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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Joseph Prince » Joseph Prince - The Lord Is Working Behind The Scenes

Joseph Prince - The Lord Is Working Behind The Scenes

Joseph Prince - The Lord Is Working Behind The Scenes
Joseph Prince - The Lord Is Working Behind The Scenes

You know, when the world say there's no provision... and by the way, the Book of Esther, number one, you're gonna taking down notes, just write down, "The name of God is never mentioned". The name of God is never mentioned. You cannot find "God" or "the Lord" mentioned at all in the Book of Esther. It's one book in the Bible, the name of God doesn't appear and yet you see God behind the scenes. It is not so much a book of miracles because miracles means God intervened into an ordinary circumstance, but many of the turning points in the Book of Esther is very supernaturally natural so it's not so much a book of miracles as it is a book of provision, God showing himself as the God of providence.

By the way, the word "providence" comes from an old Latin word which is pro video, pro video. Y'all hear video y'all know, right? And the word "pro" in Latin means before. Video means I see. That's where you get the video. All right, that means God sees the need beforehand and God provides. Provision, even the word "provision" is vision pro. Before it happens, God provides. You don't have to be afraid that life will take you by surprise. I must stick to the lesson today but, you know, we are here to study the Bible. And another thing about the Bible is when you touch the Bible, you touch health. Proverbs 4:22 says, "They, God's words, are life..." Say, "life". "To those that find them and health..." Say, "health". "To all their flesh". Even when you don't understand, you open the Bible and you read a portion, it has a cleansing. It has a reviving. It has a rejuvenating. It has a supplying. It has a health-giving effect, amen. And people who study the Bible, you can see their faces, their faces shine. Their eyes sparkle. They look younger and they are stronger as a result. But the moment you don't spend time in the Word, you're not in touch with the Word, you find your life just gets mundane and you become natural.

So, the first thing we learned about the Book of Esther is that the name of God is not mentioned, okay? But the name of God is mentioned in the acrostic, you know what's acrostic, right? Acrostic like for example grace, how you spell grace? G-R-A-C-E so another way of saying acrostic, G, God, God's. R, riches. A, at. C, Christ. E, expense. God's riches at Christ's expense. That's grace so it's an acrostic. Can you see it, amen? Do you know there are four acrostics of the name Yahweh in the Book of Esther. It's hidden. Now, how do you spell Yahweh? Someone says Y-H. No, in Hebrew it's gonna be Yud Hei Vav Hei but for convenience we say YHVH. So, you look up here. Now, remember like Chinese, won't be hard for you to understand this. Hebrew reads from right to left, okay, right to left.

By the way, did I tell you that when you touch God's Word, not just God's Word, it's life to those who find them but health, health to all their flesh, Proverbs 4:22. Health to all their flesh. You know, when you take medicine, right, many a times medicine, it helps resolve some pain or some condition, but then it's not health to all your flesh. In fact, it may cause a problem in another area. All right, you may go to the toilet more often or something like that, but only God's Word is medicine that is health, Proverbs 4:22, health to all their flesh. Every time you touch God's Word, it's health to all your flesh. So tonight, be expecting when you go out of this place, you are going out healthier, stronger, amen, and more prosperous in every area of our life. I don't mean money alone. I mean prosperous, amen? So, that's God's Word. Touch God's Word, you touch good success. Touch God's Word, even if you don't understand.

Y'all heard me share the illustration of the farmer who told his son, you know, the son say, "I don't understand. Why should I read the Bible? I don't understand the Bible"? The father says, "Okay, you know, son, you know, I understand what you're saying, but go get me some water from the river and water the plants here". The son about to take the bucket, the father say, "No. Take this, you know, a rattan, you know, like rattan basket, wicker basket? All right, take that and fill with water". The son says, "Dad, this is not gonna hold water". "Just go ahead, do what I say". So, the son tried his best. The river was nearby, took some water and run all the way back and it leaked. "Dad, I told you". Dad said, "Do it again". So, he did it again, came back. "Do it again," came back. "Dad, I don't understand what you're trying to say. It cannot hold water". But the father says, "Look at the basket. He looked at it. Look at how clean it is".

