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Joseph Prince - Stay Strong And Healthy God's Way

Joseph Prince - Stay Strong And Healthy God's Way
Joseph Prince - Stay Strong And Healthy God's Way

Welcome back to another exciting time in God's word. The Bible says that one of the tribes of Israel, the tribe of Issachar, the people there have a special gift from God. They have understanding of the times. And sometimes, God will give me a Word about the understanding of the times, and that is the Word I have for you today. You know, the Lord has impressed on my heart very strongly on some things that He has been showing me lately, and I have been sharing along these lines as well. We know that the rapture can happen anytime. Just before Jesus comes back for His bride, for His Church, which is all of us, the many-membered body of Christ, we know that times will get very, very dark, and the season that we will be in will be seasons where lawlessness will abound. "And because iniquity shall abound," lawlessness will abound, "the love of many will wax cold".

And the Bible says Jesus asked this question: When He comes again, "will He find faith on the earth"? It seems like everyone is creating something to meet the needs of mankind, and the very simple things of God is now cast aside, even God's standard, God's moral excellence has all been just put aside. And people feel like well it all depends on the situation. They call it situational ethics: It's okay to lie at times. It's okay to steal at times for the greater good. Now, there is no such thing. Amen. The Bible says they have consequences, "and the wages of sin is death". So I see the times and the seasons. The Apostle Paul mentioned also that in the last days, in the last times, perilous times will happen. And dangerous times will happen because men will be lovers of themselves, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unthankful.

You know, and the Bible tells us that man will start to abuse the very gifts that God has given us. And the word 'abuse' is the word abnormal use. Everything that God gives us is for us to enjoy with thankfulness to Him. Amen. When God made man, God made man last. God made Adam and Eve last. God made everything perfect, everything good for them, and they were made last so that they would enjoy everything, they would enjoy a finished work. And such is our situation as believers. We are enjoying the finished work of Jesus Christ. Amen. And that's why God made man last so that the very day of God's rest from all His works is the beginning of man's life. So man must enter into rest to enjoy all the blessings of God, to enjoy all the works of God. And this year is the year of Rest and Acceleration.

Now, I just want to remind you that the rest part is our part. Our part is to rest in the finished work of Christ. We are not to worry about acceleration. Don't try to accelerate things. Don't make things happen. For example, the Bible says he that is hasty to be rich, or people go into gambling, or they're into investing with a governing principle to make quick money, okay, and all that the Bible tells us, especially in the book of Proverbs, "he that is hasty to be rich has an evil eye and he does not consider that poverty shall come upon him". So acceleration is God's part. God accelerates the results in our life. He accelerates the manifestation of the blessings in our life. Our part is to rest. And rest is not passivity. Rest is Spirit, the Holy Spirit-directed activity. Amen. That's what the Lord said to me many years ago: Rest is not inactivity. Rest is Spirit-directed activity. Amen. When you rest, God works. When you work, God rests.

For far too long, we have emphasized about being born again. And surely that is of the foremost importance, amen, to be born again, to make sure that all our sins are remitted from our lives, amen, that we are standing in the righteousness of God in Christ. But also the redemptive work of Jesus covers our physical health, our bodies. And that is something that I see the devil does not want people to discover this in the finished work of Jesus. But if we look at Isaiah 53, and we've shared this also in the past, how Jesus bore our diseases, in the Hebrew, He bore our kholee, and He carried our makov, our pains. And in Matthew 8:17, it is quoted by Matthew, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, that when Jesus healed the sick bodily, this is not spiritual healing, this is physical healing, he quoted Isaiah 53 by saying "Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses".

So this is not spiritual infirmities. It is not spiritual sicknesses. It is physical. And it is all covered in the atoning work of Jesus Christ at the cross. Praise the Lord. I see in this season the devil is really trying to cover up this truth. And just like Isaac, during the time of Abraham's son, the most notable thing that he did in his entire life was to uncover the wells that were previously dug by his father, and how the enemy would come in and pour in the soil and cover up the wells, and his job was to uncover the wells. I feel like I'm just uncovering the well for you today. And there is one well where God wants to repair the breach. God is restoring the tabernacle of David, and when God restores, it's always greater in quality and quantity, and He will repair all the breaches thereof.

And today we want to talk about this breach that the devil does not want you to discover but we are going to uncover it, amen, remove all the soil so that you can walk in the fullness of the blessing of this well. Amen. I believe that before Jesus comes again, there will be a revelation of how to receive that part of our inheritance in Christ, all that He has accomplished for us. Not just for our spirit but also for our souls, our minds so that we can walk free from depression, fears, worries, anxieties; from panic attacks. We can walk in that calmness, in that tranquility, in that poise that comes from understanding that Jesus has removed all your sins. Amen. And there is nothing between you and God. Hallelujah. God welcomes you. In fact every time you come to God, it is a new and living way. And then to appropriate the part where He carried our sicknesses and our diseases, and with His stripes we are healed. And that is for our bodies. Amen.

Notice in 1 Thessalonians 4 talking about the rapture, the rapture is not man's imagination. Paul says "for this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain". Notice, "we who are alive"? There are those who are alive because they are young. They could be seven years old, twenty years old, alright, but they are young. But what about "remain"? We who are alive and remain. "Remain" denotes power. Power to remain; power to remain until Jesus comes. "We who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord". So God is saying there is a group of people in the end times, the rapture generation, which I believe we are, amen, like I said…Strictly speaking, we are not looking for any other sign because it's called the imminent return of our Lord Jesus.

The rapture is like any time the Lord may come. We do not need to look at, there is no fulfilling of any sign. The signs and wonders for Israel especially have got to do with the second coming of Jesus, after the seven years. But now, the rapture can happen any time. The Bible says those who are alive, and not just alive but they remain, they remain alive. That denotes power. That denotes that these people that remain alive they have discovered something from the Lord. And this new thing is not something that man comes up with. It's all the time in the Bible. And you will see that I'll be sharing with you from the word of God. It's all in the word of God. If it's not in the word of God, do not receive anything that is not from the word of God. Okay. If it's my opinion, I will tell you it's my opinion.

