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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Joseph Prince » Joseph Prince - Keys To Healing In The Hebrew Language

Joseph Prince - Keys To Healing In The Hebrew Language

TOPICS: Healing

Are you ready for God's Word? Now, what I'm gonna share with you, the first part of it, we're gonna invite people that have not heard about healing or health to join us, all right, to just orientate them first and to show them that Jesus is not just about saving you from hell into heaven. That's what the concept a lot of people have about salvation. But he's to bring heaven into your hell right now, amen, to bring heaven in your earthly living, amen. He has heavenly answers for your earthly ills, all right? The Lord wants to bring salvation to where you are and if it's a sick body, he wants to bring salvation in that body because the word "salvation" from the Greek word "sozo" is a all-encompassing word. It means save. It means heal. It means deliver. It means protect and preserve, amen. That's a mouthful, isn't it? So, that's the Greek. And in the Hebrew, it's yasha.

So, when God sent his Son of all the names that God could have chosen, God chose one name, Yeshua which means salvation. When you say Yeshua, you are saying healing. When you say Yeshua, you are saying deliverance. When you say Yeshua, you are saying, "Watch over my children," amen. Yeshua means protection. It means preservation. Isn't that wonderful? Okay, are you ready? All right, first of all, I'm gonna share with you a passage. Now, the first part is not my revelation. It's taught all over the world. People who teach on healing will teach this passage. It's a very popular passage on healing, but the Hebrew part I'm gonna come to it towards the end of the message, halfway through we'll come to it but that part I'm gonna share you is totally a revelation that came straight from God, okay? Are you ready?

All right, Proverbs 4, "My son, give attention to my words". God is talking and he's calling you my son. This is not a message for the world, it's a family talk. God is gathering his sons together and God is saying, "My son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your eyes; keep them in the midst of your heart; for they are life to those who find them, and health to", How much of your flesh? How much of your flesh? "Health to all their flesh". It is the only thing that will give you health to every part of your body. So, whatever you're about to receive from this passage, the secret here, is that it will minister health to, how much of your body? All. Amen? Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, hallelujah.

Now church, before we come to the Hebrew, I'm gonna expound to you the Hebrew of Proverbs 4, okay? And you'll be so blessed because the first time I'm releasing this. Okay, you're getting it fresh. You're like the smell of fresh bread, yeah, I can smell it now, okay? Now, first let's look at Revelations chapter 1. The Apostle John on the island of Patmos, Jesus gave him a vision. He says, "Then I turned to see the voice that spoke with me. And having turned I saw seven golden lampstands". Now, from now on I'll call the lamp stand menorah which is the word that use in Hebrew, menorah. This is a menorah. This is what God told Moses to build in the wilderness. And God says, "This will give light to the priests when they come and minister in the holy place". There is no fluorescent tube in those days. There's no lamp. God says the only light will come from the menorah. There's a seven-branch menorah with seven lamps. Can you see that?

Now, there's a reason why I showed you the menorah, all right, I'll come to that in the Hebrew revelation, okay? Before I do that, I want to, because there are a lot of new people here, I need to tell you that about some things about Hebrew, okay? Hebrew is like Chinese, it reads from right to left. For example, the name of God, we say Jehovah, all right, the name by which God is revealed in the Old Testament is Yahweh, all right, or Jehovah. It's the same. It is made of four Hebrew letters reading from right to left, yud hei vav hei, all right? It's actually Yahweh, Yahweh, reading from right to left. Don't forget, right to left. Now, God has two hei in his name. Do you know that every Hebrew letter is also a picture, it's a pictogram.

Now, let's look at least 5, we don't have time for the entire 22 letters but let's look at 5, shall we? The first one is aleph. Aleph is an ox. The pictogram is an ox. It's always an ox. You ask anyone in Israel whether they are believers or not believers and all that, it's always an ox, all right? Aleph. What's an ox? A sacrificial animal. They use the ox to sacrifice for I mentioned just now, all right, it's a burnt offering. The largest burnt offering is the ox so the ox is a picture of sacrifice. Are you listening? Okay, that's aleph. Memorize the letter. It's easy for you to know. No problem, okay? Yeah, your spiritual roots are Hebrew anyway so you got it, Aleph. The next letter is bet. Bet is a house. Say, "House". So, aleph is an ox, bet is a house that's why you have the name Jesus was born in Bethlehem, lehem is bread, bet is house, house of bread, okay? So, that's the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The third one is Gimmel, which is a camel, amen? Gimmel, the fourth letter is Dalet, a door. Dalet is a door, all right? Aleph, Bet, Gimmel Dalet, Hei is the fifth letter. Y'all know Hei.

