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John Gray - Inside Out

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Philippians 3, starting at the seventh verse. This is Paul and he starts this scripture by saying this, but what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ. Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ and be found in him, not having my own righteousness, which is from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness, which is from God by faith: that I may know him. And the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his suffering, being conformed to his death, that I may know him.

Paul here is speaking to his audience, this particular audience, and he talks about a number of things at the beginning of this third chapter, and he's talking about his level of external excellence in running after God. And many times we assume that if we do things, God will be pleased with us, if we give more or if we do more, if we give more effort. And let me help you to understand that of effort that can make you right in the eyes of God. There is no amount of tithe that can make God go, wow, now that was a check! You better get on up here in heaven, come on up here. No, no, no. Your access to the Father is through faith in Christ alone. And the work that he wants to work is to believe on him whom the Father has sent.

Paul says in the fourth verse, though I also might have confidence in the flesh. If anyone else thinks he may have confidence in the flesh, I more also. And this is for people who are trying to figure out how to honor God, how to serve God, what's the balance. I hear all of this stuff about grace but there has to be some law because without the law, people are gonna go crazy. If you just keep preaching grace, it's gonna give people a license to sin. But when you understand grace, it doesn't give you a license to sin, it gives you a heart to live holy.

The fifth verse, Paul starts talking about how he thought he was in good standing with God based on his external credentials. Circumcised on the eighth day, of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew of the Hebrews: concerning the law, a pharisee: concerning zeal, I persecuted the church: concerning the righteousness which is in the law, I was blameless. What Paul is saying here in this scripture is, all of the external things that one thinks would make you right with God, I had all that. And then I came into the knowledge of Jesus Christ and I realized that all of that outside stuff wasn't getting the job done. It wasn't until I encountered Jesus one on one, face to face, from the inside out, that's when everything changed.

And I wanna share from the subject inside out. Inside out. We've got a lot of surface relationships in today's day and age. In a very Facebooky, Twittery, periscopy, Instagrammy kind a snapchatty society, when everything is show your best and hide the rest. We need to return to authenticity. You done airbrush that picture with every possible tool on your phone. That's not you, I see you! How 'bout it, girl, that ain't, that your cousin? You like this color in real life but on your picture, you're like, girl, you got that Michael Jackson disease, girl!

What happen when we're not okay with who we actually are? Who are we trying to please? If you're single and you're airbrushing your situation, you can't airbrush when you sittin' at that table. Maybe for a little while but at some point, people are gonna need to see the real you. Six people applauded, they're like, I don't like this sermon already. Excuse me, excuse, excuse me, excuse. You don't tell me not to put on makeup and my heels. It's not what I'm saying. I'm talking about, I'm talking about an attitude where you are afraid for people to see you because you're not sure if they're going to be okay with who you actually are. A great tragedy in the church where you can't come in authentically who you really are, hoping that people will receive you.

Let me tell you something, you are amongst family and it doesn't matter what you're walking through, what you're struggling with. You are loved and accepted by our Heavenly Father and nobody has anything to say to you. And if they do, come get me. They don't want it 'cause I will set it off with my boots. When false images frame our perception of life and reality, we need to be ushered back into the presence of the one who made us in his image. If I was created and you were created in the image and the likeness of God, then that needs to give us a confidence and a peace and an internal settling that even if other people don't celebrate us, don't particularly care for us, don't like our brand of individuality, um to you because you didn't create me.

And if you don't care for me, may I suggest that you talk to the one who did. But I'm gonna go live my life and I'm gonna serve the Lord with the gifts that he gave me and I'm not gonna apologize for it. I don't look like you, I don't dress like you, I don't speak like you. Each one of us has individual gifts. It is a great tapestry and mosaic and it is called the family of God and the body of Christ and every single individual has gifts that are necessary and essential for the full scope of God's glory to be revealed. I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. I'm with my man, he said I feel somethin'!

I like that, don't scare your neighbors. Stop laughing, y'all Messin' with my time. I'm trying to let you all go early. You're over here giggling, let me finish! Paul is this scripture in Philippians says something so profound, he says everything I've ever gained is nothing. I count it as loss for the excellency of knowing him. In fact, I've lost everything. All my old friends, they don't like me anymore. All the people I used to hang out with, they see me coming, girl, she done, you know she changed, she all Holy Ghost now. Let's go, put that weed away, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry. And you still go to that church with that man with the nice hair, he always smiling? Um-hmm, okay, let me talk to you later. Praise the lort, hallelujure.

