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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Joseph Prince » Joseph Prince - How Does God Heal Today?

Joseph Prince - How Does God Heal Today?

Joseph Prince - How Does God Heal Today?
Joseph Prince - How Does God Heal Today?
TOPICS: Healing

This is an excerpt from: Be Healed By The Washing Of The Word

Praise God. You know, all the healings that you hear just now, all right, all that you have heard, just remember that God is no respecter of persons, and what God does for one, God will do for another, amen? But God is a respecter of faith, so the healings can come. I just feel impressed, as I was listening to the testimonies that was shared just now, that I feel that the Lord wants me to tell you all this, okay? Some of you are just waiting for God to heal you. You are waiting for God to touch you. Now, God did everything He needs to do when He sent Jesus to the cross, and Jesus bore not just your sins in His own body, but also your diseases. "Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses".

So to wait for God to heal you is like someone, a sinner, saying, "Yeah, I'm waiting for God in His own time. If God wanna save me, God will save me. He knows where to find me". Well, you are too later, 2,000 years actually too late, because God has already healed or saved you, given you the provision. It is for you to receive. So two ways healing can come, and you have seen it even in this church and you have seen in the lives and the testimonies of the people you have heard. Many have testified how they got healed, and some of them instantly, but healing can happen progressively as well. In fact, in the second miracle of Jesus, both were done when Jesus was actually in Cana of Galilee. The first was He turned the water into wine at a wedding. Remember that?

That demonstrate He's the Lord of time, because for us to get good wine today, you need to have a process of time to grow the vine plant, right? It takes a few years for the vine plant to grow. We have shared that before. And then after that, a few more years for it to become good grapes sufficient for good wine, okay? You need a few more years. Then after that, to really get good wine, excellent wine, after you get the wine, goes through all the process of the treading and all that, and the fermentation process takes place, but those people who know wine, they say that the longer you store the wine, the better it is. It's like men, all right? The longer they grow, amen, older, or advanced in their years, the better they get. And all the men said? Okay, for women as well, amen? Okay, mankind. Praise God.

So all in all, to get really excellent wine can be 20 years, 30 years from the time you plant the first vine, right? From that time all the way to excellent wine can be 20 years, 30 years, even 50 years to get excellent wine. Jesus compressed time, amen, in that miracle. So He's the Lord of time. He can compress time for you. So the miracle, it's the second one that I'm referring to just now, is the miracle, also He was in Cana. A nobleman came to Jesus and said, "My son who is in Capernaum is sick. Please come. Come to Capernaum with me". Okay, now Capernaum is way down there near the Sea of Galilee and Cana is way up there in the hills. It will take probably, if you travel by foot, it's gonna take more than a day. Someone can do it within a day if they move fast and they're strong enough, but we're talking about casual travelers like the noblemen, the businessmen. And he asked Jesus, "Please come down and heal my son".

Now, here's a lesson I want you to learn about healing. And Jesus says, "Except you see signs and wonders, you will not believe". Then Jesus says, "Go your way. Your son lives". There's no sign and wonder. There's no goosebumps he felt. There is no confirmation. Jesus didn't show him the iPhone and said, "Here, your son's okay now". So Jesus just told him based on His Word, "Go your way. Your son lives," right? The Bible says he went his way. Now, obviously he can travel back that same day, because if you go on a donkey, all right, or you just travel by a carriage or the wagon in those days, they would have reached there within a day, but definitely he believed the Word of Jesus. How do I know that? Because he didn't go back until the next day. The Bible says, "The next day when he reached Capernaum," so he took his time. He believed when Jesus says it, "Your son lives," my son will live.

So the next day when he arrived, the people of his household came out and shouted that, you know, "Your son is alive! Your son is alive"! And then he asked him when was it that his son began to amend. Now, say the word "amend". "Amend" means what? Improve. Here you are, you can tell when someone is recovering. They start to amend. So some healings you will see the manifestation 30-fold, amen, 60-fold, and 100-fold. Doesn't mean it happened instantaneously, right? So the first miracle was compression of time. He can do it in an instant. But the second one denotes He's the Lord of space. So the Lord of time and space, amen. He can speak from a distance and then you will be healed, or at least begin to amend, in the words of Scripture. Now, did the man wait for a sign, a feeling, a goosebump, and angel appearing to him? No, so stop, you know, trusting all these physical things and just go by the Word of God. If the Word says you are healed, you are healed. Can I have a good amen? Amen?

So there are healings that happen by the anointing, and when the anointing happens... and I can tell when the anointing is there, I can sense it! I can sense it, and sometimes I just wanna stop and just call out the healings that God is healing. And even sinners can get healed. I know sinners who get healed of... for example, I know of one sinner who got healed of throat cancer and later on did not accept Jesus. But he can tell people he got healed, amen. I think later on he accepted Jesus, but not immediately, so it's not always that, you know, people receive healing, they respond immediately, because healing is a gift. And it's also like a call for sinners to see that Jesus is the Messiah. He is the Savior, the Son of God, amen?

So healing can happen, and it doesn't mean that you have faith for it. So you can be healed by the gifts of healings. And I love it when the gifts of healings flow. I always pray for that to happen, and I've been encouraging you all to pray for that to happen in our church, right? So you don't have to wait for a flow, or musicians playing special, you know, anointed music. It can happen while the Word is going forth. Bang, you are healed. You don't even remember using your faith, amen? All you know is that you go back, the condition is no more. I said the condition is no more, amen?

This past week, I actually carried my son on my back. He's about 40kg, all right? So I carried my son on my back. Now, that's fine. I know how to use my stomach muscle, all right? The one that he calls washboard. My son calls it washboard, okay. Keep on calling those things that are not as though they are, amen? That was fine until he started shifting his position, so you feel like throwing him up and falling back again. That was a mistake. He slide down and I didn't want him to fall, so I twisted my back, okay? It was really painful and I knew that I made a big blunder. Number one, I shouldn't be carrying a 40kg boy, but I wanna carry him as long as I can, you know? I don't wanna accept the fact that he is growing up. You parents know what I'm talking about. You still wanna carry them as long as you can, right? Yeah, and that's fine as long as they stay still, okay?

So he shifted and I felt something, and I'm telling you, the whole day, it's like after I drive, I get out of my car... no, it's like, it takes a long time for me to get out of my car because of that pain. Then I'm thinking to myself, "Oh no," you know? I'll be doing a lot of driving and I can't afford this kind of condition, you know? So I told the Lord, and of course I wanted, like, zap, zoom, the healing comes, you know, and I'm healed, right? And God does do that, but I prayed, I commanded it to go, and the pain was still there. I did all kinds of things I know, it's still there. Finally, in this case, I need to hear the Lord how to receive it. Now, this is what I'm calling your attention to, all right? The Lord said to me, "Pray in the Spirit. Pray in tongues". But so I kept on praying in the Spirit the whole day. The whole day. That afternoon I got the injury, all right? The whole day, I said, "Look, when I go for a holiday, I want to remember you," I told my son, "but not like this". I don't wanna bring a token with me, you know?

And so the whole day, I prayed in the Spirit. All I know is this, all right? It was painful. It took me a long time to get out of my seat, all right? You gotta stop for awhile. You know, the pain is there. Some of you know what I'm talking about, right? And then finally, when I, you know, reached my destination, right, I really have to wait for awhile. I dread sitting down, okay? I prayed in the Spirit. The next day, I got up, that kind of pain became like very little pain the next day. And the next day after I woke up, another next day, the pain is almost gone.
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