So even when you don't understand God's Word, it leaks, you feel it, it leaks, you don't understand, it's not retained but look at how clean your mind is, amen, amen? Okay so, say, "yud". Reading from light to left, I want you to memorize these letters. Very easy, okay, in Hebrew. Yud is the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet. Yud, reading from right to left, yud, hei, vav, hei. You know, I haven't even finished yet. This church is amazing. I love this church, amen. And many a times you have to explain to people from the start, all right, for you you guys helped me so much already. So, this is pronounced Yahweh. We sang that song just now, right? Yud hei vav hei, Yahweh. And in the Book of Esther, the name Yahweh is hidden in acrostic four times, all right? One time it appears as "I Am," Ehyeh "I Am that I am".

Now, let me explain acrostic. In Psalms 96, verse 11, we have the English text says this, "Let the heavens rejoice and let the earth be glad. Let the heavens rejoice and let the earth be glad". Would you like your earth, where you are at be glad? Your family area be glad, amen? Heaven must rejoice first, then the earth will be glad. That's always God's priority. Can I have a good amen? But if you look into the Hebrew, all right, reading from right to left, the Hebrew says all right, let rejoice "Yismachuw hashaamayim wataageel haa'aarets" Yud, first one. Hei, vav, hei. Without the Lord, your earth cannot be glad. Without the Lord, heaven cannot even rejoice, amen? So, it tells you straightaway. This is an acrostic.

So, although the name of God is not in the Book of Esther in your reading of your English or any other language, but in the Hebrew, it appears in acrostic form and every time it appears, it is a pivotal point in the story. Every time it happens, it's really a game changer. It changes the whole scenario. Would you like to follow? Are you excited about that? Now, why are we telling you this? Because the same thing is happening in your life. God is working behind the scenes, but you don't like what you see. The story of Esther, there was actually a madman, an evil man... I can't say he's a madman. You know, the most craziest people, some of them, are very intelligent in an ingenuous, in an evil way, like Hitler. He knew how to rally people to the cause so they're not mad as, you know, like you see people losing their minds.

So, there was a man called Haman, he's an evil man, and you see the hero of the story here, Mordecai, a type of Christ. And, of course, the heroine was Esther. Esther whose name is in the Hebrew, Hadassah. Hadassah is myrtle tree, but they changed her name to the Persian name because they were in Persia and her name became Esther, which means star, and she's the star of this story. The real star is God of course. So, why is it that God doesn't reveal his name, why, in this book? Why didn't God reveal his name? During this time, Israel was not in the place where God wants them to be, right? They are in captivity. Remember the story of how they worshiped other gods than the God that brought them out of Egypt than the God who opened up the Red Sea, than the God who gave them all the land flowing with milk and honey. And they started sinning against God and God sent prophet after prophet, some of them they killed the prophet and all that. And God says, finally God says, "This is it. I'm gonna send you one last call. If you repent, all right, I will restore everything". But they refused and they went into captivity.

Then the times of the Gentiles started, the head of gold, the breast of silver, all the way down to the feet. One day I'm teach on that in detail in the vision of Daniel or rather, the vision of Nebuchadnezzar that Daniel interpreted, and it's the times of the Gentiles. We are still in the times of the Gentiles. We are now in the feet area. So, it's very interesting. Israel was supposed to be the nation that leads all other nations. One day they will be when Jesus comes back. He will rule from Jerusalem so that prophesy will be fulfilled but because of their sin, they were suspended and the times of Gentiles began with Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon. You can read this in your history book. The time of Gentiles began all the way until a European, a revived Roman Empire in Europe or the now, in fact, you can't say Europe because the revived Roman Empire covers the entire Middle East. Even Israel is under the revived Roman Empire, actually you talk about it. Then Iran, Iraq, and all the rest. So, from here will come the Antichrist.

I can't tell you where is it exactly but it's from the previous Roman Empire. He's gonna appear and he's gonna bring peace, supposedly world peace to all the questions that the world has. He seems to be very brilliant and all that but his whole purpose is to annihilate the Jews as well as Christians. Now, we won't be around because we are raptured, because we attend Bible study. So, like when Jesus told the Jewish people about A.D. 70 in Luke, he told them, "When you see the armies surround Jerusalem, you see the Roman army surround Jerusalem..." Right, because of the rebellion of the people, they laid a siege. They see a lot of people to leave because the fewer people there are, the faster they will fall, less army to fight, right? That a lot of people believe. Jesus said, "When you see the armies surround Jerusalem," Jesus says, "flee to the mountains". Guess what. That happened in A.D. 70, all right, and those Christians who remembered what Jesus said or even before A.D. 70, they realized it's happening. The moment the siege is laid, they're fled the country. Not a single believer died.
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