I want to share with you from the word of God that there is going to be a revelation that will cause people to be alive and remain. And the Holy Spirit seems to emphasize this more than once. Notice that "we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep. For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with a voice of an archangel, with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain…" There you have it again. "We who are alive and remain". There is no redundancy here. There is a reason the Holy Spirit is inspiring these words to be repeated twice. Amen. "Shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words".

Now people say things like well, the Apostle Paul didn't talk about this thing and all that. I beg to differ. Paul talks about "I want to attain to the resurrection of the dead;" I'm not there yet but I press forward. "I press towards the high price of the calling of God in Christ Jesus". I'm pressing forward. And he says that "if by any means I might attain to the resurrection of the dead". And Paul seems to say this. How about this? Check this out what Paul said in Philippians chapter one. "For I am hard pressed between the two, having a desire to depart and be with Christ which is far better. Nevertheless to remain in the flesh is more needful for you". So Paul is saying: I'm in a dilemma. I have two choices, two paths for me to choose. One is having a desire to depart and be with Christ. What does that mean? That means leave this body and depart and be with Christ. For a Christian, he doesn't die; he just departs and be with Christ. "Which is far better".

Now Paul's opinion is that this is far better. This choice. "Nevertheless to remain in the body, to remain in the flesh is more needful for you". You guys still need me around. You still need the giftings and the anointings, and the revelation that God has given me. Alright. You still need me around, he says. So I'm going to remain. "Being confident of this, I know that I shall remain and continue with you all for your progress and joy of faith". Did you get that? It sounds like someone who has a choice. It seems like Paul has discovered something that he says that: You know, guys. I'm in a dilemma. I have two paths ahead of me. Amen. Two choices. And one is to depart and be with Christ, which to me is far better, Paul says. I would love to see Him face to face, and I want to be with Jesus. He loved the Lord so much. Amen.

Christ is always center in his life. Amen. And he looked forward to see Jesus. It is far better for me Paul says. But then, for me to abide in my body, in the flesh, is more needful for you. Then he says this: "I am confident of this…" Can we say that? I am confident of this. I shall remain for your progress of faith. I shall remain for your blessing. I shall remain for your benefit. I'll hang around for a while. Amen. And finally when the time came for Paul to depart and be with Christ, you know, Paul did not go away, did not leave the scene with sickness and disease. He chose a pathway where he would glorify Christ. You know, he chose the path of martyrdom. For Paul to wait to be with Christ, his body is so full of resurrection life…

One time, Paul was stoned. After for a while, the believers got around him, and he was flat. Some scholars believed that Paul died and that was the time he was caught up to the third heaven and heard unspeakable things, and that was the time it happened. But whether he was dead or he was alive, he was definitely flat on his back. He was stoned, and many others were stoned they died, but Paul was stoned, and believers got around him, praying for him, he got up. He got up, and he got up healed. He got up well. I mean, if you are stoned, you would be carried by someone if you are still alive. I mean for him to get up. He got up. He got up healed with resurrection life. So Paul could not wait for him to grow old. His body was too full of resurrection life he chose the path of martyrdom, the quickest way where he would glorify Jesus in His death.

And I'm sure all the people around him, all the Romans that were around him, all the executioners saw the glory of God on his face, I believe that maybe one or two of them might even get saved because of the glory they saw, and the fearlessness that Paul went through to depart and be with Christ. Amen. So there is something here for us to find out. There is something for us. You see, the devil wants to cut you off from living a full life here on earth, and we don't know when Jesus is coming back. Amen. We got to expect Him to return at any time even today, amen, expect Him to return. Amen. Look forward to His coming. Because when He comes again, our body will be transformed like to His glorious body.

Now the only thing you receive in the rapture actually is a glorious, immortal body. Hallelujah. Amen. Every blessing until that body, you can actually have this side of the rapture, this side of heaven we can actually enjoy every blessing. The only thing that you will receive in the rapture is an immortal body. The Bible calls it an incorruptible body where you are forever healthy, forever strong, forever young. For how long? Forever. Hallelujah. Throughout all eternity. Praise the Lord. And we are all looking forward to that. Amen? So until then, God wants to reveal to us some revelations, amen, that He wants us to receive so that we are numbered, and you also will be numbered among those who are alive and remain. Praise the Lord.

Now, one of the reasons, one of the purposes of Jesus dying on the cross is this. In Hebrews chapter two, it tells us "Inasmuch then as the children have partaken of flesh and blood," that's all of us, we are all people of flesh and blood, "Jesus Himself likewise shared in the same". He took flesh and blood. For what purpose? "That through death He might destroy him who had the power of death, that is the devil and release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage". So the Bible tells us clearly that one of the reasons Jesus died on the cross, of course, amen, Jesus died on the cross to pay for all our sins, amen, to remove all our sins from all our lives. Praise the Lord. When He died on the cross, we died in Him. When He rose from the dead, we rose born again, a new creation in Christ, with the righteousness of God in Christ, created in righteousness and true holiness, praise the Lord.

When Jesus died on the cross, in His body, He bore all our sicknesses and all our diseases. Friends, healing is not something for us to have in heaven. In heaven, you don't need healing. You will never be sick. Healing is something Jesus purchased for us in the here and the now. In the here and the now, not in the sweet by and by. Praise the Lord. He wants us to enjoy this now, hallelujah. So the Bible says one of the reasons Jesus died on the cross is that through death, that's why He took on flesh and blood, that through death He might destroy him who had the power of death. Who had the power of death? That is, the devil. He has destroyed, He has pulverized, He has disarmed the devil who had the power of death, and released all of us who through fear of death were all our lifetime subject to bondage.

