed, can you have a liberated heart. First of all, a tranquilized conscience, then only an emancipated heart. Then your heart is free to occupy itself with Christ, the perfect object for the heart. Because if the heart is not engrossed or occupied with Christ, the perfect object, it'll be involved in, you know, whether it's pursuit of hedonistic pursuit of pleasure, or whether it is self, it's all about self and glory in self, you know? You will find an object. But all these object is inferior to how your heart has been made by God, amen? Your heart has been made and created for him, amen. So now you have found a perfect object.

So one reason why Christians cannot see Jesus and be occupied with him and they are so self-occupied, occupied with their sins, occupied with their fears, occupied with themselves, is because their conscience has not yet been tranquilized, has not yet been made perfect. But the Bible says Jesus's sacrifice is a perfect sacrifice that removed sins once and for all so that we have no more conscience of sin. We have a perfect conscience now. We don't have perfect behavior, we don't have perfect communication, we don't have perfect thought life, but we have a perfect conscience because of a perfect sacrifice, amen? A perfect conscience leads to an emancipated heart. Then only your emotions can be free.

In fact, then only you have a righteous foundation, a true foundation, to serve God. You won't be serving God to score points, you know? To make God bless you. You'll be serving him because of love and it's like a father and his son, you know, a employee is working for the father who runs the company, a huge corporation, but when the son comes, the son shares the interests of the father. He's serving the father, he's serving in the company, he may even go through all the ranks or the different positions in the company but he's not doing it just for the money. He's not doing it just for the position in the company. He's doing it because he shares the interest of the father. That's how service is like. But that's not my message. Anyway, come back to this again: "Release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage".

So one of the reasons why Jesus came? All right, besides removing our sins is also to destroy death. God hates death. Unless you understand, unless you accept the fact that God hates death, it was never God's plan for man to die. And that's why we're all averse to death. We all know it's not supposed to be like this. The only place you find the shortest verse in the Bible, the only place you find Jesus weeping is "Jesus wept," at the tomb of Lazarus. He knew he was gonna raise Lazarus from the dead. He knew it. He didn't die because Lazarus, Lazarus is not dead therefore Jesus cried. No, he knew he was gonna raise Lazarus from the dead, but he wept because he knew the Father's plan for man is not supposed to be like this. I mean, death is not supposed to rend your loved ones apart from you. It's never meant to be like that. The Bible calls death an enemy and that's why the last enemy to be put under Jesus's feet is death. And the body of Christ, the last enemy, let me show you this verse, 1 Corinthians 15: "For Jesus must reign".

How many say he's reigning? He's been reigning? C'mon, he's been reigning. "He must reign 'til He has put all enemies under His feet". Now, where is he today? In heaven, seated at the Father's right hand, and the Bible says: "He must reign 'til all his enemies be put under his feet. The last enemy that will be destroyed is death". Therefore, God calls it an enemy. God hates death. Did you hear what I said? I said God hates death. And the last enemy, "But, Pastor, Jesus conquered death". He did but this is talking about putting the enemy under his feet, the body of Christ. The Father is waiting until death itself is put under the feet of the body of Christ, amen. And we're coming towards that.

So ever since Jesus died and rose again, 2000 years ago, he's reigning in heaven and he's reigning 'til one after another of the enemies is put under his feet, which means what? The world's getting darker and darker but the church is getting better and better and better. Has one more enemy under his feet. Another enemy under his feet until the last enemy is left. That's why during the time of Martin Luther, when God restored the truth of the gospel of grace, one more enemy went under the feet of Jesus, amen? As the church found liberty, you know, and the true gospel. Then as church history goes on, you find that more and more enemies put under the feet, the turn of the century, the past turn of the century, we saw the restoration of the baptism of the Holy Spirit with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit being restored.

And yet people are still arguing, "We don't see that in the early church. We don't see that in this", no, no, no, not in the early church of Acts. If you read carefully, it's all there, amen. And God is restoring it to the church so we find the gifts being restored. You cannot look at church history and try to make an example of what it's supposed to be like because they had the light they knew then. But then, Jesus is reigning, reigning, reigning, until more and more enemies are put under his feet. And only last one left: death. Which means even poverty we put under his feet.

Now, I am not the kind of prosperity, you know, preacher. I am not. In fact, I don't appreciate being, you know, categorized as one because if you find me preaching the gospel I don't preach prosperity gospel. I preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. The name "Jesus" is heard more often in this pulpit here than the word "prosperity". Nonetheless, I know what people are saying and I agree that it's gone off on a tangent. People are just preaching on money and just on giving and money and giving. It's gone off on a tangent, I agree, amen. But on the other hand, don't forget, it's God restoring the truth so that his people will not be under the curse of poverty. Being poor is not a blessing. And the poor cannot help the poor. And all those people up there you saw just now, we must have something to bless them with.

So another enemy, poverty, came under the feet. And still, the church is still hankering over this, not knowing it's God that's putting all the enemies under our feet. And then there was a revival of healing back in the 1950s and there was a great revival of healing, then the Charismatic movement in the '60s and '70s, and you find that the church is still fighting against healing, for example. "Oh, healing is not for today. If you are healed or you're speaking in tongues, it's of the devil," and all that.

You know what? We'll just take everything that God has conquered. If they want their enemies to be out there, we don't want them. We're gonna be under his feet, amen? Guess what? It must be that as more and more enemies are put under Jesus's feet, you'll see the church getting more and more victorious until the last enemy is death which I believe the fullness of it will happen at the Rapture, amen? We'll receive our brand new body, a body that never have to report sick, never have to see a doctor anymore, and you'll be forever young. Hey, we'll live forever young, amen? Forever. Forever's quite a long time. Quite a long time, amen? In our bodies, our young bodies, never growing old, never dying, because growing old is actually part of the death process. It's death begun slowly and then die.

