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Joseph Prince - God's Blueprint For Leadership

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Come, Holy Spirit, come and overwhelm us, Lord, with your love, with your power. Set right our bodies, Lord, even now. Heal, Lord Jesus, heal, restore, impart, dispense and minister your miracles, Lord, that your people need. Give us, Lord, the children's bread even now, Lord Jesus. Lord Jesus, right now touch, touch your people, Lord, right now in Jesus's wonderful name, Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

All across this place if you have a joint condition, whether it's an elbow condition, a knee condition, your shoulder, just move that area right now in Jesus's name. The Lord is healing all kinds of joint conditions. You can't move, that area of your joint except with pain, move it right now in Jesus's name, in the presence of the Lord, hallelujah. Lord Jesus, restore, heal in Jesus's name. Thank you, Lord. Move your neck, move that shoulder, lift up that knee in Jesus's name. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Now, check your bodies. If you moved that part of your body and there is no pain, if that is you, the rest of you put your hands down. If that is you, there's no more pain, do a wave that all may know that what the Lord has done. Do a big wave because it's a big place so all can see. If you know the pain has left your body, thank you Lord, let the Lord do his work right now. Lord Jesus, restore, heal in Jesus's name.

There are a few of you, you've been experiencing shortness of breath. It's been a great concern for you these past few days. Somebody had it just today and right now you feel like when you breathe in, the Lord has healed you. You can breathe without pain, you can breathe in without that restrictive that restrictiveness. If that is you, do a big wave, whoever you are. You feel the Lord has done something to your chest, to your body. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Thank you Lord Jesus. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. Once again, those with elbow condition, joint condition, shoulder conditions, neck conditions, the pain is gone, do a big wave. I want to see who you are. Praise the Lord. All right, those in front of me nearby if you can shout out your healing, tell us what happened. Your elbow?

Female: Yes. Yeah, I don't know what to do with this, but now I can, yeah.

Joseph Prince: Now you can do this?

Female: Yes.

Joseph Prince: You can dance now. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. And over here someone else. Yes, brother in the T-shirt.

Male: Hello.

Joseph Prince: Hello.

Male: Yeah, I had a neck condition for like quite a long. Ya, and it's like complete healed now. It was aching for, I think, few months.

Joseph Prince: Wow, and when you move certain angles, you feel the pain?

Male: Yeah. Completely healed.

Joseph Prince: Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord. Lord Jesus, touch, Lord, heal. Do you remember we learned that if you just speak to the rock, the rivers will flow? Jesus does not have to be hit again like Moses did the first time with a rock. Once and for all sacrifice at Calvary avails for all time, even for the healing of your sicknesses, amen? Lord Jesus, heal Even now, Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus. If pain or discomfort has left your body in any shape, form, or fashion, okay, move that area right now in the presence of the Lord because that's an act of faith when you move, okay? If you know pain has left your body, it's no longer there, if that is you, someone has a pain in the back. You see where I'm pointing to my back? I can't go all the way up but okay, if you have pain in that area and it's gone, if that is you, do a big wave wherever you are. Your back condition... praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Who is that person over there? Okay, let's hear what happened because it's an acute pain that I sense the Lord has healed the person of, okay? The mic is coming. Just tell us what you had before and what happened.

Male: Yeah, I have a frozen collarbone that is bothering me a lot, but now it's healed.

Joseph Prince: How long you had it?

Male: Quite a few years.

Joseph Prince: And you can tell when you move certain ways, it's frozen?

Male: Yes.

Joseph Prince: The pain is there, and now it's all gone?

Male: Yeah.

Joseph Prince: Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Years, years, amen. Once again, Lord Jesus heal, heal, Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Someone received a bad report about your womb. Apparently the doctor says there are cysts and they're concerned about the condition. And you're supposed to go back again. The Lord is saying the cyst is gone now, all right? He's touched you, he's healed you and then you can go back to the doctor and verify. And when it's verified, please write back and let us know, okay, let us know so we can testify. If pain has left your body or any discomfort, okay, I didn't call out your, because there's too many of you and there are too many conditions, amen? But pain has left you, that means the Lord has healed you. Some condition you can't tell until you go back to the doctor because there's no pain usually in some conditions. But you can tell after some time has passed, some time has lapsed, then write to us and let us know. But for those who have pain in your body, and the pain is gone, do a big wave. Wherever you are right now, just do a big wave. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Just one more testimony. All right, the gentleman over there, yes, the gentleman over here, Joe, yeah. The pain has left you body? Tell us what happened before and what has happened now.

Male: I had a painful shoulder at the neck area, the pain is gone.

Joseph Prince: Thank you, Jesus. Praise the Lord. Let's give Jesus the praise and the worship. Thank you, Lord. Hallelujah, amen. Yes Lord. And now let's speak to the Lord to restore relationships. If there's a broken relationship or you're having struggles in your relationship with a loved one, a family member, a relative, a colleague, a friend, whatever it is, let the Lord restore it, amen? Yes, we can do a lot of things in terms of reaching out, apologizing, or making up but still, the Lord can do something miraculous, amen? Doesn't take human effort. The Lord can put a good thought of you in that person's heart. The Lord can remove all the bad thoughts, amen, and even give the person a dream. Could be your boss who never promoted you for a long time, amen? The Lord can drop a thought, a good thought, a wonderful dream for him. And of all the people, he dreams of you, amen?

So, I'm talking about relationships, amen. Now, if God didn't mean for you to marry that person, he would not drop the thought in his heart. Okay, sorry, amen? Because God loves you too much. But he will drop the thought if it's within his will, amen? Lord Jesus... Precious Jesus, Precious Jesus, Restore, restore, restore that relationship, Lord. Grant favor, dispense favor, give favor, Lord. It's one thing for the Lord to give, it's another thing for you to receive. So say, "Lord, I receive it. I receive it in Jesus's name, amen". Turn around, I hear that in the Spirit, the word "turn around" is happening, it's coming your way. Turn around, everything is gonna turn around, turn around. It's gonna turn around. Turn around. Say, "Turn around". Turn around, amen. Turnaround is coming your way, turnaround for your body, turnaround for your finances, amen, turnaround in your relationships, turnaround.

As an act of faith, as an act of faith, will you do one complete turn? Say, "Lord, I believe". Do one complete turn. Some of you got stuck talking to someone behind, no, complete turn. Don't have a half turn in your life. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord, amen. One more time. Shout your praises to the Lord, Hallelujah.

