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Joseph Prince — Speak Out by Faith and Win

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Are you ready for God's Word? I want to touch on something that only believers have and it's called the faith of God, the God kind of faith. Say it, "The God kind of faith". Now, many of us, we grew up in the Word of faith circle so we have heard about teachings on the Word of faith, on how to use faith. Now, without faith, it's impossible to please God. Like right now, all right, in this auditorium alone besides elsewhere that's watching this, as they are watching right now, if someone there has faith in God, God bypasses everyone down here and zero in on that person. Faith is attractive to God. Faith attracts God's attention. Do you understand that?

All right, you might have a lot of flaws in your personality, a lot of areas in your life that you still don't measure up just like the woman with the issue of blood. She broke the law, all right, to be in the public place, to touch the hem of Jesus. And yet Jesus turned around and said, "Your faith made you well". didn't stop her from receiving. So, something about faith that is the highest form of holiness to God. God thinks of faith, God esteems faith as higher than any other trait. He says, "Above all taking the shield of faith by which you quench all the fiery darts of the wicked".

So, I want to talk about faith and how faith in the spiritual arena shuts the devil up. The devil wants to keep you in the sense realm. "Do you feel it? You don't feel it right? It's not real. Do you see it? You don't see it, right? it's not real, all right? You can't touch it, right? It's not real". So, the devil wants you in the sense realm, your five senses. God wants us in the faith realm. As long as you are in the faith realm, the devil is defeated. But if the devil can put you back in the sense realm, you are defeated. Are you listening?

Now, we are not teaching faith like the way some new-age people teach. We're not saying that power of believing, just the power of faith, the power of your faith regardless of what you have faith in doesn't really matter. It's the power of your faith per se. No, it's not, it's not. Who you believe in is important. If this chair is faulty, all right, even though it's a good brand — think about it, all right? But let's say it's faulty, a few bolts are out and you believe it's not. You believe it's the best chair, it can carry your weight and all that, but it's faulty. All the amount of believing won't stop you from falling when you sit on that chair. How many understand that? But when you believe the chair is good and the chair is really good and you sit on it, your faith is a substantiation of what you're hoping for, the Bible says.

So the thing is this, church, if I say this speaker, for example, if I touch this speaker, it will heal me. Some people think that it's an autosuggestion, all right, works like this, it doesn't matter who you believe. All right, they will tell you, "If I believe this speaker will heal my body if I touch it, it will heal". Go ahead, go ahead. Nothing will happen. It's not just faith, it's who you believe in, amen. It is who you believe in. Can I have a good amen? But on the other hand, we also want to learn how faith operates, and it's simpler than you think. I said, it's simpler than you think.

We look at all the exploits of faith, we find them in Hebrews 11, by faith Moses did this, by faith the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea. By faith, the walls of Jericho fall down, all right? But how does faith operate? We'll say things like David. He spoke to Goliath. We say that, you know, Goliath was knocked down by a stone, but actually, before, long before David released that stone from his slingshot, all right, he spoke to Goliath. He said, "Today the Lord will deliver you into my hand". Never for one moment did David ever thought that "what's gonna happen if I throw the stone and miss"? David had faith. David believed, "Today the Lord will deliver you into my hand". When the children of Israel went around the walls of Jericho, all right, Joshua led them, before the walls fell, Joshua says, "Shout, people, for the Lord has given you the city". Past tense, "has given". They are to shout before the walls fall. That's faith.

And we look at them and we say, "That's Joshua. That's David. But, you know, I am Mr. Tan". Well, the Bible says something, if you're a believer you believe in Christ, you have the same faith that they have. Look up here 2 Corinthians 4, "We having" Let's all say it, "having". We what? Having, not trying to have, having. "We having the same spirit of faith that David had, that Moses had, that Abraham had, we having the same spirit". Notice, faith is not a formula. Faith is a spirit and spirits are contagious. It can spread, amen. Bring someone in a room full of faith and the whole atmosphere is charged with faith. Likewise, if you have someone who is very depressed and very fearful and he steps into a room and he tells you 101 reasons why you can't do it, it can spread as well.

