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2021 online sermons » John Gray » John Gray - Rolling Stones

John Gray - Rolling Stones

I want to maintain kind of where we were last week in the area of just the mode that I feel the Lord kind of guiding me in. I want to share some principles and I want to make sure you're taking some notes and some things. I'm gonna try my best to maintain the teaching mode as best I can. I'm excited about this word. I can't be dishonest and tell you that I'm always excited when I preach on the same level, but there's something about what the Lord gave me for tonight that I'm literally physically shaking. It's so heavy on me. It's been so heavy all day, and I sense that there is something unbelievable that's going to happen to free people tonight.

And I believe that I'm not the only one that needs some freedom and some liberty and some newness. Looks like our government is moving forward and getting things together, and thank God that things are opening back up, but the kingdom never closed. I'm so glad that heaven does not deal with the economy of men, that we are connected to the economy of a God who is inexhaustible, has all the resources, created the universe, owns it all, has stars he can sit on them and just talk and do what he wants. He can ride clouds. He hides behind mountains. He can speak to water and waves and wind. This is the God that we serve.

I'm not concerned about what governments do for the why do the nations so furiously rage together and the kings plot in vain against the Lord and his anointed, no matter what the governments of this world do, our God is still in control. I am a musician at heart. It's my first love. I always wanted to be a singer when I was a little boy. I wanted to sing, and I wanted to be a lawyer because lawyers made good money and they wore cool suits. But I loved singing, I always wanted to be a singer, and I grew up with a very eclectic musical background. My mother had records. Some of you kids don't know anything, a record is not something that you break in track and field, or it's actually a round wax disk, and it sounds better than anything you can have in your little compressed ipod. It sounds better when it's on a record.

Anybody remember 45's and 78's? And I grew up listening to like classic rock, Billy Joel, don't go changing... You know, real stuff. Peter Cetera and Chicago, after all that we've been through... I will make it up to you... I promise you... You know what I'm saying? Real stuff. Grew up on Lionel Richie. You know what I'm saying? You don't know nothing about Lionel Richie. That's why I'm easy, ah, I'm easy like... Sunday morning. I knew you wasn't that saved. You know that song. Grew up listening to guys like Steve Perry and Journey.

So now I come to you with open arms... Nothing to hide, believe what I say... And here I am with open arms... Hoping you'll see what your love means to me... Open arms... Every now and then husbands, sing to your wife. Just bless her. Amen! She'll bless you. Amen. I grew up listening to music like u2, and grew up listening to all kinds of different music. Music speaks to me. Some people, you know they like hard rock, heavy metal, some people like R&B, jazz, some people like classic, some people are real extra saved and all they do is they sing gospel music.

Ain't nothing wrong with that, but when you're married, I'm not trying to listening to climbing up the rough side of the mountain if I want to slow dance with my wife. I'm not trying to hear Jesus will fix it. I'ma 'bout to fix it. I'll see Jesus on Sunday. You've got to have balance. Don't allow people to spy out your liberty. Now I'm not saying listen to any old thing because some stuff is just not honorable, and I'm speaking really primarily to married folk that you have a healthy balance to be able to remember those moments to cultivate beauty and Romance and that love and keep that spark and that flame alive. The church needs to be an example of what marriage should be, let's stop talking about it, let's start living it. Amen in this methodist church.

How many people ever heard of a band called the Rolling Stones? I'm not a big fan. I know who they are, I know who Mick Jagger is because he looks like a brother because I saw them lips. I was like his mama got to be black or something. He got some brother somewhere. I don't necessarily care for the music, but I really like the name because it's something about that name that speaks to me because of what the Lord showed me in his word.

I believe that rolling stones is not just the name of a popular band. I believe it is a prophetic declaration of what God is about to do in the lives of his people. He's about to roll some heavy burdens out of the way. He's about to remove some things that were impossible for you to move on your own. I believe that God is about to shift, as our pastor has declared, things in your favor right now. It's fourth quarter, it has to happen right now.

