John Gray - It's Go Time

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Lemme tell you what I got from that whole sermon that he's gonna do something you've never seen. That's just, that by itself is crazy. But what I love about the fact that God's gonna do something we've never seen, he's gonna do something we've never seen that our heart's been longing for but we don't even know how to articulate it. That's the exceedingly, abundantly, above all you could ask or think. You don't even know how to ask for what he's about to show you. This is an exciting moment. I'm telling you tonight, you probably gonna need to put your Bible on your left leg 'cause you gonna probably be clapping and stuff and shouting. Don't wave and smack nobody next to you, that ain't the Holy Ghost. But I'm just saying, you're probably gonna get excited.

Couple weeks ago I was a little more reserved in my presentation of the word. I want you to know that that guy is gone. I'ma be a little rowdy tonight, because the enemy been Messing with my family, so I'ma make him pay tonight by lifting up the name of Jesus. You wanna mess with my family, I'ma mess with your family. I'ma mess with depression, I'ma mess with disease, I'ma mess with heartbreak, I'ma mess with every lie of the enemy. You wanna mess with my family, I'ma mess with your family and I bind the work of the enemy and I lift up the name of Jesus on a Wednesday night. Hallelujah.

There's a breakthrough that is supposed to be in here in the next few minutes. And you are welcome to join me but I am not leaving until I get my breakthrough, until I get my blessing that God has promised in his word. I am excited about the thing that God is excited about. It's not like God is just unemotional and detached, like, "Lemme give him a new thing". No, he's actually excited. It's his good pleasure to give you the kingdom, he wants to surprise you and he wants to put a smile on your face. And your joy puts a smile on his face. You need to understand that your response to the gift, touches the heart of the giver.

Have you ever been blessed by somebody, or have you ever given a gift to somebody and it was a sacrifice for you. You gave something nice and then, you know, maybe their response wasn't what you thought? I love you honey, just letting you know, I'm getting ready to throw you under the bus. Please lemme come home. So I bought my wife this beautiful piece of Jewelry and you know, I sacrificed to get it. I mean this thing was expensive, about three, maybe $400. And so, with tax and wrapping. But, no, it was a amazing, you know, I stretched and you know, there was a lot going on at the time, there were a whole bunch of things going on, everybody was kind of opening gifts. And she opened it and said, "Oh, that is so pretty, thank you," and then I was like, "Hold, hold on, wait," wait a minute. You know it makes we wanna okay, lemme stop. Thank you Jesus. Don't forget it. You put thank you Jesus on the end of a r&b song, it make it saved, amen.

And I said, "Babe," I said, "Babe, do you realize what that is? What I sacrificed"? She said, "No honey, I'm grateful. I really am". And I was just like wow, I was wanting fireworks and you know, cartwheels. But what I realized is that she had a whole bunch of other things going on and you know, she wasn't really able to fully embrace it in that moment. Doesn't mean that she wasn't able to ascribe value later. But I wanted it immediately. What I want you to know is that there are some things that God is about to bring to you, that just by virtue of the fact that he's bringing it, even if you don't fully understand its value, you need to act like you've lost your mind when it shows up. I'ma give you a moment to act like the thing that you've been waiting on has arrived.

How would you react if it showed up tonight, on a Wednesday? You can clap at home too, you can be loud, whatever you wanna do. I believe that's the proper response to an eternal God giving good gifts to his children. I think it does God a disservice if we say, "Well thank God, I sure do appreciate this. What's next"? No, Lord, thank you for what you did. Thank you for this gift. You didn't have to do this, you chose this for me and I receive it from your hands. Don't you allow the enemy to talk you down from a blessing that God wants to give you. "Well, you know I've done things, I don't know if I deserve this". The devil is a liar. God has made you worthy through the blood of the lamb and every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord. The Father of heavenly lights, receive from his hands the blessing of God. It's time for the abundance of God to overtake the people of God. It's time for the contrast in the earth, where God begins to position his children in unprecedented positions of power and authority and decision-making. Artistic, creative, business, real estate, finance, oil, gas. I'm talking to people in education, architecture. I'm talking to people in manufacturing, business owners. God's getting ready to shift things in your favor. This is your moment. And if I were you, I'd get excited about it.