Remember the children of Israel sent 12 spies to spy out the Promised Land that God gave them. This wasn't God's idea. This was their idea, all right? But God allowed them. So, they sent the 12 spies into the land and after 40 days of spying out the land, they came out. Ten of them said, "We cannot take the land. The giants are too tall. The walls are too thick, and we are too small". Two of them, Joshua and Caleb, the Caleb who never grew old, that same Caleb and Joshua said, "We are well able to take the land. Let us go up at once and possess it. For their defense has departed from them. They are bread for us". And the ten spoke of stoning Joshua and Caleb.

The same is true today, people don't like those who speak positive. So, the majority of the nation believed the majority, the ten spies. And then God was saddened. You can hear the petals in God's voice when God said to Moses, "Moses, all these people that believe they cannot enter the land, as they have spoken, so will I do to them". And then God said this, "But my servant Caleb, he has a different spirit. He has a different spirit". I want God to look down at New Creation Church and God says, "That woman there, hey, Gabriel, she has a different spirit. That man over there, he has a different spirit," amen. What kind of spirit? The same spirit Abraham had, the same spirit Moses had, Joshua had. Look at this, "We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written".

Now he's quoting David from the Psalms. "I believed and therefore have I spoken". We also believe and therefore speak. If you believe, speak, amen? If you believe something, speak. It's not just "I believe it," but you never speak it, amen. If you believe this day's gonna be a good day, say, "This is the day the Lord has made, I'll rejoice and be glad in it". Speak it out, amen? God saw darkness in Genesis 1. God said, "Light be, and light was. In Hebrew, "Vayomer Elohim", said God, "Yehi-or vayehi-or", there was light. Actually in the Hebrew, Ye'He is Yud Hei, his name, his first name. He actually put his name there and light came on. That's Jesus the light of the world, church. So, when God says, "light," all right, he saw light.

God is a faith God. I said, God is a faith God. Our faith is not blind faith. When we tell you right now, you can't see the sun people, but the sun is out there. You say, "Well, unless I see it, I will not believe it". No, friend, whether you believe it, you don't believe it, the sun exists independent of your belief. It's good you believe because you're in sync with the truth but even you don't believe, the sun is still shining. Jesus doesn't disappear because there are atheists. Jesus doesn't believe in atheists. We're not talking about blind faith, amen? We are talking about intelligent faith, but faith, like the way God exercise it is not to look at the darkness and God says, "Wow, it's really dark," and it become darker. No, in your darkness, God wants you to call forth the light, amen.

The sun is shining. Whether we see it, we don't see it, the sun is shining. amen? And just because you don't feel the radio waves, the TV waves around us, they exist. If we go by our sight, many children have drowned in pools that they thought was shallower because based on their sight, it looks shallow, but we cannot go by our senses. We must go by the authority of the one who knows everything from beginning to end and end from the beginning. He knows all. He knows better than us. Can I have a good amen?

And the way we exercise faith is simple, very simple. Believe and speak, believe and speak. In fact, everything that Jesus did for us, Jesus died on the cross taking our sins, a divine exchange, all our sins he took. All his righteousness we receive. How do we receive? By faith. In fact, the greatest blessing that we can receive from God is salvation, forgiveness of all our sins. Would you say amen to that? And how does that come? How does that come? Look at this, Romans 10. We drop down to verse 10. Verse 10 says, "If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart" Isn't this the same spirit of faith? "I believed therefore I speak".

So, you're about to see how you receive the greatest blessing from God. Everything that Jesus did for us is ours. But why is it that some Christians have more than others? Is it because that Jesus gives them more than others? No. Jesus died to give us everything. Every need of mankind is met at the cross, even our financial provisions. He became naked at the cross. He who flung the universe in space and the galaxies and put in diamonds and sapphires in this earth, he created them all, he was found without clothes at the cross so that he can clothe us and supply all our needs. At the cross, he became a curse that we might be blessed, but how do we receive this? We look at the greatest blessing of all. How do we receive the greatest blessing? Believing, speaking.