You know, when Adam sinned, God said to him, "The day". Before Adam sinned, God told him, "The day that you sin," in Hebrew, dying, you shall die. If you look at Adam, right after he took the fruit, he still looked the same. You couldn't see but he died spiritually then and there. Dying, you shall die in the future, physically. And then there's a death called the second death after you die. There's a place called lake of fire which is second death. Those of us who are born again, hey, listen, you will never see the second death. Those who are born once into this world may die twice. Not may, will die twice. Those who are born twice, and born again, amen, may only die once. But in the Rapture Jesus comes, you won't die, right? Are you with me so far?

Now, whatever I'm sharing, see the context. Look at what I'm saying. Don't say, "This person said, that person said". Don't even say what Pastor Prince says. Look at the context. Does the Bible teach it? So I believe there's gonna be a revelation about how not to die before your time. If Jesus should tarry, how to live long, amen. Now I used to think, by the way, you cannot judge a sermon by the preacher, okay? Let's say I'm sick and I'm preaching a sermon on healing. Is healing still true? Why? Why? But I'm sick. Because your basis for faith is not on anyone else's experience. It's on the Word of God, amen. Are you listening, amen?

So the same thing for people preaching on long life and all that, okay? Ask yourself, "Is this the Word of God"? Not the person's life. I used to think when I teach on this truth that you're showing me, Father, why not teach them when I'm 90 years old? And the Lord says, "By the time you practice what I show you, you are 90 years old, the rest won't be around. The time to teach and implement this is now. And there'll be a generation that will understand this because the Bible says something very interesting. Many years ago I used to wonder why this word is there in the Bible. Actually, one word is enough. And it's about the Rapture.

The Rapture, 1 Thessalonians 5 says: "For this we say to you by the Word of the Lord". Today, it's very popular to say the Rapture was a figment of someone's imagination from the 1800s, the Rapture is man-concocted ideas and all that, but the Bible says it is the Word of the Lord. Let me say this, "By the Word of the Lord". "That we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep. For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first".

So look at this. I was fascinated by this word: "That we who are alive and remain". Actually, when it says, "We who are alive," unto the Coming, it should suffice. But it doesn't say that. It says, "We who are alive and remain". See, the fact that anytime Jesus comes there'll be people on earth, right? People who are alive, right? C'mon, I mean, children, especially, they'll be alive, right? But it's one thing to be alive and it's another thing to remain alive. That denotes power. That's power. Power to remain alive. It's one thing to be alive because you are in your 20s, you are 10 years old, you are 30 years old, but it's another thing to remain alive. That speaks of power.

So I believe that the Rapture generation are people who have learned to remain alive and if that is not enough, he goes on to say, next verse: "Then we who are alive," when the Lord descends. "We who are alive and remain," repeat that twice, "shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words". I believe we are the Rapture generation. It can happen anytime, amen.

There was a man in the Bible who remained alive until he saw Jesus's First Coming. His name was Simeon. In Luke chapter 2, he was a very elderly man and the Lord showed him, the Bible says, the Spirit of God showed him, "He will not see death until he see the Lord's Messiah, the Lord's Christ". Then when he saw Jesus in the temple, he picked baby Jesus and he said to the Father, "Lord, let me now depart in peace. Mine eyes have seen your Yeshua". Beautiful, amen? Likewise, God works in these patterns.

I believe there's a Simeon generation who are remaining alive and they will see the Second Coming of Christ. And just like the First Coming was revealed, not to kings, not to governors, amen, not to soldiers, but to shepherds, likewise, the Second Coming of Christ, it'll be the shepherds teaching about his Coming. It's the shepherds were honored with the presence of the holy angels of God, the heavenly host, as the night sky was filled with heavenly song and the heavenly choir, amen? So again, the shepherds are now, all over the world, sounding out, "He's coming, he is coming," amen. Now, "Comfort one another with these words". Are you comforted?

"Then we have this principle, Pastor Prince, if, you know, everyone has a timing. Time to go, you go. Time to leave, you leave. And God knows when you're supposed to die and God has a timing for everybody". No, you're misquoting Ecclesiastes. Doesn't say that God has a time for you to die. "Yeah, in Hebrews, 'It's appointed unto men to die once", no, it doesn't say that, that God has a time for that man to die. It's appointed unto man to die once. Ever since man sinned, he's appointed to death.

So there is no such thing as God has a timing for everybody. In fact, the Bible says some things you do can prolong your life, some things you do can shorten your life. Do you know that dishonoring parents can shorten your life? In fact, the only commandment that's brought back in the New Testament because of the promise, not for you to do it legalistically, amen? God want you to do it with love but the promise there is that honor your father and mother which is the first commandment with a promise. Of all the Ten Commandments this has a promise. It's the first one with a promise "that it may be well with you first".

How many want things to go well? "And that you may live long," not in heaven, on the earth. Look at Samson. He's a man of God, used by God, anointed by the Spirit and all that, but he died young. He dishonored his parents. And I know of people who dishonored their parents, not around anymore. It's a serious thing. There are some things you do. "Well, I actually believe, Pastor, that God has a time for everyone to die and all that". Okay, since you believe that, what if you bought a plane and it's the pilot's time? Whether it's your time or not, it's the pilot's time. Sorry, brother, you are joining his time, all right? No, no, there's no such thing, okay, amen.

