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Joseph Prince - How You See Jesus Is How You Will Receive

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Praise the Lord. Amen, yeah. To Yah be all the glory, amen. Our God is a good God. Our God is a God who cares for his people that he numbers the hairs on your head, Jesus said. You know, I love my daughter so much, but I've never numbered the hairs on her head and her hair is thick, alright, it's getting thicker even, you know, and now that she's coming to be a teenager. And I've never, in all my love for her, numbered the hairs on her head, and you know the numbers of her hair changes, all right? Of course, for some people, it's easy to number, all right, or you don't have to number. But the thing is that generally speaking, the hairs on your head change the numbers, right? Every day it changes and yet that means, what? God has a daily concern for you. God has a daily concern for you. God has a daily watchful care over you. Our God is really a good God, amen. You know, if only we can just live in the grace of God. Israel from Egypt on the way to Mount Sinai, all right, lived under the goodness and the grace of God. It all had to do with God.

If you read Psalms 105, you'll find this expression, "He sent them Joseph. He sent them this. He sent them that. He brought them out with silver and gold and there was none feeble among them. He provided a cloud for covering. He provided fire by night," he, he, he. So Psalms 105 is all about what God did, it's all about the goodness and grace of God and the result is prosperity and peace, amen? But the next Psalm, Psalms 106, all right, the reason the Holy Spirit put them side by side is a lesson for us. So Psalm 105 is all about grace and actually it's nothing to do with after Sinai. It ends with Sinai. It's all during this period, Psalms 105, it's all gotta do with him. When things gotta do with him, my friend, it is sure and secure. All right, if anything depends on man, that's when you have problems.

Now, next chapter, next psalm rather, Psalms 106, has got to do all with man. It says they made. You'll find the expression, "They made a golden calf. They did this. They rebelled against him. They vexed his Holy Spirit. They, they, they, they, they". And the result is chaos and death, all right? So, why don't we live in Psalms 105? Why don't we live under the goodness and the grace of God, amen? And let's not focus on our works, our deeds, amen. Now, having said that, you'll be surprised that those who don't focus on their deeds, they are the ones that do the most. When they focus on God, they end up doing the most with a restful spirit, amen? But those who focus on their works, end up, all right, doing a lot of things that will mess things up in a wrong spirit, a spirit of strife, okay?

So, it's important we live under the goodness and the grace of God. That's our church theme for this year. He has crowned his year with his goodness. And all the people said? Amen. Y'all understand why God cannot show his goodness in all his fullness? He does show, even after they receive the law, but not in all his fullness, in Psalms 106. Y'all know why? All right, because once you are under law, you demand that God treat you, or bless you, based on law. You cannot have your cake and eat it because the other side of the law says, if you don't keep all the law, the curse will have to come. The curse will ensue. So you cannot just have the blessing part when you obey, all right? You will have the curse part when you disobey. So, how many understand, this system is not good? Now, I didn't say it.

In the Book of Hebrews, God found fault with this system so the Bible says the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ, amen? It could have said the law and truth. It doesn't say that. It say the law, no truth there, the law, all right, now it is true. All right, the law is true, the law is holy, but cannot make you holy. The law is righteous, can make no man righteous, all right? But notice the law is given by Moses, but grace and truth is on one side. And if you look at the Greek, they are both one word, amen? I should say like this, they are both one. They are two different words, but they are both one because the word "grace and truth comes" is actually in the singular verb. Isn't that amazing? All right, which is not normal for grammar. So, praise God. Are you ready for the Word today? All right, turn to your neighbor, smile and say, "Relax". Look at somebody else and say, "When you relax, God works. When you work, God relax". So, how many want God to work? All right, you relax, amen?

If you look at Jesus Christ, you find someone whose life is so relaxed. You know, Jesus always had time for everything. And who is Jesus? Because today I want to share about, you know, you'll be asking the question, "Why is Pastor Prince preaching this sermon"? But you'll be surprised how much our receiving, whether it's a miracle, bodily healing, whether it's a financial miracle you need, whether it is a breakthrough in the area of your family relationships, whether it's some depression or addiction that you're battling with, your ability, your grace, to receive is contingent upon how you see Jesus. Are you listening? How you see Jesus is how you will receive. You'll find that there were two people, and those of you who are with me for some time, y'all know that I teach on this a lot. Only two people that Jesus said had great faith, the centurion and the Syrophoenician woman.

And the amazing thing is that the centurion never used the word "faith". Never even told the Lord, "I trust you. I believe in you". Never even used that word. All he said was this, "Right where you are, Jesus, you can speak the Word and my servant will be healed". His estimation of Christ was large. His appreciation of Jesus was huge, immense. And that's why Jesus says, "Truly I've not found so great faith, no, not in Israel," Jesus said. What a compliment, and the man wasn't even a Jew. He was a Roman Gentile, amen. So, today we want to look at why this is important. Are you with me? Look at what happened down here in 1 John. It tells us very clearly, "I write to you fathers". There are three categories, fathers, young men and little children, just like growth. You grow up as a little child, then you become a young man, or a young woman, and then you become a father or mother, right? So, here are three categories of growth. One is fathers. "I write to you, fathers, Because you have known Him who is from the beginning".

Notice that phrase, "Fathers are those who know him from the beginning". By the way, all right, it's amazing that why one is a father and one is a young man, one is a little child, it tells you why. In the Christian life, there are those who understand things more. There are those who experience God more. All right, there are those who are more mature. No doubt about that. We all have the same righteousness in Christ. But when it comes to knowledge, it comes to wisdom, it comes to experience, God has given some more. We like to find out why, why fathers are fathers and why young men are young men, why little children are little children. Now, the thing is this, we all go through these three stage, right? No one is born and say, "Hi mom, it's been quite traumatic these nine months, but here I am". All right, that's a horrible thought, I know, but no one comes out as a baby yelling, crying, right? And the baby has to grow.