Right now you got an unbeliever. Watch this, if right where you are seated, you don't even have to come forward, if you say, "Jesus Christ is my Lord and I believe he died for my sins," bang, you are saved right where you're seated instantly, completely, eternally, amen. So it says, "If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved". Next verse, "With the heart one believes to righteousness, with the mouth confession is made unto salvation".

So, again we see the spirit of faith is I believe and I speak. I believe and I speak. "I believe this week will be a great week. I believe God's protection will be on me and my children. We'll be at the right place at the right time, and the disease-bearing mosquito will be at the wrong place at the wrong time, amen. Everywhere I go, the favor of God will attend to me. Now, if you start talking like that, all right, you are exercising faith and God loves it, God loves it. Without faith it's impossible to please God. Are you listening, church?

So, let's look at some of the modus operandi of this faith. Just to let you know something; years ago I think I shared this not too long ago, but it bears repeating. It's a true story. There was a group of young boys studying at the Yeshiva, a Jewish school, and very young boys, probably seven years old, eight years old. And the rabbi, the elderly rabbi was telling them about the blessing, the Yiddish blessing, of may you live to be 120. So, he was telling all the young people, "I'm gonna bless you right now. The blessing of may you live to be 120. How many of you believe it will happen"? Then one young man says, "Amen". Then the rabbi raised his hand like this, he says, "May you all live to be 120". And only one young man the same boy say, "Amen".

Amen means so be it. Amen, aleph, mem, nun is from the root word of faith in Hebrew. Hebrew faith in Hebrew is emunah, it come from the word "amen". Amen means yes. Amen means "I believe it, it's for me. If the rest don't believe, Lord, I believe". There's something about this that draws Jesus's attention. When someone has that kind of faith, he will bypass the rest. Even there are holier people, all right, he will bypass them to focus on the one who has faith. Are you listening people?

So, the boy said, "amen". Many years came and gone, many, many years. The boy is now an elderly boy, and the last of his classmates was dying. And the young man... sorry the old man who was once upon a time a very young man, he went over to visit this friend of his, and they talk about old times in the class and the rabbi they used to know. And the guy on the bed said, "I remember when he blessed us. We made fun of you". Because after the boy said, "amen" the rest all made fun of him. "Does he really believe you'll live to be a hundred" they laughed and they mocked him. And the last dying friend said, "We made fun of you, and now you're the only one that outlived all of us". And by the way, that young man lived to nearly 120. True story, amen.

I'm telling you, every time you say, "amen," all right, the world doesn't understand what you're talking about. It's a language of heaven. Jesus says, "I am the amen, the faithful and the true". With God there are no conjectures, no maybe, perhaps. God is definite and certain. That's why you cannot say, "Maybe I'll be saved, maybe I'll not be saved. You know, no one knows". God doesn't like that. These things are written that you may know that you have eternal life.

God doesn't like people dealing with when God says know, like for example if I tell Jessica, "Jessica, next week I'm bringing you to the zoo, okay? Friday night after your school, I'm bringing you to the zoo". Jessica will prepare herself, act and plan around that appointment. She knows to act on what her father says, all right? You find the day comes and I realize she's not ready and all that and I say, "What happened, Jessica"? And Jessica said, "Oh, you mean you really wanted to bring me to zoo? I wasn't sure. I thought you might and then I thought you might not because last time you lied before and then maybe you didn't lie this time. I did not know, you know"? It'd be an insult to my integrity. Now how much more God? Now I can fail, so can you, but God cannot. God cannot lie. My Bible doesn't say God will not, implying that he can but he choose not to. My Bible says in Titus, "God cannot lie". So, there are few things God cannot do. God cannot lie. God cannot cheat, though he's almighty. Therein lies our security, okay?

So, one day as Jesus was walking with his disciples in Mark 11, "On the morrow, when they will come from Bethany, Jesus was hungry: And seeing a fig tree afar off having leaves" Say, "Having leaves". Now I must tell you something about fig trees in Israel. There are many varieties of fig trees, okay, many varieties. This fig tree in Israel, all right, what happened is that during winter, all right, in autumn and winter it sheds its leaves. Then during the springtime like in March, the leaves come back again. Once the leaves come back, you know the time of figs is about to come. About six weeks after, all right, will be the season for figs.

