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Jonathan Bernis - Empowered and Battle-Ready

Jonathan Bernis - Empowered and Battle-Ready
TOPICS: Spiritual warfare

Jonathan Bernis: Shalom and welcome to, Jewish Voice, and thank you for joining me today. I'm Jonathan Bernis. Well, the only thing I can say about today's program is - get ready! My guests are going to prepare you for battle, now perhaps not a physical fight, but certainly a spiritual fight which you and your family must be prepared for in these end times. Colonel David Giammona served 32 years in the army, and Troy Anderson is a Pulitzer prize nominated investigative journalist. Gentlemen, welcome to Jewish Voice.

David Giammona: Rabbi, it's great to be here.

Jonathan Bernis: I so glad. Physically here with us. We've been doing so much online, and it's great to have guests back in our studio again. Troy, this is your third time on the program. We had you on for, "Trumpocalypse" before, and you're a veteran now of the program. And David, we're really thrilled to have you. You two are preparing God's people for battle. There is a spiritual battle ahead. Talk about the spiritual battle that's ahead because many people, I think, are sleeping, and the Bible says, wake up.

David Giammona: Absolutely. The church is asleep at the wheel right now. They're not seeing what is going on in the world. I'm telling people, and God is telling me: get ready. We need to prepare. Things are not going to get, "Better," but they're going to take us into the end of the end times. So, we need to be ready.

Jonathan Bernis: Yeah, I really believe we're in the end of the end times. Troy, you, in your research, you're seeing Bible prophecy being fulfilled, end time Bible prophecy, both of you. Can you give us some specifics? What's happening that's actually fulfilling end time Bible prophecy?

Troy Anderson: Well, of course, the biggest thing is the rebirth of Israel in 1948. But, today, you know, we've seen, you know, this COVID pandemic. We've seen creation of weapons of mass destruction, and for the first time in history, all of the technologies. You know, computer chip, micro, you know, microchip implants, artificial intelligence. For the first time in history, a figure called, what the Bible calls the antichrist, could actually control the global economic system and we could not buy or sell without that. It's the first time in history that technology actually exists. So, we're sort of witnessing the precursor of the Book of Revelation unfolding before our eyes now.

Jonathan Bernis: How do you see COVID tying into the end times? I'm asked this question a lot still.

David Giammona: It is. I mean, Jesus himself, in Matthew 24, talks about pestilences, plagues coming at the end times, but it's just not that. The COVID is giving a lot of those on the left, and globalists, those who want to make a one world government, time to reset. We talk about the great reset, and they're talking about globalization, and they're talking about all kinds of things that they want to do to control people, to get them to a place where they are totally under the umbrella of governments. So, the plague is not just a plague. There are a lot of elements to it that are leading us into the end times.

Jonathan Bernis: Last year seemed like a test to me. They were kind of... It felt to me, and I want you both to comment on this, like they were testing boundaries to see how far they could push things. We had complete closures, the lockdowns. My kids spent a lot of the year home from school, online, because they weren't allowed to go to school. Am I right? Have they been testing? Is there a testing of the boundaries that's been going on?

David Giammona: Fear is a great motivator for people, and I think when fear comes, you know, death, sickness, those kinds of things, and people are deathly afraid, they don't know what to do. So, the fear is really a test of the government's pushing, especially the liberal democratic cities, governors. They're testing the limits and they're pushing the boundaries to see how much control, out of fear, can they get the people to do with this epidemic.

Troy Anderson: And the other thing that's happening is the elite have announced what they're calling the global reset, and many experts in Bible prophecy believe this is essentially the rollout of the New World Order. So, you know, is it possible that this pandemic, was it a planned event potentially, and are they testing us? Are they getting us used to this world, this one world, you know, socialist system that they want to move us into, which is what the Bible says will happen?

Jonathan Bernis: Well, it feels that way. It really does. So, this is a wake-up guide. This is a preparation for battle. What kind of battle? Talk about the battle.

David Giammona: The battle has been going on for 6.000-plus years of human history.

Jonathan Bernis: Good point.