You may be seated. Somebody else got healed of a stomach condition. Praise the Lord, you feel the warmth in your stomach, amen. Sit down. The healing is still going on. Praise the Lord. Take some more, amen. Take some more, amen, amen, amen. Praise the Lord, praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus, hallelujah. Feel something in this place tonight, something powerful, something holy, something wonderful, something great that's beyond us. I feel it. I think there's destiny in the making, amen? Praise the Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Lord. Just receive that fresh infusion, the dispensing of his health. You know, you can be fit working at the gym, but health comes from the Lord. Just receive his health. Say, "Lord, I receive, Lord. I receive, Lord, because of the stripes. As sure as that stripe fell on you, as sure, Lord, is my healing, I receive it in Jesus's name.

Thank you, Jesus, Thank you, Jesus, Thank you, Jesus. Dead spots coming alive. God who calls those things that are not as though they were, and God who quickens the dead. And I hear in the Spirit God is saying dead spots in your brain, in your body coming alive again. That which the doctors say is a result of aging, dead areas coming alive again as he did for Abraham. Like unto him whom Abraham believed, even God who quickens the dead, dead spots being restored. I hear in the Spirit, dead spots being quickened, being, oh yes, coming alive again, resurrected. God who quickens the dead, God who quickens the dead, God who quickens the dead, that's why he's God. Dead spots in your memory banks, in your memory faculties, dead spots something alive again, amen. He's restoring your memory.

Don't say in your heart, "I'm getting old. I'm getting old. It's common, it's normal for me to not remember". Dead spots being quickened again in Jesus's name, being quickened again, being quickened again, being quickened again in Jesus's name, amen, amen, amen. Receive it, in Jesus's name, amen. Praise the Lord. Dead spots in your brain coming alive again. It's like the Lord is flashing in my mind. I see like a screen, and I see your brain lighting up. We can put your brain right now under the MRI scan, you'll see it lights up, amen. Quickening, quickening, quickening, amen? It's all coming back. When God restores, it's never the same as it was before. When God quickens and God restores, your brain will function even better, amen? Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Give him praise, people, hallelujah. In the days to come, you'll find your memory starts to function once again and don't doubt, start thanking him for it, amen, amen? Praise the Lord.

Some of you are concerned about dementia, you're concerned about losing your memory. And every time you have a memory lapse, you start thinking the worst. Let me tell you this, because you are in the service tonight, you are going out changed, different, transformed than when you first came in, amen? It's your fault, you came for the service tonight, amen. Give him praise, hallelujah. Ready for the Word? Are you ready for the Word, amen? We thank God that this is a house where revelation, bread of life, is flowing like a mighty river, amen? God is dispensing bread all the time. And you know all over the world, the little red dot we call Singapore, the word that's coming out from this place is literally causing a revolution all over the world, amen? People are even repeating what's been said here in other places, amen?

So, we thank God for God raising all the ministries all over the world because it's a grace revolution. When it's a revolution, it cannot just be one person, one group, one church, one tribe. It's gotta be all kinds coming together, amen, for a grace revolution, amen? Praise the Lord. So, we thank God for that. Just to let you know that you're in a place where you are drinking water, you know when the water comes out from, from the source usually up in the mountains, it's very fresh. Then it goes down, it's not so fresh, but it goes down less fresh. And finally, it gets warm, no more the snowy, icy freshness to it. But you see, it's the same thing, even the grace revelation and all that sometimes it gets mixed up with mud, it get mixed up with animals coming to drink. It get mixed up with flesh, get mixed up with the traditions of, of beastly, you know, freshly traditions. But then we endeavor by the grace of God to keep this always pure. Can I have a good amen?

Now, one of the things that I see happening to the body of Christ is this, we are concerned that if we preach things that, you know, is Jesus centered, and we don't give people handles or practical things, then as far as that sermon is concerned, it does no one any good. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Bible says we are transformed by beholding. Even when you come for Encounter night, all right, and you worship the Lord, just at the moment of worship, you see something about the Lord, the beauty of his holiness, you know you become like him? Bible says we are transformed, not by struggling, not by our efforts, not by pushing, by a laboring, but by beholding. So, when you hear a sermon that gives you a chance to behold Jesus, thank God for that, amen.

I was sharing with a prominent brother in the Lord, a great speaker, recently, and I told him this, he was telling me about, you know, his struggles with seeing Jesus and, you know, being practical. And I told him this, "Does the Bible say husbands love your wife"? He looked at me. "Doesn't say that," I say. He did a double take. Doesn't say, "Husbands, love your wife". He says, "Husbands, love your wife as Christ loves the church". If teach on the love of Christ, is that practical? It will be because when you really see the love of Christ, not in your head but in your heart, experiencing it in your heart, it's a revelation in your heart. You no what's gonna happen to you? Your spouse most likely is the one that gets the immediate benefit, the overflow. So, if I have a problem with my spouse, I don't focus on my spouse, I focus on my revelation. Do I know that I am the one that Jesus loves, or do I know it in my head, but not in my heart? Because if I experienced his love, we forgive because he first forgave us. Can have a good amen?

So, it's all back to Jesus. The bible says doesn't say like mortify the deeds of your body. "It does say that, Pastor Prince". Does not just say that. You should read the verse before that. If you are risen with Christ, you're a prince, you're a princess. Now that you have a princely life, amen, live like a prince. A prince, a princess, does not take offense easily. They forgive, they don't hold grudges. They forgive. They are above the, you know, the little quarrels, and the petty differences, and anger problems. They're above that. They're above people calling names and using profanities and vulgarities because if you are like that, you are you are a dime a dozen out there, amen? What makes a gold different from stones is that stones are a dime a dozen, gold is not. You are a gold. And the Bible in essence says, if you are risen with Christ, if you are you our prince a princess, if your gold, act like gold, amen? Not holier than thou, of course not. Jesus walked among the sinners, never in a holier-than-thou attitude, amen, but always approachable, loving, but he never compromised, amen? Praise the Lord.

That's not my sermon, but I need to get off my chest, amen. Praise the Lord. It's all good. Even my rabbit trails is all good. I'll come back again, okay? I'll come back to the main path. But rabbit trails is always good for somebody, means the Holy Spirit have me on a rabbit trail because it's speaking to someone, amen? We'll start in Romans 8, verse 28. Let's all read this together. "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to his purpose". And we know, say, "We know". The Greek word here is "eido". It is not a knowing by learning. It is not a theoretical mental comprehension. It's a revelation. Eido is you see it in the inside, you perceive it.