So, we all have to go through, but something is wrong when you're 20 years old and your mind still is functioning at a little child. Something is wrong. Now, I know a few of you think it's okay. No, it's not, all right? It's not right. We all go through this stage, it's understandable. But he's saying, "Now what makes a father a father"? It's not he does more. Christian religion will say, or denominational teaching will say, "He does more". No, it is he knows something. He knows him who is from the beginning. Now, who is that? I'll come to that. "I Write to you, young men, Because you have overcome the wicked one". So, these are the bunch of people who love spiritual warfare. They are focused on the devil. And God says, "You know what? All right, they are Christians, they are born again, but they're only young men, not fathers yet". Okay, are you with me? They are focused on spiritual warfare, spiritual warfare all the time.

Now, next one. "I write to you, little children," paidio, literally, little children. All right, the reason I say paidio here is because when you read 1 John, sometimes he says, "I write to you, little children, because your sins are forgiven you". That one is not paidio. That little children there is teknion, which is actually a generic term of endearment. "I write to you, my dear little children". All right, which means father, young and little child. But here it's, literally, paidio where you get, you know, pediatrician, paidio, little child. "Because you have known the Father". So, for the child's stage, you know the Father. You known when we are born again, all right, we get to know the Father, amen? Now, we still need to get to know the Father, amen? We need to learn how to enforce the defeat of the wicked one. We need to learn all this, of course, amen. But it shows when your emphasis is. But look at the fathers again. Twice it's mentioned, "I have written to you, fathers, because you have known him who is from the beginning".

Now, who is him from the beginning? How many want to stop just being child and become a father? A father has responsibilities. Okay, the hands went down. Okay, one more time. A father can produce more children, right? A child cannot produce. A father can have children, amen? A father provides. A father gives. A father sacrifices. A father protects. A father also has many privileges that young people don't have. A young child cannot drive your Porsche, your BMW, but a father can. All right, how many want to be fathers? You heard the Porsche, okay. Now, I should not be using carnal tactics on you, all right, but to let you know that that's what it is. There's a blessing in being a father, amen, right? So, what makes a father a father? He knows something. Does he know the father? Of course, he knows the heavenly Father, all right? A Christian who's a spiritual father knows the heavenly Father because that's the first stage. But he knows him who is from the beginning.

Now, who is writing this? John. Whenever John talks about him who is from the beginning, he's always referring to Jesus, all right? Notice God the Father is the little children knowing God the Father already. But who is the one from the beginning? It's Jesus. Because in John's Gospel, he starts off by saying, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God". The same was in the beginning with God. All things, say, "All things". "Were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made". In other words, Jesus is God. And later on you read, "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory, the glory of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth," amen?

Now, why is it important that you know Jesus is God? Because, listen, if by his stripes we are healed, it's only the stripes of a good man, your heart will not reach out for it. Faith will not be released. Do you understand that? But if by his stripes, the stripes of God made flesh, man, I'm telling you, the quality of your healing is in proportion to the quality of the man, amen? Are you with me? The fact that he died, how can one man die for the whole world and for everyone who never lived? Yet, the future. He only died for those who lived, I understand, but Bible say he died for the past, everyone for the present when he died in Jerusalem, all right, and then he died for everyone in the future who would ever live, not only that, for every individual, he died for all their sins of their entire life. How can he do that unless he's eternal? The one who was and the one who is and the one who is to come, amen.

So, I'm gonna show you right now from Scripture, and it will create a larger capacity to receive. How many want to receive more from God? See, what happened in his hometown, Jesus's hometown, was this, in Mark 6, they went out, "He went out from there and came to His own country," his own hometown, okay, Nazareth, "and His disciples followed Him. When the Sabbath had come, He began to teach in the synagogue. And many hearing Him were astonished, saying, 'Where did this Man get these things?'" For them he's just a man, all right, one of the town folk. They grew up with him. "So where did this man get these things? And what wisdom is this which is given to Him, that such mighty works are performed by His hands"! They acknowledged he performed miracles, all right? But as far as they were concerned, he's just a man. "Is this not the carpenter, the Son of Mary, and brother of James, Joses, Judas, and Simon"?

That shows Mary had other sons after Jesus. She was a virgin, all right, when God put the seed in her womb, all right, so that Jesus Christ is completely undefiled. But after Jesus was born, he had brothers, all right? "James, Joses, Judas, and Simon"? Not only that, he had sisters. "And are not His sisters here with us"? Actually, I was quite fascinated with the idea that he has brothers and sisters because somewhere along the way, you know, the ancestral tree would have come down somewhere, isn't it? I wonder who they are today? Just a thought. Be good for a documentary, with all the DNA research, we can do something about that. So, they were offended at him. So, notice that.

Now you say, "Pastor Prince, it's just a matter of their opinion". It's not matter of opinion. Look at the next verse. "Jesus said: 'A prophet is not without honor except in his own country.' Now He could do no mighty work there, except that He laid His hands on a few sick people and healed them. He marveled because of their unbelief". Do you hear that? They, at the end of the day, the town very few people got healed. Why? Because God has ordained, God the Father is ordained. "You don't honor my Son, I ain't gonna honor you," amen? Only a few people got healed, and I submit to you, these people knew who Jesus was. Are you with me?