Some things you do can, in fact, Proverbs 10 says: "The fear of the Lord prolongs days". How many want that to happen? "The fear of the Lord prolongs days," and we know the fear of the Lord defined by Jesus is worship of God. That's why, in fact, there's a statistics study done on people who go to church often and worship God. They found out that they live longer than normal people and that is stats in a secular newspaper report. I used to cut it out. I don't know where it's in now. They live long. Raising your hands, worshiping Jesus, live long.

They say that orchestral conductors live long. And one of the reasons because they lift their hands so much and the blood flow to the heart and they say they're, you know, it does something. Honestly, I read the report. In fact, this one I saw on a documentary. And you know, they're pumping their heart, you know, they are doing this all the time, doing that kind of thing. Well, you know what? We have the same thing. Hallelujah, amen? "The fear of the Lord prolongs days, but the years of the wicked will be shortened".

Now we know the devil will always point you to the exceptions. Yeah, he will say, "There are exceptions". I know of people who were good people, who loved the Lord, but they died young, all right? No one knows their story. And there are wicked people who live long. In fact, most dictators don't live long. In history, we know a lot of dictators, they died young. But majority, so the devil loves to look at exceptions. For example, a lot of people are smoking, right? The devil will find a celebrity that everybody knows and he is probably in his 80s and he's smoking cigar and smoking and all that, and the devil says, "See, smoking is okay, nothing wrong". But he doesn't show you the thousands compared to one that have died of cancer or disease or a lot of complications plus the fact when you smoke you grow old faster. You look old faster.

"Pastor Prince, do you believe you can smoke and still go to heaven"? Faster, okay? So the devil will always point to someone and he say, "It's okay". They say, "This lifestyle is okay. This guy is okay". Don't show you a lot of people who are suicidal, a lot of people that are killing themselves and they're not happy. There's no real happiness. So the devil will always point out, you know, so don't go for that exceptions. Don't go for the kind of thing. And don't even go by positive experience, this person's life, and all that. Go by the Word of God. Does the Bible teach that? If the Bible says, "The fear of the Lord prolongs days," then that's God's Word 'cause all Scripture's God-breathed, amen? The Bible says: How do we define long life? What is long for someone is different for another person.

Some people say, "I'm 80, I'm happy already". All right, someone says, "Well, if I'm 90, I'll be happy". And that's why the Bible says for the believer, Psalms 91, the very last verse, is your standard, amen. "With long life," God is talking, he says, "I will satisfy him". Doesn't say how old, long life, but the criteria is your satisfaction. You're not satisfied at 80, tell the Lord, go on. I've had people who pray and ask the Lord they want to go on. Yes, in fact, because of some reason or whatever, God told King Hezekiah he's about to die and he prayed. He told God, you know, he doesn't want to leave just yet, you know, he told the Lord to remember him. And the same Prophet Isaiah, God turned him around, made him about face turn. He went back to the king and says, "God says he'll add 15 years to your life".

You can ask God, nothing is predestined in that way when it comes to this kind of thing. He asked God for life and God gave 15 more years to him, amen. Sometimes God does the opposite when it comes to this kind of prayer. There's a man, the only man who said, "Let me die, let me die, let me die". His name is Elijah, Prophet Elijah. He told God his prayer was, "Let me die," and today he's the longest living man still. He's in heaven somewhere. He never died. He was taken away in a chariot of fire and he's somewhere in heaven now still alive, the longest living man, more than 2,000 years old, amen? It's amazing. It is my belief that the two witnesses in the Book of Revelation is actually Elijah, one of them. And he will come and he will die in the purpose of God as a demonstration of the resurrection power.

When TV is on, the Bible says these two bodies and the other one is Moses, all right? And then even though Moses died, Moses's body was raised the way Lazarus was raised, not Jesus. Jesus was raised never to die again, but Lazarus was raised to die again. So, Moses was raised to die again. Moses is now in heaven, and he will come back. He's still a human in the sense, no glorified body, and he will come back with Elijah because all the signs and wonders of the two witnesses in Revelation is actually the signs of Moses turning water to blood, calling down fire from heaven, Elijah. Then they will die and it's very interesting, the Bible says the whole world will see their dead bodies, the whole world.

Hundred years ago, they used to laugh, Christians are a bit coo-coo, you know? They read their Bible and it says the whole world can see something happen. No one is laughing anymore. The Bible is more advanced than your little peanut brain. Let me just submit to God, amen? People sit in judgment of the Word of God when the Word of God sits in judgment of them. When God says something is good, it's because God loves you. I know some things are good but Justin, some food is not good. I don't want him to eat certain kind of food because I love him. Whether he eats, he doesn't eat, I mean doesn't affect my health. God didn't write this book for his success. He's very successful already. He wrote it for your success. He knows how he designed you, he knows how your body is done, amen?

In a world where definitions is so colored, the lines are also blurred. We need to go back to the Word of God. Wrong is wrong and right is still right because it has consequences on your body, on your mind, on society. "Preach it, Pastor Prince, preach it. Hallelujah, amen"? And all the people said amen, hallelujah. All right, so criteria is with long life, I will satisfy him. Then, there was a time that man used in the Book of Genesis, man used to live like hundreds of years, 600 over years, 800 over years, even Adam lived to 900 over years. Of course, the longest living man at that time was Methuselah, so Me-thuselah means when he dies, it's gonna come. What's gonna come? Judgment.

So, God says, "Well, you know, man has sinned. His heart is evil continually and he's doing violence to one another and destroying and they're living, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years where they have time to impact the next, the next, the next generation and influence them for evil. There was a time the earth was like that. So God says, "I'm gonna wipe out the earth and preserve Noah and his family, and start afresh". Then God says, "A baby was born, his name is Methuselah which means," God says, "when this boy dies, the judgment is gonna come".