Now, I submit to you this fear of death is people are fearing physical death. You look at the world today, the world is not fearing eternal death. Many of them don't even believe in it, all right? Some of them, they may acknowledge it, but they don't wanna give thought to it. The fear that most people have is the fear of physical death. So this fear of death, Jesus released those who through fear of physical death were all their lifetime subject to bondage. So God is saying that if you fear physical death, your entire life is a life of slavery, a life of bondage. You know, people, for example, they don't want to travel by air, not because they are afraid of flying. It's the fear of death. They are afraid the plane might crash. They're afraid of death. But then, you know, there are other forms of fears that people receive or adopt in their lives without realizing it's the fear of death that's at the bottom of it.

So in every fear, there is, at the bottom of it, at the very root of it, the fear of death. And Jesus came to release you, my friend, from the fear of death. Praise the Lord. And He did that by defeating the devil, hallelujah, who had the power of death. So through death, just like David in the Valley of Elah, amen, when he defeated with one stone, he knocked down that giant Goliath, but David didn't stop there. David went over to Goliath when he was on the ground, took Goliath's sword, and with his own sword, he decapitated Goliath, okay? So here, Jesus, through death, this greater Son of David, through death defeated the devil who had the power of death, and released all of us who through fear of death were all our lifetime subject to bondage.

So friend, listen, the devil has no more power to just pick your number and say, "Your time is up. I want you out of this world". He cannot do that. But understanding the times that we are in, we see the devil bringing this pandemic, bringing this... What is the devil after? Killing off God's people. Killing off God's servants. And he's not just wanting to kill, I mean, it's like, the world is already dead spiritually. He's not focused on the world. He's got them already. He's out to destroy God's people physically, amen. Because when you are out of this world, you're no more in your body, all the giftings, all the charismatas, all the anointing, all the calling that God has placed in you to be released to bless this world, to get them saved, to deliver them, to set them free, amen, all the gifts that God has given you, amen, supernatural gifts, amen, the gifts of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders and diverse miracles, all these gifts flow through His church. It does not flow independently.

God does not just do it, you know, like, just from heaven directly down. He can, He's sovereign, praise the Lord, but God has chosen that the gifts will be released through His church, amen. Or else God can just, you know, from heaven get this country, the people in this country saved, the people in that country far away saved. Don't have to send missionaries, amen. Don't have to send the Word. No, God's way is always to send someone, amen, His servant, someone who's part of the church, part of the body of Christ, with the Word of God, with the Word of grace and deliverance. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Wow, hallelujah. Aren't you glad you are freed from the power of death that the enemy used to have in your life? He cannot call your number, amen. When the time comes...

"So Pastor Prince, if that is so, then how are we to die? If Jesus tarries, are we gonna live forever"? No, friend, listen. There are other men of God who have stepped into this realm. There are. The author of the book, "Christ the Healer," F.F. Bosworth, when the time came for him in his old age to pass on, he passed on without sickness and disease, amen. And many of them, you know, men of God like this who believe in the atoning work of Jesus covering the area of sickness and disease and physical health, many of them, when they passed on, they would just pass on without sickness and disease, amen. One of them said, "There's Jesus," his face glowed, and then he closed his eyes.

George Müller, one of my heroes of faith, and George Müller is an amazing man of God. You know, it would do you good to study his life, his biography. It's available online, and you can read it up. And George Müller has been responsible for feeding over to feed them to begin with, he's trusted God for all the money until he built one building to house the orphans and another building then another building and then another building. And throughout his entire life, he fed more than over 10,000 orphans, and many more after his death because his work just went on. And George Müller, a man of faith, prayed in literally millions during his time in the 1800s.

Now, George Müller, he's known as a man of faith. He prayed in groceries. He prayed in, you know, finances. He prayed in when there was no help and there was no visible means of provision for the next day. There's even an account of how he sat down with the children and prayed for bread, for milk, and he prayed, and just before he finished that prayer, there's a knock on the door and there's a huge basket with all the groceries for the children. So, man of faith. And he attributes, in the book by A.T. Pierson on his life, on the life of George Müller, he actually invited George Müller to his pulpit to preach, and he says that when George Müller was in his 80s preaching, he preached with such vigor that it betrayed his age. At that time he was about in his 80s. By the way, George Müller died about nearly 93 years old. And in the final year of his life, this is what he said, "Oh, how very kind and good my heavenly Father has been to me! I have no aches or pains, no rheumatism, and now in my ninety-third year I can do a day's work at the orphan houses with as much ease and comfort to myself as ever". Look at that, no aches, no pains, no rheumatism in his 93rd year.

"Well, Pastor Prince, I don't believe that". Well, you know what? It's not for you then, amen? It's for those who believe. It's for believers, amen. I know there are unbelieving believers. It's for believing believers, amen. Praise the Lord. God has no favorites, my friend, but God honors faith. It's not a matter of being better than someone else, you know, in your good works or whatever. It's not that. It's a matter of faith, amen. In fact, George Müller started traveling around the world in his 70s for 17 years, all the way until in his 80s. He went around the world as a missionary together with his wife in his 70s and 80s, my friend. And he travelled around 42 countries in 17 years. And he speaks six languages, okay? Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, German, English. Think about it. He knows Greek and Hebrew. He can go to Israel and speak Hebrew. Amazing, amen.

And I remember reading also about George Müller, in his 80s, his friends, many of them are younger than him, some in their 60s, some in their 70s, and they will complain about their aches and pains. And he said that after they left him, he said he thanked God. He thanked his Heavenly Father that God has kept him free from all these ailments. And many of them are younger than him, and he says that God has been good to him, amen? When asked about the secret by A.T. Pierson who wrote about his biography, who invited him to his pulpit, that same man, that man says when asked about why, how he can keep himself so vigorous, healthy, and strong in his old age, one of the things that he says, George Müller, is this. He says that, "The recuperative power of God's Word upon my physical being".