Now, it's very important to know that God, Yahweh. Say, "Yahweh". That's the holy name of God, all right, the ineffable name of God, the Tetragrammaton, the name Yud Hei Vav Hei from the Hebrew letters, that name of God. In English most of the time they say Jehovah, all right, but it's Yahweh, all right? Now, Yahweh is a God who keeps covenant. So, let's look at Yahweh and the truth of Yahweh. You have your Bible with you? All right, I'm gonna show you something right now. It's gonna be really cool. Are you with me? All right, watch this, watch this. Turn to Genesis 1, the very first book of the Bible, Genesis 1. Now, if you miss Genesis 1, okay, it's not that you don't know the Bible. You never open any book, all right? It's the first page, all right, or at least Genesis 1, verse 1, the first book of the Bible chapter 1, all right?

Now, look down here, "In the beginning God created". Who created? God. Now, that God there is Elohim. Elohim is the plural form, whenever you find, in your English Bible, these letters, G-O-D, it is in the Hebrew Elohim. Your Old Testament is in Hebrew. It is Elohim, the Creator God. Now, Elohim is actually plural, but you don't say Gods. It's a triune God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit. So, God created the heavens and the earth. How many can say amen? Okay, now look at this. Look at the entire chapter. "God said. God said. The Spirit of God. God saw. God divided. God called. God said. God made. God made. God said. God called. God said. God made. God said". It's all God. Can you find "Lord"? Lord, in your English Bible, L-O-R-D is Yahweh. Capital L, whenever you find it in your English Bible, capital L, capital O, capital R and D it is Yahweh, okay, the covenant God, the self-existing God. But when you find capital L but small letters, o-r-d, it is not Lord, okay? It is adon, Adonai, okay? Are you with me? I'm helping you understand your English Bible because they don't show it.

Now watch this, in the entire chapter 1 there is no Lord. There's only Elohim. There's only Elohim because he's creating. Do you understand? There is no man yet to have a covenant with. Man is mentioned in this chapter, but not yet made into a covenant, all right, with man. But look at chapter 2. Look at chapter 2. In chapter 2, you have this phrase, all right, you have this wonderful phrase here, "Lord God". Look at verse 5, "The Lord God". Can you see that? Look at verse 7, "And the Lord God formed man out of the dust of the ground". Look at verse 8, "The Lord God," all right, all throughout. Verse 18, "And the Lord God said it is not good for man to be alone". Now you have an addition. You have Yahweh, Elohim. Say, "Yahweh, Elohim". Okay, in other words, man has come on the scene. So, God is saying, "All right, now I can be Yahweh". Now, Yahweh is what he is. Elohim is what he does. Elohim is Creator, supreme Creator, all right? Yahweh is his name.

Now, people call me pastor, right? Pastor is what I do. Pastor is not my name, okay? Small kids call me plaster, also not my name, all right? And some people say, "Let's have pastor for dinner". All right, it means gossip about pastor. Also, not pasta, all right? So you must understand, my name is Joseph. I am Joseph, your brother, come near to me, amen? I am Joseph. Joseph is my name. So, Yahweh is God's name. Are you with me? Now, Jesus is the Greek version. When you say Jesus, it is the Greek version of Hebrew Yeshua. Yeshua is Yahweh, sha is saved. Jehovah saved. Yahweh saves. His name is Yahweh. Yahweh saves. Are you with me? All right, so notice from creation is all God Elohim, Elohim, Elohim. Then you have chapter 2 man appears, God is now Lord God, Lord God, Lord God. But look at chapter 3, all right, and you find something very interesting. It ends off there by again, "Lord God," but there is something, let me just show you chapter 4 first, all right? Chapter 4 you have, for the first time, Eve saying, "I have acquired a man". She gave birth to a baby and she says, "I have acquired a man from the Lord".

Now, it's only Yahweh, not Elohim, not Yahweh Elohim, but only Yahweh. Do you see that? It's progression in Revelation. Okay, now, look at chapter 3 up here. "The serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field". I'm gonna show you right now how the devil works, okay? Would you like to know how he comes against your mind? All right, would you like to know that, okay? The Bible says, "Than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said to the woman, 'Has God indeed said'". Now notice, Yahweh Elohim made everything, right? But when the snake talked to the woman, notice the snake cannot use Lord. Throughout his speech, he cannot use Lord. He used Elohim, Elohim. "'Has Elohim indeed said you shall not eat of the every tree?' The woman says, 'We may eat the fruit of the trees of the garden; but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God has said'". Now, she used his lingo, Elohim.

You know how many people come and tell me, "Pastor Prince, this guy talk about God. Pastor Prince, this celebrity thank God". Yeah, but which God? Is it Yahweh Elohim? Is it Yeshua? Which God? We owe it to the Jewish people for all these Hebrew names. Are you with me? You tell me, "Pastor Prince, a matter of terminology". No, it's how you think. How you address God is how you will receive from God. You know some people in the world, they blaspheme the Lord by saying, "The man," you know, "upstairs". That's how they call God. Okay, you know for sure, they cannot receive from the Lord, why? Because God is not good to them? No, their revelation obstructs them. They have a small, puny revelation of who God is. God lives up there. That's all, amen? Today I'm gonna enlarge your revelation. In the Last Supper, watch this, Jesus said, "One of you shall be betray me," and this is what happened. "They were exceedingly sorrowful, all the disciples were sorrowful, and each of them began to say to him, 'Lord, is it I?'" Say, "Lord". What does the Bible say? Each of them. Say, "Each of them". Each of them said, "Lord, is it I"? Finally came to Judas.