You know, many of us know this verse mentally, all right? We have memorized this verse. We know that all things work together, but do you know that all things work together for good, even bad things. Now, that's different from saying that God initiated that bad thing in your life. God is a good God, but God will work everything the devil throws at you for your good, even if you are caught in a situation whereby, you know, you didn't plan for it, but it happened and you are there, it's gonna turn around for your good, amen? Are you listening? How many things will work together? God didn't say those things are good, some things are really bad, but God says it will work for good and the word here is all things. Number one, how many things? What happened to them? They all work together for good because you are someone who loves God.

Now, by the way, the loving God and the ones called according to his purpose is the same thing. It is referring to believers. It's not a promise for the people of the world. It's not a promise for those who are not God's children, amen? It's a promise for those who are called according to his purpose which means all of us are called according to his purpose, amen? We can arrive in a good shape or we can arrive struggling, but we'll still arrive. And everything is happening based on the next verse, "For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that Jesus might be the firstborn among many brethren". In other words, everything that's happening, the greatest prosperity is this, you say, "Well, everything is happening to make me richer". You missed the point. "Everything is happening to make me more popular". You missed the point. Everything is happening to make you more like Jesus.

Now, Jesus is never poor. You can argue that yes, he was born in a manger. He was born in a manger by choice, amen? The Bible says, you know, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. At the cross, he became poor that you, through his poverty, might be rich, amen. He wants you abundantly supplied. When Jesus needed something, it was always there. Whether it's tax money, whether it is food for the multitude, he always had it. That is prosperity. It's not having a lot in your bank, amen, because it can go away tomorrow. Prosperity is when there is a need, God supplies you with the answer, the resources. Can I have a good amen? Do you know prosperity means if you are sick, and you are well, God makes you well after that, that's prosperity, amen. Your children respect you, that's prosperity. Can have a good amen?

So, prosperity is becoming more and more like Jesus. When you pray for the sick, the sick are healed. Is that the ministry of Jesus? Are you looking more like Jesus now? Did Jesus ever, you know, in the gospels you find him sneezing really loud and say, "Hey, Matthew and Peter, y'all go out there today, okay? I can't, I'm sick". Do you find him having a problem with that? Or do you find the tax collectors come to collect money and he says, "I'm sorry, today I'm broke. I had it yesterday. You should have come yesterday". All right, never. So, to be conformed to Jesus's image is a wonderful thing. And best of all, that same kindness, that same beauty that you see in the Lord will be in your life. So, everything is happening in our life to make us more like Jesus, amen? You like that? He's the greatest one, amen. He's tender, but he doesn't get soft, amen? Are you listening? He's loving, but he doesn't indulge. He doesn't spoil. His love is real, amen?

Now, one thing to establish in your heart is this, when something bad happens in your life, you must always know this, when something bad happens in your life, God is on your side. We do not know, don't ask why. Sometimes you ask the Lord, it's okay, nothing wrong. We are in a relationship with God, we can ask God why. But don't ask God why as if he's the problem, he gave you that problem. No, whatever the problem is, God is on your side. Are you listening, people? I said, God is on your side. The worst thing that can happen is this religious thinking, "Now, what did I do? I got a car puncture today, my car tire punctured today, and what did I do"? Amen. "My child is sick, what did I do? I wonder what I did". And this is legalism. All your sins have been put away by the blood of Jesus. God is not holding it against you, you understand?

Now, if you're living in sin and you're a true believer, but you're a child of God and you're living in sin... now some people call themselves child of God and they fill in the form Christian. They're not believers, they're never born again. But if you're a true child of God and you're born again, listen to what I'm saying, But you're living in sin, that means you are living with another woman who is not your wife, having an affair, whatever it is, God will deal with you, but God will not deal with you based on, you know, giving you diseases or the kind of thing. The devil will do that, right, but God won't. But God will deal with you, how? He'll make things difficult. Remember, things difficult is not giving you accidents, amen.

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you meet someone like yourself? Now, you don't want to acknowledge the person is like you. Or you drive down the road and you meet somebody just like you, and you impatient with the person but then God reminds you you were doing that also, so now you know how it looks like. Many a times, God teaches us by showing us how he looks like from a third-person perspective, right? And then we realize we are doing the same thing. Can ever go to amen? Hallelujah, praise the Lord. "Keep on preaching, Pastor Prince, amen". Okay, so here we go. We know that God disciplines but God never disciplines with disease and sickness. In fact, the verse in Hebrews 12 that talks about discipline says that, "shall we not much rather be in subjection to the Father of Spirits and live, and live"?

In other words, when you submit to God's discipline, you live. God give you life. When you don't submit, you might end up, you know, your life become shorter and because of your foolishness, you do, you know, do something and all that. And God disciplines you. Maybe you're on drugs. You don't call it addiction. Maybe you're smoking and you don't want to call it an addiction. You say, "I can stop it anytime I want to". God will shake you up in such a way, that you will find problems amen, or relationship problem because of that, that thing, and God wants you to stop it because he loves you. And when you submit to that, guess what. You live, your lungs starts to clear. People ask, "Well, Pastor Prince, we are still saved, right, even if we are smoking"? Yes. "Can I say go to heaven"? Faster. But don't be stupid, amen?

So God will deal with it. In fact, when these things happen and you find that God doesn't, does not let you get by with this kind of thing, do you feel loved? Many a times, you know, you know you're being stubborn, and then you find that God doesn't let you go. Don't you feel special and loved? Children that are disciplined end up more affectionate to the parents. When I discipline my son, it always ends up he's more affectionate after that, amen. They want discipline, amen? Now, don't get the idea God is disciplining all that, so God does not discipline with accidents, nor with diseases, but he'll shake your world to make you frustrated sometimes so that you come to a place where you say, "All right, Lord, tell me where am I missing it," amen? Because God loves you. Praise the Lord.

Now, one thing, there are those who will teach that you can lose your salvation. Let me just settle that once and for all, you will never lose your salvation. You cannot lose your salvation. John 10, please give them John 10. "And I give them", Jesus is talking, "And I give them," them here is you and I, his flock, his sheep. "I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish". The word "never" here in the Greek is ou me. Actually ou by itself is a negation, me is no. All right, you put them together, strong negation, never, they shall never perish. No way, Jose, no way. No way can they perish, amen? "And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father's hand".

So, they shall never perish. Once Jesus gives you eternal life, it is not on probation. It is not until your next sin. It is not until God decides, "Okay, one day I'll take it back". No, they shall never perish. Once it's given to you, they shall never perish. Can have a good amen? So, whatever you hear preachers sharing, books that you read on the Internet, you go on on certain sites and all that, or someone tells you about Hebrews 6, or Hebrews 10, sinning willfully and, you know, those who are enlightened turning... all that is talking about people. And by the way, those two passages from the Book of Hebrews that talk about Jewish people who are enlightened, they tasted the good Word of God, they tasted. It's all tasting. Like, you can be in this service and just now you tasted the powers of the world to come. You're tasting the good Word of God right now. You are tasting the gift of the Holy Spirit, but you never partake.

