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2021 online sermons » John Gray » John Gray - King of the Impossible

John Gray - King of the Impossible

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Now I thank God for a household of faith but I'm just letting you know tonight, you're gonna need your hands, you're gonna need your hands, you're gonna need to high five a couple people. You may need to spin around, I'm not sure, I'm just saying that I'm believing God for something like a breakthrough in here tonight. Something like a miracle, something like a phenomenon, something like oh, I know he didn't! I need that tonight. Anybody else need that tonight? I see some faith over here.

When I see a mother do that, that's somebody that's been through some things. Hey, God! Right there. So go ahead and have a sit down. What an honor, thank you on behalf, of course, of our pastors, pastors Joel and Victoria, thank you. For coming out on a Wednesday night and being a part of what God is doing here and I'm just grateful. I wanna jump right into this word. It seems like I've been gone. I was in Australia and I was over there preaching Jesus but I'm glad to be home. I'm glad to be home and thank God and got my baby girl up here worshiping and that blesses my heart. Thank God for that. Train 'em up in the way that they should go. When they get old, they won't depart from it. So we thank God for that.

I feel like with all the stuff that's going on in the world, even in the body of Christ sometimes, we can become cynical with the supernatural of God. And tonight, I wanna endeavor to encourage you but also ignite you. I want you to leave here with a different passion than when you walked in. Is that all right? You know, when it comes to witnessing and sharing about Jesus, it's almost like I can show you better than I can tell you. You know, sometimes, and it's great to have classes. We've got discipleship class, and we've got classes, and there are some churches that have classes on how to witness to your neighbors.

And I'm cool with that but just let me tell you this. I don't have to go to a class to tell you how much I love my wife. Nobody has to teach me how to tell you how much she means to me. When you're in love, it doesn't matter what the other side thinks 'cause you can't keep it to yourself. And a lot of us like, "Well, I don't know how to witness". If you're loving, you can't help it. And so really, what I wanna ignite in you is a real passion. But real passion comes with a real encounter. And real encounters come with real issues. Because I've never seen Jesus walk into a perfect situation and make it perfecter.

Jesus specializes in going into broken places, specializes going into paralyzed places, specializes in going into withered places, specializes in going into places where sin is evident. Holler at me, woman caught in adultery. He goes to places where other folk would not and he turns it upside down because that's just how amazing he is and I feel like the body of Christ needs to get their faith up that what God was doing then he can still do today. I'm gonna say it again and I'm gonna be louder about it. Not to you, I'm not yelling at you, I'm just speaking into the atmosphere that if there's any spirit of doubt in here, it's gotta go because what Jesus did then he can still do today.

Now, if you think about just life and this earth, this planet that we live on, there are one septillion stars. That's one with 24 zeros behind it. This is an impossibility that all that we see happened by chance. It is a mathematical impossibility that this planet had the perfect amount of ozone, and oxygen, and nitrogen, and hydrogen, and the perfect amount of water, air, and earth, and the perfect degree from the sun, and the perfect angle on rotating axis, it is impossible that all of this happened. It is mathematically impossible.

The possibility that everything that we see, which came from apparently chaos for no reason now has perfect structure, and order, and law, and reason, and inside of all of that, we just happened to evolve out of all of the other species and somehow, we get to a man named Jesus, who makes perfect sense when you think about it because everything needs balance and the earth was out of balance due to sin and so God sent the perfect equation of his son to balance out a mathematical improbability. I need somebody in here to understand you are standing in the impossible. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. I told you you're gonna need your hands tonight. You may need your feet tonight too, I'm not sure.

They asked me to suspend my belief in honor of science and I don't negate science. I believe in science. But where science ends, the supernatural begins. If I were only to believe science and medicine, then my mother would already be in the ground. My mother-in-law would already be in the ground. Other family members would have no hope but somehow, past science, the blood came in and changed everything. Am I talking to anybody? I got one, two. Anybody been redeemed, transformed, set free, supernatural healing, Jesus showed up in the nick of time? Tonight is a faith rally just in case. Tonight is a faith rally. This is to get your faith up. And even if you're in the back, go ahead get your faith up. Go ahead and just praise God. I'm not just here by chance. I just don't believe that I'm just here for 80 or 90 or 100 and 120 years.

