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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Joseph Prince » Joseph Prince - In The Darkness, He Gives You Light

Joseph Prince - In The Darkness, He Gives You Light

Joseph Prince - In The Darkness, He Gives You Light
Joseph Prince - In The Darkness, He Gives You Light

And also this chapter Genesis 15, the Lord told him after that, "Come out, Abram, look at the stars". So, we know it's nighttime. It's nighttime, right? We can see the stars, it's nighttime. The stars are actually out there, even during daytime. You can't see it, but how we see them during our night seasons, amen? They shine so bright, hallelujah. Just like the Bible tells us when darkness, there was one plague called darkness and the darkness was so thick, you can feel it. You can't even see your hand in front of you, the Bible says. One of the plagues that came on Egypt, it was so dark. Exodus 10, look up here it says, "They did not see one another; nor did anyone rise from his place for three days. But all the children of Israel had light in their dwellings".

That means they had light for three days. Those in the conference, our conference was three days, amen. It's a picture of death and resurrection. You enter like in a dead state, you come out in a resurrection-like state, amen? So, there was darkness, thick darkness for three days covering the earth, I mean, covering Egypt, which is our earth. But when darkness is on this earth, even gross darkness upon the people, arise and shine, koumi, amen, arise and shine, shine, amen, for the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. Think about it, darkness cover the earth, but surely Israel had light in their dwellings. They had light in their dwellings.

Now, this is supernatural light. God will make sure that during your night seasons when the world is experiencing darkness, and how dark is the world today? Come on, come on. When people say white is black, black is white, right is bad. Evil is good when they are out of whack with what is even moral, even common sense, amen? There's no more shame faceness, amen, in some issues that is so basic. Let me just tell you this, it's a confused world, a world that's in darkness and gross darkness are upon the people, but the world will see you and you will have light in your dwellings.

So, I know the children of Israel, this light is supernatural light, why? Because, you know, if it's just ordinary light because they lit up the lamb, or their lamp, then the Egyptians can do the same. During this time of darkness, the Egyptians can also light a lamp. In fact, they are more prosperous than the slaves. No, they cannot even light a lamp. So, this light in the dwellings of the people of God is supernatural light. You have light in your family. Are these children of Israel perfect during this time? No, there's bickering, there's complaining. There's no perfection. In fact, we all know because they came out, amen, at the Red Sea.

So, it's not perfect people that God gives this wonderful light to your family. When the world sees, the light is there. There's problems within, but the world doesn't see that. But you see the problem within and because of that, you disqualify yourself. No, there's light in your dwelling. And even demonic forces can see there's light in your dwelling. Can I have a good, amen? Hallelujah, light in your family. And then once you realize that, you can walk in it, praise the Lord. It's not as if you walk and then the light will come, you deserve it, then the light will come. No, the light is there to help you. Can I have a good amen?

Just like the Bible says we are children of the light, we walk in the light, we'll never walk in darkness, amen? The Bible says, "If we walk in the light as he is in the light", and a lot of people twist that into performance. If we walk in the light, that means if you do good, if you don't sin, doesn't say that. Walking in the light is a realm. If we are believers and unbelievers, unbelievers don't walk in the light. Jesus says, "He that follows me shall walk in light, and shall never walk in darkness", amen. Jesus says that.

Now, the thing is that you walking in the light, we'll still sin. We're not perfect people because it says we walk in the light as he's in the light. The blood of Jesus Christ, what? Cleanses us from all sin. That means what? Every time you are in the light, you are in the light now that you believe on Jesus. Every time you sin, the light, the blood cleanses, so you're kept in the light. Every time you fail, the light cleanses, the blood cleanses, amen, and keeps you in the light, amen. Are you listening, child of God?

People say we walk in the light, there's no sin. Then pray tell me why is the blood of Jesus Christ there in the same verse cleansing us from all sin, amen? So, walking in the light are believers. As long as they walk in the light, they have a bad thought, it's cleansed. They have a wrong emotion, it's cleansed, amen. They do something wrong, it's cleansed, then and there it's cleansed. Continue walking in the light, hallelujah. I'm excited. How many are excited with me? Come on, amen. So, don't twist that into performance. It's not a question of how you walk. It's not a question of how you walk, it's a question of where are you walking? Believers walk in the light, unbelievers don't walk in the light.

All right, so the if there is asking, are you a believer or not a believer? I believe John, the episode of John chapter 1 refers to believers and unbelievers. Believers confess they have sin and that's why they need Jesus, amen, amen? They're the first to say, "I need a Savior. I need a full Savior. I'm a bad sinner", amen? Praise the Lord. They're the ones that say, "I have problem", but the sinner says, "I have no sin", amen? Professors and possessors, people who profess and people... so it is very clear demarcation there. Praise the Lord. Let's go on. Are y'all learning this? Is this helping you?
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