Isaiah 20:13, not 20:14. I want it right now. I'm believing God for the move right now. I need some things to happen in my family right now, I need breakthrough, deliverance, I need wisdom, I need healing, I need clarity, I need perspective, authority, I need more Holy Ghost, I need a better understanding of Jesus. I need to be able to live this thing when nobody's looking. I need Jesus. I need you to roll some stones away. Tonight we're starting in John chapter 11. I'm gonna pick up in the middle of stories. I like to pick up in the middle of a story. If you feel so led, why don't you read the whole chapter to get a full synoptic kind of perspective, but I want to give you the cliff notes version.

John chapter 11 verse 37, I'm reading from the new King James version, and some of them said could not this man who opened the eyes of the blind also have kept this man from dying? There were some people who were close by who knew the level of relationship that Jesus and Lazarus shared. This story is about Lazarus and Jesus and it's a familiar story. And many of us have heard this story. But I believe what God has given me is a fresh perspective on a familiar story. But there were some people who were close by saying look at him, he open blinded eyes, he can do all this other stuff but his own friend he couldn't help. He couldn't stop from dying. See? Uh-huh.

There's always somebody close by who doesn't believe what you believe about Jesus. Listen, everybody's not gonna be excited about your level of relationship with the Lord. And you can't force people to believe what you believe about God, nor is it your job. You can't make people get saved. You can't make them believe. You can't force your Jesus on them. You can only live your Jesus in front of them. It's very important, the church has been guilty of trying to force what we believe on people who don't want to be bothered.

If they don't want to be bothered, then what did Jesus say? Wipe the dust off your feet, shake it off, keep it moving. Don't get offended, don't yell, don't try to pronounce curses, you know you ain't never gonna be blessed. I hope you have a good life. Don't do that because you don't know if the seed you sowed then in a "No" will turn out to be a "Yes" ten years later. So you keep living. You keep serving. You keep walking holy. You keep being the example. You keep being the living hands and feet of Jesus Christ. That's the function of the church in the earth.

But there are some people that were close by this situation, Lazarus who died, he was sick, they let Jesus know before he died, Jesus chilled where he was, stayed there two extra days, hung out, healed people, rested, whatever he does, walked on water, didn't feel like swimming so he just walked on it. You know, whatever Jesus does. And then when he gets there, there's always some naysayers. Uh-huh, too little too late. And there are even times in our own life when we feel like Jesus showed up too late.

You won't say amen right now because you want people to think you're real deep, but there are moments in your life where you've prayed and the answer didn't come when you expected it, and people say how come God doesn't answer my prayers? He did. Sometimes the answer is no. And it's hard for Christians to understand that God is not Santa Claus, and he's not obligated to answer every prayer that you pray with a yes. There are some things that he did answer and the answer was NO. As a loving parent, it's his right, it's his privilege, and it's his desire to give you what you need so that you can function in the earth as you are called to function.

Jesus sat in the city two days after he heard that his best friend was near death. And he told his disciples I'm sitting here because God's about to do something crazy when I show up. Now I don't know who I'm talking to, maybe you're at home, you're watching on line, you're watching on your phone, you're at your job, you can't really shout like you want to, but I just want to let you know that I don't care how bad it looks, Jesus is about to show up in the middle of a dead situation and set it off.

I've decided in the last few days that following Jesus is the only thing that matters in my life, outside of that, taking care of my wife and my kids. Those things matter to me. I'm not worried about popularity, or people saying you need to change this, do that, modify that, why don't you bring this in, try this. There are people who would love for you to be something different than what you are in order to make them feel better. Do not allow anyone to minimize what God has placed in you for any reason.

Let me make that clear. I'm not speaking about anything I've experienced here. I'm talking about some things I've observed, seen in other areas of my life, and I just realize God, you've made me this way, and you called me to be this person, and I got to be this person so I can reflect Jesus the way only I can do it. I can't be a clone of someone else. You've got to be you. You've got to be an original. You've got to be determined, discerning, committed, intentional about going after the souls that God has assigned for your life. You've got an assignment.