You know what God did? God's heart, even man is wicked, he's not willing that any should perish and Methuselah became the longest living man, y'all. He lived longer than Adam. It's as if God says, "When he dies, it's gonna come". Yes, it's gonna come. "When he dies, It's gonna come," it never came. The boy just lived, and lived, and lived, and lived. At the time he sneezed, everyone... "Hey, hey, don't die, ah". All right, and yet the boy lived, lived and became an old man and the oldest man that ever lived, the mercy and the longsuffering of God, patience of God. Not willing that any should perish, amen? God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son.

Anyway, so God finally said because of the hundreds of years that man is living, they're imparting evil. They're learning new evil things, and they're around to teach the next generation, and the next generation, and the next generation. Sometimes you, you know, like you teach people how to make the certain kind of noodles, you know? And the master sifu has mastered the art. Everyone loves to go to his shop and all that. Then his son is not bad, you know the son learn from the master. Then the son's son is okay, you know? By the time third and fourth generation, it's no more the same. But what if the master sifu is still around for the third, and fourth, and fifth generation?

That's how evil was propagated. Man was still around so God said, "I'm gonna cut man's life short". And this is what God said in Genesis, the Lord said, "My spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he's indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years". So, now there's a blessing in Hebrew where the Jewish people today wish one another, "May you live to be 120". It's taken from this part here. But let me tell you this from Moses's life, but actually, 120 here is actually God speaking this in judgment. God is saying, "My spirit won't always strive with man gives days to be 120 years". But it's good enough we reached that, right? But it's a statement in judgment. God wanted man to live longer than that.

In fact, in Psalms 90, we have the story, by the way, Psalms 90 is a psalm of Moses. Moses wrote this, not David. And Psalms 90 is about the children of Israel in the wilderness when they were under God's judgment and because of their sin of Kadesh Barnea, they didn't believe God and they wandered for 40 years in the wilderness. And this is what they said, "The days of our lives are". Sounds like a soap opera, the "Days Of Our Lives". "The days of our lives are seventy years and if by reason of strength, they are eighty years".

And somehow, I hear Christians saying, "You know what God gives us, right? Our life span is 70 to 80 years". I hear preachers saying that. I hear people teaching that. No, it's not. Look at the context. And by the way, whatever I teach, make sure it's in context. It's telling you that these are people under judgment and yet, their days are 70 to 80 years. If they're strong, go for 80 years, amen? But there were people under judgment. Let me prove that to you, everything must be in context. The verse before this says, after this says, "All our days have passed in your wrath," for the Americans, "your wrath". Your wrath, God was angry with them.

Do you know, child of God, God will never be angry with you? In Isaiah 54, God says, "I've sworn I'll never be at wrath with you". Isaiah 54 comes after Isaiah 53 where he talks about Jesus burying our sins, wounded for our transgressions. He made him sow an offering for sin. And because of what Jesus had done, God says, "I'll never be angry with you. All your sins have been judged". So, this is not us. I said, this is not us. These are them under God's wrath. And look at the sandwich here. Verse 10 tells you about 70, 80 years, but after that, who knows the power of your anger? Again, "For as the fear of you, so is your wrath". Is that like a sandwich?

Look at the context it's not talking about you, child of God. It's talking about children of Israel in under God's wrath. Their days even then was 70 to 80 years. Moses lived to 120. Joshua lived to 110. The rest is considered judgment to live 70 to 80 under judgment. I want to show you all this because I want to create your expectancy because everything works by faith, and faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God, amen? "Pastor, I want to go to heaven". Yeah, but, you know, don't be lazy, there are things for you to do down here that only you can do, amen? Huh, Gabriel? I need you and Pastor Mark for a long, long time, amen?

And y'all pray for me also because the best thing y'all can do for me is to pray for me, amen? I don't want to frighten y'all, but there are strange warfare that I go through that my pastors know of, especially coming to the weekend, strange. Even my wife knows it. Pray for me, the greatest thing you can do for me is pray for me. You know the idea of smite the shepherd, the sheep will scatter, you know? Pray for me, the best thing you can do, amen, pray for me. Okay, never mind. "I'll pray for you, okay, I'll pray for you, okay". At least one person will pray for me, okay, never mind. The best thing you can do for me, the greatest thing you can do for me, amen?

The Apostle Paul, I know there's some things that are controversial. People get offended sometimes when you teach on this, but it's like, you know, the ladies when our church was a small church about a hundred plus and all that, and God gave me the revelation of how women can, you know, the Bible says a labor pain, labor is labor, labor don't have the pain, but labor pain is put together. And when I read the Bible, it says that after Eve sinned, all right, God says, "In pain you will bring forth children". That was the curse for sin. But having babies is not the curse because before Adam fell, God already said, "Be truthful and multiply," right? But it's supposed to be like a painless thing, but then women suffered pain and all that.

So, I began to see that hey, it's not part of our inheritance. Christ redeemed us from this. So, I started preaching this. So, I preached God's standard, even though I'm not a woman. And then when I preached this, a few women in our church got angry, they'll say things like, "What do you know about labor pain"? And they had labor pain. But I had to preach the truth because there's another generation coming. I had to preach the truth. Don't accept morning sickness just like that. Don't confess it's normal and start imparting to all the rest that's not pregnant yet and start them believing this kind of thing and expecting that.

