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2021 online sermons » John Gray » John Gray - Fresh Start: Arrival

John Gray - Fresh Start: Arrival

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I want you to know in 2014 you need to be real bold. 2014 is the year of boldness. 2014 is the gear that you need to be more bold in your commitment to the king. This is the year to be more bold in going after your dreams. This is the year to be more bold about your faith. Do not be afraid in the shame. This is a year to be more bold. This is also the year of supernatural clarity and wisdom from the Holy Ghost. Things that were cloudy in 2013 are gonna be clear in 2014. No more trying to look, God is it your will? I'm not sure is he the one, Jesus I'm not sure. Jesus like you, you know already. I don't even know why you praying you shouldn't even been brought this.

You know, goodwill that ain't my will. I'm just making sure Lord, because it took me a long time. And I'm just saying I mean, you know. God is saying in 2014 you're gonna have supernatural clarity. Fresh perspective, for some of you here, that was the place for you to really get excited because you've been battling with confusion the enemy sends confusion, you weren't sure which way to go. But in 2014, you're gonna have a supernatural clarity that only comes from the Holy Ghost. And here's what happens after six years of hard labor, in the seventh year of rest, and in 2014 means double rest. Not only is he resting for your heart, he's resting for your soul, which means any soul ties, any bitter root of judgment, any places of bitterness and unforgiveness.

That stuff dies and it dies this month, because you're not living in 2014 with bitterness and unforgiveness. And you're not gonna keep bringing up the past every time. I know you argued about something last year, but that has no bearing on this year, no bearing on what God wants to do. God is doing a new thing, see, do you not perceive it? So husbands and wives, let's be careful with our words in this year. 2014 is the year of rest, give it a rest. Maybe there was drama before but give it a rest. In 2014 it's time to speak love, it's time to speak life, it's time to speak Romance back into your marriage. This is the example you want for your children, for them to see beauty, for them to see peace. Woman of God, honor that man in front of those children so that young women know how to honor their husband when they become wives, and so the sons know how to treat a woman, by the way you treat your wife sir.

This is the year for your children to be blessed by the example in your house. If you've been arguing give it a rest, if there's been anger give it a rest, if you've been fighting give it a rest. Where am I entrepreneurs? Where am I business people, people who have a crazy idea big dream? Let me see you wave your hands big dreamers, keep waving while I say this, while you're waving in the Old Testament, there was a wave offering. It was like when you waved it, it was like God, here it is, I trust you, you can have it.

I want you to get that dream in your hand, that vision in your hand, that hope in your hand. Get it in your hand, I want you to know, as you're waving it, this is what God is doing. He's removing anything that doesn't line up with his will. And now he's also clarifying the vision so that when you bring that thing back down, the things that didn't make sense before will make perfect sense now. I'm speaking to business owners and dreamers, leaders, entrepreneurs, that as you're waving, you will know what to do when it's time. I'm speaking divine timing over you in 2014, the synchronicity of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, when should I launch out for that project? When should I release that single for my record? When should I give the editor my new book? When should I do the next thing?

God is saying I'm gonna give you super natural clarity on my timing for your vision, but it is this year. Can somebody give God 10 seconds of praise. 10, nine, eight, seven, six, I feel the breakout. I feel the breakout. I feel the breakout. Sounds like a book. Yeah. I feel the breakout. It's time to break free. It's time to move in the direction of your destiny. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Glory.

I want to speak to the ones that have been holding a vision for your whole family. You're the one that holds the vision for your whole family. You're the one that you know that when you get to where you're going, your whole family is going at, who am I talking to? Don't stop worshiping right here because I'm about to say something. What the world sees is Lakewood church, what I see is a legacy. What pastors John and Dodie Osteen started in the 50's is now something that people cannot do without in a whole new millennium. In mediums that didn't even exist when the church started, internet. All of these other areas, digital platforms, Lakewood is known.

I don't know what you sitting down for, it aint time to sit yet. Cause I'm about to speak to the legacy people. Pastors John and Dodie were faithful in their legacy and it extended to their seed. And now the seed of God's man has taken what was a seed and expanded it to reach the earth. And now the whole family is known. I want you to know, for the family leaders, the matriarch and patriarchs, those who know that you're the key to your family. 2014 is the year of the established word of the Lord. 2014 is the year where the thing God showed you comes to pass. And not only will it be blessings to you, but blessings for your family, for your aunts and uncles and cousins and children that are not even born yet. You establishing a thing that other people will be able to dwell in, well after you leave here.

Somebody give God a legacy praise. I feel it in here. Don't mind me, mark great house, a mark, that you have a great house and that you will produce according to your name that your sons are blessed, that your wife is blessed, that the sound of worship coming from her voice is blessed. And that God will take your life and make it an example to men all over this world. Your faithfulness goes before you, your worship goes before you and your name goes before you. You are a legacy being established, and it will continue to the third and fourth generation. It is the word of the Lord.

I declare over every husband and every father in here that you and your sons and your daughters are blessed. Your grandchildren are blessed. Your children are covered, every vehicle they drive in, every plane they fly in, every boat they swim in, I declare that they are covered. No premature deaths. No sickness can overtake you. We declare the blessing of abundance, that everything that the devil tries to do is thwarted, because of the blood of Jesus. The Bible says you will eat the good of the land.

I want you to know you're about to eat real good. I'm gonna say it again, I said you're gonna eat real good. No more scrimping and scraping, no more barely getting by, no more land of just enough. This is 2014, this is the year of the red carpet arrival. You've done enough hard labor, enough pain and tears. It's now time to put on your best outfit. Throw your shoulders back, walk the red carpet. Let them take pictures. Yes, aint you the one that used to do X, Y, and Z? Yes, but look at me now, look what the Lord has brought me from. Ain't you from the bad side of town? Yes, but this is what God can do, if you serve him. Walk the red carpet, walk with your head up. Don't let your past determine your future.

