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John Gray - Destiny Clues

TOPICS: Destiny

We talked about destiny doors and I said for the next three weeks, we're gonna be dealing with the concept, this idea of destiny. It's been strong in my spirit. Coming off the word of the Lord from pastor Lisa two weeks ago when she taught on the Holy Ghost and if you don't have that, you need to get that teaching so you can understand that the Holy Spirit has some gifts with your name on them and you are not walking in full power until you access what the Holy Spirit has for you, but once you access your gifts in the Holy Ghost, there's a whole nother place God wants you to get to, and it's called destiny.

Everybody say destiny. Destiny, destination, a destination point. Last week was destiny doors. This week is destiny clues. Write that down, this week is destiny clues. Next week is destiny's child and beyonce will be here to sing. I'm joking. But you don't know, I might pull some tricks. She come out. Lord, you got me lovin' so crazy right now your love got me going so crazy right now okay. Thank you. Tonight, destiny clues.

I want you to go to Luke chapter 2. Luke chapter 2. Destiny clues. While you're in Luke chapter 2, I want to give you the definition of clue. I want you to take some notes tonight. I want us to grab some principles. So, if you're able to on your smartphone device or tablet or if you're a good old-fashioned journaler, write this down, clue. This is a noun. A piece of evidence of information used in the detection of a crime or solving a mystery. A piece of evidence or information used in the detection of a crime or solving a mystery.

Each one of us sitting here tonight, watching online or listening, you all have a destiny, a calling, a purpose uniquely and specifically designed by God for you to occupy. The seat that you are in is so essential to you, your calling, so necessary to the earth that God in his intricate detailing dealt with every aspect of your being, from the color of your eyes to the length of your hair, to your height, some of us your weight. Some of that we added ourselves. But God did not spare any detail in creating us. And he did each one individually. We are not factory made. We are one of a kind. We are bespoke, originals. Cut from a cloth that no one else can ever get. We are one of a kind, you are an original.

Pop your collar, there'll never be another you. Occupy your space and rock it like you love it because God meant for you to be exactly who you are and where you are and what you are as it stands this day. Clue. Destiny clues. We have been given this life. A span of days, a span of years, but it's more than just waking up, doing tasks, coming home, going to sleep, and starting it over again. There is more to life than what you're living. I need you to write this down. It's in my spirit. It might not be deep, but I believe if you grab the potential in these three words, it will speak to your spirit. There is more. There is more.

I don't know who that's for. Maybe you woke up this morning and you were tired and you were weary and you were like Jesus, I really don't want to get up and even go to work, but I know I have to go to work. I've got to pay these bills. I want you to know that blessed God's heart that even though something in you was saying I'm not satisfied, I'm gonna do what I have to do. Right now, I want you to know that more is coming. There is more and more is on the way to you in the form of destiny. It's coming.

Destiny is coming. It's looking for you. It's rushing towards you. It's right now on 59 heading toward the church, jump over 610, running over the highway off edlow and around the corner coming to the church, looking for you. It's not waiting for you in the parking lot. It's coming into this place and in the next few minutes I believe prophetically that God is going to awaken destiny in many people that are here tonight. And if you believe it, you are welcome to give him a praise.

For many of us, life isn't easy. It's not like we see on TV. Everybody doesn't get born with a silver spoon in their mouth and a nice trust fund and miscellaneous 401ks and stock options and portfolios. Life is not always in a straight line. For many of us, life has not been the easiest. Life is a collection of experiences, moments, opportunities, both seized and missed that make up the human journey, but what is life and where are we going? And who am i, and why am I here, and why is that baby crying, I don't know. Give the baby some cheerios. These profound questions face us. Why was I born where I was born? Why did I get those parents? I don't look like my sister or my brother. Some of y'all, that's not funny, that's still a sore spot in my spirit. You need to work that out.

