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Joseph Prince — Receive God's Supply for All of Life's Demands

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God is constantly working in us. We don't have something, don't push it, rest. Don't demand from yourself what you don't have. God is not asking you to do what you don't have, but God is saying, "Be open to what I'm doing and working in you. I'll give you the willingness, and I'll give you the performance of my will," amen.

True fulfillment, true pleasure is in the ways of God but to enjoy it, let's be like Mary. Let's come to Jesus' feet and you say, "Lord, today I come to you empty, fill me up, Lord."

You can actually be rushing for work but in your heart say, "Lord, I'm looking to you, Lord. I'm in a hurry today, Lord, but I'm looking to you. Thank you, Lord, for your wisdom. Yes, there's this assignment I must do, I'm meeting my boss, Lord, for an interview. Thank you for your favor, Lord. Thank you for your favor," amen?

And you know something? When you see God working in you, producing the willingness and the performance, you really will say, "Worthy is the Lamb. To God be all the glory."

"Don't try to work for yourself," God says, "ask me. If what I've given you is not enough, ask me, I'll give you much more."

Whatever produces a care in your heart, whatever produces a care in your heart, produces God's care for you. If it's a care in your heart, God cares for it.
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  1. Daphney Semadi
    5 June 2020 17:24
    + 0 -
    I thank God everyday for the messages of grace, Pastor Price may God Almighty use you to spread grace messages to all the four corners of the world, ever since listening to your messages I have peace and rest in myself knowing that I am the righteousbest of God through our Lord Jess Chris, Glory be to God our Real