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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Joseph Prince » Joseph Prince - Jesus Is The Author of Your Right Time, Right Place

Joseph Prince - Jesus Is The Author of Your Right Time, Right Place

Joseph Prince - Jesus Is The Author of Your Right Time, Right Place
Joseph Prince - Jesus Is The Author of Your Right Time, Right Place

I'm gonna show you the Hebrew. I'm gonna show you something very precious that is very unique and very dear to our church heart. For those of you who have been with me for many years, you know that I shared with you about Jesus has a signature in the Bible called Aleph-Tav, amen? Why Aleph-Tav? Now, your English alphabet starts with, come on, children. Come on, class. A to Z for our American friends, amen? You gotta help America because America says running with a ball is football, amen? We say this is football, so they will say "zee," we'll say "zed". A to Z, amen? A to Z, right?

Now, in Greek, what is it? Alpha, you all know this, the last one is omega. Very good. Hebrew, first letter is aleph, last one is tav, amen. By the way, Hebrew letters have pictures as well as numbers. Aleph is number one. In other words, in Hebrew they don't write one. There's no numeral in Hebrew. They use the letter as the number. Each letter symbolize a number. So aleph is one. You got it, amen? It's also a picture. Aleph is like an ox. Aleph is a leader. Aleph is sacrificial ox, amen? Tav, tav is actually, you know how they draw the cross, the tav last time? A cross, many years ago. It's like this. The sacrificial ox on the cross. That's the signature of Jesus. The first letter and the last letter joined together, Aleph-Tav. I'm gonna show you Genesis 1:1, all right? We have this.

Very first verse of the Bible, Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth". This is how it goes, because like traditional Chinese, it reads from right to left. The older you go back, right, through civilization and all that, they read from right to left. Hebrew is right to left, amen? I don't know why people change all the time. Like, why can't we all just drive on the right side of the road? You know what I'm saying or not? Why must change here, go to America, change, then go to Europe, change. Why can't we just all just agree, amen, that driving on the left side is right, amen? All right, so reading from right to left, "In the beginning". "Bree'shiyt baaraa' 'Elohim 'eet hashaamayim w'eet haa'aarets".

Notice what is not translated. By the way, notice it makes a menorah, exactly seven words, number of perfection in the very first verse of the Bible in Hebrew. Three here, three here. The middle one is untranslated. It is the word Aleph-Tav. Reading from right to left, aleph is like an N, right? Aleph-Tav. It's the signature of Jesus because, why is it the signature of Jesus? When Jesus appeared to John, His apostle, His disciple, remember, on the island of Patmos to give him the book of Revelation, amen, to give him the revelation for the book of Revelation, you know what Jesus called Himself what? "Fear not, John, I am the Alpha and Omega". Why Alpha and Omega? That is because your New Testament is in Greek, right? And in your King James, they leave it there, Alpha and Omega.

"I'm the Alpha and Omega. I'm the first and the last letter, amen. I'm the first word in your life and I'm the last word in your life, amen? Professionals don't have the last word. Your condition in your body, no one has the last word, all right? You sought second advice, amen. Have you sought My advice, amen? Amen. I have the first word and the last word". Okay, so they translate that from Greek, so they put Alpha and Omega, but He's talking to a fellow Jew. They wouldn't be speaking Greek. He would speak to him in Hebrew, and this is what He would say, "John, I am Aleph and I am Tav. I'm Aleph-Tav". Straight away, the mystery is revealed, because you know why? It's untranslated.

Many, many, many, many years ago, I went to Israel, one of my first times in Israel, and I asked our guide why is this verse in Hebrew, that middle word not translated? He told me, "Well, it's a sign. It's a sign of something, something. A symbol, you know? A sign". I still don't know. To tell me something is a symbol, of what? A sign of what, all right? Until the Lord showed me that Jesus, and what I shared with you just now, would have spoken Hebrew, "I am Aleph and I'm Tav," the first letter and the last letter. So He put His signature there. That means who created the heavens and the earth? All things, the Bible says, "All things were made by Christ and nothing was made that wasn't made". And He came into the world, amen, became flesh. Praise God, hallelujah. In fact, the Bible says, "Everything is held together by Christ". Not just created, but held together.