So, I preached God's standard, Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law, Christ redeemed us from labor pain. You have a supernatural conception and supernatural delivery. So, I preached God's standard. So, I got, you know, some emails and all that, even letters back then. So it's like, I just preached God's standard. It's God's standard, it's God's Word. I don't preach it because somebody else has a breakthrough, it's not based on positive experience. It's not based on negative experience, it's on God's Word. So, I preached God's Word, I preached God's Word, I preached God's Word and slowly, the first one broke through, then the next one broke through, and the third one broke through. And finally, people are coming to that level. Not all of us are there, but you know what? Aim for the star, you might hit the moon. Don't aim for nothing, you hit nothing, amen? So, this is, but it has its consequences.

People are not happy sometimes because you preach God's standard, people are unhappy. You preach on healing, "I know my uncle, he was a good man". I don't know your uncle, hey, you know I'm sorry about your uncle but listen, that doesn't mean we deprive the next generation of the truth. We talk about the glories of virginity, but there are women who lost their virginity already, right, and they cannot be angry because you preach on the glories of virginity, how you want the younger ones to keep their virginity because there's a glory there. Something precious to give to your husband, and it's a gift of God that's meant to be disclosed on the wedding night. But, of course, there are people who have done it and all kind of, but don't be angry, be glad that the next generation gets to learn it, okay? Now you don't want to pray for me. Pray for me, okay? Pray for me, amen.

Okay now, I must tell you this, we talk about sufferings and all that, men of God who have suffered, who are martyred and all that, but look at the Apostle Paul. "Pastor Prince, Apostle Paul is good standard, good example of what I'm saying, he was behead". Let me tell you this, okay? The Apostle Paul was not beheaded until he said, "I fought a good fight. I have kept the faith". Listen, "I have a finished my course". Do you know he was stoned many times, didn't die. One time he was stoned and the disciples went around him. He got up, "Wah, that was an experience," and he walked away.

In the Book of Acts, you read all about it. They stoned him and these Jews, they know how to stone, In those days, I mean capital crime was actually by stoning, and he jumped up. He was stoned more than once. It wasn't his time. And he has a language that we dare not use today. For example in Philippians he says this, he says "For me to live is Christ and to die is gain". That's how much he loves the Lord Jesus. He loves the Lord so much he says, "You know what? For me to die is gain". Singaporeans, do you know what's gain? Okay, try this, unblock. Unblock, your block got unblocked, and everyone gets a million dollars. Will you call that a gain?

For Paul to die is gain. "For me to live is Christ, to die is gain," because he loves the Lord so much. And he says, "For if I live on in the flesh, this will mean fruit for my labor, yet what I shall choose, I cannot tell. For I am hard pressed between the two, having a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better," he says, "far better". Not all of us can say that, "To be with Christ is far better, but to abide, nevertheless to remain in the flesh, is more needful for you". So, he said, "And being confident of this, I know that I shall remain". He's confident. "And continue with you all for your progress and joy the faith". It's like this, you know? He say, "Guys, I tell you what, I'm in a dilemma. I really like to be with Jesus, which is far better, but y'all need to be here. Y'all need me to feed you, and teach you, and share with you, and for your encouragement, you know what? I'll hang around for you guys' sake".

Can anyone talk like that today? That speaks of power. Here's a revelation that he says, "It's not time for me to go because I say it's not time". Finally he went, and how did he go? He went by the way of martyrdom. Now, I believe that Paul did not want to wait until he's old. The fastest way is a way where he, before the put the hood on his face, he looked at the executioner's face and say, "The Lord Jesus loves you, and never feel condemned that you did this to me. Remember, he loves you, amen? Whenever you are discouraged, think of what I said". He gives encourage to all the prisoners and what a way for him to go. Instantly, he was in the presence of the Lord, amen? But only after he says, "I have finished my course," amen? "Well, what about those who were martyred, Pastor Prince"?

Now again, it's a controversial subject, we don't want to offend people, you know, but let's just stick to the Bible. Years ago, I asked myself this question, what about those who suffered as martyrs and all that? Let's go to Hebrews where that portion is taken from, Hebrews 11, verse 32. Are y'all with me so far? All right, so Hebrews 11:32, "What more shall I say? For the time would fail me to tell of Gideon and Barak and Samson and Jephthah, also of David, and Samuel, and the prophets". I want to stop here and just tell you this, all of the heroes of faith there in this hall of faith in Hebrews 11, they're all judges, except for David.

Have you noticed that, from Book of Judges? If you know your Book of Judges, this is very interesting. These kind of things, I don't know why it fascinate me a lot when I see order in the Bible, or if I see something that's out of order, there is an orderly disorder that God wants us to see. For example, "The time will fail me to tell of Gideon and Barak". Who came first, Barak or Gideon? Barak, but Gideon is put first. And Samson and Jephthah, who came first, Samson or Jephthah? Samson is the last judge, but Samson is put first. Oh, y'all know this, David and Samuel, the prophet Samuel, who came first? Samuel. Samuel's the one that anointed David when she was only about 16, 17 years old, right? But David is put first, why, why?

That fascinates me because I know there's no disorder in the Bible. The Holy Spirit saw fit to do it like this, there's a reason for it, but it's not within the scope of my preaching today, all right? I will share with you some other time. Meanwhile, this is your homework, find out why, why are their names not in chronological fashion? Why are their names not in divine order, why? Why? That's your homework. I may place it on official Joseph Prince sermon notes. One of these days, I may give the answer there. I do not know. By the way, you don't have to flash your phone anymore to capture all the verses and all that because it's all available on official Joseph Prince sermon notes, okay? You excited about that? This is the authorized dealer telling you.