Tonight, I wanna preach from the subject, it's go time. It's go time. I normally don't do the tell your neighbor, 'cause it's weird, it gets on my nerves and people haven't had a mint. Very unsavory. But maybe you can kinda gently nudge the person next to you and say, "Hey, it's go time". No more stagnation, it's go time. Wife, it's go time. No more delay on your dreams, no more. No more, "Well, maybe next year". No more, no more of that. No more, "Ah well, better luck next time". No more of that. We're not dealing with luck, we're dealing with favor. I'm talking to some people that the favor of God is on your life. I'm talking to some people who have waited, waited patiently but you've also waited long enough.

Now it's time for that thing to arrive. It's go time, no more please, no more when, no more how, just thank you, it's here. The promise has arrived, it's go time. Whoo, whoo. This is a moment in the body of Christ where we are to get excited. Not about what he's giving us, but the power and the glory that will be revealed through us. This is not about you, this is about God. God is doing this to make himself a great name. God wants to use your life as a surrogate for his glory. Are there any glory carriers on a Wednesday night? Are there any glory carriers online? Any glory carriers who don't mind saying, "God, you can use me, God I'll go. God, you can choose me".

I'm excited tonight. The songwriter declared, I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it. I don't think that's in the Bible. Here's what it says in Isaiah 43:18. Reading from the new King James version. It's a scripture that you've heard in this church on a number of occasions. And I believe that I am but one more voice to declare what has already been set in motion by the prophetic leading of our pastor who declared that the shift is on. And this means you can't stay stagnant, even if you wanted to. It's too late, it's already been set in motion. When the calendar went from 12 to 13, and you were still alive, that means the promise of God legally has to track you down. You can't even stay in the place of mediocrity. You're not allowed to stay average. You can't stay in debt all year, God has to show up. God has to do something you've never seen. Something you couldn't even ask for. You wouldn't even have the good sense to ask for it because you and I both know we don't deserve it. But his love makes us worthy and if he said it's go time, then it's go time.

The hardest thing, danger, about go time is we are always out-thinking God. We always wanna bring up to God why he shouldn't take us to the next level. John, "Yeah, daddy"? "It's time to go". "I'm not ready". "What do you mean, you're not ready"? "'cause, I still got things to do, I gotta get in shape. You see, I gotta lose weight". "We're gonna work on that". "No, I need to work on it now, because, you know what I'm saying"? "Wait, I've only been married a couple of years. I need to make sure that everything's strong in the foundation. I'm a new father, I need some time, you know? And then, Lord, remember stuff I used to do"? "I wanna make sure that none of that comes back up. I'm a little nervous, I don't wanna go to a position where my character can't keep me". And this God saying, "Hey, here's my word for that, for all those fears and all those things that cause you to doubt and walk in shame, do not remember the former things. Nor consider the things of old".

What he says is stop considering or factoring into the occasion of your destiny what "I don't factor it, so why do you? And it's my equation anyway". Behold, that's God getting dramatic. When God gets dramatic, that means everybody stop, you behold, comma. I will do a new thing, now it shall, like a toaster, spring forth. I believe toast is from Jesus. Bread is a blessing, but toast is anointed. But you can't get toast without process. It has to go down and it has to be heated all the way around and depending on how much you wanna toast it, there's a number system from light toasting to 10. Depending on how you like your toast and you're sitting there waiting. You ever waited for that toaster to pop? Sometimes you premature with it and you make it pop on its own? Don't you wish God would take you out of the toaster of development sometimes?

Sometimes it feels like we've been in process for a long time. Do you understand that God is not burning you? He's learning you. Oh. He's not burning you, he's learning you. He's teaching you things about his character, teaching you things about patience, teaching you things about development, teaching you things about maturity. He is processing your character, making sure that you are not just well done on one side, but no matter which side people see, you are complete. You've got the full armor of God. You're walking in the humility of the spirit and the Fruit of the Spirit and the power of the spirit. God is saying, "Some of you all feel like the heat is too low, but it's just right".