You ever thought why Judas betrayed Jesus? What's wrong with Judas? I'll tell you this, the answer is given in this verse. When it came to Judas, "Judas was betraying Him, answered and said, 'Rabbi, is it I?' Jesus said, 'You said it.'" Now, it came out of his mouth. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. As far as he was concerned, he followed Jesus. He saw the miracles, but he followed Jesus like this, "If he can do miracles, I can do miracles". Today, our Christianity is such like, we make Jesus just into a teacher, a rabbi, in other words, not someone to feed from like God in the flesh. Jesus said, "I am the bread of life. He that eateth me shall live forever. He that eateth me shall never hunger". A mere man has no right to say that. Jesus Christ is not just for us to follow after. Jesus Christ is someone that we can feed from, and find strength, hallelujah, power, life, wholeness and health, renewal of youth, and strength! You don't come to Jesus to learn until you have fed. When you have fed, then you can learn to do whatever he tells you to.

But most Christians today, they have this idea of Jesus Christ is an example. "If he did miracles, let's learn so that we can do miracles". There's a place for that. Don't misunderstand, all right? But more importantly, all right, we must see him as God in the flesh to feed from, to worship, to spend time with, to worship. And then, you know what? He will empower us from within. He's not for imitation. When you imitate someone, you are left in your own strength to imitate the person. No, you feed on him and his strength causes you to be like him. So, every time, every pastor, every leader ought to preach Christ-centered messages where people can feed on Christ, the Lamb of God, amen. When you walk out here, you should be like, "Wow". You leave a good restaurant, filet mignon, amen. Praise God.

So rabbi, it's very clear, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Are you with me, people? Come on, are you with me? Now watch this, David was a man after God's heart. You ask the question, "How come David, young as he is, God said". You know God said, "He was a man after my heart," long before he killed Goliath. That means as a youth, God said, "He's a man after my heart". Wow! What was it? Number one, he has a heart to bring the ark of the covenant back, to bring Jesus back, okay, into the midst of God's people. I have another message on that. Number two, he knew something I'm about to share with you right now. At age 17, he knew something. Watch this, when he was in front of Goliath, all right, this is what he said to Goliath, cool, really cool. "This day the LORD will deliver you into my hand that all the earth may know there is a Elohim in Israel, that all the earth may know there is an Elohim".

All right, the earth only understand God, the Creator. God, I want all the earth to know today when you are defeated, all the earth will know there is an Elohim in Israel. All right, all the earth can understand Elohim, God, the Creator. But watch this, "Then all this assembly," that is Israel, "shall know that the Yahweh does not save with sword and spear; for the battle is Yahweh's, and He will give you into our hands". Hallelujah! He knew the differentiation. If you say, "Lord" to the world, they will not understand. Now, I'm not saying the world cannot say, "Lord". I'm just saying, all right, they will never have the revelation who Yahweh is. But you and I we are supposed to know who is Yahweh. Even Satan doesn't know who Yahweh is. Are you listening? See the careful demarcation? All the earth will know Elohim. Elohim is in Israel. But for Israel themselves, this assembly, they will know Yahweh is the one that fights. For the battle is not yours, it is Yahweh's.

Hey, hey, hey, this battle you're going through physically, listen to me, stop striving, it is not yours. The battle is the Lord's. This financial battle you're going through, hey, hey, stop. The battle is not yours, the battle is the Lord's, amen? The battle is not yours, the battle is the Lord's, amen. And our people who have won awards here and there, whether it's in business or anything else, one of the things you hear from them always is "The Lord takes care of it. The Lord, the Lord, the Lord," amen. Learn to use "The Lord," not just God. When people hear God, they will say that, "Okay, my God also". So make sure you know the Lord. Are you with me? You see, when God appeared to Moses, there's one thing God said to Moses, very interesting. God said to Moses this, "And God spoke to Moses and said unto him, I am Yahweh: And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty," is El Shaddai. "I appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by the name of El Shaddai, but by my name JEHOVAH Yahweh was I not known to them".

Now, listen carefully. That means Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, by the way, they did use the name the Lord, Yahweh. It's not that they're ignorant of the name. They used the name. But what is saying is that they are more familiar with the name God Almighty than they are with Yahweh. Boy, that's amazing. That means what? Even for us, we need to find out what's the name, who is this Yahweh? Are you with me? Is it getting exciting? All right, watch this. You know a guy called Uzzia. Short form, uzi is that machine gun created by a Jew. That's why they call it uzi from the word uz for strength, power. Uzziah, King Uzziah, when he was a young teenager, this is what he did, the Bible says, "He sought the LORD," and as long as he sought the Lord, now he didn't keep on seeking the Lord, okay? His ending was a bit tragic, all right? "But as long as he sought Yahweh, Elohim made him prosper," the God who controls weather, the God who controls nature, the God who put the diamonds, and the sapphires, and the silver in the earth, amen, he is the God that made him prosper.

God can move mountains to make you prosper. God can move the stock exchange to make you prosper. God can move IMF, whatever it is, God can move everything to make your prosper. Are you listening, people, amen? Do you know that Elohim and Yahweh is the same God? Okay, don't misunderstand me. Hello, y'all know it's not two Gods, huh? Identification. Same God, all right, but the name Elohim is the one in charge of the earth, the one in charge of weather, the one in charge of the earth and the riches and the movement of the earth and earthly events, everything. That's Elohim. But you know something? We don't seek Elohim. We don't seek God, we seek the Lord, and God will arrange everything to make you prosper. Are you with me, people?