The recuperative power of God's Word upon my physical being. He loves that passage, and he will refer to that passage as the proof of that in Proverbs 4, verse 22. "My son, attend to my words; incline your ear to my sayings. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart. For my words are," what? "Life to those who find them, and health to all their flesh". Health to all your flesh. Health to all your flesh. You know that medicine that you take might take care of your blood pressure, but it gives you other problems sometimes, okay? It may have some side effects that is not too pleasant, okay? But God's medicine and the word "Health to all their flesh" in the Hebrew is "marpe," which can refer to the word "medicine," amen, health. God's medicine is blessing and ministering health to all your flesh, your entire body. It has no side effects. Praise God, hallelujah.

Why don't you take a good dose of God's Word? George Müller would spend time every morning feeding on God's Word. He says this also, and this is George Müller's revelation. He says that he used to get up praying, a lot of time praying and all that, but then he found out that he will pray and he'd be confessing his sins. He will be spending time overcoming wandering thoughts. And he says that, but when God showed him a revelation, and this is what was the revelation: spend time in His Word. He found out that invariably, his time in God's Word became prayer. He will pray those promises that he read. He no more, no longer battles with these wandering thoughts and distractions when he spends time in God's Word. He says, "My first job is to keep my soul happy in the Lord by receiving God's Word. When I receive God's Word in the morning and my soul is happy," he says, "then I can attend to all my duties in the right spirit," amen?

And that's what he refers to, to A.T. Pierson, when asked the secret of his health, his robust health, and also longevity. He says, "The recuperative power of God's Word upon all my flesh," amen. But God is uncovering even more in these days, my friend. So there are people who have gone on before. Friend, do not get distracted. Now, we are not saying, my friend, that just because someone has passed on before their time and all that, that means something is wrong with that person. No, we are not saying that. Many of these precious, wonderful men are men of moral excellence, amen, giants, amen, in the Lord. Praise the Lord.

So, but what we are saying is that we are living in the times when God is revealing to us secrets of long life, secrets of renewal of youth like the eagles, secrets of walking like Caleb did. Up to 85 years old, Caleb says, "I'm as strong this day as I was the day Moses sent me," and that was when he was 40 years old, amen, for war, amen. Let's read that passage. Joshua 14, verse 10, "Now, behold, the LORD has kept me alive". Now, Caleb is talking and he's talking to Joshua. "As he said, these forty-five years, ever since the LORD spoke this word to Moses while Israel wandered in the wilderness; and now, here I am this day, eighty-five years old".

Now, if he had stopped there, we will say, "Wow, you know, good for you, Caleb," but he went on to say, "As yet I am as strong this day as on the day that Moses sent me". Friend, he said to Joshua, "I'm now before you 85 years old, okay, but I am still as strong as the day Moses sent me". Now, when Moses sent him, he was one of the 12 spies that went to spy out the land, and that was when he was 40 years old. Forty-five years have come and gone, and he says that, "I am as strong this day as I was the day Moses sent me," when he was 40 years old. Now, recently I was thinking about this pandemic that we are in, and now we are in the third year of this pandemic. And I'm thinking to myself, you know, it has restricted a lot of travel, a lot of things that we could have done normally, amen, but we cannot say that even though God is not behind, because, like I said, God doesn't send sickness and disease. He's the healer. He sends only, "Every good and perfect gift is from above," the Bible says, "and cometh down from the Father of lights".

So obviously this disease is from the devil, from the enemy. His purpose, like Jesus said, "The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy". That's his purpose. But we cannot say that God is just watching the whole thing, not being able to do it. You know, if God wants to stop it at any time, he can do it. But there must be a greater purpose. There must be a greater good that God is after, and I think that the entire church world has gone under some chastisement, under a time of discipline, even during this time. I am talking about God's people, the church. Those who are really born again. Amen. You know for far too long we have not appreciated the local church and the assembling of ourselves together. We come as and when and all that and maybe that's part of the reason that now because we are not coming back freely, we long for the day. We are longing to be back together again. The discipline has wrought out something in all of us. Also on the other hand, we have been so comfortable in our churches that we feel like we only preach the gospel to those who come to our particular church. But God wants the whole world to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So God knew that even churches that didn't want to go online and all that, they are all compelled to go online and to preach online. And who knows by chance, amen, the Lord of course behind it. God may allow someone to hear the word of the gospel and be saved thereby. Amen. So church, maybe, just maybe, we are going through a time of discipline, amen, so that we can appreciate what we have and also that we are compelled to do what God wants us to do, to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that the whole world can receive it right in their homes, right at their desks. Amen. Praise the Lord. But you might say, "Well Pastor Prince, I didn't do anything wrong and all that, why would God want to chastise me"? Amen. "Why would God want to chastise me, these two years I feel is wasted, you know, it's wasted years for me". That's how I felt also not too long ago and I asked the Lord. And the Lord brought this Caleb's story to me and God says, "Son, even you go through it one year, two years, however long you go through it. I want you to know son, that if you have been faithful to me, ok, I will stop time for you, whereas the rest are going through it, I will stop time for you".

That's what happened to Caleb. Don't forget, Caleb and Joshua were the ones that brought back the good report right, they brought back the good report, they believed God. They shouldn't have gone through the wilderness wanderings for 40 years. They should have been spared. They should have gone into the land straightaway. But God allowed them to go with the rest of the children of Israel who are under discipline, right, to go through that 40 years in the wilderness. Joshua and Caleb included. But you know what God did for them? Hear what Caleb says, "I am as strong this day as I was the day Moses sent me". That was the day he came back with the good report, and that was the day that started the chastisement upon the rest of the children of Israel because they didn't believe God. But Joshua and Caleb went through it, but God was faithful.

