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Watch 2022 online sermons » Jonathan Bernis » Jonathan Bernis - The Return Of The False Ancient Gods

Jonathan Bernis - The Return Of The False Ancient Gods

Jonathan Bernis - The Return Of The False Ancient Gods
TOPICS: idolatry, Spiritual warfare

Jonathan Bernis: Shalom, and welcome to Jewish Voice. We're so glad that you've decided to join us today. I'm your host Jonathan Bernis, and with me today is a long-time friend, in fact, we've known each other for over 30 years. He really needs no introduction. He's a New York times bestselling author, he is a much sought-after conference speaker. I could go on and on, but again, he needs no introduction. He's a dear friend, not only of me personally, but of Jewish Voice as well. Please welcome back my dear friend, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.

Jonathan Cahn: Great to be back.

Jonathan Bernis: Jonathan, thank you for coming. I'm so glad...

Jonathan Cahn: Thank you.

Jonathan Bernis: I know how busy you are.

Jonathan Cahn: It's my honor to be here.

Jonathan Bernis: And it's always great to get time with you.

Jonathan Cahn: Always, my honor.

Jonathan Bernis: I think that you have been given the most important revelation that I've ever heard from you. It may be the most important revelation you'll ever have, but certainly you've had to date, and it's really helped me to understand a lot of things, and that is a mystery about spirits, gods if you will, that are at work on the earth because they've never left. Will you set this up for us for those that didn't watch last week?

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, yeah. In a quick nutshell, won't do it justice but it'll give you an idea, and that is that, you know, the world before the gospel was filled with gods, you know. And the Bible says, "Behind the gods are spirits". Now, when Messiah came, he cast out... For he had the power to cast out the spirits. The gospel came into western civilization, the Roman Empire, and literally cast out the gods, cast out the spirits, the greatest exorcism in human history. We have been living in a unique civilization, that's what's made this unique, but, I won't go into it now, but Messiah, Jesus, gave a warning, and the warning was if we ever turn away, if a civilization turns away from God, having been cleansed, knowing God, turning away from the gospel, the spirits will return, the gods will return to their empty house, and that is exactly what we are witnessing now. Since the beginning, the 1960s, you see a turning point, we started driving out God. Well, it's not gonna remain empty. And the amazing thing is the same gods that were there in the Bible represented, the spirits that are represented by those gods in the Bible, and with ancient Israel's fall, have now specifically returned to the world, to America, and western civilization.

Jonathan Bernis: This is so profound because when we think of casting out an evil spirit, we think of an individual, but nation, after nation, after nation, there's this western exorcism of the gods of old and it's replaced with the gospel, and with revelation of the one true God and his Messiah, and that cleanses a nation until.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes. Until it turns away. And then he said, "It will be worse". I mean, I won't go into this. This is a whole other thing, another thing, John, I won't go into it, but to say look at the civilizations that turned away, look at the Soviet Union, look at Nazi Germany, look what happened, possession happened. And so, now, we are now all over the west, America is watching. Now, we spoke about, I won't go into it, but we spoke about the dark trinity. There were three key gods...

Jonathan Bernis: By the way, I want to insert if, it's not surprising that if you really do a deeper dive into Nazi Germany, you see occultism with all the leaders. An intentional cultism, but anyway, just had to throw that out.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes, but it shows you how real this is. We've talked about the three now, we're gonna go deeper because as you kept bringing up, and then you were totally right, it started, but now it's gotten so much deeper. There is one of those, one of the three, which is Ishtar or the goddess, there was another side to her. It said in the ancient of scriptures 'cause I was studying the ancient of scriptures, she says, "I am a woman, I am a man". She said she has the power to turn, it says this, this is from Mesopotamia, "The power to turn a man into a woman, and a woman into a man," and so, this is the next stage. And so, what we are watching is now, I'll do it real, I'll just give you a little taste, is Ishtar. First thing is to de-feminize women, first thing, masculinize women, which is what's been happening, we've been watching that, taking up other roles, changing. There's so much to this, I won't even go into it. Then, also, the feminization of men or the emasculization of men. There's a spirit of Ishtar, she raged against men, raged against male authority, she usurped it, she was a warrior, she was a... So, you have all these things which also go to the destruction of the family 'cause you have men being replaced, you have women, you have all these things. There is so much to this, but I want to move forward with it because I have to give you a lot in a little, and that...

Jonathan Bernis: You got to go back, by the way, and see part one.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes.