You can say it like this, Elohim is the hand of God. Yahweh is the heart of God. If you want to get to know something, you spend time with the person getting to know his heart because his hand will move when his heart is moved. Oh, you didn't hear me. I said his hand will move when his heart is moved. And you know something? The heart move first. The heart moves, Jesus had compassion on them, and then he stretched forth his hands and healed the sick. Okay, are you with me? Oh, this is getting exciting. So, look at the name Yahweh in Hebrew. You know how you spell it, right? From right to left like Chinese, Hebrew reads from right to left. Say, "Yud". Say, "Hei". Say, "Vav". Say, "Hei". Yahweh. By the way, do you know it's made of three Hebrew words that means I was, I'm coming and I am?

All right, let me show you. Yahweh is made of these three words. Yahweh is made of yehyeh, which is yud hei yud hei, He will be. All right, it's made of hoveh, which is hei vav hei, being, present, all right? Hahyah, last one hei yud hei, Hahyah, He was. So the God who is, the God who was and the God who is to come. That's the name Yahweh. Now, Hebrews 13, verse 8 please. "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever". And this is written in the Book of Hebrews. The Jews fell out of their chair when they read that because for us, the same yesterday, today and forever, you know, we don't understand. "It's the same, lor"? All right, but the Jewish people, they understand. The same yesterday, today and forever is an expression of the Lord Yahweh. "You know, your past, I was there. Be cool. I can heal your scars from your past". "But God, I'm afraid of the future". "I'll be there when you arrive. I've taken care of your future right now and I've come back to your present and I am present to be a help to your future. To be a help to clear your past," amen?

Moses asked him, "What shall I say your name is when the children of Israel ask me, 'Who sent you?' What shall I say, Lord? What shall I say"? Let me give you this in Hebrew. This is in Hebrew, all right? God said to Moses, "Moses, I am that I am". In Hebrew "Yud hei vav hei". Literally it's in Hebrew. "I am that I am. That means I will be what I will be and I'll continue to be what I'll be. Whatever you need me, it's a blank check. I am means put down what you need. You need brain? Put down, I am your brain". Some of us need him to be our brain, you know? "You need health, put down I'm your health," amen. "I will be whatever you need me to be" because in God is all the fullness of grace and goodness. Hallelujah. Now, look at this Yahweh again, the letters, yud hei vav hei. All right, say, "Yud hei vav hei". Just yud hei vav hei.

All right, see the first two, Yud hei, all right, is ya. Say, ya. Yud hei, ya. Now, that's where you get hallelujah. Halle is praise, boast. Who? Ya. Hallelujah, got it? Now, from ya you have Yeshua. Who's name is that? Jesus. Ya saves. All right, the short form of his name is Ya, the first two letters ya, okay? Jeremiah, Hosea, some of your names have ya in it, okay? Zechariah. Okay, now watch this, Isaiah. So, you have yud hei. You know what I found out? I'm so glad the more I prepare these things, the more God shows me. I just found this out yesterday reading the thing in Hebrew. Let me show you this verse in Genesis, all right? "Then God said, 'Let there be light'; and there was light," okay? Do you know this is the first time ever God spoke in the Bible? His first words was "Let there be light".

Okay, now, I was very curious. I wonder what's the first word, all right, how it reads in Hebrew. So, this is the Hebrew. All right, Hebrew is arranged such way you must understand. It's not according to English, okay? And God said. So, it's Wayo'mer Elohiym y'hiy 'owr way'hiy 'owr. Light is 'owr. So, Wayo'mer is God said. Elohiym, God said. Y'hiy, all right, y'hiy, 'owr, hiy 'owr. Let there be light. So literally, become. Y'hiy is become light. First words, the very first word of God in the Bible is "Let there be light". Now, have you noticed y'hiy "let there be" is yud and hei? So, what I'm saying is that the very first word out of his mouth is his name. His name ya creates everything, whoo! You know, when I find these kind of things during my study, it gives me goosebumps. All right, you see what I'm saying? All right, now this is solid, praise God. Are you blessed, people? Do you understand Yahweh is three components of Hebrew words put together that means "I am, I was, and I will be"? Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever.

All right, look at Revelation chapter 1. Revelation, your last book of the Bible. Look up here. It says this, "Grace to you and peace from Him who is and who was and who is to come". Now, every Jewish person who read the Book of Revelation, their eyes open and say, "This is Yahweh". God who is, who was, who is to come. Do you understand how this applies to you or not? Jesus can reach out to your past and change it. You don't have to be a victim of your past. I don't care what you were. You can be a prostitute like Rahab, but Rahab, Jesus reached into her past and changed her destiny of the future. And you know what happened? Her name is mentioned, this ex-prostitute, her name is mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. God changed her future. God made her marry the most blessed captain, the captain of Judah, his son, and they produced a boy called Boaz who married Ruth. And Boaz and Ruth produced a boy called Obed. Obed produced Jesse. Jesse produced David who became king.

So, David came from this lady. And from David's line came Jesus Christ. So, God doesn't care about your past. He can change your past. You are not held hostage by your past because he is who was. He can go to the was and change what is because of what was so that what is to come will reflect who he is. Boy, did I say all that? Praise God, hallelujah. I don't know how to repeat that, but it's good, amen. That's from the Spirit. Praise God. Are you with me? Now, yud hei vav hei again. Hebrew letters carry pictures. Every Hebrew letter has a picture. They learn this in their Hebrew alphabet school. They learn alef the first letter, alef is ox. Bet is house. All right, they learn that way. All right, Gimel is a camel. Dalet is door. It's consistent. You can ask Jewish people anywhere. Now, yud, that's small comma, yud on the right. Yud Hei Vav Hei. Yud is open hand. It's hand. From yud, for example, Jewish people will say, yod, yod is your hand from yud, all right, yud. The root is yud. Yud is open hand. Say, "Open hand".