Paul says, I've lost everything. You would think the next line would be, and I'm so sad. I don't have any friends. Friends, how many of us have them? Friends, oh, before we go any. Eh, come on back, Holy Ghost, come on back. They're like, I don't know that song. Never mind, just, yo, mtv raps, long time ago, anyway. Paul says, I want to know God that I may know him. I've lost everything and it's okay but I wanna know him. And not only do I wanna know him, I wanna be known by him. That level of intimacy that Paul is speaking of is a very scary place because there's a level of vulnerability. There's a level of unveiling that most of us don't ever engage.

If we're honest, most of our relationships are very surface. How you doing? I'm good. How you doing? I'm good. Alright, good to see ya. We ask people how they're doing and then if they really answered with some stuff, we're not really sure how to respond. How you doing? Struggling, my marriage is a mess. I wanna slap my kids but I can't because it's not 1983, they will put me in jail now, and I don't have enough money to pay my bills. I got gas, my feet hurt, I don't have enough money. I wanna go on vacation. I wanna drink this whole liquor cabinet but I can't 'cause I go to church and I'm saved but then, you know, and how you doing? I, I'm not sure 'cause you just messed me up with the truth.

I feel the Holy Ghost. Being unveiled is scary because we live in a culture that celebrates heroes. We love our heroes. The problem with our culture is, the same people that we elevate, the moment they show their humanity, we want to crucify 'em. We put 'em on pedestals only to tear them down. Look at, look at that, what a mess, what a shame. Having no heart for the humanity of the other individual. But Paul says, I don't care what people think about me. I don't care what platforms I get or don't get. I just wanna know Jesus. And I believe I'm in a church full of people that just wanna know Jesus.

If you just wanna know Jesus, you can go ahead and give a little wave. You can let out just a praise if you want to. Jesus, we just want to know you. Doesn't matter what people think about us, we just love you. This scripture, when Paul says, that I may know him, he's speaking from the Greek word ginosko and let me tell you what this word means. It means to learn to know, come to know, get a knowledge of, perceive, feel to become known, to understand, and to have knowledge of. Watch this, it's also the Jewish idiom for sexual intimacy between a man and a woman.

What Paul is saying and this is, let me make this clear. The Jewish interpretation of this is not carnal in nature. This is holy, it is scared. Unfortunately, westernized culture has but it was created by God as an expression of intimacy between husband and wife but it has been perverted by people who did not create it but I wanna give it back to God because in this scripture, what Paul is saying is, the closest thing to physical intimacy between a husband and wife, I want that level of intimacy between me and my Heavenly Father. I want to know him. I want a sacred, holy, intimate exchange where I am known and I am knowing and I am learning, and I am unveiled and I am unashamed. I wanna be naked and unashamed.

And religion will never give you that feeling. Relationship, this level of intimacy, ginosko, this word that says not only do I want to see him, I want him to see me. In fact, I know he's already seen me. Can I tell you, while you're here, wondering if God loves you because of something you're struggling with, can I please tell you, ma'am, sir, he already knows, he sees it. He's so in love with you, he's just glad you're here and he's got a plan for your life that is beyond your current circumstance. Your current issues and limitations, your current pain, your current fears, your current insecurities, your current misgivings, are no match for the love of God, the eternal love of God found through Jesus Christ.

And if you're here tonight or you're listening online or you're listening via sirius xm, then there's something in your spirit that says God has a word for me. I want to hear what God has to say. And so don't let shame cause you to miss the sound of healing and restoration and forgiveness that is available to you. He already knows you. Does God wanna know somebody like me? He already knew you. Knew you before you got here. What did David say, before i, what, what, look, no no, that's Jeremiah. Before I was formed in my mother's womb, you knew me.

So some of you are like, can God use me? Will he use me, I've done so many wrong things. Let me help you to understand. You cannot be voted out 'cause you weren't voted in. You were called, you were chosen, set apart, holy nation, royal priesthood. Holler at your boy, there's nothing that man can do to take you and uproot you and pluck you out of the hand of the living God. Hallelujah to the lamb that was slain and thank you for saving me and not allowing men the opportunity to tell me what I can and can't do. I can do all things. Sorry for yelling. It's time for us to have not this external relationship but an internal relationship.