So, once in a while, we will plant some things down there that I didn't get a chance to preach. Usually at the end of a Sunday, I go out with my pastors and I'll share with them some more revelations about the sermon that I preached today. So, these extra nuggets that I was telling someone the other day, I want to put it in my sermon notes, some of the extras so you get more. There is more. Okay, praise God. "And through faith, they subdued kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, became valiant in battle, all through faith, turned to flight the armies of the aliens". All these stories are in the Old Testament. "Women received their dead raised to life again".

Now, come to this suffering part, "Others were tortured, not accepting deliverance, that they might obtain a better resurrection". So martyrdom, many of them were martyred, and you know, when I was a teenager, this was the verse that bothered me and I was thinking to myself, the rest all conquered this, you know, did great exploits, all kind of miracles through faith, through faith, and then came this suffering for others were tortured not accepting deliverance. And I asked the Lord for it and the Lord caused these three words to jump out, "not accepting deliverance". It's vital you understand that, why? That they might obtain a better resurrection.

Do you know there are people in love with people so much that all they want to do is to be with him? Okay now, I want to say this, if you feel suicidal, this is not for you, amen? If you are depressed, I understand what you are going through. I was there before. As a teenager, I was a very depressed teenager and it's got to do with a lot of spiritual condemnation, a lot of things I feel guilty, I feel bad about, and it oppressed me. At night when I sleep, I can't sleep properly. I feel like demons are crawling on my body. I can feel it, and my mind became very dark and very heavy. I could feel the oppression literally like a weight burdening down on my mind. I felt suicidal a number of times, you know? I was just too coward, but let me tell you this, the deeper your depression, more likely than not, the stronger your call in God. You are destined to do something for God, it's something great, something wonderful, and the devil knows it.

When the devil realized it's baby Jesus in Bethlehem that is the one, he marshaled all his armies to try to destroy baby Jesus, but God protected him. And the devil is trying to destroy you. Don't take your life, you are precious. At the moment you're going through all these things, there seem to be no future, no hope, but stop just for a while, allow others to pray for you. Go share with a pastor, a counselor. Talk to us, amen. We love you and more than us loving you, it's God himself who loves you, and he has destined something great for you. Your life is too precious, all right? You have a high calling. I know you feel like what I felt when someone told me that, I said that no, no, can you please take over the calling then? But when I look at all the lives that are transformed, I won't have it any other way, amen?

Now, so we come to this, let's go to not accepting deliverance. Now, some people say, "Well, you know, they accept deliverance, that means the enemies came to them and say, "You're a Christian, right? I'll tell you what, I'll give you a way out, okay, your friends and all your family, I'll give you a way out. You know what? Renounce Jesus and you are free to go". That's what the traditional interpretation is, which means not accepting deliverance. That means the enemy offered the deliverance, okay? But when I studied this, the word deliverance, apolutrosis, apo, away from lutrosis, redeem. It is the word redemption used in ten other verses in the entire New Testament, and every time it is used, it's always the redemption that Jesus wrought, always.

For example, it says, "In whom we have apolutrosis, redemption, through his blood, the forgiveness of sins," same word. For example Jesus said, "Lift up your heads, your redemption draws near," apolutrosis, bodily redemption, amen? Christ has made unto us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and apolutrosis, redemption. You are sealed with the Holy Spirit until the day of apolutrosis, redemption when Jesus comes again. It's always used for the redemption that Jesus wrought. It is not this offer of release. Not even one time is it used in a negative way. It's always the redemption of Jesus. In fact, the definite article "the" redemption is used here. And the only one that came close to this, and I found out only recently I checked out was Young's Literal Translation, and this how Young's put it, all right?

"Others were tortured, not accepting the redemption". Boy, he's accurate. He even put the definite article there, which makes the whole thing sound a bit, you know, weird, but it is there in the Greek. Not accepting the redemption, one and only, Jesus's redemption. In other words, part of Jesus's redemption is protection, come on. And also long life. Am I right? But having said that, they didn't want to accept it because they wanted to obtain a better resurrection. At that time, the church was under persecution, and they loved Jesus with a passion, but I need for you to see that, okay? And the Apostle Paul can hold death at bay until he says, "I finished my course".

There's something we need to learn, folks, amen? Now, God forbid that I passed on tonight. No God forbid, it won't happen in Jesus's name, hallelujah. With long life, God satisfies me. But even if that happens, listen, you are to believe, not because of negative experience or positive experience, or I live to 120 and some of you not around. You don't believe because of that. You believe that, "Did I see that in the Bible? Did I see that in the Word of God"? That should be your standard of belief. Even if I'm sick and I preach healing, what do you believe? Okay, let's bring this to a close. "What do I do, what do I need to do, Pastor Prince? Wherein lies the hope? Let me just tell you this, number one is important that you understand the power of the tongue. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, Proverbs 18, and those who love it will eat its fruit. You're one of those who say name it and claim it".

Now, you hear all these things, you know, the more you spend time in the knowledge of good and evil, which is the Internet, you can find good and evil. It's the knowledge of good and evil. Now, the more you spend time with that, you actually go nowhere. It's almost like, "Yeah, yeah, you know," like hearing some news sometimes, you know? Whatever news it is, this side and that side, and this side, and that side. Are you edified? You hear both sides. Are you edified? It's not feeling, amen. The Word of God feeds you. It's okay to look at those things, but always understand, you know, that. So anyway, the thing is this, the Bible itself says, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue". We are not creators, amen, but we are seated with Christ on his throne, and there's a spiritual authority that will not be released until we speak.

Today, Jesus is in heaven and if there are a demon-possessed person in front of you, you don't pray, "Jesus, cast it out, cast it out". He will say, "Lift up your rod, lift up his name, speak in his name," and the demons will go. We've been given the power of attorney. We must exercise spiritual authority. If a traffic police at the junction try to stop the car and all that, and one can just pass by him, another car pass by him, you don't call HQ and say, "They are passing by me, you know"? Amen, use your authority, amen.