Now, hei is very interesting. You ask any of your friends, they'll say it is a window to something. Hei is the fifth letter. It's the fifth letter and hei, you know what picture is it? If you see children's Hebrew alphabet, they have a picture of a window. Window means revelation. But you ask any Jewish person, "What is that revelation"? They will tell you, "I don't know". It's a revelation of something, okay, but it's number five in Hebrew because every Hebrew letter is also a numeral. They don't have numbers like us. Ours, we have ABC and we have 123. For them, A is the value of 1. B is the value of 2, you understand? So, the fifth letter is hei and hei is the value of five. So, it's the letter of grace. Even Jesus, in English, is five letters. Think of it. You look at this, Yud Hei Vav Hei. Watch this.

So, hei is the revelation of grace. God breathed grace into Abram and Abram became Abraham. God breathed in Sarai, Sarai the hei. God breathed hei. God took his two hei's, all right, gave one hei to Abram who was unsuccessful, unproductive. God breathed into him, and he became the father of multitude, Abraham. Sarai was a barren lady, wanted a child but cannot have a child. Barren to her old age and now she needs a new body. She needs to overcome menopause even at the age of 90. So, God changed her name to Sarai to God put a hei. That's how God created everything. He's hei, by the breath of the Lord, the heavens were created. So, God breathe hei into grace, into Sarai's name, Sarai became Sarah. Hey, look up here. Your business is failing. All God needs to do is just hei towards your direction and things turn around. The next day, things turn around, amen, amen?

When things are crumbling, things are falling, all of sudden, God breathed hei, grace, all right, and things start getting back into order again, amen? Praise God. Are you listening? You're having pains in your body, constant pain, all you need is just God's grace. God breathes hei to your body and that body responds to the Word of the living God, hallelujah! Now church, I want to bring this to a close. This is powerful. So, open hand, yud, open hand of grace Hei. Vav, vav. You ask the Jewish people they will say it's either a peg. You know a peg you use for hanging things? All right, a peg or a nail, interesting, all right? They use vav as a connection. Like, for example, vav is like the conjunction with, all right? Matthew with June. Matthew vav June, vav. Just one letter means connection, okay? Are you with me?

So, Yahweh is ya is connected with grace. Do you see that? You cannot talk about the Lord without thinking of grace. What we are teaching is actually accurate. When we talk about God, think of grace. It's ya connected with grace, with Hei. Another way of saying like this, each individual now, open hand of grace. Nail, nail or peg, right? Nail, grace. So open hand of grace nailed in grace. That's his name. Does that remind you of someone you know? His open hand was nailed in grace. Come on, show the picture. Jesus, give him praise. Come on. And all the while, God was planning that Jesus Christ is Yahweh. He's Yahweh. When he hung there on the cross, it was a picture of the name Yahweh, Yud Hei Vav Hei. Yud, hand. Hei grace. Hand of grace. Vav hei. The God of grace, nailed in grace. Ooh. "So God, what shall I say your name is, when the children of Israel ask when me what is your name"? "Tell them, I Am that I Am".

And then many, many years after that, a young, handsome, Jewish carpenter standing on a mountain, hair blowing in the wind, eyes fiery, heart full of compassion, and the Jews tell him. "By what authority you do these miracles? Who are you? Are you greater than our father Abraham"? And he answered and said this, "Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day, and he saw it and was glad. Then the Jews said to Him, 'You are not yet fifty years old, and have You seen Abraham?'" He said, now I'm gonna give you the Hebrew, "Amen, amen. Most assuredly, amen, amen. I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM". Come on, shout. Come on, yeah. Yeah, I know. I hear some of you shouting already, but you're concerned about those who are succumbing to the law of sin and death. Don't worry about that, all right? Let go of the law of the spirit of life, amen? People who are alive, they sound alive. Why yell at the football stadium? Come on. Yahweh, he's I Am that I Am, and here it stands.

Now, no one speaks like this, "Before Abraham was, I Am". You're not yet 50 years old. So, they knew what he meant. Let me tell you, the Jews understand. You don't understand what he meant, the Jews understand because I know, you know why? Next verse, "They took up stones". And watch this, see how cool this is. "Jesus hid Himself and went out of the temple, going through the midst of them". Ha, ha, ha. You know what it means or not? Not that he hide like this. All right, just like that, he disappeared. And you know where he walked? Right through the midst of them where he belonged. It wasn't time. "You cannot kill me before I lay down my life. No one can take my life from me". You know when he went to the cross, it's because he laid down. No can kill him. He's Yahweh in the flesh. You know, Isaiah 40 says, "Prepare the way of the Lord". The Lord there is Yahweh. And then John the Baptist came. "I am not he, but I am the one that Isaiah says a voice crying in the wilderness, prepare the way of Yahweh". Literally, he's calling Jesus Yahweh, wow.

When they came to arrest him in the Garden of Gethsemane, he asked them, "'Whom do you seek?' They said, 'Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus said to them, 'I AM.'" Notice the "he" in your Bible, the New King James it's in italics. In italics means what? It's not in the original. They should not have put it there. Literally, they came to arrest him, all right? And he stepped forward and he says, "'I Am.' 'We seek Jesus of Nazareth.' 'I Am.'" Look at the effect. "And Judas, who betrayed Him, also stood with them. Now when He said to them, 'I am,' they drew back and fell to the ground". Let me tell you this bunch of people that came to arrest him, okay? They were soldiers, brandishing their staves, their spears, and their swords. They were fully armored. They came to arrest him, these temple soldiers, and they all fell when he says, "I Am".