And just like there are times when you don't know when that toaster's gonna pop and it pops up and you can smell the aroma of the thing that's been processing, God is about to spring forth and you are about to pop up into situations that you didn't even know your name was attached to. God's about to cause your business to spring forth. Your record to spring forth. Your book, your business idea, the thing on your job, you're about to spring forth. Your name is gonna begin to come up in conversations with executives at your company. "Well what about bob"? "You know, I've been thinking about him, I don't even know why". Because the Holy Ghost put bob on his heart.

Don't you tell me God doesn't know how to speak to people. God is in charge of all of this. He's in charge of the affairs of men and when it comes to his children, he knows how to put you in the right position at the right time. Right people, right place, right time. Somebody give God a praise. Hallelujah. Now, it shall spring forth. Shall you not know it? Says, that word know means, shall you not discern it? I believe God is saying prophetically, take a look at your life, look at the evidence of your life. It looks kinda the same on the surface. Right beneath the surface, things been bubbling up. Things have been moving, things have been shifting, being altered. Very subtle changes. Notice in your own character certain things that were such a struggle a couple of years ago, now you don't even worry about it, you got victory over it.

See, we shout for the wrong things. That's a reason to shout, because one of the rarest things the body of Christ has ever seen, is a changed life. And do you know that through the process of development, God has changed you? You're not who you used to be. That is the Mark of a Savior. That is the power of the transformational properties within the blood of Jesus that overtakes your sin nature, and begins to give you a hunger to serve God. No, maybe you're not fully processed, but none of us are. If you're still alive, you're still in the process. I'm doing a new thing, it's new, it's all me, amen, little baby. She's like, praise God. I'm doing a new thing, now it shall spring forth.

Do you not know it? This is what I love. I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Any of my dry place folk? Where the monies just trickle? Any of the dry place folk where you know, you have to like check your account, see the checking and the way it's connected to the savings, see, with my bills see? Then I've got overdraft protection just in case with this and then you want, you know, you ever gave out cheques with instructions? Now hold this till next Thursday but call me first and go after four o'clock. So it would be on the next day's business. See, 'cause I get paid on Friday. I'ma deposit my cheque then your cheque will be good. Anybody ever been there?

I know we got a lot of wealthy people in here, praise God, you don't know what I'm talking about. I want your anointing. I'm talking about that process, where you slide that card and you praying in tongues. Processing, transmitting, receiving, approved. Anybody ever been this? You slid that card on faith. Don't judge me 'cause I pray in the spirit. I'm gonna make a river in the middle of the desert. Watch this, he's saying, "I might not give you a new job, I might just increase you where you are. I might just give you an unexpected stream of income. I might just open a new tributary to expand the river".

I need you to understand, tonight's word is go time for those of us who have been walking through wilderness places. "God, what's next? God, some of this doesn't make sense, I've been serving you, but I don't understand why I haven't had breakthrough. Lord, I been praying, but it doesn't seem that the answer to my prayers are arriving at the pace at which I'd like it to show up. Lord, other people are getting blessed, other people seem to get increase, she he got a loan, they got a new vehicle, they got a new car". And God's saying, "Stop worrying about them, they and those because I'm getting glory out of you". And glory means you have to have some miracle circumstances. When you need a miracle, then there has to be an impossibility somewhere. God wants to work the impossible. Anybody ready for God to do the impossible? The thing that I love about the wilderness, is Jesus is always there. That's the power of the wilderness.

See, 'cause the wilderness without Jesus is just a hike without a compass. I don't wanna go on a hike, I walk through the wilderness because I know on the other side, my Savior's saying, "Well done, great job. You didn't give up, you didn't quit, you kept fighting". It's go time. See, the process gets you ready to go. 'Cause this is not about starting and stopping anymore, this is not one of those name it, claim it, blab it, grab it sermons, I'm telling you as pastor prophetically declared over this congregation, I'm saying the same thing. This is not an encouragement, this is a prophetic declaration, it's go time for your dream, it's go time for your business, it's go time for the desire of your heart. It's go time for that thing that's been laying dormant for six years, its go time.
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