God says, "You know what? As far as you are concerned, even though you are going through that 40 years with all of them, I will stop time for you. I will stop it at the time you believe me". Without faith it is impossible to believe God. God says, "I am pleased with you, you have been faithful to me, you have wholly followed the Lord". God says, "Because of that, even though you are going through that 40 years, I will stop time for you". Amen. It's as if those 40 years is not lost. Now for us, maybe we look at these two years plus it's all gone. But God is saying, "If you have been faithful to me and you are not part of the chastisement, ok, you have been faithful to me". You still go through it, for God says, "I will stop time for you". How about that? Praise the Lord. I rejoice when I received that. Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus. So Caleb says, "I am as strong this day as I was the day Moses sent me". When he was 40 years old and today he is 85.

Now you might say, "Well this strength, Pastor Prince, is a spiritual strength you know he grew in the Lord spiritually and all that". Now I am all for spiritual strength, that's our priority. We need to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Paul says to Timothy, "Be strong in the grace that's in Christ Jesus". Amen. All that is spiritual. But here he is talking about physical strength. Look at what he says, "As yet I am as strong this day as on the day Moses sent me, just as my strength was then, so now is my strength for war". Can you see the word 'For war'? "So now is my strength for war, both for going out and for coming in". He's saying, "Just as my strength was you know back then, so is my strength today. I am as strong this day as I was the day Moses sent me". Amen. Not just spiritual strength. He is talking about physical strength here, for war. That is physical strength. And for going out and coming in, in my daily life, in my physical life. Amen.

For war, you cannot make that spiritual my friend. That was physical war they had back then. You know what he did right after that? He said to Joshua, "Give me this mountain". Amen. And the mountain was full of Anakims, the giants, and guess what? This man, this 85 year old man, he went up to the mountain and he defeated the Anakims, the giants. Nothing to do with Star Wars ok. He defeated the Anakims, the giants. Amen. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus. Amen. Friend, God wants you to have physical strength even in your old age. Amen.

Some people say, "Well Pastor Prince the Bible says that God promised us only 70 to 80 years". Where did you get that from? "Psalms 90". Let's look at Psalms 90 ok? "The days of our lives are 70 years and if by reason of strength they are 80 years". This is where they get it from. Ok Psalms 90. But you must look everything in context. 70 years and 80 years is not long my friend. Amen. Before you know it you are 30, before you know it you are 40, and then you are 50, and then you are 60, then you are 70. And if by reason of strength they are 80. Look at this, this is a Psalm of Moses when the children of Israel was in the wilderness. It's not a Psalm of David. Look at the verse before this the context. "For all our days have passed away in your wrath".

We finished our years like a sigh. So it was a time when they were in the wilderness under God's wrath ok. Their years were 70 years or 80 years. And then look at the context, it's like a sandwich. Look at the verse after that. "Who knows the power of your anger? For as the fear of you so is your wrath". Praise the Lord my friend, we are not under God's wrath. We are under God's favor, amen, we are under God's favor. Hallelujah. God has sworn, Isaiah 54, He will never be angry with us, why? Because in Isaiah 53, which talks about the finished work of Jesus Christ which I quoted just now, Jesus bore our diseases, amen, He was wounded for our transgressions. All that is found in Isaiah 53, therefore as a result of Jesus' work, in Isaiah 54 it says God has sworn, and God doesn't have to swear. His word is enough. God swore, "I will never be angry with you". Hallelujah.

Child of God. God will never be angry with you, and He has raised his arm when He said that. Amen. It's a sworn oath of God. God will never be angry with you. Praise the Lord. And God says when you see the rainbow in the sky, in Isaiah 54, it's not a reminder of like the waters of Noah. It's like the waters of Noah in a new way. When you see the rainbow in the sky, just like God promised Noah He will never flood the earth, God promises you He will never be angry with you ever again. Hallelujah. That's why we are under God's grace. Amen. These people, their ages were 70 to confined. For example people under the law, the law speaks to your strength. You shall not, you shall not, you shall not. That's why man says that, "All that God says we can do it". That itself is a sin. A sin of pride. Man does not know himself and he made the vow even before God gave the Ten Commandments. "That all that God says we will do it. We can do it". And God changed His tone immediately. God withdrew Himself and God says, "Don't come near". Amen. And God gave them the Ten Commandments.

So by the law is the knowledge of sin. So the law talks about man's strengths. It's implying that you have the strength to keep it, which you don't have. Therefore the law is given to show us that we cannot. We cannot. Amen. But when you come under the law, even your physical strength is limited. Watch this, in Numbers 8 it says, "Then the Lord spoke to Moses saying this is what pertains to the Levite". Now this is the law during that time for the Levites. "From 25 years old and above, one may enter to perform service in the work of the tabernacle of meetings, but at the age of 50 years, they must cease performing this work and shall work no more". So from 25 to 50 years old. From 25 to 50 is all the time that they have to work in the tabernacle because after that the Bible says, "They may minister", those above 50, "They may minister with their brethren in the tabernacle of meeting to attend to needs", but they won't do the heavy moving and all that, they will just attend to needs, "but they themselves shall do no work, thus you shall do to the Levites regarding their duties".

Notice that under law, if you put yourself under law you are confined to your strength, which means 25 to 50 would be your physical strength, after that will be years of decline. That's what the world will say, but not according to Caleb, not according to Moses. Moses was 120 years old when he died. The Bible says his eyes were not dimmed nor his natural force abated. Hallelujah. Amen. But if you live under the law. If you live under the judgment, then your strength is limited. If you depend on your physical strength, your strength is limited. Amen. Now child of God we are under grace, we are under the blessing of Abraham. Look at Abraham himself. Have you noticed this about Abraham? In Genesis 18, the Bible says, "Abraham was resting in the tent door then the Lord appeared to him by the terebinth trees of Mamre", these are the oak tress of Mamre. "As he was sitting in the tent door, in the heat of the day. So he lifted his eyes and looked, and behold three men were standing by him, and when he saw them he ran from the tent door to meet them and bowed himself to the ground".