But you watch this. Jesus was hungry. That shows his humanity, all right? Fully God, fully man. "And seeing a fig tree afar off having leaves, he came, if haply he might find any thing thereon: and when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves; for the time of figs was not yet. And Jesus answered and said unto it, No man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever. And his disciples heard it". It was loud enough for the disciples to hear.

Now there are liberal theologians, all right? You know what's liberal theologians? For some reason they're in Bible schools, but they don't believe in the virgin birth. They don't believe in miracles. They call themselves liberal. Like one liberal theologian in a Bible school, true story, said "You know, it was no big miracle for God to open up the Red Sea because the Red Sea that Moses and the children of Israel traveled, that area was actually only two feet of water". Then a boy at the back says, "Sir, sir, that's even an amazing, more amazing miracle". He says, "Why"? "Because that means God drowned the entire army of Egypt in two feet of water".

So, man professing themselves to be wise became fools, you know? They want to confine God to their logic. I thank God that I have a God although I know a lot about him by now, the thing is that I do not know him, you know, the way he should be known, neither can you. That makes him God. I cannot worship something I know completely. That makes me greater than the thing. Thank God - God is beyond my logic, and yet he gave us a book that we can know him by, amen?

So, this liberal theologian said, "Why did Jesus curse the fig tree when it was not the season of figs yet"? He was hungry. He came to the fig tree. It had leaves. That means what? The season of figs is gonna come soon, but it's not yet. And then he cursed the fig tree. So, this liberal theologian says Jesus is unjust. Again, man professing themself to be wise. Now, Jesus knew that this tree is a picture of man's profession, all right, of religiousness. It has leaves. Once it has leaves, that means it should have the taqsh, the first ripe, first fruit figs the green figs. But this tree has no green figs, which means what? Six weeks later, there'll be no fruits. It has a picture of what? Life, the leaves are there, yet it's barren. It's barren and right after this, Jesus went into the temple.

Right after the incident here, he went into the temple, he cleansed the money changers, drew them out and told them not to make the Father's house a den of thieves. That means they have a religious facade and yet there's no life, there's no fruit. Are you listening? Now, the fig tree is a picture of Israel, by the way, all right, any rabbi will tell you that. But Jesus did not curse the nation. The nation is forever. What he cursed was the self-righteousness that came out of that system. Remember the leaves are mentioned here, right? The first time fig leaves are mentioned is in Genesis chapter 3, "The eyes of both of them," verse 7, "were opened," Adam and Eve, "and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves coverings".

So, they sewed fig leaves together. Fig leaf is a picture of what? Self-righteousness without the blood of Jesus. In other words, "I have sinned, I'll cover myself with my own efforts". That is fig leaf. Fig leaf is a show — by the way, have you seen fig leaves before? They are huge like this. My hand is like this, right, this big. They are like this. Here's a picture of a fig leaf, all right? I wish there was a hand there for a point of reference, but it's huge. This is what Adam and Eve covered themselves with. It's a picture of human self-righteousness, all right?

So, go back to the verse again. They covered themselves with fig leaves. What did God cover them with? God came, drop down, all right? "For Adam and Eve the Lord God made tunics of skin," skin, not salad dressing, skin, not leaf dressing, all right, skin. And he clothed them. That means God was the first one to kill animals, innocent animal, a lamb most likely, and cover them with blood because when God put the skin on them, blood everywhere. In other words, without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sins. Can you understand, church, the importance of the blood? The innocent blood is shed for the guilty one, now the guilty one don't have to die because the innocent one has died. The blood covering means what? All right, this is the price that for your continuing in life an innocent must die, okay? Are you with me?

So, God was the first one. Adam and Eve covered themselves but it's not perfect, why? Because they provided for themself. God covered Adam and Eve and it's perfect because, why? God covered them. Do you see the word here? Clothe is the word fully clothed, all right, in Hebrew. Go back to Adam and Eve covering themselves. You see the word "coverings," it's not the fully clothed in Hebrew. It is the word "apron," loin covering. They covered themselves in that area of their waist, that's all. When man covers themselves, it's not perfect. When God provides the covering,it is perfect.
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