Who is capturing who? If he never laid down his life, they would have never gotten him. He can pin them down, you know, I'm telling you that, hallelujah. The world today is crying out for supernatural hero. They want supernatural gifts, but theirs is fiction. This is a school of cross men. All different gifts, words of knowledge, gifts of healings, working of miracles, amen? And Jesus is able to pin people down if he wants to. Theirs is just a dream, our is reality. We are natural and yet supernatural with supernatural gifts. Are you with me? Let me bring this to a close. I don't have to close this, this is wonderful. Now, when you look at him and he says, "Before Abram was, I am," all right? Then when you are sick, and this reality, you listen to this sermon and it becomes so big in your heart.

You know what you say? By his stripes. It's his stripes, wow. By his stripes, I am healed. It is his stripes. That's why your estimation of Jesus is such that if you have a small estimation, you can only receive small. If you have a huge estimation you receive big. By his stripes, I am healed. If I know whose stripes it was, I'm healed, man. I am healed. It's not just a good man's stripes. No, no, no it's Jesus's stripes I'm healed, amen? Are you with me? Let me show you, by the way, do you know that when they were caught in a storm on the boat, Jesus said to them, the Amplified bring this out. The Amplified says he told them, "Take courage"! He was walking on the water, and they were afraid, right. Jesus said, "Take courage! I Am". Your English says, "Don't be afraid. It is I". But that's not in the Greek. I don't know why they write the, just produce what the Bible says. Don't be afraid!

You say, "Pastor Prince, you don't understand, this coming month I have to.".. "Don't be afraid, I Am. When tomorrow comes, I Am. When next week comes, I Am your supply still. Next month comes, I still Am! Whatever you want me to be, your healing, your supply, your favor". Praise God. In the Book this is what it said. Two more verses, we close. Book of Revelation, Jesus said, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last". Okay, this is what he says, "I am the Alpha and the Omega". Now, y'all know that he spoke Hebrew, right? He's talking to John he would have said, "I am alef," the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. "And I am tav, alef tav," okay? So, because it's in the Greek they say alpha, the first Greek letter. Omega, the last Greek letter.

Now, in other words, these are letters alpha and omega. So, "Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last," carry meaning about our Lord Jesus. Watch this, Alpha and Omega are words, letters, right? So it is what he said. The beginning and the end is always used for what you do, right? You don't say, "I am the beginning," right? Until you mean you have done something, the beginning of a project, the end of the project. It's always something you do. So, beginning and the end is what he did. Now, who got first? Who got last? Who came in first? Who he is is first and last. Now, is there anything there that's not covered? Huh, is there anything there that's not covered? "I am Alpha and Omega," what he says. The beginning and the end, what he does, amen? The first and the last, who he is.

"What does that mean, Pastor Prince"? That means your doctor don't have to the final word. The experts don't have the final word, he does. What he says is first and what he says is last. Thank God for professionals, but they don't have the final word. It's time for us to realize professionals cannot stop the tsunami in Japan recently. No one can. Even the financial downturn in brilliant minds in a wonderful country like America cannot stop the downturn. I want to tell you something.

All right, it's time for us to humble ourself and call upon God, amen, in the name of Yeshua, in the name of Jesus. Because you know why? He says, "I am the first and I am the last. The tsunami don't have the final say. I have the final say". But you say, "No, you don't understand my business, because of times that are bad and all that". "Times don't have the final say. I have the final say. I am the first and I'm the last". "Oh, God, you know this project One North and all that, can I finish this project on time"? God says, "I began it and I'm the end of it". 'Cause the Bible says, "He who began it will finish it," all right?

The beginning of the project, he's not just saying, "You know, I'm good at starting things, you know, but I'm not good at finishing". Then we are finished. But he's saying, "I am the beginning and I am the end". Do you understand? "When I start you all getting married, if you put me first in your marriage, all right, your marriage will end and finish with me". All right, and who he is, the first and the last. Is he the first thought you have in the morning? Is he the last thought you have before you sleep? He appeared before Abraham when Abraham was old and says, "I am El Shaddai. Walk before me," why? Because the years before he was walking before Sarah, you understand? Made a lot of mistakes.

So, we gotta learn to walk with him first, not "What does my wife think first"? What does he think first? Is he number one? Does he glorify Jesus? Wives are the same. Only when he is first, can our wives be blessed, our children blessed, our families be blessed. And finally the last word, "How does God see me"? How does the Lord see me before you sleep at night? Righteous, holy, blameless, amen? Come on, church. Praise the Lord. And last verse. Okay, don't forget the last verse. I'll just tell you what the last verse is. Jesus hung on the cross and they all passed by, and the Jews saw what Pontius Pilate wrote on top of his head in three languages, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. And because they saw it in Hebrew, the Pharisees and the Jewish leaders said, "Change it! Change it! Say that he said I am Jesus of Nazareth, the king of the Jews".

So, Pilate says this, "Listen, what I have written, Jesus of Nazareth, king of the Jews". In those days when they crucify someone, it'll be Ling Pang Sang of Singapore, king of thieves, you know? You know like at least they make you famous a bit, you know, when you hang on the cross. So, for Jesus, it's Jesus of Nazareth, king of the Jews because he's been crucified for blaspheme, according to the Jews. So, they said, "Change it"! Why change it? Because they saw something there and they wanted Pontius Pilate to change it. And Pilate says, "What I've written, I've written". So, what did they see?

