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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Joseph Prince » Joseph Prince - God Is Making All Things Work For Your Good

Joseph Prince - God Is Making All Things Work For Your Good

Joseph Prince - God Is Making All Things Work For Your Good
Joseph Prince - God Is Making All Things Work For Your Good

This is an excerpt from: Much More Restoration Is Coming!

You see, the Lord does everything in the right time, amen. Even our seemingly, you know, bad things, adversities, and all that, God allows it to happen at the certain time that we might not see at that moment that it is actually the right time, because that produces something later on. We don't even realize it is because of this adversity, amen? How many know that God makes all things work together for His child's good, amen? You are sons and daughters of God. Because of that, your inheritance is at everything. Not everything is good, but everything in your life is working for your good, amen? Delays even, traffic lights. For all you know, God knows if you go too fast, you are a person who is very fast, very fast on the road, and there is an impending accident in front, so he allows a lot of red lights.

And here you are, breathing fire and brimstone, all right, because you're not happy about it. Thank the Lord. Even small things like this. I'm using a small illustration because I want you to know that all things means all things. You gotta believe it. "I didn't get the seat I want today, Pastor". All things work together for good. You are meant to be there. You are meant to meet someone maybe. You are meant to be at the right place and always remember God is protecting you. And I know that many of you have testimonies of how, you know, you were restrained from going somewhere and you found out later on that was a problem area, you know? God always, you know, we complain now because we don't see His love for us. He looks far ahead, amen?

So Martha and Mary may weep, and Jesus wept, all right, together with them, but Jesus knew He was gonna raise Lazarus from the dead. And Lazarus's name will always be there, amen, and He knew the outcome, but they didn't because they live in the moment. Actually, Martha lived in the past and in the future. Mary lived in the moment. And there's a Bible verse, very beautiful verse, that says, "Now is the accepted time. Now is the Day of Salvation". The first part there, the accepted time, "Now is the accepted time," is the word "kairos dektos". Kairos dektos. It's a quotation from Isaiah that shows "eth," time, and "ratzon". Remember the year of ratzon? So "ratzon" and "dektos" in the Greek is the same word, the time when God's grace profusely abound, amen. So when is the kairos dektos, accepted time?

Now, now, now. With all that is happening that is dark in the world, God is doing great things. Revivals are breaking out everywhere, amen? New covenant revival. Praise the Lord, amen. Ministry of righteousness revival. And remember, when you listen to end times, you listen to or you watch this kind of thing, do not let your heart be troubled. If the person is saying that, "Oh, the bowls are being poured in the book of Revelation. We are now in the beginning part of the Tribulation, Great Tribulation," that person doesn't know what he's talking, okay? Because the child of God will not go through that. The Bible says very clearly in Romans 5, it tells us this. It says, "But God demonstrates His own love towards us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us".

Isn't it amazing that, think about how much God loves you now, even, that you are His child. While you were still a sinner, God loved you. God sent His Son while we were all sinners, amen. We don't care about Him. We have no heart for Him, amen. We were sinning our way. All we like sheep have gone astray, yet God sent His Son to become the payment, the ransom for our sins, amen. God demonstrates His love for us. Can I have a good amen? All right, in all the evil that has happened, remember evil is not from God. Why did God make Adam and Eve, Pastor Prince, if God knew that they're gonna sin? Well, would you still make someone and give them a free choice, knowing that free choice must be free choice? And if free choice is exercise, there might be a possibility they might choose the wrong choice? And because of that, you refuse to make someone with free choice?

Then the best thing for you is AI. But sometimes AIs will misbehave, right? So God doesn't want an AI, you know, anything with artificial intelligence. He gave us free choice. He made us in His image. But behind everything, God knew man would fall. But even behind that, God in His full knowledge saw that this evil, this fall of man would bring forth the greatest redemption, amen. You see, if man continued unfallen, if man continued sinless, right, not sinless, but not sinning, innocent, all right, there's no guarantee that Adam and Eve, if they succeeded, that their descendants won't. 'Cause by then there'll be hundreds times hundreds, there'll be thousands times ten thousands, and as time goes on, the earth will be populated. There's no guarantee that someone would not sin, so it's always a state of insecurity. But with the redemption of Christ, God sent His Son who is the Last Adam.

Now in Christ there is a guarantee and eternal security for all of us, amen. Our redemption is forever. You are saved eternally, amen. There's no worry and think about that. Adam and Eve, when they were in the garden, they were in charge of the earth. The Bible says, for you and I, through Christ's redemptive work, we are now joint heirs with Jesus Christ in the center of the universe. And where is it? Beyond the Milky Way, beyond what even the greatest telescope that man can build can reach, amen. That's where my mom went through. The angels brought her right there, right through it, to God's presence, amen? One day, the Bible says, heaven will come down. Literally a whole city will come down on earth, all right? That's another message altogether. But how many know that God gets glory, God turns even the wrath of man to praise Him. Not that God initiates evil. God cannot. God is perfect goodness. God is love. But God gets glory, think about it.

How is truth glorified? How is truth magnified? In the midst of what? Dishonesty. In the midst of cheating. In the midst of all this sin, when there's truth, truth is seen clearly. You see, the part of God, mercy, compassion, grace, love, cannot be exercised, even though it is inherent in the Godhead. Even before man fell it is there, but it cannot be demonstrated unless there's sin because grace is for people who have sinned. Mercy is for those who have failed. So that part of God cannot be seen until there's a fall. So I'm not saying, listen, that we fall so that God's grace can be seen. No, that's how people try to pervert this, but the truth is that's the truth.

Just like truth cannot be seen unless it's among dishonesty, falsehood; love cannot be seen in its beauty until it is among bitterness, vengefulness, vindictiveness, bitterness, unforgiveness. Then that someone with love comes out, like Jesus in the midst of Galilee. When He walked around, there was hatred around Him, amen, and yet He healed the sick, raised the dead, cleansed the leper. Beautiful, grace in the midst of ugliness that our sins have brought into this world. So the problem with the world today, all right, people say, "Save the world, save the world," and that's good, but save the people. The people are causing the problems. If the people are saved, your world gets right.

There was a pastor one time, he was preparing his message and he could not get his message, and it was Saturday night and he was like, "Oh God, please speak to me. Give me a message, Lord," all right? Have you been there before, pastors? Right? And his little boy came in and asked him, "Dad, can you please put this together"? And he said, "Oh, no, no, no, no. I'm busy now". No, not put together, "Can you help me, read to me this story"? Then he realized, you know, that behind the story there was a story about earth, the globe, and behind, you know, it was a man. So he said, "I think I'll make this whole thing to a jigsaw piece so that my son will be occupied and don't disturb me. I need the Word from the Lord".

So the son, he cut into a jigsaw, like a jigsaw puzzle, and very quickly the boy came back. He says, "There's no way he knows how the earth is like". And finally, the boy came back. He's pasted everything together and it's perfect, just like how, you know, the earth is supposed to be. Then he said, "How did you manage that"? Then, "Behind there's a picture of a man. When I put the man right, the earth becomes right". Got the message? So the pastor got the message. When the man is right, his world gets right.
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