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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Joseph Prince » Joseph Prince — Got A Weakness? God Can Use You!

Joseph Prince — Got A Weakness? God Can Use You!

TOPICS: Weariness

In God's economy, it is actually our weakness that we are to boast about. Where there's no weakness, God's power, God's grace cannot flow. Grace is not attracted to your strength. It is attracted to your weakness.

Stop trying to be strong in and of yourself. With men, we put our best foot forward. With God, put your worst foot forward in front of him and tell him, "This is what I am. I have this nervousness. I have this propensity to worry. I have this propensity to fall sick. I have this propensity to this."

Or whatever it is, don't hide it from God. Come to God as you are, amen, and know this, that his miracle-working power is made complete, has expression to flow and make complete like water through the pipe in your weakness, not in your strength.

It's God's way of saying, "Your past does not determine your future with me." The world says a bird with a broken wing can never fly as high again. God says that bird will fly higher, and that wing that was broken will be stronger than the other wing that wasn't broken.
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