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Joseph Prince — The Lord Our Righteousness

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The way we reach out to these precious people, it's not to condemn them, but go to them and say, "Do you have any prayer requests? We serve a miracle-working God. And God loves you." Jesus didn't become sin by doing sin, oh no.

The Apostle Peter, a man of action, said of Jesus, "He did no sin." Paul, a man of intelligence, said of Jesus, "He knew no sin." John, a man of love, a man of the heart, says, "In him is no sin."

Even the one who betrayed him said, "I have betrayed innocent blood." "Have--don't have anything to do with that just man." The centurion at the foot of the cross, when he saw the way Jesus died, he says, "Certainly this is the Son of God." And yet he died a most horrible death on the cross.

Why? Because he loves you. He did no sin, knew no sin, but he received your sin. Now, the best thing you can receive his righteousness. And you are righteous apart from your deeds, the way he became a sinner apart from his deeds!
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