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2021 online sermons » John Gray » John Gray - The Wait Problem

John Gray - The Wait Problem

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When God has done what he's done, you wanna work. Wanna tell the world. But sometimes you need to get healed up yourself. And I know this is a crazy time in your life. The kids are back at school. There's a lot of projects at work that need your attention. But I'm gonna challenge you in the next seven days, your challenge is to fight for your rest. For the nine people that said amen. You're like, I don't understand, what do you mean? Jesus says, I want you to sit still. Now I know how hard it is because now, I have a three-year-old. And I don't know if he understands what those two words mean. Sit and still. I'm like, son, sit still. But daddy! Sit still. Sit still.

People on the radio are like, what are they laughing at? I'm moving around, Sirius XM. I'm making kid movements. You know when your kids are moving, and you're like, sit down. That's what we do in the spirit. Because we get impatient. We want God to hurry up. Because we think he's taking too long, and God's like, trust me. Yes, I trust you. We start sliding, sliding out of position. Come closer to me. All right, I'm here, I'm here, I'm here, I'm here. I'm here, I'm here, I'm here. I'm just going over here for a minute. I just wanna see what's over here. Wanna see if I can figure it out on my own. Put that down, that's not good, that's hot.

I know, but, I prayed about a relationship, you didn't answer me. I know, but it looks cute, it's shiny, but it's hot. Bad for you, bad, that's, she looks good, but it's bad for you. You understand what I'm saying? God, you taking so long. When you gonna answer my prayers? Show these people what you showed me. They don't think I have value. They don't think I know they're talking about me. Whispering about me. My own family, they don't even understand what I carry. They think I'm crazy. I know, just wait. I don't want to wait. Do you understand how hard it is to wait? You know what you placed in me. You need to tell these people who I am. You need to let them know. You need to let them know how amazing I am. I need you to wait. Why? Nobody else had to wait. Jesus did.

When Jesus was born, can anybody tell me, was he any less God when he was a baby than he was when he was announced in Matthew chapter three? He was God as a baby. He was God in diapers. He was God at four years old. He was God at seven. He was God at 12. He was God at 19. He was God at 23. When did God announce his son to the earth? He was 30. Wait. 30 years old. It was 30 years of preparation for three years of public ministry, for three hours of purpose. From the sixth hour until the ninth hour, Jesus hung on a cross, but nobody knew that he was the Son of God. He wasn't even announced, wasn't even allowed to even walk into his ministry for 30 years. He had to wait. And if the Son of God had to wait, what makes you think you don't have to wait?

I know it's hard because there's something in you that's itching to be revealed. Am I talking to anybody that knows there's something on the inside? I saw hands go up right over, where you at? Keep your hands up 'cause I want you to know, God's about to hit the world with a (vocalizes). He's about to announce you. Keep your hands up if you know that I'm speaking prophetically. I believe that this is a season where God is going to announce who you are. You will not have to pass out business cards for your anointing. You will not have to pass out cards for your gift. God is about to declare, this is my beloved son in whom I'm well pleased. That is my baby girl in whom I'm well pleased. That is the family that I put my hands on. That is the young man I put my hands on. Because when God announces you, no man can unannounce you.

Do me a favor, just high five somebody, tell them, wait. Well what is he waiting on? Miss Ruth, I think I done been through the process. I'm finished with the process. I don't like the process anymore. I'm ready, it's time. You look at all this, God. I'm ready. I need you to write down Luke 2:52. Because Jesus, as he was astounding scholars at 12 years old, the scripture says that Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man. I want you to know that this season of waiting, trusting God not to work to be validated, not to work to be seen, not to work for people to give you something, just trusting the process of God, this is a biblical model.

Here is Jesus who was God in the flesh, and he had to grow in wisdom and in stature. Just go ahead and say it, I gotta keep growing. All of us, all of us have to keep growing. You're in a growth spurt. I don't know who this is for, but there's some spiritual aches and pains. That's what happens in the natural when you're growing. Those are, they're called growing pains. Anybody feel something in the spirit like dang, everything was cool, now all of a sudden, I'm uncomfortable in this area. That's growing pains. God loves you enough not to let you stay complacent in that area. He loves you enough not to let that thing stay covered. He's gonna take the scab off. He's taking the bandaid off so we can deal with it, so we can heal from it.