Let me show you in Hebrew and we close with this. All right, this is what they saw. Reading from right to left, okay, don't forget but here because of convenience, we read this way, okay, left to right. Yeshua, Jesus. HaNazarei, of Nazareth. Vemelekh, the king. Hayhudim, of the Jews. Yud Hei Vav Hei right over his head as he was hanging there. So, the Jews saw that and they said, "Change it. Say that he said". If he put the word he said, they change the acrostic. Notice that? And you think for one moment Pontius Pilate know that Jesus Christ is Yud Hei Vav Hei? He would not have crucified him. I mean think about how God overrides everything, even a gentile to produce the title for everyone to see when he hung there. God wants to honor him and God says, "This is Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews".

And the first letter in Hebrew, Yud Hei Vav Hei. Oh, hallelujah. Now when you say, "Jesus, I worship you". Now, many a times, all right, we use the word "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus," but can I encourage you also, don't always be just say Jesus? It's okay to use Jesus. All right, he came to let us use his first name. But let us remember that he's also Lord. Sometimes say, "Lord, Lord". Call him Lord, amen? Lord is Yahweh. Now you understand when the Bible says, "Every knee will bow and say Jesus is Lord". You can't get that from the Greek. The Greek says Jesus is kurios, supreme power. But kurios is used of the Roman emperor also. It's used others also.

So, in the Greek it's not very good, but in the Hebrew, Jesus is Yahweh. Every tongue will confess Jesus is Yahweh. That's the confession that brings blessings. Jesus is Lord. All right, once in a while, you know call him Lord. When you worship, you're worshiping the Lord. Don't just say, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus," okay? But Jesus is all right. Don't feel bad by using that, but some people just use Jesus, you hardly hear "The Lord". And it's important to remind yourself that Jesus is Lord. When you are sick, you say, "By his stripes". It's not a magic formula. Some people are going, "By his stripes I'm healed. By his stripes I'm healed. By his stripes I'm healed". What are you talking about? There's no meditation. There's no worship. Take time. And when you hear sermons like this, enlarge your vision of Jesus, by his... wow. If he allow his body, Yahweh, allow his body to be striped for my healing, how can I not be healed? It's almost like faith is there, amen? Are you ready to shout his praises? Then shout, come on. Praise the Lord, thank you, Jesus.

All right, every head bowed, every eye closed all across this place. It's been a blessing for me to share this Word. And let me just tell you this, grace what a wonderful Savior, all right? The Lord who revealed to Moses, the Lord who revealed himself to David, to Uzzia came in the flesh to be with us Emmanuel. Elohim is with us. He is with us. He came in the flesh. And because he had flesh on, he could die when he gave himself to death. And all for this purpose that on that cross, God manifest in the flesh, hung on that cross, oh, the very thought. If you ever doubt that God loves you, look at the cross. He didn't have to go there. God can wipe you out. You can use your breath and insult God to the highest heaven.

But you know what? One day you'll die. God will outlast you, you blasphemer. God will outlast you. But you know something? God loves you. God loves you. And God didn't want to wipe you out. That's how much he loves us. Gave his Son to die on that cross. God manifest in the flesh, judged for our sins so that God will never judge us ever again if we put our trust in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Then God raised him from the dead on the third day. He's alive today. And my friends, he wants to come into your life. He wants to be the Lord of your life. He wants to have pervasive influence, full reign in your life, whether it is in your past, in your present, or in your future. He wants to bring all heaven in all these three areas because he's the Lord, the same yesterday, today, and forever.

So, if that is you, you say, "Pastor, I want to place my trust in Christ. I want Jesus Christ to be my personal Savior and Lord," if that is you, then pray this prayer right now. Wherever you're watching this, prayer this prayer from your heart. Say, "Heavenly Father, I thank you for your love for me for sending Jesus Christ to die on that cross for all my sins. His precious blood washes me whiter than snow. You have raised him from the dead. Thank you, Father. Jesus Christ is my Lord, my Yahweh, my Lord and my God now and forever. In Jesus's name, my sins are forgiven. I'm greatly blessed, highly favored and I'm deeply loved. In Jesus's name, amen". Praise the Lord. Give him praise, hallelujah. Stand to your feet. Yeah, hallelujah. Praise God, amen, amen, amen. Praise the name of Jesus.

I intend to change you people into a shouting bunch. I'm telling you, there's something about the new generation. After Joshua took the new generation, they were shouting generation and the walls of Jericho fell when the people of God shouted. I'm here to tell you, amen, you can shout off that tiredness. You can shout off that sickness and disease. You can shout out what the devil is trying to bring on your life, that depression. You can shout it, amen? So, why not just for today break free, all right, shall we? On the count of three, the drums is gonna roll and a miracle will happen. You will shout. And I'm telling you, the devil loves quietness. The devil loves depression. The devil loves no sound, okay? Don't let him fool you by saying, all right, all this sound and all that has no purpose. No, he hates the sound of God's music. Are you ready to shout? You can shout "Jesus". You can shout "Yeshua". You can shout "Praise the Lord," whatever it is at the count of three. Are you ready?

One, two, three! Bless your name, Lord! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord, Hallelu, Hallelu? Hallelu? Hallelu? Hallelu? Hallelu? Hallelu? Whoa, hallelujah, whoa. The devil, the demons are spirits rambling away, amen, fleeing. Praise the Lord, amen? Sometimes you know you need a good shout, really, amen. It will break everything the devil is trying to build up around your mind, all right? You're your own car, drive somewhere and shout. All right, don't shout in your working place, shout somewhere it's safe, okay? God Bless you. Don't forget, Jesus is Lord. God bless you, we'll see you again.
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