Now, the picture is a window, a window. If you ask the rabbis why is it a window, they will tell you, "It's a window something, you know? It's a window to something". A window is for you to see. A window is for you to look out, to have a perspective. But they don't understand hei because hei is grace. It's a revelation of grace and grace came with Jesus Christ and only if they acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Messiah, the revelation of hei will be given to them, okay? So, don't forget these five letters, okay, Aleph, Bet, Gimmel, Dalet, Hei. Are you ready? Okay, I believe you are ready. Proverbs 4, "My son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings". Do you know exactly how many letters there are up here? Okay, you don't have to count, okay, just to let you know. If you count, there are 25, exactly 25 letters. Can you find a middle letter? If there are 25, can you find a middle letter? Of course.

Middle letter means, what? There's 12 here and there's 12 here, that makes you the middle letter, right? You understand? Twelve and twelve is twenty-four. You are the twenty-fifth. Okay, if I have to teach mathematics I've got no time, okay? All right, when you find 25 that means, what? There's a middle letter, okay? We're trying to find a menorah principle here, all right? There's a middle letter here, so altogether how many letters? Twenty-five. Counting from the first Bet, the first letter Bet all the way 12 letters, you come to Bet. Remember Bet? Aleph, Bet. What is Bet? House. So, let's see if Bet is the middle letter. Taking the letter after Bet is Hei all the way to Kaf is also 12 letters which means, what? Bet is the middle letter. You got it? You got it? Oh, by the way, I need to tell you this, just now the name Yahweh, many a times they shorten it to Yah, Yah is yod hei. Memorize it yod and hei.

All right, look up here, people. The middle letter is Bet, right, Bet, the middle letter. What does a super reading tell you? Attend to my words. Attend to my words. And this Bet is from the word "attend," the Hebrew word "attend". Bet is a house. Where do you get God's Word? In the house. Who's house, your house, my house, the firehouse? Who's house? It's God's house, we all know that. Now, let me prove to you. Someone asked, "Prove to me that the center letter Bet, the center letter Bet is the house of God. Very simple, look on the right side. What letter is that? Yod, look at the right side of Bet. What letter is that? Yod. Look at the left side of Bet, Hei. What's that? Yah. Do you see that? It's the house of, this is hallelujah. It's the name of God. This is the house of God. Now, reading from right to left, okay, after Bet if you read from right to left, after Bet is Hei, after Bet is Hei.

There are houses that say this is a church, that's a church, this is a church, that's a church, but let me tell you this, what makes a church a church and not a synagogue? What makes a church a church is that it is the house of grace, the house of Hei. It's the house where you find grace. Can I have a good amen? Amen. Next verse, verse 21, "Let them not depart from your eyes; keep them in the midst of your heart. Let them not depart from your eyes; keep them in the midst of your heart". Here, I want to tell you something about a Hebrew letter. You know what's a prefix and a suffix? Okay, if you put a letter in the beginning, all right, it is what? Prefix. If you put it at the end of the word, if you put a letter at the end of a word it is, what? A suffix, okay? All right, if you don't understand anything, just get the teaching, all right? I trust that you as you go on, the Holy Spirit will reveal more and more, okay?

Now, in the Hebrew, there is a letter that makes something yours, your possession. It is yours. It's just one letter. If it's put at the end of a word, that means that thing, whatever it is, becomes yours. You got it? For example, y'all know hesed. What is hesed? Hesed is grace but if I put one letter at the end, I put Kaf, the letter Kaf. Say, "Kaf". Kaf, all right, K-A-F, Kaf. If I put the letter Kaf at then of hesed, it become hesek, there's a hesek there. Hesek. So, I'll say hey, hesek that means your grace, your kindness, your mercy. Just by putting one letter at the hesed it becomes his, his grace. Got it? There's a Kaf, K sound. Hesed become hesek, okay? Are y'all with me so far?

Now, you need to know that because this revelation is gonna bless you with that. It's a letter of possession. How many letters altogether have you counted? Okay, I can't wait for you, okay? Just let you know, there are also exactly 25 from right to left. From the first letter Aleph, all the way to the end, Kaf, you have 25 letters which means, what? Again, we have 12 here and 12 on the other side. Am I right? We can find the middle letter. Are you with me? Okay, let's look at the 12, counting from 12 from the first Aleph all the way down, right? You have Kaf. See that letter there. That's the letter Kaf which means whatever that word is, it is yours, okay? Following from Kaf, the first Shin all the way down to Kaf, another Kaf there is 12 letters, okay? So the middle letter is Kaf. And Kaf is from the word your eyes, mee eeyne, all right? Becomes mee eeyneykaa with a K sound, mee eeyneykaa, which means your eyes.

When you come to the house of God, the house of grace, and you listen to God's Word, you listen to God's Word being preached, it's gonna affect your revelation, your sight. It's not important what this person sees, what that person see, what that person sees. It's important what you see. Are you listening? It's not what this person says about you. It's not what that person says about you. It's what God says about you and how you see yourself. It's your eyes. It's what you say about you, what you see about yourself. What do you see? Do you see yourself under the shadow of his wings or do you see yourself getting stabbed, decapitated, entrails hanging out? How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself protected? It's not what Pastor Prince preach, it is your sight. What do you see? What do you see? "Pastor Prince, I know about Psalms 91. Thank God for Psalms 91". Yeah, but what do you see inside? Amen? So, if you want healing for your body, God is saying, "Own your sight," Amen. Make sure you're seeing the right thing.