David Giammona: And I have been in battle, in major battles, two or three, four depending on how you count battles, in the army, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Honduras, low intensity conflict and high intensity conflict. So, I know what battle is. But, the battle that we are facing at the end times in the church is a battle to really, number one, get the church out of its slumber and into the fight, because there is a fight between the forces of darkness and the forces of light. And if we don't wake up, we're gonna be on the losing end of that.

Jonathan Bernis: I mean, for a short time, like 9/11, this really jarred everyone, and then it always feels like that picture of boiling the frog in the pot. It's one degree at a time and you don't notice it at first, right? But, it's very gradual. Do you see some similarities to that? Has the heat been getting turned up slowly and we're not paying attention?

David Giammona: I love that analogy and I do use it often, and I think you're exactly right, rabbi. We're getting to that point where people are getting used to this, and then, what's the next event we're gonna get used to, until we get to the point of total globalization, total domination that we're heading toward?

Jonathan Bernis: Troy, give us some specifics. I believe there is a master plan. I'm not a conspiracy guy, but after COVID, you have to wake up to the reality that this is not all happening by chance, that there are some very specific planned events that have come out at specific times and had a specific result.

Troy Anderson: Yeah. I mean, you know, the entire world has been puzzled by this COVID epidemic. What exactly is happening behind the scenes here? What's the role of the deep state that we keep on hearing about? Archbishop Carlo Vigano sent an open letter to president trump shortly before the election, warning of a "Health dictatorship," and saying that the global elite are using this to, you know, take away our freedoms and our liberties, and this is part of this global reset. So, we're just watching Bible prophecy unfold at a quickening pace. We're moving, it seems like, you know, I've interviewed over 200 experts, from Billy Graham and you know, all kinds of major faith leaders. The overwhelming consensus is we are moving into the events that the Bible predicts that'll occur in the end times. And all of these secular experts at different, you know, m.I.T., and Harvard, and Oxford, said that, you know, that they believe we're approaching the end of human civilization and great threats are on the horizon. So, we're watching this all.

Jonathan Bernis: Well, I haven't been able to believe, looking at all of the facts that I've looked at, and I know there's a lot of information, a lot of misinformation, a lot of false, a lot of fake news, but I don't believe that COVID came out of a wet market. I think there's enough evidence to show that it's an engineered virus. Whether it was intentionally leaked at a specific time or not, I'm still not sure, but talk about China. China is part of this plan. Who wants to jump in on China?

David Giammona: Let me start first, then I'll let Troy jump in. In 2012, I graduated from the army war college. For the time I was at the war college, the army leaders there and other diplomats came in and said China is our number one threat. That was back in 2012. It's the greatest peer-to-peer that we have in the United States and Russia, but China is the great threat and they're flexing their muscle. They're doing many things on many levels, both diplomatically and militarily, to gain control of not only their region, but of the world. That's their plan. They want to control the world, they want to be number one in the world, and that level 4 virus that escaped from that province, I don't believe it was an accident, and I know it was a biochemical weapon, and you can see the results of what has happened. There is more to come out of China in the future.

Jonathan Bernis: But, Troy, why the strong push from the left that China's not a threat, the opposition against calling this the "China virus" and so on? There seems to be this big push. It's China's not a threat, don't worry, this is all a bunch of propaganda and nonsense.

Troy Anderson: You know, I've been a journalist for three decades. I worked in the mainstream media for two decades. I have never seen the mainstream media behave in the way it has with all of the disinformation that's going on. It's almost as if we're in a global PsyOp - in the military, it's a psychological operation. So, there's just massive propaganda and disinformation that's going on today that what the public's being told. So, there's a lot going on behind the scenes that is not being released publicly.

Jonathan Bernis: That's why we need to stick with the scriptures and trusted journalists that have a faith-orientation and a military orientation, I agree. I trust our military. Hey, guys, this is such important information. I want to make sure that our viewers can get their hands on your new book. So, we're going to take a quick break so that our announcer can tell you how to receive their book and some other great resources we have available for you today. We want to get these into your hands. They're really important materials. We'll sow them into your life as you sow into this ministry. Don't go away. We'll be right back, and we have so much more.

