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Watch 2022 online sermons » Joseph Prince » Joseph Prince - How To Receive Your Healing Miracle

Joseph Prince - How To Receive Your Healing Miracle

Joseph Prince - How To Receive Your Healing Miracle
TOPICS: Healing

This excerpt is from the sermon, Guard The Imaginations Of Your Heart, preached on May 1, 2022

Proverbs 4, verse 20, "My son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your eyes". Isn't it interesting God says, "Do not let them depart from your eyes"? Does that mean that every day you take God's Word like that? You'd be walking over cats, bumping into lamp posts, Amen. Of course not. So, "Do not let them depart from your eyes," is what? Your vision, Amen? Now you are saying, "What's the result, Pastor Prince, of doing this"? Keep on reading. "Keep them in the midst of your heart". Notice, what you see will go into your heart. So first of all, attend to God's Word. How do I do that? This is God's medicine bottle. How do I do that? All right, I attend to it. I incline my ear to God's sayings, that's the ear gate. Say, "Ear gate".

All right, hit somebody and just nudge somebody and say, "Ear gate". They say, "Huh"? If they say, "Huh"? their ear gate is definitely closed, all right? Either the gate is closed or there's something clogged up inside, all right? So the next one is, "Keep them. Do not let them depart from your eyes". Now, look at somebody and say, "Eye gate". Eye gate. Watch your eye gate. Your eye gate, what you see. What you hear, what you see, and then the next one is "Keep them in the midst of your heart". This is how things enter your heart. It is always through your eye gate and your ear gate. So God gave me this word for you all: Guard your heart. Because the next one says, look at the result, if you allow God's Word, if you pay attention to God's Word, you incline your ear gate to God's sayings and you open your eye gate to God's Word not any other human word that brings fear and depression, and if you do that, God says the result is it will drop into your heart. That's only there and only then, "They are life to those who find them, and health to," how much? "All their flesh".

What a promise. What medicine. You know when you are sick, right, you gotta take this medicine, and then you gotta take this medicine. And the doctor say, "By the way, you gotta remove your phlegm by taking this cough syrup," right? By the way, the inflammation that caused your cough and all that has got to be removed by this pill. But if you take this pill, it might cause gastric, so we prepare something for gastric. So the thing that he prepared for gastric to stop the inflammation thing from becoming gastric in your stomach, the thing that was prepared, does the thing also have side effect? So you gotta have a side effect for the thing that had a side effect for the side, okay? And we all still take it, why? It's the best, this side of heaven. It's the best this side of heaven, Amen. So this is God's natural gift. Are you listening? But there is a every good and perfect gift.

So this is under the category of good but there's every good and perfect gift is from the Father above, comes down from the Father of lights. So the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of healings, for example, like it has operated before, all right? And just as I share the Word, sometimes the gift of healing explode in someone's body, and that person says, "Where's that pain? It's gone"! "I came here with a headache, it's gone". "I came here with gastric and it's gone". That is the gift of healings operating, Amen? So we thank God for all these instruments and all that and means by which we can facilitate the healing. Actually it helps our body. Our body is the part that God has made the immune system and all that, and it's only assisted, right, with the symptoms most of the time.

So keep the symptoms down and your body can fight the thing. So but it's still natural. At the end, it's the Word of God. It's the only medicine this side of heaven, all right, that God has given us that we can hold in our hand. That's why I'm saying whenever you hold the Bible, you are holding a piece of heaven, Amen. It is God's greatest gift to us, God's instruction manual, the manufacturer's handbook. And it's the only medicine that says, "Health to all their flesh". All. When you take God's Word like you are taking right now, it is health to all your flesh, Amen. No side effects. Oh yeah, there is lah. You become joy, you are filled with joy unspeakable, Amen, peace that passes understanding. You cannot describe it, Amen? Praise the Lord. You know, I love the Apostle Paul because he's an example of how believers should be. He was so full of joy, so full of peace that when he was standing in Caesarea as a prisoner he was bound with chains.

And so they told him to come up, all right, "The king is here. Let us hear what you say," Amen? And he says that "Hey, people, I want you all to know, I think myself happy". I love it. "I think myself happy". He says, "I consider myself a happy person, all right, and I want you all to be as I am, except for these bonds. I want you all to be like me except for these chains. I don't want that for you all. Be like me. Even though I'm a prisoner, I'm happy". Amen? So that's God's dream, Amen, for His people, to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, Amen. So all that we are learning is to become a Christian who is joyful, you know, with joy unspeakable, peace that passes understanding, and a radiant personality, Amen? Smile at your neighbour and say, "You're gonna be a radiant person". A radiant. Say, "Radiant".

You know something? All right, honestly, you can be the most prettiest person, right, that people have looked at physically and become like just like an empty shell after people talk to you. There's no personality. There is a bit of vindictiveness. There's vanity. There's pride, you know? And some people will turn away. It's not radiant. But I tell you something, sometimes people's looks are plain, but when they are radiant, they attract people. People wanna be with them, Amen? That's why I love this word, "radiant personality". God wants you to have a radiant personality. It's part of evangelism, Amen. "You shall be witnesses". What does that mean? That means your very persona is a witness to the world that you are saved, Amen. So we are battling all this to come to this place. You have the vision?

All right, so watch this now - God says before it can be life to you and health to all your flesh, it's gotta go through your eye gate, your ear gate, and then drop where? Into your heart. That's the way God ordained it, then it will manifest. Now, God didn't say, "I give you health. Now take it". All right, that is the gifts of the spirit operating, Amen? And God can do that, right, of course, but God's norm for all of us is to receive from His Word. That's why we need to read God's Word every day. Give us this day our? Not weekly bread, not monthly bread, daily bread. Not just Sunday bread, Amen. Amen. Sunday you receive good word, but daily bread, Amen? So notice it enters your heart first.

Jesus said in Matthew 12, "Out of the abundance of your heart, the mouth speaks". You know we teach about, be careful what you say, Amen? What you say is what you get, Amen? That's how you get saved, right? You get saved by saying. If you confess with your mouth and you believe in your heart, right, Jesus Christ is Lord, and you believe God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved. With the heart, man believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth. So it's always heart, mouth; mouth, heart; heart, mouth; heart, mouth; heart, mouth, okay? But which one comes first? Jesus says your heart. "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks". It is not by talking a lot about God's Word and then you hope it will fill your heart. No, you fill your heart by spending time in the Word, by reading, by filling your imagination.

And that's why when you are not feeling well, spend a lot of time in healing Scriptures. I have one myself where I just read and you just lie down there. Many times you don't feel like reading if you're not feeling well, right? Just listen to healing Scriptures, Amen. Mine comes with a bit of rain because I believe that, you know, rain, God gave rain as a picture of "Moreh," latter rain, to bring forth the harvest. So just hearing it is very soothing, Amen. So there's water and then Pastor Prince's voice, Amen? If you think you like to sleep under my voice, you'll want these healing Scriptures, Amen? But what's the idea? The idea is to listen to all the verse until your inside becomes a new picture.
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