The word "taste" here is the same Greek word used when Jesus, they gave Jesus the vinegar, the hyssop, and he tasted it, but he didn't drink it. It's a taste. So, they're in the service, but they're not saved. They're not born again. But they have tasted it. And the Bible says if they turn away, if they see the truth of the gospel, they see the blazing glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ being displayed, being placarded, being heralded in front of them and they turn their back, it will be a deeper darkness than those who have never heard. Can you understand that? Now, I want to share with you some things that will help you understand because who you follow after is very important, who you listen after. If you listen to those who get, you know, no one today will tell you, all right, we are completely under law.

We believe in keeping the Ten Commandments, we are under 613 commandments or the Jewish law, and we believe. No, no, no church would do that, not that I know of. What's happening is a mixture. In other words, they will say amen to what I just shared with you that once you have eternal life, you will never perish. They'll say amen, but then they'll say, you know, the Bible says Jesus say to some people, "Yeah, many will come to me in that day saying, Lord, Lord, I did miracles in your name. I cast out demons in your name. I prophesied in your name. And I'll say unto them, I never knew you. Depart from me. Not everyone that calls me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of my Father," right? Then they use that to threaten you or make you scared that one day you may just lose your salvation.

One day, you never know so be careful. You know, it's the kind of impression. But the thing is this, there are Jewish exorcists, they're mentioned in the Book of Acts. There are Jewish exorcists long before even the disciples will fill with the Holy Spirit and cast out demons. There are people who practice exorcism, usually it's not longterm. The demons come out to bring more demons, bigger problem, amen? They will do a lot of miracles, so called miracles, in God's name. Finally they realize that God is Jesus Christ, right? And I'm not saying what God, right? Say, "amen". But they will know, "Okay, I'm doing this in God's name, but finally they realize Jesus Christ is on the throne". What do they say? "I did it in your name. I did things in your name". And the Lord says, "I never knew you". You know what's never? It means never. If he take your name out of the Book of life and throw your name out, there is not never. He knew you before. So, what is he that doeth the will of the Father, but not everyone who calls me Lord, Lord will enter, but he that doeth the will of the Father".

We must let Bible interpret Bible. The same Jesus who shared about this passage, he that do the will of my Father will enter the kingdom," also said in John 6, this is the will of the Father. "This is the will of the Father who sent Me, that of all He has given Me I should lose nothing, no thing, but should raise it up at the last day". And again, "This is the will of Him who sent Me, that everyone who seeth the Son and believeth in Him may have everlasting life; and I'll raise him up at the last day". Do you hear that? Do you hear that? What is the will of the Father? That all of us will have everlasting life. Now, when I say all of us, I'm referring to those who are born again. I don't believe in universalism. It's not everybody is saved. No, no, no, no, Jose, no way, okay? Only those who believe on Christ. Now, all of us have everlasting life, and God will raise you up at the last day. Can have a good amen?

The other thing I'm concerned about are believers who believe on Jesus Christ, but they see God as a judge. In other words, Jesus is just, you know, Jesus is loving, Jesus is kind, but God is stern. God is a judge. And then I'm glad I have Jesus because Jesus comes in between, he's a screen between me and God. Now, God is a holy God, but it was God who so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son. Now, which one came first? God sent his Son, and then we believe on him, then God loves us? Which many Christians are acting like that's true. Or God loved us even before he sent his Son? God so loved the world that he... so which one came first? The love of God, amen? So, it was God making payment to his justice through the blood of the cross that fulfilled all the requirements of divine righteousness. It was God who planned that because God cannot just presumptuously receive sinful men without a righteous foundation.

Romans 3, now because of the cross, "to demonstrate at the present time His righteousness, that He, God the Father, might be righteous or just, and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus". Who is the one who is the justifier of you, of all of us? God. Here it doesn't say Jesus. We know Jesus is our righteousness, yes, but here it doesn't say Jesus. God is your justifier. God is your justifier. Are you listening? God justifies you when you put faith in Jesus. God is the one who sent Jesus so that all his judicial requirements, you know, the devil not allow God to accept sinners in his presence. The devil will say, "Look, this is unfair, this is unjust. You're holy man is not and your holiness demands that sin must be punished, and this guy is not punished. You just allow him to come into your presence". He'll cry foul, and God's throne will crumble.

So, God has to meet his judicial righteousness and requirements, his holy requirements from sinful men. But none of us can meet that requirement, right? So God sent his Son. So, his Son's blood fully met all the requirements of divine righteousness. Jesus magnified the law on the cross. That's how the law is fulfilled, amen, at the cross. It is not put away, it is fulfilled at the cross. We are no longer under law, but we are under grace because Christ's death fulfilled the law, all the requirements of the law, amen? Not only God makes himself responsible for the effects of sin, the sickness, the aging, the death, worst of all the spiritual death that comes in. God makes himself responsible not only for the effects, he make himself responsible as if he started the whole thing, and that's what the cross is all about. That's the love of God, amen?

So, it's not as if God is still stern. And today people still see God... no, here's your Father. He's your justifier. Give them Romans 8:33, all right? "Who shall bring a charge against God's elect? It is God who justifies". Who Justifies? God. So, don't have just this idea, "Jesus, you know, justifies me, but God is a stern God," or have this impression in your mind. No, God is your justifier. God is on your side. God is for you, amen, amen? When you come to God, remember you're coming to the one who justifies you.

For those of you who were asking the question, "What about the judgment seat of Christ"? I covered that last Sunday, get the message, okay. Anyway, judgment seat of Christ, the Bema seat. Actually, the word "judgment" doesn't appear. In the Greek, it's the Bema seat of Christ, like the Roman tribunal, you know? The Bema seat of Christ, when we appear there, it's to receive rewards for what we have done, whether it's done out of the flesh or whether it's done out of fleshly efforts, or done out of the Spirit, amen? You get rewards, you get positions that will locate your position for all eternity, but you'll not lose your salvation. The judgment seat of Christ is not an unfriendly place for the believer. Are you listening? It's a friendly place for the believer.

And you know you're standing there in your glorified body? Have you ever thought of that? You receive your body when Jesus returns, right? And then after that, the judgment seat of Christ, right? You're appearing, the Bible says, with a shout in an atomic second, we shall all be transformed. Our bodies will be like his body, right? No more sin in that body, right? And we're all standing before God in our new body, right? What do you think adjustments you're in Christ? He says, "Reverse your body, sorry". No, we're all standing in our glorified bodies, people. It's not a question of salvation. We will not appear before the Great White Throne, that is for all unbelievers, for we should stand only before the judgment seat of Christ for rewards, or lack of it, okay? And don't forget, the judge on the judgment seat of Christ, Christ himself is your righteousness. The judge is your justifier, so it's not a question of... okay, settled that?

