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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Joseph Prince » Joseph Prince - Your Delay Could Be God's Set Up

Joseph Prince - Your Delay Could Be God's Set Up

Joseph Prince - Your Delay Could Be God's Set Up
Joseph Prince - Your Delay Could Be God's Set Up
TOPICS: God’s Timing, Trust

Now I'm gonna show you right happening. Right time, right place. Now, I just wanna say something, okay? about right time, right place. Please don't always think of it's always something favorable, something easy, something nice. Sometimes right time, right place may not look at first like it's favorable. Later on you look back, my goodness, it's right time, right place.

I remember many years ago when Jessica was two years old. She's a young lady now. And, we travelled for the first time with her, with her along, her first travel overseas. Wendy and I, we share one luggage. Jessica has two luggages, plus one pram. You parents, young parents, you know what it's like, right, remember? When you travel, you didn't realize what just, this small creature has so many things to bring along, you know? And you wanna bring them along because you feel it's necessary, so she has two luggage, and then one pram. And at the end of our trip, it was a long, quite an exhaustive trip, because at the end we were very tired, and we had a night flight. So, we were on our way to the airport for the night flight, and, we got caught in a jam, okay? So I said, "Oh, no problem, we still have some time, all right, it'll be fine".

By the time we reached the airport, we rush all the way to the counter, the guy says, "It's closed. We're sorry". We said, "Why? I think the", He said, "No, no, your flight, I think your flight might have gone off already". I said that "No, no". I look at the ticket again. We thought it's 2230, it's 2130. Oh, you know how frustrated you feel that time? You're angry at yourself, you're angry at the situation, you give a silent prayer, only one syllable. "Why"? You know. "Tianna". You know, it's like, "Why"? You know. It's like, how many of you feel that, oh, you know, when it rains, it rains, right? It's like heaven is pouring on you, you know, it's like, "Why me"? You know. Everyone is blessed, we felt we're the last ones, and but the guy looked at us, I think my face looked very pitiful, he had compassion on us. "You know what? I'll check you in, I'll process it, but I cannot check in your luggage".

Don't forget how many luggage we have, plus a pram. He said that "You have to run all the way, okay? Hopefully", and it's at the end, the gate is right at the end of the terminal. "Do your best, run all the way. If the plane is still there, get on it". So, we started running. I still remember now, until today, all right, we were running, Wendy and I, I was pulling as many luggage as I can, push some forward, then carry the rest, Wendy pushing the pram, we're running, running, running, push all the way, amen, and then we reach the place, and from far I can see there's an attendant, all right, standing at the gate there, and she told us to go in real fast, our luggage and all, try to arrange, put it outside, they'll put it inside, and then we got in. By the time you sat in your seat, you're like, it's definitely not right time, right place, man. And I was, like, frustrated, I was not feeling good, I felt stressed, I felt discouraged, I felt all kinds, all the negative emotions, right? And then there was an announcement. "Ladies and gentlemen, we apologize, because we have a problem with the conveyer belt".

Now, I've travelled a lot, even during that time. I know of problems, planes are delayed because of weather or because of engine trouble. I never hear because of faulty conveyer belt. So, I realized, hey, my luggage made it, delivered by hand. Many of them, their luggage not even in the cargo yet. Now, y'all look at me and say, "Well, Pastor Prince, you knew it was God, right"? No, I'm sorry to disappoint you. After ten minutes sitting down there, I told myself, "How come it's not moving? Who is the one delaying this flight"? That was my thought, who was the one delaying my... you know? See, sometimes we all can get very natural. And then like this, God spoke to my heart. Now, it's not a witness when I say it's God speaking, not a witness, okay? God said to me, "Son, I delayed this flight for you".

I tell you, when you hear God, you know, speaking his love to you, when you know you're loved, at that moment you feel so loved. All your frustrations, all your stress, all your anger, all just melt. Amen. We had time to be comfortable, drink our welcome drink, get ready, all right, talk about shoes. Oh, you gotta put on your shoes for flight, yeah. Just be comfortable. It was after 20 minutes, all right, that the flight took off. It's as if waiting for us, you know? Amen. So, sometimes right time, right place initially may not appear, but then God wants you to learn a lesson of, "I love you. And if I need to delay something, I'll delay it for you". Amen. I really believe God can change legislation and all that just for you. The very year that you are qualifying for something, they change. It's for you. You think, "Cannot be for me". For you. Hey, bro, for you, it's really for you. He counts the hairs on your head, not even one of them falls without him knowing, amen.
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