When you have Him in your very being, hallelujah, when Christ is in you, He holds you together, spirit, soul, and body. He's in your marriage, He holds you together, amen, in a world that is trying to push everything apart, even split you apart, amen, until you're confused. Okay, so go back to Ecclesiastes 9:11. We have, "Time and chance happen to them all". In this entire passage, Jesus put His signature there. That's not translated. "Time and chance happen to them all," is actually spelled like this. "But time and chance happen, Aleph-Tav, to them all". That means what? He makes time and chance happen to you. Can I have a good amen? He makes time and chance happen to you. Can I have a good amen, church?

Now, the Jewish people, the Jewish rabbis especially, they say that for every year God has a theme, even for their people. Even until today, they say that. And the way you look at the theme, they said something is found in the Hebrew calendar for that year, in the Hebrew year. And you know what's the Hebrew year this year, right? Five-seven. Five-seven is like one-nine. Let's say you were born in 1973, 1-9-7-3, you know? The 1-9 is 5-7 for them. So for them, this year, this year is 5783. This year is 5783, okay? 5783 Say, "5783". So the Jewish rabbis, this is not from me. This is Jewish rabbis, okay? This is what they say, but I'll share with you what the Lord showed me, okay? Are you ready? They say that, ignore the 5-7, because that tells you the period of the, you know, that time, those years that you are in, all right? But focus on the last two digits, 8-3, all right? Because last year was 8-2, then the year before 8-1.

And remember what I told you, that in Hebrew there's no numbers? It is the letter, right? You follow me? Like the word "yud" is number ten, right? "Hei" is what, number what? Five. Very good, very good. God took Abraham's name, all right, Abram has no "hei". God took His name, "Yud Hei Vav Hei," one of the hei, His name, He put in Abram. Abraham became successful, and fruitful, and multiplied. He became Abraham. Sarai, his wife, her name has no "hei," right? Her name has a "yud," which is ten, representing the law, amen. God took away the "hei" and God put His next "hei," "Yud Hei Vav Hei," His name Yahweh, He put His "hei" into Sarai's name and Sarah became a mother the very next year. And her name means princess, amen?

So it's very important we, I want this church to be a revelation addict. I don't want you to just, I'm not interested, you know, Pastor Prince, just the superficial reading. I know the story of David. I know the story of Ruth. I know the story. I want you to go into the meat, and the fatness, and the marrow, and bring it out, amen. And you'll do it also in your time with the Lord, amen, this year. Let's get cracking into the Word of God. Let's feed on the Word of God. Let's delight our soul in fatness. Nothing else will satisfy, nothing. The Word of God is so rich, amen. So He put His signature there, okay? Now, watch this, 5-7-8-3, all right, 83.

Now, number 80 is represented by pei, pei. "Pei" is your mouth. Pei. Say, "Pei". Okay, so eight is, 80 is pei. Three is your, you know you say aleph? First letter is aleph. Aleph, bet, gimel. Gimel is three. Aleph is one, bet is two. Bethlehem, house. The picture is a house, bet. Three is gimel. Gimel. Gimel is three. So this is gimel. Pei gimel, reading from right to left. Pei gimel. And what does it spell? Pag. Until now, I've not heard any Jewish rabbi expound on the fig so far. When I heard the fig, all right, that this spells fig, I'll tell you what happened to me. Straightaway the Lord brought one verse because I've been studying this particular book in the Bible, and it's the only time "pag" appears, green fig, all right? Just hold your horses. You will see what it's gotta do with this year, all right? Pei, pag, pag, pag, all right? Pag. Say, "Pag".

Now, green fig is not t'eenah is fig, the ripe fig. This is green fig. It is pag, all right? Pei. Pei gimel, put together, pag, all right, which is actually the green fig. And do you know where it appears? Only one place. The first mention is the last mention. In the entire Old Testament it appears only in one place, all right? And this came from the Lord to me and I've been keeping it since last year, 'cause every time I want to share it I find that, ugh, something else happens, amen? And but finally the time has come. So those who attend part one, never attend part two, they miss out, you know? All right, by a pag.
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