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Joseph Prince — Win Over Guilt and Condemnation

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All diseases is a result of sin. Doesn't mean your sin directly, but it all comes back from Adam's sin, okay, amen? When there was no sin, there was no disease. So, once you see your sin judged, the disease judged, whatever disease in your body, you're not to look at it, you're not to be conscious of it, just look to the cross and keep on thanking the Lord. That's what communion does for us. Remember the Lord's death. Can I have a good amen, people? Amen?

God wants you to know that at the cross, Jesus became what you were, that you might become what he is. Amen?

How did you and I who commit no righteousness become righteous? We receive his righteousness. When Jesus received our sin, God judged him, God punished him.

When we receive Jesus' righteous, Jesus as our righteousness, God blesses us, God favors us. Can I have a good amen? Jesus didn't deserve to become sin; you and I don't deserve to be righteous. But he became sin and we became righteous.
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