Somebody say inside out. There are too many surface Christians. They stop at the general place of salvation. I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart that Jesus is Lord, therefore I'm saved. Now nothing has to change. I'm sorry to tell you but that is not biblically correct. Because when you encounter Jesus, everything changes. Tell me how Jesus could choose 12 men and at the end of his life, as he was about to die, Judas betrayed him. But then, after his resurrection, they got another one to replace him. 12 men who began to build the church, turn the world upside down, of those 12, only one of them died of natural causes. The rest of them died awful deaths, horrible deaths, things we couldn't even imagine in our worst horror movies. And they were glad to die for the sake of the Gospel.

Do you think that was a surface relationship that allowed them to lay their lives down? No, that's someone who saw Jesus, who knew Jesus, who had meals with Jesus, who spent time with Jesus. And they said, I don't care what you do to this body, I know who my Savior is and I know that my redeemer lives and it's an inside job. You can beat me up on the outside but you can't make me deny my faith. You can't make me stop praising God. You won't make me stop giving him glory. I will talk about Jesus at work, at school. I'm gonna talk about Jesus on this bus, on this train, at this light, at lunch, at dinner, at the gas station. Give me $10 on 12, pump 12. Girl, do you know Jesus saves? Meet me around the corner at this church, let me tell you what he did for me, girl.

This is the power of an inside job. When Jesus gets ahold to the inside, you start getting weird. You don't care what people think. You ever been around somebody that's like really saved? Someone's got that one person in your family that's really saved. Like in my family, when I was growing up, my mama, she was saved but my grandmother, she was like super saved. Like she was saved for stuff that didn't even require salvation. She'd look at the news, oh, it's about to rain, my God. God, turn that rain around. I bind that rain, I wanna see the sun today. I'm like, grandma, it's just rain!

When I tell you it wouldn't rain, I don't know why, don't ask me how, but she had a relationship and God said, I like her, clouds, go the other way. And if God could do that and it was just physical rain, what does he do with those he's in relationship with and you have spiritual rain and emotional rain? God, not today. Devil, not today. Ah, Jesus! Sickness, not today. God, take this sickness, take this disease. Take this argument, take this wayward child. God, turn it around. Oh, I feel God in here, I gotta. That level of response comes with intimacy.

Paul said I want to be as intimate with God as I can. I want to know Jesus, I want to know him in the fellowship of his suffering. I don't wanna just know him in the good times, I wanna know him in the bad times. That's a level of maturity that comes with walking with Jesus. We don't often grow in easy times. But truthfully, maturity is cultivated in the difficult times. Think about the people who truly had an encounter with God. It changed them but it wasn't easy. Jacob, he had to wrestle all night and God touched the socket of his hip, shrunk.

Now he's limping for the rest of his life. But that's the nature of it. When you get touched by God, you can't pimp into your destiny, you have to limp into your destiny. Oh, I feel God in here. Moses met him at a burning bush. And then, as he was having conversation, God said I want you to go tell, I want you to tell Pharaoh let my people go. He's like, um, who should I say sent me? I just, you got a business card or, nah, you in the bush, you probably ain't got no pockets, I just. Never mind.

He said, tell him I am that I am. I don't understand what means. You are what? Yes. You are who? Exactly. I'm whatever you need at any given moment in time. I'm that and much more. Talk to me, Abraham. You are Jireh, you provided a ram in the bush. These were not names that God gave himself. These were names that came when you had an internal revelation. When you had an encounter with God, something in you just leaps up and says now I know you for myself.

God says no more fake selfies. You ever been in a room with somebody, they don't even know you're taking a picture. You're just in there, you're like snap. You ever took a picture, the other person wasn't looking, they didn't even know they were in the picture? God says people do that to him all the time. They come to church, take a spiritual selfie and think because he was in the picture that he was focused on your frame. God says invite me, let's get close. Turn the camera around. I wanna see you and I want you to see me.

It's very critical because you can literally proceed at a supernatural rate of speed, or you can digress and be slogged up, moving slow, depending on the people you connect to. Does anybody believe and know that that's the truth? If you don't believe me, ask somebody who got married to the wrong one. Ask somebody who's dated somebody who wasn't for them. Ask them if they wish they hadn't gotten with the right one early because getting with the wrong one wastes times and has you somewhere stuck, wishing you had a made a different decision.