So, whatever you read on the Internet, any books that come up, "The latest bestseller" whatever it tells you he had a vision, went to heaven and God spoke to him and says, "Not all Christians are in heaven. I'll show some in hell". That vision is not from God. Are you listening or not? You don't build a doctrine based on vision, someone's vision. There was one book last time caused a lot of problem written by Korean, you know, and apparently, she had a vision, went to heaven, and saw Christians in hell, saw a lot of people in hell. She didn't see herself in hell, other people in hell, you know? But really, if God judges based on your good intentions, and God judges based on your works and all that, even the writer will be in hell. It's always other people in hell, not yourself.

I want to share with you real quick about two kinds of leadership, okay? You all didn't know that I'm gonna kidnap you, right, in this service and teach on leadership. Because all of you that turn out for Encounter night are leaders. Leaders are hungry people. They want to feed on the Word of life. They want to receive more revelation because they have seen the light, amen? Leaders are readers also, they are learners and that's why you are here tonight. Those who are, you know, who have no heart for the things of God, they're not leader, and it's okay. Not everyone is called to be a leader, but I believe that many who turn up for Encounter night are leaders and God is raising leaders, amen? So, instead of calling for a leaders' meeting, I'm gonna turn this to a leader's meeting.

All right, Saul and David, Saul and David, the first king of Israel is Saul. He's head and shoulders above everybody else. He's the one that started the shampoo. And then the next one is God's choice. Now, you remember that Saul wasn't God's choice. It was the people's choice. God says, "I'll be your king.' They say, "We don't want you to be our king, in essence, they said that, all right, by their words. They are saying, "We want to be like the other nations that have kings, kings that they can touch, palpable, we can see the king". And God says to Samuel, "Give them what they want". And then they chose Saul, okay? David was God's choice so there's a right time that God will rule the the nation through his appointed king, and that was David, okay?

When Saul was anointed by the same Prophet Samuel who anointed David, all right, of course he anointed Saul first, the first king of Israel. When he anointed Saul, he anointed Saul with a vial of oil. Say, "vial," okay? Show them up there. He took a vial of oil. Now, vial is not a horn. Usually when you're annoying, it will be a horn, the ram's horn, okay, to anoint with the oil. Now, watch this, in the Book of Revelation it says, "Vials of the wrath of God". Do you see that? Vial is a picture of judgment, is a picture of wrath. However, David in 1 Samuel 16, verse 1, David was anointed by the same Prophet Samuel but notice this time the Bible says, "Fill your horn with oil," because Samuel was grieving over King Saul, alright, Saul had sinned against God and he was grieving over him. He had a heart for Saul and God says, "Stop grieving. How long will you grieve for him? Go fill your horn, horn with oil".

And you know where you get the horn from? From a male ram being sacrificed, amen? You trumpet, you know how your trumpet? They use the ram's horn to trumpet. You proclaim the Lord's death, that's the preaching of grace, amen. David was anointed with the horn of oil. Are you listening, people? So, when they anoint, usually they anoint your head. Turn to your neighbor, smile, and say, "Your head". Okay, it will come down to your body, but it's always your head, that means your mentality. So, Saul has a vial mentality, v-i-a-l as well as v-i-l-e, but vile mentality means what? He has mentality of judgment, of wrath. "God is angry. God is angry. God is angry. God is angry. Everything, God is angry. You know, don't do this because God will be angry. God is angry. God is angry". It's always the wrath of God, always the wrath of God, always the wrath of God. It's the mentality of judgment, it's a leadership that is the preaching and all that is based on the wrath of God. He might not come out clearly and say, it's the wrath of God, but the impression left behind is God is angry. Are you listening? Very judgmental.

So, that's the leadership of Saul. The reason I'm sharing this is because if you want to understand that things are working for us, and not against us, that God is on your side, he's not on the other side, amen, dealing with you. No, he's not dealing with you. "But Pastor Prince, you talk about salvation and all that, but there are other Scriptures talk about our responsibility in terms of cleave to the Lord. He says, "Abide in the Lord". Now friend, whatever you read, it cannot negate the truth of, "I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish". But how do you explain these, this accountability or responsibility verses?

Very simple, I remember last time when my son was about four years old, much like that three or four years old. When I climbed the stairs, which Wendy doesn't want you to do, of course, "Don't carry him up the stairs, just bringing him up". But sometimes you know father's like to play so I will tell him, "You want to go upstairs on my back"? "Yeah". "Okay, hold on to me. Hold on to me. Come on, Justin, hold on to me". So, he would jump on my back, amen. I hold him, okay? But, what did I say to him? Hold on to me, cleave to me, abide with me. Are you there? Hold on now, hold on tight. I can even say hold on tight, hold on tight. But all the while, you know what? I'm holding on to him. It is not his holding on that keeps him there. He might think so, his friends might think so. "Wow, Justin, whoa". But it is me. My hand is holding on to him, okay? But I use the expression, what. "Hold on to me, okay, don't let go," amen? But actually, it's my hand that's holding on to him.

So, no one can take them out of my hand and no one can pluck them out of my Father's hand. So, underneath the hand is Jesus's hand. Above us, some people say, "But you know he can jump out what". The Lord make it so clear that you can lose your salvation and somebody comes up, these are people who snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They'll find something, you know, but again Jesus says, what? "No one can snatch them out of my hand, and no one can pluck them out of my Father's hand". So, your a sandwich. You can push yourself out. His hand is bigger than you, bro, amen? Then there's always somebody who will say, "What if, what if you renounce Jesus? You say, I don't want Jesus anymore, right, you're still a Christian"?

It all depends, was he ever a believer? Was he ever given eternal life? If he was, he will never perish. But maybe he's a professing Christian, not a possessing eternal life Christian. He's a professor, not university professor. If you are one, I'm not talking about you, okay? He's a professor, not a possessor of eternal life, okay? "But supposing he's not, Pastor Prince"? Then let me just give you this, let me ask you, can you go to a non Christian, a sinner, and tell him, "You're a sinner, and Satan is the one ruling over you"? Let's say I don't want Satan, I'm my own man. I don't believe in Jesus. I don't believe in Satan. I'm my own man. Then you say, "Well, you know what? Nothing, you do, nothing you say can change the the fact you're a sinner". Says "Yes, I renounce. Now, with my free choice, I renounce my sinnerhood. And right now we my free choice, I renounce Satan".