Jesus had to wait, he had to trust the process. Write this one down if you will. Trust the process. Three things process does for you. Three things process does for you. Number one, process ensures depth. We don't need anymore surface Christians. We need no more surface leaders. We got, we have enough of that. We need some folk who can speak the truth in a way that people can hear it, but also adds depth to their understanding. Process gives you depth. Process strengths roots.

You know how many of us need roots? You need rooting so that when the storms come, you're not surface 'cause anything on the surface is gonna get blown over. You don't even have to have a strong wind. But if you've got hurricane force winds and a deep rooting system, you can withstand. You might bend, but you won't break. Trying to preach, Craig. I feel it in here. I'm trying to bring it back, but I feel it coming out. Cause somebody needs to be encouraged that the reason why things are going slow is because if you want to grow a mushroom, it takes six hours, but a fully mature oak tree may take 60 years. And the difference is not just the fruit, it's the root.

A lot of people wanna produce fruit, but you don't have a root. And you can't get deeper roots unless you're in the right soil. And even if you're in soil, you can't grow unless there's fertilizer. And unless you going through some mess. Anybody going through some mess? Like Lord, why is this all around my feet? I'm trying to grow. Why is this happening in my life? Ain't this some mess? Yes, because I use mess to bless. Process ensures depth. God wants you to be mature, be able to speak the Word of God with strength and with clarity. It also strengthens your roots. But the third thing process does is it builds character. Process builds character.

The Bible says in Luke 2:52 that Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man. I'm prophetically speaking that for those who will receive it, you will begin to see uncanny favor with God and with man. In business, in education, in finance. You will begin to see favor with God and man. I believe that doors that have been historically closed to you will all of a sudden become open if you will commit yourself to rooting yourself in the word, giving your burdens to Jesus, exchanging your burdens for his peace and his rest, and then sitting there and trusting. Let me tell you prophetically that the door is swinging in your favor. And it's hard, males, to wait. Because we are not a culture that waits.

Now we've got DVR boxes. When we go home, we're gonna watch our programs. We're gonna watch the part we want. And then when they go to commercial. Wouldn't we love to have a fast forward button in our lives? Some of us would like a rewind. I'd rewind to the day before I met you, I sure would now. Can I have your number? No, no, and I mean no. Don't even come over here. You'll ruin my whole life. I got these kids that look like you, you ain't paid one nickel. Let me rewind, but let me tell you. God knows how to fast forward you into destiny even if you made some bad decisions oh. Uh oh, I feel a breakthrough right here.

If you'll just trust him, he will redeem the bad decision. If you trust him, he will redeem what looks like an impossible situation. If you trust him, he will redeem the pain and he will give you peace. But you gotta wait on him. Isaiah, 40 and 31, I'm about to preach it and let y'all go home. And we'll have to pick up labor day part three. It's hard to wait. I used to catch the bus to work. Anybody ever had to catch the bus to work? I know some of y'all live in the suburbs and you're like, bus? What is a bus? Not familiar with that. It's long, it's got wheels. We used to pull the string, anybody remember the string? Like ding. Wouldn't you be mad when he wouldn't stop? He didn't hear you, I said ding ding ding. I gotta walk a whole two blocks, it's hot out here, I put a fountain in this street. Hot just.

Let me tell you something. The best part of the bus ride wasn't getting on the bus. The best part was when I was outside, looking at my watch, and I know what the schedule said. I start looking down the street. Ooh, I'm getting ready to preach. I don't see the bus, but I know it's coming. I don't see it, but I know it's come. I know it's on schedule, I've waited, I've walked out the process, I got my ticket, which is the Word of God. I don't know who this is for, but you need to start. You need to start.