So, that's likewise, we are not creators. Only God is the Creator, but we are seated with Christ and we enforce with our tongue. Have you noticed that how the devil cut short people's lives? And for some reason, it's fascinating. All right, I'm just saying this because it's very fascinating, but ask yourself why the devil has programmed into the human language death more readily than life. What do you say in Chinese when things are difficult? Some bad things happened, you see what? Siyah, siyah. No one say, life, live, life, right? "I'm dying for the piece of cake". If you're dying for the piece of cake, you won't be eating it long. I know the expression, but why not say, "I'm living for the piece of cake"? It's programmed. "But Pastor Prince, you're splitting hairs over words". But I think the devil wants us to think it's light thing, but we know the Bible, we know the Word of God. Death and life are in the power of the tongue.

Do you know that Samson actually said, "Let me die the death?" before he died? Do you know that Stephen, the first martyr, he was stoned. So was Paul, Paul was stoned more than one time. Paul lived through it, but Stephen was stoned but Stephen looked up, saw Jesus and says, Lord, receive my spirit". He only fell asleep after he said that. And by the way, Christians don't die. In the New Testament it says they fall asleep. It's a transference of kingdom, even those who were involved in accidents. Let me tell you this, before the impact, they're out. Their body can be crushed, but they are out. Straightaway they experience perfect bliss, perfect happiness. A Christian never dies, amen? Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

There was a young boy, his name was Savi, Savi, all right, Jewish boy. He lived in 1917. When he was in 1917, this story when it happened, 1917, he was 15 years old, and he was a Polish immigrant. World War I was on, and he was going from town to town looking for food and all that. Finally, this Jewish boy ended up in a rabbi's like a care group, you know? And the rabbi was teaching elderly guy. And the rabbi said this, "You know, may all of us live to see something happen". There's something that will happen on their Jewish calendar in the year 2004, which is literally 87 years from 1917. All the kids in the class started laughing at the old, venerable rabbi. They start laughing and but, Savi sat down there and said, "Amen". He's the only one that said, "amen". The rabbi looked at him with a twinkle in his eye. Well, anyway, the reason this story came out was because somebody found him, all right, at 102 years old in 2004. When asked the secret of his long life, he says, "All my peers have all gone, but I'm here today because I said amen to what my rabbi said, and I saw the year at 102 years old".

So, let me just tell you this, all right, I believe with all my heart, there's more to this than we realize. In fact, this sermon should be a series. It's not enough to cram everything in, all right? Another one I'll you real quick is this, communion. The Bible says the only reason in the church, people in the world dying before their time and all that, it's almost like understandable. People in the world becoming sick and all that, it's understandable. But in the church, it should not be so, right? And yet, the Bible says that, "for this reason many are weak, many sick, many sleep or die prematurely". Obviously, he's not the best or else he wouldn't be writing these words.

And there's only one reason that happens, singular reason, the reason there in the Greek is singular. For this reason, and the reason is that they do not know how to partake of the Lord's Supper, amen. They take the bread, and so just a piece of bread just to remember Jesus, cup, just drink it. But those who know how to partake, they take the bread and says, "Why is this separated from the blood"? Because there's a purpose for the bread. His back was striped, he was scourged, why? Could have just gone straight to the cross. Because by his stripe, as sure as the stripe fell on Jesus's back, just as sure, I'm healed. His blood was shed. All my sins are remitted from the eyes of a holy God. God doesn't see sin on me. God doesn't deal with me based on sin anymore. Does that mean I'm perfect in my behavior, I'm sinless? No, but God doesn't see it. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord shall not impute sin.

So, partake of the Lord's Supper knowing this, if many can sleep before their time, if you partake correctly, worthily, the Bible says, many will be strong, many will be healthy, and many will live long, amen? You don't hear many places that have it every week. We are radical, early church even more radical. They go from house to house, daily, the Bible says. Last two verse, Moses, he died 120 years old. When he died his eyes was not dim nor his natural vigor diminished. And the Bible says that oh, I need to tell you this real quick. Also be righteousness conscious. When you have sin conscious, you are negating what Jesus did, okay, understand or not? You are negating what Jesus did, which means whenever, see, as sure as God made Jesus who knew no sin to be your sin at the cross, just as sure you are the righteousness of God in Christ in God's eyes, okay?

So, for you to feel sinful, to feel ashamed and all that, is to say Jesus didn't do a good job. You're dishonoring the work of Christ. Something happened to Aaron. Even Aaron was the one who actually the people persuade him to make a golden calf and all that, and he made the golden calf which is a death penalty actually. He did a lot of things that were wrong but yet, he never died. In fact, he began the first high priest to where the garments of the high priest, the garments of glory and beauty with the 12 precious stones, nothing happened to him. Death cannot fasten on him until God said to Moses, "Bring him up the mountain, Mount Hor". And the Bible says, "Strip Aaron of his garments, put them on Eleazar, his son. Aaron will be gathered to his people and die there. So, Moses did just as the Lord commanded. He went up to Mount Hor in the sight of all congregation".

So three of them went up Moses, his brother Aaron, and Aaron's son Eleazar. They went up to Mount Hor, and I've seen Mount Hor. Those of you who go for the trip to Israel, there's an option, right, to go to Petra Jordan and the hotel that you stay in, Petra, tell them to point out to you Mount Hor because Mount Hor, there's like a mausoleum right on top, white color building. That is where Aaron was buried on Mount Hor. You know how high is Mount Hor? Six thousand feet from the Dead Sea, and the Dead Sea area is near the area of Petra. So, you'll find that they went up, this guy is not sick. They climbed 6,000, you know, from sea level is 4,000 feet plus, all the way 4800 feet high. I mean, this guy is not sick. All three of them marched up to die there. But death cannot come on him until Moses stripped Aaron of his garments and put them on Eleazar, his son, and Aaron died there. The moment he was stripped, don't let the devil strip you of the righteousness consciousness, amen?