Do not get distracted, do not be moved, do not be shaken, God has something for you to do, and when life happens, and when issues come, and when dead things show up, I want you to know I don't care how bad it looks because you're chosen, Jesus is moving in your direction. There were people who were talking about Jesus. They didn't think he had power for this situation. 38th verse. King James said roll the stone away. Rolling stones. But it says he cried out with a loud voice.

Sometimes your soft gentle approach is not gonna work. Sometimes the tender process, the gentility, the suburban elite, high eyebrow approach, Jesus at the center of it all. Every now and then, you're gonna have to show a little bit of emotion. Every now and then, you're gonna have to elevate your voice. Even Jesus said I can't whisper this one. I'm gonna have to cry out with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth! The Bible says, exclamation point for emphasis... He was alive but he had the outfit of the dead.

I want to start a series tonight. I want to talk about the power of Jesus. I want to talk about the person of Jesus. I want to talk about the preeminence of Jesus. I want you to know as the church we need to be reminded that Jesus is the head of the church. We are not a social club, we're not here to hang out, we are not a gathering point. We are shiloh, the central place of meeting where the people of God dwell. This is the place where God meets us with supernatural miracles. This is a church. This is where Jesus Christ is the head of the church. He is still the son of the living God, the first begotten of the dead. Mary's baby, born of a virgin, lived 33 sinless years.

I believe he is the fulfillment of the law and the prophets according to Matthew 17. I further believe 1 Thessalonians chapter 4 that he will crack the sky at the last trumpet sound with the holy angels, and the dead in Christ will rise first, and those that remain will be caught up to meet him in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord. I believe Jesus is the rightful heir to the throne of David on his mother's side and his father's side, if you study the lineage. I believe that Jesus Christ is exactly who he says he is, and as such he is the head of the church, and the church needs to be reminded that Jesus died for this. He created this.

This is his church not a man's church, nowhere in the earth does a man own a church. This church belongs to the Lord! Somebody give Jesus a great praise. We need to get Jesus back in position so that we can see the supernatural miracles of the church that are designed to happen, Mark 16 in my name you'll cast out demons, speak with new tongues, hey! God wants to do something significant with his church. We are the church, we are unstoppable. The enemy is already under our feet, and not even death can stop Jesus.

I'm trying to help somebody in the third section in the 8th row. I'm trying to help you. I'm just saying somebody needs to get there. Up to the next level and be encouraged tonight that there is no situation that you are walking through that is outside the realm of the power of Jesus Christ. All hail the power of Jesus' name. Let angels prostrate fall. Let angels prostrate fall. Bring forth the royal diadem and crown him, crown him, crown him, crown him Lord of all! People want to play games with the church but the church belongs to the Lord Jesus. And his blood has not lost its power. He still saves. He's gonna save some people in about ten minutes from right now. Oh, yes, you're going from death to life. You're gonna live forever because of the confession of your mouth. Be it unto you according to your faith.

This is the power of the church. It's time to roll some of these stones away, stones of fear, stones of doubt, stones of guilt, stones of condemnation, stones of regret, the stones of your past that cause you to believe that God is not pleased with your life. God has already made up his mind about you. He's pursuing you with an eternal passion. He is determined to win you back to himself. He will not let you go. He cannot let you go. You belong to him. You look like him. You carry his favor. You carry his scent and God is about to break through with new jobs, new homes, new ideas, fresh revelation, healing in your marriage, deliverance for your children, salvation for your unsaved family members. Jesus is about to roll some stones away. We are the church!

Tonight I want to talk about the power of Jesus. Rolling stones. What Jesus did in John chapter 11 is something he wasn't supposed to do. I want you to reference Leviticus chapter 21. You need to write this down. Remember that I said that Jesus is the fulfillment of the law and the prophets. I want to teach you some things about your Jesus so the next time haters come up talking about you don't even really know what is. You'll be able to say yeah actually he is the fulfillment of the law and the prophets.
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