Question, is he still a sinner? Is Satan still over him? Even though with his free choice, he renounced Satan, how come if we are a sinner, we can't even renounce our sinnership? If there's such a word, now that we are Christians, we can renounce it in one day. When what Jesus did is much more than what Adam did. So, if he's really a believer, no one knows, right? It he's really a believer, he'll never lose his salvation. You go to heaven without reward and just by even so as by fire, you know, but he was still have his salvation. But we're not interested in people like that. So, you know, stop using those illustrations.

There's always someone, you know, they're famous for a whiteboard, they'll find one dot. They come to a great church like this, to a great, I'll give you one more time. To a great church like this. One more chance. Great church like this, okay? And they'll find something wrong, amen? Even if it's a great sermon whatever, they'll try to find something wrong. Why don't you just enjoy it? When you have a food, right, you know what you do when you're hungry, really hungry? You don't care about the arrangement. The arrangement only happens in Japan. When you are hungry, you eat everything. We have to stop you from eating the artificial flower. You know, but when you are hungry, you don't care about presentation, you just want to eat, right? Why don't you just eat? Because you can criticize and die of hunger, amen? So, David was anointed with the horn of oil. He has a grace mentality. It's based on the horn, the death of the ram. The cross of Jesus's mentality is a grace mentality.

Number two, when we are first introduced to Saul, Saul was chasing donkey. So, when we were first introduced to him the father says, Saul's father says, "Go look for the lost donkeys". All right, the Bible says the flesh, the man in the natural is like a wild donkey, a man who's not born again, a man in the flesh is like a wild donkey. It says that in the Bible. So, he was busy chasing the flesh. He was busy chasing what is fleshly. Amen, are you listening? The Father says, "Go find the lost donkeys". Well David, on the other hand, when we are first introduced to David, seven of his brothers passed by the prophet and the prophet looked down, seven being the number of perfection. In this case, the perfection of human nature passed before him and none of them was God's choice. So finally, the prophet said, "Are these all your sons"?

Imagine if you are David and your father says, "Oh yeah, yeah, I remember this". How do you feel? Amen, so the father says, right, "'Are all the young men here?' Then he said, 'There remains yet the youngest, and there he is, keeping the sheep.'" When we are first introduced to him, he's keeping the sheep, not chasing donkeys, keeping the sheep if you have a heart for the sheep. "Pastor Prince, you know, I'm called to preach. I know I'm called to preach. I'm waiting for the day that I can preach to thousands". What about the few that God has entrusted you with? The few people around you you can WhatsApp every day, or you can just encourage them. Are you taking care of them? "Well, it's only a few people but I'm called to greatness, pastor, I'm called to greatness. I heard a sermon, I'm called to greatness". Great nothing, lah, brother. It's a great, great nothing.

You know, if you cannot take care, he was keeping sheep. Remember when David was introduced to King Saul the first time, he was in the context of Goliath has been challenging the people of Israel, remember that? And David was sent by the father. David's a beautiful picture of Christ. You know something? Even Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, no one is mentioned as often in the Old Testament as David, over 60 chapters on David alone. By the way, there are many Josephs in the Bible. There are many Marys. There are many Johns, but only one David in the entire Bible, why? Because David presents to us in all the different many ways in the different facets, the many, many pictures of Jesus Christ our Lord. For example, 16, verse 1 says, 16, verse 1. Verse 1 says, "I have provided myself a king among his sons. I'm sending you to Jesse the Bethlehemite". Say, "Bethlehemite". "I have provided myself a king".

One of the questions in the New Testament, the first question of the New Testament is this, where is he born, the King of the Jews"? The answer, Bethlehem. David the Bethlehemite, amen. "I provided myself," God provides himself a king. Reminds me of Genesis 22, the son of Abraham, Isaac, asked the father as he was carrying the wood up Mount Moriah. "I see the wood, I see the fire, Father, but where is the sacrifice? Where is the lamb"? The Father answered, "God will provide himself a lamb". See, God is providing even himself a lamb. I love the way it stays in the original Hebrew it can be like this, "God will provide himself a lamb," okay? So, David was sent by the Father to the Valley of Elah because his brothers were there in the army.

So the father says, "Bring cheese, bring bread". He brought a fried, you know, raisins, what you call it? Bread, and his hands were full. Jesus came sent by the Father with his hands full, unstopping deaf ears, cleansing the leper, raising the dead. His hands were full, full of the bread of life. So, he came, and one of the brothers saw him and the brother says - Let's follow the story. "Eliab his oldest brother heard when he spoke to the men; Eliab's anger was aroused against David, and he said, 'Why did you come down here? And with whom have you left those few sheep in the wilderness? I know your pride and the insolence of your heart, you have come down to see the battle". Eliab exposed himself by calling the sheep that David took care of as the few sheep. Do you see that?

So, when even you pastors, leaders, doesn't really matter you don't have thousands. You have a few people, they are the Father's flock, they are the Father's sheep, or do you see them as those few sheep? "Why have you left those few sheep"? David never used this language. In fact, the same chapter when David was interviewed by King Saul and King Saul asked about him, this is what David said, "Your servant", David said to Saul, "Your servant has been keeping his father's sheep". Now, all of you here in New Creation, you are the my Father's sheep. You are the Father's sheep, amen? You are not my sheep. "Oh, Pastor Prince, some people are saying you are stealing sheep". How do you steal sheep? Let me ask you, how do you steal sheep? You gotta tell me how to steal. How do you steal sheep? You ever thought of that, how do you steal sheep? Let me tell you this, it's not my sheep also.

All of you here in New Creation, you're not my sheep. I'm your undershepherd, but I'm a steward. I see you as the Father's sheep. When I see you as the Father's sheep, even I stand down here and as I feel the overwhelming needs and all that, I know the Father's supply because you're not my responsibility, you are his. I'm not supposed to heal your face, he will do it. Smile at your neighbor and say, "There's hope for you, brother". If Pastor Prince heals your face, amen, there's gonna be a lot of big problem. Hey, if I can heal at anytime, I'll put it on my face. Don't laugh so loud. You think you look so good, ah? Amen? We can just step aside and I listen to what the Lord is doing and I speak it out, but he's healing it. All glory goes to him, amen? You are the Father's sheep.