Moses died at 120, and his eyes was not dim. His natural force was not abated. And the only reason the Bible tells us that happened in Hebrews 11, the last verse is, "By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king; for Moses endured as seeing him who is invisible". Why was Moses not afraid of the visible king? Because he saw the invisible one. In all that you do, go back to work and all that, don't just see a boss the visible one, see the invisible one. You can move the hearts of your boss. You can move the hearts of your colleagues, the hearts of your prospects, clients, whatever, your ministry people. He can move. See the invisible one. And the Bible says Moses endured.

"How do you know this is his secret, Pastor Prince"? Years ago I asked the Lord about this, he brought me to this seeing Jesus like seeing indeed will cause you to live long. The only reason somebody Psalms 91 says, "With long life will I satisfy him, is this show him and show him my salvation". And the "salvation" there is Jesus. So God says, "You will live long for what"? I want to see more profit. I want to see more children, grandchildren, great, no, the only reason is to see more and more of Jesus. Now, you'll see Jesus face to face in heaven, but down here when you see Jesus, you'll have an impact on many people and you'll bring them to see Jesus as well, amen?

So, what makes this verse tie up with that verse? Years ago I asked the Lord and he brought me to this verse, and I realized that he endured, "Moses endured," is what use only one time in the entire New Testament. It's the word kartereo, which actually means that Moses remained the same the moment he saw Jesus, his body, everything remained the same. There's something that is amazing. Do you know that in the presence of Jesus, no one dies? Go through The gospels. Nobody ever died in his presence. In fact, when he attends a funeral, he always fouls up the whole show. It's no more a funeral, it's a celebration. He says, "I am the resurrection and the life". To have Jesus, to see Jesus is life. Those are bitten by the snake, when they saw Jesus, they live.

So, our endeavor is to see more and more of Jesus, and I pray that today, you will see Jesus. In fact, Vine says this like this, Vine says, the word katereo, which is used only one time, has an idea of physical power, used only one time. Moses remained the same because he kept on seeing him always invisible. Tell your children, "When you go to school, don't just see your teacher. See Jesus with you," amen? "When you feel alone, you're not alone. Who's with you? Jesus is with you," amen? Tell them to see a young Jesus, you know, it's okay. Tell them to see a young, like they are ten-years-old, as a ten-year-old Jesus as their friend. They practice his presence. He's gonna be the greatest friend they'll ever have, amen? "When the teacher scolds you, see Jesus in between," amen. Something will happen.

You know, and I believe that this is what our children are looking for. They're looking for superheroes that are not in existence. There is one that is, his name is Jesus, and I pray that this has blessed you. Praise the Lord, thank you, Jesus. Every head bowed, every eye closed all across this place. And friend, if you are here today, let me just tell you this, this is not a religion. This is a reality. The God of heaven, the Creator of the heavens and the earth who made you and I when we were in our mother's womb, this God is holy a God. And because he's the Holy God, he cannot allow sin to come into his presence. But then God has the dilemma, a divine dilemma, how to allow sinful men to come to his presence, and the wisdom of God resolve that. He will send Jesus, but only a God of love is able to give up the very one that he loves, the very Son that he loves.

Therefore, God is love, and God sent his Son because God loved you, my friend, so much that God sent his Son to become the sin payment for all your sins. And now as sure as God's judgment fell on Jesus for all your sins, God will never ever condemn you, or punish you for your sins if you accept and embrace what Christ has done. And on the third day, God raised Jesus from the dead as a divine receipt that the same body that bore your sins three days ago, now was raised without them. What does that tell you? It's a perfect world. All your sins have all been put away. It that is you, you're gonna pray this prayer with me. I want to lead you in this prayer to enter into all that God has for you. Say:

Heavenly Father, I confess Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I believe Christ died for my sins, bore my judgment, and died in my place. And on the third day, you raised him from the dead without my sins. It's a perfect work, and I thank you, Father, I stand before you today clothed with your righteousness. Jesus Christ is my Lord, in Jesus name.

And all the people said? Stand to your feet, hallelujah. Lift your hands all across this place. And again, there's spiritual authority, amen? As I confess the Word, words will set into motion events, amen, events, and the Bible says angels hearken to the voice of God's Word, but they must be voice to God's Word. As long as just written Word, there's no voice. So, when I speak God's Word, angels hearken. They go into your Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, they enforce, amen. I'm not the Creator, none of us who speak are the creator. There's only one Creator, but we are joint heirs. We enforce like a policeman. All the power come from the government, all right? The policeman is there to enforce. So likewise, this week, let's not take our protection for granted.

The Lord bless you in the name of Jesus, with all the blessings of father Abraham. The Lord keep you, preserve you and your loved ones throughout this big from every danger, harm, accident, sickness, from tragedy, from all the powers of darkness through the blood of his Son. The Lord make his face shine on you, be favorable to you. The Lord put you at the right place at the right time. Enjoy his free favors. And the Lord grant to you and yours his shalom peace, health, and well-being. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and Father, grant life, Lord, extra years of life to all your people under the sound of my voice, Lord, in all the sessions, Father, and everyone that's watching this, Lord, on broadcast. In Jesus name, and all the people said? Love you all, see y'all again, amen.

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