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» » Joseph Prince — Your Only Battle is Fight to Remain at Rest

Joseph Prince — Your Only Battle is Fight to Remain at Rest

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There is this sense there's unfinished work for my family, there's unfinished work with my children, there's unfinished work with this, unfinished work with my job, unfinished work here, unfinished. This kind of sense of unfinished gives you a sense of stress, anxiety, and restlessness.

You got to see everything as all the works are finished, and I'll just step into it. And if need be, God will give me the idea that needs to accomplish this work. I'll step into this finished work. And whatever I don't know, God will make me know. What I forget is meant to be forgotten.

I used to be worried about my little daughter Jessica. You know, you never realize that, you know, you can give so much love to something so small. I found out when I was worried about Jessica, she fell sick more often. You understand? I love her, but worldly love sometimes translate into worry.

Being worry free about your children doesn't mean you don't look into their studies or whatever. In fact, when you're worry free, you're able to see things in the correct perspective. In fact, there are times you will have inspired ideas from the Holy Spirit who indwells you, amen, to lead them in the way they should go.

But when you're worried, everything is constricted on the inside, you don't get-- you don't even think reasonably. You start scolding your children because you love them. You understand that?

God says, "Sit easy." We are seated with Christ in heavenly places.
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