But God can redeem the time, so if you are single, you need to right now decide, are they inner court or outer court, and make sure that you are asking the right question. And don't feel obligated to your flesh. Well, we slept together. I bind that spirit, you can be forgiven for that thing. You don't owe anybody, move forward in your life. If they are not purposed for your life, let them go now and move forward so you can walk in the purpose of God for your life. I feel the Holy Ghost on a Wednesday. And for those of us who are married, let me tell you something. The enemy will attack us in the area of familiarity.

I got one amen, y'all don't wanna say amen. He like, how did he know to talk about that tonight? Because your spouse is a blessing from God, a gift from God, and what the enemy wants to do is to cause you to devalue them in your eyes to the point that what is sacred and holy becomes common. You walk past 'em like you see 'em 'cause you see 'em every day. Wake up next to 'em every day. You're familiar with the good and the bad. But let me tell you something, the problem with today's culture is when we see the good and bad, all the sudden we don't want it anymore. But the relationship of intimacy shows that God says I know the good and bad about you, yet I keep coming closer.

Oh, I'm preaching tonight. I'm preaching myself happy, it's cool. I feel the Holy Spirit. God is saying it's time for us to not allow the spirit of surface and casual to permeate every relationship in our lives. We must engage our marriages, engage our children. When you're at work, get off of Facebook and do the job that they're paying you to do so that you can be having a level of integrity. I got nine applause, it's like dag, I can't even get on Facebook no more. I mean, can I go on break? Yes, if you on break, then do that. But if they're paying you to do a job, do your job. Because that honors God. They's like whoo, amen.

Somebody say from the inside out. Jesus didn't just pick 12 leaders, he picked 12 men that he wanted to do life with. In this season, you need to identify the two groups of people that you have to do life with. Number one, your family, you can't choose 'em. I know you wish you could, but they there, so. Even the crazy aunt and the uncle that takes a couple of rolls at thanksgiving and puts 'em foil and puts 'em in his pocket. Everybody's family, family is blood. You gotta roll with family, but you can choose your friends. What Jesus said at the end of his life, he said, "I don't call you servants, I call you friends". Because you've walked with me three years now. We've had intimate exchange and fellowship, brotherhood.

I've built something in you. What God is looking for in this season is for us to identity who are we really doing life with? Who are the people that we go beyond the veil with? 'cause that's gonna determine where you go next in your spiritual development and maturity. Jesus said, listen, eight of you guys stay here. Peter, James and John, you guys come here. Then I'm gonna go there. So identity your eight, your three, and your one. Identity the people that need to be at the outer fringes of your life. And then identity the people that you can trust with the intimate details of your life. But even then, they can't even come into the holy of holies. 'cause there's a place where God just wants to be with you. He wants to spend time with you. Turn that TV off. Don't put the phone on vibrate, turn it off.

Listen, is God worth 10 minutes of just quiet time? I'm gonna keep on, I'm gonna leave that alone. I want you to write some things down. I'm gonna move quick, and I'm gonna let you guys go early tonight, don't be trying to slip out. I'm not playin' with y'all. You're like, I'm leaving, I can't even get on Facebook no more. I want you to grab this, that Paul, when he says I want to know Jesus, grab this scripture in John chapter two. John chapter two, verse 19. They were looking at the temple and they were like, Jesus, this temple is amazing. Would you look at this temple? This was Jesus' response in John chapter two, verse 19. Jesus answered and said, "destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up".

The Jews that were there said it took 46 years to build this temple, you gonna destroy it and build it up in three days? You crazy. What Jesus was saying is, all this temple is is a surface representation of the person that's standing in front of your face right now. And you put more credit and more value into this external thing and I'm standing in front of you and you can't even see me. There are people who go to a building every single week and never meet Jesus. There are people who sing songs about him, but nothing in their lives ever changes. These days must come to an end.

If you are making the effort to come here through traffic and through tears and with bills and with issues and with sickness in your body, if I were you, I would say I will not leave until I see Jesus face to face. I'm gonna stay right here until he comes to see about me. I want to know him, I want to see him, I want to encounter him. I believe there are some people up here like me who wanna see him and who wanna know him. Jesus said, I'm not dying for temples and buildings and bricks and mortar, I'm about to sacrifice my life for people, people who want to be in relationship with me.

Jesus took 12 men, built relationship with them over three and 1/2 years of public ministry, and he was such a foundationally altering leader that these men who walked with him, who were fishermen and tax collectors, and some of their occupations we do not know, but these men were so transformed by the commitment and the love and the time invested by Jesus that out of the 12 disciples who would be named apostles, only one of them died a natural death. And that was John, and that's after he was boiled in oil, and that was after he was exiled to an island called patmos.