You see how I'm speaking, getting my faith up. I bind the 80. I'm here til somebody gotta change me. You understand? I'm waiting, come on, get me another diaper, sonny. I'ma be a burden to some of my grandkids. You hear me? I can't wait to be old 'cause when you get older, you can say whatever you want. My grandmother was like 93 when she went to go be with the Lord but when she got much older, sometimes her mind went in and out, she just said whatever she want. She said, "Baby, how you doing"? I'm doing good. "Ooh, you big. You need to lose weight. You... Mmmm, how you doing"?

I said I was fine til you hurt my little self esteem. You need to jog, that's what you... I don't wanna live in a world that I can fully understand. I don't wanna live in a safe world anymore. I don't wanna live in a world that I can primp, and posture, and act like I have it all together. I don't wanna live in that world. I don't wanna live in the safe world. I don't wanna live in the world that I know what's coming next and I don't look for what's around the corner because I'm not going around the corner, I just wanna live a life on a straight line. I don't wanna live a life on a straight line, I want some mountains and some valleys so I can thank God for the next mountain. I wanna little rain so I can thank God for the sun and I wanna little wind so I can thank God for the peace. I need a life where I can worship and you can't worship without trouble coming some kinda way because when trouble comes, your God comes to make trouble bow down.

And I don't know about you, but I want a life where God can get the glory. I said I want a life where God can get the glory. And it's not an easy life. Sometimes there are tears in that life, sometimes things don't make sense in that life, sometimes there's pain in that life, many times there's ridicule in that life and isolation in that life and laughter, they laugh at you and they scoff at you but I'd rather live that life because that life gives me a different perspective on who God is. I don't wanna be a people pleaser, I wanna be a God seeker.

Something's breaking in here. Something's breaking in here, brother, I feel it. It's time for us to make our king famous. And I don't serve a regular king, I serve a supernatural king. And I know some people here who are brilliant and observant. Maybe you have attempted to scientifically deduce certain areas of the Bible. And it's hard to marry the science with the supernatural because clearly, scientifically, it's impossible for a virgin to have a baby. That doesn't make sense. Scientifically, it's impossible for a hundred year-old man to have a nice, renaissance moment with his 90 year-old wife and end up having a baby. She's 90 and she's talking, "Ooh, I got me a baby," and a lot of the other people who were having babies were like 15, 16. She like, "You coulda been my great-granddaughter". But she's got a baby at 90. That's impossible. You're talking about a Bible filled with impossibilities.

It's impossible that of all the things that God could've done with his breath he breathed into clay, created us, and called us children of God. That's impossible. It's impossible that an eternal God, omnipotent, omniscient, omni-present would care enough about the children of men that he would give his only son to have fellowship with us. That's an impossibility. It's impossible that a God who made everything, not only is he omniscient and can create, but he's also holy which means he's right, and just, and perfect, and true and these are mathematical laws. And by his beauty and his holiness, the entire universe revolves. This is an impossibility.

We live as a testimony to the impossible. You sitting in that chair tonight are an impossibility. There's really no way that you should be sitting there tonight. No way, ma'am, you should be raising your hands. No way you should be looking at us on a computer. No way we should be praising God where they used to hang championship banners for a basketball team, but we went on and took it over and turned it into a church. This is impossible. But you are a product of the impossible. Maybe a five second praise break... Four, three, two. I can always tell when I'm in the Holy Ghost because pastor Lisa will get up and say something that sounds like she was all in my iPad looking at my notes.