And someone say, "Well, I only have a few sheep". Well, you better know they are the Father's sheep. Can I have a good amen? So, we see that the way they're anointed is different. You can be under a leader and all the while his mentality is judgment mentality so everything that proceeds from him, even though he preaches grace, but there's a judgment behind it. It always comes back to judgment or you're can have a leader who talks about the cross all the time. He trumpets the death of the ram. Are you listening? And David was a type of Christ. Now, watch this, the third thing we see in Saul is that Saul... you know something? I'm a bit concerned because when I see the teaching of leadership in the church today, it is the opposite of what I think God is wanting us to see. His plan, his blueprint for leadership, God's blueprint for leadership is never see who's good and pick them.

Paul said to Timothy, "The things you heard me teach, commit to faithful men, not talented men, faithful men, not able men, not gifted men, but faithful men. Commit to faithful men who will be able to teach". The teaching comes after the faithfulness. Commit to faithful men who shall be, future tense, able to teach others. That's how leadership grows. You look up a faithful people. Even though they don't have the gift, the more you trust them, the more you trust them, God can impart the gift. But the church today looks for talent. They look for gifting. Moses, the Bible says, the first 40 years he was mighty in words and deeds. Guess what. God cannot use him. He can hardly bury a man he killed, Egyptian, was beating the Hebrews. He killed him and hardly buried him. He was found out.

Forty years later, don't forget what happened during the 40 years. God met him at the burning bush and God says go to Pharaoh. He says, "I'm slow of speech. I stutter, stammer," right? But when he waved his hand at the Red Sea, God buried not one, multitudes of the enemies and this time it was perfect. One is the ministry of the flesh, the other is the ministry of the Spirit. And you can be weak, amen, but only when you're weak, and you realize you're weak, God and get all the glory. God can use you, he can flow through you. Are you listening? If you are strong in one area, you might be a great singer, for example. And I can tell sometimes when a singer sings and when a servant of God sings, you can tell. The effect on people is like, "Wow, what a singer," the first one. The latter one will be, "Wow, what a God". Same thing for sermon. He ends up, "What a speaker," or "Wow, what a Savior". Don't be out looking for, you know, talented people.

Let's go to Saul, let's see what Saul did. The Bible says in 1 Samuel 14, "Now there was fierce war with the Philistines all the days of Saul," all the days of Saul. Now, this is a statement, it's an overview of the life of Saul. All his days, the Philistines were coming against Israel. "And when Saul saw any strong man or any valiant man, he took him for himself". Can you see that? He was are looking for brave people, he was out looking for valiant men. He was out looking for talents. And he sees, he recruits that person. Do you see that? David, on the other hand, do you remember David? The Bible says this is how David recruited people. 1 Samuel 22, "David therefore departed from there and escaped to the cave of Adullam".

I have been there, by the way. All right, my Life in Israel series, one of the teachings is inside the cave. You will see me preaching from inside the cave of Adullam, amen? "And so when his brothers and all his father's house heard it, they went down there to him. And everyone who was in distress, everyone who was in debt, and everyone who was discontented gathered to David". he became the rallying point. He became the standard bearer in that case. Like our Lord Jesus, we all come to him, the greater Son of David, amen. We rally, he's our standard bearer. We rally around him. And guess what, you know what happened to all this 3D army? Three D's right, distressed, debt, discontented, the 3D army.

So, his style was this: he didn't say, "Hey guys, I don't feel so cool with you guys around. Can you please leave? Find another cave. Don't mar my image. Only cool people are allowed here, only cool people". No, David welcomed them. "Come unto me, Jesus," says the greater Son of David, "All you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest". Nobody is cool, brother. All have come short of the coolness of God, the glory of God, all. 'Cause David welcomed them. He became a captain over them. So, he became captain over them. Do you see that? It became their rallying point, the standard bearer. He says, yes. Now, how many like to pastor people who are in distress? Discontented, that's the best part, discontented. And then always, "Hey David, got a few shekels or not"? In debt, you see, in debt. Hey, David. Hey David, you got a few shekels to spare? I'll pay you by end of the month," amen?

Look, even my leadership I have Laurence with me. I got Mark and all that, hey, no I'm just teasing, okay? But these are the people that David is pastoring. Anyway, what happened to them? What happened to this man? They became mighty men. Y'all know the story, right? 2 Samuel 23, "These are the names of the mighty men whom David had". At the end of David's life, there's a list of the mighty men. They began as a 3D army, in debt, distress, and discontented. But here they are Joseph-Basshebeth, sorry Joseph came out, Josheb, chief among the captains. He was called Adino, because he had killed eight hundred men at one time," yo. Drop down, "And after him was Eleazar the son of Dodo". I don't care whose son you are, I'm telling you, you can become a mighty man, amen, amen?

"The Ahohite, Aho people, one of the three mighty men with David when they defied the Philistines who were gathered there for battle, the men of Israel had retreated". When they all had retreated. He arose and attacked the Philistines until his hand was weary, and his hand stuck to the sword". Like the guitar when you play for so long, stuck. It's like you wielding the sword all the time killing, and his hand was stuck to the sword. He and the sword became one. May you and the Word of God become one, amen, when you learn to wield the sword of the Spirit. "The Lord brought about a great victory that day; and the people returned as usual only to plunder". There are people who work hard, there are people who fight, and others plunder, they just enjoy the fruit of the labor. Okay, drop down. Benaiah, this man had done many mighty deeds. He's the son of a valiant man. "He had killed two lion-like heroes of Moab. He also had gone down and killed a lion in the midst of a pit on a snowy day".

Number one: it's hard to kill a lion flat ground.

Number two: in a pit, you cannot run away.

Number three: to make things harder, snowy day.

"Lion wait, ah? I'm coming, I'm coming". Amen? But the Lord the mighty man, they will... I do not know who is in debt, who is in distress, but they were are people with weakness. Be careful who you follow. People with a heart for the sheep or heart for themselves. the final thing is this, I want to show you is this, just now we saw Saul choosing valiant men, right? What happened to the valiant men? Anyone valiant, brave, he chose them to be part of his army, right? Look at this, "And some of the Hebrews crossed over the Jordan to the land of Gad and Gilead. As for Saul, he was still in Gilgal, and all," say all, "all the people followed him trembling".

Look up here, in the presence of Saul, strong men become weak. In the presence of David, weak men become strong and mighty. I have a teaching in my series called Grace called Leadership where I talk about the mighty men having a heart for the great king, the Lord Jesus, the greater Son of David. They have a heart for the king, and I talked about how many there are who fight for the kingdom. There are those who do things for the kingdom, and there are those who do things for the king. There are those who fight and get territories, and there are those who didn't fight but they hear that the king wants water, they break through the enemy's ranks and got water at a great rest of your own lives just to present him something that is not even a command, it's just a desire of the king. It's all in my teaching. And let's go off, go back now to where we started, Romans 8. Are y'all learning so far, people, amen?