Now he saw three men coming and Abraham is a man of the spirit, you know he discerned that these three men there is something divine about the center one. Right? Two of them are angels and the center one is, I believe the preincarnate appearance of Christ. Amen. Because later on he will say, "Lord". Abraham will call Him Lord. And the two are the angels that He will send to Sodom and Gomorrah later on. But notice what Abraham did when he saw the Lord and he saw the two angels. The Bible says, "He ran". Have you noticed that before? He ran from the tent door to meet them and bowed himself to the ground.

"Well Pastor Prince, what's the big deal about that"? My friend at this time he was nearly a 100 years old. That's why his name here is Abraham remember? Before that his name was, before 99 years old his name was Abram, and then the Lord appeared to him when he was 99 years old and God says, "From now on your name won't be Abram", amen, which means a high father but all by yourself. Amen. "Your name will be Abraham", which means a father of many. God always has blessings for many. He wants to make you a blessing for many. So he was about nearly 100 years old when he ran. Abraham ran my friend. Amen. Drop down in the same passage here, it says, "Abraham hurried into the tent to Sarah", his wife, "and said, 'quickly make ready three measures of fine meal, knit it and make cakes', and Abraham ran to the herd, took a tender and good calf, gave it to a young man and he hastened to prepare it".

He's running here and there. This old man, he is running here and there, praise the Lord. And I believe, amen, God renewed his youth like the eagles, why? Because God wants to bring a seed out of Sarah, amen, and Sarah herself God renewed her youth in her old age. She was about 90 years old at this time and for her to be pregnant ok, God has to renew her youth. She has to go through all the processes of you know, to conceive seed. Amen. She would go through her monthly and all that, God has to renew her youth. And the Bible says in Hebrews 11, "Through faith, Sarah received strength to conceive seed". Now doesn't say that through ginseng or through special supplements or through very special kind of anti-aging drug that is now being produced and all that. It doesn't say all that. It says through faith, Sarah received what? Dynamite power. That's the word dunamis in the Greek. She received power from God to conceive seed. That means that power renewed her youth so much that when a king who has a large harem of beautiful women saw her, he wanted her for his harem at the age of daughters of Sarah. Come on, receive that. Hallelujah! Amen.

There was a lady who went to the dentist for her appointment. And while she was waiting in the room, she saw this diploma hanging on the wall. And she went to take a look and she saw, this is the first time she was going to this dentist, and she saw the full name of the dentist and she realized that hey that reminds her of many years ago, about 40 odd years before when she was still in high school. She had a guy that she had a secret crush on in her class with the same name. He was dark haired, handsome, tall, with the very same name that this dentist has. And then when her time came in alright to see the dentist, she looked at him and he was bald, aging, pouchy and looking you know, with deep lines on his face and all that and she said, "Cannot be him. Cannot be him". Ok. And then she was, after he examined her teeth and all that she asked him, "You know I noticed your diploma and all that and were you from this school"? And he says, "Yes I was from that school". "Which year did you graduate?". He says, "1959". And she says, "You were in my class". And then he looked at her, he looked at her and says, "But what did you teach"?

Seeing that it has a physical effect on Sarah and a physical effect on Abraham, friend, this is part of the blessing of Abraham that God wants that same effect on your body. God wants to renew your strength, renew your youth like the eagles. God wants you to live long and live well and healthy. Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus, amen. Let's believe God for that. "What should I do, Pastor Prince"? Well, the Bible talks about Moses, right? He lived to 120 years old and when he passed on without sickness and disease, his eyes was not dimmed nor his natural force abated. And if you look at Moses, the Bible says that this is what he did by faith again in Hebrews 11: "By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king; for he endured as seeing Him who is invisible". He endured.

Now this word 'endured' is used only once, only once in the entire New Testament. OK? Now the word 'kratos' is the noun. That is used many times. But the word, the verb form, he 'endured' is the word 'kartereo' and this word 'kartereo' is used only once, the verb form of 'kratos'. And what is 'kratos'? Strength. Power. Energy. In other words he's giving us the secret how come Moses at the age of 120, his eyes was not dim nor his natural force abated. The Bible says he remained strong, this word he 'endured'. It's not like he 'persevere', no, he remained strong. Literally, it's used only once, from the word 'kratos', 'kartereo'. He remained strong, robust, healthy. Why? For... because "seeing Him who is invisible". The Bible says, "He endured as seeing Him who is invisible". Who is that? Our Lord Jesus. He saw Jesus and everything that he did, he saw Jesus. Aaron's rod that budded overnight, he saw the resurrection of Jesus. In lifting up the rod with the serpent, he saw Jesus crucified. In everything he saw Jesus.

And my friend, you're saying, "How do I see Jesus"? Primarily, this is the key right now, I'm giving you right now the key to remaining strong, healthy, amen, renewal of youth, longevity. Praise the Lord. The aspect of Jesus's finished work, but God wants you to see Jesus. But you say, "How? How do I see Jesus"? Well, my friend, you see Jesus in His Word. Amen. You see Jesus in His Word. Now remember Psalm 90 talks about you know, people under God's anger. At the most they live to 70 or 80, right? But the next Psalm says, "With long life will I satisfy him and show him My salvation". For God to show. By the way, 'salvation' there is Jesus. His name is there. In other words God says, "With long life I will satisfy you". If you're not satisfied at 80, God says satisfy yourself. What are you satisfied with? Hundred? Go for it. Believe God for it because God promised, "With long life I will satisfy you and show you my salvation".

