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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Joseph Prince » Joseph Prince - God Wants Us To Flow In The Gifts Of The Spirit

Joseph Prince - God Wants Us To Flow In The Gifts Of The Spirit

Joseph Prince - God Wants Us To Flow In The Gifts Of The Spirit
Joseph Prince - God Wants Us To Flow In The Gifts Of The Spirit
TOPICS: Spiritual Gifts

So this year as we look at the Word of God, we'll see some insights into what God has for us this year. Today, there are more prophetic stuff that I'll be sharing with you that's gonna happen this year, because one of the manifestations of the word of wisdom... by the way, there are nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. See, we can divide them, nine, right? Three, three, three, okay? Three, three, three, just remember that. You can call it the knowing gifts, all right, to know something, amen, or revelation gifts; then the vocal gifts, there are three; and then the power gifts, the doing gifts, which are three. The revelation gifts or the knowing gifts are word of wisdom, and it's an insight, a word.

God doesn't give paragraphs. God doesn't give a long discussion. God gives a word about the future. When it's a word about the future, amen, God told Noah, "This is gonna happen. The flood is coming," amen? That is a word of wisdom because it's a word about the future and it prepared Noah and his family, amen? Word of knowledge is not about the future, but a word about the present. Now, you see me pray for people before, all right, and I'll say, "There's someone here with this condition," and I describe the condition. That person God healed completely, right? How do I know? It is a manifestation of the word of knowledge, the gift of the word of knowledge. Is it a present situation or future? Present. So word of knowledge has got to do with present, amen? Then God said to Noah, "These are the materials you are to use, the acacia wood. Take acacia wood," amen?

In the original, your King James says, "Gopher wood," right? So when God told Noah, "What kind of wood must I use, God"? He says, "Gopher wood". He says, "I know, but before I go for wood, what wood"? "Gopher wood, Noah". "I know, I want to go for wood, but", You all got it? Okay, never mind, too early in the morning. Praise God. So He says, "Gopher wood," all right? And so gopher wood, otherwise known as acacia wood, is very, it's an indestructible wood. They call it the eternal wood, amen? But it is a wood that lasts for a long, long time. That's the one they used for the Tabernacle, also for the Ark of the Covenant. Anyway, that is the word of knowledge. So the revelation gifts, this has got to do with this year. Listen, it's coming into your manifestation in your life this year more than ever. So we have the revelation gifts: word of wisdom, word of knowledge, and then we have discerning of spirits.

Now we have the, discerning of spirits are not just discerning evil spirits. No, no, no, no. Some people are more negatively inclined. Yes, it involves discerning of evil spirits, but also discerning of angels, their presence, amen. It's a wonderful gift to have, amen, because people are swayed and deceived by someone's words. They are swayed and deceived. Even the news today, what is fake news and what is not fake news? What is really, you know, and you can even slant the facts in a way to present an impact that you desire, amen? But the person of discernment, there's something inside that's scratchy, you will know it. That's the gift of discerning of spirits, that spirit is wrong. Because before any mouth opens, all right, the spirit is activated. "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks," amen? You can see what it's inside.

If someone speaks, a person is complaining, fault-finding all the time, that person has a critical spirit, amen. If the person is very, you know, always lustful and lascivious in his jokes and all that, you know he's got a spirit of adultery or lust, all right? So you know, you can sense that. You can see that. You can, but today, this is a gift that's lost, even among believers. And they are gifts. All these nine are gifts. You don't have to earn it. You only have to receive it. They are not fruit. It doesn't come by cultivation. It doesn't come by development. It doesn't come by progress. That is the fruit of the Spirit. Fruit comes by these means, but gift is just imparted.

So someone may have the gift and have a bad character. So sometimes you can manifest the gift in an angry way. There's no humility. There's no fruit of meekness, right? So we gotta have both: nine fruit of the Spirit, nine gifts of the Spirit. And all the people said, "Amen". Then we have the vocal gifts. Of course you all know tongues, interpretation of tongues, and prophecy, amen. Many times when I'm preaching, I'm giving word of prophecy. People feel like, you know, "The Word is for me," or even something about their future or something that is, "Wow, you know, I'm going through this now," amen, and it just comes across.

And for me, I love that kind of preaching because, you know, the Holy Spirit will lead me to say things sometimes. I mention names sometimes, all right, and it'll turn out to be something that was needed for that person at that very hour. Right time, right place, praise God. And then we have these three gifts that are power gifts, amen, doing something, amen. To know something, the three gifts; to say something; and then to execute, to do something, power gifts. They are gifts of healings, plural. The word "gift" here, the only part of the nine gifts, the only one that has plural, "gifts of healings". Even "healings" is plural in the Greek. Gifts of healings.

So some people who have this gift, they may have a particular manifestation when they pray for people with cancer, people with cancer get healed. When they pray for people with headache, they don't get healed, amen. So they, you know, it's a distribution of gifts of healings. I'm so, I thank God with all the numerous sickness, you know, and all kinds of diseases out there in the world, God has gifts, plural, of healings, of different kind of healings. There are people who are, when they pray for people with tumors and all that, they always almost have, amen, a high rate of success in that area. When they pray for something else, it's not so, amen? So these are, you need to find out, if you are someone with the gifts of healing that are flowing through, you need to find out what is your particular gifts of healing flowing in, amen? But all of us can flow in it, amen? We cannot activate it. We cannot just say, "Now I want the gift to flow. Now I want it to flow". Amen, cannot, right, because see my face? If I can, I'd put my hand on my face, amen?

Don't laugh so loud. Look at your face, amen. All of us have areas that we wish we can activate the gifts straight away. No, in your case, the gift of working of miracles, all right? Mine is healing, yours is miracles. Because the next power gift is the gift of working of miracles. Now, this is one is not in the area of healing. Healing is healing, but miracles are like supernatural cancellation of your debt. We've seen that happen to many people in our church, amen? Praying and the rain supposed to come, that all the weather forecast is that, and then it departs. That's a miracle. Elijah experienced that. Many of our people have experienced that, amen. These are miracles. Miracles is of things that happen in such a way you can't even explain it, amen? But it's out of the ordinary. And all the people said, "Amen". So it's different from healing. Praise God, amen.

Then the last one of course, to activate all these things you need the supernatural gift of faith. It's not a faith that you and I have that can be cultivated. In the fruit of the Spirit, there's also faith there, but more like faithfulness that one. But faith here is a supernatural impartation where when you pray for someone, you know that you know that you know.

People ask sometimes, "Pastor Prince, how do you know"? It's quite embarrassing, right? You call someone out and then you talk to the person, you say the person is healed and all that, but what if the person is not healed? Why do you call that person in the first place? Isn't it better just to pray a general prayer and don't call anybody? Well, at that moment when I call, the gift of faith was in operation. I know. I know that person is healed, amen? "So Pastor, I'll come to you after the service and you pray for me". I'll pray for you as a believer, amen. I cannot activate the gift. But when the gift comes, I know that I know that I know that I know, amen? I can run into hell with a water gun, that kind of faith, amen? It's a no wavering, no doubt kind of faith. It's that mountain-moving faith, amen? Amen, praise the Lord. So these are the gifts of the Spirit and they will operate more this year.
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