This is a Gospel that men would be willing to be crucified upside down for. People were beheaded for this Gospel. What made them do that and be excited about it? Stephen, when he was being stoned, said, "Look, I see the son of man standing at the right hand of power". And they were hitting him with rocks. And he said, "Father, don't even count this. Forgive them, they don't know what they're doing". What kind of relationship would give you the grace to speak while you're being killed to have the father forgive the very people that are hurting you? You've gotta have an encounter with Jesus to walk that kind of walk. You've gotta have an encounter with Jesus that says I'll lay down my life for this Gospel.

This is not a casual Gospel, but it is worth my passion, it is my worth my hallelujah, it is worth my tithe, it is worth my offering, it is worth my commitment, it is worth my volunteering. Because the blood of Jesus saved me when I couldn't save myself. Oh, that I could find just a few people that love him and want to know him. Somebody say from the inside out. Let me give you the picture of the Old Testament temple so you understand how profound it is that Paul says he wants to know Jesus in an intimate way. Because if anybody knew you can't just approach God, it was Paul, there was protocol, somebody say protocol.

Can't just walk up, you wanna meet the president, you can't do, hey, hey, hey, Mr. Obama. You better not. It's gonna be some folk in some black suits and glasses tearing your face up. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't, I didn't know, why? Because that level of power comes with layers of protection. I feel the Holy Ghost. In the Old Testament God said, y'all don't understand what holy is, so let me help you to understand. I'm gonna go ahead and let's get this temple. Moses, you go ahead and I need you to get this temple going, this tabernacle. And Aaron, only you and your sons are priests. Nobody else can come near me. If they come near me, they're gonna die.

Anybody touches this, they're gonna die. Anybody comes into the most holy place and they're not you, they gotta get outta here. I'm not playing, I need to establish that I'm not something to be played with. I'm not a plaything, I'm not Santa clause. I am the living God, I am utterly holy and I am that I am and no one should approach me with casual, no one should approach me with oh, it's just God.

Do you know how awful it is that western Christianity has reduced God to a weekend experience when God is a face-to-face, every day, every breath you breathe, everything you have, every single blessing, every non-car accident, every doctor's report you didn't get, every time he, oh, thank you, Jesus. Somebody needs to thank God that he's not just God of far off, but he's God close by. He's a God that's kept you and saved you and healed you and forgiven you. And even when you went back and did it again, he was right there saying, but I still love you and there's still enough blood and there's mercy every morning and forgiveness is new. Glory!

The Old Testament picture was a picture of keep out. You ever seen any of those movies? It has a sign, keep out, don't trespass. Somebody inadvertently goes past the fence. Somebody steps onto the porch with an nice little shotgun, didn't I say keep out? This is private property, who is that? My car broke down, I don't care. Never mind, I can just walk, I never, I don't even need a tire, I'ma just leave. Let me show you about the outer court. There were some furnishings in the temple.

Write these down, this is important. Because I want you to watch and we'll finish it up next week. But I want you to identify where you are in your walk with God. And you can identify where you are based on the furnishings in the temple. In the outer court there was the altar of burnt offering and the bronze laver, the sea of bronze. It was a place where you would wash yourself, if you were a priest, before you could go into the inner court. The outer court was the altar of burnt offering and the bronze laver. These two things, first of all, the Hebrew word for altar translates killing place.

And so many people who have an outer court relationship with God all they do is come to God with repentance. They've got an outer court revelation. God is mad at me so I gotta keep telling him I'm sorry for the stuff I've done. But you miss it, that's just part one. You gotta get to the holy of holies. And what the devil does to young believers and people who are not mature in the word is he keeps you in the outer court where you think you gotta keep repeating the sins and the mistakes you've made and you gotta keep washing. The bronze laver is that oh, I gotta keep asking for forgiveness, I've gotta keep washing my hands. And most people stay right there, afraid to go deeper because they think God is mad at them. That was the Old Testament picture. Oh, thank you, Holy Ghost.

