John Gray - Destiny Treasures

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That's for all your haters that don't want you to have anything. Just let them know God did it. Just get it out of your mouth, just God did it. You get a raise. God did it. Promotion on the job. God did it. He got you that mortgage you couldn't possibly get with your credit. God did it. New car. God did it. God did it. God did it! I want to talk to anybody that's ever made mistakes. All the perfect people, just close your ears for the next four minutes.

I want to talk to the people who have missed the mark. This is only for the ones that have ever blown it. And I really only want this for the ones that have blown it big, multiple times. I wish I had more hands. Because religious people will tell you, you better act right. You better do right. You better be perfect. I'm sorry, I can't live under that pressure. I'm a mess. I don't even know if I'm not going to say the right thing if I cut me off on the highway. I might forget my Jesus as soon as I leave here. I hope my destiny is not as fragile as my humanity. Hey! I feel the Holy Ghost in here! Hey! I just felt something break in here! Hey!

I hope my destiny is not as fragile as my humanity. I'm so glad my destiny is not tied up in my humanity. It's tied up in his divinity. I'd like to talk to naughty people. You'll are like huh-huh, huh-huh. I love Jesus. I'm not naughty. I just turn up every now and then. I'm not naughty. I'm sweating. I'm all out of shape. You gotta help me, duane. Take me to the gym, please. Go to Luke chapter 7. I don't know what's about happen, prophet, when I give y'all this scripture. We're talking about destiny treasures. Destiny meaning the destination point, the place of planting, the place God has with your name on it, and he's given you the treasures of darkness, the places where you and I have failed.

I need you to understand for every failure, God buried a treasure. For every trial, God buried a treasure. That's why the Bible says, "Count it all joy when you fall into various trials". Some scriptures say "Temptations". Count it joy when you fail. You would understand it better if I said count it as cash if you fall into various trials. Count it as money because we understand you count money, but you need to understand money's not the only currency. The Bible says count it all joy. I need you to understand joy is the currency of the kingdom. You didn't know it. I know you failed. So have I. Stop crying. Count it joy.

In the middle of your failure, just smile because greater is he that's in me than he that's in the world. Thanks be to God who always causes us to... I know I just failed, but I'm smiling because he's going get me out of this. Count it all joy. Count it, to ascribe value to or to account it or to add money, make it worth something. Literally, God's making it rain in your broken places. You don't hear me. The enemy wants you to think that because you and I have failed, we're going to live under the heat of his judgment, but the devil is a liar, and because of the blood of Jesus and the grace that we have in the new covenant, God makes it rain even in the middle of our trial. He makes it rain in spite of our past sins.

You don't believe me? Luke 7:36... I need to draw a distinction because this scripture in Luke says "Alabaster flask". There's another instance with a man named Simon the leper where there was an alabaster box, and that was from Lazarus' sister Mary. Now, this is not the same woman in this scripture. There were two times when Jesus was anointed. You'll find it in Mark. You'll find it in John. You'll find it one other place. There are three other places in scripture where it talks about the alabaster box. That was the box broken worth a year's wages for his burial preparation.

This, many scholars believed, happened about a year before his death at the house of Simon the pharisee or Simon the religious leader or Simon the guy that thinks he's better than other people, Simon, the dude who had it all together, and in his house, here's comes the sinner woman. The other scriptures give the name, Mary, but this scripture doesn't even name her. She doesn't get a name here because the writer wanted to cover her. I want you to know the reason why your business hasn't come out is because God was covering you.

I know you don't want to clap because you don't want people to think you have a past, but if you have ever done anything that could have hurt somebody else or caused harm and God covered it, you should probably thank God right about... Scholars believed that this woman, whatever her name was, was waiting at the door before Jesus arrived, so she probably had gotten permission from somebody who was connected to Simon the pharisee to be able to come in. She was a sinner, which means she was known to be a woman who had issues. Maybe she was a woman who did different things to get money. We don't know the whole story, but her reputation was she's a sinner.

Now, it's funny because as this woman is anointing Jesus, the pharisee is saying to himself, if he knew who that was, he would not receive anything from her. She's a sinner. Number one, you let her in your house, which means you probably knew her. Who just lets regular stray sinners into their house? But now you want to act high and mighty because Jesus is here, when Jesus can discern hearts, and here's what's crazy. The Bible says as Jesus was sitting and talking, the woman couldn't stop crying. She didn't come requesting anything. She was so glad to be there that she just couldn't stop crying.

You think she didn't know she was a sinner? You don't think that the folk in the village didn't let her know every single day how much of a mess she was? That didn't stop her from getting to Jesus. Watch this. If she was a woman that did certain things to get money, then that means the money that she got to buy this expensive oil, she got from the things she did wrong. Just in case you're in here, and you're ashamed of something you did in your past or something you're currently doing, I want you to know Jesus loves you right where you are. He loves you as you are, and there's treasure in your dark place. There's treasure in your painful place.

This woman begins to weep, the Bible says "Cry", and kiss his feet. This is important. Then she anoints his feet. She didn't anoint his feet, then kiss him. It's easy to kiss the thing that already smells good. She kissed his feet first. Because she said, this is how I feel. He might have been walking around in the dust and in the dirt and in the darkness, but guess what? If you've got dust in your life, don't worry. God can create from dust. Isn't that right, Adam? If you got anything dusty on you, God can breathe on it. Her treasure came from a dark place. And she poured her treasure out on the treasure. I need you to catch this. Your treasure is not things. Your treasure is your king. I wish somebody would get the revelation that Jesus is enough. Jesus is your treasure.