Watch this, and I used to be at a bus stop that had multiple buses. So some people wouldn't be excited because it wasn't their turn. Don't be mad at me because your bus ain't coming. It's my turn. My bus is coming. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They will mount up on wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They will walk and not. I dare you to wait. Because your blessing, your miracle, your breakthrough is on the other side of your. Uh oh. Here it comes, brandon, I see my bus.

So let me get my stuff ready. I'm excited. Because the vehicle designed to get me to my destiny is about to pull up. I don't even drive the bus. I didn't put gas in the bus. I was just in the right place at the right time. And all I had to do. I dare you to stand up and step in. I dare you to stand up. I dare you to praise God right now like that which you have prayed for is in route. Ladies and gentlemen, while you praise, the Holy Spirit is sending the answer. I believe that our praise is a conduit of faith that declares that God, I will worship you whether I see it or not. I trust your character over my limited vision. And if it doesn't show up, I'll still praise.

What I'm not gonna do is get out of position. 'Cause I remember right across the street from the bus, you could be standing, we're getting ready to pray. There was a store. I didn't see that bus. I saw that store. Wanted a bag of potato chips. 'Cause I'm big, bam. I didn't see the bus, so I thought I'd run across the street to get some chips. Then run on back. But when I got there, while I was in the line, here come the bus. Now I gotta run, but a car's coming. So I miss my bus 'cause I let my appetite. Wait on him. Wait on him. Wait on him. Your answer is coming. Your prayer has been heard. The enemy can no longer hold your blessing hostage.

If you have unrepented sin in your life, if you have bitterness or unforgiveness, if you have an issue with somebody in your family or in the church, get it right. Because those three things can stop that bus from showing up. Lord, forgive me of my sins. I forgive the people who hurt me. I let them go and I speak blessing over them. Bring them into their destiny because I know it's time for me to walk in mine. I'm not working for it, I'm trusting you for it. I'm not gonna have to labor. I'm gonna trade my pain for your peace. Let me pray for you.

Oh, Holy Ghost. Bless your people. We've been waiting a while. But we gonna wait. Oh, hallelujah. Patient expectation, cease from labor. We're gonna watch you bring it. We're gonna watch you do it. And you're gonna get the glory for it. I thank you that everything with my name on it has to come to me. And anyone or anything that's in the way, give me the strategy to either get the relationship right, or the strength to let that thing go. If I'm holding on against anyone, give me the strength to text please forgive me and I forgive you. God, if there's any hidden sin, let us confess it to you, so that you can heal us and we can move forward. But we're not gonna work from a religious perspective, hoping to please you with vain acts of repetition. But we come to you with humble hearts tonight. Saying, we're gonna trust you. The answer to our prayers en route. All we have to do is stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord. This is my prayer in Jesus' name, amen.

If you'll give me 30 seconds, praise God, 30 seconds. Give me 30 seconds. Do me this favor. Heads bowed, eyes closed. I'm gonna do this different tonight. Give me just a few moments. If you're in here and you've never given your life to Jesus, or you need to rededicate your life to Jesus, the Lord is calling you to be part of the Lakewood family. You've never given your life to Jesus, you didn't know that there was a king that will trade you your pain for his perfection. Your effort for his peace and his finished work. He is available tonight. If you need to rededicate or give your life to Jesus, or you wanna be a part of Lakewood church, this is what I want you to do. I'm gonna count to three, and when I count to three, I want you to remain standing, everyone else, take your seat.

One, two, three. If you need Jesus, remain standing. If you're rededicate, remain standing. If you're coming to be a part of the family remain standing. Look at that. Come on, let's celebrate them. Come on, they're right behind you. Bless you, welcome home. Welcome home, sir. Welcome home. Remain standing for just a moment. We want to celebrate you a little more. As they're standing, burdens are being removed. As they're standing, chains are being broken. As they're standing, generational curses are being lifted. Let's celebrate that God is doing the work in the life of the person right near you. While you're standing, I want you to repeat this prayer with me, and everybody with them repeat along.

Lord Jesus. I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart that Jesus is Lord. Thank you for the blood that was shed for my sin. Thank you, I don't have to work for it. You did the work, Jesus. I receive the reward. Thank you. My blessing is coming. I'll trust you in the process. In your name, Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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