Jonathan Bernis: You can log onto Jewish Voice and watch part one, even if you watch this and then go back, because it'll give you the whole context.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, yes. And the other thing is that her priest in her temple of the goddess, were men who dressed up as women, who dressed up as women, they talked as women, they were, you know, today we call crossdressers. Well, when you see the return of that, we're watching, the return of the goddess, you're gonna see the return of androgyny, the merging of male and female, the switching and that's exactly what she did. I mean, it's against, "This is how you dress them. I dress the man with a woman. I dress the woman as a man". It's happening all over. When you see this, this is how, and here's another one, we're going here. There's so much, but here's another one.

Jonathan Bernis: The same gods re-manifest in this.

Jonathan Cahn: Same.

Jonathan Bernis: The same spirits.

Jonathan Cahn: Same, same. This is paganism, this is the return of this god. And the other thing is that also, you know one of the big things that we're dealing with in our culture, and we all know it, is transgenderism, it's a big issue all over. This is the goddess because it says, number one, "I turn a man into a woman, I turn a woman into a man". It says, in one of the texts, she impresses female parts on male parts, on male, on the male. Her priests were often castrated, so therefore, the hormones were changed. This is, we're watching the return of that. She herself was androgynous, so she turns and changes man to woman, and woman to man, that's where we are in this stage right now. And even the crazy thing that's happening with children being transitioned, we say, "What is possessing them to do that"? What is possessing them is the goddess.

Jonathan Bernis: You thought this was new, didn't you? It's not. This has been around for thousands of years, these spirits, because they don't die.

Jonathan Cahn: They've been in the dark.

Jonathan Bernis: They go to a barren place when they're pushed out.

Jonathan Cahn: That's right.

Jonathan Bernis: And then they return when a society pushes out the light.

Jonathan Cahn: We opened the door, and this is where it is now.

Jonathan Bernis: Jonathan, I'm reeling as I'm hearing this because when I read the scriptures of old, I don't directly connect them to us, child sacrifice and Asherah poles and I think, "That's a pagan culture, we're past that," but we're really not.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah.

Jonathan Bernis: We're dealing with the same spirits again.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, except, I would just add one thing. Except, Messiah said when they come back, they'll come back worse. They didn't refine marriage back then, they didn't do hormone changing of children back then, but they all had, the same overall thing has happened, this is what the goddess did, this is, if we went into her priests, into her temples back then, you would see male and female confused all the time, and do you know what changed that? The gospel, the gospel changed that.

Jonathan Bernis: We're just using more technology now.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, we're using more technology, and it's going in a way, it's even deeper, but yes, and so we are watching the return. When you see, if you see the return of the gods, when you see these things happen, when you see the return of her... I talked about the priests who dress up as women, that was in the temples of Ishtar. When you see that, you know Ishtar is back, and it's happening all over, and it's being more, and it keeps progressing, it keeps going to the next stage, so this is crucial. We are dealing with spirits, and we are dealing with gods.

Jonathan Bernis: I can't get it out of my head, and we need to be reminded constantly that our fight is against principalities and power, they're unseen, and the enemy's going to distract us over here when it's really a spiritual issue at its root.

Jonathan Cahn: That's right. If you look throughout the Bible, it's always a war with the gods. You know, Moses' war you know, is the gods of Egypt, you know. Elijah was against Baal, one of these, and Ashtoreth, that was one too. Ezekiel saw the woman, remember? Weeping for Tammuz, that has to do with Ishtar, that was part of that culture then. You know, it says Josiah, when there was a revival, he bought down the house of these kind of people. It involved the crossing of gender, so they were dealing with it back then. It's just they been at bay for 2.000 years, but now we've opened the door, and now we're watching it.

Jonathan Bernis: So, the behavior that they cause, that they bring about in people is really the same behavior as looking at a repeat.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes.

Jonathan Bernis: The same strategy, the same behavior.

Jonathan Cahn: It's gonna be even more amazing down, as we continue, yes, and in the ancient inscriptions, it talks about that very thing, it describes what we're seeing now. There was, I was reading a secular writer, and they were talking about the things of the goddess, and she's saying it's like what we see today in, you know, in the parades and all those things. It's the same thing, and they would describe the same thing as well, it's that same spirit. And it's not rational. We look at this and we say, "Why is this happening"? It's kind of, it's crazy. It's because it's the gods, it's not rational.

Jonathan Bernis: Jonathan made it very clear, the only thing that can change this is the proclamation of the gospel.

Jonathan Cahn: That's right.