And it seemed to me, pastor Lisa, as you were encouraging us and exhorting us before prayer that really what you were saying is that no matter what happens, or what comes our way, or what it looks like, God is able to perform it. He's able to do it. No matter what the sickness is, no matter what the issue is, God is able to do it. I don't listen to people up here telling me what they go through like, "Man, that's terrible. You might wanna ask another prayer partner 'cause that one's a hard one. I don't have no faith for that". I don't sit up here and pray because it's the nice thing to do. I pray because I believe that God is able to answer and that he will answer.

Does anybody else have faith to believe that God actually hears us when we pray? I'm not just praying into the invisible, I'm not just praying into the air, I don't just cry and lift my hands to impress people, I believe that God sees what I'm doing. Tonight I wanna talk to you from the subject king of the impossible. King of the impossible. I want you to go to John chapter 11. John chapter 11. We're going to the 38th verse. It's a familiar story. But I been doing just a little bit more research on this and it's blown me away what Jesus really did here.

John chapter 11, 38th verse and I'm reading from the new King James version. King of the impossible. I want you to know that you serve a king and no matter what it is you're facing, sir, he's able to do it. I don't care what it is, I don't care if you need a job tomorrow, God can make somebody call tonight. I know that God can do miracles and I don't know who this is for but I believe somebody needs a right now move of God, not a next week move of God. And I was trying to teach it, but I feel like I gotta bust through an invisible wall just to get somebody's faith up that God is gonna answer your prayer and it's not gonna be too little too late. God is about to do the impossible in your life.

It says in the 38th verse, "Then Jesus, again groaning in himself, came to the tomb. It was a cave". Everybody say a cave. This is important. First note. A cave is not a grave. I'm preaching good in here already. Scoot over once so my brother can get in here. Shoutout to the 16 and oh Houston Texans 'cause they going to the super bowl this year, all right? So let's just go ahead and get that out the way. Let's go ahead and believe God for some protection and safety over our team. The Bible says, "Pray for your city that it'll go well with your city". So we're praying for all those who have influence and over the emotions and the heart of the city so we're praying for all of our teams and all of those folk that they would be well and those who love God, that God would give 'em supernatural favor on the field so that when they get the mic at the end of the game, they can give glory to Jesus. Can somebody say amen for that?

Pastor Lisa, a cave is not a grave. And sometimes though, a cave can double as a grave. You ever gone into an emotional cave? I feel the Holy Ghost in here. Life hits you hard so you retreated to your cave. Fellas, your wife, you can't say amen so I'm gonna go ahead and say it for you, she get on your nerves and she, I told you not to say amen. He's like, "Amen"! You gonna be on the couch. Fellas, let me talk to you because you know she always wants to talk. She wants to share her heart. She wants to share her heart. And I need you to listen because it's so deep on my heart. I been gone for two weeks, I don't even know what time zone I'm in, last night, two o'clock. Whatcha doing? Aventer, I'm asleep. Are you? Well not anymore. They wanna share.

And sometimes you wanna retreat to your man cave. And what's in the man cave? You got a six pack of water. A six pack of grape juice. Some crackers for communion. You got a flat screen TV that came from Jesus. Yeah, bye bye bye shya. You've got 900 channels of sports and they all call you, "Come to me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden". A leather recliner from the Holy Ghost. Some nachos and salsa! My God. It's safe but the reality is, you're gonna have to come out and deal with the realities of life. A cave is nice for a moment but it is not fit for royalty.

Some of you, the enemy has lied to you and told you that you are no more than a cave dweller. Ah, surrounded by all of your bad decisions, and all of the broken dreams, and all of the false starts, and the almosts but not quite, and I thought it was my turn but maybe next time. But God is saying take the stone away. Somebody caught that. I told you tonight is a faith rally so there's really no form or reason. You don't have to wait to praise. If this is your breakthrough, go get it. It says, "He came to a cave and a stone lay against it. Jesus said, take away the stone". Now watch Martha. Martha, the sister of him who was dead said to him Lord, listen. I appreciate what you're doing, I really do. Now, if you had showed up right after he stopped breathing, maybe this would've been cool but he been in there four days. He's been in there four days, he's been dead five days.
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