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Joseph Prince — Live Undefeated In Christ

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Is there judgment? Yes. "But Pastor, God is love". What God is? He is love. Who God is? He is God. And because he is God, he has to judge. There's no one above him to judge. He doesn't judge, that'll be the end of mankind. There'll come a time, all right, sin will be rampant and man will be no more. They will destroy themselves. God has to judge but I want to tell you one thing, God's nature is not to judge.

The king is gonna return to set this world right, and there will be a millennium rule of our Lord Jesus Christ, then the gospel of the kingdom will be preached once again, all right, before he comes. Then when he comes, that kingdom will be established because finally, it's no more an absentee kingdom. The king, kingdom is the king. There's a king. The king is here.
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