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Joseph Prince — The God Who Goes Before

The Bible says by one man's disobedience, Adam, we are all made sinners. By one man's obedience, Jesus, we are all made righteous, if you will only receive it. It is not your obedience that makes you righteous. You want to obey today because it's the result of his obedience, amen? But his obedience make you righteous, therefore your righteousness, your right standing before God is not placed on a platform where you can have it today and it can be gone tomorrow. No, it's an unshakable foundation. It is his obedience that made you righteous. Can a have a good amen?
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  1. Nicholas Nesarajah
    23 May 2019 19:45
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    I would truly appreciate if you would enable us to watch the full sermon.
    Thank you.