Help me, Lord. This woman, this one woman, was known. Jesus let her anoint him, kiss his feet, wiped his feet with her hair. Now, ladies, can we just talk? Throw your hair. Even if you just bought it, throw it. Just run your fingers through it. You got braids? Just hit her in the face with your braids. Go ahead, Cindy, that's good. You know how long it took when you got your hair did. Your hairdresser already had somebody in the chair. She said 4 o'clock. You got there at 3:45. You didn't get in the chair until 5 o'clock. You were in traffic. You were there until late. You got home. You were sleepy, but you weren't going to sleep on it. You were might lay sideways. You're going to hold that head up because women don't play with their hair.

I love my wife. We got married. It was my wedding night. I'm like, girl, I love you. She's all be came with the hair. Be careful with the hair. My hair, my hair. I don't care nothing about no hair, girl. I've been waiting 37 years. You don't mess with a woman's hair because the Bible says a woman's hair is her... Glory! What this woman said is there's only one person in here that deserves glory. Oh, my goodness. Not only did she pour out the oil, she laid down her glory. Because she understood whatever is valuable in me is nothing compared to the treasure of worshipping him.

I need you to understand that the treasure in the darkness is a revelation that Jesus was there the entire time, and low, I am with you always until the end of the age. Out of pain comes riches. From tears comes wisdom. From near death comes long life. I need you to get these points in your spirit. God hides treasures in trials. God allows trials for the chosen, and God allows the chosen to triumph. You heard it earlier, II Corinthians 2:14... But if you keep reading that scripture, there's another piece... The purpose of your trial is so you can tell somebody else I've seen him. I know him. He's real, and he saves, and he heals, and he changes people, and he transforms lives. I'm a living witness.

Has anybody ever been changed by Jesus? You can only have that kind of knowledge if you've gone through something. You can't have a surface encounter with Jesus and produce fruit. You've got to have some dark places. Destiny treasures. Help me, Lord. She kissed his feet, and then she anointed him. She kissed his feet because she was aware of who she was. Then she anointed him. Grab this. First comes awareness, then comes the anointing. In here, God's about to make you aware. He's gonna bring you back to those things that happened in your childhood.

When I was four years old, I dealt with an incident of abuse. Scarred me. I didn't tell anybody until I was 19 years old. Thought it was my fault, but out of that trial, out of that dark place came a treasure of faith that I knew that if I could survive that attack from the enemy, then I could survive anything. Am I talking to any survivors in here? If you've ever gone through darkness and came out with a testimony, I dare you to stand up right where you are. If you've ever gotten a doctor's report, but God turned that thing around, I dare you to go ahead and give me praise right now.

I want you to know that there is treasure in your trial, that there is destiny in your pain, and that God has promised that what was is not what shall be, but he's got greater coming. There is more headed your way. If you got a decimated past, regrettable decisions, sins that won't seem to go away, a pain that won't leave, I want you to know God's put treasure in your trial. Your life is about to change now. That was a prophetic word for those who will receive it. I said your life is about to change.

For some of you, the treasure is a miracle that you didn't know was coming, but the places of pain and brokenness from your past are now welling up into a place of testimony and breakthrough. God is healing you right now. I declare that hiv can't stay in your body anymore. I declare cancer must shrivel and die the same way Jesus cursed the fig tree, as mama Dodie said on my voice mail three years ago, and God healed my mother in four days from stage four pancreatic cancer with no surgery and no chemo. Don't tell me that God won't take your darkness and bring treasure out of it.

Father, in this place, each one of us have begun through the dark places, so create and recreate in us. Remove every seed of the enemy. Free us tonight, not just some surface freedom, but a deep inner freedom where when we go to bed tonight, we know that we are not the same. Tonight, God, destiny treasure is not a thing. It's our king. We want to know you. We want to know you in full fellowship, in your sufferings, in your triumph. God, cause us to know Jesus in a new way, and give us the treasures of darkness, the things that were kept hidden until right now. Bring revelation to the broken place. Bring illumination to the things that did not make sense. Tonight, let us leave here free once and for all. This is my prayer, God, in Jesus' name, amen.

With heads bowed, eyes closed, give me 30 seconds. Don't leave. If you're in here, and you need to give your life to Jesus so that you can receive the treasures of darkness and the hidden places, the secret things, the hidden treasure in secret places, I want you to stay standing. Everyone else take a moment and be seated. If you're going to give your life to Jesus, or you need to recommit your life, you stay standing. No shame in here, but we're going celebrate you right now while you're standing. Look at that. Welcome home. Welcome home. Can we celebrate our family that's in here? Welcome home. Over here, welcome home. Look at this, y'all. People standing all over this place. Come on, let's celebrate what God is doing. Remain standing. Pray this prayer with me.

Lord Jesus, I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart that Jesus is Lord. Thank you that the blood that Jesus shed is enough, more than enough, to save my soul and to forgive me of my sins. Tonight, I thank you that every dark place, every hidden place, every secret place, God buried a treasure. All my pain, there's treasure there. In my past, there's treasure there. And tonight, I realize my treasure is not things. It's a king. Thank you, Jesus. In your name I pray, amen.

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