So for God to show you 'My Jesus', 'salvation' there is 'Jesus', God says, "I will show you my Yeshua," in the Hebrew. That means you will see Him. Where? In His Word. Praise the Lord. In His Word. The Lord Jesus demonstrated that for us on the very same day that He rose from the dead. Remember, in Luke 24, He was... The Bible talks about this couple, I believe they are husband and wife, amen. Cleopas and his wife, and they were walking back to their house, a seven mile journey from Jerusalem all the way to Emmaus where their house was and the Bible says they were discouraged and all that, and Jesus came. Now think about it. Jesus took time on the very same day that He rose from the dead in the morning. He is demonstrating something to all of us. And the Bible says they did not realize it was Jesus. But this is what the Bible says, "Their eyes were restrained that they should not see Him".

So in other words it wasn't because, some people say it was grieving and all, they didn't recognize Him. No my friend, you know once you have seen Jesus there is no way you can un-see Him, right? But the Lord through His power prevented them from recognizing Him. Why? I asked the Lord that question many years ago and this is what He said to me, because later on the Bible says, "Beginning at Moses,". Amen, that's the first five books of the Bible, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. "Beginning at Moses and the Prophets", and the 'prophets' is all the way to Malachi, "and the Prophets, He began to expound in them things concerning Himself". In other words, this is what the Lord said to me, "It was more important for them to see Me in the Scriptures than to see Me in person". Wow! "And that's why I restrained their eyes, so that they can see Me in the Scriptures". Amen! One day we'll see Him face to face. Amen. But until then, you know, we can see Him in the Scriptures. Praise the Lord.

Thank God for His Word. We can see Him every day in the Scriptures and every time you do that, you know listen to sermons that are Christ-centered, that unveils more and more of Jesus to you. Because the more of Jesus you see, Hallelujah, as He is, so are we in this world. We are being transformed from glory to glory into the same image. Do you know Jesus is not old? He's young at the Father's right hand. The Bible says, "With the dew of His youth upon Him". He is forever young at the Father's right hand. As He is, so are you in this world. He's forever strong and healthy at the Father's right hand. As He is, so are you in this world. Amen! See Jesus and you become strong! Hallelujah. You know, Elijah asked Elisha, "What do you want from me before I am taken away"? He knew he was going to be raptured, so the rapture was there already in the Old Testament. He says, "I'll be raptured soon, but what do you want from me before I go"?

And this is what Elisha asked, "I want a double portion of your spirit". And this is the answer of Elijah, "You have asked a hard thing, but if you see me when I go up, it will be to you". And you know what happened? A few days after, you know, Elijah was raptured but as Elijah went up Elisha saw him, amen, he met the requirement, and he had the double portion of Elijah's anointing. And that's why Elijah performed eight miracles in his ministry, whereas Elisha having a double portion performed 16 miracles, exactly double. Friend, when you see Jesus, amen, ascending in His Word, the power comes on you. Today we look up physically and we see the sky, but He is beyond the blue. And that's why the ark of the covenant in its traveling dress as the priests carried the ark, is always covered with blue.

So what the people of Jericho, when they look down as the ark surrounded the walls of Jericho, they saw the blue. Why? They can't see the ark. No one can see the ark. I know you see people buy little furnitures and little souvenirs in Israel on the ark and all that, that's to show you what is there, but actually in its traveling dress it is actually covered with a veil of blue. What is that telling us when you look at the blue in heaven? It's covering our Lord Jesus the true Ark of the Covenant. Look up and you see the covering of the blue. Beyond the covering is our Lord Jesus today physically at the Father's right hand. Amen. So how do we see Him then? We see Him in the Word. Amen. Now, think of the effect that had on the two Emmaus Road disciples as they walked. You know what? It had such an effect, they walked seven miles, don't forget. They were walking already from Jerusalem all the way to their home in Emmaus when the Lord met them.

Now they heard the Lord expound the Scriptures, my friend, I'll give up every book, every CD that I have and all that, just to have that time hearing Jesus expound the Scriptures the things concerning Himself. Oh, what would I give for that? One day I'm gonna ask God in heaven to show me that again. Amen. I don't know whether they have DVDs up there and all that but God is able to show. Amen. Praise God. But look at the effect it had on their lives, on their bodies. Seven mile journey is no joke, my friend, up the terrain and down the terrain and all that all the way to Emmaus, amen. It can be quite rough ground, up slope and all that, down slope. And when they reached there, they had such a... By the way, they had Communion. That's another secret. Hallelujah! My friend, discern the Body. We thank God that the body of Jesus Himself, amen, took our sicknesses and our diseases and not just our sins. Praise God. Yes, His body carried our sins, we all know that.

That for the most part, you know, of Christianity, people understand that. What they don't understand is that when you discern the Body you need to know also what Isaiah 53 says and what Matthew 8:17 says. That in that body of Jesus He took your infirmities and carried your sicknesses, when you discern the body of Jesus that you are about to partake. Discern that. Your sicknesses are put away, amen, through His body. And thank God for His healthy body, amen, that you hold in your hand, and then when you partake, partake in faith. Amen. Praise the Lord. Thank You Jesus. So the Emmaus couple, they had Communion with the Lord, that's when the Lord disappeared. But you know what they did? They got up and they walked back seven miles again, back to Jerusalem to share the good news with all the disciples. Amen!

So all in all, they walked 14 miles. Where did they get the strength and the energy? From the exposition of God's Word. Amen. Have you ever had God's Word shared with you in such a way that you feel more energised after that? The Bible says when you receive God's Word in Isaiah, it says when you receive God's Word, amen, you shall go out with joy. "So shall My Word be that comes down like the rain, like the snow," God says in Isaiah, "and when you receive that, you will go out with joy and you are led forth with peace". Hallelujah. Amen! Thank You Jesus. Praise the name of Jesus. So friend, that is the secret to see Jesus, amen. "With long life will I satisfy him and show him My salvation". Show my Jesus to him. Emmaus Road, we see the exposition. The Lord felt it was more... The Lord is showing us that, you know it's more important to see Him in the Scriptures.