Jonathan Bernis: Restoring the one true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob back to a culture. We need to get to work. Right now, we're ministering to huge needs as a way of sharing the gospel ultimately. For example, over 30.000 Ukrainian refuges have now moved to Israel, and they need housing, they need food, they need the basic essentials of life to survive. Through over 70 partner ministries, we're helping to meet those needs on the ground in Israel, but we're also helping on the ground in Ukraine. We just sent water purifiers because in some areas, there's no clean drinking water, we're sending medicines. All of this is an opportunity to share the gospel. I want to invite you to be part of that. You can make a difference. I wanna say it again, you can make a difference, so get involved as quickly as you can, and we'll tell you how right now. Take a look.

Jonathan Bernis: Welcome back. My guest today is rabbi Jonathan cahn with some of the most important revelation that you will ever hear, and you need to, and you need to take action. Before I get back into the conversation, I just want to say, very quickly, thank you to all of you who are helping, that are helping this ministry, especially our monthly partners, our shalom partners. You are helping to reach Jewish people and their neighbors with medicine and dental care, and eye care, and most importantly, the gospel. Jewish people are hearing and responding to the gospel, so thank you for your giving and especially for being a monthly shalom partner. Now, Jonathan, this is filling in a lot of blanks for me, but if you think that this is intense, it's going to get even more intense.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes, it is.

Jonathan Bernis: Because you're going to talk about an ancient mystery that actually manifested on the streets of New York city and transformed our culture. Tell us about this.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. The whole movement, and listen, we pray for everyone and we're all in the same boat, but the whole movement that we've been talking about, really, the merging of gender, and alternate sexualities, and the pride, and rainbow, and all those things began with one event. It was called Stonewall and it was 1969. There was a riot at a bar in New York city where they tried to burn down the bar with police in it. It was the homosexual community. But the amazing thing is it was all filled with the presence of the goddess, this started everything, this started where we are. The signs of the gods, I won't go into all things, but I'll just mention a little thing here. One is when she goes to war, she's linked to the lion's head. I will just say this, the lion's head manifested that night, there, at Stonewall. There's something called, I can't go into the explanation but there's something called the "Dance of Ishtar". They actually do a dance, in the middle of this riot comes a dance where they speak that which is in the ancient inscriptions from sumer, linked to Ishtar. There in her mythology, she's accused of being the stone that breaks the stone wall, which was the actual place that was broken on that night. There is actually a person, I call them "Avatar," a woman who actually triggered the whole thing that is now spread around the world. There was one woman who's triggered the riot, and that woman had the features, I won't go into it, but they had the features, characteristics of Ishtar. Ishtar was called, in the ancient inscriptions, she's called The Storm. "You are The Storm," they said, "Who causes storms around the world". The woman was named Storm or Storme, who caused all this, and it was like the crowd got taken by a spirit. That just, that's all I'm going to say about that, but it keeps going. Now, from that Jonathan have come parades, we know it, the pride parades every year, you know, in the summer. Well, the goddess was the beginning, was the goddess behind parades, she had parade, the ancient inscriptions talk about the parades that were done at her time, and it talks about, in the description it says in the parades, men dressed as women, women dressed as men for the goddess, for the goddess, all around the world. And the very thing that's happening today was actually the parades of the goddess that disappeared when the gospel came. They're back because she's back. It was part of her possessing the culture, that's what we're watching. And I'm gonna go even farther because when were they? There was one month that she had, the goddess had, that she especially possessed the culture. It was named after her lover, Tammuz, Tammuz, the month of Tammuz. Now, the ancient writers, they write about the festival of the goddess, and the parades, and the processions, and saint Jerome says it happened in the month he called "Unum" or "Junium," June, June was the month. The month of Tammuz begins in June more than any other month in our calendar. So, again, June goes back to the gods as it was then. I'm gonna keep going. I'm doing, I'm just giving you a taste.

Jonathan Bernis: I just think making all these connections so effectively brings home that these are spirits, and they're repeating the same behavior, and they're filling a vacuum.