There are a lot of questions about life. Tonight, I just want to give you some clues. Because God has some things hidden and he had to hide them so that the enemy wouldn't steal them. I know some things were painful and you don't understand why and you still haven't gotten the meat of the lesson, but God has hidden destiny in some broken places. I want you to know that God has hidden behind your tears a destiny so filled with joy that it will make the tears look like nothing once you occupy the place that God has prepared for you. Can I get an amen in here tonight.

You know you never really know a person. It's not easy to know a person. Any married folk in here, where are the married folk? Can we be honest? If you've been married for any length of time, more than a day, like newlyweds, you know I just love him and he loves me and we love each other and it's just awesome and we just share and we just, I know him, I see him and he sees me. I'm like give it about a year. I'm just trying to use the restroom, my wife walk right in, just stand there. What are you doing? I just wanted to see you. I was right with you in the other room. I just wanted to be with you. Can I have one moment of peace? No. I got a ring. When you're married, you realize how much you have to learn about another individual.

And here's the thing. I know it looks like sometimes God has forgotten about you, like you don't understand what he's doing. Sometimes he's silent, but you need to know he's married to you. He's committed to you. He's married to the idea of you getting to the place called destiny. I know the thoughts I have towards you declares the Lord. Thoughts of good and not evil, to give you a future and a hope and I'm not leaving. I'm married to you and we're gonna get to know each other. You might as well stay right here because I've made up my mind about you.

I feel the Holy Ghost in here. I'm trying not to shout too soon. Do me a favor, if you can stay till the end, please do because tonight we're going after destiny. Let me give you some clues. You can't help where you're born, can't help your DNA. Your natural strengths and abilities, your weaknesses inborn proclivities, you had nothing to do with that. Those were outside of your control. But what you can do is assess where you are and what you know about yourself. And begin to make conscious and concerted decisions to embrace the process to find out who God intended for you to be.

I feel something in here. When I was growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, it was a very different place. There was racial tension, very politically conservative, religiously conservative. My mother said she knew she was raising a leader from the time I was a baby, but then one day she caught me at four years old watching the world news by myself. No toys, no games, sitting there watching walter cronkite on world news. And she said at that moment God spoke to her and said you're raising a world leader.

Now I'm not saying that to be boastful. I don't know what God has in store for me, but I trust the anointing on my mother that she heard God in that moment and she said and from that place I began to do whatever I could to put you in position to fulfill the word I heard. I want you to know that God's about to send the people who can see you and not only will they see you, they will celebrate you. And not only will they celebrate you, they will accelerate you. I need you to get this in your spirit. Here's the clue. It's a season of celebration and acceleration.

I want you to know God's about to put the foot on the gas of your dream. You're about to occupy your calling and occupy your gift and occupy your lane and no one will be able to deny you. There have been too many clues about where God was taking you and the enemy tried to jump over the clues and hide clues, but you still got here because God was determined to get you to the place called destiny. As I was growing up, I always had a heart for those who were being bullied. I can't tell you why. Even though we had racial issues in my city, we had a very mixed school. There were times when some of the people would mess with this one particular young guy. He didn't never fight back.

Now I wasn't the cutest dude. I had buck teeth, I had bald spots from alopecia, they made fun of me, but I would fight for him because I knew he couldn't defend himself. I can't tell you why. I just always had a heart for people who couldn't lift their hands up to fight or if he couldn't get his words out, I would go and be like you better leave him alone 'cause you ain't so cute yourself old ugly self and you know how we do when we're in the third grade, fourth grade, don't judge me. 'Cause why would you say that.

I was nine, that's why I said it. My point was at a young age, I saw that I had a heart for people who couldn't fight for themselves, clue. I noticed that at night I would listen to the public radio station because it played symphony music and I loved the sound of symphony. It always spoke to my spirit. I can't tell you why, but it spoke to me. And literally later on I find out that that type of music at a young age actually stimulates brain function, clue. But then I also like hip hop. Because there's a part of me that likes to party and dance and celebrate. And I can't deny that either. Clue. See because, let me just freeze right here. Too many people want you to be what they want you to be. But I need you to catch this clue, they didn't make you. I want you to catch the clues in your own life.