Glory. I gotta let you go here in a couple moments. But I need to give you this. This last piece, it's gonna bless your life. Bible says in Isaiah 1:18, he says come now, let us reason together. First thing is God is bringing you to his level. He's not coming down to your perspective, because our perspective is limited. God says, "Come let us reason together". If you're going to reason or talk about a thing, you have to be on common ground. So God says, "Let me bring you up and show you what it looks like from my perspective".

God's about to show you life from new heights. Let us reason together. And then he says what though your sins be as scarlet, they will be white as snow. Though they are as crimson, they shall be as wool. The word for crimson is actually an insect. It's a grub, and its proper name is Coccus Ilicis or Ilicis, I'm not sure Dr. Paul because it's latin. And you're a doctor, so you had to study latin, but it's like Coccus Ilicis.

And listen, this is important for you to know, it's a grub, it's a bug. And here's what happens when the female grub is about to give birth. First of all, it's not the male that produces the crimson, it's the female. The male is the one that's the, you know the king, but it's the female, the bride, the church. That produces in the earth. When the female of the scarlet worm species is ready to give birth, because I need you to know, 2014 is arrival, it's the arrival of your promise, the arrival of the things you've prayed for. It's when your seed begins to produce in the earth. This is the year of offspring. This is the year of multiplying. This is the year of I can't believe it worked. It didn't work last year or the year before that.

Now it works, the moment I speak it, it comes to pass. This is the year of multiplication, not division, not subtraction. This is the year that when you speak it, it has to happen, multiplied peace, multiplied joy, multiplied love, multiplied favor, multiplied finance, multiplied opportunity. When the female scarlet grub gives birth to a young, she attaches her body to the trunk of a tree, fixing herself so firmly and permanently that she would never leave again.

Who fix themselves to a tree? I think he was on a hill called Calvary. He put himself on that tree and wouldn't leave. Because until he died, there could be no offspring. He said if I go I'm trying to help you, I got to go but I'm trying to act right. The eggs deposited beneath her body were protected because she kept them covered by staying close to, by staying on that tree, she covered everything connected to her. She died so they could live. Didn't Jesus die, so we can live?

Watch this, the eggs deposited beneath her body were protected until the larvae were hatched and able to enter their own life cycle. I want you to know that God's been covering you over these years, until you could stand up on your own. God was protecting you until you were able to see with clarity the attack of the enemy and rightly divide the word of truth. God's been keeping you hidden, because even though you thought you were ready, you didn't have the internal mechanisms to stand against the attack of the enemy until 2014.

That's why when the clock struck 12 and you we're still alive, you felt a weight come off your life, because the enemy's time was up. He couldn't get you before 11:59 on 2013, he can't have you in 2014, and he knows it. Watch this. As the mother died, the crimson fluid stained her body and the surrounding wood, and from the dead bodies of these scarlet worms they would make a die. And what it gives us as a picture of shedding his precious blood, that we might bring many sons on to glory, according to Hebrews two and 10. He died for us that we might live through him.

And the picture of this worm this crimson worm, this worm Coccus ilicis it literally translates, ilicis, it is is finish. And isn't it, Jesus who finish us on the cross and finish the devil on the cross? Up against the tree, crimson stain on a cross. And in 2014 he's giving us royal garments, garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness, royal robes, because it's time for us to walk the red carpet, the crimson carpet, all of the sin of our past is now not over our head, but under our feet.

I feel the Holy Ghost because I don't have to be bound to the sin of my past, it under the blood. I'm walking on it and the thing that was designed to take me out, now I've taken it out through the blood of Jesus. A red carpet arrival, you better put on your nicest outfit. Hear me you have arrived, don't think it's strange when people wanna take pictures for no reason, papa ratzi pose pose, clore pose. Because where God is taking you everybody is gonna wanna know your name.

You can shout right there family where you're going everybody is going, who is that? Is that? No, can't be, they don't look the same cause I'm not the same I've been made new by the blood of Jesus and everything that I used to be washed away it's under the blood. I'm walking on the thing that was designed to crush me. It's a red carpet events.

2014 is about arrival. I want you to know that people aren't even gonna realize they need you till you show up. They don't know what they're missing until you walk in the room and you open your mouth and you have answers to questions, they've been asking for years. I want you to know here's the answer. You're the good thing, you're the a list. You do better, you better work. You better walk, you better strong. You better smile, you better have joy, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

I know it's time to go, but it's new years day. And there is a new me and I have arrived. The red carpet is mine, take a picture, take a snapshot. Jesus, because Jesus has cleansed me, washed me. I'm new, yes, yes, yes. Unprecedented opportunities for you, abner, you and your wife because you cannot robbery to worship with the people of God, it was the first fruit to come here on the first day of the new year. And to say, we're gonna worship God together. God's going to honor that for you and your wife, and your beautiful family.

And I declare for every family here tonight, a double portion blessing for 2014 is over you and everything that you put your hands to, I declare a red carpet arrival, that everything the enemy tried to do in 2013 falls to the ground and what he tried to put over your head, you walk over with your feet, for wherever you step you possess it. I declare your marriage renewed, your children are covered. Your health is restored, cancer die, liver disease die, kidney disease die, sickness, arthritis, all form of blood borne disease die in the name of Jesus, fresh perspective, clarity, power in the Holy Ghost.
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