Jonathan Bernis: Welcome back to, Jewish Voice. I want to take a moment to say thank you for supporting this ministry. You're truly making a difference in the lives of so many who are living in desperate conditions. They need medical care, eye care, dental care, and most importantly, hope. Your support as a partner with Jewish Voice makes it possible for us to meet their needs, to share the Gospel, and to give them hope, so we're so grateful for your support. Thank you again. Well, gentlemen, we're talking about the last days. This is a wake-up call. And I think it's interesting that you focus on Israel and Jerusalem in your study of the last days. That, as a Jewish believer, that's really interesting to me. Why Israel? Why Jerusalem?

David Giammona: And I'll answer that, rabbi. First of all, the Bible is a Middle Eastern centered book. It's not about the U.S., or China, or Russia. It is about, specifically, Jerusalem and Israel. All of the prophecies, everything that we're going toward, is going toward Israel. We see turkey right now, in the Middle East, Iran, getting geared up to try to take over the Middle East, and we see the biblical prophecies of Jerusalem, especially, being the center of the entire prophetic realm of the Bible. So, it goes without saying that Jerusalem, especially, is the city where... Is the center of the world.

Jonathan Bernis: Yeah. Troy, many, particularly Americans, make the mistake of thinking that the U.S. Is the center of Bible prophecy. I'm not sure that the U.S. Is even mentioned in the Bible, period.

Troy Anderson: You know, America plays a role, and our military supports Israel and it will help defend Israel, but we talk about this in the book.

Jonathan Bernis: Do you think that support will continue? The last administration, very strong in support of Israel, moved the embassy to Jerusalem, which was not something new. It was a 25-year-old decision - people don't realize this - that was voted on by the house and it was delayed by executive order repeatedly. Trump said, "Enough". He moved the embassy. What's ahead for U.S./Israel relations?

David Giammona: Well, that's a good question. And I served 30-plus years in the military, 8 of those were under the Obama administration, which I think was a total disaster for our military and for Israel. Going into the trump administration, a fantastic turnaround. I actually visited the embassy just recently before the COVID hit, and it was a wonderful experience. And so, going forward, you know, we just have to wait and see how the administration develops its progress and program toward Israel, and then we'll keep all of that in prayer and believe God is going to do the right thing for them.

Jonathan Bernis: Yeah. Well, I think putting Israel front and center is right on. Troy, is the U.S. In Bible prophecy? Have you found the U.S. In Bible prophecy?

Troy Anderson: That's one of the great questions that Bible scholars have puzzled over for 2.000 years, or you know, at least since the birth of America. You know, could America be part of mystery Babylon in revelation 17, 18? Could that be something else? You know, could that be Europe? But, one thing we know is, you know, the Bible does not specifically talk about America, so is America missing from the prophetic end times scenario for some, you know, great reason? Are we taken out? What exactly happens? Well, only time will tell, but it's a great mystery.

Jonathan Bernis: Well, I've asked that question more and more during this whole COVID period. Colonel, what do you see happening in the Middle East, and what do you see the role of the military in all of this, since you have 32 years in?

David Giammona: Well, I really believe that our relationship with Israel has been very strong, and the military, I know many... I almost had an opportunity to serve there in the golan heights. That didn't happen, but I know many of our military people did do that. What I see right now, what's developing in the Middle East, is turkey is trying to restate its authority as the ottoman empire, and they want to take over the Middle East and they want to reinstate the Islamic authority. So, that is a growing threat. Turkey used to be one of our great allies. Now it is really hatred toward Jerusalem and toward Israel, so we have to watch them carefully, and Iran carefully. And that's why I think a lot of the countries want to align with Israel right now. It's a great thing to see that, all of the things that happened under the trump administration so far.

Jonathan Bernis: Yeah, Saudi Arabia, for example. They're afraid of the Iranian pursuits, the expansion. They don't want to see Iran develop nuclear weapons. It's an interesting alliance. Troy, talk a little bit more about Iran and why Iran is so dangerous.