Now, if you were able to have the guts to wash yourself and offer a burnt offering, which is symbolic of asking for forgiveness of your sins, then you can come into the inner court. And at the inner court there was a table of showbread and the golden lamp stand. And let me help you what that is, and the altar of incense. The altar of incense is symbolic of people who have a prayer life. Are there any prayer warriors in here? Be careful, 'cause if you clappin', if you are a prayer warrior in this season, God is gonna ask you to begin to intercede on behalf of people that you probably personally don't care for. Because this is how he grows you up. Why should I pray for them? And God's gonna say, the same way I covered you when you weren't even looking for me.

Write these down, this is important. Altar of incense, golden lamp stand, table of showbread, these are symbolic of, the table of showbread is symbolic of the Word of God. This is people who feed on the word. The golden lamp stand, lamps do what? They provide light, light is symbolic of illumination. So when you come into the inner court, that's somebody who says I've got the revelation, I'm past this, I'm past just asking for forgiveness of sin. I understand what Jesus did, now I wanna eat from the table, I want to dine in his presence. I wanna spend more time in prayer. And these two things now give me illumination, lamp stand, revelation.

How many people want revelation? You want not just to read the word, but you want the word to be opened up to you. One, two, nine, 45, 7.000. Now, there's a difference between the outer court and the inner court. A lot of people who are young come to this altar every week. I need to get saved again, why? 'cause I sinned. Didn't you get saved like last year? Yes, but I sinned. So that means it wasn't, my salvation isn't real. That's a lie, let me help you to understand. When you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord, you shall be saved.

That is scripture, so stop letting bad theology make you think you're not saved because you still have issues in your flesh. I'm trying to help somebody get free. God, I sinned, I'm sorry about it. But I'm coming back into the inner court, because this is where I belong. I need to keep eating on your word. I need more revelation and I need to keep praying, because that's how I mature. Anybody want to grow and mature to the next level in your spiritual journey? Now, this last little bit, the holy of holies, you couldn't just walk in there. This is only for the high priest. That's why you gotta go to Matthew 27:51, write this down and we'll end with this here, Matthew 27:51. If you got it, say I got it

Matthew 27:51, then, behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom, and the earth quaked and the rocks were split and the graves were opened and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised. Stay with this 51st verse. Behold the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth quaked and the rocks were split. Let me help you to understand what happened right here. Jesus had just died, he had just given up his spirit, and in this very moment the Bible says the veil of the curtain, the temple, the most holy place, that was only approached once a year for hundreds and hundreds of years, only once a year could the high priest go and offer a sacrifice for the people.

Other than that, it was dark, there was no fellowship. Imagine people who thought God only wanted to see 'em once a year. Imagine an entire nation who was afraid to go after the intimate place with God for fear that it might cost them their lives. In this moment Jesus, when he died, it's as if a large pair of hands from heaven tore the curtain and said, now everybody can come to me. Now, this is a significant hallelujah moment. Because one of two things happened. Either the curtain fell and the ground became common, or the curtain was torn and everything became holy.

When the veil was ripped, God said there is no more outer court, inner court and most holy. Everything is holy and everybody can get to me. And everybody is a high priest because what my son just did is put you on his level with his death. And so now you can have uninterrupted fellowship with me anytime you want, so you don't need to keep begging for forgiveness, and you don't need to kill bulls and goats and rams and doves and pigeons. You can come to me anytime you want. You don't have to wait for momma to pray or daddy to pray or friends to pray. You can pray in your car, you can pray in the shower. You can access me at work. You can talk to me on your bed. You can talk to me anytime and I'm there, I'm available, there is no more process.

That is the power of what Jesus did. He tore down the outside in and gave us the inside out. And the Holy Ghost that's on the inside of us now intercedes on our behalf. Can I say Holy Ghost like I feel it? Sorry, I've been yelling, screaming, sweating. Got on this heavy jacket. I'm excited because I believe that people are gonna get free from this outer court surface encounter with Jesus and say like Paul, I wanna know him. The deepest level of intimacy is available to each one of us, the veil of the curtain has been ripped.

Stop staying in the outer court. Don't be content with the inner court. Come on in to the holy of holies where the ark of the covenant and the mercy seat is. Aaron's staff that budded and the 10 commandments were all that was in there, and the mercy seat where the sprinkling of blood, and that's what Jesus did once and for all, paid the price, and this is the power of inside out, that we can approach the father without fear of death. But in fact, we can approach him with faith, knowing he will give us new life. There is nothing that you can't go to your Heavenly Father about. Don't you listen to the devil and don't let religion keep you away. Your father let his son die so you can come talk to him. And if I were you, I would access that promise right here, right now today, amen?
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