Here's a couple of principles, write these down. You need to grab first clues. First clues, number one, origin. Where you came from. Surroundings, what you're born to, and appetites. What you're drawn to first. Origins, surroundings, appetites. These are the first clues. Where were you born, what city were you born in, what's your family like? Who's crazy in your family? You know what I'm talking about. You know. Are y'all a loud family? Are y'all more conservative at dinner? Are you like you know father, we thank you for this meal or are you got come on, let's eat. Girl, did you hear what happened down the street? No, what happened? You better shut your mouth! Give me some more of that mashed potatoes and that macaroni and cheese. You better go head.

Now I had that side of my family. That was my mom's side. Now my father's side, his mother was very conservative. She was a classy lady. She was like dinner is at 4 P.M. I get over there about 6:30. She be like where have you been? I was like, I'm sorry, I didn't know. I just want a biscuit, that's all, I didn't. So I had to conform when I was with her, but I felt my natural self when I was with the other side, clue. Who are you when the limits are off?

See, people love you when you're limited. But when you decide to just take the mask off and be like I don't care what you think of me, I'm a be who God made me to be and I'm a be happy being that, good and bad. I will embrace it. I feel the Holy Ghost in here. Origin, where you came from. Surroundings, what you're born to. I was born in a very politically volatile time, five years after Dr. King's death and I was in a city, in a state, in a county that was known for making presidents, Hamilton County in Cincinnati. Every president that made it to the White House had to win that county over the years. Ohio, they still call it the state that makes presidents. You gotta win Ohio if you want to win.

And so even as a young boy, in a community that wasn't necessarily politically active, I was always looking at world events and world affairs. Why am I sharing this with you? Because my mother started pushing me towards these things because she caught the clue to what I was running towards. This is important for all parents. The Bible says train up a child in the way they should go. Now that's not just talking morally. That's also identifying clues to their destiny. Stop letting your kids raise themselves. They belong to you. You tell them where to go, what to do.

There are people that I wanted to hang out with that my mother was like no. That's not in line with where God is taking you. But they're cool. No, they're not, because I see what you can't see. You still live in my house. You're gonna have to follow my rules. I got the vision, I got the clues. This story about Jesus was very interesting to me because how do you lose Jesus? Please.

Now if you got a child that gets on your nerves, that's still wrong, but I could understand how maybe it was like I thought he was with my sister, he get on my nerves anyway. But Jesus? The baby you had without being intimate with a man and you don't know where he is? There are people who think you are normal, but they don't have a clue. Jesus, here, was caught in his destiny. It was a glimpse of who the father had made him to be in the earth. Have you ever had a destiny glimpse. What's that thing that you're passionate about? What's that thing when you're by yourself, just you and God, you and him talk about. Those are glimpses of destiny.

Let's talk about some destiny clues. Whatever I don't get through today, we'll pick it up next week, is that all right? Bring 17 people with you so we can close this thing out next week. A lot of time we miss destiny brother because in life we get so used to our routine. Humans are creatures of comfort. We don't like to be pulled out of our comfort zone. And so the routine makes us feel safe. The routine makes us feel comfortable, but God, I thank you, will interrupt the routine in order to introduce destiny. Paul, I feel the Holy Ghost in here. I need you to understand when God's about to introduce destiny, he will interrupt your routine. That day to day thing, that regular schedule of events.

When I was growing up, they used to have this thing like we now interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you a special announcement. Any of y'all old enough to remember that? Well, I want you to know that God will interrupt your regularly scheduled life to bring you your scheduled destiny. And he will do it suddenly. I need you to understand that you have hit the season of suddenly. I don't know, I know it's for me, I know it's for my house, I hope it's for your house as well that you are about to have your regularly scheduled life interrupted with destiny. You're just gonna be walking along and all of a sudden a super shocking phone call, an opportunity that blows your mind. I'm telling you because it's happening to me right now and I know it's happening to somebody else. And if it hasn't happened yet, it's about to happen and it wouldn't surprise me if it happens in the next seven days because God has to start unlocking destiny doors.
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