Troy Anderson: Well, you know, Iran has come out on numerous occasions and threatened to annihilate Israel, and they chant, "Death to America". So, you know, along with China, Russia, North Korea, Iran's one of the greatest, you know, threats to the west and to Israel. And they've made all kinds of aggressive moves lately, and the Bible talks about Persia. This all fits into Bible prophecy.

Jonathan Bernis: Yeah, it sure does. Well, I don't want to focus just on the things that are looming before us. I want to also talk about preparation. You give a great example about preparation for the end times in your recent book. Colonel, do you want to share that?

David Giammona: Sure. Every chapter, I think, is filled with preparation for the end times, and you get spiritual exercises at the end of every chapter. One of the chapters, chapter two, is called, "Battle ready," and that's really, I want to focus on that for just a moment. Battle ready means being ready to fight tonight, and most Christians, I'm sorry to say, are not ready to be in this battle. If I were to give you a weapon and you're not prepared to use it, I'm not gonna ask you to go to war, 'cause you're gonna get yourself killed or me killed in battle. We don't do that for soldiers, we shouldn't do it for believers in the church. We need to get our pastors and we need to get our believers ready, and "Battle ready" is the theme, being focused on the end times.

Jonathan Bernis: So, colonel, battle ready, I completely agree. We're not physically getting a weapon ready, I mean, but we're getting battle ready. Keep going with that thought.

David Giammona: Well, first and foremost, when people ask me about being battle ready, I have to get them prepared, and the leaders of the church prepared, that we are indeed in the end times. In Korea right now, the army has a motto. It's called, "Fight tonight". If a war were to happen right now with North Korea, our forces are ready because they're trained. They know the doctrine. They know their leadership. And in the church, the same thing has to happen. We have to know our leader, Jesus Christ, more than ever before. Our pastors have to be teaching doctrine that gets people prepared for the end times by getting them battle ready in their churches, and that means prayer, it means reading the Word of God, it means fasting, it means all of the disciplines we're not doing in the church right now. So, battle ready is an important term, mentally and emotionally and physically.

Jonathan Bernis: Good. Troy, talk about some practical, other practical things, things that the church has been blind to.

Troy Anderson: Well, you know, for decades the church has largely ignored the issue of Bible prophecy, and yet, we're seeing it unfold in real time. A recent lifeway poll found 9 in 10 pastors see signs of Jesus' return in current events, and yet, the church has largely been asleep to what's really happening. So, we feel called by God to help wake up the church, get the church battle ready - you know, raise up end times warriors of God to fulfill the great commission. You know, taking the good news of the Gospel to all the world.

Jonathan Bernis: Yeah, my concern is that COVID created social distancing, isolation, and that continues to linger... How do we break through that and fulfill our call?

David Giammona: First and foremost, we have to rethink church on a grand scale. I think pastors, the ones I've been talking to, are really afraid of COVID and other things going in isolation. We need to unite the church in other ways. Business as usual has to go out the door. So, we need to connect. Small groups, house churches, things across the board, zoom, video - all of those things are going to be very helpful in the future as we progress forward into the 21st century and the end times.

Jonathan Bernis: You know, I know for some this might seem like doom and gloom, but I'm excited about it because it means Jesus is coming back soon! Aren't you excited about that? Are you ready for Jesus to come back? I don't think so. I think we need to get ready. Thank you both so much for being on the program today and giving us this wake-up call. This has been an incredible program and I know that it's helped many of you realize the importance of getting battle ready. Listen, the end is near and it's a good thing. We want to be part of what God has ahead for the last days because it's the great wrap up. There's revival. There's breakthrough. There's gonna be a great turning to him and we get to be part of it. I'm gonna be back in just a moment to pray with you for your needs, but before I do, I want to encourage you to get your copy of, "The military guide to Armageddon," and this will really help you, because we just touched on it today, but there's lots of great information in there for you. I want to sow this into your life. Here's how, and then we'll be back to pray for you. Don't go anywhere.
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