Number two, now we come to the last one, right? Okay, the last verse, which is what? "They are life to those that find them and health to all their flesh". I love that word "uwlkaal", you see that? Kaal means every, every one, all. Yah Kaal, Israel. Listen, Israel. Listen, all Israel. Kaal, le kaal to all your bsaarow, your flesh, all right? That's the word flesh. Now, do you know how many letters there are? Very smart. So, verse 20 is 25 letters. Verse 21 is 25 letters. This one year is twenty-seven letters. There's humor in God's arrangement. He knew that y'all be saying 25. Anyway, just to let you know something. Before you look at the 27 letters, all right, before we look at 27 letters, I want to show you something about the words, the words. How many words are there? Count real quick. "marpee' basaarow uwlkaal- lamotsa'eeyhem heem chayiym Kiy-" Seven words, seven words. That tells you what? It is a menorah. It is a menorah. This verse is the clincher. This verse is the climax. This verse is the summum bonum, you know, it's the totality of all that we're saying because in this verse we find life to those who find them, health, healing to all their flesh.

So, God put it in a arrangement where you see the menorah. Can you see it? And what do you find the middle word is what? The middle word is l'mots eeyhem, which is those who find, find, find. The emphasis is what? Find. God did not say his Word is life to everyone. God did not say it is health to everyone's flesh. No, no, no, no. It's only for those who find, find. Now, if that is the middle word, have you noticed that the middle word also have, how many letters? Seven letters. It is the middle word three on this side, three on that side makes the menorah. It is the middle word but the middle word is also made of seven letters. We are seeing perfection here. Hello, are y'all with me? You are seeing perfection here. Number seven is number of perfection, all right?

So, let's close up on this letter here. The middle letter is letter aleph. Aleph is an ox, the picture of sacrifice and that's why what God is saying is this, if you want to receive healing, if you want to walk in health, make sure whatever you study, whatever sermons you hear in any church you go to or attend it's gotta be Jesus. Listen, Paul says, "I determine not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ," the person, "and him crucified," the work. The person and the work must always be center. So, we see this. Aleph in the center here. Just now I mentioned to you, right? I'm not talking about 27 letters here yet, you know? I'm coming to it. Seven words the middle word, the middle shaft is the word "find". The word "find" here has seven letters, the middle one is aleph but I told you just now there are exactly 27 letters.

Go back to 27 letters. We'll close with this. Twenty-seven letters from start to end, twenty-seven which means, what? There is a middle letter. Thirteen from Kaf, the first Kaf all the way here to Yod is what? Hei. After Hei is the Mem all the way to Aleph is another 13 letters which means hei which is the letter of? Shout it. You should know by now, right? Our decal. It's the letter of grace. Hey, I didn't write the Bible, I just discovered this. I'm telling you, folks, people, God is saying that he wants this to be the center theme of every church, every ministry, every person that ministers the Word. Okay, by the way, can you see something? That's the middle letter, right? Middle letter. We have Aleph there. Can you see Aleph there? Why is it 27 letters? The Jewish people always say there's no need for the New Testament. You know, Jewish people, they only believe in the Old Testament which is 39 books, okay? They don't believe in the 27 books. I just gave you the letter. Each letter correspond with the New Testament.

So, God is saying the New Testament are the words that bring life and health. It is knowing the New Testament that brings out the old. The Old Testament is made up of 39 books, the New Testament is made up of 27 books so each letter corresponds to a New Testament book, mmm-hmm? That's why Jewish people, they can study, doesn't mean they have divine life and health. It comes in the New Testament. Okay, Jewish people also say aleph is the name for Abba, Abba. First letter Aleph, second one is Bet, ab, that's where it comes from Abba. So, the Jewish people say, Aleph is not just Jesus and the cross, which they don't see, we see it, but it's also God. If you say it's God the Father, which I agree because the name Letter Aleph is Abba. Let's put it here so you can find the Triune God, three in one, okay? If it's Aleph, the center letter, Aleph. Who is on the right side of Aleph? Aleph, yours is left side because the right side of Aleph is your left side.

You know what I'm saying? Do you find two letters that remind you of something? Can you see on the left side, all right, you read the left. Do you find two letters? I'm not gonna tell you, you tell me. What's the two letters, huh? Yod Hei, which is what? Yah, Yah is our Lord Jesus. Can you see on the right, your left, okay, your left but God's right, am I right? Now, towards the left of Yah is what? Mem. You know what's a picture of Mem? Water. Mem is water. That's the Holy Spirit. So, you have the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. And God is involved. Now, there are no three Gods but one God, Triune God. It's involved in giving you life and health to all your flesh. Give Jesus praise. Come on, church. Have you been blessed, amen? Praise the Lord.
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