So here we go, Romans 8. It says, "What then shall we say to these things"? Once you know that, number one, have the right teachings because it's hard for you to say what we are about to say right here. What shall we say to all the things that are against us? In fact, three verses earlier it talks about we know that all things work together for good just now, right? There was three verses earlier. Now, "What shall we say to these things"? Bad things is happening, all right, that's working for our good, this is what we say, "If God is for us, who can be against us"? Now, I'm gonna say something right now that's gonna really bless you because I think probably I said it once before, but I really wanted you to get this. Many of us, we quote this, "If God is for us, who can be against us, right, who can be against us"? I looked up the word "who" because in my spirit I felt the Lord telling me is not just who, it is what. Whatever comes your way, it cannot be against you. It cannot work against you, if God is for you.

So, I looked up the word "tis". "Tis" is the Greek word for who or what. When you find the word who or what, it's the Greek word tis, okay? Guess what, guess what. For what? "What" is translated from "tis" 260 times. "Who" is translated from "tis" 102 times, that's all. In other words, "what" is used more often in the translation of tis. I believe, instead of just who, of course, it includes who as well. It's actually what can be against you? What can be against you? Disease, financial shortage, your critics, what can be against you? If God is for you, what can be against you? But if I start from this premise and you've been receiving from the Saulish, or the ministry of Saul kind of teaching, and you have, "Yes, God is gracious, all right but it's all dependent on how we behave. God is gracious but, you know"? But whereas the mentality of the leadership of grace is always if you're listening to grace, it gives you a foundation to believe God is for me.

When bad things happen, yeah, you want to know, yep, you know, is there something I can learn from this? Of course, but you never have the mentality God is behind this problem because he's judging me for something that I did. Now, you might not say it, but that's the feeling you get. Somewhere along the way, you have imbibed a ministry of Saul teaching. He's pouring out vials of oil that dispense judgment, instead of the horn of oil. Are you listening, people? If I come to this verse straight without the foundation of grace, you're thinking, "But, you know, what if God is punishing us"? God never punishes you anymore. He disciplines, yes, but even then he disciplines only for your good, that you may have life and he doesn't discipline, what? Accidents and disease because if we submit, we will live, not die.

Some people say, "Well, the men died in the accident. I wonder what God is teaching him". He didn't learn. I mean, he woke up in heaven, but he didn't learn. That's not a discipline, people, come on. God doesn't do things like that. Are you listening? So, you must have this strong confidence, this established faith, settled faith that "God is, present tense, for, not against, me. God is for me and if God is for me, what can be against me"? All right, not just who, what can be against me? Now, I want you all to say this, right, "God is for me". Say it again, "God is for me". Say, "What can be against me"? You see, it includes who as well. What means is also you, right, or your critic, or someone who, you know, is out to get you. You know, it includes that person as well. What covers more, amen? And what is always the more commonly translated word for tis in this verse? What can be against you if God is for you? So, in other words, what you're going through right now is temporal, you know why? You need to know God is for you.

"Therefore, these things either work for my good, or it will turn around. It will either work for my good, or it will turn around. It doesn't turn around, it's working for my good. I don't see it yet, I don't see what's the good, but I'm gonna end up like Jesus," amen? So, if that is so, praise God for it. But if, not there's a turnaround coming because God is for me. Now, let's all say this, okay, emphasizing each of these four words, "God is for me," make it me, okay, personal. I know we're all here but say, "me" personal, okay? First of all, you emphasize God for the first one. Then is, present tense. Know that right now, right now God is for you, ready? Say God really firm. Who is for you? Now, don't be so slow, lah. Say, "God is for me". Looks like you all need guidance, okay. Say, "God is for me". Who cares if the most famous celebrity, all right, is not for you. The one that you like, the one that you hunt down, the one that you go miles to attend the concert. So what? God, Almighty God is for you. So what, you don't... the V.V.I.P. do not know you to pull strings for you. So what? God is for you, right?

"Well, Pastor Prince, I remember those days that I felt God's presence so near, so near. God was so near. But nowadays, I'm not too sure because I've not been behaving myself like I should". Now say, "God is for me". Is is what? Present tense, wah, solid, ya'll. One more time, "God is for me". Now watch this, this is the most important part here, all right? God is what? Say it again, "For". Say it again, "For, for". You look at someone, hey, I'm for you, amen? Hey, I'm for you. Let's say there's a battle, "Hey, I'm for you". It all makes a lot of difference who is the one for me and who is the one against me? But God is for me. And of all the people, Pastor Mark, Pastor Laurence, Pastor Gabriel, all the pastors with strong faith I look at them wah, mighty strong man, mighty man, man, man, brother. Snowy, snow pit killing lion men, man. But you know what? For them they can say, "God is for me," but for you it says, "God is for me".

Someone come to you and say, "Well, you know, brother so and so, you know, he believed God and this thing, bad thing happened to him". I don't know about him. I'm not gonna judge about him. You want to judge him, you judge him. I'm not gonna judge him. I know for me, God is for me. For me, God is for me. "Well, what that sister believe in grace and..". I don't know the sister. I don't know her life. I think you do not know her life also. But I know one thing, God is for me, okay, amen? So, once you know that, then the conclusion will be in your spirit, "What can be against me? If God is for me, what can be against me"? Doesn't mean they won't try. But what can be against me? The idea is, what can be against me successfully? What can be successfully against me when God is for me?

Okay, time to send you home already. Okay, praise God. You'll learn something? Give him praise, come on, church, hallelujah. Stand to your feet. Praise the Lord. Per chance you are here today, you have heard me share that unless you're born again, you cannot see the kingdom of God, amen? Well, friend, it all comes with receiving. You don't have to do anything to be born again, just receive. Okay, pray this prayer with me right now. I want to help you receive, amen, in the name of Jesus. If that is you, you have never asked Jesus to be your Savior and Lord, you've never received what he did for you at the cross, friend, you can begin right now, amen?

Pray this prayer with me right now. Say, "Heavenly Father, I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that he died for my sins, was judged in my place, and was raised from the dead when all my sins were forgiven. Because of my forgiven state, I am now in a posture, in a position, where God is for me. Jesus Christ is my Lord, in Jesus name". From now on, friend, God is not against you. God is for you, amen. In the past, there are things that God cannot get through to you legally because of your sin. The sin problem has been removed by the blood of Jesus. God is now for you. He's not just in front of you, he's beside you, holding you saying, "I'm for you". All right, you can make it, amen, you can make it. Praise the Lord. God is for you. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus, hallelujah.
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