You know by doing that He is actually giving all of us equal opportunity. Not just like the two disciples. If they believe because they saw Jesus physically probably all of us here in this 2022 we will say they had the privilege of course, they saw Him face to face. But what about us? So the Lord restrained their eyes from seeing Him physically so that all of us can have the same opportunity and equal privilege to see Him in the Scriptures. But are you doing it? Are you seeing Him in the Scriptures? Do you keep on hearing messages that are Christ centered, that unveil more and more of Christ? Your desire should be like, you know you're addicted to this. Alright? I want to see more of Jesus. I want to see more of Jesus. To see Jesus is to feed on Him. It's my food. Hallelujah. It is my medicine. It is my life. Praise the Lord. Amen. Thank You Jesus.

Are you blessed by the Word today? Amen. I just want to share this final verse and then you will see for yourself, my friend, how all this comes together. The Bible says in Isaiah 40, "He gives power to the weak and to those who have no might," what does He do? "He increases strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary and the young men shall utterly fall". You see just because you are young, you might say, "Well, Pastor Prince, I don't need all these. I'm not going to 50. I'm not 60 and all that. I'm still young". My friend, listen, listen. It's not a matter of being young physically. In fact you are trusting now in your natural strength. We are talking about supernatural strength. The Bible says, "Even the youth shall faint," Amen, "The young men shall utterly fall, but those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength".

Now the word 'renew' there, look it up, it is literally the word 'exchange'. I exchange. When I look at... By the way, "those who wait upon the Lord", the word 'wait' there, is the same word 'qawa', where you get the word 'tikvah'. Amen. 'Tikvah' is the word for 'hope', 'expectation'. Amen. You know Israel's national song, is 'Hatikvah'. The hope. 'Ha' is 'the', 'tikvah' is 'hope'. It's from the word 'qawa'. 'Qawa' is 'hope'. And also not just hope. It is to "look at". Look it up. It is the word 'look at'. Look at with hope. Look at with expectation. And that's why in Hebrews 12 it says, "Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of faith". And by the way, this word here - 'look', is actually the word 'aphorao' which is the word 'apho' means to look away from everything that distracts you and to look to Jesus with expectation. Look at Jesus attentively. Amen. Like I said, you see Him in the Word. Praise the Lord. And when you see Him, you become like Him not by your own efforts but by the Spirit of the Lord.

Hallelujah, My heart's desire for you is that you will always entreat God to unveil Jesus to you more and more. Every time you go to the Scriptures, spend time in the Word, say, "Lord, open my eyes to see Jesus". You might think, "How does that help my finances? How does that help my relationship with my teenager? How does that help my challenge at work? How does that…"? Friend, when you see Jesus, either He will transform that situation or He will give you the charisma, the grace, the impartation of strength that you need to handle a situation. He will give you the wisdom to handle that trial you are going through. Amen. But your primary objective is to see Jesus. But when you see Him, the Bible says those who wait upon the Lord shall 'exchange' their strength, give up their natural strength for His supernatural strength. Amen. By faith Sarah received that strength. Amen.

So there's an exchange going on. Those who wait, qawa on the Lord, they will exchange their natural strength for God's strength. Amen. That which is limited for that which is unlimited. That which is temporal for that which is eternal. Praise the Lord. The quality is definitely different. It's our natural strength that the youths and the young men are trusting in that is causing them to fall and be weary but this strength, look at the result, the Bible says, "They shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint". I pray, my friend, that you will have this desire to see more and more of Jesus. That is the secret, the secret of Moses. Amen. He remained strong for he saw Him. Amen. Seeing Him who is invisible. So He is invisible. How do we see Him? In the Word. Amen. Praise the Lord.

I pray that this has blessed you, my friend. I trust that from this day forth, that consciousness of seeing Jesus will cause you to want to hear more and more sermons that are Christ centered, revelatory, that will feed you with Christ. Because only in that food, heavenly manna, can you find every blessing and nourishment that you need to have a life that is robust, strong, healthy, and live forever. Amen. It's already your portion. You're gonna live forever, my friend. Hallelujah. Amen. Even if this heart stops beating one day, my friend, praise the Lord, let's believe God to live here as long as we can, amen, this side of heaven if Jesus tarries. But even if our hearts stops beating one day, we still live forever. That is our portion. It has begun already. The moment we believe on Jesus, it has begun. How about you? Have you received the Lord Jesus in your life? If not, pray this prayer with me right now and you'll be saved this very instant. Praise the Lord. Say:

Heavenly Father, I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. And I thank You that You sent Him to die for all my sins on that cross. I thank You that in His body He bore all my sins and all my sicknesses and all my diseases. And I thank You Father God that You raised Him from the dead as a testimony that all my sins are put away. I confess Jesus Christ is my Lord and my Saviour now and forever. In Jesus' name. And all the people said, "Amen".

My friend, if you prayed their prayer, you are now saved and we all rejoice with you. We say "Amen" to what God has done in your life. Your sins in one fell swoop has all been removed. Amen. Actually, it was all removed at the cross. But you appropriated that just now so it's now real in your life. Praise the Lord. You are now born again. Amen. You are a brand new creation. And the food that you need to grow in the Lord is Christ. Amen. The Word of Christ. Praise the Lord. Amen. Keep on tuning in. Keep on hearing the Word of God. Amen. Great things are in store for you. The days to come, you will see more and more of Jesus. Praise God. Let's all stand to our feet if you can, wherever you are watching this. Amen.

I pray this coming week the grace, the favor of our Lord Jesus Christ, His wonderful everlasting love, the love of our Father in heaven, and the wonderful friendship, communion and partnership of the Holy Spirit be with you and your families now and throughout this entire week. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

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