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Joseph Prince — Align Yourself With His Purpose and Prosper

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When you trust God, I mean, there's no telling what God is going to do for you, how he's going to bless you, he's going to reward you, amen? Praise the Lord. Without faith, it's impossible to please him.

So, Jesus is going to return in whose hand the rightful scepter belongs. And his scepter, men have tried, all kinds of rulers have come and they have gone. And they tried, all of them failed, all of them failed. And finally, the ruler of this earth is going to go into the hands of the one to whom it truly belongs.

Turn to at least three, four neighbors and take a good look at them because, for the next hours, you'll be--so, say something nice to them, okay? You don't know what to say, just grunt, say, "Mmm," the way you do to your family members most of the time, all right?

Say something nice to them, praise the Lord, hallelujah. You know, church, the Lord is coming soon. There is a difference between the Second Coming of the Lord and the Rapture. The Rapture, his feet doesn't touch down on Mount of Olives, all right? That's the Second Coming.

In the Rapture, he's in the sky, he shouts for us. And the Bible uses the word "atomos" in the Greek. In an atomic second, in the twinkling of an eye, that's really fast, we will all be transformed into bodies that will never grow old, never decay, no more subject to weakness, or infirmity, or disease. And we'll never die.

We cannot die, cannot die anymore, okay? And you'll never feel bored again, you'll never feel frustrated, you'll never feel the negative emotions. You will always be joyful, and strong, and healthy, and young forever, which is a long time.

Our bodies will be transformed like Jesus' body when he rose from the dead. Our Lord, when he rose from the dead, his body was material. They could touch him, he could eat. Good news, Jesus will still eat, amen? And he could transcend walls, he could transcend matter, yet his body is matter, but a higher level, if you would, alight, than what is on earth. But our bodies will be transformed.

The Bible says our vile bodies will be like his body, his glorious body. That's the Rapture, amen, the final installment paid in. Praise God, our final purchased possession is our bodies. And we won't be floating in heaven like a spirit. We will have bodies, amen, forever bodies, amen. Praise God.

And then after that, years of tribulation. And then towards the end of years, Jesus will return, this time for Israel. He's not returning for us, And he will split the heavens, and he will rescue Israel. So, that's why--you see, if you look at the devil, we are all caught in this--in this battle of the ages, where Satan is coming against God's plan and purposes for this earth, and for God's people. He's trying to stop.

If you think about it, all all the stories of the Old Testament, the moment Adam fell and sinned, and God promised that the woman's seed-- which is a prophecy of virgin birth because a woman does not have seed, amen? A woman's--the woman's seed, the seed of a woman will crush your head, God told Satan. He is going to come, he's going to crush your head.

Hallelujah, the dragonslayer, the crusher of the serpent's head. He's going to come. And the devil did not know who it was going to be, who is the Messiah, who is the--who is the one that will defeat him. He didn't know, he didn't know. So, and that's good news because the devil is not all-knowing. Your God is, amen?

So, the devil thought that when Adam and Eve had children, Cain and Abel, and God favored Abel in comparison with Cain, he had Cain kill Abel. But Abel wasn't the one. Then the whole battle of the ages, we see down through history how he tried to-- he thought that he heard the prophecy that a deliverer will come to deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt, so he isolated--out of all the nations, he isolated all the way, one nation, Israel.

When God called Abraham, he realized the Father of the Jews. Then from that time onwards, he focused on the nation of Israel because he knew that a Messiah is going to come through Israel. So, he focused on Israel. And then he didn't know which tribe. There are tribes.

Finally, all right, he tried to kill baby Moses by having Pharaoh throw all the baby-- the Hebrew males into the river Nile, but Moses was preserved, amen?

And mothers, I want to tell you something. You know, trust your child with God. One of the hardest things was this when the edict went out from Pharaoh at that time to kill all the Hebrew male child, all right, male babies, the mother actually trusted God by putting baby Moses in a basket. And the Bible used the word "an ark," a baby ark of bulrushes.

Maybe she got the idea from-- but I believe she was led nonetheless by God. I mean, you don't put your baby by the river Nile in a basket where there are crocodiles on the banks. And river Nile is famous for crocodiles. She had to trust God. She got the idea probably from Noah's ark, amen, a place of refuge, amen. So, she put her baby there, and the Bible says that she trusted God.

Was her trust in vain? Nope. And we read the Bible tells us that Pharaoh's daughter came to bathe by the river Nile. And usually, they will cordon off the area to make sure there are no crocodiles. All right, and then she and her maidens will be there. And then she saw the little ark, and she asked for it. And when she opened the basket, the baby cried.

You know, the Bible--nothing could be more profound than a baby's cry. That baby cry changed a whole nation, by the way. It shook the nation. They never realized that from one baby's cry, okay, Because it started the cycle of the events, amen, where baby Moses will be brought into Pharaoh's court himself. And the very Hebrew child that he wanted to destroy, he'll be sponsoring.

So, does God reward mothers that trust him? Well, read here, all right? "When she opened, the baby wept." Some things are so simple like the baby wept, the beginning of how a nation can fall and a nation can be delivered. Like Egypt fell and Israel was delivered.
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