Jonathan Cahn: That's right, that's right, that's right, the vacuum is the vacuum of God and that's exactly it. It's amazing. Like, if we knew this mystery before, which I didn't, we could say, "Well, if you take away God, this is where it's all going to end up," and that's where we are. And then something strange, and I also know that we talk about spirits, that it's not natural. It's weird how you have all these nations that are actually celebrating something, like, a whole month, more than they celebrate their own holidays. How weird is that? How strange is that? That, you know, and here's another thing with that. I'll just mention this, and that is, you know, we see the sign of the rainbow. Well, the rainbow goes back to the goddess. I mean, of course it's gods, goes back to the goddess. It means something that, nobody has any idea what this means, but it's actually the sign of her possession, her possessing a culture. When you see this sign, it's a Mark of the goddess, and it was her, and it means something totally different than anybody realized it is. I'll throw in one more thing, Jonathan. You know, there've been Supreme Court rulings that have been linked to, like, the changing of marriage, the changing of sexuality, one was in 2003, one was in 2013, defense of marriage, and of course, 2015, the changing of marriage, okay. All the rulings happened in the month of Tammuz, all of them happened...

Jonathan Bernis: It never would have even occurred to me to think about that.

Jonathan Cahn: They all happened at the time, exact time of the goddess, and Jonathan, they all happened on the exact same day, and it was the same day that Stonewall was sealed in 1969. All of the Supreme Court, and here's another thing, Jonathan, well, here's another thing. You remember the night when marriage was changed? We all remember it. And that night, the rainbow appeared all over America. In fact, the White House, right? That night was the tenth of Tammuz. The tenth of Tammuz on the ancient calendar is the day that, it says, "You will cast a spell to cause a man to love a man," on the exact day.

Jonathan Bernis: And one more I wanna ask you. There's something about the rainbow itself.

Jonathan Cahn: Gigantic. I go into that in the mystery, but yes, it's gigantic, yeah. Well, it's a lot of things about the rainbow, there's so much about the rainbow. The rainbows lead to the goddess, and it's also the sign of God, so it's actually a defiance of God, it's sign of war against God, and people don't realize that. But it goes back, also, to the goddess using the rainbow. She's the first goddess to be linked to the rainbow.

Jonathan Bernis: Yeah, and it's counterfeit for the...

Jonathan Cahn: The counterfeit for the real, yeah.

Jonathan Bernis: But I've known there's specific meaning other than that, yeah.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes, there's a big thing about this in this mystery. I'll hold on that.

Jonathan Bernis: Boom!

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. This is the most explosive revelation I've ever been given. And it's so important that we know it because we are dealing, everyone of us are dealing with it, every family is dealing with it, it's affecting everything, and we have to stand, there's a way to do that. The gods are interested, number one, in vengeance because you know what? They were cast out by believers, so that's why they hate believers, there's a whole thing to that. They also hate Israel as well, and they are seeking domination. They always seek that every knee shall bow, that's why there's this thing in this culture to make you confess with the gods, but this is what Daniel dealt with, Elijah, this is what, and we have to stand strong. And the power of God is stronger than all the gods.

Jonathan Bernis: You said it interesting, that with all of these movements, BLM for example, and also, every movement that addresses these areas, that is promulgating these areas, they're all anti-Israel.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes, yeah. Because of the gods, the gods hate Israel. You know why, Jonathan? It was through Israel that they were cast out, it was all through Israel. Israel was sitting there, and you know, they tried to overrule, they tried to apostatize it, but then the gospel came from Israel, and they were all cast out. They hate Israel, and they hate believers, and they hate Jewish believers because, that's how it began. They hate us, you know...

Jonathan Bernis: That's such a unique perspective that is exactly right. They were the ones responsible for pushing them into a dry place.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, and that's why all these things are always associated, everything we talked about is all together, they all are consistent about all of them ‘cause it's the gods.

Jonathan Bernis: Yeah. Same spirit that is fighting against Israel, "But he that keepeth Israel neither slumbers nor sleep".

Jonathan Cahn: We got a better spirit.

Jonathan Bernis: I kept thinking about where there is no vision, that people perish. It's actually prophetic revelation. And without prophetic revelation, without the gospel, they cast off restraint.

Jonathan Cahn: That's right.

Jonathan Bernis: Right?

Jonathan Cahn: That's exactly right.

Jonathan Bernis: This is exactly what's going on, and in comes the void.

Jonathan Cahn: Is that right? You don't know what you have until you've lost it, you know? And once you take that out, without God, we need, God is the answer, God is the everything.

Jonathan Bernis: Wow. Just scratching the surface.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah.

Jonathan Bernis: We need to take a short break so that we can share some information about the resources that Jonathan has brought to sow into your life. We want to make them available to you and get them right into your hands because these are critical. Stay with us. At the end of the program, we're gonna do what we always take time to do, and that's pray for you, for your needs, and the needs of your families, so watch this, and don't go away.
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